308: Sherlock Sherlocked Watson

From Ticketmaster shenanigans (and Taylor Swift) to TV Zombies to Black Friday software deals, this episode is perfect for Thanksgiving hangovers.

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Overtired 308

[00:00:00] Christina:

[00:00:02] Christina: You’re listening to Overtired, a podcast where I’m not angrily ranting for once. I’m Christina Warren, joined as always by my friends, Brett Terpstra and Jeff Severns Guntzel Boys. How are you doing

[00:00:19] Brett: You’re not angrily ranting yet, but the night is young

[00:00:22] Christina: The okay. The, the, the, the episode is young, but I’m not like that. That’s not all I’m doing. Let’s say that.

[00:00:28] Jeff: Hello.

[00:00:31] This is where the ticketmaster talk starts

[00:00:31] Brett: Yeah. Um, so Christina, you, you had a, you had a, a cameo last week, uh, as you dealt with some, uh, Taylor Swift ticket issues,

[00:00:43] Christina: Yes.

[00:00:44] Brett: we’re all on the edge of our seats to know how that turned out. Did your mom get tickets? How are things going?

[00:00:49] Christina: No, no, no, she did not. Uh, because they canceled the general sale. So, uh, my, uh, my best attempt at getting tickets for Atlanta where I had tickets in [00:01:00] my cart, I hit, I hit checkout, I checked out, and then because my dad’s phone was off, he did not get a code that I needed to check out. Um, yeah, so that happened.

[00:01:12] Christina: I was able to successfully get some tickets for the Seattle show using someone else’s Capital One credit card, because

[00:01:20] Brett: What’s in their wallet?

[00:01:22] Christina: even though my, my, my dad was like, I will have my phone next to me. I was like, I do not trust you.

[00:01:29] Jeff: A bond has been broken. I have a, I have a question for you, Christina. How, how well do you grasp this current, um, lawsuit situation around Live Nation and whatever else?

[00:01:41] Christina: Well, okay. I don’t know really how much of a case there is for it, to be completely honest. Like, I feel like the DOJ. Video J should have been investigating Ticketmaster for years. And, and honestly, I consider it a massive failure of the Obama administration that they allowed, um, Ticketmaster and Live Nation to merge in 2011 to begin with.

[00:01:58] Christina: Right. Like [00:02:00] every, it is sort of funny to see all these Democrats like decrying this, and I’m like, okay, let’s not forget whose congress, whose senate and whose presidency this was under.

[00:02:08] Brett: Obama was not great for monopoly uh, issues.

[00:02:13] Christina: no, but I’m also, but, but I’m just saying like this, this was 2011. This was not like when, this was not an era when, uh, Democrats, um, did not have, uh, a say and, and it wasn’t like we were split down the middle. Like we are right now. Right? So, um, let’s just be honest about that situation. So I, I think that this is a merger that anybody with, with common sense knows never should have happened.

[00:02:40] Christina: Uh, but I don’t know how much of how strong the DOJ case here is. And, and how much of this is just politicians bloviating. I am glad that because so many politicians clearly could not get Taylor Swift tickets, that they’re angry about this. Um, and, and maybe that will change some things. Um, but I [00:03:00] don’t know the, the big egregious aspect of the wholesale to me as we’ve gotten more information, like, look, I’m mad about like my own like bad luck in this.

[00:03:08] Christina: Um, I did get tickets to two shows. I will be buying tickets from my mom and I cuz my mom really wants to go. And now she’s like, oh, it just wasn’t meant to be. And I’m like, hell no. will spend what it costs. And I don’t wanna, I mean, this is the part that pisses me off. I’m even willing to buy like scallops tickets.

[00:03:27] Christina: But then the scalpers charge 50% fees, 50% of what the ticket price is. So it’s not even like a, a fee price. So like if you were to be dumb enough to buy $12,000 tickets from StubHub, StubHub is then going to charge you $6,000 in fees. That is obscene.

[00:03:44] Jeff: that’s

[00:03:45] Christina: That’s obscene. Also, it’s obscene that, that, you know, like they, there are ways that you can prevent tickets from being transferred.

[00:03:53] Christina: And I, I’m not a fan of being like, only the people who can go are people who actually bought the tickets. Cuz that’s kind of [00:04:00] fucked up, right? Like real life things happen and, and if you wanted to buy them for people, like, I don’t know, that just feels like going too far. But there are things that they could absolutely do where like they see these tickets going for these prices on these services.

[00:04:13] Christina: They could absolutely go reach out to these services and be like, No, you can’t sell for these shows, or we’re going to ban, you know, we’re, we’re going to go through the, the, the line and, and find this stuff out. Um, but, uh, I, I don’t know. I mean, the, the clusterfuck of the, of the sale, the fact they canceled the general sale, the thing that has me as a conspiracy theorist, and I don’t think this is much of a conspiracy, they didn’t sell all the tickets.

[00:04:43] Christina: There are still tickets for each show remaining. We don’t know how many, and it probably wasn’t enough to do a general sale, but there are definitely still tickets out there. And at some point Ticketmaster will allow resales, I’m pretty sure, of this show on their platform. And at some point, I’m absolutely convinced whether it’s Ticketmaster [00:05:00] employees, which it probably will be, or they’ll do it in other ways.

[00:05:03] Christina: These remaining tickets are going to hit the open market, not at, at the, the face prices. Um, as, as you know, um, raises those might have been because of various v i p packs and other things. So there’s, I think it’s just like the lack of transparency with all this that has, uh, that is probably worthy of investigation, um, hilariously.

[00:05:26] Christina: The, you know, the focal point of this, everyone has been complaining about this for, for 25 years. I mean, Pearl Jam again famously, uh, went to bat for this. And then when I saw Pearl Jam in concert in the year 2000, I got my tickets from Ticketmaster. So Pearl Jam, you know, like Eddie put in the good fight but did not succeed.

[00:05:45] Christina: Um, and, uh, you know, um, aeg, who is Ticketmaster’s only competitor, is actually the, the sponsor, the, I guess the promoter of Taylor’s concert. They couldn’t use their own ticketing service because most of the venues have hundred year [00:06:00] plus agreements with, with the Ticketmaster.

[00:06:04] Jeff: Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. That’s a, that’s a thing.

[00:06:07] Christina: Yeah.

[00:06:09] Brett: A hundred year

[00:06:09] Christina: thing that should be illegal.

[00:06:11] Jeff: Oh my fucking God.

[00:06:13] Brett: mean, this whole thing is insane. Like, I can’t believe, I can’t believe they get away with this. Um, I don’t know what kind of regulation needs to happen to, to fix all of these problems. And like, there’s a whole thing with like Verizon and Ticketmaster and like, uh, like, uh, earmarking tickets for, like, specifically for VIP customers and like all this weird stuff that happens and the artists get screwed in all of this.

[00:06:42] Brett: It’s not the artists that are benefiting, it’s just Ticketmaster.

[00:06:46] Christina: it’s just take a master. Well, that’s the thing, right? When these resales happen, it’s not as if Taylor Swift or Adele or Bruce Springsteen or, you know, even smaller artists are benefiting from the scalping, [00:07:00] right. Because they’re not getting any, any payback from that. Um, although it would be bad optics for them, many way, like I’m sure that to a certain extent, like Taylor Swift doesn’t mind that her shows are sold out, but at another extent, and, and, you know, I, I was actually impressed she said anything about this and even expressed any amount of kind of frustration with the process because she loves money and these are the people who. You know, um, control the venues where she has to play. Uh, and, and she’s now at the stage in her career. Um, she and very few other artists like it. It’s a very small number of artists who can only play stadiums. She can only play stadiums. And, um, and it’s not like people are like, oh, well Garth Brooks just has another show until he can’t still out anymore.

[00:07:43] Christina: I’m like, there’s not enough time. She’s doing 53 shows in the US in a six month period of time. It’s backing up until the start of football season. The next time she can tour the US would be a year later for a second leg, and then she can’t do anything else but tour. Right? And, and bands have [00:08:00] done that before, but, um, you know, that’s, that’s not exactly what you wanna do.

[00:08:06] Christina: But yeah, to me, one of the more egregious things is the fact that like Ticketmaster has these, and this is not a joke, I’m not being hyperbolic as I often am. This is for real. They’re a hundred year plus contracts with the, the venues with Ticketmaster that says no matter who owns them, and this is true even for venues that are owned in some cases by aeg, the competitor,

[00:08:29] Brett: That is insidious.

[00:08:31] Christina: years beforehand, so they can’t do anything about

[00:08:35] Brett: That is, that is just that, just, I just see Mr. Burns,

[00:08:40] Christina: Oh yeah.

[00:08:41] Jeff: That is exactly it.

[00:08:42] Christina: It is totally what it is.

[00:08:45] Jeff: yeah.

[00:08:46] Brett: Excellent.

[00:08:47] Christina: And, and, and like, and I mean, honestly the stuff like Verizon or other big companies having, you know, like v i p tickets to give to people, that’s such small potatoes, right? Like that

[00:08:57] Brett: there’s some, there’s some scandal around. I remember [00:09:00] when I was watching one of these, uh, like I don’t remember Daily Show or, uh, or uh, some more news or something was taking on Ticketmaster and talking about all of the

[00:09:10] Christina: probably John Oliver.

[00:09:11] Brett: Yeah. Oh yeah, yeah, you’re right. I think it was, I think it was last week tonight.

[00:09:15] Brett: Did Ticketmaster?

[00:09:17] Christina: Yeah. He did this like last year. I think we should find it and link to it. It’s, it’s good. But no, the whole thing is I, look, I’m, I’m, um, I’m mad for what I’m gonna wind up paying for the Atlanta show. Uh, I’m glad that I had tickets, uh, that I got for my friends, um, and I in New Jersey. And then, um, I was able to get a ticket to the second show in Seattle.

[00:09:39] Christina: Um, what kills me is not just the scalpers and the bots at this point. There’s real demand, I think, for this particular show. But the secondary thing that people don’t talk about, and this is affecting so many things, and, and this is a cultural thing, this is societal thing, and I don’t know if like the regulation would help this, but, but it [00:10:00] certainly would give some more, you know, competition is that you have, um, this whole subclass of people now who, because of the pandemic and because of, uh, scarcity, have now seen that this is something that they can make money on through arbitrage by just buying things they think are going to be in great, um, demand and low supply.

[00:10:21] Christina: So you saw this happen two years ago with, with GPUs and with PlayStations and with boxes. You’ve also seen it happen with sneakers where you have regular people who are just thinking, oh, this is gonna be a quick way for me to make. and I’m just gonna buy these things and then sell them on the secondary market for more.

[00:10:39] Christina: Um, I’m hoping that this is just gonna come out to bite people in the ass much like it has in the sneaker market, cuz the sneaker market is completely like plateaued. And you have a ton of people who bought just ridiculous amounts of shoes with the hopes of reselling them. And then the, the, the bottom kind of, you know, collapsed out of that.

[00:10:57] Christina: I’m hoping that just [00:11:00] the sheer number of supply of tickets for this show and other shows will mean that people who are trying to gouge people. Cuz here’s the thing, if you buy a $500 floor seat, that then has, you know, $200 in fees and you’ve gotta then pay, you know, your fees with the reseller. If you wanna sell that for $1,200, okay, fine.

[00:11:20] Christina: Right? Like I can see that. But 12,000. That’s when I’m just going, you got greedy Martin to go back to the Simpsons. Right? And, and, and wanna like smack people over the head because that just becomes gross and then that sets a baseline and an expectation that people can get that. So I don’t know. There’s this weird, fucked up, greedy cultural thing like two years ago.

[00:11:43] Christina: I spent a ridiculous amount of time, frankly cuz it was fun for me, but also because I just didn’t wanna see families paying scalpers for PlayStations or Xboxes for their kids for the holidays. But I got like 18 families and that’s not an exaggeration. PlayStations or [00:12:00] Xboxes at retail or through a bundle.

[00:12:02] Christina: That was actually a, a decent bundle for the holidays. And it took me a lot of time to do that, but I was like, I’ll be damned if people I know are going to be paying double or triple for a PlayStation. You know, like that’s a mass market item that’s stupid. Like Taylor Swift again, I can see like the adult tickets that I’m getting from my mom that are not even good seats.

[00:12:22] Christina: I can see. It’s like these are a true scarce item in, in a sense. Um, a PlayStations and GPUs are not. Um, but it was just like, just to see, and, and I consider myself a fairly pro capitalism person, but this isn’t capitalism. This is like putting your finger on the scale. Like this is like actually kind of the opposite of that, of people just being like, we wanna exert as much, um, power as we can to, you know, make the, the natural demand curve, um, not exist so that we can be as greedy as possible.

[00:12:52] Christina: And it’s like, you, you fucking assholes, you

[00:12:54] Brett: This has been one hell of a, Christina ran to open the show

[00:12:57] Christina: I was gonna say, I’m done now I’m done. So [00:13:00] that’s, that’s my rant.

[00:13:00] Jeff: Wait, wait, wait. I have a, I have

[00:13:02] Brett: no, Jeff, don’t. Don’t do it. Don’t fucking do

[00:13:05] Jeff: have a question.

[00:13:06] Christina: I will be very quick. I will very

[00:13:08] Jeff: I have a question you can

[00:13:09] Brett: Oh my God. Oh my God.

[00:13:10] Jeff: a question that we can’t answer. The question is just to move us out of this. Does Garth Brook still fly?

[00:13:17] Christina: I have no idea.

[00:13:19] Jeff: Okay. Hmm. And then I wished I was looking for a picture of a ticket stub. I have. I saw Olivia Newton John on her 30th birthday, um, and, uh, on the physical tour when I was a kid and the, and we were in, I think, the 22nd row on the main floor. I bet that fucking ticket was about $15, which, like, even with inflation, is still nowhere near what we would’ve today.

[00:13:43] Jeff: Jesus,

[00:13:44] Christina: I mean, and frankly, and, and, and this is the only thing I’ll say about, That’s kind of stunning to me that that was what you paid them because Okay. Even let’s say you had inflation of, of four or five times, which you would not have. Right? Because that was like 82, 83. Um, [00:14:00] that was height of her.

[00:14:01] Christina: Like that was like peak,

[00:14:02] Jeff: total peak. Yeah. I mean,

[00:14:05] Christina: That was peak pop, star living. Newton John. Like she had a huge career in the seventies, but this was like peak number one on billboard, like physical, like peak. Olivia, Newton John. Amazing seats. $15 probably. Wow. And also what an experience for you. That’s so cool.

[00:14:20] Jeff: It was a great show except I was then an M now a huge Grease fan and they brought out some dude they must have kept in the green room every night for most of the show to sing John Travolta’s parts and he was so not John Travolta in every possible way and she was so Thousand percent Olivia Newton John, right, that like it was, it was a very disappointing imbalance.

[00:14:44] Jeff: But physical is awesome cuz you know there were some leotards and some dancers.

[00:14:48] Christina: I can’t even imagine. My very first concert was Paula Abdul, and I was like seven. And, um, I was, or, or six or something. And, and I was, I remember being [00:15:00] sort of confused. Like I knew that the cat wasn’t real, but I was like, how was she gonna dance with the cat? And, and they just had like a video screen behind her.

[00:15:09] Jeff: What was that song?

[00:15:10] Christina: Um, um, opposites Tracked.

[00:15:11] Jeff: Yes. Not not Cold-Hearted Snake.

[00:15:14] Christina: No, that’s the one with the, was that the one with Le with Kean Reeves? No, Kean Reeves is in, um, rush. Rush.

[00:15:21] Jeff: Oh

[00:15:21] Christina: He’s in that video. Yeah.

[00:15:23] Jeff: I love it. I love it.

[00:15:26] Christina: All right. We’re done Brett.

[00:15:27] This is where it ends. That was really really long. Brett got super fuckin' bored, but he’ll deal with it.

[00:15:27] Brett: Okay.

[00:15:28] Jeff: Hey, we ended on an Olivia Newton John

[00:15:30] Christina: We did. It was a very nice note.

[00:15:32] I hear Marimbas, or Mental Health Corner

[00:15:32] Brett: I feel like we should, uh, cue up some, some Olivia Newton John to segue us into some kind of mental health corner. I think we should have, I think I want, when I give Erin some like guidelines for like what kind of music we want for our different segments, I really, I hear like Mabas and castanets to go into, to go into the mental health corner, like a real 1950s martini

[00:15:57] Jeff: I just say, wait, wait. Can I just say that [00:16:00] I hear Mabas could be your mental health check in

[00:16:03] Christina: I hear Mambas. Okay. That that would actually be great. No, but I, I kind of love this. Yeah, I kinda have like a fifties, kind of like that sort of thing. And then that could be like our catcher. I hear Remems, you know what that means? It’s time. Ment Health Quarter

[00:16:17] Brett: Mental health corner.

[00:16:20] Christina: is brought to you this week by Ovaltine.

[00:16:23] Brett: I, uh, I need, I need to recover from, from our, our intro segment. So if someone else would like to give us a mental health check in while I like reset myself here,

[00:16:35] Christina: Yes.

[00:16:35] Brett: that would be awesome.

[00:16:36] Jeff: Oh boy.

[00:16:37] Christina: Um, mine is pretty basic. So I’m, uh, I’m in, uh, I’m in Atlanta for until next week. Um, so we’re recording this on. Wednesday, uh, the day before Thanksgiving. So I’m gonna be here until next Wednesday, actually. And then I leave like Wednesday morning, fly back to um, Seattle. So it’s a fairly long visit. I forgot that Thanksgiving was this week [00:17:00] because, uh, I’m bad at things like that.

[00:17:02] Christina: So, um, my mother-in-law is, is, um, having some health, um, problems. So my, my husband, I flew him to see her, which I’m actually really happy he was able to go do that. So she’s in Jacksonville, I’m in Atlanta. They’re close. But, uh, for, for just various reasons. I’m, I’m, I’m not with him this time, but, um, I am in Atlanta and I’m with my family, and that’s really nice.

[00:17:24] Christina: I’m glad that I’ve been coming home as, as frequently as, even though Atlanta doesn’t feel like home. But it’s just the easiest thing to say. I’m glad that in the last, year and a half, you know, since my nephew was born, I’ve been able to. Be home as frequently as possible and see my parents and my sister and stuff, because, you know, people aren’t getting any younger.

[00:17:44] Christina: And, um, this is always a hard time of the year for us. Sunday is the 11th anniversary of my aunt and uncle, passing away after, uh, they got in a car accident two days after Thanksgiving in, um, in 2011. So Sunday is the 11th [00:18:00] anniversary of that. So, um, Thanksgiving is hard for our family, but I’m, I’m really glad that I’m here.

[00:18:06] Christina: And, I’m also just kind of glad, like I can turn my brain off other than, you know, uh, ranting about Ticketmaster. So that’s, that, that, that, that’s, that’s my check in.

[00:18:15] Brett: I feel like you have your, uh, does your family do like a Thanksgiving dinner and everyone talks about what they’re grateful for?

[00:18:23] Christina: No.

[00:18:24] Brett: Oh, well, if, if they did, I feel like your mental health check-in would be a great like Thanksgiving table. I’m thankful to be home. I’m grateful to be with family. Yeah. I feel like you, I feel like you covered the Thanksgiving episode really well right there.

[00:18:39] Christina: Thank you.

[00:18:40] Brett: Yeah. Yeah. All right. Jeff, do you want to go or should I.

[00:18:45] Jeff: Um, I can go. I’m traveling. So it’s interesting like I. When I’m traveling, I just do my best to sort of maintain, make sure, take meds on time, you know, gr grumpy, figure out why. Um, but [00:19:00] I’m not nearly as sort of in tune with myself as I am when I’m home. Um, but I can say that I’m visiting my in-laws today and the next couple days, and I just came from my father and stepmother’s house for like a day and a half, and I didn’t think I wanted to leave town.

[00:19:18] Jeff: I felt like I wanted to stay in town. Um, we just had a lot going on over the last couple months, but the second I was out the door and in the car first with my own family, and then, uh, hanging out with my dad and stepmother playing a game they invented called Tortilla toss, um, which involves some rather elaborate, um, construction on their part.

[00:19:41] Jeff: Um, and then just the, the sort of the, the thing I would, I just wanna. Point to as being a nice reminder to myself is that my, um, my stepmom, I’m from a small town in Iowa, only lived there for the first two years of my life, and then every summer and winter break, um, until I was 18. Um, my [00:20:00] stepmother, who’s an artist, works with a gallery downtown and downtown in my hometown is literally just like a street.

[00:20:06] Jeff: Um, and in the basement, she decided to turn it into a music performance space where every Wednesday night anybody can come with an instrument, whether you’re awesome or terrible, and you’ll, you’ll find a place on the stage at some point with what has become this sort of like house band. And I was able to go see that space after hearing about it for the last couple months and see a bunch of pictures and, um, it was just an amazing, it’s just amazing how. How you can do community building, um, in, in ways that maybe you would’ve never thought of before. And then once you’ve done it, you’re like, Jesus Christ, why didn’t this already exist? Cause like from the time she started, the place is just flooded with people from, like, people that played in orchestras to this.

[00:20:51] Jeff: There’s an unhoused dude that comes in and sings every week. Um, and, uh, , there’s people that wanna beat each other up, and so they have to take space a little bit. You [00:21:00] know, like there’s this like, it’s, it’s like true community . And it was

[00:21:03] Brett: Ted

[00:21:04] Jeff: to see. Yeah,

[00:21:05] Brett: you remember the episode where he brings in the street musician to play the charity ball? Yeah,

[00:21:11] Christina: I love.

[00:21:11] Jeff: Love that.

[00:21:12] Jeff: It’s just, it’s nice to see family, it’s nice to be reminded of things that I would never do to build a community and then to realize how doing something like that can make such a difference for people.

[00:21:24] Jeff: It’s a corny thing to say, but it was like pretty fucking cool.

[00:21:27] Brett: Nice. That’s awesome. Um, so I, I have officially gone more than a month with automatic episode and, um, like there have been a couple times where I felt it coming on and did some self care routines and some, uh, and implemented some structure in my life that kept it from, I’d never, I haven’t lost a single night of sleep.

[00:21:53] Brett: I’ve had some insomnia. I’ve had like some low sleep, but it hasn’t resulted in. [00:22:00] You know, five days of no sleep and manic production. And I’ve also been producing content. Um, I’ve been writing, I’ve been working, I’ve been programming and like doing things that if I were depressed I wouldn’t be able to do.

[00:22:20] Brett: So I feel like this kind of idea. curbing my mania, has led to something closer to what I kind of hope stable is like. Um, I’ve continued to read Marbles and Rock Steady by Ellen Forney, which has been, very enlightening. but, uh, her medication journey was a lot like mine and I think, uh, Jeff could relate to it too.

[00:22:45] Brett: If you’ve never read marbles, I will send you a copy. I have an extra copy I’m gonna send you, send it to

[00:22:50] Jeff: do, please.

[00:22:52] Brett: But yeah, I am as close to stable as I’ve ever been. Um, I have exciting things happening on the job front [00:23:00] and I will talk about them eventually, but, uh, for now I’ll just say, Life is good and, and I don’t, I didn’t travel for Thanksgiving and I don’t have to see any family for Thanksgiving, which for me is like, I get a mental health day Thursday.

[00:23:18] Brett: Uh, like Al and I both have completely off no obligations, no yoga classes, no work, no family, and we get to just have like a day, uh, to kind of recover from life. And it’s gonna be awesome. I’m very much looking forward to it.

[00:23:36] Christina: I love that. I love that. I think like, Historically, even before my aunt and my uncle died, like I’ve never really been a big Thanksgiving person. Like, it’s just never been like, I don’t like the food, uh, my extended family. Uh, and I’ve, you know, there are people who I’m happy to see and there are people who I’m just kind of like, I don’t really care.

[00:23:56] Christina: So I, um, I’m not one of those people who like, [00:24:00] you know, extols like the virtues of like needing to like see your family or be with people like on Thanksgiving. Like I just, I get that. So I’m really glad that you and l had this time to de compressed because like we can all be grateful for that. You know what I mean?

[00:24:13] Brett: Yeah, yeah, Christmas. Christmas is gonna be, uh, a trial for me. Like my whole family is coming to town. Um, I’m gonna have to see like six nieces and nephews, plus a bunch of extended family, mostly very fundamentalist Christian that I don’t enjoy hanging out with. And my mom, my parents' anniversary is right around Christmas and uh, I think this is their 50th and they’re having a square dance

[00:24:46] Jeff: Oh, wow.

[00:24:48] Brett: And they’ve had one in the past. I think they had one for like their 40th anniversary and it, it turned out to be kind of fun. Um, it’s like, it’s like poka [00:25:00] music when you live in Minnesota, you’re like, PO’s stupid. But then you go to a poker night and you have fun. It’s, it’s fun. So I think I can have fun at this square dance, but also I’m not, like right now I’m very uncomfortable with my like, physical shape and not feeling like getting out on a dance floor.

[00:25:19] Brett: So we’ll see what happens. I’m gonna try to be a really good sport about it cuz it means so much to my mom. That’s how they met with square Dancing

[00:25:28] Jeff: Oh my God. Wow.

[00:25:30] Christina: that’s kind of amazing.

[00:25:31] Brett: Yeah, that’s that. Thus the anniversary Square dance. But

[00:25:35] Christina: I was gonna say cuz that, that didn’t make any sense to me, but I

[00:25:38] Jeff: like, that’s random.

[00:25:40] Brett: Yeah, I kind of forgot about that.

[00:25:42] Christina: but I was also like not gonna like, Question it. I was just gonna be like, okay. You know? Cool.

[00:25:47] Brett: Yeah, that’s, that’s, that’s how my family rolls.

[00:25:52] Jeff: That’s amazing. Heel toe. Heel toe. Slide, slide, slide. That’s what I remember from Square dancing in gym

[00:25:56] Christina: Yeah, I, I was gonna say like, did you guys have the square dance in middle [00:26:00] school?

[00:26:00] Jeff: Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep.

[00:26:03] Christina: Yep. That maybe that’s just like a

[00:26:04] Brett: Walts Foxtrot square dance. Yeah.

[00:26:08] Jeff: Man, you had to do that shit in Atlanta.

[00:26:10] Christina: Oh yeah. They would play these records, bow your partner, bow your corner,

[00:26:17] Jeff: Mm-hmm.

[00:26:18] Christina: know, stare and like go round and round. It was just terrible. Yeah.

[00:26:22] Brett: yep. Yeah, it’s, it’s even weirder when you have a live color for the square dance and they get very into it and they will like, call you up Personally. It, it gets weird, but, right. Should we do, uh, should we do a little sponsor block here?

[00:26:36] Jeff: Sure.

[00:26:36] Christina: should.

[00:26:38] Brett: All right. Christina, tell us about OC Doc.

[00:26:41] Sponsor: Zocdoc

[00:26:41] Christina: Yes. So, if you’re a fan of it, sushi is incredible, but gas station sushi not so much. Finding the right sushi makes all the difference. And the same goes for finding the right doctor.

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[00:27:57] Christina: Every month millions of people use OC Doc. I’m one [00:28:00] of them. I’ve been using it as my go-to whenever I need to find a quality doctor for over a decade now. It is definitely one of my most used services. So you can go to oc doc.com/ Overtired and download the OC Doc app for free. And then you start a search for a top rated doctor today.

[00:28:19] Christina: Many are available within 24 hours. That is zocdoc.com/ Overtired zoc.com/ Overtired.

[00:28:31] Brett: Thank you, Christina.

[00:28:33] Jeff: Woo.

[00:28:34] Brett: Round of applause. I don’t have a, I don’t have an applause. Sound effect loaded.

[00:28:39] Jeff: Um, I’ll take the next one.

[00:28:42] Brett: Rock on

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[00:30:45] Jeff: That’s S I M P L I S A E slash Overtired. There’s no safe, like simply safe.

[00:30:55] Brett: Dot com slash Overtired, but we’ll accept it. We’ll allow it.

[00:30:59] Don’t worry, it’s not real

[00:30:59] Brett: [00:31:00] Um, if you have stuck with us this far through the sponsor block, um, like we were told, we should split these up. People listen to them more if they’re not all in one block, but if you stuck with it, I have a podcast to tell you about. Have you ever wondered exactly what would happen if you licked a hotel remote control Tune in every week to hear the hosts of Hotel horrors describe another terrifying disease present in almost every hotel, you will never travel again.

[00:31:29] Brett: That’s Hotel Horrors on the Hallmark network.

[00:31:34] Jeff: Oh, hallmark picked that up.

[00:31:37] Christina: Yeah, that’s, uh, that’s amazing that that’s, uh, that, that goes in line with like their, their content

[00:31:44] Brett: yeah. Don’t, don’t look that up. It’s, it’s prob it’s probably not real.

[00:31:49] Christina: I love it.

[00:31:51] Get yer NVMe SSDs!

[00:31:51] Brett: Um, so I gotta, I gotta offer a tech tip. Um, so I’ve been following, uh, Amazon’s early Black Friday [00:32:00] deals. And one thing that has popped up. So first one, terabyte, N V M A SSD cards popped up, uh, for like a hundred dollars per terabyte. And, uh, so I, I ordered four and I also ordered a new, uh, four M two enclosure from O W O wc, other world computing.

[00:32:25] Brett: Um, so that would give me a raid zero four terabyte SSD drive over Thunderbolt three that is as fast, almost as fast by internal hard drive. And then, and then Amazon lets me know that they have two terabyte drives for $150. Um, It adds up. You, you have four of those. You can do the math, but like that, that’s not a cheap hard drive, but that would give you eight terabytes of, with a right speed up to [00:33:00] 3,500 megabytes per megabytes per second.

[00:33:03] Brett: Um, it is a fantastic deal. So if you are looking for, if you’re doing video editing, audio editing, looking for something to, or any video work you’re doing, and you need a super fast external drive with some significant storage, check out Amazon Steels. I’ll link the, uh, the gold P three, P 31 SSDs, um, that I found from sk.

[00:33:30] Brett: He,

[00:33:31] Christina: Yeah, those are pretty good too. I have to say. Like they’re not as good as, um, like the western. Um, and uh, uh, Seagate have some that are like a little bit higher performing, but I have one of those P 31 s and it’s awesome.

[00:33:47] Brett: Yeah, I, uh, the first ones I ordered, I ordered four one terabyte Samsung SSD nine eighties. That I will probably send back now because I got those for like [00:34:00] 1 25 a piece, but now I can get two terabytes for one 50. So I’m gonna, I’m gonna trade up for like double, double the size for an extra 30 bucks.

[00:34:11] Brett: Sure.

[00:34:12] Jeff: rolling around in terabytes like they were dollar bills.

[00:34:14] Brett: And the, uh, the four M two enclosure from O WC is $250 for just the enclosure. Um, but, uh, if you were to buy the same amount of storage on like external, like those little one two terabyte, like square drives you can buy, uh, you would be spending more than this. And their speeds are half as good as, as for raid zero and BME drives.

[00:34:42] Brett: So I highly recommend this.

[00:34:45] Christina: Yeah. Um, I will say if, um, if you’re not, if you are looking for like one of the better SSDs you can get, just in terms of performance, it’s a hundred bucks. Right now, the, the Western digital SN seven 70, uh, there is uh, an eight 70, [00:35:00] which is even faster, but the seven 70 is really, really good. That’s only one terabyte.

[00:35:03] Christina: But if you were, for some reason, you needed something more than 3,500, um, megabytes, which. Obviously very fast, but for some reason, if you’re gaming or whatever, um, the, uh, the s n seven 70 is like 5,000. Um, uh, megabit per second. Megabyte per second transfer. It’s a, it’s a, um, a PCI gen four and it’s, it’s a hundred bucks right now.

[00:35:25] Brett: Yeah. And the two terabyte is 180.

[00:35:28] Christina: Yep.

[00:35:29] Brett: Nice. Um, adding that to the show notes,

[00:35:33] Jeff: I

[00:35:34] Brett: SN seven 70.

[00:35:35] The Walking Tired

[00:35:35] Jeff: I have something to say. It’s not about, not about hard drives today. Um, I finished The Walking Dead. I watched the season series finale, which I think, I don’t know. Oh no,

[00:35:50] Christina: No, it didn’t.

[00:35:51] Jeff: no. What I wanted to talk about, and the best part is it ends and then immediately promotes three new shows. Darrell Dixon, which I’m down for [00:36:00] Darrell Dixon as a show.

[00:36:00] Jeff: Fine, no problem.

[00:36:01] Brett: should have been a spinoff a

[00:36:03] Jeff: him in any, what they should do. They should do a kind of fan fiction type thing where they put him in other universes, you know? Um, like he’s in the Harry Potter universe. He’d be great in the Harry Potter universe, right? Like, so good. Um, or a better yet, put him in the World War Z universe.

[00:36:17] Jeff: Do you see

[00:36:17] Brett: Darrell Dixon as

[00:36:18] Jeff: fucking zombies are super fast? Yes. So there’s Darrell Dixon, there’s, there’s Rick and Macon, and then there’s something called Dead City. And, and I’m just, I’m just like the fuck, why would, no. So here’s the thing I wanted to ask you all. Is there like a, you know how you got like AUMs razor and whatever, all these different laws that explain patterns of behavior that appear over and over again.

[00:36:41] Jeff: How the fuck, and we don’t have to spend too much time on this, how when that show started so strong and at the point of its, you know, the beginning of its decline was so flush with cash, how is it that they could not pay the money it would take to [00:37:00] get good storytellers to help continuing, to help to continue building out their world?

[00:37:05] Jeff: Why, why it got so fucking bad?

[00:37:08] Brett: a really good question.

[00:37:10] Jeff: Cause they didn’t have to. I think it is, they didn’t have

[00:37:12] Brett: it lost me. I, they, they have to have lost millions of viewers, like they lost me and I was a hardcore, I was a hardcore t wd fan. Loved it. And then like shortly after, uh, I lasted a couple seasons after me. Megan

[00:37:31] Christina: Yeah.

[00:37:31] Jeff: N.

[00:37:32] Brett: Negan. Negan. Yeah. Me,

[00:37:34] Jeff: as in Negan.

[00:37:36] Brett: a millennial girl’s name.

[00:37:37] Brett: But, um, yeah, I lasted a couple seasons till like Negan was like all, it kind of became a good guy a little bit, and then I just, I just lost my heart for it. I couldn’t take the ups and downs anymore. Um, I, I don’t know. Like, I feel like you could say the same thing about Game of Thrones last season or two.

[00:37:59] Jeff: that, not that [00:38:00] big of a dip.

[00:38:00] Christina: No, and I think, I think that them, like, I’ll give Game of Thrones a little bit more of a pass, and so far as like they were expecting to have some source material to use and they didn’t.

[00:38:12] Jeff: Yeah.

[00:38:13] Brett: sure. Yeah.

[00:38:14] Jeff: Famously,

[00:38:15] Christina: and so like, uh, you know, that, that puts you in kind of a precarious situation where you’re now having to create lo for something you didn’t previously created on.

[00:38:25] Christina: And. I, so I give 'em a little bit of a pass. But for, for, uh, walking Dead, I mean, it’s interesting because I watched Fear of Walking Dead as well, and that one weirdly, I think like now Alicia’s finally gone and so I don’t know if I’m gonna even continue at that point cuz I’m like, all right, now all the original characters I think are basically gone.

[00:38:46] Christina: I think they brought the mom back or something, but that’s been one that I, that I haven’t been like super into, but it also dropped off. But it, it, it still had some aspects. I don’t think it dropped off to the same degree, but my honest thought is that with the [00:39:00] spinoffs, all of the other franchise things they had with it, that, yeah, they obviously lost viewers, but.

[00:39:08] Christina: Somebody had to run the numbers and been like, well, if we pay the money to make it better, is that going to necessarily like, bring us an influx of viewers, or are these people just kind of gone? Because these are the waves, these shows go in, and as long as we keep a show running, we will have people either hate watching it or just watching it out of, you know, like attrition.

[00:39:28] Christina: So let’s just suck all the money out of it. It’s like a Grey’s Anatomy thing. Um, which incidentally, Ellen Pompeo is finally leaving after 19 years. 19 years on that show. But the show is, I guess, gonna continue. I mean

[00:39:44] Brett: Is that still on Jesus Christ?

[00:39:47] Christina: and Meredith Gray is going to leave, but the show will at least continue on through the rest of the season.

[00:39:54] Christina: It’s, do they get renewed at the end of for, for next year? Probably not, but who knows?

[00:39:59] Brett: it [00:40:00] as bad as the Simpsons are now? Like is it just going through the motions?

[00:40:05] Christina: Oh yeah. Yeah. And, and what’s what’s funny is that, uh, uh, Ellen Pompeo, the, the actress, I do kind of love her because she’s been very upfront about this. She’s like, look, I know that I will never be able to get any other working role ever again because I’m too associated with this character and, and, and, and I will never be able to get real work again.

[00:40:27] Christina: So she’s, for more than a decade, been like, fuck you, pay me. And like, insisting on them paying her an insane amount of money. And I respect that. Also, just kind of phoning it. I’m like, yeah, you are right. You will never work again. You will never be cast in anything meaningful ever again, not because you’re not talented, but because no one will ever be able to write

[00:40:49] Brett: gray. That’s it.

[00:40:51] Christina: That’s it. So, I, I, but, but with her finally leaving, I’m like, oh my God. So. You know, so, but, but, but like, why would [00:41:00] ABC keep this show on the air? Especially since viewerships have fallen? It must be international. It must be something. It’s the only thing I can figure. That’s my CCAs RA razor theory is that they don’t have to.

[00:41:11] Jeff: I like that. That is, I can see how that could become the problem. It’s, it’s still astonishing. It’s like that thing where like, you know, when you use a really shitty remote control, which is like all of them, but when you use a really, really shitty one, and my first thought is like, how many fucking meetings did this thing sail through and why? I feel like that about every episode of The Walking Dead after like season seven,

[00:41:33] Brett: Can you

[00:41:33] Jeff: how is it that there wasn’t someone to say, Hey, can you just make. A little more interesting, you know, like, or,

[00:41:40] Brett: if they had killed Darrell, can you imagine like if Darrell left the show, if, if, what’s his name?

[00:41:47] Jeff: Norman Revis.

[00:41:49] Christina: Yes.

[00:41:50] Brett: Yes. So can you imagine if he decided he was done? Cause honestly, he could still get work. Like he’s not, so he’s [00:42:00] not in the situation where he could never play another part. Like he could go back to, he could do Boondock Saints three and, and get the, and get the gig. But like if he had left, uh, if the writers had decided, Ooh, let’s big twist, let’s kill Darrell.

[00:42:17] Brett: That show would’ve ended a long time ago.

[00:42:20] Jeff: I mean, I said that all the way through as I was watching those seasons. I’m like, you better not

[00:42:24] Brett: Better not fucking kill Darrell.

[00:42:27] Jeff: Yeah.

[00:42:29] Brett: Yeah, for sure.

[00:42:30] Jeff: it was

[00:42:30] Christina: My, uh, my, my former colleague at, um, uh, Gizmoto, um, Rob, um, used to write, or, or I nine used to write, um, walking Dead Recaps and for like, years and, and, and his were like famous and like for years his walking dead recaps were just his, him just like, like hate watching and just eviscerating everything in the show.

[00:42:53] Christina: And it was such a great, like, read. So, uh, Rob, um, Rob Bricken, so, [00:43:00] um, oh actually he, I will publish this cuz this, or I put this on the show notes cuz this, um, uh, was published 17 minutes ago. It turns out the Walking Dead was me all along. I’ve spent 10 full years recapping the once popular Zombie TV series and it, and it comes with a cost.

[00:43:15] Christina: I haven’t read this yet, but I, knowing Rob who’s fantastic, uh, this I bet is just a great, great read. Here, I’ll, I’ll read the final paragraph. Looking back at a full decade of recapping the Walking Dead, I can’t help but feel, oh my God, how did I spend a decade of my life watching this show? That overall, I don’t think I enjoyed the fact that it overlaps almost exactly with my tenure at I nine complicates things immensely for me, since I, since overall, I’ve enjoyed my time here, minus a real life super villain.

[00:43:46] Christina: Or two, the two experiences are inextricably linked for me and will be for a while, I suspect. But right now, I have no ability to truly understand what I’ve done or has been done to me. I’m in Sens. I’m in Sensate, numbless, lifeless. [00:44:00] After 10 long years, I am the Walking Dead. But if nothing else, the Walking Dead is giving me one piece of advice to help guide me through this difficult transition in my life.

[00:44:08] Christina: All the way back to my very first episode that aired on October 31st, 2010. Um, you know, um, don’t open dead.

[00:44:21] Jeff: Uh, that’s amazing.

[00:44:24] Grapptitude, Black Friday edition!

[00:44:24] Brett: can you link that for us in the show notes? Should we, uh, should we do some gratitude?

[00:44:28] Brett: Cuz there are some, uh, some Black Friday things that if this episode comes out in time, might be, uh, might be worth people knowing about.

[00:44:36] Christina: absolutely.

[00:44:37] Brett: All right. Who wants to start? I got some good ones. I’ll, uh, I’ll, I’ll jump in, but, uh, but if anyone else has one ready, go for it.

[00:44:46] Jeff: Um, I don’t exactly, I have kind of a, like last week I was doing almost like follow up, gratitude and, uh, or gratitude follow up. And this time I just wanna say, I wanna, I wanna ask a question. Um, I. I have [00:45:00] been sort of going back and forth really for years between forklift and Pathfinder as finder alternatives.

[00:45:07] Jeff: Um, and I have settled. I always end up settling on forklift even though every time there’s a new version of Pathfinder, I go, oh no, maybe that’s me

[00:45:16] Brett: Same. Exactly the same.

[00:45:18] Jeff: and what, so okay, so what is it like? So I’ve definitely landed back on forklifts, but like I can’t exactly tell you why.

[00:45:27] Brett: is too configurable for me. Like I always feel like there’s an option I’m not using that would make this make more sense. Like, there’s some way to configure this that would just be perfect flow for me, but I never find it, I never find that exact combination. And forklift has fewer overall options, uh, fewer modules, et

[00:45:51] Jeff: It’s actually, in my opinion, not configurable enough.

[00:45:55] Brett: But you can configure every key keyboard shortcut. Like you [00:46:00] can go into preferences, change all your keyboard shortcuts. It has your two pane file management. It has excellent, uh, integration with cloud services. Uh,

[00:46:09] Jeff: Yes it does. I use that.

[00:46:11] Brett: to B2 drives to S3 drives. Like everything is, it’s just, and sftp and it’s, it just does the job smoothly without making me think that I’m missing out on anything.

[00:46:27] Brett: And I always fall back to forklift

[00:46:30] Jeff: I never thought I’d hear the day that I’d hear Brett turfs just say, it’s just too configurable.

[00:46:35] Brett: There there is a limit.

[00:46:38] Christina: There is a limit. Well, no, but I think, I think that that is so true. It’s like I, I never thought I would hear that either, but even Brett has, even Brett is like, look, it’s great to have options, but sometimes you have to make choices.

[00:46:48] Brett: Yeah, there’s a,

[00:46:50] Jeff: killing me smalls.

[00:46:51] Brett: I love things that are extensible. I love things that are tweakable, but they’re, I have my limits. Like, like if, [00:47:00] okay, so forklift, you can create custom commands for forklift. Um, you can add commands that basically run Unix scripts for you. Uh, and you can make them, you can make them menu based commands.

[00:47:13] Brett: And that’s the extensibility I want. I want to be able to tweak something that does exactly the, the thing that I want to do that nobody else would ever wanna do. I wanna make it do that and forklift can do it. Pathfinder offers you a hundred different modules that none of which really satisfy the specific itch that I have.

[00:47:37] Jeff: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s helpful. Yeah. Yeah. All right. There’s my gratitude.

[00:47:43] Brett: forklift is forklift your pick.

[00:47:44] Jeff: I think we’ve done it before, but it was more about like, It was more about that thing of like, man, why am I always willing to try something else when this ends up being the

[00:47:54] Brett: powerful. Pathfinder is just like, it’s appealing because it’s so configurable. [00:48:00] By the way, I think both of these are available on setup, so, so setup users can take their pick, but yeah, forklift is, forklift is just a smoother, less mentally taxing experience for me.

[00:48:14] Jeff: All right. There’s that.

[00:48:17] Brett: Christina, you got anything?

[00:48:19] Christina: Yeah, so there are a couple things. So you are gonna talk about, I think there are a bunch of Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday sales, um, that you mentioned, and I’m gonna talk about some too. Just cuz I think this is a good time. I would just completely just like follow on, with, yours. But, there are a bunch of, black Friday sales.

[00:48:37] Christina: I think actually, Michael, si, um, has a really good, uh, overview of what some things are. We’ll link, um, his blog post, which I think he’s updating, uh, in the show notes too, but, It’s not their best one, but Bundle Hunt does have, a Black Friday bundle that has some decent apps in it, and I’m [00:49:00] pulling it up right now.

[00:49:00] Christina: Okay. Some of them are, are, um, decent prices. So it’s one of those things where you unlock the bundle for $3 and 50 cents, and then you can add, you know, a bunch of things, um, to it. And so some of the things that are here, uh, there’s a, and you’ve used Fusion Cast, right? Uh, Brett.

[00:49:16] Brett: No that, what is that?

[00:49:18] Christina: So it’s like, let’s you turn your podcast episodes into videos.

[00:49:22] Brett: Oh no. Maybe that’s what I used. I found something that did that. So if that’s one we’ve talked about on the show before, yes, I have used

[00:49:30] Christina: Okay. I don’t know if that’s what you did or not. I thought that’s what it was. Anyway, it’s on sale for a dollar 50. Uh, um, let’s see. Air Buddy is on sale for three 50, uh, which is like a, you know, a, um, an uh, like. Bluetooth, uh, wireless, uh, control app. Um, there’s some other, um, things too. I’m trying to see.

[00:49:50] Christina: Um, you can get a year of agenda premium for $5 if that’s an app. You

[00:49:55] Brett: Great app. That’s a

[00:49:56] Christina: that? I agree. Um, there is, [00:50:00] um, uh, let’s see they’ve got some bundles of some other like, like special effects and, and, uh, photo overlays and things for like $2, which is, is pretty good. There is, um,

[00:50:11] Brett: Who to spot, who to geo. I’m just looking through Michael size list. Um, who to spot and who to geo are both on sale for, I would say looks like about 20% off. Um, I, I highly recommend who to spot. It’s a, it’s a great

[00:50:27] Jeff: couldn’t recommend anything higher than I could

[00:50:30] Christina: Yeah. Yeah. Whos bought is great. Oh yeah, that’s a great one. Also, as part of that, uh, that bundle, this is, this is why I thought of this because you were mentioning, um, forklift and, um, Pathfinder. Yes. Uh, mountain Duck, which is, uh, forklift does some similar things in terms of being able to, to like, uh, load other, um, like, like, uh, basically, uh, load like a, like cloud services. Exactly. Mountain Duck is cross platform, which is really nice. It’s [00:51:00] from the people who make, uh, cyber Duck.

[00:51:02] Brett: Yeah. Okay.

[00:51:03] Christina: it’s on sale for, for, uh, for $8.

[00:51:06] Christina: And it’s actually really good. I think, like if you’ve got, forklift is probably gonna work for most of your needs. Um, and if you already have one of those apps, it’s probably good. But if you are looking for something that can work both on Mac and Windows, Uh, mountain Duck is actually really, really good and it’s $8.

[00:51:22] Christina: So, so I, so I’m throwing that out there. But yeah. Uh, Michaels on his blog post, he’s got a lot of, um, things that are listed. Yeah. Who to spot, who to go. That’s definitely, um, a, a good thing. And, Hal is, uh, they’re, they’re doing their first sale since 2018. The, the iPhone, um, camera app, which is really great.

[00:51:41] Christina: And yeah. So there, there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of good stuff.

[00:51:45] Brett: Lincoln X is on this list. I thought Lincoln was dead. Um, I use launch control for this now and at launch Control from Selma Zone should eventually be a pick for us, but, uh, but apparently you can [00:52:00] get Lincoln X nine for 1275. These are, it’s a tool that runs launch D like helps you set up and run launch D jobs on a Mac, uh, which is the max version of like chron, uh, for, for running background tasks.

[00:52:17] Brett: So it, it, like that used to be my go-to app, so I’m, I’m impressed to see it still alive.

[00:52:22] Christina: Would you use now?

[00:52:24] Brett: Uh, launch control from Selma zone,

[00:52:27] Christina: Okay.

[00:52:28] Brett: I’ll, I’ll throw that in the show notes cuz it is an outstanding up. And they also just came out with a new version,

[00:52:33] Christina: Oh, flex Bit’s Premium is 50% off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Um,

[00:52:38] Brett: a bit like, uh, fantastic.

[00:52:40] Christina: How? Yeah. , they’re, they’re noting that they’re gonna be making adjustments to their pricing January 3rd. Um, so if you’ve been wanting to subscribe, this is really a good way to do it.

[00:52:51] Christina: Since things are 50% off, um, I, fantastical is one of those things that like, I so happily pay for. Like, I, I [00:53:00] don’t know.

[00:53:00] Brett: it worked with, I wish it worked with, uh, uh, Microsoft 365, whatever. I can’t use it for work and it drives me nuts.

[00:53:10] Christina: did I send you the, the way to use the V1 api and that still didn’t work.

[00:53:15] Brett: It still didn’t work. Yep. I, uh, Oracle has some rules and it’s annoying. I miss, I miss fantastical. I do, I still actually use it, but then I also have to use Outlook calendar.

[00:53:30] Christina: Right.

[00:53:31] Brett: Right. For all of my work stuff it’s annoying, but yes, fantastical. If it, if it works for all of your calendars, fantastical is top. All right. Uh, throw some, throw some links to some of the stuff you’ve, you’ve, uh, you’ve mentioned briefly into the show notes. Um, I will talk about a couple. Um, first of all, teleprompter, uh, it took years.

[00:53:55] Brett: So many teleprompter apps have come out that are not worth jack. [00:54:00] Um, like it’s not hard to make text move slowly on a screen, but to actually add features that someone needing a teleprompter would want, apparently took some time. But, uh, an app called Teleprompter very on the nose, uh, solve that. And like they have iOS and MAC apps, and you can sync your scripts over iCloud.

[00:54:25] Brett: You can control your teleprompter with your watch. You can mirror it so you can use your iPhone, uh, with a teleprompter lens on your camera. Uh, so you can see your, your teleprompter right as you look into the lens. And it, it, it does all the little things that you would want to do. It makes editing scripts super easy on Mac or iOS, and you can get it for Black Friday, and they’re only sending the coupons out to people who subscribe to their [00:55:00] newsletter.

[00:55:00] Brett: So the show notes will have a link to the subscription, uh, form for the Black Friday deals. So you would have to go, but for Black Friday, you can get a year of teleprompter premium for 4 99, which is, I think it’s normally 15 to $20.

[00:55:20] Christina: think so, cuz I pay for it and it is hands down, like you, I’ve searched for so many apps. I’ve used it every single week for like four years. It is the, it is the best. It is the absolute best.

[00:55:35] Brett: Anytime I’m doing video, anytime I’m doing screencast or, or talking head stuff, it is, it’s just, it’s top notch. Um, I think that’s my, that’s my catchphrase Top notch. It’s top notch. Um, the other one I wanna mention for Black Friday is Silver three. I had waited to upgrade because Silver three is not cheap.

[00:55:59] Brett: Um, [00:56:00] and, and I was doing fine with Silver two, but what it is, it’s a text based calculator where you can write out your, what you need to solve and it can do currency translation and uh, and. Long formulas basically, and you can reference whatever the total was from the line you wrote out before it, you can reference it again and then continue it in the next line.

[00:56:27] Brett: And it’s basically a text file with a calculator built in. And for the way my brain works, like I’m not great at math. Uh, so when I wanna solve a problem, uh, especially something with floating point calculations in an application, uh, silver is how I think through these, uh, these equations and version three is half off right now through, uh, through Unclutter app.

[00:56:57] Brett: Uh, unclutter has, they make a, [00:57:00] they make a Mac app, but really, I think they make most of their money on these bundles. They do. Uh, but Silver five is usually $35. And right now you can get it for 1750 or. You can buy this entire bundle from On Clutter with uh, rapid Weaver Task Paper Time Mader Acorn, uh, PDF squeezer, Pathfinder Tech Sniper, which is cool, but is about to be Sherlock iStat menus.

[00:57:29] Brett: Pado, which is a competitor to Curio, which we’ve talked about. Uh, and Downy four, which is like the best, uh, graphic interface to like YouTube dl. Um, you can get all of that for 75% off. You can get the whole bundle for $84. Um, but you can also pick and choose and you can just get Silver three, which is what I’m gonna put in the show notes, uh, for 1750

[00:57:59] Jeff: Where does [00:58:00] Sherlock come from?

[00:58:01] Christina: The app, Sherlock Watson. So Apple’s app, Apple’s, uh, was it Apple’s? Sherlock That Sherlocked Watson, or was it Watson? That Sherlock.

[00:58:11] Brett: That’s a good question. I’ve, I’ve

[00:58:13] Jeff: That was like their search. Their search bit.

[00:58:16] Brett: Yeah.

[00:58:17] Jeff: Got it. Got it. Okay. Thanks

[00:58:22] Brett: Um,

[00:58:23] Jeff: I think we did a great job.

[00:58:24] Brett: I think we did, and I think, I think we hit an hour and in, if you made it this far in the episode, that means you sat through 15 minutes of Ticketmaster talk at the top of the hour and, and Nice job. No, congrats. Christina. , like you really, you, you had a lot to say and I appreciate it. I don’t mean to sound, um, grumpy.

[00:58:51] Brett: Is that, do I seem grumpy?

[00:58:52] Jeff: ass situation.

[00:58:54] Brett: It is, it is and it deserves, it deserves some talking about. So thank you for that. [00:59:00] And uh, and thank you guys for, uh, for making some time on. Both of you are traveling this week and I appreciate you showing up.

[00:59:09] Jeff: My pleasure.

[00:59:10] Christina: We gotta do it. Oh, and uh, Sherlock, Sherlock Watson. So that’s,

[00:59:15] Brett: yeah.

[00:59:16] Christina: Just for, for

[00:59:17] Jeff: episode. Episode title, Sherlock Sherlocked Watson. All right, y’all.

[00:59:21] Brett: Luck Watson.

[00:59:22] Jeff: Y’all get some sleep

[00:59:24] Brett: Get some sleep.

[00:59:25] Christina: Get some sleep.

[00:59:30] [01:00:00]