262: Bad Chad

An all media review episode, in honor of Christina’s birthday. From Taylor Swift drops to Dexter’s bloody adventures, hear our intrepid hosts varying opinions on all things mass media.

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Overtired 262

[00:00:00] Brett: Hey, people you’re listening to over tired. I am Brett Harpster. I’m here with birthday girl, Christina Warren, Christina. Happy birthday. How are you

[00:00:13] Christina: I’m good. Thank you very much for asking. I’m excellent. Um, yes, it is true. I have turned 29

[00:00:21] Brett: again?

[00:00:22] Christina: again, I know it’s amazing how this keeps happening and uh, like I it’s, it’s truly shocking that, that it just seems to happen over and over again?

[00:00:31] I’ve, I’ve made some sort of deal with some people and I’m just, the time is time is all relative anyway, but yes.

[00:00:39] Um, my birthday was yesterday, uh, as we record this and, um, great day, I have to say in the news, like I have to say my birthday. Isn’t always great. Sometimes. Like, you know, because it’s it’s any day of the year and we live in a hellscape of a time. And so oftentimes terrible things [00:01:00] happen. Oh, your birthday.

[00:01:01] And, uh, yesterday I’m sure some terrible things did happen, but mostly good things happened. So let me just like quickly go through the list and then I want to get into Brett’s mental health corner, but, um, the first and, and, and most exciting thing for me personally, and also the show was that Taylor swift, we released her, um, uh, Seminole album red in a new deluxe version with 30 tracks.

[00:01:28] So it’s kind of like. So much more on it than what was on the original. And it’s like, it’s like over two hours of stuff. It’s great. Including a 10 minute version of all too well, which also had a short film, which we’re going to talk about. Um, red is my favorite album. So this was great for me cause I’ve got to relive the release of this record twice.

[00:01:48] Um, a lot of the bonus tracks are really good. Uh it’s it’s, it’s great. Um, also, uh, music, uh, Gracie Abrams, who I really, really enjoy. She’s kind of a, a young oven [00:02:00] crop coming artists who should have Olivia Rodrigo’s career, but doesn’t, uh, she released a new album in, uh, in other very exciting news.

[00:02:08] Brittany was freed. So Brittany is now no longer under her conservatorship. So yay. Yay, Brittany. Uh, Steve Bannon was indicted, which is very exciting and a pink win, um, who somehow got lost from Antarctica and found his way to New Zealand was found and sent back home

[00:02:27] Brett: Deported that’s cruel.

[00:02:30] Christina: Well, I mean, he was dehydrated and he, he like, they don’t, they don’t, they don’t live outside of like, you know, he’s in like this, like not, not freezing area.

[00:02:38] So it was very like worrisome, cause It’s like, you know, pingo was lost and pingo was found and how he’s been reunited with his family. So, uh, Disney also announced some stuff don’t even really care so much about that pingo is more exciting to me, but like just a good day,

[00:02:53] Brett: a shit storm of happy birthday.

[00:02:56] Christina: honestly. Like I, I felt like some like, like [00:03:00] red, I know why that happened is because a Dell was going to release her long-awaited album on, um, November 19th, which was when Taylor swift had originally planned on rereleasing red and, um, Taylor swift and her record label rightly looked at that situation and went, oh, so we won’t get any promotion and we will be buried alive because it’s, it’s fucking Adele.

[00:03:22] And, uh, they moved the date up a week, which so smart, but. So great for me personally, because you know, I get to share my birthday with like sad whole fall. So it was really great.

[00:03:35] Brett: So you asked me in honor of your birthday to watch the short film that was tied to this release. And I want to hear what you think of it before I do anything stupid. I.

[00:03:54] Christina: Oh no, you can totally, you can totally drag it. I don’t care. I know it’s not your shit.

[00:03:58] Brett: the helpful [00:04:00] person that she is after I watched it and, and said what I needed to say to get it out of my system, I left to go do stuff out of the house.

[00:04:09] I came back home and I was like, okay, I did some research. Do you want to know why you might want to care about this, this short film? And she did not succeed and making me care. She did not, but she, she made an effort. And I want you to know that she’s got your back.

[00:04:29] All Too Typical?

[00:04:29] Christina: See, that’s so nice. That’s another birthday gift L making you try to care about why you should have enjoyed or maybe not enjoy, but I’m glad you gave it 15 minutes to watch the, the, the short films slash music video for the 10 minute version of, of all too. Well, it’s it’s 15 minutes. Um,

[00:04:49] Brett: Yeah. Cause there’s a whole five minutes of dialogue in it too.

[00:04:52] Christina: yes, exactly. So the whole background on the song is that it’s like,

[00:04:57] Brett: Oh, I actually, I watched her [00:05:00] on Fallon explaining the background of the 10 minute version of this song as part of the research that LF for me.

[00:05:10] Christina: Excellent. Excellent. Oh, which I appreciate. So, but of course she doesn’t get into the, like what the real background is. Um, so the real story is that when she was 20, um, almost 21, she was in like a short term, but very intense, like thing with Jake chillin hall. And, um, he broke her heart, like into pieces, like, like a crumpled up piece of paper lying there.

[00:05:35] Um, she remembers it all too. Well, those are lyrics from the song. Um, so that is, it’s like widely consider like her best song ever, like, and from a lyrical, like composition standpoint, like

[00:05:50] Brett: See, I feel like she should write more songs coming from the position of a breakup. I feel like that would be good for her

[00:05:57] Christina: Right. Like maybe she could like, maybe she could to do [00:06:00] honestly ma ma ma I think you’re onto something. I think, I think you’re, you’re honest. Something

[00:06:05] Brett: from, from where I’m sitting. That’s all she writes about.

[00:06:08] Christina: right. Well, yeah, exactly. I mean, it’s kind of what you saying in this for, uh, obviously, but this is all her breakup songs. This is the best one. Like dear John, which is the, the John Mayer song she wrote about John Mayer. Like she wrote him like a fuck you letter in the style of a John Mayer song, which fucking brilliant, um,

[00:06:27] Brett: So I didn’t know what you meant a John Mayer song about John Mayer, but now that okay. I’ve put it together. That that’s funny. That’s funny,

[00:06:35] Christina: Yeah, it is, it is actually, and it is a great song. It’s on speak now. And, and she’s like, got like alignment. They’re like, don’t you think nineteens too young to be messed with and stuff like that. He was very upset. He was like, I didn’t do anything that was really shitty of her to come out liquid song.

[00:06:50] And I’m like, bro, you were like 34. Like, come on now. I’m like, honestly, [00:07:00] like what are you doing when you’re like 34 years old? And you’re like dating a 19 year old,

[00:07:04] Brett: right? That that’s so sick significantly older than you. I, yeah. 29. I mean,

[00:07:12] Christina: well, yeah, but,

[00:07:13] Brett: you were to date a 34 year old, that would be just age inappropriate.

[00:07:18] Christina: no, that would be fine because I’m not 19.

[00:07:21] Brett: Okay. So there’s a, it’s a, it’s a ratio thing.

[00:07:25] Christina: Yeah, exactly. 34 and 29 is fine. 24 and 34, I think is okay. I think that maybe you’re in different life points, but whatever, 19 and 34, again, I’m not going to tell people who, who they can and can’t fuck you. Do you, I’m just saying like, it’s more than likely not going to work out. And the person who knows it’s not going to work out is probably not the 19 year old.

[00:07:48] So, um, anyway, so that’s, that’s dear John, but, but all too Well, is like this famous song in the original version is like five minutes long. And it’s great. And it’s kind of the center point of red, but [00:08:00] she’s, we’ve known where she’s claimed for years. she, was like, yeah, there’s this 10 minute version. Like, because the way that her song writing process works is like she had a co-writer who like helped her edit it.

[00:08:10] And apparently, you know, like they had, like, as you saw on Fallon, Uh, recording of some of the original kind of stuff that she had and she had the original lyrics. And so she took this opportunity to rerecord because I don’t think she’d ever recorded the 10 minute version because that

[00:08:28] Brett: she had a recording the day they wrote it, like she was adlibbing it. And like the band kind of like joined in on it. And at the end of the day, they were all wrapped up in her mom, like went to the recording tech and just like, did you get that? And he gave her a CD with the original raw 10 minute version.

[00:08:50] Christina: right. And I don’t know how much of that, like I have my own questions, like how much of that was actually what wound up being.

[00:08:58] Brett: Sure, sure.

[00:08:59] Christina: You know what I [00:09:00] mean? Um, like I have a feeling that she probably had other lyrics and stuff and, and change. Maybe, you know, Melody’s here. Who knows, but yeah, exactly. So, but the, the original song is like five minutes long, a little over five minutes.

[00:09:11] It’s great. Um, but we’ve all wanted this 10 minute version and I thought it was really good. And then she made this short film about it, which is completely now that you understand me, the Jake Gyllenhaal aspect, it’s a completely autobiographical film. Just, you know, she changed her career maybe a little bit, but it’s like a completely, like, she even cast somebody who looked like him.

[00:09:34] Um, like not even trying at all here, Taylor, like not even trying at all to like, we all knew who it was about because there was paparazzi shots of them. And like, there were lines on the song. Like there’s just things about it, but also it was like, she famously like apparently, um, cause they, after he broke up with her, like he didn’t show up at her 21st birthday party.

[00:09:56] Which was very upsetting for her. And, and that [00:10:00] was the moment she knew also a song on the record, a bonus track. Um, and, uh, then they got back together and then she like ran into Jennifer Aniston at some party. Isn’t a fantasy. It was like, what happened? And she’s like, he happened, he did actually crying in the bathroom.

[00:10:17] Um, very dramatic, right? Like, cause she’s 21. So, uh, and she’s a dramatic person anyway. Um, so like it’s this incredibly dramatic song of the person who I feel gross even saying this, but I think that we can all, especially if you watch the, the short film, he clearly took her virginity. So like it’s one of those like breakup songs.

[00:10:39] And then the short film, I think is also this like break of short film where at least for me, I remembered like the first guy, well, it was probably guys, but, but it was two of them, but one of them hurt more who like really fucked me over and I. You know, it’s been more than nine years [00:11:00] since that happened.

[00:11:01] Uh, she says, um, you know, but even like decades later, like I still like feel that. So, um, that was, that was like my take, I guess, from, but that’s why it’s a big deal. Cause it’s like this famous song for people who are fans of hers. And then she like gave us the extended version and then made this, this short film about it.

[00:11:23] Brett: Okay. I can let that. I don’t have to, I don’t have to have anything to say about that.

[00:11:29] Christina: I was curious though, what your perspective was like from like the filmmaking? Like, did you find it cloying? Did you find it interesting? Like what, what was I, I’m just curious. Cause it’s not your bag. I understand, but I am genuinely curious, like you hated it. That’s totally cool. I am curious though, from like the non-fan perspective, like what you thought of the film, I guess.

[00:11:47] Brett: filmmaking was good. The acting was excellent. Um, like they, they, they, I, I like, it was honestly a very [00:12:00] standard relationship that was portrayed. Like there was nothing spectacular or interesting about the relationship or the breakup. Like we’ve all been there. It just kind of, this is like normal white people shit here.

[00:12:17] Um, but they portrayed it

[00:12:20] Christina: is why it works.

[00:12:21] Brett: Okay. They portrayed it well, and, and it made for an altogether, um, bearable, but uninteresting film for me.

[00:12:31] Christina: No. Fair enough. Fair enough. I would say, I think even the uninteresting aspect of it, or like, you’re like, this is the shit everybody goes through. I think that for you, it doesn’t do anything, which is totally fair. But I think for a lot of people, that’s why the song resonates

[00:12:45] Brett: Okay.

[00:12:45] Christina: because, because they, they take they’re like they take, even though she’s has hyper specific details about what happened.

[00:12:54] When you hear it, when you in like the film, the acting was so good. Like the CR both the were great, but the girl, like the scenes, when like she’s [00:13:00] crying, like there’s like, she was good, like far better than most fair of that stuff. I will say. Like, the acting was, was a cut above what you usually see in these types of things.

[00:13:11] Um, but I think the reason it resonates with people is because they, at least, I know for me, like when I was even watching it, like I was thinking back to like fucking Chad who, yeah. His name was actually Chad and I don’t give a shit. Like he works with government now who cares? Um, uh,

[00:13:27] Brett: know, Chad

[00:13:28] Christina: it’s Chad also, there were two CHADS.

[00:13:30] Uh, one Chad was actually very nice. Uh, the, this shad was absolutely not total bastard. Um, but I’m thinking back on like that experience and like bad chat. And, um, that maybe episode title. Um, but, uh, no, um, but like, I, I thought about that, like, I, I hadn’t thought about that in a really, really long time. And I was like, I bet I think that’s maybe why that song resonates with people, especially women, like, not exclusively, but, but especially like, I think that, [00:14:00] you know, it’s this universal thing, like, yeah, we’ve all had these kinds of standard relationship things, but the first time you Have like a deep heartbreak, like it sticks with you.

[00:14:10] So I think that’s the power of that song.

[00:14:12] Baller Johnny Cash

[00:14:12] Brett: Have you ever heard? Uh, I see a darkness by Bonnie prince Billy later recovered by Johnny Cash.

[00:14:21] Christina: I don’t think so.

[00:14:22] Brett: Like, so there, I don’t, I almost never feel anything. Even when a song perfectly depicts a relationship that was rough for me. Like I just, somehow I don’t find relationships in music interesting, but depictions of depression and depictions of, of bipolar and of anxiety and of, uh, disorders in general, those, I find very compelling in music and I see a darkness is perhaps, um, I, I see it as a song [00:15:00] about bipolar.

[00:15:01] Uh it’s I think mostly about depression and honestly, I think anyone who’s ever. Scene, uh, down days, but found like comfort and light on the other side would totally like that song. It’s just amazing. And Bonnie prince, Billy has two versions of it and one of them is actually a happy version. There’s like a, there’s like a, like a very slow dreary, like heartfelt, but dreary version.

[00:15:34] And then there’s one that like picks up this like bass beep and it’s like a Pepe version and that’s the one they made the music video for. And the music video is outstanding. I’m going to link this after our, after our links to, uh, to all to, well, there will be links to, uh, the video version of Bonnie prince Billy’s.

[00:15:55] I see a darkness.

[00:15:57] Christina: Okay. I’m excited about this because, um, [00:16:00] I haven’t ever heard this, but I’m excited to listen to it now. And it’s from, I looked it up, uh, the Johnny Cash covers from his, um,

[00:16:07] Brett: I think it was American for.

[00:16:09] Christina: yeah,

[00:16:10] So yeah. if it’s American three, um, which was the American four was the one with hurt on it. Um, but you know, we had that whole like series of, of like cover

[00:16:20] Brett: Amazing covers where he actually brought in the original artists to sing backup on their own songs.

[00:16:26] Christina: Which is what a fucking baller

[00:16:28] Brett: Right, right.

[00:16:30] Christina: like honestly, well, I mean, I mean, hurt had always been my favorite nail song, like always

[00:16:36] Brett: Yeah. Oh, for sure.

[00:16:38] Christina: like, well before Johnny Cash and, and I, and I point That out because most people, my age, even though nine inch nails was like big, like sadly, unfortunately, most people my age, like first heard the song.

[00:16:52] If they weren’t like Michelle’s fans, like they first heard the song like as a Johnny Cash song, but I was a fan like from, from, from [00:17:00] go. I remember the first time I heard that song. Um, and, and I was like, holy shit, this is amazing.

[00:17:05] Brett: is the only song I remember off downwards.

[00:17:08] Christina: Um, you don’t remember, um,

[00:17:10] Brett: Oh, and yeah, I, of course I remember closer that that song stands on its own and the Pantheon, but anyway.

[00:17:18] Christina: Yeah. But, but, but I agree with you, Right. Like I think those are kind of the two standouts. Like those are the ones that I like to remember the most too, but, um, even like a late like Trent who is very like, gracious about it, he’s like, yeah, this song isn’t mine anymore. Like he did it better. And it’s

[00:17:34] Brett: Well, and won’t back down

[00:17:36] Christina: Yes. Oh my God. The one won’t

[00:17:38] Brett: on the backup vocals. Yeah.

[00:17:41] Christina: Yeah. No, that’s just, Yeah.

[00:17:42] no, the, all of his covers are just stunning and, and again, like what a fucking baller move to, just

[00:17:50] Brett: Well, it’s both, it’s both like an honor, I think, to like to

[00:17:54] Christina: saying.

[00:17:56] Brett: but also to, yeah, the it baller [00:18:00] baller is the word for it.

[00:18:01] Christina: Yeah. That’s what I’m saying, because cause like, yeah, cause if you’re, even if you’re, if you’re Tom fucking petty, if you’re trespassing, if you’re whoever you’re like, yes, Johnny Cash wants to cover my son please. And, and they want me to play on it.

[00:18:11] I’m I’m honored,

[00:18:12] Brett: I am now a backup singer.

[00:18:14] Christina: I know a backup singer to Johnny fucking cash. Right, But at the same time, it’s just like the, the, there are very few artists who could get away with asking that of

[00:18:25] Brett: Right, exactly.

[00:18:27] Christina: excited. Like I feel like the only other person, and it’s funny because some of the artists he covered would be people who maybe not for everybody, but who other people would be like.

[00:18:36] Sure. Right.

[00:18:37] Like, like I feel like Bruce could get away with that. Um, but

[00:18:42] Brett: Cohen could’ve gotten away with it. Like there’s

[00:18:45] Christina: oh, Leonard Cohen definitely could have yeah, there, there definitely.

[00:18:47] Brett: seems like a male thing. Like, I can’t think of any women off the top of my head who would be that, um, brazen.

[00:18:57] Christina: Yeah, I’m trying to think. I think there are women who could get away with [00:19:00] it if they would be that brazen. Like, I think that if

[00:19:03] Brett: could get away with it

[00:19:04] Christina: I agree with that, I, I was actually thinking that I was like, if Taylor we’re not, I mean, her whole thing is she’s so committed to singing her own shit. But if she were willing to like, you know what I mean?

[00:19:17] Like, if she,

[00:19:18] were like, Hey, I want to maybe reinterpret or

[00:19:20] Brett: Well, she does a great job of bringing other artists in

[00:19:24] Christina: She does.

[00:19:25] Brett: like w bone, bone Iver, bone of our, however you want to say

[00:19:28] Christina: bear bone a bear? Yes, actually. So there’s a track on there there’s a bonus track that was never released. So some of the bonus tracks like had been recorded by other artists. Um, and, um, a couple of them had actually been on the first like deluxe version of red, the target version, um, uh, nine years ago.

[00:19:47] But the, um, there’s this song called, um, um, Uh, w that she does with Phoebe Bridgers. And, um, she talks about that, I think on the Fallon interview too, [00:20:00] um, about, um, uh, or it.

[00:20:02] might’ve been Seth Meyers, I can’t remember cause she did both of their shows, but, but, uh, he was asking like, how do you go about like asking people, like, if they want to be featured on, you know, this, um, this record or what not?

[00:20:16] She’s like, well, I don’t call because, you know, that could be weird, but she sends like a text and like she sent a text to Phoebe asking if she wanted to basically do out with her on this song that she wrote, uh, which is about kind of being a female ingenue. It’s actually a really good song. And it’s like, What happens?

[00:20:32] Like when you’re no longer the new shiny thing and, and they’re paying attention to some younger, like newer, you know, female artists or

[00:20:40] Brett: I’ve seen that meme. Sure.

[00:20:42] Christina: yeah, I mean, it’s. Right. And, and, um, and, and it’s a well-written song and Phoebe is kind of like the perfect person for that. Cause Phoebe’s like five years younger than Taylor.

[00:20:52] And like they had similar, uh, Phoebe’s cooler, but like they have similar athletics and, and [00:21:00] similar sorts of things. Right. Like they’re, they’re similar artists and, um, and Phoebe was never compared, I mean, she’d never went mainstream blockbuster, like Taylor swift obviously, but, you know, like has had that respectability thing or whatnot and, and, um, and Phoebe apparently like it and she tweeted, she was like true story, but apparently like PB like texted her back and it was like, I’ve been waiting for this text my entire life.

[00:21:20] Um, and,

[00:21:22] Brett: gift to give.

[00:21:24] Christina: yes,

[00:21:25] Brett: you send me, did you send to me going for a segway?

[00:21:27] Christina: did. I did, I did. Yes. Uh, that is a fantastic gift. What other gifts would people have.

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[00:23:28] Christina: I love it. I just looked at the site. They actually have like a personalized record. So it was like a cut, like, so it’s a cutting board that looks like a record, Like a vinyl

[00:23:38] Brett: vinyl next.

[00:23:40] Christina: which is awesome.

[00:23:41] Brett: Yeah. no, I, I felt like I don’t know what to buy for half of the people in my family. So going somewhere where I can just like punch in that my brother likes, you know, this or that and find unique ideas. It’s awesome. Cool [00:24:00] stuff. All right. So I, I, I, I watched dune.

[00:24:06] Christina: Okay.

[00:24:06] Dune, A Review

[00:24:06] Brett: me, have you seen dune?

[00:24:08] Christina: Yes, I have. I have, and I said that I was curious in your thoughts cause I don’t, I think it’s, I think it’s good. It’s one of those things we have to see the second part. Like that’s kinda how I feel like, I, I feel like I can’t judge the whole thing.

[00:24:21] Brett: Oh my God though. So like, I am seriously considering tomorrow I watch it on HBO and tomorrow I may go to a theater for the first time in years now because the, the sets, the costumes, the score, the, the videography, like everything about this was just, I was so blown away and I watched all of the extras and I could not get enough of it.

[00:24:50] And I wished that it had come out like, so I could binge it. I wanted to see the other half so, so soon

[00:24:58] Christina: Yeah.

[00:24:58] Brett: really good.[00:25:00]

[00:25:00] Christina: Yeah, no, the director is, is amazing, you know, he’s he did, um, arrival,

[00:25:06] Brett: Denise something.

[00:25:07] Christina: um, uh um, I think, um, I, um, I can’t, I don’t

[00:25:15] Brett: blanking on it too, but, um,

[00:25:17] Christina: but, um,

[00:25:18] Brett: Uh, rival, which one was arrival.

[00:25:21] Christina: arrivals, the one with Amy Adams and, um, uh, Jeremy Renner about the aliens who have like the kind of weird language and the.

[00:25:29] Brett: that movie was so good.

[00:25:31] Christina: That’s like one of the best films.

[00:25:33] Brett: like one of my favorite alien movies ever. Yeah.

[00:25:36] Christina: I agree. I agree. And the score from That is unreal. Yeah. That’s why, that’s why a lot of us were really excited about it because, um,

[00:25:45] Brett: on soundtracks. Who was it?

[00:25:47] Christina: I think it might’ve been,

[00:25:49] Brett: Doon Doon was a soundtrack by Hans Zimmer and he like invented instruments to make

[00:25:56] Christina: no, it was not.

[00:25:57] Brett: soundtrack.

[00:25:58] Christina: so cool. Yeah. [00:26:00] No, it was, it was not Hans Zimmer. It was Johan Johansson.

[00:26:02] Brett: Oh, okay.

[00:26:04] Christina: uh, so, but, but, but yeah, but it’s, um, Yeah, so, so, and, um, and he’s Icelandic, um, which actually for a rival makes sense if I’m thinking about it. Cause I, I, but I, I that’s like one of those, like five years later, like there are certain film soundtracks that I’ll listen to.

[00:26:22] Like, I usually will do kind of the Pantheon of like the Atticus Ross, Trent Reznor, um, uh,

[00:26:28] Brett: girl with the dragon tattoo.

[00:26:31] Christina: Uh, social network, um, uh, gone girl, um, there are a number of them. Um, I’ll also do some of the Hans Zimmer ones, um, like, like, uh, the, um, Uh inner stellar, uh, that, that was the one I was thinking of, but this is that the arrival one is also one, like, I’ll listen to the Tron soundtrack.

[00:26:49] Like there’s certain ones that, uh, or, you know, uh, the neutron, not the original Tron, obviously. Um, and, uh, but Yeah.

[00:26:57] no, I’m a rival, one of the greatest [00:27:00] sci-fi films ever, ever, ever. So, yeah. Um, that’s why a lot of people, I think the expectations were really high for June because, you know, you have this guy who’s like incredibly good.

[00:27:16] He also did blade runner 2049.

[00:27:18] Brett: And okay. We’ve talked about how dune is kind of an unfilmable story and, and the only way to do it was to split it into multiple parts. Agreed. But still it’s one of those things that it’s like taking on a star wars movie, where you have a fan base that is ingrained and, and pretty fanatical, not like it’s like current fandom or anything because God, when was that book written?

[00:27:47] Seventies, eighties. Um,

[00:27:50] Christina: sixties. I think

[00:27:51] Brett: yeah. Jeez, but, um, like the, the people who love dune, they, they love dune. And to [00:28:00] make a movie that was going to pass muster with fanatics, like that’s, it, it takes, it takes some nerve and.

[00:28:10] Christina: it does. It takes, it takes balls, right? It’s like, it’s, it’s like being Johnny Cash, right? Like, Yeah.

[00:28:17] Brett: Yeah, but he did it. Honestly, my, my personal, my personal opinions was that it was a triumph and I cannot wait to see the second half.

[00:28:27] Christina: I’m really glad that you liked it. Yeah. Like I liked it, but again, for me it was one of those things that I’m kind of like, okay. You know, like, I feel like still, like, I’m going to have to, to see the whole thing until, you know what I mean, to really be able to judge, but, but I felt like the acting was really good.

[00:28:43] Like you said, it’s just, it’s a difficult thing to do. And also, I mean, you think you make a great point. Like it is one of those, like, I think, I think you made a perfect comparison because star wars is one of a similar sort of fandom. So it it’s kind of like, you know, when [00:29:00] JJ Abrams took on star wars with the force awakens and we’re like, okay, are, is anybody gonna be happy with this?

[00:29:07] And a lot of people were, you know, a lot of people really did. Like it, they, they, they didn’t like some of the follow-up ones, but they really did like that one. And I stand by that, but like, that’s tough, right? Like that’s like.

[00:29:16] Brett: Oh yeah. That that’s, that’d be one of the worst gigs in the world, I think.

[00:29:21] Christina: Oh, totally. Right. Cause because on the one hand, you have this amazing opportunity for this love property.

[00:29:26] On the end of their hand, you have this very like fervent and vocal and like demanding fandom who, nothing you do for some of them will never be good enough. Um, and then you have this, I think, but June you have this complimentary problem that you have a little bit star wars too. But I think.

[00:29:45] with June is even worse where you’re also trying to make something that’s more broad that can be enjoyed by people who aren’t super fans of the books.

[00:29:53] Brett: Yeah. Well, yeah. I mean, that would kind of, you’d want to bring in, you know, a modern.

[00:29:59] Christina: Well, right. [00:30:00] Well that’s well, that’s the thing,

[00:30:01] Brett: would be curious to, I like the only people I’ve heard reviews from were people that were doing fans to begin with, um, and who had been let down by David Lynch, um, and were just, you know, pleasantly

[00:30:17] Christina: Yeah.

[00:30:18] Brett: but I’d be curious to hear from people seeing it and not knowing the story, not having like any Frank Herbert background.

[00:30:25] Christina: right. If you are one of those people and you’ve seen it on HBO max, uh, please let us know, um, on Twitter, Um,

[00:30:33] or, or email or whatever. Cause I wouldn’t be interested in that too. Um, I cause I’d be like, that is, it’s done incredibly well at the box office. So, um, you know, it’s already done several hundred million, um, which is incredible since it’s still a pandemic and so.

[00:30:52] clearly, but, and, and, but to me, I have to think though that a lot of that has been people who are not like diehard [00:31:00] fans, because it’s a global thing.

[00:31:02] Cause like, I can’t think of like, I mean, I know it’s a really popular Spotify book, but you know, you’re going through a lot of stuff to go and see this in a theater.

[00:31:12] Brett: Did you ever read, sorry, go

[00:31:14] Christina: go ahead.

[00:31:15] No, I was just saying like, you have to like make an effort at this point to go see something in the theater.

[00:31:19] Brett: Yeah, I know it’s a very conscious decision and I guess the word word gets out. People talk about like a truly beautiful scifi movie. And I think, I think that’s something that could appeal to just about anyone, whether they had any idea who hasn’t heard good things about doing though. Like, I guess I’ve heard from people that are like, uh, it made me work too hard.

[00:31:45] For me to enjoy it. But most people who, you know, are good thinking readers, they’re going to say good things about doing so, even if you haven’t read it, you’ve probably heard someone talk [00:32:00] about dune in P in good terms. I, yeah, I could see, I could see taking a chance going to a theater right now to see a movie that got great reviews, uh, and, and was based on something that has 50 years of fandom behind it.

[00:32:18] Did you ever read, um, Lazarus effect and Jesus' incident by Frank Herbert?

[00:32:25] Christina: I think I read Lazarus effect,

[00:32:29] Brett: I think, I think Jesus

[00:32:31] Christina: I think I,

[00:32:31] Brett: first.

[00:32:33] Christina: okay. Well, the, no, I didn’t because I, I, um, Lazarus effect sounded familiar, but no, if Jesus thing was first and I did not,

[00:32:41] Brett: Do you remember sentience kelp? Cause that was pretty much the crux of this story.

[00:32:46] Christina: no, I do not.

[00:32:47] Brett: It’s like, it’s about this spaceship that becomes sentience. Uh, like it’s like an artificial intelligence that was, it’s got like a, a cargo full of, of human clone, [00:33:00] like embryos and like a minimal crew.

[00:33:03] And they get like stranded, I think, but this spaceship becomes sentience and starts to play God sending down like batches of cloned humans to the surface of a planet and like demanding that they worship it and like, it, like, there’s a whole like Jesus story that plays out it. I loved it. It was good.

[00:33:27] Christina: That’s all.

[00:33:28] Brett: I remember loving it.

[00:33:29] I don’t, I don’t remember it all that well these days, but I still have the paperback somewhere on a bookshelf with a torn cover. I remember it.

[00:33:38] Christina: Isn’t that great. Yeah. I mean, that’s the funny thing. Like I, I do still, cause I have to sometimes buy like physical books because stuff goes out of print or whatever. That’s actually one of the reasons why I prefer, I mean, I look, I appreciate physical books. The reason that I like, like eBooks better.

[00:33:53] Well, there’s several reasons. One, um, because of my ADHD, it makes it easier to read like three or four things at once. [00:34:00] Um, at

[00:34:01] Brett: moving is so much easier.

[00:34:04] Christina: yes, 100%. That’s the thing too. Like moving stuff is so much easier and it doesn’t take up as much space and like, you know, it, that whole process is easier.

[00:34:13] but also one of those things is that if I forgotten something, I can very, I feel like I can much more quickly go through and like read some of that and be like, oh right.

[00:34:22] And then it’ll come back to me.

[00:34:24] Brett: Yeah. And you can search.

[00:34:26] Christina: That’s I that’s saying that to you. It’s like, yes

[00:34:29] Sandman on Audible, A Review

[00:34:29] Brett: Oh, oh. Speaking of reading.

[00:34:32] Christina: Yes.

[00:34:33] Brett: Sandman by Neil Gaiman is out as an audio book, a one and two are out and it is full cast. Reed’s got Kat Dennings and, uh, BB, uh, the, uh, Frazier’s wife,

[00:34:49] Christina: newer at BBB winner. Yep. Yeah. BB new earth.

[00:34:52] Brett: on there. And, uh, uh, Morpheus is played by why am I blanking? Um, [00:35:00] oh shit. No, it, I have to look it up real quick while we’re talking, because you’ll be impressed with who plays the Sandman.

[00:35:09] Christina: uh, oh, I see this as James

[00:35:11] Brett: Yeah, James McAvoy. It does an excellent job and it is it’s. It’s awesome. Like I wasn’t sure. How are you going to turn this graphic novel into an audio book, but it is,

[00:35:22] Christina: yeah. How did they do.

[00:35:23] Brett: well, you know, so like you’ve read graphic now.

[00:35:27] Christina: Yes.

[00:35:27] Brett: And like, there are certain ways, like at like end of a frame, like a voice comes in from the corner, like a gasp or a OSI or a throw away line.

[00:35:39] Like they include all of that and they use spatial audio to infer. Like, as you listen to it, you can almost see the frames you

[00:35:51] Christina: Oh, cool.

[00:35:52] Brett: it’s just really well, uh, uh, the, the reading is very, it [00:36:00] just feels like a graphic novel without feeling constricted in any way. It, I, it’s hard to, it’s hard to describe.

[00:36:07] I would like to hear from them how they felt they did it, but, uh, but it, it just, it works. And I got through the first one and was thrilled to see that the second one was already available and yeah, it’s really

[00:36:21] Christina: Okay. All Right. Well, I’m adding this to my audible, um, um, lists then, because this, this is exciting. Um, and, um, that’s, that’s really cool. And I liked that they did that, and I liked that they had like a good cast. Also. I liked that. It seems like whoever produced it for audible, like took it seriously and was like, okay, we’re going to adapt this for audio the right way.

[00:36:43] Cause obviously there are ways to do that. Right. Like, you know, um, even if, even if you weren’t doing it for sighted people, like if you were trying to, to think about like, okay, how would you tell this story to like, um, unsighted

[00:36:55] Brett: mean, you could describe, but that’s the thing is they didn’t describe they’re [00:37:00] the only dialogue in it is actual words on the page.

[00:37:05] Christina: That’s really interesting. That’s really interesting. So I’m, I’m a. Okay. I will check that out. Cause I feel like even a, I, would like to, I mean, this seems like I amazingly, I’ve never read St. St. Man. I’ve read a lot of graphic novels, but I’ve never read salmon, even though I know it’s like one of the best ones or whatever, but, um, I would like to listen to this question for you.

[00:37:26] Should I read the actual graphic novel first or is this something that would be okay for me to listen to without ever having seen it?

[00:37:33] Brett: I, so I’ve read about half of the first. I think they call it episode or book. I read about half of the first book, um, before I, and I put it down for a year and then this came out. So like I had only recently started reading Sandman and I, the, the audio book went beyond [00:38:00] what I had ever read. And so like for the first half of it, I could easily picture the stuff that I had read less than, less than two years ago.

[00:38:08] Um, and then once it continued on, like, I, it was, it, it w the pictures in my head, it was as if I had already read it. So I wouldn’t say. It’s like, you it’ll work immediately if you’ve never read the graphic novel, but it’s not necessary. It works. It stands on its own. It’s like the graveyard book also by Neil Gaiman, the one that we named our cat after, um, like I read it as a graphic novel and as a novelization and as an audio book and all three of those can exist separately, even though it was originally a graphic novel, it just works.

[00:38:55] Christina: That’s awesome.

[00:38:56] Brett: Yeah. Um, speaking of Sandman [00:39:00] and sleeping, sleeping well, do you, uh, do you want to tell us about, uh, the latest in home security?

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[00:40:33] Brett: Yeah. Nice, nice job. Um, I, I feel like they should, they should have us spell, uh, more like it wasn’t even in the read to spell it out for people and you can’t have a name like simply safe without noting that it’s S I M P L I S a F E. Nice job though. You, you covered that base.[00:41:00]

[00:41:00] Christina: thank you. Thank you. Yeah. I mean, you know, this is why they pay me the moderate to, to, uh, the moderate dollars. Um, no, uh, because I, I, yes, as you said, we all were just talking about auto audio, Tory things. Like you hear a word like simply, and you’re going to think, oh, okay.

[00:41:17] That’s where I, it spelled the normal way. No, S I M P L I safe.com/overtired.

[00:41:23] New Blood

[00:41:23] Brett: one of my favorite songs is the passenger by Aggie pop. Um,

[00:41:30] Christina: Great song.

[00:41:30] Brett: and I keep it keeps coming on. Uh, I keep getting ads for this, uh, this new show and, and it’s the song that always like tunes me in and then it always turns out there’s a new Dexter

[00:41:46] Christina: Yes, I have you seen it.

[00:41:48] Brett: I, so you have to subscribe to Showtime to see the new

[00:41:54] Christina: my login.

[00:41:55] Brett: I, 100% want, I am willing to subscribe [00:42:00] to Showtime to see the new Dexter, but Hulu does not offer a way for you to make the in-app purchase in the app. I think you have to do it through the web browser. And that is just like, I keep forgetting that I need to do that until I’m sitting in front of my apple TV.

[00:42:16] And then it shows me an ad and I want it and I want it and it won’t let me buy it. Um, I will, I will see it. I just have to remember to add Showtime to my Hulu when I’m at my web browser.

[00:42:31] Christina: Yeah. So I will remind you when we’ve finished the show to go ahead and sign up.

[00:42:36] Brett: Okay.

[00:42:37] Christina: Because they actually have a limited time offer where you

[00:42:39] Brett: Yeah. It’s like four

[00:42:40] Christina: get it for 3 99, 3, 3 99 for four months, Which is great.

[00:42:44] Brett: has plenty of time to watch a new, new version of Dexter.

[00:42:49] Christina: Yes.

[00:42:49] Brett: seen it?

[00:42:50] Christina: I, I have, so I have to say, I think most people would agree. The final season of Dexter was terrible.

[00:42:56] Brett: It was, it was mediocre at best. [00:43:00] It didn’t upset me.

[00:43:02] Christina: I mean, the finale was, was, was bad.

[00:43:05] Brett: I don’t even remember how it ended now. It must not have made her an impression on me.

[00:43:09] Christina: He, okay, so this is a spoiler

[00:43:11] Brett: Oh, no, I do remember. Yeah. And then he takes off into, into the great white.

[00:43:17] Christina: Exactly. Um, so it, it doesn’t completely, they’re not able to read con that. Um, even though the, the show runner was somebody who worked on the show for like the first four years, which is important because like the fourth season was, was really good. Um, I mean the first four seasons were great. Right. And, and, and then I think it went off the rails a little bit, although I enjoyed it and I watched, I watched to the bitter end, but, um, I, I enjoyed it.

[00:43:46] It was weird kind of going back to a show. It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago, but yet a lot in television has changed since then. And, um, I actually [00:44:00] went back and like watched the pilot after, um, I watched the new episode just to kind of compare and contrast because 2006 doesn’t feel that long ago.

[00:44:10] What it again and television, it was right. Like, like the, you know, it feels like just yesterday, but it honestly was, you know, 15 years ago. So, um, I, um, and you know, th th uh, it basically takes place a decade after, um, like th th they, they speed things up a little bit. Cause I think Dextra technically ended in 2013, but they, they speed things up a little bit, a little bit to be like, okay, he hasn’t, when you find him, he’s kind of living a more normal existence in this small town and he hasn’t killed anyone in 10 years.

[00:44:47] And, um, he’s still haunted by some of the things that have happened in his past, but is still keeping his, you know, his dark passenger at bay. See what I did there. And, um, and then it,

[00:44:59] Brett: [00:45:00] Oh, that’s what, that’s the reference? I didn’t even put it together. The dark passenger. That’s brilliant. Okay.

[00:45:07] Christina: Exactly. Exactly. So, and, and, and, and then that’s all I’m going to say. Um, so, uh, but some of the cast members from the, from the earlier series are back, um, this is not a spoiler because I think they, they had her in all the promos and stuff, but, but, um, uh, his sister is back, uh, but now she’s kind of playing like the role of his conscience, kind of like the role that like Harry played in the original series, which is interesting.

[00:45:37] Um, and, um, and, and she’s good. Um, and, and the two of them are good together. It always weirds me out to remember that they were married.

[00:45:46] Brett: I didn’t

[00:45:46] Christina: were married. Yeah. The actors were married. Yeah.

[00:45:49] They got, they got married and then divorced while the show was on and yet managed to still like, keep. Like, that’s gotta be hard. I have to say, like, no matter how [00:46:00] professional you are, that has to be difficult when you are like the lead and like the second, you know, cast member, like, you know, like the second billing, like on a show in a, it’s already weird cause you’re playing siblings, but you’re clearly, you know starting to get feelings for each other and you have that. sort of chemistry and then you get married and then you get divorced and then you’re still doing the show.

[00:46:20] Brett: Yeah.

[00:46:21] Christina: Um, but they apparently have remained very good friends. And, um, she was very complimentary about him, um, in his acting in a, in, in a New York times profile and, and she came back, which was great. So, um, and there some other, uh, people who I think will be coming back, um, uh, too, um, but, uh, Yeah, no, I watched, I watched it, I was, it was one of those things where I could not, you know what.

[00:46:45] I mean?

[00:46:46] Like, um, Dexter was kind of one of those. Like a lot of people now talk about the current television thing is like golden age TV. I feel like that time has passed. I, feel like at this point we have too much of it, even though [00:47:00] there’s really great shows out. Like, I, just feel like we’re almost in this glut because there’s so much television out there, but I really feel like Dexter was one of those moments when it came out like Showtime was, it was this very brief window when Showtime was better than HBO.

[00:47:15] And, um, and we’ll know is true because it’s like you had, you had that and you had weeds and you had, um,

[00:47:21] Brett: wait, I,

[00:47:22] Christina: we took this great.

[00:47:23] Brett: actually, I may, we designed my list of shows to give a second life to, and my viewing. I loved weeds,

[00:47:31] Christina: I love weeds, Mary Louise Parker. So fucking good. She’s just such a brilliant actress. Um, so cute Yeah. And she, yeah, she’s beautiful. Like she’s just good fucking actress, like really, really good. Um, and, uh, uh, also what was a shameless, which

[00:47:48] Brett: Oh yeah. yeah.

[00:47:51] Christina: was an HBO show like John Wells who created shameless, um, has a longstanding deal with Warner brothers.

[00:47:58] Like that’s his, that’s his [00:48:00] studio. Um, that’s, that’s who he’s exclusively worked with. That was an HBO show. And then for some reason, HBO was like, Yeah.

[00:48:08] we’re going to pass on this. And so it goes to Showtime. So this is a show that like atria parent company owns.

[00:48:16] Brett: Yeah,

[00:48:17] Christina: And then, and then their biggest like competitor rival is like, and then HBO, I think what, what was it?

[00:48:22] Oh, they, they, they, they took the horse show. Lucky instead, remember.

[00:48:27] Brett: I don’t remember logging.

[00:48:29] Christina: So it was, it was a, um, it was a decent idea for our show. The problem was they lost so many, um, horses, so many horses and sip like died during the making of it that like, it costs them so much money that they literally had to like, shut it down.

[00:48:45] Like it was one of those, it was like a problem. Like it was, it was, um, um, it was, it was definitely, um, I think it was lucky. It might’ve been called something else in mind might be getting it wrong. But, um, it was, uh, uh, [00:49:00] it was a show with the horses. I think it was a David mult show, but it, uh, it was at tremendous financial disaster for HBO and they shouldn’t have just taken shameless.

[00:49:07] Um, but anyway, but yeah, but like, but Dexter, you know, it was like great fucking TV and, uh, yeah, it was funny cause I actually, I went back and I was watching it on. Because I bought the whole series at some point. And, um, I was like looking at him using his, uh, his power, um, book, like his, his, you know, aluminum power book or whatever.

[00:49:28] And I was brought back to That era and I was like, even our laptops look the same now because you know, they’ve, they’ve redesigned the Mac books to look like the old school designs. But, uh, but other than that, yeah, I mean, like Michael, um, um, C hall like looks a little older, but, um, I’m, I’m excited to see where it goes.

[00:49:48] I think they’re doing eight episodes and then I guess they’ll go from there to see if they want to do more than that. Um, but

[00:49:54] Brett: That is exciting. All right. All right. I can’t like Al and I both have a [00:50:00] love of Dexter. It’s a show we can watch together.

[00:50:03] Christina: It’s great. Did you ever read the books?

[00:50:05] Brett: No before or after the TV show?

[00:50:09] Christina: They came up before? Uh,

[00:50:10] Brett: know. There was a book.

[00:50:12] Christina: Yeah.

[00:50:12] it’s a series of books. The first one is the best one, darkly dreaming Dexter. And in the series is largely based on the first week of the first season. Anyway, there are a lot of similarities, then it kind of goes off the rails and like, it is not similar. So I would say, um, and I listened to the first one on audio book again, like 15 years ago because the TV show came out.

[00:50:34] I was obsessed. And then I, then I immediately bought the audio book on audible. Um, I would say that, um, it is one of those, um, like. If I were to read one or listen to one, I would listen to the first one and I wouldn’t do the additional ones because I don’t feel, I feel like it is one of those weird cases where the TV shows significantly better, but the first book is good, but yeah, it was a series of [00:51:00] books.

[00:51:00] Um, and so, um, yeah, the first one was darkly dreaming Dexter, and then it was a dearly devoted Dexter, Dexter, and the dark Dexter by design. So some of them came out after the TV show, uh, had started the first two books were were before. Um, and so, uh, it’s interesting. Um, do you remember the iOS game? Okay.

[00:51:22] There was a really great iOS game. I’m not even joking and unfortunately it’s not available anymore. Cause it was 32 bid only, but there was, and it was well done for the time. Cause it came out in like 2009. I remember this because I went to combat. And I interviewed some of the people behind it. Like it, it originally started as like a PlayStation two game, and then somewhere during development, they were like, no, we’re going to make this an iPhone game instead. And so, um, you kill people. Like they don’t let you actually stab people. They like actually do like cutaways from like, I guess like the actual murders, but it’s this interesting game where you’re Dexter and you have to collect clues and some missions to be able to prove that the [00:52:00] person you’re killing actually perpetrated whatever crime, you know, you’re, you’re enacting.

[00:52:04] And then you have to like do certain things when you’re like trying to get them to confess. And then there are other things when like, you know, like you’re actually like, you know, making cuts on the body and whatnot, and then like, you know, uh, hiding stuff. Like it was actually a pretty intricate, like good game.

[00:52:18] I have to say, like, I really

[00:52:20] Brett: And this was, this was like sanctioned by the Dexter creators.

[00:52:25] Christina: Oh, yeah. Oh yeah, no. Michael C. Hall did, um, did voice work for it? I think, uh, I think a number of the cast members did, um, it was great. It, you know, and, uh, and I was thinking about that and I was like, trying to find, apparently there’s a PC version that came out, but I’d have to get a crack and all kinds of other stuff.

[00:52:42] And I was like, I don’t have time for that. So, cause I kind of wanted to replay it again. And I was like, is there a way, um, cause after it came to iPhone, they did release like an iPad version, like right when the iPad came out, like they actually did one of the rare things where they, you know, reformatted it and like made an iPad version.

[00:52:59] Then I [00:53:00] think they brought it to you. Um, um, PC, but, um, anyway, that was like, for me, when I think back of like the early era of iPhone games, that was funnily enough, I think one of the first ones that was actually like really good, because it was a game, you know, it wasn’t just like a puzzle or anything, which in 2009 to be fair, you know, that the app store is only a year old at that point fairly, you know, um, like, cool.

[00:53:29] Especially as you said, like this is like a tie in for a freaking TV show. So you don’t expect to have like an actual, like good game out of it, but it was

[00:53:38] Brett: Yeah, I’m gonna, I’m going to tell our listeners about one last sponsor,

[00:53:44] Christina: yes, please.

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[00:56:02] That’s ritual.com/overtired. So I’ve been, uh, like, you know, I always have my, my quote unquote comfort shows that we talk about all the time stuff I watch with Al in the evenings while she knits. And I often play on my phone and it’s just it’s noise. I it’s, I like the noise, but

[00:56:22] Rick and Morty, A Review

[00:56:22] Christina: Yeah, totally.

[00:56:23] Brett: I also, there are times, especially like weeks when I’m depressed, um, which I’m not this week.

[00:56:31] Christina: Yeah. We didn’t do our mental health corner, but, but, um, but, but tell me about your, your shows or you can, if you want, if you want to

[00:56:37] Brett: Maybe this all blends together, but even when I’m just stable, when I’m mannequin, I don’t watch TV. I get hyper focused on work projects. Well, I get hyper-focused on

[00:56:48] Christina: on whatever is

[00:56:49] Brett: doing, um, esoteric command line utilities, I’m building. But, um, but even when I’m stable, I like to have TV [00:57:00] on, in the background and I’ve gone back to Rick and Morty for like the third time.

[00:57:05] And I can’t, I it’s just such a dark nihilistic show.

[00:57:11] Christina: Yes.

[00:57:12] Brett: there’s something happens around season three where the show becomes very critical of Rick. Um, like they start bringing in characters that can easily explain like all of Rick’s personality defects. And like, he sure he may be the most, the smartest man in the, in the multi-verse, but he’s also like a terribly flawed, uh, imperfect human being and it becomes, it just becomes very self-aware and it’s no longer just the funniness of Rick’s nihilism,

[00:57:47] Christina: Right?

[00:57:47] Brett: but it’s actually like making fun of Rick and yeah, it’s such a good show.

[00:57:53] I

[00:57:53] can’t, I can’t hate it.

[00:57:55] Christina: Have you seen solar opposites?

[00:57:57] Brett: Um, I did. Yeah.

[00:57:59] Christina: [00:58:00] Um, grit and I were actually watching that last night, uh, the season two. Cause I hadn’t seen that yet. And um, uh, I love that as well. Another, uh, Justin Reuland show. Um, yeah.

[00:58:11] Brett: didn’t realize there was a connection, but I did enjoy that show.

[00:58:15] Christina: Yeah. Um, and, uh, and, and the second season of that one gets similar to like, like you said, when like Rick and Morty becomes more, self-aware like the second season that show it gets comes more self-aware of itself. But no, I agree with that. So funnily enough, our servers in our closet or are Rick and Morty, but Rick has been decommissioned.

[00:58:33] Brett: Oh no.

[00:58:34] Christina: Well, he was making, he was

[00:58:36] Brett: Don’t you have infinite Rick’s

[00:58:38] Christina: I wish we did. Uh, but no, I mean, it was making lots of noise and it’s an old machine, but it was like loud. Like at one point it was so loud. Like I could hear it in my office with my door closed and other stuff. And I was like, I was like, I was like, this is not going to work.

[00:58:51] This is picking up on Mike,

[00:58:52] Brett: yeah. That’s not, that’s not a good sign for us that over

[00:58:55] Christina: Uh, no, not at all. Um, so,

[00:58:58] Brett: noise or like [00:59:00] grinding platter drives, like what, what was

[00:59:02] Christina: noise, what we think of as fans, but we’re not sure, uh, because like the NAS is what we use for like that stuff. So anyway, he took the grant, look, grant bought those servers because they’re on racks. He bought them for cheap. He deals with that. If it were Me I would have built nook boxes. I would have gone to more expensive, more modern route, but whatever.

[00:59:21] Um, I don’t necessarily think that his, you know, choice was, was wrong. Um, saved a lot of money. I’m sure. I just, I will always spend money versus dealing with shit like that. Always. I know

[00:59:37] Brett: I can, if I can pay to make a problem, go away, I will pay to make the problem go.

[00:59:43] Christina: This is exactly where I’m at. I will always pay. I will always, if that is an option, like if I have the money to do it, I will always do that.

[00:59:50] There is

[00:59:50] Brett: And it’s also my love language. Like I’m not great with like affection, but I will buy you a kick-ass gift. I will get you what you need when you need it.[01:00:00]

[01:00:00] Christina: Totally. Totally. So, yeah. So anyway, so, so our, our, our Ric server has been decommissioned, but, um, but anyway, so that goes along with ironically with, with your whole thing. So, so Rick and Morty is winning recumbent shows. What else has been kind of on your, on your list?

[01:00:15] Insurance commercials, A Review

[01:00:15] Brett: Well, okay. So are you familiar with Liberty mutual ads?

[01:00:19] Christina: I am Liberty, Liberty, Liberty, Liberty.

[01:00:22] Brett: great. Like jingle, like super catchy, super short jingle. Perfect. Like they we’ve actually talked about their branding of the yellow before, but like they own yellow in my, in my mind space now. And they’re, they’re, uh, the EMU commercials, uh, why I can’t remember Liberty, uh, it’s something that emo, but so they have those, those two characters and then they have the whole series of commercials that take place on like a pier or like a doc.

[01:00:57] And they’re so corny, they’re so [01:01:00] bad, but they’re bad in that way. That gets a chuckle out of me. Uh, doesn’t get old until I seen them. Like maybe 15 times before I just, I can’t anymore, but like, I honestly, it is one of the best and, and not high budget, but one of the best branding campaigns I’ve seen in quite some time, I really Geico’s doing okay.

[01:01:27] Uh, I’m really, I’m done with, I’m done with progressive ads

[01:01:32] Christina: Yeah. We’re we’re we’re overflow flows. Just,

[01:01:36] Brett: done. She’s done. She’s tired. She’s let her, let her, let her go to bed. She needs some rest.

[01:01:40] Christina: it’s been 15 years, I think like, like honestly, you know what I mean? Like you got to retire things at some point. Cause here’s the thing. If they had retired her like five or six years ago, which I think is when they probably should have, they could have brought it back and everybody would have been excited.

[01:01:56] Brett: Well, and they tried to like build a cast around her. [01:02:00]

[01:02:00] Christina: Yeah. It just doesn’t

[01:02:00] Brett: It has not worked. It

[01:02:02] Christina: Like they try to, yeah. They try to do the flow, uh, you know, um, extended universe and like It has

[01:02:07] Brett: Yeah, exactly. But Liberty mutual with just like one, one like human mascot and then, uh, uh, a CGI bird mascot or puppet. I don’t even know. Yeah, it’s gotta be a puppet, but, um, like it, and like just super cheesy, like each of the doc commercials relies on a bad bit, like a bad gag, um, something that I can just imagine sitting in the writer’s room and like throwing ideas away because they were too clever.

[01:02:44] And finally getting down to that one, that’s so corny, it’s gonna stick, like it’s so corny that people are gonna remember it. And they they’ve really nailed the art of, of the bad commercial that sticks.

[01:02:59] Christina: Yeah, that’s [01:03:00] great. But it’s so funny because we always went to talking about this on this show about the fact that, and it’s just because these are the only commercials that work clearly. I still have like longevity or whatever, but all the best television commercials are from freaking insurance companies.

[01:03:14] Brett: Yeah, well, honestly, I feel like I mostly get insurance company ads these days. And then if I’m watching peacock, I get a bunch of ads for children’s programming and, and children’s toys, which does not get like top of mind placement for me due to not having children or being a child. So the only ones I really remember are the insurance.

[01:03:41] Christina: No, totally. And that is the weird thing, because, and again, I think if you think about it, cause everything, you know, going to streaming and like with people paying money to not have ads and whatnot, like, and I don’t see ads as often anymore, unless I’m like watching like live TV or whatever. Um, I think that like the things that you probably can still definitively make money [01:04:00] on would be insurance because everybody needs it and you need it for a million different things and kids toys, like.

[01:04:06] Brett: guess

[01:04:07] Christina: You know what I mean? Cause like kids are still watching toy. Like kids want to buy toys.

[01:04:12] Brett: get commercials for like door dash and stuff like that, that like, I don’t, I don’t live in an area that even offers door dash. So it’s, it’s weird that that I have to,

[01:04:24] Christina: a dash.

[01:04:25] Brett: I don’t have door dash.

[01:04:27] Christina: Do you have like Uber eats?

[01:04:28] Brett: No, I don’t even have Uber. What are you talking? I live in a town of 30,000 people. We drive to, we drive 10 minutes into downtown.

[01:04:38] We pick up our food and we eat it like, like small town people.

[01:04:43] Christina: No, I understand this, but even in a town of 30,000 people.

[01:04:46] I would think a that not everybody would have like the ability to have a car. Like for instance, people might be out drinking at one of the bars and wants take an Uber home.

[01:04:58] Brett: I don’t know if you’re familiar with the idea [01:05:00] of taxi cabs, but we do have those.

[01:05:02] Christina: yeah, I am familiar lady, a taxi cabs, but taxi caps suck. Like there’s

[01:05:07] Brett: actually have a couple of Lyft drivers in town.

[01:05:11] Christina: Okay, there you go. All right. Cause I like, look, there’s a reason, like Uber is a terrible company. I’m not going to make any excuses for that, but there’s a reason why they were able to disrupt the taxi industry. And that’s because the taxi industry is a, every bit as horrible as the ride sharing industry.

[01:05:26] Like if you want to talk about fucked up like predatory, like terrible industries, the taxi industry is every bit as bad as, as Uber and Lyft. Like it’s, it’s not even a question and be. Although now some of them have apps or whatnot, like you’d have to call and, and maybe like they would come pick you up, but maybe they wouldn’t, you know, it was like, like trying to get a Liberty driver in Brooklyn before, um, Uber, cause you couldn’t call fricking cab, you’d have to call a livery service.

[01:05:56] And then what would happen is that this happened to me one time, weird [01:06:00] tangent, but this is actually a funny story, happened to grant. And I were trying to go into the city and um, we called a cab from like, uh, the Liberty place down the street and a black car comes and it’s kind of an old beat up car, which is the type of car that deliveries drive.

[01:06:16] And we say, are you a driver? He says, yeah, I am. He starts driving them. We get pulled over on the bridge by a cop because something was not right with his tag or whatever. It turns out mofo doesn’t have a livery license because he’s not an actual livery. He just had, um, a thing in his, uh, car to hack into the, the radio signal of the actual Liberty company.

[01:06:41] So he stole the fare. So we were in a gypsy cab, which I realize is an offensive term, but I don’t know what the non offensive term would be. And like, my comment was that like, um, you know, unintentional, gypsy cabs were the best gypsy caps because we were literally in this like fake cab, the [01:07:00] w livery that we didn’t have any idea about until we were pulled over by the cops and the cop at least was nice enough to be like, well, you’re close enough already.

[01:07:07] You’re literally on the bridge. You’re not going to get a car. You can go ahead and let them take you into the city. He gave the guy a ticket and the guy was pissed, but I’m like, well, don’t, don’t do that. Like.

[01:07:20] Brett: Yeah, I assume, I assume there’s a system similar to a medallion for livery drivers, but probably not as expensive or as intense.

[01:07:30] Christina: Exactly. That’s that’s, that’s the exact idea. Um, and they can only be in local areas. So for instance, um, at least in New York city, and I don’t know how it is in other places, but in New York city, like you can’t get a medallion in Brooklyn, you can only get it in Manhattan. So the other boroughs have liberties.

[01:07:44] Now that doesn’t mean that yellow cabs can’t pick up in those areas. They can, but only if they’re on the street and, and the cap systems in New York, you can’t call in advance. Um, so, so like the deliveries who Uber basically put out of business, [01:08:00] Although, ironically what Uber first did when they started in New York was they went to all the different deliveries and they partner with some of them and they hired some of the best drivers.

[01:08:07] And in some cases hired the owners and were like, Hey, help us build out our network of drivers because when they were doing Uber black and stuff, especially like a lot of your higher end drivers came from these Liberty places that had, you know, would sell like expensive, you know, town, cars, and whatnot.

[01:08:25] And in their off periods of time, they would just drive for Uber. Um, but yeah, that, that’s, that’s the idea is, is that it, there, it’s not nearly as robust as a medallion, so, uh, you can do it, but also even though they charge you every bit, as much as a cab, you’re using a place that has, you know, like it’s going over public airwaves stuff.

[01:08:46] And clearly it was a problem. Cause we, we saw this happen other times it was the only time it ever happened to us, but it clearly was a frequent problem where you would have other. You know, want to be cab driver, like want to be livery drivers, just listening in on the public radio [01:09:00] waves. You know what I mean?

[01:09:00] They’re just like listening in on the dispatch channel and be like, yep, we’re going to go pick the person up instead.

[01:09:05] Brett: Yeah.

[01:09:06] Christina: Let’s do that.

[01:09:07] Brett: I’m looking at our show notes and we just pulled off a 100% pop culture with a little bit of taxicab talk, but it was an offshoot of commercial talk. This has been an all entertainment episode, which is kind of what your birthday was anyway.

[01:09:24] Christina: was going to say, this is perfect. Cause it was my birthday. So also hashtag like free Brittany, like happy for her. And um, we can talk more about that at some other point. I still think her fans are fucking insane, but I’m very happy that she’s not in the conservatorship anymore.

[01:09:38] Brett: Yeah. And, and you tweeted some, uh, open source Dropbox client at my rabbi. And I want to talk more about that next time.

[01:09:47] Christina: Yes, it’s great.

[01:09:49] Brett: Yes. W we’ll get to that. We’re gonna probably wrap up because we’re recording on Saturday

[01:09:56] Christina: We are recording on Saturday.

[01:09:57] Brett: I still have to edit, and I don’t want to spend my whole [01:10:00] weekend on

[01:10:00] Christina: No, I, I don’t want you to either. So.

[01:10:02] because that would be terrible. Um, don’t forget to sign up for, um, sh Showtime, as soon as we drop off so that you can get, uh, get, get your, your Dexter fixed. Cause then we can talk about Dexter next week.

[01:10:13] I’m adding to my show notes to sign up for NA

[01:10:17] Christina: You should, honestly, that’d be funny.

[01:10:18] Brett: um, all right. Well, Christina, happy birthday

[01:10:22] Christina: Thank you, Brett. Appreciate it. This is very fun.

[01:10:25] Brett: and get some sleep.

[01:10:27] Christina: get some sleep. read.