266: Principle Overtired

This episode ranges from Twitter anti-semitism to very expensive Adele tickets. You won’t believe #9.

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Overtired 266

[00:00:00] Brett: Hey there, you’re listening to overtired because you you’re an overtired fan. Maybe, maybe you will be soon. Anyway, I’m Brett Terpstra. I’m here as always with Christina Warren, Christina.

[00:00:17] Christina: I’m doing okay. I’m doing okay. How are you doing bread?

[00:00:19] Brett: We got our first real snow we had, we got a respectable six inches of snow hit. I don’t know if I like it once. Like, there’s that first in November I get like, super, like, I’m not ready for snow. I can’t handle it yet. Don’t let it happen. But then by December, I’m just like, yeah, bring it on.

[00:00:40] Christina: Yeah, by December, you’re like do it. So that’s, that’s nice. So, um, So.

[00:00:44] it’s like six inches. Yeah.

[00:00:45] Brett: Yeah. And, and I had a choice this year. Like I can afford to buy a real snowblower now, like I’ve been using this shitty electric one for a couple of years. Um, and I can afford a good one, but we had the choice between buying a, you know, $500 [00:01:00] snowblower, or just setting up a snow removal service and not having to pay maintenance fees and not having to pay gas.

[00:01:09] You know, just not having to worry about it. So, you know, me, I opted for the ladder and we got our driveway cleared for us this morning while we sat and sip coffee. And it was luxurious.

[00:01:22] Christina: I mean, I personally feel like you did the right thing. Um, I’m always in

[00:01:27] Brett: much the same in that way.

[00:01:28] Christina: We are like, like I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m completely in favor of this. N, uh, pain, someone else to do it, plus not having to, I mean, you have a house, so like you could store the snowblower, but like, it’s not going to be there, like being unused.

[00:01:42] And like you said, not having to do the maintenance and the other stuff and Yeah. I’m a big fan of that.

[00:01:47] Brett: Yeah. Yeah. So, so it’s been a good morning. And so just full transparency. We’re recording on Saturday because I think, I think you agree with me that it’s just better to [00:02:00] record Saturday mornings.

[00:02:01] Christina: It is.

[00:02:02] Brett: It’s so much more relaxed and. Uh, so we’re going to record a couple of times this week and get ourselves ahead so we can still publish on Fridays, but enjoy recording on Saturdays.

[00:02:13] I think I realize what the difference is for me on weekdays. I, I get up and I do my own coding before work starts, and I get into like, whatever project I’m working on and to get into that head space and then work starts, and I have to make that shift. And then to ask myself to make another transition, two hours later to record a weekday spot or like a weekday over tired.

[00:02:40] My brain just doesn’t handle transitions well enough. Whereas like on a Saturday, I, I don’t get into coding projects in the morning. I have a nice relaxed morning. Watch some YouTube, drink some coffee, and I’m like, uh, there’s no major transition. I’m just ready to record.

[00:02:57] Christina: Yeah. Yeah. And, um, and I [00:03:00] like it too, because when we were, and I was fine doing it, but like, we would need to record it like 6:00 AM or 7:00 AM my time, which is, you know,

[00:03:11] Brett: It’s way or w

[00:03:12] Christina: way earlier.

[00:03:13] Brett: I’m awake. I’m always awake at that time. Like in my, like in 6:00 AM central time, I’m always up, but I’m not conversational.

[00:03:23] Christina: Yeah, that’s the thing. I’m usually a, I’m usually not up, and B if I am, which I should be, because then I am more productive, but that’s a whole other thing we’ve talked about that before, but I I’m ha I’m having to work on myself to get there, but even if I am, it’s one of those things where I’m like, okay, I’m not at that conversational.

[00:03:41] part.

[00:03:41] So it’s been this thing where I’ve been happy to do it. But ideally I would be awake for At least you know, 30, 45 minutes before we record.

[00:03:51] Brett: I did. I did like two hours. I don’t even like being asked questions until I’ve been up for a couple hours. I just cannot handle [00:04:00] input at all.

[00:04:02] Christina: Yeah, no. So I think that Saturdays are going to be better, but Yeah, but we’re going to be recording, um, uh, twice this week to get, get ahead of things. That also means that our show will be slightly less topical, but we’re not like a super topical like news show anyway. So I don’t

[00:04:15] Brett: we’re not like 24 hour news. We don’t have to follow the stories that closely. If any, if at any point there is a topic in current events that is so that we have to have a hot take on. We can publish an extra, like a bonus episode here and there as needed. We’ll get on, we’ll talk it out for 15, 20 minutes and we’ll put out a bonus episode.

[00:04:38] Sponsor free for just for our Patrion subscribers. If we had a Patriot, that would be true.

[00:04:45] Christina: That is true. true.

[00:04:47] Maybe we should let us know.

[00:04:48] Brett: I have been, I have been, I have been approached several times in the last couple of weeks about both for overtired and for my own personal projects, setting up Patriots. I’ve just never [00:05:00] gotten around to looking into it. Like I’m a patriotic supporter of other people and maybe it’s not that big a deal, but.

[00:05:07] Christina: Yeah.

[00:05:08] Brett: I just haven’t ever, I haven’t never researched it.

[00:05:11] Christina: Yeah. I mean, I’ve looked into it.

[00:05:12] cause I wanted to do a newsletter. And so I’ve like looked at sub SAC. I’ve looked at review, have looked at rolling my own thing. Um, but yeah, so

[00:05:22] Brett: did I ever tell you about the Marc newsletter snafu? So I make this app called mark it’s for writers and, uh,

[00:05:32] Christina: it’s a good.

[00:05:33] Brett: And I send out a newsletter, uh, irregularly and. Uh, writing app, I tend to be very careful about my grammar, spelling, punctuation in those newsletters. And then one time I made some last minute edits didn’t reread what I was sending his send.

[00:05:53] I’ve got a mailing list of about 8,000 people and didn’t realize until it had finished [00:06:00] sending the. To not one, but two agregious grammatical errors in the newsletter. So I immediately wrote an apology newsletter and sent it out and I was just like, Hey, I’m sorry. I should have run my own newsletter through the app that it’s about and caught these errors.

[00:06:21] And, and I have never gotten a warm. I haven’t never gotten as much response or a warmer response. Then I did two publicly admitting my mistake. I got so many emails. Hey, don’t worry about it. It’s great to hear from you. Like I love these newsletters and it was, it was heartwarming.

[00:06:40] Christina: That’s actually, that’s really lovely. I thought that was going to go in like a very different place. I was like, oh no.

[00:06:46] Brett: cause it’s not only writers. It’s also nerds. So you, you would expect.

[00:06:50] Christina: Well, no, cause I was expecting, it was like, how dare you send me so many emails? Not so that’s, that’s where I was expecting this to go partially because the internet has broken me this week. [00:07:00] But, uh, also, um, I just, uh, yeah, um, that’s that makes me very happy. I’m very glad to hear about that.

[00:07:07] Brett: So how is the let’s do a quick sponsor break and then talk about the internet breaking Christina.

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[00:08:38] Twitter mobs, attack

[00:08:38] Brett: I have some notes. You had like a real fresh air quality to your read today.

[00:08:44] Christina: Oh, thank you.

[00:08:45] Brett: Yeah, I, and, and I wrote in the word God into the sponsor read and you acted it out. You did an actual exasperated side.

[00:08:54] Christina: I tried,

[00:08:55] Brett: That’s quality. That’s quality entertainment folks.

[00:08:58] Christina: This is what happens when I’m up like many, [00:09:00] many hours before.

[00:09:02] Brett: So, so the internet has not been kind to you lately. What’s going on.

[00:09:06] Christina: Um, no. So, um,

[00:09:13] there’s a local election that took place in Seattle, uh, this week. Um, there was already a, uh, an election for city council, uh, for, for a couple of people and, um, for, um, because certain districts go up at different times and for mayor. That was in November, but there was a recall election to recall a council woman on the Seattle city. That did get enough. Um, I guess like, like votes or, or signatures or whatever to appear on a ballot, but they weren’t, it didn’t appear on the November ballot. So they had a special election this week and the, the council women that they, um, wanted to recall.

[00:09:52] Uh, it happens to be my council woman. So the, I live in, I live in her district and, um, the council woman is a woman whose [00:10:00] name is, um, so Shama. She is, um, I would say controversial is a completely like objective way to put it. She is a, she’s a self avowed, Marxist, and Trotskyists, she is not, she is part of the, her own organization called socialist alternative.

[00:10:21] She thinks that people like AOC are sellouts and have gone too far to the. And, um, I’m not a fan of hers to be completely honest. I, I, I, some of her, the things that she purports to fight for and agree with are great. In theory, I personally think she’s kind of an egotist and in grand stander and in the four years that I have lived here, I haven’t actually seen any positive impact on her being my city council person.

[00:10:47] And I’m just, I’m not a fan. But the thing is, is that this election was getting out-sized public attention because it was a recall election and the boats were going to come in and we didn’t know [00:11:00] which way it was going to go. We still actually don’t know it hasn’t been certified yet. It looks like she might’ve survived by maybe 50 votes.

[00:11:07] Um, I mean, that’s how close it was, but I sent out a tweet thread after voting after the polls. on.

[00:11:14] Tuesday, basically trying to be instructive for national media outlets, who would write about this, because I didn’t want there to be this gigantic story about how this, this, you know, like, uh, left. She is the most left wing politician, I think, in the United States at this point, like she’s absolutely the furthest to the left.

[00:11:34] Um, and, uh, I didn’t want this to be like this rush of articles, talking about how Seattle is becoming like more conservative. Because that’s not true. Uh, even if she would have been voted out, it wouldn’t be Republicans and like people who are like, you know, like, you know, make, uh, people who are getting her out.

[00:11:54] Like the people who live in her district, like overwhelmingly are not, they’re just people [00:12:00] who like, for me personally, I’ve gotten tired of her bullshit and people who would like to have a member of the city council who can actually work with the rest of the city council and get things done and not just, you know, scream and yell.

[00:12:11] Anyway, I made a comment about that. That basically I was trying to do a thread to basically just try to inform, I didn’t want a bunch of articles coming out saying that that wasn’t true. I made an offhanded comment, which I shouldn’t have made, but it made an offhanded comment in the thread that, you know, she’s not part of DSA, cause she’s not, uh, she, uh, has some sort of alignments with DSA, but she is not part of DSA.

[00:12:32] Um, and, and I said that that many people in DSA she’s, she’s too far left, even she’s too extreme, even for them, including my. Well, DSA did. I did not like that. DSA is the democratic socialists of America. Um, it’s a national organization and they have local chapters and, uh, it, I, where they land on things is very much kind of a locally driven thing, which, uh, I [00:13:00] guess I should have considered more before I, I tweeted that, but again, I wasn’t going for a local audience.

[00:13:04] I was going for a more national audience anyway. The, uh, the socialists came after me pretty hardcore and, uh, I’m PSYOPs I’m, uh, uh, I sh I should be like, uh, um, excavated from the city. I’m scum. I’m apparently Jewish, which is a bad thing because I got sent lots of antisemitic memes and stuff, which fun. Um, they, uh, uh, you know, like DSA Seattle DSA tried to dox me, which was super fun.

[00:13:37] Um, and, and try to lie and say that, like, I’m not a member of the organization. Well, apparently I guess the roles haven’t been updated, but I checked and like I was charged $175 a couple of months ago. So I paid ESA. Don’t really know if I’m updated on their roles or not. Cause you can’t manage your account through their freaking website.

[00:13:57] So that’s not really my concern to be completely [00:14:00] candid. I don’t really care. Um, but, but they tried to like, make it look like I was a liar and I’m not, I don’t, they’re like, well, you didn’t technically violate our terms of conduct or code of conduct, but this and that, I’m like, no, I didn’t violate your terms of conduct because I never said I was speaking for the organization ever.

[00:14:15] I, I made it very clear in all of my tweets that it was my opinion and my criticism of her was pretty mild considering.

[00:14:25] Brett: Yeah, it seems like an outsized response.

[00:14:27] Christina: Uh, I think so, but the net result has been, I haven’t been able to use Twitter in five days.

[00:14:33] Brett: Oh, this explains I was looking at your stars and there were a couple of links to re uh, get up repositories that were for deleting Twitter history and deleting your entire account.

[00:14:45] Christina: Yup. Yup. So, so what I’m going to do is after this calms down, Because then again, people were starting to go through my old tweets and they do the same shit that the, the, the Nazis did when, when they were talking to me four years ago, it’s the exact same [00:15:00] fucking stuff. And so, or three years ago, or whenever it was, they, they try to find anything they can to try to play gotcha.

[00:15:06] Stuff. I was apparently all over Reddit and all over there hangs cause I was getting texts and all kinds of stuff from people like wishing me well, and I’m like, I’m just not responding to it. So I’m just going to delete, I’ve been on Twitter for, for 14. I’m just deleting my, my tweets. I’m just not dealing with it.

[00:15:21] Like I’m not going off of Twitter, but I’m not going to give like bad faith actors, like a reason to take stuff out of context or, or to send me like massive levels of harassment. I’m just not doing it.

[00:15:34] Brett: Is there any, any value to having. Uh, archival tweets, like, is there, has it ever served anyone well to have someone go back in time and say, well, you tweeted this four years ago.

[00:15:47] Christina: No, honestly, probably not. And I personally have held off doing it all these years because I don’t like to break links and, and, and, and I, and I, I don’t like, I don’t like to do that, but at this point, [00:16:00] I mean, like my, my friend sent me a text while I was going through this. She was like, well, UVA, she was like the, the, the Nazi sick for math for you.

[00:16:07] And now DSA is like, it’s the full spectrum. I was like, yeah, that’s true.

[00:16:11] Brett: From right to left.

[00:16:15] Christina: I have to say the Nazis are maybe meaner, but they lose interest more quickly. Um, but no, but they ha they both hate Jews a whole lot. At least these two groups of people, which. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Both groups completely. Like if you support someone, that’s fine. It looks like she survived. The recall that’s mine, that’s democracy, but I don’t have to agree with her and me not agreeing with an extremely polarizing politician does not mean that I’m somehow like a conservative, like that’s a ridiculous statement.

[00:16:50] Like many people, if they looked at her policies and they looked at the things that she stands for and wants to do and seeing how far she goes would be. Yeah, no [00:17:00] dude, like I actually want stuff to get done, you know, like, like again, I had people who were telling me you’re a sell out just like AOC and I’m like, okay, if this is where we are, I can’t have like a conversation with you.

[00:17:15] Brett: Are you ready for what may be my best segue ever?

[00:17:19] Christina: Yes, please.

[00:17:20] Brett: You know what Nazis in the DSA have in common,

[00:17:24] Christina: What’s that?

[00:17:25] Brett: they can both be hard to buy gifts for.

[00:17:29] Christina: That’s actually.

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[00:19:08] Job title fuckery

[00:19:08] Brett: We’re just knocking off the sponsor reads today.

[00:19:11] Christina: I know, I love it. I love it. So. Um, okay, so we’re talking about deleting my sweets and then I see the next thing that’s kind of on our list here is should I resurrect Slugger by you? Which actually that’s Slugger was like your, your app that like monitored all of your social activity and everything you did, and like put it into a digest.

[00:19:29] Brett: right. It was a plug-in base. Uh, command line tool that you would schedule. And once a day, it would go out and get like your blog posts, your Twitter posts, your, your like, uh, activity trackers, uh, your good reads reviews. And it would just collect everything that you had posted on social media that day and create like, uh, day one entries.

[00:19:52] Uh, it could also store like just marked down files, but. I kind of, [00:20:00] I got out of the habit of using day one, so I stopped keeping it up and it just kind of fell into disrepair because, you know, it’s, it has to deal with like 20 different API APIs. And every time an API changes, it means Slugger breaks in some way.

[00:20:15] And it’s a lot to keep up, but I’ve been kind of missing it lately.

[00:20:20] Christina: Yeah. I mean, I think that if there were a way. That you could somehow, I guess, like keep up the API process, then, then that would be ideal. And cause, cause some of the, tools just like they don’t even have APIs anymore and some of them have gotten better. Like Twitter’s API is actually a lot better now than it, than it was when you were doing Slugger, I think.

[00:20:38] Um, but it’s not as good as it was like before they killed RSS and uh,

[00:20:46] Brett: with OAuth. Uh, there were a couple of plugins for Slugger that had already conquered the OAuth, uh, authentication process. But these days, like every plugin you’d have to have, you’d have to do a [00:21:00] token. Yeah.

[00:21:03] Christina: Which, which, I mean, I think the thing is I look at it this way. I think that if you want to try and maybe revive it for yourself first and see how far you get and if you can make it work for you. That’s great. I think that the challenge that might even be bigger than keeping up with the, um, um, like API stuff would be, if you were trying to support it in any way.

[00:21:24] So I would, I know that you host most of your stuff yourself, but like, that would be one that I would definitely put on GitHub and I would like let other people

[00:21:30] Brett: Yeah. Well, the previous version is out on GitHub, uh, and it got a couple of contributors. Uh, I think partly it was an early attempt of mine at like a larger scale Ruby application. And I didn’t do a great job with the plugin architecture and I think it just was difficult for people to, to write their own plugins or to maintain what was there.

[00:21:57] I think I could do a lot better job now. [00:22:00]

[00:22:00] Christina: I bet. I mean, that’d be interesting. I mean, I,

[00:22:03] Brett: so much Ruby, just this last year. I’ve been like, I started using Ruby when I wanted to write text mate extensions. Like that’s why I learned Ruby. And for 20 years, I really haven’t gotten much better at Ruby, but this year, man, a lot of stuff clicked for me.

[00:22:19] I learned a lot.

[00:22:21] Christina: That’s awesome.

[00:22:22] Brett: Yeah. I, uh, I, I, so we had that reorg at work. And, uh, in the process are, are, are what’s what do you call it? The org chart got flattened a little bit, and that meant more responsibility for each of us in different ways. I went to my PM and I was like, and I, and I really, I didn’t want to alienate any coworkers. I was just noticing that I had these increased responsibilities and I was being, uh, like they were bringing questions about content decisions to me that would have formerly gone to my manager. [00:23:00] And I said, you know, that’s all fine, but I would like a job title to reflect.

[00:23:06] That increased responsibility. You just advocating for myself. Uh, so it didn’t come with a pay bump, but they a hundred percent agreed that I think they’re going to go with like principal rather than senior.

[00:23:20] Christina: Oh shit. Well, then you should be definitely getting a paper.

[00:23:25] Brett: Well, they said it would be noted in the next review, which is fine. The weird thing is when they looked at the job tickets for all three of us writers were already all level four out of. Five four hour position in the org chart. So we’re technically all already principles, which is just the way the job tickets were written apparently, or like the job descriptions.

[00:23:52] I don’t feel, I don’t understand how any of this stuff works. All I know is I got my job title and hopefully someday it’ll it’ll mean a pay bump, but [00:24:00] in the meantime, I really hope I haven’t alienated any coworkers by advocating for myself.

[00:24:06] Christina: I don’t think so. I mean, if anything, I hope that maybe if there are some of them that like, are feeling the same thing, that they will take the, um,

[00:24:13] Brett: Initiative.

[00:24:14] Christina: initiative and, and go for it. And obviously it’s easier for you as like, White dude, to do it. Um, you know, but, but I would hope that like, I mean, it’s, it’s like there’s a website called levels.fyi, which is actually really useful for anybody who works in tech because it compares salaries as well as levels at different companies.

[00:24:34] So you can see if I’m a level, this at Microsoft, that’s what it would translate at Oracle. And you can also see people like submit their salaries. And it’s anonymously and they kind of put them in aggregate and you can see a list of what people are making and how many years of experience they have and other stuff.

[00:24:49] And that’s really useful information when it comes to advocating for your own promo and for, for other things.

[00:24:57] Brett: Oh, yeah. There’s all these I’m looking at this [00:25:00] site. Huh? All right. I have to go like Oracle has. Uh, aria and you can like look up and see exactly what everyone’s position. You can’t see salaries, but you can see everyone’s position in the org chart. And I should, I should learn this shit. I don’t, I don’t understand how any of this works.

[00:25:21] Christina: I mean, they, they purposely make it up to, you know, to do, but, but it seems like if you were leveled the right way, you just didn’t have the right title, then maybe that’s one thing. But if they’re at least going to give you the right title, like that, that seems like really solid.

[00:25:35] Brett: Yeah. Yeah, no, I’m, I’m, I’m happy. I, I, I make enough money to be perfectly content as it is. Like, I’m not opposed to making more money, but like, I don’t find myself in desperate need of a, a pay bump right now. Yeah. Yeah. I’m super happy. Like this is the happiest I’ve been in a long time. I enjoy [00:26:00] my job. I enjoy, I enjoy the problem solving.

[00:26:02] We came up with it. All new plans for how we’re going to make our jobs more fun. And the, and the managers were all on board and now I’m being recognized for increased responsibility. And I don’t know what more I could ask for it’s. This is pretty, pretty slick.

[00:26:18] Christina: Yeah. that’s great. Very, very happy for you. So, um, but, uh, so, so things seem like they’re going well, like two weeks in or whatever we are and to enter the.

[00:26:28] Brett: Yeah, Yeah, I think it’s, I think there are still some, some things left to shake themselves out, uh, to see where everybody lands. It is a little. Weird to me, how quickly a lot of the upper management of my team was willing to switch to other divisions. Um, like I don’t, I don’t know any of the details of that, but these were people that were very invested in the mission statement of our team [00:27:00] that we all live in a period of a few days.

[00:27:04] I’ll jump ship, which is, I don’t know, leaves me, leaves me wondering about motivations and loyalties, I guess, but.

[00:27:14] Christina: Yeah, I mean there and there could also just be, it depends on how long people have been in a certain role and if they want to try something else, you know, I mean, there, there are lots of reasons why people leave that aren’t always about like, it’s a bad place or something, you know, sometimes it is a sign like everybody’s going and you’re like, okay, maybe I should pay attention to that.

[00:27:31] But sometimes it might just be, you know, people have been at something for a long time and, uh, want to go someplace else.

[00:27:38] Brett: Yeah, well, maybe, I don’t know if someone, if someone were to say, Hey, We think you’re doing great work where you’re at, but we have this new team that’s going to be doing X, Y, Z. And we think you’d be great for it, especially if it was within the same company. And I wasn’t like leaving behind a company that I had [00:28:00] developed any loyalty toward.

[00:28:02] I think I would be open to switching teams. Like

[00:28:05] Christina: Oh, yeah.

[00:28:06] Brett: that’s not, I don’t feel like that’s a huge, like stabbing anyone in the back or anything.

[00:28:10] Christina: Oh, no, not at all. Not at all. I mean, I did it famously. Incredibly quickly, um, uh, far more quickly than they recommend, but in my case, it, I was hired to the wrong org to begin with. Um, I had the most amazing manager though, who really made me feel better about it, but I was so nervous when I told him, um, because I, you know, he’d been so kind to me and I, I felt bad, but, um, he just, the first words out of his mouth were congratulations.

[00:28:37] Cause he was just a great manager. Great person. I couldn’t have asked for a better manager when I joined Microsoft than, than Luke, but Yeah.

[00:28:43] I think if you can find like what somebody told me, I’ll say this to anybody who’s listening, who’s in any sort of job thing. Somebody who I’d met at Microsoft, who, um, he actually listened to, um, to this week in tech and reached out to me when I joined and we had lunch a few times and he made a comment to me when I was telling him [00:29:00] about whether, what I wanted to, you know, take the informational to switch teams or not.

[00:29:04] And he said, well, do you think that you would. Provide more value to the company in this new role. And I said, yes. And he said, well then there you go. And when he put it in that perspective, that lake changed it. And so I think that that’s real. It goes like if you think of there’s some other place where you might be able to offer more value, I feel like that’s like a great reason to go to.

[00:29:27] Brett: Makes sense to me. Um, um, man, I had a, uh, I had one more segue in my head. I’ve I lost it. Well, we’ll wait until I come up with a better one. Um, let’s see, where are we in our, in our little bullet list. So potential topics. Did you upgrade your main machine to Monterey yet?

[00:29:49] To upgrade or not to upgrade?

[00:29:49] Christina: Yeah, because.

[00:29:51] Brett: Oh, right. Cause you just got a new computer.

[00:29:53] Christina: Right. So, yeah, I have, but, um, I’m having like all kinds of crashes, [00:30:00] like on mail.app and stuff like it’s. I think that from what everything I’ve read, it seems to be like people’s upgrades are going better than they went from. You know, but, Um, cause I still have some older machines like I have, well, I guess my iMac, I guess it’s a Monterey now, but I had like, um, I still have like my 2017 MacBook pro that thing is still in Catalina.

[00:30:20] I haven’t even put fixer on that. I won’t.

[00:30:22] Brett: my, I upgraded my Intel MacBook pro to Monterrey while it was still in beta, just because that’s what I was testing software on. Um, I have not upgraded my, my M one mini yet. I just got updates to, uh, audio hijack and sound source that said they had full Monterey compatibility, which is one of the things I was waiting for.

[00:30:49] Um, on my laptop, I haven’t had any, any issues. I actually forget that I upgraded it at points.

[00:30:57] Christina: Yeah. I mean, I think it’s very similar, um, [00:31:00] from, you know, from, from most of the things I’ve seen, the only weird issue that I have, and this is a weird one is, and it’s apparently cause, um, um, uh, Soren looked at the logs. Apparently there is some sort of issue with HTTP three and mail.app because my mail app will crash.

[00:31:17] Like every, like if it’s just running in the background, it will crash like every 10 minutes.

[00:31:23] Brett: There’s an HTTP three.

[00:31:26] Christina: Yeah. Apparently.

[00:31:27] Brett: Um, man, I am out of it, whole new protocol and I didn’t even know it existed. Okay.

[00:31:35] Christina: I mean, I didn’t either. And that surprised me, but apparently like it’s, it’s, um, it’s supported by a lot of things and it’s. Guests like the, so the mail servers versus accounts I use upgraded to it or something. And that’s anyway, where it looks like the crashes. I’m not the only one somebody else on their forums had the exact same issue, but no response happened.

[00:31:57] So obviously I filed radars, but you know, [00:32:00] like it’s not as if anyone reads those. So, um,

[00:32:03] Brett: I keep getting requests from bunch users to support focus modes, because bunch can toggle do not disturb, but it doesn’t do any of the fancy new focus mode stuff. I don’t even know if it’s possible yet.

[00:32:17] Christina: Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know if they have those open Ford focus. Modes are cool. Here’s my issue with focus modes and I can’t figure out a way to turn this on or off they go on or off for all of your devices. So if I have focus mode, I’m on my Mac, then it is also on my iPad and on my phone, I did not want that

[00:32:35] Brett: Okay.

[00:32:36] Christina: because sometimes I would like my phone to still have stuff come through.

[00:32:42] Brett: No, that makes sense. I can think of a lot of times I would want.

[00:32:45] Christina: And, and some, maybe the inverse of the shoot. Maybe I want.

[00:32:47] my phone on site, you know, maybe I want my phone not to have anything, but I still want things to come through my Mac. That would be less common, but the inverse is definitely the case. Whereas like sometimes like, no, I want to be able to get alerts and stuff on my phone.

[00:32:58] Like. Like [00:33:00] messages come through and stuff. Um, or, or phone calls rang, you know, like it just that if there is a way to be able to set it selectively, I haven’t found it. But that whole thing to complete, like has made me not use focus mode because I’m like, okay, well all or nothing. We’ve had multiple devices.

[00:33:20] And if you are potentially now not going to be able to get alerts on stuff where you might need it, that that’s a no go for.

[00:33:28] Brett: Yeah, I haven’t played with it at all. I ha I don’t, I can’t think of a time when I need selective notifications like that. I either want it all on or all off.

[00:33:42] Christina: Yeah, well, again, like for me, I might be able to, I might want to turn it off.

[00:33:46] on my computer, but I still want it on my phone.

[00:33:49] Brett: Yeah. Yeah. Anyway, I’ll figure it out. Just, just to be clear, toggling do not disturb via a Mac application is 100% not [00:34:00] a public API. You have to, you have to read and write nested Pilates. Data blobs and then reboot the processes that watch for changes in do not disturb status. Like it is a very hacky thing to do to begin with.

[00:34:21] And unless they’ve opened up API APIs, I just don’t see hacking any deeper into the pea list into the nested P list just to make focus modes work.

[00:34:33] Christina: Oh, Update. I did Look into this. This was not here. Last time I looked at it, but there is an option at least on the macro west side to share across devices. When you go into different focus modes, which I turned off, which means now I can turn it on, on my Mac and it won’t be turned off on my phone.

[00:34:49] Brett: Look at that real time updates to over-tired episodes like corrections live inline

[00:34:55] Christina: So, yes. So listeners that is in fact a feature. It might have always been there. Maybe I [00:35:00] didn’t see it before, but I swear to you, I could not find it in iOS 15 when I first looked and it was on like seemingly by default. So, um, yes, you can turn that off. that’s.

[00:35:10] very important. Cool.

[00:35:12] Brett: Cool. Speaking of proper nutrition, that one didn’t work. Um, so ritual ritual, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I can do.

[00:35:24] Christina: Yeah.

[00:35:24] Brett: I can do this.

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[00:37:38] The day the music died

[00:37:38] Brett: We’ve got three, three sponsor reads in our listeners, man.

[00:37:43] Lucky, lucky them. Lucky them

[00:37:47] Christina: So, So I see on this thing that you’ve apparently stopped listening to music. Did you finally get your Spotify like unwrapped or something?

[00:37:54] Brett: I didn’t even bother because something happened at some point early in [00:38:00] 2021. I just, I started listening to audio books. I never opened Spotify. I never opened apple music. I just haven’t. If I’ve listened to music, it’s been an accident. Like my, I turned my car on and it started playing like the A’s from apple music instead of my audio book.

[00:38:21] And I’ll let it go for a little while, but I just, haven’t been interested in music and I don’t know what’s going on.

[00:38:28] Christina: Interesting

[00:38:29] Brett: Yeah. It’s really weird for me. Cause like I have.

[00:38:32] Christina: because you’re used to shun.

[00:38:33] Brett: Music has been very important to me my whole life. Like a lot of my identity is wrapped up in what music I like and, and what I know about music.

[00:38:44] And I just, I don’t have any inclination lately to listen to a song.

[00:38:52] Christina: That is, that is that’s interesting. And the kind of little, I don’t know that if I were, I’m not trying to freak you out, I would be a little freaked out by [00:39:00] that.

[00:39:00] Brett: I I’m concerned. I I’m not freaked out. I I’m, I’m slightly concerned. I think I figured it will come back when it first snowed when we got our, like we had a, an inch last week to, uh, once there was snow on the ground, I did find myself. Like, especially when I drive in the snow, I love like speed metal. I like a hard, fast, cold music when I’m driving.

[00:39:27] And that inclination did come back to me. And I did listen ex I went with the exploited, um, not I wouldn’t punk rock and set of speed metal, but the exploited is hard and fast stuff. So I did, I. I was relieved to have at least that inclination come up.

[00:39:47] Christina: I’m very glad to hear that. So that’s an interesting segue. Um, so I’m sure you did not follow any of this cause I’m, I’m sure you don’t care, but Adele tickets went on sale this week. Alleging.

[00:39:59] Brett: [00:40:00] Oh,

[00:40:00] Christina: Um, meaning. So, so Adele is doing a Vegas residency over a weekend. She’s doing, I think it’s 24 shows, but she it’s going to be from, from the end of January through like the end of April or something at Caesar’s palace at the Coliseum.

[00:40:15] And, um, she, uh, So there are only going to be, you know, kind of, you know, not, not, not a ton of shows. It’s not like, you know, like, like sling beyond when she was doing it. I think she, I don’t know if she was playing every night or if she was doing, you know, like, like multiple nights a week, but she, you know, she, her residency was like years and like Brittany’s residency was years and, um, Adele’s is, is for now.

[00:40:39] Anyway, it’s only a theater. And so Ticketmaster had this whole verified fan thing, which they’ve done for other artists before. And I’ve used other artists before where the idea is you register with your account and then you’re in some sort of lottery. And then if you are chosen, you are given The opportunity to then [00:41:00] like wait in a queue and then buy tickets when they become available.

[00:41:03] Brett: to wait Nike. I understand. Yes. It just sounded funny.

[00:41:07] Christina: Exactly. Well, but the thing is, is that there’s no like general pre-sales. So it was, it’s only, it’s like a legendary, a smaller group of people going up for it. Well, I signed up grant signed up. I had friends who signed up. We were all wait-listed. Um, one person that I know online did get, um, uh, uh, Um, but first that the tickets were supposed to go on sale on, I think it was Tuesday.

[00:41:32] Um, and, uh, uh, AWS went down and took a second master down with it. So they had to reschedule the presale for some of the shows for the next day. And, um, you know, my friend who had access because I told him, I was like, if you get in. I will pay whatever the price is because you could buy up to four tickets.

[00:41:52] I was like, I will pay whatever. Um, just, just, if you could get two extras and even though you waited in line all the way to the end, the thing reset, and [00:42:00] he was never able to get tickets. So I’m now in this thing, cause I wanted to take my mom. I took my mom to see a Dell five years ago, um, in Atlanta. Um, I actually had bought the tickets a year in advance.

[00:42:10] Um, I couldn’t get us tickets at Madison square garden, but I was able to. In Atlanta and I got us good seats and we went in and she loved it. And my mom’s never been to Vegas and I wanted to take her. Um, and, and it’ll be, you know, her 75th birthday in August, the concert would be before then. I really wanted to, to do this.

[00:42:27] And I I joked earlier in turns out I was way off. I was like, I’m going to wind up paying a thousand dollars a ticket. Our and I, yeah, I wish that I’d paid a thousand dollars a ticket. Um, I don’t know if I should share how much I paid because. The prices are insane. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

[00:42:47] They won’t last that the ones that are going for $30,000 a piece, there’s no way they will ever get that much money for them. I can’t tell if I paid too much or not, but regardless I did get us [00:43:00] tickets.

[00:43:00] Brett: I can tell you.

[00:43:01] Christina: I mean, you’re going to say I did, but I mean like this.

[00:43:05] Brett: Even if you paid a thousand dollars, you paid too much.

[00:43:09] Christina: Sure, but like, it’s, it’s an experience thing is for my mom, like, you know, it’s a different

[00:43:15] Brett: blame this on your mom.

[00:43:16] Christina: I’m not blaming it on my mom.

[00:43:17] Uh, she, she, I don’t ever want her to know how much I spent on the tickets, um, because she would be very upset with me. Um, but I had like a, I had like a number I wish the seats were better.

[00:43:30] The thing is, is that the, the price to get the better seats was so much more. I just, even if I had like, and I have the money, but it’s like one of those things I’m like, that would be dumb regardless. I will be taking my mom to Vegas in March. And I’m, I’m very excited, but I’m also like, I’m so mad. Like it seems like everything like inflation, like supply chain, everything is just ridiculous.

[00:43:57] And I’m like, I’m so mad that [00:44:00] like the whole point of this verified fan program was supposed to be, so fans could get tickets. And not resellers and scalpers. And yet it seems like every single person who got them just immediately went to flip them for a whole bunch of money, which like. I get, but I also don’t get, like, to me, here’s the thing.

[00:44:18] If you were just going to do that, then just make it a free for all, for everyone, at least give us all a shot to get in. Cause I was going to have to pay it. I had to pay a scalper anyway. You know what I mean? Like the only, only pseudo advantage I see here is now allegedly fans are the ones who get to scalp more than like the, the traditional scalper bot people. Ticketmaster, you could solve this bot problem if you wanted to, but they don’t care. They have, um, the only, only person ironically, that sort of losing in this is Ticketmaster has a third party, um, sales site that they do, you know, where they’ll sell, like, like, you know, overpriced tickets for stuff.

[00:44:54] They aren’t selling them for the Adele show. But so I had to go to StubHub and get them, and, and [00:45:00] then there were like some other things, but like Ticketmaster, you can’t get them, you know, from, from, from their platform. Um, it’s just, uh, it’s ridiculous. Um, if I still worked it, you know, as a journalist, I might’ve been able to score comp seats, but, uh, I, I, wasn’t willing to take a chance on anything for that this time.

[00:45:19] So. It’s very expensive concert seats. Aren’t even great. I mean, they’re fine, but like they’re not as good as I would like them to be for what I’m paying. Um,

[00:45:32] Brett: I hope I hope you and your mother have a wonderful time.

[00:45:34] Christina: Well, see, I was going to say that this is what I’m excited about though. And I w I going to talk more about this as we get closer to it, I’ve just decided to go all out. I’ve spent this much on tickets. I’m just like, okay, we’re going to say at a really nice hotel, I’m going to take her to see, um, uh, the Beatles Cirque du Soleil show.

[00:45:50] I’m going to take her, you know, there’s nice dinners and stuff. And we’re just going to like, have like a baller, like birthday, you know, celebration weekend for my mom, like [00:46:00] six months earlier.

[00:46:02] Brett: There goes your retirement.

[00:46:03] Christina: I mean, basically. Yeah, well, uh, well, okay. In fairness, Microsoft stock is doing incredibly well, so, you know,

[00:46:11] Brett: Fair enough. I increased my, my 401k savings to 15% this week.

[00:46:17] Christina: oh, hell Yeah.

[00:46:19] Brett: Yeah.

[00:46:20] Christina: That’s great.

[00:46:22] Brett: I got an email that said you should be saving 15%. So I said, okay, whatever. Um, anyway, we should save some for the next episode that we’re going to record in a few.

[00:46:33] Christina: Yes, absolutely. So, yeah, but, uh, yeah, that was just so, uh, you know, the worst part about being like basically unable to be on Twitter this week. It was, I couldn’t even complain about how about like, getting like fucked on Adele. I gets like, I.

[00:46:51] Brett: Twitter, Twitter, Twitter. Kvetching.

[00:46:54] Christina: Yes. Well, I love, I love a good Twitter bitch sesh. So anyway, but yeah, so, [00:47:00] uh, I will be trying out some of those delete all your tweets tools and, uh, I’ve just, I’ve just been waiting for the drama to die down because I just, I haven’t even, I’ve had my friends looking on my account for me, but I haven’t even been logging on.

[00:47:14] I’ve been like, Nope, not doing it.

[00:47:17] Brett: That seems that seems mentally healthy.

[00:47:20] Christina: You know what I learned from the last time this happened and I was like, yep, I don’t need to see it. I don’t need to care. Donate. Don’t need to know does it, I’m not going to change anybody’s mind. And also genuinely I don’t give a shit with these people. Think of me.

[00:47:37] Brett: Fair enough. Well, enjoy, enjoy a week of not checking Twitter.

[00:47:42] Christina: Well, I’m, hopefully I’m hoping to be back

[00:47:45] Brett: Well, we all, we all hope you’ll be back, Christina.

[00:47:49] Christina: I mean, you know, sort of addicted, but anyway,

[00:47:52] Brett: All right. Well, get some sleep. See.

[00:47:54] Christina: thank you. Get some sleep, Brett.