261: You Should Probably Get Botox

David Lynch and Frank Herbert and all of the media conversations spawned by the two. Plus, cosmetic surgery.


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Overtired 261

[00:00:00] Christina: You’re listening to Overtired. I’m Christina Warren here as always with Mr. Brett Terpstra. Brett, how are you?

[00:00:11] Brett: Oh, it’s Saturday.

[00:00:13] Christina: It is Saturday. Yeah. we are recording late. Thank you very much for letting us record late. I was, shall we say more than Overtired yesterday?

[00:00:22] Brett: Yeah. You, you, you said you had like 90 minutes of sleep. What happened?

[00:00:26] Christina: I do. I don’t know. I don’t know. I get these insomnia burse and, um, this was one of those situations where, and we were recording late. We’re recording at 8:00 AM, which for us is like a late thing. And I genuinely had had like 90 minutes of sleep and I was like, I can’t do this. And I had a meeting at 10 and I was like, I just need to sleep until 10:00 AM.

[00:00:47] So, because it’s easier to go into a meeting with like three and a half hours sleep versus 90 minutes. So.

[00:00:55] Brett: Well, if we didn’t, if we didn’t ha oh, our sponsors a show this [00:01:00] week, I would have just given you the week.

[00:01:02] Christina: Yeah. exactly. But we love our sponsors that much. And we love getting paid that much. That a here we are.

[00:01:10] Does anyone still have ringtones?

[00:01:10] Brett: Yeah. So, uh, so, uh, uh, w w you know what, I, I really liked the ring tone that, you know, the music that Skype plays when you’re like waiting for someone to pick up.

[00:01:22] Christina: do, do do.

[00:01:24] Brett: Yeah. Yeah. Aye. Has it always been like that? Or is that like something new?

[00:01:29] Christina: I think it’s been that way for a number of years. I don’t know how long, but I’m with you. I like it. Uh, the funny thing is at least because audio is such a shit show everywhere. I don’t always like hear it. So sometimes you don’t have my things set up and I like won’t hear it. But when I do, I’m always like very excited because a, like, I know my audio is working and be it’s Jonty.

[00:01:51] It’s a nice little Shante doo doo doo doo doo doo.

[00:01:55] Brett: Yeah, it’s completely inoffensive.

[00:01:58] Christina: It is completely

[00:01:59] Brett: I can’t [00:02:00] imagine anyone being upset by this Skype ring. Ring tone sound.

[00:02:04] Christina: No, and it’s not like, like, like the, like the T-Mobile duh, duh, duh, duh. You know that one. Drives me. It drives me fucking crazy. And there’s also one, like one of the default iPhone ones is just like offensive. And I think it’s because at this point I relate it to like, okay, so you and I, we were joking before we started recording.

[00:02:30] Like, we both just have our phones on silent, so we don’t even use ringtones anymore. My mom is not one of those people. And so she’s had the same kind of ringtone, like since she’s had like her Motorola razor or whatever, and she always keeps her phone on and for whatever, like my mom, I love my mom so much, but like my mom, you know, she’s your mom, like, you get annoyed by shit.

[00:02:51] Your mom does. And like my mom, like some of her stuff, like, she’ll just like let the phone ring and we’ll be in the car. And like, she’s like trying to find it to answer. And I’m like, just pair it with [00:03:00] your Bluetooth system. And it’s a whole thing. So there’s certain ringtones that when I hear them, I just like

[00:03:07] Brett: Great sound new.

[00:03:08] Christina: Well, yeah, it’s like a completely Pavlovian thing, right? Like, it’s, it’s just like, you hear it in, like, instead of salivating, you just like, get like mad. But, um, I, uh, I used to be really into like having cool custom ringtones that I was switch up like every few months. Like I would even make custom ones like which apple didn’t make easy.

[00:03:31] And then like the process of getting them onto your freaking phone, they made more difficult. Like you, you couldn’t even use iTunes anymore. Like you had to use like I mazing or some shit. And, um, you know, like, like various, like third-party apps to like, get like the, in for our file on.

[00:03:48] Brett: Yeah.

[00:03:49] Christina: And, and, uh, I, kept it going until like five years ago.

[00:03:53] And then I was just like, you know, my phone’s always on, on silent.

[00:03:56] Brett: I, uh, I used to, if you go to [00:04:00] dot com slash other stuff, I have a couple sets of ringtones. Uh, I have, I have with titles, like surfing puke tastes like burning, unlicensed to ill. We came to wreck everything and the swamp stomp and me. So thorny,

[00:04:16] Christina: I like it. I like it. Lipstick and crisis rudeness who invited you? Um, uh, bat shit. I like that. I liked that. Yeah. I um,

[00:04:27] Brett: what was that? I think that was, I think that was, uh, I can’t remember. Um, I want to say, oh yeah, it was a meatloaf. It wasn’t meatloaf sample.

[00:04:37] Christina: yeah. Yeah. Meat. Yeah. Bat shit is meatloaf, which is great. Uh, lipstick, a crisis is New York. Joel’s rudeness is a specialist who invited you, Tom petty. And the Heartbreakers. I like this. Yeah, I think my, my favorite one. Cause, um, do you remember like the, the, the, the Cielo song, uh, fucking.

[00:04:53] Brett: Yes.

[00:04:54] Christina: That was my ringtone for a while, which was great.

[00:04:57] And, um, that was funny [00:05:00] in public. That was always like a good one in

[00:05:02] Brett: Sure. Sure.

[00:05:03] Christina: Um,

[00:05:04] Brett: In line at the grocery store.

[00:05:06] Christina: people loved it. Honestly, people like you get like a, like a, like a kick out of it. Cause I, I, I made it like the actual, you know, fuck you like, like thing, like I didn’t, um, I didn’t like make it the censored version or whatever.

[00:05:20] That was good. Um, I remember I had like, neurals Barclays crazy again, a Cielo kind of thing, um, uh, for, for, for a time. Um,

[00:05:30] Brett: question. Have you ever heard the violent femmes cover of crazy?

[00:05:36] Christina: Yes.

[00:05:37] Brett: Oh, it’s so

[00:05:38] Christina: good. That’s so good.

[00:05:39] Brett: I should add that to our show notes because people need to hear this.

[00:05:43] Christina: They really do. Cause it’s good. I mean, it’s a great song period, but like That that cover is fucking great. Yeah. No, but I used to do other things like, and, and, um, I had a Taylor swift style for a while. Like I had, you know, like, you know, kind of your, um, I think I even, did you adjust in Bieber song? [00:06:00] Um, at like, well, cause when, when purpose came out, it was a fucking good song.

[00:06:03] It was a fucking good album. He’s a piece of shit, but he writes some bangers or he doesn’t write them. voice is used on some bankers. He, I mean, look, I would never see, I was talking about this with somebody like that last week, I would never pay money to see Justin Bieber live. Cause you know, we terrible, you know, like, like he he’s in, when he started a tour before, like there’ve been times when he just like lays on like the stage and like his bands, like, and then his plates were like, oh, he’s having a mental breakdown. We left you so much chest. And I’m like, you fucking asshole. Fuck you.

[00:06:33] Brett: support you.

[00:06:34] Christina: And I’m like, get the fuck up and perform like, and then I’m not one of those people who like get up and sing, but I’m like, if I paid hundreds of dollars to see you perform you better not be lying on the fucking ground. Right. Like

[00:06:46] Brett: I can tell you that Brittany and Madonna have both had their rough days and pulled off killer performances,

[00:06:52] Christina: right. Absolutely. And Madonna actually singing, Right?

[00:06:55] Like no shade to Brittany, but we all know bitch can’t sing. She lip syncs like [00:07:00] a mofo though, and dances real fucking well. So like get the Real well.

[00:07:05] so get the fuck up Justin. But has some bangers, as I said, that he has his, his voice has been used on, but yeah, there’s something happened where I finally like gave up ghost and it kinda makes me sad because I do enjoy the ringtone thing.

[00:07:20] I wonder if it was going to corporate America, because I, I will say like in our newsroom, people will fuck you. Great. Aye. Aye. And occasionally like having like, like a chain smokers, like, you know what I mean? Like you can, you can mix it up and like have things that would like make people laugh. Microsoft.

[00:07:39] I don’t know, man.

[00:07:41] Brett: why is to have different Rincones for different peoples. So like, it would depend on who was calling me. I don’t even know what my phone sounds like when it rings anymore.

[00:07:50] Christina: Yeah. I was going to say, I think mine is just like, whatever the Depot shit is, which is honestly kind of worst. But plus at this point you get notified like on your watch, [00:08:00] on your phone, on your computer, on all your things, you know what I mean?

[00:08:03] Brett: Yes, I do know what you mean. And then you try to decline the call from your computer, but your phone keeps ringing and then you like hit the button on your watch and then it, it like answers it.

[00:08:13] Christina: it answers it And,

[00:08:14] you’re like, oh, but I didn’t want to talk to you And then like nine times out of 10, it’s like a fucking spam number anyway, because everybody just texts.

[00:08:22] Brett: to talk to you about your car insurance or whatever.

[00:08:25] Christina: And you’re like, what the hell I was thinking about this the other day? I was like, when my nephew is old enough to like use things, like I’m going to have to explain an, a physical phone to him and it’s going to be like, like a non cell phone to him and it’s going to be weird conversation.

[00:08:46] Brett: I was just watching my Saturday morning cartoons, which consisted of modern family. Um, and, uh, they had an episode where they pulled out an answering machine out of a box in the attic

[00:08:59] Christina: Hi.

[00:08:59] Brett: [00:09:00] and the kids, the kids were baffled. What is that?

[00:09:03] Christina: Yes. Okay. I was actually, it’s funny you say that. Cause I was thinking about answering machines too, and I was thinking of how to explain it to people because I was watching my Saturday morning cartoons, which, um, was, um, Okay.

[00:09:16] So have you been watching in.

[00:09:18] Brett: No,

[00:09:19] Christina: American horror American crime story series about the Clinton thing is so fucking good.

[00:09:25] Um, so we, we, it, it’s the one with, with beanie Feldstein as Monica and, um, Sarah Paulson as Linda Tripp, who was fucking great. Actually, they both are, uh, Clive Owen as

[00:09:39] Brett: Yeah. Yeah. I did see the previous for

[00:09:41] Christina: it’s really fucking good. Like it’s really, really fucking good. Um, and so that then got me like on an ADHD, like, okay.

[00:09:53] Um, I now need to, um, watch other Sarah Paulson things cause I love her. And then that got me thinking about her [00:10:00] best friend who is Amanda Peet, who I like quite a lot. And then I was reminded that I hadn’t seen all of, um, dirty John, um, um, the, uh, Betty Broderick. Which came out last year and that is on Netflix.

[00:10:16] And I was watching that and they, because it takes place in the eighties and also, Amanda, Pete’s fucking great in that, so good. Um,

[00:10:25] Brett: a good segue when we’re, when, when we’re, when you’re done.

[00:10:28] Christina: yeah, but, but then they like have like it, cause it’s eighties, they have like fucking answering machines and I was thinking the same thing. All right. Go on your, your, your

[00:10:36] Speaking of Amanda Peet

[00:10:36] Brett: No, it’s Amanda, Pete. Um, so

[00:10:38] Christina: is fucking great.

[00:10:39] Brett: I have had this show coming up under my recommended shows for a couple of years now and never gave it a shot. It’s called Brockmeyer

[00:10:49] Christina: Uh huh.

[00:10:50] Brett: it stars Amanda Peet, at least for the first season. It does. And Hank Azaria.

[00:10:55] Christina: Oh nice.

[00:10:56] Brett: It is crazy good. I love this show so [00:11:00] much that you’ve never seen it.

[00:11:01] Christina: No I haven’t. But, but you, but now I’m looking at it.

[00:11:04] and it looks like this is totally my shit.

[00:11:07] Brett: It’s like a Brockmeyer is like his, his ex-wife. He has this like public humiliation, whereas ex-wife is like pegging some other neighbor guy in the middle of an orgy when he gets home and he he’s a sports announcer and he has this very public meltdown over the whole thing spends a couple of years like touring brothels in foreign countries and then comes back and tries to crawl his way back into sports announcing, uh, like starting from the bottom in this like fracking riddled town.

[00:11:40] It’s so good. It’s he’s hilarious. It’s amazing. The writing is excellent. Amanda Peet is awesome. It’s a great show.

[00:11:48] Christina: Okay, I’m going to watch it then. That’s that

[00:11:50] Brett: And it’s half hour episode. You can

[00:11:53] Christina: Oh.

[00:11:53] Brett: any time.

[00:11:54] Christina: So You can fit it in all the time.

[00:11:56] I love it. I love it. No she’s really underrated. Um, [00:12:00] she’s one of those people who like didn’t act a whole lot, cause she got married and then like took care of the kids. Um, but you know who her husband is, the guy who created game of Thrones.

[00:12:11] Brett: really?

[00:12:11] Christina: Yeah. David Benioff.

[00:12:13] Brett: Huh?

[00:12:14] Christina: Yeah.

[00:12:15] Brett: was the, what was in it in another, in a world. Did you ever see in a world?

[00:12:22] Christina: yes, that was with lake Belvaux. Who looks

[00:12:24] Brett: Oh, oh yeah. It conflated in my memory.

[00:12:29] Christina: No, it was no big, but they do look a lot like sheep. So I somehow this turned into another thing that I wash at three o’clock in the morning and I, I watched half of it, which was. Amazing that I watched half of this thing, but I was, cause again, I was like washing, like Sarah Paulson, he made a stuff and then I was recommended on YouTube.

[00:12:46] Apparently Amanda cause they’re best friends and they best friends since they did Jack and Jill together like 20 something years ago. And um, Amanda, Pete got basically got Sarah Paulson, the job on studio 60. [00:13:00] And um, and you can tell like when they interact, like, cause they do the red carpet stuff together, but they’re like best friends.

[00:13:06] They’re like people who have like total shorthand together and whatnot and um, L or in style or something wanted, um, Amanda P to do like an Instagram live thing with Sarah Paulson sensibly to talk about some movies or whatnot, who knows this was like a little over a year ago. And it was just, it was the most, it was an Instagram live and some fan recorded it and it was remarkably delightful.

[00:13:30] It was like an hour. And I was reading to the YouTube comments and people were like, I’m going to watch a few minutes of this. There’s no way to watch the whole thing. An hour later, I watched the whole thing. I got through like half an hour and I could have gone on, but I was like, I kind of want to watch other TV, but it was actually like, see, hearing them talk to each other.

[00:13:45] It was very funny. And they were like, Amanda, Pete was a little drunk, but in a good way, it was, it was a very funny, like, interesting conversation of the two of them. And it made me like, I’ve always liked them both, but maybe like the book a lot. But Amanda Pete [00:14:00] mentioned, um, because I guess they both been confused for other people or whatever that like on the, they weren’t like, uh, some fashion week show or whatever, and somebody like called her lake.

[00:14:11] And so, yeah, so, uh, like some paparazzi person, whatever. So she’s, she’s been confused for like bell by other people. So you’re not alone.

[00:14:20] Brett: Yeah. Yeah. I, I like I’m way better than my partner owl is at recognizing movie stars. Uh, but not that good.

[00:14:35] Christina: No, but they look a lot alike and they star in similar things and it would make sense that you would think in a world because, you know, that’s a county thing, but lake Bell’s great. We she’s, uh, on, uh, she was in children’s hospital, which old

[00:14:47] Brett: I forgot about that. Yeah.

[00:14:50] Christina: Which w which old school, uh, Overtired listeners will know.

[00:14:53] Brett: uh, uh, David Wayne did and, and, uh, and Rob Corddry did a followup [00:15:00] recently. And I can’t remember what it was called now, but it was, it was like just a Netflix release. Um, but she showed up in it and I’m pretty sure

[00:15:10] Christina: That’s so funny. Um, yeah, I loved, I loved children’s hospital that was before.

[00:15:18] Brett: if you’re into that kind of humor, it was,

[00:15:20] Christina: you are you, it was, it was it was funny. Cause it was, it was very satirical and, um,

[00:15:25] Brett: you ever got into this state,

[00:15:27] Christina: yeah, exactly what that was going to say. It was completely this, uh, of the states, Allie was again like David Wayne, you know, sort of thing. And then your friend Rob Corddry. Um, and then, uh, it started, uh, the, um, the chick that they killed off from the Kevin James TV show.

[00:15:43] Do you remember that drama? Okay. So, so Kevin James, they like gave him another like family. TV series, um, called Kevin can wait, um, on CBS. And this was like something that aired after, you know, king of Queens, which of course, you know, it was like the show that [00:16:00] made him famous or whatever, and it didn’t do that well.

[00:16:04] Um, or things weren’t working, but she, but it, Erin Hayes was, was the actress and she was like the other kind of female lead who was on children’s hospital, the other Burnett. Okay. Who was very funny. Well, they cast her as his wife. Right. It seems like great, you know, kind of gig. Ratings aren’t working, whatever.

[00:16:26] So they decided to just fucking kill off the wife over the summer. They decide to not bring her back. And so they fire her in a really shitty way. And then they decided to kill off the wife and they decide and said like Lear Remedy’s character or like Leah Remini, who of course was with Kevin, um, uh, James for forever on, um, king of Queens.

[00:16:43] They’d bought her in at the end of the season to try to like goose ratings. And like she played a sister or some shit. And they realized, well, actually we kind of like the two of them together better. So we’re just going to kill off the wife, even though she was playing his sister. So the retooled, the show, they bring it back over the summer and they decide, and then the way the Inez, the pro public was just like really [00:17:00] shitty.

[00:17:00] They were like, Yeah.

[00:17:00] So Kevin’s wife died now, even though the whole thing is about like his family life. And then they decided the show is going to take place. A few months after his wife died and they just like casually mention it, like in a really awkward way. And like th th th the setup, and then like immediately go into a joke and then she’s like never mentioned

[00:17:19] Brett: Oh my God.

[00:17:20] Christina: was, it was like, I mean, that’s shit that they would do in the eighties. Like, even

[00:17:25] Brett: that’s some bad planning and writing

[00:17:27] Christina: it is, it is like, like, like fucking fucking the Hogan family, which had been called Valerie, like after Valerie Harper. And then they fucking took her name off the show and fired her. And then she sued NBC and all that stuff.

[00:17:40] Even, they had to deal with several episodes for the fact that like, the mom died in a car accident. Like even they steadily dealt with like the death of like one of the main characters better. And that was, that was like 25 years before, 30, 30 years before, or whatever the case may be. So, yeah, that was completely one of [00:18:00] those, um, like in the Pantheon.

[00:18:03] What are poor ways that the characters have been written out of shows? Most of the examples are from the eighties and nineties, because that makes sense. And then fucking Kevin can wait, comes in. Um, uh, it, it was, it was created by, um, the Bruce Helford who created the drew Carey show. Um, and, and a lot of other those types of things.

[00:18:26] And they fucking came in and killed off the wife in the second season, just being like, so six months ago, my wife died and like the way they made it seem it was, it was that a letter came with her name and then they just made a joke. Can you believe that six months after she died in that tragic accident, you’re still getting her mail.

[00:18:42] Ha

[00:18:44] Brett: Oh, my God.

[00:18:45] Christina: like I didn’t watch the show. Totally. I didn’t watch the show, but I did like, remember that drama and then I was like, wow, that’s some shit.

[00:18:55] Brett: I want to get back to talking about TV because well, it also mental health is part of [00:19:00] why I want to talk about TV, but, um, but could you, uh, take a moment and tell us about Zack doc? Do you have.

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[00:20:53] So I’m big fan. Um, so go to Zoc [00:21:00] doc.com. That’s Z O C D O c.com/ Overtired.

[00:21:06] Thrilling pre-tax conversation abounds

[00:21:06] Brett: Yeah. Cool. Awesome. Let’s see. When was that? I went to, I went to an oral surgeon last

[00:21:15] Christina: that go? Oh yeah, yeah. Yeah. Cause you had to have some shit with your teeth done. How did that

[00:21:18] Brett: I apparently have excellent, uh, bone growth. Oh, my God, they do this thing. When I first got there, they made me stand in front of this mirror with my chin on a platform. And this x-ray machine like spun around my head. And then when I sat down with the doctor, he brings up this 3d rendering of my skull and he can like turn it.

[00:21:44] And he’s like showing me where everything is in there. What’s beeping.

[00:21:49] Christina: I don’t know, dude.

[00:21:50] Brett: Did you hear that?

[00:21:52] Christina: No.

[00:21:52] Brett: Oh, Jesus. It’s it’s in my head. Um, but he he’s like spinning this 3d rendering of my skull around and [00:22:00] it’s so cool. And like, anyway, it went well, I’m getting implants in December. I’ll be getting implants drilled into my jaw.

[00:22:11] Christina: Nice.

[00:22:12] Brett: Yeah.

[00:22:13] Christina: that’ll be painful, but it’ll be good. And it’s good. They’re doing it in December or to maximize your, Um,

[00:22:18] like oral surgeon, like, like your insurance thing. See, good segue. Because insurance even good insurance, they have like a cap on how much they’ll cover for dental shit. So if

[00:22:30] Brett: They’ll cover a year,

[00:22:32] Christina: yeah,

[00:22:33] Brett: but I mean, but I have a flex spending account that has like six grand in it. So I get zero fucks.

[00:22:39] Christina: yeah, no, that’s good. Now does your flex spending account, does that carry over or do you have

[00:22:43] Brett: Yes. Carrie’s over at four now. Uh, like they made special allowances for like pandemic era.

[00:22:50] Christina: got it.

[00:22:51] Brett: they’re allowing us to carry over all of our savings accounts.

[00:22:55] Christina: Nice. Yeah.

[00:22:56] because this is why I don’t do a flex spending account. I do have an HSA, [00:23:00] but I, don’t do a flex spending account because most of the time they make you use them. And if you don’t, then you’re fucked. And then there’s like this whole list of things that you can spend things on, but then there’s this whole list of things you can’t.

[00:23:12] And so if you haven’t spent it, you wind up spending like hundreds of dollars on shit at fucking Walgreens, because you’re like, I’m going to lose my money.

[00:23:23] Brett: I knew I had this thousands of dollars worth of teeth replacement coming up. So I went for the FSA this year. Um, I may not, once I have my teeth taken care of, although I have a, my mouth, I like, I always have something wrong with my teeth always. So it’s kinda not a bad idea for me to always have a couple of grand available for fixing my mind.

[00:23:47] Christina: No, totally. Like, it’s not, um, it’s not a bad idea, but like I said, I prefer the HSA versus the FSA. Although there, I don’t know what the differences are in terms of like what benefit it is to you because like the health [00:24:00] savings account doesn’t expire and is just like any sort of investment account. But whereas the flux Spain accounts, it might be the tax impact.

[00:24:08] I’m not really sure. Uh, I think that’s what it is. I think that, that, that, like you don’t get taxed for the FSA stuff. Um, but I, I made the mistake again when I was in New York of, of having an FSA for a couple of things. One time it was for. Transit things because we were, well, the way the FSA works is we were supposed to get like a monthly, like pass, like it was supposed to give us our Metro card.

[00:24:36] And then for some reason, Mine like the system didn’t work. And cause we were supposed to get them from like our employer and a specific amount of this account. And then it stopped working. And so I had to like buy it myself. And then I was like left with this fucked up situation. I had like double MetroCards, which is not helpful if you get the monthly pass.

[00:24:54] Cause the way the Metro card monthly pass works is it’s like $106 a month or something, but you get unlimited [00:25:00] passes and that’s great. Um, and if you take the subway twice a day, every day, You know, minimum, then it pays, it’s like a thing that you should pay for. Um, but, um, it got to the point where it like, wasn’t, I wasn’t getting them and I had to like call and deal with all the stuff.

[00:25:18] And then the whatever benefits we were using, like, yeah, we’re not going to use the FSA. Oh, I wrote, it was the fucking state of New York. Real was like, yeah. Um, transit stuff is no longer going to be FSA eligible because that’s not something that people need or anything. So,

[00:25:34] Brett: Mine is only for dental and vision.

[00:25:38] Christina: Oh,

[00:25:38] Brett: nothing else. I can’t like I tried to use the card at the pharmacy and it, it declines it

[00:25:44] Christina: Yeah. Yeah. They have really weird rules about that stuff. So again, this is why I

[00:25:49] Brett: it’s confusing because they sent me two cards and one says health spending account. And the other one says health savings account. So remembering which one is for the [00:26:00] HSA and which one is for the FSA. Like I’ve kind of, I’ve got it figured out now. Like I use the right card, but sometimes I have to ask them to like try twice.

[00:26:08] One of these cards is going to work and one isn’t.

[00:26:11] Christina: Right, right. Yeah,

[00:26:12] yeah,

[00:26:13] no, totally. Um, actually that’s a reminder to me. I need to get my health spending account, like the card expired and I need to get it renewed. Um, cause it’s like a MasterCard or whatever. Um, so I’ve just been submitting stuff manually, but I need to just have them send me a new one.

[00:26:25] Um, but yeah. I, um, I don’t, I, I don’t do the FSA. I do the HSA, but I do understand why, like, if you’ve got the dental stuff coming up, like it can be a very good tax, like purpose thing, the way our insurance works. I don’t know how yours works, but, um, they cover most of it. So they, they give me like a certain amount that they fund the HSA with each year that covers most of the, um, like, um, minimum for the insurance.

[00:26:59] [00:27:00] And then I’m not charged anything monthly.

[00:27:01] Mental Health Corner

[00:27:01] Brett: yeah. Same. Um, what was I going to say? I forget I had, I had relevant information, but my brain is moving ahead to other things. How’s your mental health?

[00:27:16] Christina: Um, well, I mean, I’m not sleeping, so that could be a good or a bad thing. I don’t know.

[00:27:21] Brett: never a good thing.

[00:27:22] Christina: I mean, it’s probably

[00:27:23] Brett: Never again thing.

[00:27:24] Christina: it’s probably not. Um, it’s okay. I guess it’s the fucking end of the year. Um, but yeah,

[00:27:34] Brett: Yeah. I, I

[00:27:36] Christina: my birthday’s next week

[00:27:37] Brett: oh yeah. You’re going to be like 27. Right?

[00:27:41] Christina: 29.

[00:27:42] Brett: Cool. Congratulations.

[00:27:43] Christina: Thank you. I’m very excited about, about, um, being a 29, um, you know, I’m still not 30. So that’s, that’s an important thing for me. Um, I don’t know. Am I, am I, am I have 30th birthday in Vegas next [00:28:00] year? I’m not sure. I might wind up

[00:28:02] Brett: You’re never going to have a 30th birthday.

[00:28:06] Christina: Probably not. Although,

[00:28:07] Brett: suddenly be 48 skin to skin. You’re all. You’re, you’re never you’re 29 until.

[00:28:16] Christina: well, that’s why I might have 30th birthday next year.

[00:28:20] Brett: Okay.

[00:28:23] Christina: Um, so yeah, but no, I’m, I’m I’m uh, I still got a birthday coming up. That’s weird. I don’t really like aging. I used to like my birthday, but now it just is a reminder that like my Dorian grade year with deal with the double, like it’s working so far, but I don’t know how long-term, it’s gonna work.

[00:28:40] Brett: Sure.

[00:28:42] Christina: Um, I got some Botox when I was in Atlanta and I’m getting more when I go back for Thanksgiving, which I appreciate, um, a, it helps my, my, my migraines, um, that is legitimately true.

[00:28:55] And I have bad migraines, but B make no [00:29:00] mistake. The primary reason that I get it is because I want to limit like the look of aging and it’s not like I look all plastic or anything, but it is one of those things. Like I actually regret not getting into my twenties because it is preventative. So to any, um, uh, people in their twenties who are vain, like me out there who Are listening, start getting Botox, even if you don’t need it.

[00:29:21] And even if you’re like me and you actually do look pre naturally young, just, just start getting it. It’s not a bad thing. Um, it’ll help your migraines. And, um, it’ll also, uh, like lessen the impact of other stuff. It’s it’s not bad.

[00:29:37] Brett: are we from voting plastic surgery at Overtired now?

[00:29:40] Christina: Botox. It’s not plastic surgery and, but yes we are. I have no problem. Plastic surgery.

[00:29:46] Brett: cosmetic.

[00:29:48] Christina: do, do you, I’m probably going to get a boot shop, Um, uh, slash Lyft. I’ve decided I want that. Um, it sucks. I can’t make it a business expense. Um,

[00:29:58] Brett: I am getting [00:30:00] vaginal rejuvenation.

[00:30:01] Christina: I mean, I would like that too. I don’t know. Actually, my friend Ashley got that. Um, she got like a, did she get the whole, oh no, she didn’t get that. But she wants to, she wants to get the whole mommy makeover thing, which is when they give you like a tummy tuck and they’d give you like the vaginal rejuvenation.

[00:30:16] and something else, but she wants to do it in, in Texas.

[00:30:21] I think she liked the surgeon or some shit, but the problem is, is that like the recovery is kind of intense. So it’s one of those things where, I mean, her husband could take care of the baby and stuff, but it was one of those things where at least when she was thinking about getting it at one point. I might need you to like, watch the dogs and my older son and stuff.

[00:30:40] If I do this and I was like, yeah, cool, whatever you do you, um, because like you can’t immediately get on a plane, you know? Um, yeah, no, I mean, I’m, I’m probably aye. Aye. Aye. Aye. Why wouldn’t we be like, I’m not saying that everyone should go out and do it. I’m saying if you’re vain, like me, [00:31:00] Botox is probably a good idea.

[00:31:01] And the younger you do it, the better, this is objectively true. It’s also reversible. So it’s not a big deal if you’re not a fan of it, but like why wouldn’t we be a fan of people make on their own decisions deciding to get cosmetic

[00:31:14] Brett: Hey, I’m not judging. I just didn’t realize that’s where the podcasts had gone. I didn’t, I didn’t realize we were taking a stance on this at all.

[00:31:22] Christina: okay, well look, we are not. Christina is Christina who has been very firm about this for as long as she can remember is very much like in favor of. You do you do some people go too far and does it become unhealthy? Yes. In most cases though, like, fuck, if you don’t think that every single person that you look at on television or the movies has worked on, you were completely full of shit.

[00:31:49] Like I would pay so much money and I will put this out on the pod. I’m very sure that we do not have listeners to have this connection. However, people might surprise me if you know who Reese [00:32:00] Witherspoon’s person is, I will pay a significant amount of money for the name. Um, I’m not asking for an appointment.

[00:32:06] I’m asking for the name of the doctor. I will do my own begging pleading, whatever to get in with doctor. But if you know, whoever we should put the spoons like Dr is because her work is fucking great. Cause she looks amazing. It’s not, plastic-y looking, it doesn’t look fake. Like it looks fucking excellent.

[00:32:23] Um,

[00:32:24] Brett: not, you’re not going to get that answer.

[00:32:26] Christina: No, I I’m not, but I’m putting it out there because I I’m putting this out there, like on lots of podcasts, because I’m trying to get this information out there. I’m not, I’m trying, I’m doing everything I can except for tweeting it because I don’t want to, like, that’s too obvious, but like, no, it’s not even Gosha, it’s just, I mean, I don’t care.

[00:32:42] I heavily literally have no shame about this. I just feel like that might backfire. Um, cause I feel like this is the sort of information that like, this is why I’m saying I would pay thousands of dollars for it because I feel like this is the sort of information that is highly, highly privileged because obviously [00:33:00] everyone knows reasonably it’s been, all of them get work done, like it.

[00:33:03] And no one judges them for, Okay.

[00:33:05] Some people judge them for it, but the people who judge them for it are fucking assholes and probably look terrible themselves. So fuck you. But you know, you. They don’t want to promote the doctor and the doctor certainly can’t put it on the website or any of that. You know what I mean?

[00:33:19] Like this is like, these are people that like, I need to know who the nip tuck guy is to go back to television for a minute. Like, um, and there’s a Sarah Paulson connection here all goes full solar circle because Ryan Murphy created nip tuck, which is a very problematic show when you watch it in 2021, however, it’s fucking fun 15 years ago.

[00:33:40] Um, but I want to know like who those guys are. They were in Miami, but like, I know. I will go to Miami. I presume I would have to go to Los Angeles completely fine. I don’t care. Like, um, I would prefer to stay in the United States, uh, just because I would like to have legal recourse in case someone fucks up my face, which if you [00:34:00] go to Asia will not happen.

[00:34:02] Even though the Asian surgeons are fucking great. And I have looked at doing, like when I was in Korea last year for a, um, uh, like layover. This was right when coronavirus was really starting to take off and I was supposed to go to Singapore and then my Singapore trip was canceled while I was in Australia.

[00:34:19] And I had to fly home through Singapore and South Korea. And I was in the airport for like 12 hours. And I was actually looking at like, could I get an appointment, like at one of the medical spas, you know, to get some sort of stuff done, but it just, it didn’t work out. Um, but they do do those things and people like plastic surgery, tourism.

[00:34:40] I know that this is, not what you want to just talk about,

[00:34:42] Brett: this is, this is as exciting as talking about Taylor swift for me.

[00:34:46] Christina: I know, but, but, but this is actually fascinating when we think about how fucked up like our whole like global, but especially in the United States, like our healthcare system is there’s a whole medical tourism industry. And like we’ve people know about this, I think in [00:35:00] terms of like getting prescription drugs and other stuff, but it exists for plastic surgery.

[00:35:05] It exists for cosmetic procedures and not just for the cost, although the cost is definitely a part of it. Um, it also, uh, is sometimes for the results. And then there are people who might not have health insurance, or might not have insurance that will cover certain types of procedures. Like people who need to get like, um, uh, like, uh, um, uh, GRS, um, or SRS, whatever you want to call it.

[00:35:27] Um, things, a lot of times people go to Thailand, um, and, and pay a lot of money to do that because their insurance companies will send them to like actual butchers who will do. Who have terrible results and do terrible things to people who just need, like they’re confirming surgeries. So people like will literally fight other countries and, and deal with language barriers and whatnot, because that is the state of the healthcare industry. for me.

[00:35:55] to be clear, I’m talking about completely, like, for my purposes, like [00:36:00] completely optional, um, surgeries,

[00:36:03] Brett: Elective. Um,

[00:36:05] Christina: That’s the word. Thank you.

[00:36:06] Brett: I, uh, yeah, this has been a weird mental health corner. I, uh, I’m, I’m gonna tell you, like, so I had just like four days of depression, um, uh, like, which really very short, uh, and then like yesterday, it just, it, it just lifted and like suddenly life was bright and shiny and I was making fish tacos cause I eat fish now.

[00:36:32] And, um, and I’m really, really good at tacos. I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about this before, but

[00:36:38] Christina: but I but, but, but you’re going to

[00:36:40] Brett: I am amazing at tacos. I make.

[00:36:42] Christina: this a double entendre?

[00:36:44] Brett: No, don’t be, don’t be going.

[00:36:48] Christina: Sorry, sorry, sorry. Sorry, Ella. Wasn’t trying to be disrespectful.

[00:36:52] Let’s Talk About Lynch

[00:36:52] Brett: No, I make really good toppings. I, uh, and, and like, so I had a week of like catching up on TV, [00:37:00] um, watching John Stewart’s new show, uh, getting into I’ve been trying to get into foundation, but it hasn’t, it’s not sticking super well for me.

[00:37:12] Christina: I’ve had problems with it too. Although people tell me. good thing.

[00:37:14] Brett: And I want to see the new dune, like I’ve heard very mixed reviews, like, like both blowing and horrible.

[00:37:23] Uh, like for me, anything would be more watchable than the David Lynch version.

[00:37:30] Christina: That is that for a nerd podcast? That’s a take Brett. That’s a take.

[00:37:36] Brett: I mean, okay. So I have a lot of appreciation for his attempt to fit dune, even just the first book into a movie. It just, it, it wasn’t meant to be done. They call it an unfilmable story. So respect for trying. And when it comes to like casting of like the Baron and, and [00:38:00] sting and, and he did a great job with the worms, like there was so much to love about that movie, but overall it was unwatchable.

[00:38:10] Like I try, like I had good memories of it. Like I, I, cause I was a huge fan, but then I tried to show it to L

[00:38:19] Christina: Oh yeah,

[00:38:20] Brett: sit down and watch it last year with Al and it did not go.

[00:38:24] Christina: no. Okay. So, Hey, you’re right. It is one of those heart adaptations, um, B because he’s David Lynch.

[00:38:32] there is this additional expectation that is probably a little bit unfair, but look, when you create twin peaks and when you direct Mulholland drive, which is coming out criteria in addition, fuck.

[00:38:44] Yes. I’m so excited on 4k. Blu-ray very soon. I’m so excited. Um, and, and you did, you know, blue velvet and like some of his other films, like, you know, he’s, he’s an Altura right. Um, I interviewed him. I do too. I interviewed him [00:39:00] once and it was great. Um, even though I was just allowed to talk to him about transcendental meditation,

[00:39:05] Brett: I saw a racer head like four times and that’s a lot for a racer.

[00:39:08] Christina: That is a lot for a racer head. I think I’ve only seen it twice, but you’re right. It is a flawed film. Um, and, and then there have been, like, there was the TV ministry, like it has been difficult. Um, I’ve seen it. I’m probably somewhere in the middle. I certainly don’t think it’s the greatest film. I hear I’m hearing music.

[00:39:27] Brett: It’s not music. It’s this goddamn bunch test I had running in the background and it’s like, I was testing scheduled bunches and there was an 1145 bunch scheduled that I forgot was running. So now my Mac mini is like, alerting me that scheduled bunches are actually working anyway. Please continue.

[00:39:49] Christina: Um, so yeah, uh, I feel like it’s somewhere in the middle. Like I don’t feel like it is a phenomenal film. I also don’t think that it’s hot, garbage. [00:40:00] It is very clearly. You know, they’re making too. And that is very clearly like the thing

[00:40:06] Brett: Well, you have to, you can’t fit all

[00:40:08] Christina: no, you can’t. I agree completely, which is the right move, right?

[00:40:12] This was the right. This is kind of the opposite of the way that you, you remember. I mean, it started with the Harry Potter stuff, but like the way that the studios would get around the fact that there were big, like why franchises were about to end is that they would turn the books into two movies.

[00:40:28] Brett: Oh, totally.

[00:40:29] Christina: Right? So, so like Harry Potter and the whatever part, one part two, cause like Warner brothers is like, we never want this to end, are you sure? You can’t write more books? And, and, and then they were finally able to come and start to like write prequels and shit, which they’ve made multiple films into single ones.

[00:40:44] And they said th th they did the same thing for Twilight and the same thing for hunger games, hunger games, I think actually. Those films were way better than they had any right. To be. Also, those books were way better than they had any right. To be sorry for a tangent. But in this case I’m like, so ADHD [00:41:00] right now.

[00:41:00] Um, but, um, I’m having manic energy, even though I’m not manic, but, um, June, Yeah. it needs to be two films, but because it’s two, it’s one of those rare things. It’s like, I didn’t know how they were going to split it kind of like the Lord of the rings trilogy or whatever, you know what I mean? Like, you know, kind of where it is.

[00:41:18] And so it is kind of a weird, I guess, kind of going into it from that perspective. You’re like, well, I don’t know. It makes it difficult to judge when you know, that is, it is genuinely Like one part of like a multi-part thing. You know what I mean? Like, like to me, I don’t feel like I

[00:41:36] Brett: Like you have to reserve judgment until you’ve seen the whole

[00:41:39] Christina: Yes, that’s completely it.

[00:41:40] Like, I honestly feel like I do. I, and I don’t feel like that’s a cop out. Like, I, I feel like, um, the, the Lord of the rings films, there were more obvious places where you would end, you know, that sort of stuff. Dune it’s a little bit like I, cause I could go into him like you could, you could end this in a number of places, you know, where, where do you want to [00:42:00] do this?

[00:42:00] Um, but I enjoy the cast very, very much, you know, they, they cast incredibly well and um, I, uh, you should definitely watch it while it’s on HBO

[00:42:13] Brett: Yeah, right. Well, it’s also on my Plex. Thanks to my, my bevy of friends with the latest movies. Um,

[00:42:21] Christina: even better,

[00:42:22] Brett: what, uh, w how much of the dune series did you read?

[00:42:27] Christina: dude. You know what? I don’t even remember. Um,

[00:42:30] Brett: I ate those books up. I read the whole seven or nine. I don’t remember, like, it went off the rails, like pretty soon, like they’re having worm babies and shit, and it

[00:42:41] Christina: yeah, I did not. I did not read a whole, I read the original And that might’ve been it to be completely honest. It might’ve read a couple more of

[00:42:55] Brett: I read the encyclopedia. Like he wrote an

[00:42:58] Christina: I’m

[00:42:59] Brett: before he [00:43:00] built the whole world. Frank Herbert was crazy.

[00:43:03] Christina: Yeah, no, I’m looking this up right now. Frank river was crazy.

[00:43:05] that the June encyclopedia, which is, uh, the dudents like a PD is a 1984 collection of essays written by Lou McNeely and other contributors to, as a companion to Frank her’s dune series of science fiction novels.

[00:43:18] That’s that’s an N honestly, this is again, I think why like that the, the David Lynch thing is, it’s a shame that it is flawed. I don’t think it’s unwatchable, but it is flawed because fucking Frank Herber and David Lynch are the exact same type of person. Like they are the ex you know what I mean? Like, like it’s a shame that, that David’s adaptation didn’t work.

[00:43:37] And it in, when, when, when he made, you know, the adaptation in 1984, they did not allow him to do multiple films. It was 84.

[00:43:47] Brett: I thought it was 89. Wow.

[00:43:48] Christina: No, it is 84. Yeah. Um, 89 was with twin peaks. Um, Uh, which again, see, this is why, like, they’re the same fucking type of a creative asshole. Like, and I don’t mean, I don’t [00:44:00] actually think either of them are assholes, but you know what I mean?

[00:44:01] I’m using that as a, as a loving term, not as like a judgy term, because he wrote the secret diary will actually, his daughter wrote the secret diary of Laura Palmer, the tie-in book, twin peaks. Do you ever this

[00:44:14] Brett: it sounds familiar, but no.

[00:44:17] Christina: Okay. So I remember this because this is how I got into twin peaks, like years and years after it was canceled.

[00:44:23] So I was in sixth grade and my, my friend, Mikey, his older sister had the twin peaks diary that came out, I think in, I want to say in like 1990, when the show was like, you know, at its peak, like, like, like, like peak twin peak shit. And it was lower Palmer’s diary, which they referenced in which they referenced in the series and it is this kind of fucked up diary and I’m 12 and I’m reading this stuff and like there’s some sex and alcohol and other stuff, but there’s also like this whole thing about how this guy comes into our house, like at night [00:45:00] and fucking like molest her and rapes her and shit.

[00:45:02] And it’s really dark. And I’m like, what is this? And then it ends like with this note that like, this was the final entry in her diary. And then she was found dead wrapped in plastic and I’m like, holy shit, what is this. And that was my introduction to the TV series. And at that point, I don’t even know, I think it was another year or so before they would air the reruns on Bravo.

[00:45:26] So there was a couple of years, and this was back when Bravo aired like highbrow shit. Um, which is hilarious to me when I think back on that. Um, cause it, Bravo used to be like an arts and entertainment network, like a very high brow, like cable PBS sort of thing. Um, and, and now it’s, you know, um, I mean it’s, it’s fantastic trash, but

[00:45:49] Brett: Yeah. It’s reality TV now.

[00:45:52] Christina: but, but I mean, not just reality, he’s the fucking Housewives.

[00:45:54] It is, it Is the trashiest of trash, right? Like it is, it is, you know what I mean? Like. They [00:46:00] embrace and love, and God bless you, Andy Cohen. But it was just funny, but it was a couple of years before I actually ever saw the TV show. And so my first introduction had been from this tie in book, which was released around the same time the series came out, it was written by his daughter and in it’s good as high in books go.

[00:46:18] But it, you know, I had no context for the rest of this. And then I was like, what the fuck? You know? Cause I’m 12 and, and it’s, it’s a lot of shit for a 12 year old, but it was also like, it felt kind of like subversive and naughty to be reading, you know, it was like, it was,

[00:46:35] Brett: about.

[00:46:36] Christina: yeah, it was, it was like a VC Andrews book, but without incest, well, oh no.

[00:46:39] Okay. There was

[00:46:40] Brett: you appreciate about me? Sorry

[00:46:43] Christina: No, I don’t. I, I mean, when you, you appreciate that I was reading like subversive, weird shit, like at 12.

[00:46:49] Brett: you were into shit. That was that weird. Yes. That was some pretty weird shit for a 12 year old.

[00:46:55] Christina: You’re not wrong. And especially when it’s based on a TV show, who’s like [00:47:00] moment in the sun was like five years earlier. Right. So, you know what I mean? So like, like the, the cultural phenomenon point of twin peaks had, I’m not even sure if I was even aware of, I might’ve heard the name, you know, but, but I mean, but like literally that cultural moment completely missed it because I was in first grade.

[00:47:17] Um, but then I got into the book and that was what got me into the TV series. And then for a long time, like it wasn’t available on DVD or anything else. Um, uh, so like I watched it on Bravo and then I found like bootlegs on the internet and stuff. Anyway, I got really into like the fandom. So that was I’m sorry.

[00:47:36] That was like a very ADHD, like weird tangent based on dune.

[00:47:39] Sponsor: Upstart

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[00:49:20] Christina: What’s that

[00:49:21] Brett: drugstore cowboy?

[00:49:23] Christina: fucking great

[00:49:24] Brett: Yeah. And, and, and

[00:49:26] Christina: Gus van Sant, man,

[00:49:27] Brett: yes, Gus van Sant. And that Dylan

[00:49:30] Christina: Matt Dillon and, uh, Kelly, um, Kelly Lynch.

[00:49:34] Brett: was it really.

[00:49:35] Christina: Yeah.

[00:49:36] Brett: Cool. Yeah. So this, this all starts to tie together because a couple years back, five years back, uh, he was in a series called wayward Pines. Did you see wayward Pines?

[00:49:49] Christina: I’ve I did not ever see wayward

[00:49:51] Brett: I don’t know if it was directly a callback to, uh, uh, twin peaks, but it [00:50:00] definitely, it, a secret service agent goes to wayward Pines, Idaho in search of two federal agents who have gone missing and the bucolic town.

[00:50:08] He soon learns that he may never get out of wayward Pines alive. It is a crazy, bizarre conspiratorial show. I recommend it. It was worth seeing

[00:50:22] Christina: Okay. I, I will, I will watch that we were Pines. Okay. Um,

[00:50:27] Brett: on the Fox network.

[00:50:29] Christina: on the flocks number. Okay. Um, I like Matt, Dylan. I’ve always liked Matt Dylan.

[00:50:33] Brett: Yeah.

[00:50:33] Christina: Drugs. Yeah. Drugstore cowboy fucking great film. Like genuinely like really, really good,

[00:50:39] Brett: of my early romanticization of, of drugs in general,

[00:50:44] Christina: Yeah. Cause it would be, it’d be that film. It would be maybe the basketball diaries.

[00:50:49] What would other ones be train? Oh yeah. Transplanting for sure. For sure. Um, there are, yeah, I’m trying to think. Cause I never did [00:51:00] drugs, uh, or hard drugs anyway. I mean like, I, I, well, I didn’t,

[00:51:03] Brett: know

[00:51:04] Christina: I w I know

[00:51:05] I mean, I think most people who would, unfortunately, I’m very straight edge, um, and cocaine has no impact on me.

[00:51:11] It was just such a shame because it’d be so fun.

[00:51:13] Brett: that’s how I feel about weed.

[00:51:15] Christina: yeah. Um, I mean, I, so weed itself, like smoking doesn’t do much. I do enjoy edibles. Um, but that’s about it. Uh, edibles are fun. Uh, at least when, when you take them knowingly, when your colleague hands you some chocolate and you don’t know that it’s be chocolate until you’re halfway digesting it, and then someone tells you that it is, and you’re not really sure.

[00:51:39] And You just continue eating the chocolate and then you have to, like, you have like a 30 minute period between you’re like, did I just take 25 milligrams of edibles? Or did I not? Yeah.

[00:51:54] Brett: You could really feel it when you stand up.

[00:51:57] Christina: I mean, it takes you 30 minutes, it takes you an hour or [00:52:00] longer to leave the office. And someone has to escort you to the Uber No, these are all real things that really happened. Um, funny story about that. I wanted to include that in the roast for the person who did it to me when, um, Uh,

[00:52:12] so she left her her job and went to another one.

[00:52:15] And like, there was a tradition which management has since ended where people would roast departing staffers. Who’d been at like the, the Gawker properties for a long time. And people would send in the memories and like roast them that has since stopped. But, um, but, but they did do one for, for Alex Cranz.

[00:52:34] Um, but her whole thing, it was, um, contentious because they fired her. And it, that was in the subject of like a, um, uh, an NLRB complaint because they fired her for union activity essentially. Um, and, uh, so she was fighting them on that. And she was also at the same time, like she’d been negotiating, like starting another job as a terrible thing.[00:53:00]

[00:53:00] Anyway, because of that, my roast, where I was like, this bitch drugged me, that was not included in the roast because they were, it was too hot for Gawker for, for, for, for even Gawker solvers. They were like, we can’t include this in the official Gizmodo roast. And I was very disappointed by that. I was like, so I was somehow MI was like too controversial for the artists, formerly known as Gawker media, which is really funny.

[00:53:24] Like, I, I actually, um, I appreciate that.

[00:53:28] On Irreverent Corporate Tweets

[00:53:28] Brett: and so can I talk about work for a sec?

[00:53:31] Christina: Please talk

[00:53:31] Brett: Speaking of being too controversial. So we have this mandate, like our, as like the dev REL. Division. We have this mandate to be irreverent. This is a word that gets tossed around all the time and they want everything that comes out of our group to be irreverent, but they’ve never really provided us with solid examples of what that means.

[00:53:54] And in my head, it goes to like, Wendy’s like Twitter account, um, with [00:54:00] like snarky, but I don’t know enough about Oracle services and the developers that use it more specifically. I don’t know enough about their life to really hit the funny bone with snark related to cloud services. So I’m like desperately hoping that someone will just point to something and say, this is what we’re talking about.

[00:54:23] Christina: Oh, well, I can tell you exactly what they’re talking about.

[00:54:26] Brett: Oh, do tell.

[00:54:27] Christina: Okay. So this is from, um, so disclosure, uh, I know both the people who made this and the girl who was the star of it. Um, ironically, she does not work for GitHub. She used to work at Microsoft. She now works at Amazon, but she was great in it. Get hub universe this past couple of weeks was.

[00:54:43] Amazing. They did a really, really good job with it. And they did like a five minute thing on dev ops. That was a complete homage slash parody of one division. And it sounds cringe, but it was not cringe at all. It was like [00:55:00] brilliant where they had Emily. It was the sort of thing where you would enjoy it, even if you didn’t get all the one division things.

[00:55:06] But like they had her like starting in like the sixties, like in black and white and talking about how they used to do like dev ops types things, then going into the seventies then going into like the nineties and then going into like the modern era. It was incredibly, incredibly well done and like irreverence and self-referential and like kind of made fun of itself.

[00:55:25] It was, that was really

[00:55:26] Brett: Sure, but that’s like a whole like series. They weren’t me to, they, they hand me a cut and dry tweet. Like we’re going to tweet about this service and we want it to be a Reverend. So I am supposed to take this tweet about, Hey, we expanded the space you have for data science notebooks and turn it into something snarky.

[00:55:49] Like,

[00:55:49] Christina: Oh, okay. So, so,

[00:55:51] Brett: with that?

[00:55:52] Christina: okay, so, so, okay. Again, I’m just going to say, because they, who I hope they promoted this person. [00:56:00] Um, I think that?

[00:56:02] this person is as responsible for Microsoft reimbursed re re um, embracing Clippy as like getting this reimbursed Clippy as me and Chloe Condon, which, uh, I would say like as actual public face and employees were probably the biggest open Clippy stands, the Microsoft Excel Twitter account is what you want to emulate.

[00:56:19] I’m not even joking.

[00:56:20] Brett: Microsoft Excel, Twitter account. Okay. I will take that advice and run with it. I gotta do something. Um, I’m drowning in this, like this mandate to be way funnier about things that I don’t find extremely humorous to begin

[00:56:38] Christina: And to be clear, it is Ms. Excel, not Microsoft Excel, although the Microsoft Excel account, whoever registered it is hilarious because their username is, um, windows Vista and, um, their background thing is whoever does that. I, mean, that, that account is actually very irreverent. I, think that probably goes too far.

[00:56:58] Um, but, [00:57:00] uh, I, uh, the, yeah, the Microsoft Excel sweater account is the same. It’s like, I’ve, I’ve said this before. It’s like the only good Twitter account and whatever intern they’ve had doing that one also, whoever is even running, I think that they gave that person, like the actual, like either the windows or the Microsoft handle.

[00:57:18] Um, because it’s not as like, cause there’s this line there’s like brand sane bay, which was a.

[00:57:28] Brett: Mm,

[00:57:28] Christina: the, that we would drag people for, um, a long time ago where like, if you try too hard, like it comes across as just cringe and like out of touch, right? Like you don’t want to do that, but there is like a line where you can be funny.

[00:57:43] Um, and

[00:57:45] Brett: hold up. Wendy’s.

[00:57:46] Christina: yes,

[00:57:47] Brett: As, as an example of a corporate Twitter account that is like roll on the floor. Hilarious.

[00:57:54] Christina: no, I agree with that. I agree with that. It’s just the thing is like, Wendy’s can obviously get away with some stuff that like Oracle [00:58:00] can’t, um,

[00:58:02] Brett: and the, the topic matter is inherently funnier.

[00:58:05] Christina: totally, totally. Um, but, uh, Yeah.

[00:58:09] like I’m trying to find if there was like, there was, there was. But the Excel account will even respond to things. And they’re funny, like there was an example where, you know, people were asking like what your favorite thing is. And they responding to people like, you know, deciding if you were like putting in a data or a currency, like they totally dragged themselves.

[00:58:25] And, um, there, there, there was a, there was a Lizzo kind of thing back when like Lizzo, uh, when a lot of lesbians were happening there, there are just things that I’m thinking of that were just like really The the Ms. Excel account is good.

[00:58:37] Brett: The problem I’m running into with Oracle stuff is, I don’t know the frustrations, like, I don’t know these services well enough to even drag them because I don’t know the frustrations that people may have experienced that maybe like we moved beyond and now we can laugh about, I don’t know what [00:59:00] those are and that’s

[00:59:00] Christina: No, No, it’s not I mean, look, if it were me, when in doubt, like I would, if it were me.

[00:59:06] but I don’t know what you’re allowed to do and what not to do, I would always make fun of all the licensing shit. And all of the fact that you call your sales person, you need to figure out like how to do this technical thing, call your Oracle sales rep.

[00:59:18] Like that would be my go-to joke to be completely honest. Um, I don’t know how comfortable they would be with that, but that would be the joke. Um, I would think honestly, um, I would think that like whether it’s true or not, and I think it’s probably less true than it used to be, but you know, that’s always, always the joke, which is like, you know, uh, you, you, you call your, your, your sales person and they’ll, there’ll be the ones who will sell it to you.

[00:59:40] Right. Um, they’re what I would make a lot of sure. I would make a lot of Larry Ellison jokes. I would, I would, I would make a ton of iron man jokes. I mean, look, the man was kind of the basis for Ironman. So I’m like, you know, like there, there there’s shit that I would do there, but I don’t know how far you can go.

[00:59:58] Brett: I don’t think there’s a limit. [01:00:00] Like they really want us to like, They want us to develop a rebellious

[01:00:06] Christina: okay. So, so, um, so are you familiar with Corey Quinn?

[01:00:09] Brett: No,

[01:00:11] Christina: Okay. So this is a problem, so you need to know your space better. So

[01:00:15] Brett: no shit.

[01:00:18] Christina: I like, I’m not, I’m really not trying to tell you how to do your job, but like you do need to know your space better. So Corey Quinn is, um, and I think he got it framed because a tweet that I sent about Linda Sue, I will disclose he’s a friend. Um, he is, um, to my knowledge, I think he’s maybe the only PR I think this was the tweet he got framed was I was like, he got a times article because he’s a shit poster.

[01:00:39] So he got like a small profile on the New York times about basically the fact that he’s a massive shit.

[01:00:44] poster, but he, um, does. So his, his group, um, uh, the duckbill group basically, um, Does, uh, analysis and savings for how his clients can not be over-billed or fucked over on billing for cloud [01:01:00] services. So he’s kind of a, a consultant in that way.

[01:01:02] Um, but his primary thing that he deals with is going to be, um, AWS. He does some stuff with Azure. He does some stuff, you know, he follows the spaces with Oracle and things like that, but, but he is kind of like AWS is where a lot of his, um, stuff, um, is about. And so he has a very funny newsletter called last week and AWS and his Twitter account, which, um, you should definitely be following, um, is very funny.

[01:01:28] And then the New York times.

[01:01:30] Brett: name again?

[01:01:31] Christina: Uh, is his name is Corey Quinn, but his Twitter account is Queenie pig. So Q U I N N Y uh, pig. Um, but his name is Corey Quinn. Um, he’s hilarious. He will do like live tweets of conferences and translate things like from, you know, like corporate speaking to actual speak. He will like analyze bills and, and talk about like, this is how, you know, you were charged way too much money for certain [01:02:00] things.

[01:02:00] Like he also, he’s a great account to follow like genuinely and he’s hilarious. And the thing is, is, um, the New York times wrote this very nice, uh, kind of mini profile about him. And, um, it was funny because like he is in like the people, like internally at Amazon where he has been, um, they like, there’ve been weird periods of time when they’ve offered him a job.

[01:02:27] And then. Not gone anyway, his, his, his experiences there have been weird, but they have like a weird thing where some of the people that are very clearly do not like him, but at the same time, many of the people like, especially their smarter people really do like him. And it’s one of those things where like, even when, like, even at Microsoft, I’ll say some of the stuff he tweets about for us, there are people who internally will be like, Well, that’s not fair and he’s not being this or that.

[01:02:53] And I’m like, what, is he wrong? You know, like sometimes he’s, he’s not completely accurate, but, but [01:03:00] he’s funny. And, and he’s somebody that, that has had, I think, a very large impact on like the cloud business as a whole, like people pay attention to him. And like Amazon definitely pays attention to him. And I think respects him the New York times headline.

[01:03:15] This clock computing billing expert is very funny seriously. And, uh, th th the logline is Corey Quinn has made it his, uh, made it his business to understand Amazon’s cloud computing changes charges, and have some fun at the company’s expense. And, um, it’s like a very nice New York times article like that.

[01:03:32] Like I said, I think is the first time I can recall somebody who’s like shit posting Twitter account, getting like a serious article on the times, especially about fucking cloud computing. Um, but he is, he, I would make him and the Ms. Excel account your golds, like I would make them your north star if it were me.

[01:03:49] Brett: All right deal. I’m gonna, I’m gonna do some research. I’ll show up on a Monday with a, with a renewed vigor for this mission statement of mine.

[01:03:58] Christina: Yeah. Because I think that you [01:04:00] could, um, be great. Um, Like, I think that you’d be able to completely name it. You just need to kind of figure out like what there’s always a line. Um, and you’ll be surprised. Like the good thing is you don’t have to be the one who has to fight those battles. Your bosses will be the ones who have to eat shit when you go too far.

[01:04:18] And, and you’re not the one who to fight those battles. And I say this as somebody who myself, like, um, I may or may not have had a conversation with someone, um, after I sent a viral tweet about how the old Microsoft logo flux, it fucked so hard and it was not to admonish me. They just want it to be sure that me saying that the logo flux was a good thing because it was very popular.

[01:04:40] And I was like, yes, this is a very good thing. Um, I’m like, this is actually The fact that, that, that, that the teens are all retweeting. This, this is a good thing. I sent another tweet that somehow also made the front page Reddit. Oh my God. Um, on the 20th anniversary of, uh, [01:05:00] uh, windows XP being released, um, it says happy 20th birthday to windows XP.

[01:05:05] I think when I say FC KGW, RHQ Q two Y X, R K T. And then I continued the rest of like the

[01:05:13] Brett: The serial number. Yeah.

[01:05:15] Christina: So we all know what’s up. And, uh, that got, um, they got one and a half thousand retweets and 10 and a half thousand likes and then made the front page of Reddit and piracy. But like that four page spread and it got like 10,000 up bows and stuff.

[01:05:31] And I was like, Yeah,

[01:05:34] this was a good tweet. I did not hear anything from anybody about that. There were some people who on my team internally were like, were you, were you concerned about that? And I was like, No. I mean, a statute of limitations be embrace the fact that everyone knows what this key was.

[01:05:53] It’s funny. It’s like one of those things that if, you know, you know, and that’s what makes the jokes so funny, like the quote [01:06:00] tweets on it, we’re all people like, why do I still remember this? Which exactly, um, because our brains are broken. So I have faith that you can find your, like your, a reverence switch to make fun of Oracle in a way that is endearing.

[01:06:15] Brett: could put, I could get points by making fun of Amazon. Like, I actually know more about Amazon and AWS than I do about Oracle services at this point. So

[01:06:27] Christina: So, so you, you, you can do that. What you want to do is you want to make fun of them in a way that like you can tie back to.

[01:06:32] Brett: oh, totally.

[01:06:33] Christina: Like it make from the egress thing, make fun of some of the other things, right? Like there’s, there’s stuff you can do, like find a way to tie it back in. But also when in doubt, make fun of Larry.

[01:06:43] I’m just saying, or throw, look, throwing an Audrey reference. They’re like BSB old school. You know what I mean? like

[01:06:51] Brett: the three comm Audrey,

[01:06:52] Christina: yeah, because, because it was, that was the network computer that was going to be the whole, like, That was Larry’s whole thing. I [01:07:00] mean that Larry Ellison was the one who was like the one who was all about the network computer as a model.

[01:07:05] Like

[01:07:06] Brett: Oh, I can crack Audrey jokes all day.

[01:07:09] Christina: totally that’s what I’m saying. Like, like, cause cause you know, Oracle invented like the whole idea of like the cloud computing. I’m not going to say that Larry invented the term, but he definitely popularized it. Like he owned cloud.com. He gave it to, um, to mark Benioff. Um, which in retrospect, probably a fucking stupid move to just give him that domain because you know, Salesforce, but like, um, yeah, like, like cloud.com was like something that, that Oracle owned,

[01:07:41] Brett: Huh. Interesting. You, you know more about my company than I do

[01:07:46] Christina: you know, what’s fucked up.

[01:07:46] Brett: does not surprise me.

[01:07:48] Christina: you know what, what’s fucked up. I didn’t get this information from like the last four and a half years that I’ve spent working in cloud computing. Like when I used to have to write explainers and shit, [01:08:00] this was stuff I don’t know. This is stuff that I knew, um, for fucking Mashable of all places.

[01:08:06] Brett: Yeah.

[01:08:08] Christina: Um, but Yeah.

[01:08:10] um, my brain is weird and I’m sorry, I’ve been like talking to a whole bunch, but,

[01:08:13] Brett: It’s okay. I was worried. We wouldn’t have enough to talk about on a Saturday. It seemed like such a chill day.

[01:08:19] Christina: I did. We didn’t even get to talk about my new Mac

[01:08:21] Brett: Oh my God. The next week we’re going to talk all like the whole episode is going to be about your new Mac book.

[01:08:28] Christina: Um, okay. I’m actually legitimately saying this to you. I don’t know. Like you might still need a 16 inch Mac book or not, not a 16 inch, an Intel MacBook, in which case, obviously don’t but, um, work gate work gave you your Mac book, um, pro right? You’re in one. Okay. Fuck. Or your mini or whatever.

[01:08:49] Brett: no, no. So my mini is all mine. My 16 inch MacBook pro Intel is all mine. They gave me, uh, what like [01:09:00] 15 inch MacBook pro that I never use.

[01:09:04] Christina: Okay. Because I would actually say. you to, depending on whether or not you can be without like, like if you’d be okay with having a Mac book pro versus a Mac mini, um, like assuming like you treated it the same way as in many where you had it plugged in all the time or whatever, I would look into what apple might give you for a trade-in because the laptops are that good.

[01:09:32] Brett: Yeah. I’ve heard nothing but amazing glowing drooling reviews over them,

[01:09:39] Christina: yeah. Um, like I’m not telling you to, go out and spend $4,000 on a computer at all. Um, especially, but

[01:09:49] Brett: have all that sweet, sweet Oracle money.

[01:09:51] Christina: I business expense business. Right. Okay. Real talk. Not even joking here. I don’t know what your tax situation is. Like. I [01:10:00] don’t know those other things. It wouldn’t be because you could have it as both the dual right off with, for Overtired and for your other job.

[01:10:06] Like if you need a $4,000 write off for any reason to do before the end of the year, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea.

[01:10:14] Brett: Duly noted.

[01:10:15] Christina: just saying, because this is, this is the laptop I’ve been waiting for, basically since like the, since my, I had a 20 13, 15 inch Bretton and MacBook pro and I’ve loved my IMAX and I still love my iMac, but this is the laptop I’ve been waiting for since that one kind of bit the dust.

[01:10:32] Um, it, they, they, they, they, um, I’ll stop here, but they basically remember in Dallas when, um, what’s her face, uh, woke up and Bobby was there and it was like the whole previous season was just a.

[01:10:46] Brett: This is an inherently funny question that you think I would know anything about it.

[01:10:50] Christina: Okay. But it’s like one of the most famous TV tropes of all time. Like other people have used it,

[01:10:54] Brett: Alright, I am familiar with the general concept. Yes.

[01:10:57] Christina: Okay.

[01:10:57] So it is like that happened. But with the [01:11:00] touch bar, fucking Mac book, it’s like the whole thing was just a dream and, and they just It’s just like, it never happened and I’m, I’m very excited about it.

[01:11:10] Brett: Okay.

[01:11:12] Christina: So I’m sorry. I’m I’m I’m done. I’m sorry. I’ve been like all over the place.

[01:11:15] Brett: It’s w we’re, uh, we’re an hour and 10 minutes and every word we say from this point on it’s just another minute I have to edit.

[01:11:22] Christina: I’m sorry. I’m done.

[01:11:24] I love you, Christiana.

[01:11:25] Christina: I love you too.

[01:11:27] Brett: Um, Hey, I really hope you get a ton more sleep this week.