301: Brett Terpstra Time Machine

Video surfaces of Brett’s 1990s punk band Onward to Mayhem. Jeff gets soaked in mace, cuffed, and taken downtown for the crime of rock 'n roll. Christina reveals an amazing coulda-woulda with a rising-star emo band. Brett has a new Synology and its fast like '90s hardcore!

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Brett Terpstra Time Machine

[00:00:00] Intro: Tired. So tired, Overtired.

[00:00:04] Brett: Hey, people, people listening to podcasts. This is, uh, this is Brett Terpstra. You’re listening to Overtired. I am here as always with my esteemed cohost, Christina Warren and Jeff Severance. Gunzel. Uh, how you guys doing?

[00:00:20] Jeffrey: Good

[00:00:21] Christina: Oh, good. I’m tired. But other than that, I’m good.

[00:00:25] Brett: You just, you just woke up.

[00:00:27] Christina: I did just wake up, which is like bad of me, but I just, it’s been a, I’ve had an incredibly like, busy like long week and next week is gonna be even worse. And I just, it was completely, and I feel guilty saying this because we’ll talk about it cuz you were the one who actually got sick.

[00:00:42] But I’ve just been like, I’m like, I’m so dead to the world.

[00:00:46] Jeffrey: Yeah, you described your couple of weeks coming up at some point, maybe even on the episode last week, and it sounds. Something you’ll be happy to be through

[00:00:55] Christina: Yes, 100%.

[00:00:56] Brett: a. R for sure. I, uh, I can tell I’ve recovered from Covid because I have been up since 1:00 AM. Um, not manic. I was sleeping really well there for a little bit. Uh, I was sleeping till like 8:00 AM which is insane for me. Um, but yeah, this morning I woke up at one and just like tossed and turned until 6:00 AM and then just got up.

[00:01:20] But yeah, I’m tired. So I, I went to Minneapolis as previously discussed. Uh, had some great dinners, saw some great people, uh, got home, uh, couple days later, Got very tired. and uh, my girlfriend was like, You should test. And so I tested and sure enough I had covid. Um, I know I did not have covid going to the cities cuz I had tested and I pretty much isolate by default.

[00:01:53] Um, the only person I had seen for a week before I left was, was l and she, she was not sick. Um, I think if I had to guess, I got it from the tow truck driver that I spent 20 minutes in a, in an enclosed cab with on the way to the cities. Um,

[00:02:15] Jeffrey: And those tow truck drivers, I could just tell you from experience, they can talk.

[00:02:19] Brett: Yeah. Yeah. Oh, he, he had stories about his, like, ex step son-in-law was suing him. He was on the, he was on the phone with his lawyer when I got into the cab, and then he, then he had to explain the whole situation. So I checked with everyone that I visited. No one else has tested positive, so I don’t think I spread it anywhere.

[00:02:45] Um, No one else has had any symptoms at all, so it’s just me. I did get l sick. Um, so l and I have had covid this week. Uh, I am fully recovered at this point, and I think l may have another day left before she’s back to a hundred. But yeah, after, after two and a half years, I finally decided to see what this whole Covid thing was.

[00:03:09] Christina: And, uh, what, what’s the consensus from your perspective?

[00:03:13] Brett: Like, I enjoyed the days off. I, I love sick days because I don’t feel obligated to do anything. I get to just be and like, just deal with the sickness. I can just watch TV all day and it doesn’t matter. And that’s kind of, that’s freeing. So I don’t hate sick days. Um, and honestly, like aside from being super drained with a lot of like phlegm, it wasn’t the worst thing in the world and it only lasted two days.

[00:03:46] Christina: Had you guys, I don’t remember, like had you had like the, the newest booster yet, or

[00:03:50] Jeffrey: I have,

[00:03:51] Brett: I have had, I have two, two vaccines in one booster. I had, I had not gotten the second booster yet. Um, and now I have to wait three weeks before I can get it. But I do think that vaccination was why my symptoms only lasted two days and weren’t severe,

[00:04:08] Christina: Oh yeah. No, without a doubt. No, I was just curious because the, the reason I was asking is I also, I recently like, like Jeff got the new booster and I’ve been like wanting to have like a listen, like to people. Like has that actually helped, like in terms of how quickly people either A, recover or B, like if you actually get it or not.

[00:04:26] Jeffrey: Well, I’m glad you’re

[00:04:27] Christina: Very glad you’re better.

[00:04:29] Brett: So I sent you guys some videos. Um,

[00:04:33] Christina: Love this. This is so good.

[00:04:35] Brett: The drummer in my, in the band I was in, in my. Early twenties, late teens, early twenties, onward to mayhem. He, he apparently, and I had no memory of this, but apparently there was video taken all through our East Coast tour, um, and. And he sent me a couple gigabytes of, it’s, you know, it’s the video you could shoot in 1999.

[00:05:01] It wasn’t like high res or anything, uh, but the sound quality is surprisingly good for a, a handheld video camera in 1999.

[00:05:11] Christina: Yeah, totally,

[00:05:12] Brett: I won’t say the music was surprisingly good, but the sound quality was. Um, and I, I clipped a couple songs out, uh, one of them being a horribly drunken cover of Paradise City by Guns and Roses, Um, punk rock style, super fast, super fun and, and me being a total asshole on stage.

[00:05:35] But, uh, but that it was a rush of memories. Man, that was crazy to see.

[00:05:41] Jeffrey: I bet it was. How long was the tour?

[00:05:44] Brett: Um, a month maybe.

[00:05:46] Jeffrey: That’s a long time.

[00:05:47] Brett: I have such blurry memories of the whole thing. Um, I, I was, I was trying, I was addicted to heroin and trying to score from city to city. Uh, I remember I was able to score in Baltimore, in New York, in Philadelphia. But I think other than those three, I was pretty much sick every time we took stage and was just like drinking to like get through it.

[00:06:18] Um, so I was, I was not, I was not a, like I was, I thought I was being funny, but I was just being an asshole. Um, and.

[00:06:29] Jeffrey: lesson

[00:06:29] Brett: And talking over, talking over everyone else, like just I, I would not have wanted to be in a band with me, but I also would not have wanted to be in a band with our lead singer. Um, I don’t think I could have handled him his personality without heroin and alcohol.

[00:06:50] Uh, our drummer who shared the video was straight Edge at the time. May still be, uh, I don’t know how he did it. I asked him, he said, I don’t know how he did it either.

[00:07:01] Jeffrey: Hitting things every night.

[00:07:02] Christina: Yeah, maybe.

[00:07:03] Brett: What I realized though, is right, just beating on things, um, I wasn. Political as I remember being, I was just, I was a drunk punk, just out for the, the punk points, I guess.

[00:07:18] Christina: Right, Which makes sense. Well, yeah, I was gonna say cuz one of the guys in your band had like an A, C, A B, like it looked like a tattoo, but it probably wasn’t a real tattoo.

[00:07:26] Brett: No, it was a real

[00:07:27] Christina: I was real tattoo and I was like, I was like, I was like, this is like 98 or 99. I was like, okay, that’s, that’s pretty badass. But like also, you know, that’s 23 years ago, so not what I was like, that definitely wasn’t a term that I knew back then, but I was also like 15 years old, so, you know, um, and lived in the suburbs, so, you know, we were like, fuck the cops, but mostly because they would pull us over and like, give us tickets.

[00:07:56] Right.

[00:07:56] Brett: were an, they were an inconvenience

[00:08:00] Christina: Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. It was, it was completely, because it was inconvenience, it was like nothing to do with like actual, like systemic like violence or anything else like that, because like,

[00:08:10] Brett: we used to have this thing called cop watch in Minneapolis. It may still be a thing, but I’m curious because Jeff has a better memory of cop watch than I do. Uh, how would you describe Cop Watch?

[00:08:23] Jeffrey: Cop watch was a bunch of drunk punks walking around looking for police who have pulled people over so that they can watch them, and it was a, it.

[00:08:34] Brett: with video

[00:08:35] Jeffrey: With video cameras and the people I knew who were in cop watch, which on the face of it is a, is a perfectly, you know, reasonable and, and, and, you know, admirable sort of cause, uh, Especially in Minneapolis because what we know about Minneapolis now is, has been true for a very long time.

[00:08:54] Um, but cop watch were like punks that got together. I mean, I kind of admired him a little bit, but then when I started to get to know the cop watch guys, I was like, Oh, you guys just get drunk and, and yell at the cops with your video cameras on. Like,

[00:09:06] Christina: Right.

[00:09:06] Jeffrey: really my, it’s not my jam.

[00:09:09] Christina: not very punk actually.

[00:09:10] Brett: I remember feeling very noble. It seemed very noble at the time,

A night in jail

[00:09:14] Jeffrey: it did. It seemed, No, I know. I got really fucked by Cop watch because, um, we were playing a benefit show for Cop Watch and a house at a house party, and it was actually a going away party for one of the kind of. Most sort of involved members who was moving to like California or something. And, um, and the police by this point, the Minneapolis police had, you know, they, they were just looking for an opportunity to fuck with the cop, watch people if they had it.

[00:09:41] And, and this was a, and this was a known, this house my brother lived in, a bunch of people lived in it, but it was also known to. You know, like cop watch leaders in it and cop watch meetings in it and whatever. So we were playing a show. We were the only band playing. We played the basement, um, which is a place we had played before.

[00:09:56] Cause my brother lived in the house and you know, sometimes the skinheads would come and steal the keg and, you know, it was kind of that kind of scene. Um, but we had a policy, if we were playing house shows, if the police came to just close our eyes. For like plausible deniability, like we didn’t know there were police here and we just keep going with it.

[00:10:15] And then they would eventually

[00:10:16] Christina: that worked completely.

[00:10:18] Jeffrey: the way it would, it bought us a minute or so. And uh, and it was thrilling to do, if I’m being honest. It was just kind of like, Oh my God, I’m just gonna close my eyes and I have no idea what the fuck’s gonna happen. Um, but they would cut the power, cut the lights or whatever, and then we’d get out.

[00:10:31] But it, so that was a normal thing. But in this case, when the noise complaint came in, They were ready. Like they, So basically they came in and they were just like, Everybody out. Everybody out. And when we got out to the front of the house, there were five or six squad cars and a police helicopter.

[00:10:47] Brett: Which in Minneapolis was known as the Ghetto Bird, which Code 13 had a song.

[00:10:52] Jeffrey: Right. Uh, and they were just grabbing people and throwing 'em in squad cars, like very randomly, like, you know, like kind of young. I remember seeing a young girl get kind of grabbed and, you know, and, um, and, and I noticed that my cousin who had, who had been drinking a lot was like in a sort of verbal altercation with the police, and they like took him down and I, I rushed over there, um, yelling at them to let him go and, They stood up and pointed, just like pulled out the mace and pointed it at me and they’re like, Get away, get back.

[00:11:28] And I wasn’t a big drinker, didn’t do drugs. I am just the kind of person who thought at that moment to say, You can’t mace me. I’m a rock and roll drummer.

[00:11:39] Christina: Oh my God,

[00:11:40] Jeffrey: And at which 0.3 police like emptied their fucking

[00:11:45] Brett: Turns out.

[00:11:46] Christina: Turns out.

[00:11:47] Jeffrey: and cuffed, and cuffed me and threw me in the back of a car. And then they, they squeezed two other people next to me so that they had to like, kind of breathe in.

[00:11:55] I was just like, I was like emanating, you know, tear gas or whatever, pepper spray. And, um, and they took me in a bunch of other people downtown and, and as they handed me off, they, it was an underground jail at this point. It was in our old city hall, so I had no idea that was there. They’d drive us like underground.

[00:12:11] I’m like, I don’t know what the fuck’s gonna happen. Like I had had a friend. Uh, a singer in a band of mine when I was in high school told me that he was once taken by Minneapolis Police down to a specific point on a riverbank, and they threw leather jacket over him and started beating him. And so I knew they had like spots, but I’m like, there’s no way the basement of city Hall’s one of their spots.

[00:12:31] Brett: Catacombs,

[00:12:32] Jeffrey: So outcome some other police. And when they hand me. The guy goes, Watch out. This one’s a mean one. And I was like, I’m not mean . Like, I just didn’t like that you were beaten on my cousin. Like I’m, I’m a rock and roll drummer. I’m not mean, uh,

[00:12:48] Christina: not mean. I’m, I’m, I’m just a dumb enough guy to like yell at the cops and

[00:12:53] Jeffrey: Well, my brother recently, yeah, my brother was the singer in the band, and he recently reminded me a part I had forgotten, which is after they maced me, my response was to yell, I.

[00:13:07] Christina: So they think you’re high too. They’re like,

[00:13:10] Jeffrey: Right. And I’m totally not like,

[00:13:11] Christina: not. Right.

[00:13:12] Jeffrey: I’ve had that problem, I’ve had that problem my whole life where friends or whatever I’ve had inter, I had an intervention in junior high where three of my friends sat me down in the cafeteria and they’re like, Hey, we’re, we know you’re doing speed. And, you know, and I’m like, I’m like, No, this is just me.

[00:13:27] Like, I’m not, I’m just, I’m only in like second gear right now. But anyway, the like, crazy thing about that, I re, I went back a couple years ago. To get my mugshots from that time. Cause it’s a long time ago. This is like 96 probably. And uh, and as a reporter, I had been down to get documents from the police all the time.

[00:13:46] And I went in and I said, I’m looking for a mugshot. They’re like, Okay, what was the name? Jeffrey Gunzel birth, date of birth. Give him my date of birth. They come back like, all we have it. Um, What’s your name? Like Jeffrey Goel. . Like, I am just here getting my own mugshot from 20 years ago or whatever. The close of that, cuz Brett, I don’t mean to like take your punk rock story too far.

[00:14:09] Uh,

[00:14:10] Brett: exactly what I wanted from this.

[00:14:12] Jeffrey: is, um, so we spent the night in jail, which was really, was a experience for me that I, um, draw upon constantly because it is the case that even a night in jail, I had a friend who did. Uh, five or six years in jail and, and had asked if I’d ever been arrested in jail. I said, Well, I did an overnight. And, and she was like, That counts.

[00:14:37] And the, the experience was, it was so packed that night that I was wedged next to a toilet, um, which was just an open space and, and people would come over. And p and it would splash on me and I couldn’t move. And the other thing I remembered, which is very Minneapolis, very America, but very Minneapolis, is that one half of this room was black, the other half was white.

[00:15:01] Like everyone was perfectly segregated. And I don’t, I don’t remember noticing anybody else, anybody Hispanic, anybody, you know, like whatever. But like one half was black, one half was, was. And, um, and then I will never forget, they, they brought in after hours and hours of being in there, they brought us, um, like shrink wrapped apples.

[00:15:21] And, and I’m sitting next to a toilet with my shrink crafted apple. I’m super fucking hungry, but I’m not. Anyway, the entire experience was like really powerful. It’s just powerful to know you’re in a place you can’t leave. Like it, it’s really, I’ve visited prisons many times and I remember once I used to visit people on death row, um, as part of a volunteer thing I did.

[00:15:41] And I remember counting all of the locked doors as they locked behind me, as I went towards the, you know, Death row area and, and what an intense feeling it was to know that like I am in a place, in that case, I could ask to leave, which everyone else can’t, but like, I can’t just leave. Like there’s so much between me and the outside.

[00:16:01] And, and even in that overnight it was, that was such a, Intensely strong feeling of, of the control and power they had over me. Right. Uh, and, and I’m, I’m glad I had that experience, uh, because it, it, it, even though it was like a micro, micro version of what it’s like to go to jail for longer or whatever, it’s not, it’s not nothing

[00:16:22] Christina: No, you got, you had to, You gotta actually experience, but also like that, that’s, It’s, I it’s funny cuz it’s like, it is kind of punk to, to get to, I mean, it’s for a hilarious reason. Like you had a party, so it’s like the least punk reason to, to get like arrested,

[00:16:39] Jeffrey: Right

[00:16:40] Christina: but,

[00:16:41] Brett: My only overnights were after protests, so they were also packed. But I can tell you, um, as far as that like idea of not being able to leave, uh, if you think junk sick sounds bad, imagine getting junk sick in the middle of the night in a room you can’t leave. That is an awful feeling.

[00:17:02] Jeffrey: I bet. I bet.

[00:17:04] Brett: It makes you hate everybody.

[00:17:06] Jeffrey: I’m sure Well, okay, so that story closes with us going to court. Uh, three of us. The three that were in the car, the two that were in the car with me and they, the police had behaved so incredibly. Um, Wrong and, and, and against law and order, um, that it was clear our case was gonna be dropped, but our attorney, which was an illegal aid attorney, had to go in and make that argument to the judge.

[00:17:31] It’s like, you know, look, this, what the police did that night was really messed up. You can either have that be a thing we talk about for a long time, or you can let these guys go. And before the lawyer went into the, he’s like, Okay, who’s, who’s Sean? Right? Who’s Michael? Who’s Jeff? Right. And, and who is it that.

[00:17:48] You can’t mace me. I’m a rock and roll drummer. . I was like that. That was me, sir. just like, Oh my God. Anyway, Cop watch . Sorry, Brett. Brett’s. I wanna describe Brett’s video quickly, which is, That was amazing about Brett’s video is Brett had hair first of

(Young) Brett Terpstra fit check

[00:18:07] Christina: I wanted to bring this up. I was like, Brett

[00:18:09] Jeffrey: Yes. Describe, Describe him. Fit.

[00:18:12] Check. Describe him

[00:18:13] Christina: Yeah, no, So, so the, the, the, like, the great like head of like blonde hair, you know, is just like, like a good hairline too, which I was looking at. I was like, I’m surprised you went as bald as you went because like your hairline was good then.

[00:18:29] Like did it just, And I am curious, like did it just, like, was it a, a pretty quick thing that your, your hairline just kind of like fucked up?

[00:18:37] Brett: I had a widows peak as a kid. Um, like I always had like Eddie Munster, Widows Peak.

[00:18:43] Christina: Sure.

[00:18:44] Brett: But yeah, like when I turned, I think about 25, I started getting the bald spot in the back and my hairline started receding. And within a year I just shaved my head and I’ve had it shaved ever since. Uh, or buzzed.

[00:19:00] Christina: Which is the right, which is, Yeah, no, which is, which is the move, like if you can’t get on the Propecia early, like you can get on Propecia. Um, me and uh, Justin Williams are both obsessed with hairlines, and we talk to each other about this a lot because we’re like, If

[00:19:12] Brett: Williams, a software developer. Okay,

[00:19:16] Christina: Yeah. Justin Williams software developer who’s also.

[00:19:20] The male version of me, if anyone is unaware of this, if anyone knows who he is, he and I are like, genuinely like the male female version of one another. We’re like twins. It’s very bizarre. Um, our personalities are remarkably similar, but yeah. If, if this is happening, like you can get on Propecia, if you have the, um, you know, the Elon or the, the Jeremy Watson space money to get like the, the good like transplant surgery, you can do that, you know, Propecia.

[00:19:47] But the thing with Propecia, like you have to start it early. Like you can’t start it late, right? Like,

[00:19:52] Brett: I gotta say waking up in the morning and not having to worry about your hair.

[00:19:57] Christina: Oh yeah. Bet’s great. No. Well, the thing is, like, I was gonna say though, but this is what I appreciate about you. Like, if you’re not gonna do the preventative stuff, and if you’re not gonna do like the, you know, um, the, the Alan and the Jeremy, fuck, what is his last name? The guy from Entourage, last name starts with a p.

[00:20:16] Brett: I would not know the

[00:20:18] Jeffrey: Oh, Jeremy’s spoken class

[00:20:19] Christina: Jeremy pn. Jeremy pn. Jeremy pn who was fucking bald. No, he like had bad, like he like was fucking bald. He has like one of the best hair transplants. Jude Law is another one. Great, great. Like uh, natural hair transplant work. If you’re not gonna do that, and if you’re not gonna get on the Propecia, then you gotta just, you gotta embrace it.

[00:20:37] You just gotta shave it. Right? Like, which I really appreciate that you did like the right thing cuz there’s nothing that is sadder than like somebody who you know is bald. and then they’re just like hanging on to every little thing. It’s like, no, dude, you, you gotta shave the head.

[00:20:52] Brett: My dad. My dad went balded pretty young and four years not, It’s not a comb over when you, when when you don’t have enough hair to actually cover anything up. You just have the like wisp that you like comb into place and four years for, for decades. My dad just had. A little bit of hair, and he grew out what he could, and he like combed it over.

[00:21:20] Uh, finally at the age of like 70, he started buzzing his hair and it looks great. He looks good. I, it looks a lot less sad

[00:21:32] Christina: have done, he should have done it 30 years earlier. Yeah.

[00:21:35] Brett: You know, those, you know, those middle school band teachers that like, they’re balled on top, but they have the ponytail. That’s a horrible look. I feel like the Simpsons epitomized that pretty well in cartoon

[00:21:48] Christina: Yeah. The, The Simpsons and King of the hill. The king of the hill, I think. Um, too. Yeah. But, but 100%.

[00:21:53] Brett: I feel like it’s a trope. I feel like everyone has had like one band teacher or one music teacher that had the ponytail in the bald spot.

[00:22:05] Jeffrey: Well,

[00:22:06] Brett: So, so, so the takeaway from those concert videos was the hair. Is that, is that safe to say?

[00:22:13] Jeffrey: uh, I have a takeaway. Um, you guys, uh, you know, Doing Paradise City, um, which we’ve since learned was a faithful enough cover that you got a YouTube, uh,

[00:22:28] Brett: you two put a

[00:22:29] Jeffrey: Copyright. Yeah. . But it’s funny, I don’t know why I’ve been, I’ve been in sort of a guns and Roses phase and thinking about those guys. Um, Just thinking about their sort of really weird history and how there’s a whole phase where, you know, the guitarist bucket head is the slash of Guns and roses and like it’s all so interesting.

[00:22:50] But anyway, um, that song, its components are so fucking solid that you guys could just basically make it up cuz you were just like, Yeah, let’s try it. Well, the drummer did, drummer claims he didn’t remember. That was his way of hoping not to have to play

[00:23:06] Brett: He remembered the

[00:23:08] Jeffrey: No. He remembered everything. He had just, he told your, your singer’s like, Should we do the cover?

[00:23:13] What do you think everybody? And he’s like, I forgot it. It was like, nobody forgot Paradise

[00:23:17] Brett: me and Dego loved doing that song. Maddie and, And Clay did. They hated playing

[00:23:24] Jeffrey: Well, so here’s the thing. Here’s the thing. When that song kicks into, right, like it is all, each of the components of that song are so solid that they can be mishandled terribly. Right. Um,

[00:23:40] Christina: It’s like, it’s like a well written like song. Yeah.

[00:23:42] Jeffrey: like it still rocks,

[00:23:46] Christina: Well, no, cuz because that’s, that’s the thing about them, right? I think that’s why they were like, like the one kind of like band of that era that like actually did still sustain into like 91, like in the grunge thing. Like they still had hits because they had solid songs. Whereas like, and again, this is like you guys' oi way more than mine cuz I was a small child and this was also not my music, but this.

[00:24:09] Like for, from what I understand, what, what my, going back and listening to like the reason that the other bands of that era didn’t really transcend, in addition to just the whole look thing, not, not matching with what people were wanting to do and, and Axle being able to be much more like fit into, into that realm.

[00:24:27] I think the songs were just better. Like, they were more solid like songs where you could be like, Dammit, I hate this whole scene, but all right, that’s a good ass song. Fuck it, you.

[00:24:37] Brett: Guns and Roses had an anger to them that a band like Rat or Poison just never did. Um, and I feel like that that played to their, uh, their popularity.

[00:24:51] Christina: No, I think you’re right.

[00:24:52] Brett: I put these videos up on YouTube as unlisted videos. I am dropping links to them in the show notes. So if anyone is curious what Brett was doing at the age of 20,

[00:25:04] Christina: It was

[00:25:04] Jeffrey: It’s a fun, It’s really fun to watch.

[00:25:08] Brett: Yeah. Um, , it was fun for me. Yeah.

Christina and the Coulda Wouldas

[00:25:13] Christina: No, it was really, it was really great to see and, and like it looked like you guys were having a great time and I was, I was looking at it and I was like, Oh man, you guys must have gotten so laid. Because, because like you had like a good look and, and like, I was like, I, you know, because I, I was, I mean, it was emo bands, but like, I would, I, you know, not, not that far as first from that era.

[00:25:33] Like I would go to a lot of shows and stuff and like stalk guys and bands and like, I was like, Yeah, you guys must have been so late, like,

[00:25:41] Brett: So you would think and, and there were definitely, like, I offended off advances. Like I had a steady girlfriend that I was pretty damn committed to, and uh, Deo was the only one in the band who would cheat on his girlfriend, who was with us on tour. Um,

[00:26:03] Jeffrey: Whoa, that’s, that’s next level.

[00:26:06] Brett: Mattie Mattie had very little interest in girls, and I don’t, I don’t remember Clay’s situation, but yeah, basically there, there was not a lot of sex on that tour.

[00:26:17] Um, I remember being drunk in basements and pushing girls off of me. Um, I had a girl tell me, I had a girl tell me she had taken the picture from our seven inch and blown it up and put it over her bed. , which that’s, that’s weird. Yeah, that’s weird. That’s weird.

[00:26:42] Christina: I, I would never have shared that, but I understand like the impulse to do that. I never

[00:26:45] Jeffrey: Oh, I understand that. I understand the impulse. A thousand percent.

[00:26:49] Christina: I just pasted in the chat the band that I stalked when I was like 15, 16 years old and, uh, no, I went, No, we’ll talk about that cuz Wow. That’s some good drama. No, this, this is a band called Saves the Day.

[00:27:02] And uh, and

[00:27:04] Jeffrey: photo.

[00:27:05] Christina: yeah, so I’m just saying like if those guys were, were getting like, yeah. Yeah. Than you guys who totally like had a much more masculine, much more like, you know what I mean? Like a much more, kind of a better like vibe, like their, their debut albums called Through Being Cool,

[00:27:25] Jeffrey: Awesome,

[00:27:26] Christina: which

[00:27:27] Jeffrey: awesome.

[00:27:28] Christina: thought they were, they were not, but we really thought they were.

[00:27:32] Um, My, uh, my, my friends Melissa and Cat and I would follow 'em all over the southeast and then, uh, and they all had girlfriends, which of course then Melissa, and we would make out with them because now they were not dumb enough to travel, like with the girl, like tour with the girlfriends and then cheat on their girlfriends.

[00:27:48] But of course, they’re all gonna like, you know, m with other girls and like, I’m aware of this. I’m like, I know you have girlfriends. I know that I’m making out with you and you do not care anything about me. I absolutely know the score. Cat and Melissa apparently never got the message and like got into fights on the message boards with the girlfriends, and then we were like, it became awkward and I was kind of like, I can never go to these shows again.

[00:28:09] And then like two years later, they’re on fucking Kona O’Brien. And I’m like, Are you kidding me? Like they really actually blew up. And I was like, Those bitches. Not being like, chill completely ruined my ability to like maybe actually fuck a rockstar. Like I will, I will never forgive them for that.

[00:28:28] Brett: None of my girlfriends have ever cared about my music. It has always been like an external thing. Oh, and then also he plays, I was just a bass player who cares about bass players?

[00:28:41] Christina: I dunno. The bass player was, Who was the, was that the, was that the guy that like didn’t have a name in? Um, that thing you do. Was that? Yeah, that was the bass player. This is a movie that only I have seen. I now realize

[00:28:51] Brett: sis, my sister loved that movie so much. My sister had poster from that movie. I cannot remember it at all.

[00:28:57] Christina: Yeah, that, that was one with Live Tyler. And, uh, uh, what was it, something Ian, a three name guy. Um, it was Tom Hanks'. Uh, I think he directed it, or it was definitely his, his production company that made it. But it was about kind of like the, the band, uh, like, kind of like a sixties band sort of thing. Um, and, uh, it was that, that was a great movie. Tom, Tom Everett. Scott. There we go. Tom Everett. Scott.

[00:29:26] Jeffrey: Tom Hanks' son once sat in my lap.

[00:29:29] Christina: Oh, wow. Which one?

[00:29:30] Jeffrey: Colin Hanks.

[00:29:31] Christina: Okay, Colin. Hank. So, I was gonna say not, not yet. Not, not, not the, not the problematic one. I mean,

[00:29:36] Jeffrey: I didn’t know. I didn’t know who he was. and I told, and I told him to sit in my lap. I, the context is my band had a reunion show and, and a friend of mine here, Is friends with him and he brought him to the show and we were backstage after the show and I was sitting on a chair and I was kind of sweaty and, and my friend says, Hey guys, this is Colin.

[00:30:00] He’s like, Colin, here they are your new favorite band. He’s like, You guys are great. And I’m like, Come here. Sit on my lap. I sat on my lap and I just said, I appreciate you. And he got up and then I later I was like, That was Tom, he’s son. That’s funny.

[00:30:14] Brett: Did you ever see life in pieces?

[00:30:16] Jeffrey: No.

[00:30:17] Christina: Yes. That that was the show he was in, right? Or one of the shows he was in. Yeah,

[00:30:21] Brett: show. I have watched that entire show a couple times through and through, uh, really, really good situational comedy.

Fun-fact attack

[00:30:30] Christina: Yeah, he was also in, in the movie Orange County, which not the same as the, the, the, the much superior television show, the oc, but Orange County, which had Jack Black in it, but Fun Fact, California by Fandom Planet. Uh, the theme song of the OC was actually on the Orange County soundtrack, and so they almost didn’t

[00:30:50] Jeffrey: you’re bringing the fun facts

[00:30:51] Christina: I know, so they almost didn’t choose it as the theme song for the oc, and it’s. Other than, I don’t wanna wait by Paula Cole, probably like the most iconic like, teen theme song ever. Right? Like, like, like, like, like those two songs. Cuz they were actual, you know, songs are like intertwined. Like you hear it, you hear the opening notes of the OC theme song and you’re like fuck Know it.

[00:31:13] Right? And like they almost, that almost wasn’t the theme song because it was in this movie that no one saw. And fortunately they were like, No one saw the movie, didn’t do anything. We can go ahead and put, you know, uh, Sophia Coppola’s cousins band on, on, Make it the theme song. We, we can go ahead and do that.

[00:31:34] Brett: I’m gonna ask Erin to write, uh, a little Diddy that we can play after this kind of thing where we can be like, and this has been deep cuts with Christina Warren.

[00:31:46] Jeffrey: I was gonna say, I appreciate your level of fandom so much cuz I share it, but we’re just in when we have it in totally different places and uh, and so I ha when you’re talking. About these things I’m taking in the content, but I’m also just appreciating the level of like weird facts. Cuz I, I, I do this to my friends all the time and they’re just like, Now where the fuck could you learn that?

[00:32:09] Like, I think I recently did we talk about how Pat Smear was late to a Fu fighter show in Minneapolis and why have we talked

[00:32:16] Christina: No, we haven’t. We should talk about it.

[00:32:17] Jeffrey: in 1996, I went to see the Foo Fighters was the second time in that year that they played at, at, uh, First Avenue. And. It was when they had their drummer before Taylor, Taylor Hawkins, who was truly terrible as a fit.

[00:32:31] Uh, I mean like really. I went back and listened to a boot leg of that show in 1996 and it’s just, that band actually sounds terrible. Um, anyway, so I go to see the poo fighters and, and um, they’re late going on and it’s like, get kind of used to that. In those days there was just a lot of junkie bands. In that era, you know, when we’re going to see Allison Chains at First Avenue and dude like showed up about 20 minutes late and then their first song, the drummer, the drummer jumped from his kit and and tackled Lane Staley punched him, and then the whole band was done.

[00:33:05] Christina: God.

[00:33:06] Jeffrey: Um, but anyway, uh, so the food fighters are late and I recently was reading a some piece about that tour that was written way back then. The reason they were late is because Pat Smear, who had been in the legendary punk rock band, the germs, like the most uncontrollable possible kind of band with Darby Crash, their singer just a mess of a band.

[00:33:25] So you’re assuming if you hear that Pat Smear is late, that it’s junky stuff. Right.

[00:33:30] Christina: Right.

[00:33:31] Jeffrey: He lost track of time watching a Matlock marathon in the hotel.

[00:33:36] Christina: That is amazing. That’s, that’s the fucking best. The guy from the germs is like, it’s, it’s not junky. I mean, it might have been junky shit. I don’t know. But that, that actually sounds more like ADHD shit. Like that sounds like a reason that I would not go to college would be like, I was watching like an ER marathon,

[00:33:51] Jeffrey: Yeah.

[00:33:52] Christina: also a Malo marathon.

[00:33:53] I can totally see it. You get sucked in and you’re like, But Andy Griffith is gonna solve the case and it’s

[00:33:59] Jeffrey: I gotta know what

[00:34:00] Christina: I gotta know what happens. I gotta see the lawyer scene. Right.

[00:34:03] Jeffrey: Fucking a amazing, um, anyway, that’s, that, that’s an example of my level of fandom is I just love those little tidbits are just so remarkable. That was a fun, that was an amazing show in the sense that listening back to the, um, bootleg of it, they, they basically played the first album except for one song, which, which Dave Girl introduced as something they had written a couple weeks ago.

[00:34:26] And it was my hero,

[00:34:28] Christina: Right. Which is,

[00:34:28] Jeffrey: which like becomes like the.

[00:34:30] Christina: the, I was gonna say cuz it was my hero and it was big. Me and, and a couple others from that sec. Yeah. Well, ever long. But that was the third album I think. But

[00:34:38] Jeffrey: That’s true. Yeah. Oh, right. You’re talking in that, Yeah,

[00:34:41] Christina: Because, I mean cuz it was the second album that they really like blew up, right?

[00:34:45] Because cuz I remember obviously my hero was big, but I also remember, like I remember the Ever, I remember the big me music video, like they spoofed the Mintos ads. Do you guys remember

[00:34:53] Jeffrey: yeah. The Mentos ads. That’s right. Yeah.

[00:34:55] Christina: Yeah. Uh, and, and it was, it was one of those things where like, and he had, uh, it, it was just a great music video and it was one of those things where we were at least people my age.

[00:35:05] We knew Nirvana obviously. Um, but we mostly were really aware of Nirvana, like post Kurt’s death. But, you know, MTV would air the, the Unplugged like.

[00:35:18] Jeffrey: All the time.

[00:35:19] Christina: on on repeats. So for a lot of us, like we, we knew him and, and I think we weren’t alone in this, like certainly people my age, but, but I think even people older, I think even like guys your age, like you maybe knew the, knew the band members more, but a lot of us, like we just knew Dave as like the drummer, right?

[00:35:34] We just knew him as the drummer of Nirvana. And so that’s what you associate him with. And I think especially you see him all the time on MTV playing the drums. In that unplug setting right? Where, you know, which, where he has to hold back the turtleneck where he is having to hold back and like, and, and he’s having to kind of like very, kind of slowly play the drums in certain segments and whatnot.

[00:35:55] And like you, and you know that, and then all of a sudden, like he has this very different band and he’s the singer, he’s not the drummer. And you’re like, What the fuck? Right? Um, and it was really good. Right? And then,

[00:36:06] Jeffrey: especially those first two albums. I, I love, I don’t get with anything else. I don’t, I’m not against it, but I just don’t get

[00:36:12] Christina: No, no, no. But I think, I think, um, I think actually I would say up through like, what was it? Uh, you know, uh, the first two albums were really good. And then I would say the third one too, right? The one like, uh, learned to Fly, like, I would say like probably like, like the, the first three, um, are, are really solid.

[00:36:29] I saw them in, uh, last October with depth cap for cutie. They opened a, a brand new, um, uh, venue in, um, in Seattle, The, the Climate Change Arena, which is the most bullshit name for a, a

[00:36:42] Jeffrey: Is that where you go to change the.

[00:36:44] Christina: Well, and it’s so stupid. They’re like, Oh, we care so much about carbon control this. And then I’m like, No, you fucking don’t.

[00:36:49] Like it’s the most, This is the sort of woke shit that I can’t stand because it’s so performative and it’s so

[00:36:54] Jeffrey: change arena? I don’t believe it.

[00:36:57] Christina: No, and it’s not. And they’re like, I’m, I’m like, Well, but you’re, you’re, It’s an, it’s a rock arena. You’re clearly not gonna be doing a whole lot for climate change.

[00:37:06] You know what I mean? Like, there’s gonna be a whole lot of, of stuff that goes into this is such a fucking stupid name and such a performative. Stuff. Anyway, that opened and Food Fighters were the first, um, uh, band to play and then Death Cap, um, opened for them and I was able to get tickets and I’m so glad I got to go.

[00:37:23] I was sick. I was not feeling good. We had to actually leave early, which kills me now, but, I saw most of the, the, the really big hits, which look, let’s, let’s face it. Like that’s why you go to a fu fighter show, right? Like, you know, at this point, like you’re not going to see like all the new shit. Like, and they knew that they were amazing live and, and I, like Taylor was great and I remember I was commenting to Grant, I was like, they have this sort of star power.

[00:37:48] Especially for rock stars that you almost never see today of people who just have like a complete command of the audience and, and a large audience. Right. You know, this is decent sized arena. Not a stadium, but a decent sized arena. And they, you know, had like the whole command of everything. They knew what they were doing.

[00:38:03] It was really, really good. And it’s just, you know, now I’m really glad I gotta see that show even as sick as I was because, um, That’s the last time. We’ll, you know, I, I ever got to see the band actually, you know, intact together. But, but that is funny that, that, that Taylor Hawkins, you said that he was not like that.

[00:38:23] It didn’t work. That’s really, really funny.

[00:38:26] Jeffrey: Oh yeah, the guy. Okay, let me just, let me,

[00:38:31] Brett: at the end of the window. Go ahead,

[00:38:33] Jeffrey: I’ll say this, which is just the guy, the guy that was the first drummer just was, it was an awful fit and, and it’s, uh, sorry for him that he lost that gig, but it, when I listened back to the tape of that show, I was like, this doesn’t even sound like a good band.

[00:38:48] that’s how much the drummer sort of

[00:38:49] Christina: He was not it. And, and then they, and then, and they get a lot of more sets, like session drummer and they’re like, Here we.

[00:38:54] Jeffrey: Yeah. Yeah. Awesome.

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[00:40:24] Jeffrey: Crap. I’m still chewing my Grano bar.

[00:40:26] Brett: Oh, man, that was, that was your segue to handle right there.

Promo Swap: Weirds of a Feather

[00:40:31] Brett: Um, so before, before we go on, I think we we’re doing, we’re doing promo swaps with some other podcasts that are, uh, related to what we talk about. And there’s one called, uh, Weirds of a Feather

[00:40:48] Christina: Yup.

[00:40:49] Brett: that really, uh, very, it focuses on ADHD and, and I feel like it’s a good mix, good match for us. Christina, do you want to tell us about, weirdly a

[00:41:01] Christina: Uh, definitely. So if you were all cut up with Overtired and you’re looking for more random yet informative discussions, flock over to Weirds of a Feather, which is an ADHD adjacent podcast. Cohost and childhood friends, Grace Bore and Kristen Stan. Hope will take you on a journey through the beautiful, chaotic experience of life with adhd.

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Brett’s new Synology

[00:41:53] Brett: So let’s do a little tech talk. I, uh, so my sonology started resetting and it has a faulty reset button. Um, And instead of trying to deal with repair, I just ordered a new analogy. I got the, uh, DS 1520 plus, um, and I put, I put 2 2, 400 gigabyte Ss d. Cash cards into it, poured all of my hard drives over, Added an extra hot swap drive because I went from four bays to five bays and holy shit, everything is so much faster than my 4 8 19 4.

[00:42:36] Forts. I don’t even remember what I had before. Uh, it was, it was slow. Compared to this, I’m, I’m very impressed with the speed of my new DS 1520 plus. I’m having a blast with it.

[00:42:50] Christina: That’s fantastic. I’m really, I’m really glad to hear that, like you’re having a good experience with it. Um, and, and that this is one, you got the one like with still with an Intel, so you can still do the, the Plex stuff, right.

[00:43:01] Brett: Right. It can still, it can still video incode.

[00:43:04] Christina: Yeah, cuz you were saying that’s the thing with the new ones is that they’re AMD and I guess for whatever reason, they don’t have, um, like an onboard, you know, video thing. So I guess they probably can still encode, but they’d have to do it with CPU wise, so it’d be, uh, slower. So, um, That’s awesome. I’m glad that, that, uh, that you’re enjoying it.

[00:43:21] I need to, I needed to get a new, So I’ve been looking into my options and so this is, um, Helpful for me. I was curious because you’re using the, the NVMe cash, um, which I haven’t used on, on any of mine over the years. Ha. Have you found that that’s sped up your operations just in terms of like accessing smaller things?

[00:43:40] Brett: So I put the N V MA drives into it from the GetGo, so I have no. I have no grounds for comparing what this particular model would be like without the cash drive. So I don’t, I don’t know exactly what benefit it is providing me. Um, they offer, if you turn on, you can analyze your cash and it takes like a month.

[00:44:05] And it, it basically, at the end of a month of running this analysis, it will tell you like exactly what size, cash you should specify and, and how well your cash is performing. And I’ve only had this for a few days, so I. I haven’t run that yet. But, uh, in general, I have to assume, given the speed at which the dsm, not the DSM six, the, the, uh, interface that, uh, Sonology provides for their, uh, for all the software on this machine, um, uh, the speed at which it loads.

[00:44:49] 10 times faster than what I had without any

[00:44:53] Christina: Right, Which I have to imagine, like, obviously it’s a, it’s a faster machine, but I have to imagine the big part of that is the cash. And, and that definitely is awesome. I have to say, like that’s the big thing that I’ve, I’ve looked at Qnap, I’ve looked at some other solutions, would look at like building my own.

[00:45:06] Um, but the thing I think that’s gonna keep me with ology is, I love dsm. Like that’s just, it’s really good software, right? Like, like their interface for managing everything is, is in my opinion, just kind of like top notch. You know? Like it’s just if, if you’re gonna pick one of those systems, it’s really the best.

[00:45:26] Brett: again, I have nothing to compare to cuz I’ve never used anything similar before. Uh, I will say that, yeah, I’m constantly impressed with it and, uh, no, no complaints. I know that Jeff has an even better analogy than I do. Um, Have you, Jeff, did you have any Sonology? Did you have one prior to that?

[00:45:49] Jeffrey: No, this was my first sonology and it’s also with the cash and lots of cash and . It’s a lovely machine, but I’ve barely used it for, I barely used it for anything beyond just storage. Uh, it brought, you know that, cause I’ve sent you pictures prior to getting the sonology, I, I had a collection of probably 20 external hard drives just over the years that had kind of filled up with stuff.

[00:46:13] And I’d be like, I’ll start that later. And. The furthest I’ve even gotten with that Sonology is getting all that stuff onto the sonology.

[00:46:21] Brett: I will say that I, I had my concerns. You know, multiple terabytes of data, uh, going from one analogy to another, as long as you put the drives in, in order, uh, even after all of the resetting and, and failures that I had had, all of my data was safe. I didn’t lose anything. Um, I use my son analogy to run private GI server.

[00:46:48] Um, so all of my like coding projects that I’m not opensourcing and putting on GitHub, Uh, are all on GI repos on the sinology, and I didn’t lose any of them. I reinstalled the GI server and everything just hooked back up. Uh, grateful that it was so easy, but yeah. Should we,


[00:47:13] Christina: Let’s do some gratitude.

[00:47:14] Jeffrey: Sheila

[00:47:17] Brett: I can’t wait till we have theme music. I just gotta, I just gotta get with Aaron about exactly what we want for our segue here, just imagine if you

[00:47:28] Jeffrey: a world

[00:47:29] Brett: an amazing, an amazing, very short, like five second segue that let you know this is

[00:47:36] Jeffrey: you know what diamond is. Let’s you know to shut off the faucet if you’re doing the dishes and pay attention.

[00:47:40] Brett: All right, Jeff, go ahead.

[00:47:41] Jeffrey: This is a sort of, it’s, it’s not exactly gratitude, but it is. Uh, so my 16 year old is, um, loves to do like game dev stuff in Unity, um, and. Has been learning it for the last year and a half or so, maybe even since, kind of midway through the, the shutdown year of the pandemic.

[00:48:04] And, um, and they have a challenge. There’s a challenge called Luum Dare, which is this like, you know, Friday through Monday challenge to develop a game on a theme. So they announced the theme and you just go to work. And people do it individually, they do it, um, in pairs. My son did it in pairs with a friend of his who lives in Chicago, and it was so cool to watch.

[00:48:27] Like he was just, I mean, not that this is good practice or good thing to teach kids, uh, but he was at his computer, um, doing coding and doing some blender, like 3D rendering stuff from Friday through Monday, uh, morning when he went to. And, um, and he was on the, on a Discord chat with his friend, and they, they, so here’s, here’s what was so amazing about it.

[00:48:52] So my gratitude is that is the, is for the whole Unity community in this case, at least in the, the way that he’s experienced it. Um, they had a theme, which was every 10 seconds. That was the theme. And so he and his friend developed a game where essentially there’s a level and you are alive for 10 seconds.

[00:49:10] And you die and come back with a new power, and you have just enough time to figure out what that power is to try to get you through the level before the 10 seconds runs up and you die and you come back with another new power. Um, and, and it was just really cool. I’ve never, this is the first time I’ve seen him in a real, like dev state basically.

[00:49:27] And it was just super cool to see. Like I I, I loved watching it. I loved how much fun he had and they have the best, This is what I love, is that once you’re done, all of the people who, um, made games, Depending on, So if you’re a developer, you made a game. If you play five games, your game won’t end up getting recommended that much in the algorithm.

[00:49:48] But if you play. 20 games that other people developed, or a hundred games that other people developed. Your game shows up more in the algorithm when people are searching for games from the challenge to play. And so by participating with other people’s work, your work gets more out there, um, which I thought was just such a cool.

[00:50:06] Just a cool rule. So anyway, just, um, loving that he’s found a sort of home to learn coding and, and, and modeling and all of that stuff in, and just gra gratitude. I got nothing but gratitude for it. It’s fun to watch. I was jealous too. I wanna make a

[00:50:23] Brett: Crap. Did

[00:50:23] Christina: Yeah, totally.

[00:50:26] Jeffrey: anyway. All right. Who else?

[00:50:28] Christina: I, I can actually go, or if you’re, Are you ready Brett? Okay. So I don’t think we ever talked about this one. If we did then correct me, but the, you talking about Unity and your son making games actually made me think of, uh, this, cuz I don’t think we talked about this. It’s called, uh, the Apple Store time machine.

[00:50:43] And it was, uh, a Unity thing that was created by, uh, Michael Siper, who, um, basically taught himself steeper, sorry, Michael Seber, who basically taught him. Unity and are, Have either of you seen this?

[00:50:56] Jeffrey: No, I’m looking it up

[00:50:57] Christina: Okay, so this came out, uh, I think at the end of July. It got a lot of links on the blogs. We didn’t talk about it, but it’s actually awesome.

[00:51:05] It is, uh, a works on, on, um, Apple, Silicon and on Intel, and it is basically like a, a history, like a walkthrough of the Apple Store at certain iconic times in history. So like, and it’s like, and, and what he’s done is he’s basically gone through and gotten the layouts of certain stores at certain. And recreated in unity in 3d exactly what those stores looked back, looked like on their opening day.

[00:51:33] So you have the, the Tyson store, uh, Tyson’s Corner store, which was the very first Apple store, uh, from 2001. There’s like one in, in a, a mini store inside a Stanford shopping mall. There’s the Fifth Avenue store from 2006, and then the Infinite Loop Company store from 2015. And the level of detail that is in this,

[00:51:55] Jeffrey: This is amazing. There’s emax, emax,

[00:51:58] Christina: Eax. Not only that, but like, like every level of detail, like the software packages, like if you go in through the Fifth Avenue store in 2006, like you see like every like piece of software that was, you know, that he basically went through photographs and he recreated them all in unity. And um, you can even do things like turn on some of the eax, like they’re a little, um, like, uh, like Easter eggs, uh, within these things.

[00:52:20] And it is completely like era appropriate. It is. So, it’s such a trip to basically, Walk through memory lane, like seeing the old software boxes was like a real trip for

[00:52:30] Jeffrey: Yeah, The softer boxes,

[00:52:33] Christina: And, and, and it’s like you can zoom in enough and you can actually see like, this is like what, like the, the apps were and what was on display.

[00:52:39] And like in 2001, I’d forgotten how much, um, because, you know, at the time Apple didn’t have a bunch of stuff to sell. So like, they didn’t even have the iPod yet. So like a lot of what they had like on display is they had like the Nomad and they had other non, uh, you know, Apple music things, but they had a ton of consumer electronics.

[00:52:58] Like there was

[00:52:58] Jeffrey: Oh my God. Toast

[00:53:00] Christina: Yeah. But, but there, there, there’s like a shitload of. Can MiniDV cameras and stuff, you know, on display, because again, they didn’t have much to sell. Right. So, you know, it, it, it was Power Books and iBooks and, and Eax and imax and like, that was, that was kind of it. And uh, anyway, it’s an incredible.

[00:53:19] L uh, labor of, of love and attention to detail. Um, it’s free. You can download to, to, uh, you can donate to him on, on Gum Road. Um, he’s also like, open for work, but this is just one of like the most incredible, um, like apps that I’ve seen, um, that somebody kind of create. And it, you talked about Unity reminded me of that because that was sort of his impetus.

[00:53:42] Like he wanted to learn unity and he did. And it’s amazing.

[00:53:46] Jeffrey: I, I am amazed. I mean, I’m surprised. I loved the idea as you described it, but as I, I pulled up the website and it’s got the sort of walkthroughs already. I was amazed at how much I, like my hormones were releasing . I

[00:53:58] Christina: Yes. Yes.

[00:54:03] Jeffrey: Oh, it’s awesome. Thank you, Brett. Brett Strip.

[00:54:09] Christina: Hm.

[00:54:10] Brett: All right. I was, I was gonna talk about na, which is my own project I’ve been consumed with lately, but, I, I’m actually gonna mention post Reno. Um, so it’s a, it’s a photo collaging app. Uh, let me drop a link in here for you guys. Um, there are very few times. That I actually need to collage photos, but, uh, say a pet’s birthday or the death of a pet, I often wanna make a photo collage of, of the best photos available.

[00:54:46] Um, , these are in, in, in memory. These are the times that I want a photo collage app. And there are not a lot of good option options for Mac, uh, for easily making. Cool looking photo collages and post Reno fits the bill. I’m currently on the beta for the upcoming version, uh, which is why it’s top of mind for me.

[00:55:09] Uh, the new version, uh, at Apple Silicon support full, uh, Ventura support all of this, uh, plus a few new features and, uh, it. It’s suit like you can make a great looking photo, colage in under five minutes. Uh, just dragging a bunch of photos onto a layout and it’ll, it’ll collage them all automatically. And then you can go in, you can individually crop and, and rotate and position, uh, different elements.

[00:55:40] You can do like grids, you can do scatters, you can do circular, uh, you can change the frame on each individual image. And like if you, One of my favorite things is if you create a layout, uh, of any, you know, scatter or grid or whatever, select all and then drag one image onto the selection, it will scatter that image so that all of the little photos together make up the big

[00:56:10] Jeffrey: Awesome.

[00:56:11] Brett: I can’t remember what he calls that, but it, you can make some really cool looking. Images out of that and it, you know, you don’t always need a photo collage app, but when you do post, Reno is one of the best available

[00:56:25] Christina: No, that’s awesome. Um, and, and can you, can you print these two or or is it primarily Okay. Cuz I was thinking, I was like, this would be awesome for things for my nephew and, um, you know, I, I like created a photo book for his first birthday in christening. But this would be great, like as an additional thing.

[00:56:42] Brett: I, I think you have, I think you have to buy the pro version to print straight from post Reno. Um, and I don’t know what, I think the beta indicates there’s going to be a new, like a subscription model for pro. Access, which, like I said, I use it, you know, twice a year depending on how many pets die. Um, so I, I don’t know if I would go for a pro subscription or not.

[00:57:09] Uh, but I’m not sure what the pricing model’s gonna be yet. Um, uh, you can however, output to any dpi, uh, PNG

[00:57:19] Christina: Which, which, which, which would be, which would be fine cuz I was just thinking, I was like, oh, you could combine this with like, some of the photo services and whatnot. Cause like, I don’t have the ability to print what I would wanna do anyway. You know what I mean? Like, to print directly from it. Like, if I can output it to like, you know, uh, p and g or jpeg or, or even pdf, then like, I’m fine.

[00:57:38] Brett: Yeah,

[00:57:38] Christina: That’s cool.

[00:57:40] Jeffrey: Awesome.

[00:57:40] Brett: Yep. That’s my pick.

[00:57:43] Jeffrey: Well, good talking

[00:57:45] Brett: Well, well, and then that’s when you pat your legs in the Midwest. You pat your legs, you say, Well, and then it’s time to go. Um,

[00:57:54] Jeffrey: get some sleep.

[00:57:55] Christina: Get some sleep.

[00:57:57] Brett: Get some sleep.

[00:57:58] Outro: The.

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