246: Cosmic Exhaustion

Back for another round, Ashley Eseuda joins Christina to chat about TV, video games, and the petri dishes we call convention centers. And shockingly little about boy bands of any kind.

SPOILER ALERT: The Loki spoilers start at 6:10 and end at 10:15, so hit your “skip 30 seconds” button 4 times (or your 10 second skip 24 times) and you’ll be fine.

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Overtired 246

Christina: [00:00:00] [00:00:00]You’re listening to overtired, but Terpstra is out because he had to get surgery or something. I don’t know. Faker. Anyway, I’m Christina Warren and I’m here with the amazing Ashlea Asqueda. Ashley, how are you?

[00:00:19] Ashley: [00:00:19] I just, I don’t know if there’s like, uh, maybe cosmic exhaustion, like w that’s I’m going to go ahead and upgrade this episode of overtired to cosmic exhaustion

[00:00:31] Christina: [00:00:31] Cosmic exhaustion. Okay. So that’s what the, that’s what the podcast is called for this episode. Welcome to welcome to cosmic exhaustion with Ashley and Christina.

[00:00:40] Ashley: [00:00:40] Yes. Yes. It’s just, just a, just a perpetual state of exhaustion. Just everything is exhausting, everything. It’s just like all the time. The internet is exhausting, Christina.

[00:00:54] Christina: [00:00:54] It’s exhausting. Okay. Talk to me about that. Like, what are some of the things that are leaving you? So [00:01:00] cosmic leaks.

[00:01:01] Ashley: [00:01:01] I think yesterday, I, you know, I think watching Jeff Bezos touch the edge of space, uh, you know, while we’ve got teachers who have Amazon wishlist full of stuff they need for the school year that Jeff Bezos could literally just fulfill out of pocket for nothing for literally. I mean, he would not even notice a

[00:01:23] Christina: [00:01:23] He wouldn’t even notice he’d get a tax write off.

[00:01:26] Ashley: [00:01:26] would get a tax write up, like, just like I saw at the end, like at the a hundred million dollar fund, whatever that’s fine. Like van Jones is already rich, so I don’t know what, who that helps. Like, I’m fine, but. I think it would have been better for Jeff Bezos to have. And I know that the reason that he did that was the optics of it, right?

[00:01:46] It’s like, oh, you’re spending all this money to like, fly your weird penis, rocket up into space. But it’s like, I knew you, he knew when he came back down, there would be the, the discourse, right? It’s like the [00:02:00] discourse of how much money he has versus the haves and haves nots and income inequality and all that stuff.

[00:02:05] So he knew he had to come back down and bring something. So he did that like big, oh, I’m, we’re going to give a hundred million dollars to certain, you know, conversation makers who are trying to make the world a better place, whatever.

[00:02:17] Christina: [00:02:17] blah, blah, blah.

[00:02:18] Ashley: [00:02:18] but really all he had to do was be like, if you’re a teacher and you qualify, you can submit.

[00:02:23] And he had how much time to work on this. Just so much time. He had it over a year that we knew this was happening for a long time months, at least. Um, and it’s not like he doesn’t have the money to throw at an accelerated development pace to say, if you’re a teacher submit your credentials. And if you are verified as it as an educator, Amazon is going to wipe out your wishlist and send everything you need to, to you for the school year up to a certain dollar amount, $5,000.

[00:02:59] What have [00:03:00] you? I don’t, I don’t know how much I’m not a teacher, so I don’t know how much money they would need every year, but I know it’s a significant enough amount of money that they need to put, put together an Amazon wishlist. So, um, so yeah, I think that would have been maybe more impactful. Like, I, it just feels like a thing.

[00:03:15] Like, I, I don’t know. I felt like, um, you know, it’s nice giving a hundred million dollars to one person, but why not? You know, instead of once, again, like this is an inequality, like thing, like why not just spread that a hundred million dollars out to all the teachers who have, you know, really significant wishlists and need them for the school year, especially with the pandemic, they have to get, you know, extra cleaning supplies and

[00:03:37] Christina: [00:03:37] Yeah.

[00:03:37] Ashley: [00:03:37] just so much extra stuff that they have to have that we are not providing them.

[00:03:41] Um, so I just feel like it’s, um, you know, good, good for you. Jeffrey Bezos.

[00:03:47] Christina: [00:03:47] Yeah,

[00:03:48] no, I agree with you. And the thing is, is that if he did that, that would have been such a huge PR win also for Amazon, because they could have been like, oh, well, you know, um, you know, cause you have to be an Amazon, [00:04:00] like it has to be an Amazon wishlist. Right. And, and we’re, we’re doing all this stuff where we’re helping people, you know, uh we’re we’re helping the teachers we’ll help him helping the community, whatnot.

[00:04:10] Like it really would’ve played well, like you’re, you’re dead on that would have been so much smarter. That

[00:04:15] Ashley: [00:04:15] a grant for an annual teachers. An annual teacher’s fund should be like every year. If you’re, if you’re a qualified teacher, you’re at your employment has been verified.

[00:04:25] Christina: [00:04:25] Yeah. Which they do anyway, I think with some of their, like their prime education and other like programs, like they have a way to verify it.

[00:04:32] Ashley: [00:04:32] They can do it. It’s Amazon has the money and the, and the, they have the manpower, the person power to do this, to, to verify employment.

[00:04:42] And every year they can do it every year. They can verify reverify employment every year. Comic-Con does it every year. So I think that they, I think Amazon can do it. I think it would be fine.

[00:04:50] Christina: [00:04:50] 100%. I mean, they could even go a step further. They wanted to be, I mean, this wouldn’t cover everybody, but it would be also kind of a boon for them. It’d be like, your school has [00:05:00] to register with Amazon.

[00:05:01] Ashley: [00:05:01] Yeah. Yeah.

[00:05:02] Christina: [00:05:02] Your school has to register with Amazon. Okay. You know what cool. Like that’s, that seems acceptable.

[00:05:07] Um, and so I don’t know. I feel like that’s a, that Would be a completely

[00:05:16] Ashley: [00:05:16] Would have been nice, right?

[00:05:17] Christina: [00:05:17] do. It would’ve been nice. I I’m with

[00:05:18] Ashley: [00:05:18] universe in a, in a post low-key, uh, branching timeline. It would have been a very nice nexus event for teachers.

[00:05:26] Christina: [00:05:26] That would have been a nice nexus advent, you know, we didn’t see a lot of that in Loki. Timelines where things seem to be better.

[00:05:35] Ashley: [00:05:35] Yeah. They’re all worse. Right. So is that the message everyone’s trying to send us? It’s like, Hey guys, like, um, maybe just accept this timeline because in all the other it’s so much worse and at least 50% of it.

[00:05:48] Christina: [00:05:48] But like, but that seems weird, right? Like that doesn’t seem,

[00:05:52] Ashley: [00:05:52] Yeah. Like where’s the C I, okay. Can we talk about the end of Loki? Are we allowed to do

[00:05:57] Christina: [00:05:57] Yeah, let’s totally talk about the end of, okay. Okay. Um, [00:06:00] listeners, if you wash low-key on Disney plus, and you haven’t caught up in the last couple of weeks, I will put in the show notes. What time you can listen to it again, but we’re going to now do get into split the time. So, so let’s, let’s talk about it.

[00:06:11] Ashley: [00:06:11] just, just really briefly. I like, I don’t think we have to get too deep into it and 2d paving into the spoilers, but it’s like, I think the end, basically, you know, the I’ll try to be vague the care that the character they encounter him and Sylvie encounter at the end, um, basically offers them everything they want, right.

[00:06:33] To the, oh, what, what can you, what can you possibly want? And the thing is, is I know that this is sort of like a low-key who, this is not the same low-key that went through all of the events of like infinity war. And that’s not, this is the loci that came from the end of the first Avengers. So he’s not really a good guy yet.

[00:06:57] And it seems like this transformation of him [00:07:00] to being this like, sort of, kind of good guy, they, they sort of leaned a little bit on, um, they leaned a little bit on, on the, the last

[00:07:08] Christina: [00:07:08] Yeah. The

[00:07:09] Ashley: [00:07:09] phase. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:07:10] Christina: [00:07:10] I know. Yeah, that you’re right. You’re right. '

[00:07:13] Ashley: [00:07:13] cause to dangle, like why not show him a world in which he rules show him that. Like, I want to see that I want to see that world, like you mentioned, like why don’t we see these things?

[00:07:24] And it’s like to see that would have been such an incredibly tempting thing for that. Low-key like for that Loki would have been such an incredibly temp tempting thing. And it felt like he didn’t even really, um, grapple with it for longer than a second. Right. Like, I know that it’s about his feelings about Sylvie and like, you know, he says in the, and he’s like, I just want you to be okay.

[00:07:44] Like that’s what he wants more than anything. It reminded me of, um, the mirror of era said from Harry Potter, like his greatest desire has now changed to see something different. Now it’s a Sylvie Sylvia’s stew, her being okay. Is, is his greatest wish.

[00:08:00] [00:07:59] Christina: [00:07:59] Yeah. Yeah,

[00:08:00] And I think that’s a good point. And it’s also, um, I mean, I think they tried to play off like his. Coming to terms and like becoming a better person by showing him, you know, uh, stuff about his mother and stuff in the future. And like, kind of like letting him go through that process. But you’re right.

[00:08:16] It was pretty fast. I was willing to give them a break for that because you know, six episodes, but you are correct in so far as like then by the end of the six episodes and the characterization, it’s like the writers forgot, oh, this is not the same loci from, um, uh, he wasn’t an end game. Um, what was, uh,

[00:08:36] Ashley: [00:08:36] Infinity war. I think, I think that you mentioned the whole, like, he sees his whole life, like his future life, like flash before his eyes, but for, you know, for all intent and purposes, that’s exactly what it is. Um, and he sees it, you know, the death of his mother and all this other stuff that he causes. So I do think that there is a.

[00:08:55] There is something to be said for like, having to experience that all in one, [00:09:00] like piece of info, like piece of information that’s like dropped on your head, like an anvil. Um, so yes, like I, I think that that could be enough potentially. Um, but I do think, I, I know watching it, like there were spots where I was like, I think the pandemic, uh, prevented this bit from being expanded upon and like, that was kind of a bummer.

[00:09:24] So it just felt like there were a couple of bit, a couple of pieces of the show that were not quite there. Of the pandemic and I know Falcon and the winter soldier, like they talked at length about it afterwards, where they were just like, you know, we had all these problems. We had to, like, I think they were in Prague.

[00:09:40] And then all of a sudden date, they, the lockdown started and they just had all gotten there. I think they’d been there for a week. And then they were like, oh, oh no, like we have to, we have to get out of here. Like we have to go home. Otherwise we may not be able to come home. And so they had to get like a hundred people back to the U S it’s like, it was a whole thing.

[00:09:59] I mean, it was really [00:10:00] tough. Um,

[00:10:01] Christina: [00:10:01] why it sucked.

[00:10:02] Ashley: [00:10:02] well, they, so they ended up having to build, if you guys, if anyone is listening and has not, um, We can, I think we can say like end of spoiler chat, right. It looks like

[00:10:11] Christina: [00:10:11] Yes. Yeah. Yes, yes. Yeah.

[00:10:13] Ashley: [00:10:13] time ten-ish minutes. Um, but if you haven’t seen the, um, the, uh, making of Falcon in winter soldier that behind the scenes show that, that they do on Disney plus they, they talk about, um, how they had to recreate parts of like Prague.

[00:10:28] And like, I think port was it, I forget the other, it was like, uh, it was somewhere else that they were also shooting. Um, and they had to kind of recreate a lot of that out just outside of Atlanta, like in the suburbs, which is wild to me like that they were able to do that. Like what a heavy lift.

[00:10:47] Christina: [00:10:47] Yeah. Also, like I grew up in the Atlanta suburbs and it does not look like Prague at all.

[00:10:52] Ashley: [00:10:52] No.

[00:10:52] Christina: [00:10:52] not even close. Um, so Yeah. I think I think that probably I, I was being facetious and that, was why it sucked. I think [00:11:00] it sucked for a lot of reasons, but I’m sure that didn’t help with the process at all.

[00:11:03] Ashley: [00:11:03] I think that, um, man, I, I, I really would have loved that as a movie, like black widow. I think it would have been a really nice movie or a longer TV show. I like, I don’t know. I w I liked it. I just didn’t. Um, I, I think the, I would have liked to have seen, um, just a little bit more, and I had an issue with one thing that they did at the end, where it was like, Bucky tells Sam he’s like, do the, do the work you have to learn.

[00:11:32] You have to like do or no, I’m sorry. Sam tells Bucky do the work. Like he’s like you had to do the work. And like, to me doing the work for Bucky would be actually sitting down and going to therapy. Like he literally like leaves his therapist. I was like, yeah, I don’t need you anymore. I’m done. I’m going to go do some work.

[00:11:48] I’m just like, wait, wait, wait, wait, come back.

[00:11:50] Christina: [00:11:50] Yeah, no, I think That’s fair. Um, I, think for me, the problem with Falcon winter soldier was that I thought one division was so good and it was not what I expected from a Disney plus [00:12:00] Marvel show. And then talking to winter soldier, it was exactly what I expected from, uh, from, uh, you know, um, Disney plus Marvel show.

[00:12:06] And I was just like, really? There’s nothing here. Um,

[00:12:09] Ashley: [00:12:09] I, I liked it.

[00:12:10] Christina: [00:12:10] interesting show and then we had the.

[00:12:12] Ashley: [00:12:12] I, think, um, one of the things that, uh, has seemed very polarizing online is the, uh, the whole, like people either really like, or really don’t like some of these shows. And I think a big part of it is, uh, at least from a couple of friends, um, anecdotally is that they, they’re not, they’re not, they’re expecting a certain thing and they get something else.

[00:12:36] So like you were saying, like, I think a lot of people were hoping, Wanda vision, if they have the opposite problem you did where they were like, nah, one division. I don’t really like it because it’s not what I expected from an MCU property. And then, and then, you know, then Falcon in the winter, soldier come out, like, this is exactly what I want.

[00:12:51] Like, oh man, it’s action packed. It’s really fun. And you know, And so I, but I do think that, um, you know, the MCU [00:13:00] is a, is a rolling stone that, that has no Moss testing. It grows no Moss. It’s just continually moving building. Um, it is, it is quite literally like playing a game of Fortnite. Like they’re just like building, building, building like action all the time.

[00:13:14] Like it’s always building towards something. And so I, I do think that. Some, I think people used to a traditional TV model where, you know, you have your, just your typical season of television or, or a single season, or like a limited series. I think that is its own X set of expectations. And then you have the MCU expectations and then you have the expectation of keep moving, keep moving, keep moving, keep setting up the next thing.

[00:13:46] And so it’s, it’s a lot of spinning plates. I think there’s a lot of spinning plates. It’s tough. It’s I, I can’t imagine being a part of the creative brain trust of Marvel studios. Like it just seems, it [00:14:00] seems like a lot. I mean, it seems, I mean, it seems really fun. I would love to be in that, you know, that that variety should act where you’re literally spinning 5,000 plates all at one time.

[00:14:09] Like that’s kind of amazing. Um, but, uh, but yeah, it’s, it seems like it’s, it’s really hard to, to kind of do that. Please all audiences or all expectations.

[00:14:21] Christina: [00:14:21] Well, I think that’s the thing is, is trying to, and I just was really hot on the mic there. I think that’s the thing I think trying to please all the audiences has got to be really hard, especially when you are by definition, pretty much kind of going for the most broad audience thing possible. Uh, because these are as Martin scores, as you said.

[00:14:38] And I, people got mad at him, but he was completely right. They are like cookie cutter. They are like a very much like assembly line, like made in like a factory. System model like they are that’s, that’s not, I don’t

[00:14:50] Ashley: [00:14:50] Well, I mean, there’s a reason they’re insanely popular is because they’re, they, they work for everybody and it’s like, it’s,

[00:14:56] Christina: [00:14:56] Yeah.

[00:14:56] exactly. And so you need to be kind of as broad as possible.

[00:14:59] That was why [00:15:00] I personally really liked one division and I also liked low-key, but especially one division, because I felt like it was not what I expected. It wasn’t as dark as Jessica Jones on Netflix. Um, but it was a lot deeper and a lot more interesting than I expected. And it, it didn’t follow. I mean, they had some of the same tropes and like the tried, but the, the finale to kind of do some of the normal Marvel stuff, but it was not the typical MCU thing at all, which is why I thought the finale was actually the weakest point of the series, but I thought it was really strong and, um, why I was glad I got nominated for so many MAs, but, um, Yeah.

[00:15:39] but, but I think that that’s, um, but that’s a good point about Loki, just about the fact that, uh, The characterization.

[00:15:46] Wasn’t quite what we’d come to expect.

[00:15:49] Ashley: [00:15:49] Yeah. And I, I do. Okay. That’s the other thing, I think we all expected a single season, right? So we all wanted it

[00:15:55] Christina: [00:15:55] actually a good point

[00:15:56] Ashley: [00:15:56] wrapped up with a bow and we didn’t. We got to, now we’re getting a second [00:16:00] season. So

[00:16:00] Christina: [00:16:00] getting a second season,

[00:16:01] Ashley: [00:16:01] traditional TV now, so we can call locate traditional TV. It, it ended exactly as a television series should, which is on a great cliffhanger that answered a lot of questions, but didn’t like if they had

[00:16:13] Christina: [00:16:13] up a whole bunch of new ones.

[00:16:14] Ashley: [00:16:14] Exactly. Exactly. So I think, I thought it was very effective for what it wants to be and what it is. I think it’s very, uh,

[00:16:21] Christina: [00:16:21] Oh, I agree. No, I thought I thought Loki was good. I’m definitely going to watch the second one.

[00:16:25] Ashley: [00:16:25] Yeah.

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[00:18:00] [00:18:00] Okay. So, um, watching any other TV right now, um, Ted lasso is coming out this Friday. Do you have screeners? I don’t have screen.

[00:18:09] Ashley: [00:18:09] I don’t have screeners. I’m very sad. I don’t have screeners, I’m bummed. Um, but also it’s one of those things where sometimes I’m grateful for not having screeners because I’ll just binge the whole thing. And then, and then where are we? You know, and then it’s over and I’m just.

[00:18:26] Christina: [00:18:26] Yeah. No, that’s a good point. I hate that. But at the same time, I’m muscly. Really? I want to know, uh,

[00:18:31] Ashley: [00:18:31] I know.

[00:18:32] Christina: [00:18:32] I think they only gave, it looks like they gave the press the first eight of Paul’s episodes, at least based, according to the reviews, Everybody seems positive. so far. Everybody’s like, cause everybody’s like cautiously optimistic.

[00:18:42] They’re like,

[00:18:43] Ashley: [00:18:43] You know, what other reviews came out today that are extremely positive

[00:18:49] Christina: [00:18:49] That’s what I’m saying. I read them and I was like, okay. I was trying, I was even trying not to spoil myself too much. I just wanted to be like, it’s still good. Right. And they’re like, yeah. it’s still good.

[00:18:58] Ashley: [00:18:58] Yeah. That’s I, that’s how I feel about, um, [00:19:00] psycho nuts too, has a bunch of previews like extended previews. And I’m like, I’m not going to read these. I can’t, I can’t, I want to be surprised next month. Like I gotta, I gotta be ready, but, um, you know, what else got really good? Uh, advanced screening reviews is the new He-Man animated series that Kevin Smith one is getting rave reviews from.

[00:19:18] Literally everyone I’ve seen this morning in my timeline that reviewed it.

[00:19:21] Christina: [00:19:21] Interesting. You know

[00:19:23] Ashley: [00:19:23] it captures the heart of the original and somehow, uh, also adds stakes, which I did not think was possible, but apparently when you’re a He-Man super fan, like Kevin Smith, you can in fact do that. So, um, yeah. Pretty cool,

[00:19:38] Christina: [00:19:38] I’m excited about that. And that was when the boiler wasn’t on my radar. Like I, I re I vaguely kind of remember He-Man like I had a He-Man toy that I really liked. But I, you know, it, wasn’t one of those like essential parts of my childhood. So, um, I didn’t really care one way or another, but I am glad to hear that.

[00:19:57] It’s good. And he, he does [00:20:00] seem like he would be the right guy of anybody

[00:20:01] Ashley: [00:20:01] Yeah.

[00:20:02] Christina: [00:20:02] do it.

[00:20:03] Ashley: [00:20:03] Yeah, I think so. I was a huge He-Man kid. Like I loved He-Man when I was a kid

[00:20:10] Christina: [00:20:10] Yeah,

[00:20:10] Ashley: [00:20:10] around yelling. Like I have the power,

[00:20:12] Christina: [00:20:12] have. I, maybe I did. It’s just, I was so little that I, like I remember it, but it was just this, one of those things that’s kind of faded into time, I guess it’s also, it’s like transformers, you know, there are these things that were like created to sell toys and some of it like lives better in your right.

[00:20:30] And sometimes it’s like, it. holds a better in your memory then, you know, actually, you know, like what.

[00:20:36] Ashley: [00:20:36] Yes. Oh, it’s terrible. I mean, that’s, I think we can all agree. It’s it’s all bad, but it’s it’s, you know, but it, it, I respect it for the way it made me feel at the time. Right. Like that’s, that’s the way I choose to look back at it.

[00:20:52] Christina: [00:20:52] yeah. Yeah.

[00:20:53] I think, I think, um, so as I’m looking forward to that, so no, that’s interesting that people like that because people can go either way with him too, you know? [00:21:00] And, and so that, that’s the fact that you saw everybody being positive. That’s a good sign.

[00:21:05] Ashley: [00:21:05] Yeah, everybody. I mean, my whole timeline this morning, just full of people. It’s this is great. It’s an excellent con continuation. Like, I mean just, yeah, lots of complimentary reviews about it. So now I’m more excited than I was, which I was like, oh, I’ll check that out. Like I was, I was interested. Um, what does that, what does that mean?

[00:21:24] The Leo DiCaprio mean, uh, you know, now you have my attention,

[00:21:28] Christina: [00:21:28] you have my attention, Yeah.

[00:21:30] Ashley: [00:21:30] now you have my attention. So you piqued my curiosity, but now you have my attention. That’s I mean, I’m into it now. I’m going to watch it.

[00:21:37] Christina: [00:21:37] Yeah, Yeah. I, um, I’ll, I, I definitely like, I’m not, I’m not going to say that I’m going to watch it, but it’s definitely higher on the prob probability that I’ll watch versus where it was before. That’s definitely

[00:21:49] Ashley: [00:21:49] same, same. So, I mean, I’m, I’m gonna, I’ll check it out for

[00:21:52] Christina: [00:21:52] Yeah,

[00:21:52] Ashley: [00:21:52] What are you, so what are you, so we don’t have screeners. We have no screeners for anything. So what are we actually watching now?

[00:22:01] [00:22:00] Christina: [00:22:01] Uh, um, I just finished physical and uh, I thought that was really good.

[00:22:06] Ashley: [00:22:06] As a tough watch, but

[00:22:07] Christina: [00:22:07] That was a tough watch. Yeah, it was, but it was, it was good.

[00:22:09] She’s just really.

[00:22:11] Ashley: [00:22:11] She really is amazing. Just amazing. Um, I’ve been watching, this is really, uh, two things. I’ve been like checking out spycraft on Netflix, which is about like the history of like spy. Every episode is dedicated to like a different aspect of espionage. And so they do like, you know, um, gadgets, they do like listening devices than they do, um, in coding, like encryption type stuff where they talk about.

[00:22:41] Yeah. Like, so each episode is like a different type of, or different aspect of espionage. Um, they do like, not the femme fatale, but they’re like, oh, and then there’s like the, you know, the, the spies who use like sex to get information. And like, they’re like, it’s, it’s really fascinating and very [00:23:00] well-made.

[00:23:00] Um, and then another docu series. We like ducky series in this

[00:23:03] Christina: [00:23:03] I liked, yeah, I liked them too.

[00:23:05] Ashley: [00:23:05] We’re watching the, uh, the Paul McCartney thing on Hulu. Um, I think it’s called 3, 2, 1 with Rick Rubin, Purdue, uh, you know, iconic producer, Rick Rubin, uh, where they go through. Uh, so a lot of the Beatles catalog, but they’re also now going through some of Paul’s catalog with wings and stuff like that.

[00:23:24] Um, but they go through the songs and they are listening to like the actual, like studio masters. And he talks about like how, how they came to be, what, like little stories about them, like how the melodies came up, like where they found certain sounds really fascinating if you love music. But also, I mean, if you love the Beatles, if you love music, if you love making songs by yourself, like, I mean, it’s just really good.

[00:23:48] And so well-produced, and just terribly fascinating and, and it’s so simple, like the series is all very simple. Um, but so effective, really, really good.

[00:23:58] Christina: [00:23:58] that’s a really, really interesting, [00:24:00] okay. I didn’t even know this was this, this was a thing. Um,

[00:24:02] Ashley: [00:24:02] out. So it just came out. It’s

[00:24:04] Christina: [00:24:04] All right. Well, cause I love him. Um, who doesn’t I think if you don’t like, there’s something wrong with you, honestly. Um, but I also love Rick Rubin, so I’m excited about that.

[00:24:14] Ashley: [00:24:14] It’s really, really good. I it’s. Um, and it’s, it’s multiple episodes. It’s not just like a one-hour documentary. It’s like, they go, they start with like earlier Beatles songs they go through. And like, he was talking about how they, how they came up with the idea of Sergeant pepper and like, and, uh, like on last night’s episode, they were talking about, um, being inspired by the beach boys and like pet sounds.

[00:24:36] And they’re like, we heard pet sounds and we’re like, whoa, we gotta, we gotta up our game. Like, basically I was just like, oh wow, we got up our game. And then, and then they, in response to that album, they made Sergeant Pepper’s lonely hearts club band, which is like, incredible. And then that, that, that was the response.

[00:24:52] Like, it’s just amazing to me. It’s just like, oh yeah, we gotta make something better. So we’re going to make like one of the most iconic albums of all time too. Like, that’s fine. [00:25:00] And then, uh, It’s just, but it was really interesting to hear him. He just said, he’s like very candid, just talking about all this stuff and he’s playing music and he’s like, he’s playing the piano.

[00:25:09] And he talks about like the way the bass comes in. Like it’s, it’s really good. And so, so interesting.

[00:25:16] Christina: [00:25:16] Okay. I’m excited about this now. I love him. And, and I love hearing like musicians and people talk about their craft and he’s always been pretty open about it, which is pretty cool. I always think about how terrible it is that we didn’t get to. But apparently they used to always announce, like when SNL was first on the year, they would like joke that the Beatles were going to, we’re going to perform like, oh, we, we ran out of time or whatever.

[00:25:39] And, and that he and John were like watching one night and like, we’re talking to them to go, should we just go down there? we just go down to 30 rock and just show up and, and play. And, and they decided not to, but like, it. was something you’d actually considered in like 1975 or whatever.

[00:25:55] Ashley: [00:25:55] Oh, wouldn’t that have been just like the best thing ever.

[00:25:59] Christina: [00:25:59] I mean, it would have been [00:26:00] amazing. It, you know, um, it, it sucks that didn’t happen, but I also kind of love that. Like they, they at least thought about it.

[00:26:09] Ashley: [00:26:09] Yeah. Yeah. I mean, if I was in that position, I think I definitely think about it too. Right.

[00:26:14] Christina: [00:26:14] I would hope so. I think that I would, um, uh, I don’t know. I think it depends. I think it depends, like, I think I definitely would, but I could also understand why there would be people who’d be like, yeah. You know, I’m kind of done with all this stuff. Don’t.

[00:26:28] Ashley: [00:26:28] That’s fair. I mean, and it was late at that point for the Beatles. And so I could see where they would be like, no,

[00:26:35] Christina: [00:26:35] I mean, I mean, they were, they were over, but I guess they were like in a good mental place.

[00:26:38] Ashley: [00:26:38] There were, there were, there were, uh, talking at that point. They were did there. They were friends at

[00:26:43] Christina: [00:26:43] Yeah. I was going to say, I mean, that that’s that’s that I think would probably be the most important thing is like, are we, um, like speaking to each other or not? And I was like, Yeah. we’re

[00:26:51] Ashley: [00:26:51] Um, but yeah, um, that’s really what I’m watching right now. Like we’re not gonna like, look he’s over. We saw, you know, we watched black widow. That was awesome. That [00:27:00] was really good. We loved that. Um, but yeah, I just, I’ve actually been playing a lot of games,

[00:27:05] Christina: [00:27:05] What have you been playing? Um, actually before we do that, let me segue into our next ad. And then we’ll get into games because there’s a lot of gaming news and Netflix is getting into games and steam has a weird thing and there’s all kinds of stuff, but why don’t we hear what you’re playing, but first let’s talk about notion.

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[00:27:47] And so

[00:27:48] this is where notion comes in. It’s one place for notes, one place for docs projects, everyday work, and it goes way beyond a normal Wiki. And it’s the only place where every team from engineering to sales can [00:28:00] work together. Seamlessly. There are over 500 integrated apps, including Google and slack, and you can collaborate in real time and you can tailor workflows to your team’s specific needs and share with ease.

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[00:29:08] Use the promo code over tired. I’ve used notion over the years. It’s really good. It’s like a completely like access completely. my shit, Bret shit. So give it a shot. No, should not S O use the promo code over tired for $250 off your bill or teams plan. Okay. Ashley, let’s talk about Games What games, are you playing?

[00:29:31] Ashley: [00:29:31] games, games, games, games, uh, I’m playing the new Skyward sword, uh, remake on switch they’ve legend of Zelda. They’re nuts, not new, the old legend of Zelda, Skyward, sword remake, uh, on switch, which is very nice. Um, and then I also just picked up, uh, it’s kind of like a twist on J RPGs called Chris tales. It’s gorgeous.

[00:29:56] Um, I haven’t played a ton of it, but, uh, I [00:30:00] started it, uh, yesterday it came out yesterday, so it’s brand new and it looks, I mean, really, it looks stunning. And then, um, I also picked up death’s door. I don’t know if you’ve heard of this scale. It’s man, everyone I know who likes indie games. I really like indie games.

[00:30:17] So, uh, if you love indie games, this game is about, um, You’re a CRO you work, you work in the afterlife with other crows, like as a business and you have to go collect souls, CRO collect souls, and you have to go get this one big soul and then it gets taken away. So the whole story starts, but, uh, yeah, you work with a bunch of crows in the afterlife to collect people’s souls and stuff.

[00:30:42] So it’s a terribly good. And, um, I highly recommend it and I want to say right now, it’s like, it’s like 16 bucks on the Microsoft store. It’s not expensive. It’s under $20. I think it’s on sale right now, but it, but once it is not [00:31:00] on sale, it will be 20 bucks. So it’s not an expensive game. Um, I would say Skyward sword is a full $60 game.

[00:31:07] Uh, so be sure you want to. Like, don’t be, I would say if you’re not a hundred percent on it, watch some Twitch streams, like, you know, make sure you want to spend your, your hard earned cash. Uh, but yeah, that’s what I’m playing right now. And then, you know, I, I’m still beating my head against the returnal, which, you know, I’m I’m good, man.

[00:31:26] They really need a save feature. And I, I’m sad to say that cause I love it, but I can’t save. So, and some of these runs now because I’m in later areas are taking hours and I just don’t have the time to sit down and like really commit to a huge play session most of the time. So, and it’s like, I can’t play until late, late, late at night in return because you get sloppy and that’s when, as soon as you start making mistakes, you’re gets over.

[00:31:51] Like you get one run, you get one life, one run, that’s it. So, uh, yeah, you can’t, can’t be sloppy. And um, and so yeah, return has been tough to, [00:32:00] uh, to get time with. Um, and I can’t really play until my kid goes to sleep, which is out seven at night. So once I am done eating dinner, I’m looking at a run that might take me into like, you know, midnight, one o’clock in the morning, just one run, one good run could take me, you know, three to three to four hours.

[00:32:17] So, huh. Yeah. And it’s just, you know, so I’ve kind of back and forth on that. I’m playing ratchet and clank too, which is just delightful.

[00:32:26] Christina: [00:32:26] So we’re trying to like, is that a design decision like that they don’t want to save system. So they just are basically like, we want to go back to old school games from like the eighties.

[00:32:35] Ashley: [00:32:35] Yeah, well, it’s, it’s a combination of, of these like really tough rogue likes, um, like Hades where like you’re designed to die. Like the whole, the game is the part of the game mechanic is you’re you, you die. Like, that’s just how it is like that the world that you exist in is very difficult to survive in.

[00:32:52] And like, as you die, you get better and better and better. And then, you know, at some point you have a lot of upgrades available to [00:33:00] you and then you can, you know, really kind of not burn through the game. Cause I’m still, you know, I’m dozens of hours in, and I’m still not burning through the game, but, uh, but it’s easier, right?

[00:33:09] So it’s like, you can, you can pick up some, some things that make it a little bit easier. There’s an astronaut figure that allows you to like, uh, you get a second life basically. Um, and then there is a, uh, there’s a device in game that costs like a currency that you can earn called. Call the reclaimer. And that will allow you to, it’s sort of like a save point.

[00:33:32] Uh, it’ll put you back if you die, it’ll put you back there, but with none of the progress that you made after you use the reclaimer. So like you kind of, and you could only use it one time. So, uh, well, that’s not true. I just don’t like spending ether, but, um, I just, uh, but yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s very punishing and, and they really want you to complete a run in a single, a single play session.

[00:33:55] And then they have like, it’s a big game. Like it’s a big game. All of the areas are [00:34:00] like procedurally generated. And so there’s a, there’s an element of randomness to it. So you could be having an amazing run. And then all of a sudden, you just fall into a room that has sort of a like sub boss who just wrecks you and then you’re dead.

[00:34:15] And now it’s over. Like it says, you spent like three hours playing and you, you know, you thought you were going to go get a, a bonus chest and it ended up being a boss. And it just like, you know, beats the life out of you. Cause you have the wrong gun for the wrong boss or whatever, cause you weren’t expecting it and then you die and that’s it.

[00:34:30] And then you’re back to square one.

[00:34:34] Christina: [00:34:34] Are you, are you going to get the steam deck? Did you? Pre-order the steam deck.

[00:34:37] Ashley: [00:34:37] I did.

[00:34:39] Christina: [00:34:39] Yeah.

[00:34:39] Ashley: [00:34:39] why am I such a sucker Christie?

[00:34:42] Christina: [00:34:42] I did too. And I don’t even know if I want one, but the FOMO is $5. We’ll see. I’m not convinced exactly. Well, I’m actually positive. It’s not going to ship when they claim it’s going to ship. So we’ll, we’ll see when it’s available.

[00:34:54] Ashley: [00:34:54] Yeah. So I think they keep saying like Q1 [00:35:00] of next year, and I am very curious to see if they can hit that with all of the chip shortages.

[00:35:05] Christina: [00:35:05] Yes. That’s my big question. So for anybody who hasn’t been listening, steam deck is steam. That is valves big attempt to basically be like, Hey, we have, um, we’re going to be making like a game here.

[00:35:18] Ashley: [00:35:18] We made a game gear.

[00:35:19] Christina: [00:35:19] P people have been calling it, the Gabe gear.

[00:35:21] which I think is the perfect name.

[00:35:22] Ashley: [00:35:22] That’s amazing. They should have just called it that

[00:35:24] Christina: [00:35:24] I agree. I think that they’d call it the game gear that, that the name would have been significantly better to be totally honest.

[00:35:29] The steam deck is just a weird name. Cause I, I can use it. The stream deck.

[00:35:33] Ashley: [00:35:33] Yeah. El Gato. Must’ve seen just an insane amount of search results. SEO. On the day they announced it last week. I’m like Thursday.

[00:35:42] Christina: [00:35:42] Totally also when they did that, uh, they N they introduced a new, um, stream deck.

[00:35:49] Ashley: [00:35:49] Yeah, it was, and they had a new stream deck, a camera last Friday. It was like within like a day El Gato was in the news and So

[00:35:58] Christina: [00:35:58] Right. it was, like [00:36:00] everything.

[00:36:00] Ashley: [00:36:00] it was a long day for journalists who cover both items. So

[00:36:04] Christina: [00:36:04] I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Like, I, I definitely like, I’m, I’m very feeling for you in

[00:36:10] Ashley: [00:36:10] so many retakes on the video we made, I was like, it’s the stream deck? Steam deck. Like, it was just, you heard me yelling from inside my office.

[00:36:17] Christina: [00:36:17] Yeah.

[00:36:18] no, I’m excited about it. Although, like, I again, like, I’m not convinced they’re going to make the ship date at all. Cause valve time and, and everything. Um, but, but it, is interesting. I mean, it’s like a full fledged PC in a handheld.

[00:36:30] Ashley: [00:36:30] yeah. So for those who have not caught up on this, the steam deck is imagine if. A lower, let’s say a mid range, like a mid range, a PC and a switch had a baby and a game gear had a baby. So it’s got the controls on the sides. They’re fixed. You can’t take them off like joy cons. They have the screen in the middle.

[00:36:55] It’s a seven inch screen. Um, and then there’s some touch pads, [00:37:00] uh, that in their little square touch pads that let you, they have a standard control scheme with the analog sticks and the, and the controller buttons. And then they also have, you know, your bumpers, your triggers, they backed buttons. Um, but there’s touch pad accessibility to screens capacitive.

[00:37:17] So you can use that. You can touch, just touch the screen, uh, and you’ll have access to your whole steam library, which is cool. Uh, but in the developer interviews, IGN got an exclusive on it. There was a, a moment where they basically said, you know, this is a computer and it runs on steam iOS, but if you wanted to.

[00:37:38] You know, uh, sensibly erased, you could format the entire thing and install windows on it. Like if you wanted to.

[00:37:45] Christina: [00:37:45] It is cool that you can install like windows and stuff on it and use it as kind of a full machine, which is not typically how these types of things work.

[00:37:55] Ashley: [00:37:55] Yeah. Yeah. It’s a, usually it’s a, you know, it’s a locked in walled [00:38:00] garden, you know? No, no, no, no. Installing any third-party software. We don’t want anybody messing with our stuff, but I mean, you know, steam is all about, they’re all. We want you to have freedom when you be able to, there are games like, apparently that just aren’t going to work on it.

[00:38:13] So I know I saw like apex is one of the games. That’s like, no, we’re not going to, we’re not going to be doing that. So very curious if, um, if this thing sells like hotcakes, uh, which, you know, based on the pre-orders, it is only a $5 deposit, you

[00:38:31] Christina: [00:38:31] Yeah, that’s

[00:38:33] Ashley: [00:38:33] how many people are going to order one.

[00:38:35] Christina: [00:38:35] Yeah. that’s, that’s the interesting question. And then The pre-order process was kind of crappy, like their servers crashed and, and, and that was a whole thing. And, and I did think the $5 deposit thing was smart because it in theory would prevent scalpers from getting in on it. Um, uh, at least for the first few days after they opened it up to everyone, all you need to do is open up endless numbers of steam accounts, add money to a steam wallet, [00:39:00] and you can, you know, pre-order it to your heart’s content.

[00:39:02] But, um, but that still takes a little more time, but I did think that that

[00:39:06] Ashley: [00:39:06] and they have that gate on, um, on, you know, they said you had to have a steam account created before,

[00:39:11] Christina: [00:39:11] Right. Would, that was for the first, that was for the first couple of days. And then I think after that, they were like, it doesn’t matter how old your account

[00:39:17] Ashley: [00:39:17] Yeah. It was two days. I think it was like first 48 hours.

[00:39:20] Christina: [00:39:20] Right. Which was smart. Yeah. So hopefully, you know, the people who actually want one can get one, it’s just gonna be a matter of when are they going to actually put it out or not.

[00:39:28] But Yeah. like you, I did, I did put the $5 down. We’ll we’ll See, I hate myself already because I don’t play enough games honestly, to justify it. And I have a gaming PC and have a PS five and I have an Xbox series X

[00:39:40] Ashley: [00:39:40] See, that’s where I’m at.

[00:39:41] Christina: [00:39:41] and I’m like, I don’t, I

[00:39:42] Ashley: [00:39:42] need another thing?

[00:39:43] Christina: [00:39:43] don’t, I don’t but I know. I don’t But so, so for me, I’m kind of like, all right, I put my $5 down.

[00:39:50] I have my reservation. If by the time I get my like, Hey, do.

[00:39:55] you want to buy this thing? That might be one I’m like, actually, you know what, I’m a say, no,

[00:40:00] [00:40:00] Ashley: [00:40:00] Yeah. Yeah. I, I think, I mean, obviously part of my pre-ordering is because, you know, for work, but, but also, I mean, personally, like I don’t, I guess it would be nice if you could do like G-Force now on it or like stadia, like that seems like a thing game pass.

[00:40:22] Christina: [00:40:22] would love game pass on it because then it’s like, oh, hell Yeah. Like portable.

[00:40:25] Ashley: [00:40:25] it’s a switch for your X-Box.

[00:40:28] Christina: [00:40:28] I would be I would be down with that,

[00:40:31] Ashley: [00:40:31] Yeah. Like that seems cool. Like, I like that. And it’s like, well, if I went to CES, I could have the steam deck and then play halo, halo, infinite from my hotel room and play it, you know, online and like not have any. And it would look amazing like that I’m into like, I’m really into that.

[00:40:47] So it’ll, it remains to be seen whether or not who supports this thing. Who’s, who’s going to jump all in on, you know, their software, their games, their app stores, uh, and who, [00:41:00] uh, who else is going to be like, we’re not going to go out of our way, but if you wanted to install stuff and see if it worked, that’s not our problem.

[00:41:08] Christina: [00:41:08] Right, right. Yeah. Um, and we haven’t really, I mean, we’ve seen they’ve, they’ve attempted hardware before and it’s failed, you know, um,

[00:41:16] Ashley: [00:41:16] Pretty spectacularly. Yeah. Steam machines, steam link. Uh, I mean

[00:41:21] Christina: [00:41:21] controller.

[00:41:23] Ashley: [00:41:23] yeah, pretty much. Yeah. Pretty pretty, not great. And there are the Google of hardware. I feel like it’s like every time they come out with something and everyone’s like, oh yeah. Okay. This is cool. And then like, Google, Google always does this.

[00:41:36] They were like, oh, Hey. Yeah. About that. We’re actually just going to stop supporting it now because this was an experiment and nobody wants it actually. And so we’re just gonna, we’re just gonna end of life at, sorry, everyone. Who’s actually still using it, like are bad. Um,

[00:41:51] Christina: [00:41:51] are you at the steam machines launch at CES?

[00:41:53] Ashley: [00:41:53] I was not.

[00:41:54] Christina: [00:41:54] They had this amazing rooftop party in Vegas. That’s like my big memory of that, that they had like big [00:42:00] ice sculptures and stuff. And it was very fancy. And I was like, cool. You know, like they’re really committed to this. And they were showing us kind of prototypes and this and that, but they were also being real cagey about price and about other stuff.

[00:42:10] And, and there was like this feeling in the back of my mind where I was like, this doesn’t quite seem. Together. But then I was like, but it’s spelled, you know, this is before we saw that they, this was the first foray into this. And so we didn’t really know what to trust or distrust. And I will admit I was, I was skeptical, but I was also like, Wow.

[00:42:30] It was a good party. That was, that was really my big takeaway to be totally honest. Is I

[00:42:34] Ashley: [00:42:34] love a good CS, like fancy CS. Um, I mean, C, C net throws legendary parties every year at CES. We had like, I think the first year it was right before I got hired the first year they had a party, it was, um, I think it was Jane’s addiction. Uh, and then we’ve had like Snoop and Beck and [00:43:00] lashed, uh, the last physical CES I attended.

[00:43:03] So not this one with the one before it, um, was Janell Monae,

[00:43:07] Christina: [00:43:07] Oh, wow.

[00:43:08] Ashley: [00:43:08] uh, which she was just, oh my God. I was like almost crying. It was a religious experience. Um, and then, I mean, we’ve had like some really amazing artists. So we’ve had blink 180 2 at a bowling alley and like, um, was it what’s it blink? No. Was it somebody else?

[00:43:26] No, I think it was, yes. I think it was blink 180 2. I feel, I I’m pretty sure. Cause Lenny Kravitz was scheduled to like play and then all of a sudden, like two days before, or like the day before, I don’t know, it was like very shortly beforehand. Um, Lenny got quote unquote sick and TMZ had pictures of him on a beach in Hawaii.

[00:43:48] Like, so we had to replace him like very quickly. And so it was like, I think I want to say that was the year blink 180 2 played. But I remember, I think I was sick that year. Like something I [00:44:00] had like, you know, maybe I had CES flu or something like that.

[00:44:03] Christina: [00:44:03] a real.

[00:44:04] Ashley: [00:44:04] Yeah. Oh, it’s real. Um, and uh, people think that COVID started, it started at CES.

[00:44:10] I got a guarantee that

[00:44:11] Christina: [00:44:11] I mean, like, I’m not

[00:44:12] Ashley: [00:44:12] phone’s OCS or a Petri dish.

[00:44:15] Christina: [00:44:15] It was like, I’m not going to say that it didn’t start there. Right. Like, I know that it didn’t, but I’m not going to say, I mean,

[00:44:19] Ashley: [00:44:19] Are we sure? Are we sure.

[00:44:23] Christina: [00:44:23] I, yeah, when I used to do CES and NAB, both of them

[00:44:26] Ashley: [00:44:26] Oh brutal. I’m sorry.

[00:44:28] Christina: [00:44:28] I know, I know was way too much time at the Vegas convention center, honestly.

[00:44:32] Um, like I

[00:44:33] Ashley: [00:44:33] all year. That’s basically.

[00:44:35] Christina: [00:44:35] basically.

[00:44:35] and, and also it just means you’ve been like in that area just way too much for any single person.

[00:44:42] Ashley: [00:44:42] It’s just, you know, I think the mistake a lot of people make when they go to CES for the first time is they don’t think about how many people are touching the things they’re also touching.

[00:44:51] Christina: [00:44:51] Hm.

[00:44:53] Ashley: [00:44:53] And so it ends up being like, so the first year I went to us, I got so sick, like [00:45:00] so sick. And I just didn’t, it just didn’t occur to me that the phone that I was handling had probably been handled by 10,000 other people in the last day.

[00:45:09] Christina: [00:45:09] right. People who don’t have great hygiene always. Right. Like,

[00:45:14] Ashley: [00:45:14] and then it’s like, you know, you’re going from appointment to appointment. So it’s like, unless you’re going to the bathroom, you don’t think about like, oh, I need to go out of my way to wash my. Um, and so then I, then I started the next year I had thought about it and I was like, okay, I need to have an action plan.

[00:45:31] Christina: [00:45:31] okay.

[00:45:32] Ashley: [00:45:32] I have to have a germ action plan. And actually I have found this is the best way to protect yourself at conventions like that. I mean, if you want to wear masks and stuff, that’s a whole other thing, but, um, just set a timer, set a reminder on your phone every hour and just go wash your hands for 30 seconds every hour.

[00:45:53] Christina: [00:45:53] See, that’s brilliant. That also gives you like every hour you get like a little

[00:45:57] Ashley: [00:45:57] Just get out. Yeah. Just get out. Take a [00:46:00] second. Wash your hands. Just take a second. Cause the thing is, is you don’t realize how many times a day you touch your face. That’s that’s the big thing. It’s like, you know, you touch all those gross phones and tablets

[00:46:10] Christina: [00:46:10] and then yeah. And

[00:46:11] Ashley: [00:46:11] touch your face.

[00:46:12] Christina: [00:46:12] exactly. Yeah, no, that’s a great point. All right. So we are, Uh, coming up on time, but before we close out, I just want to give a rebar final sponsor of this episode. Hello, fresh. Hello, fresh offers, convenient contact, free delivery, which is very important as we were just talking about, you know, keeping safe, keeping clean, uh, it has conduct free delivery, right to your doorstep for easy home cooking with the family.

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[00:47:42] Okay. So your CES game plan, or I guess any big commission’s game plan too, I guess, assuming that ever returns in person have an alarm on your phone, wash your hands every hour. Um, did you, were you able to escape getting COVID or, or did you, did you get it?

[00:47:58] Ashley: [00:47:58] We, [00:48:00] so I don’t know. And here’s

[00:48:02] Christina: [00:48:02] that’s a good question. Okay.

[00:48:03] Ashley: [00:48:03] I don’t know. And here’s why, so, um, interestingly, yeah, enough, I came back from maternity leave in November of 2019 after I had my son, I feel like I have been in lockdown for like over two years

[00:48:15] Christina: [00:48:15] Right, because you were like,

[00:48:16] Ashley: [00:48:16] kid at the end of June in 2019, did not leave my house for really any extended period of time.

[00:48:23] Like in that four months after, and then the holidays came, which we stayed home. We were like, I think we, the kid had gotten a cold at daycare or something, so we stayed home. And then, and then literally he was in daycare full-time for two months, like not even two months. And then, um, he had a really high fever one day and we were like, oh gosh, like, okay, well I’ll bring him home.

[00:48:46] And his fever was really high for a couple of days. Then it was really low for a few days. And I think, yeah, turned out he had like a really nasty ear infection in both ears.

[00:48:56] Christina: [00:48:56] Oh, no.

[00:48:57] Ashley: [00:48:57] Um, I made the mistake of, we didn’t [00:49:00] really know this. Like, there are some things you just don’t get taught when you have a new kid, like even in the classes and stuff, like they don’t teach you to not lay them flat when you feed them.

[00:49:10] Like they have to be elevated a little bit. Otherwise, like we, we don’t get ear infections as adults because we, our vertical gravity pulls our ear tubes down. And so we don’t get ear infections most of the time because of that. But babies, uh, don’t stand up obviously. And so when, before they’re walking, they tend to have more ear infections because of that, because the gravity’s not pulling their tubes down.

[00:49:37] Christina: [00:49:37] interesting.

[00:49:38] Ashley: [00:49:38] So when you feed them like completely flat or whore, like horizontal. That liquid in there, you know, sinus cavity and everything. It’s just not draining properly or whatever that is. Maybe it’s like the suction. I’m not a hundred block. I’m not a doctor. I don’t know. I don’t even pretend to be able to describe exactly what happens.

[00:49:57] But our pediatrician said basically [00:50:00] because you’re feeding him a flat, he’s laying flat. He’s, he’s more prone to ear infections. That way you got to like elevate him when you feed him. So, but he had an, he had a couple of ear infections, but then we got really sick and like we had, and that was in late February, early March.

[00:50:18] I want to say it was like March 11th. It was like, or the week before we went into like a lockdown in California and we didn’t really even consider the fact that we might’ve had COVID. I had a cough for a while for like weeks after. And, uh, Jimmy had a whole bunch of, and it was weird too, because. When we took Wolfie to the pediatrician, she’s like, I would bet anything.

[00:50:43] He has the flu, he has all the symptoms and she swapped him. They did a nose swab for the flu and she was like, huh, that’s so weird. He doesn’t have the flu. He’s negative for the flu. I don’t know what the, maybe it’s, [00:51:00] uh, maybe there’s something else going on at the time. There were just, no, there were no tests

[00:51:04] Christina: [00:51:04] Right,

[00:51:05] Ashley: [00:51:05] or no COVID tests, especially not for babies.

[00:51:07] Christina: [00:51:07] Absolutely.

[00:51:08] Ashley: [00:51:08] So we think it’s possible that maybe we got COVID like at the beginning of the pandemic. Uh, but if, if we didn’t, uh, then if we did not get it at the beginning, we have not contracted it since.

[00:51:27] Christina: [00:51:27] Yeah, I’m in kind of a similar thing where I think that there’s, I feel like, I feel like grant, my husband might have had it because he had like the no nose taste thing. And he had like a pretty bad sick thing. And I came back from I’d been overseas. Um, I had two overseas trips, um, and, uh, I was in South Africa at the end of January.

[00:51:48] And then I was in Australia and South Korea and Singapore in February. Um, and so, so, um,

[00:51:57] Ashley: [00:51:57] Christina. For kicking off the pandemic you

[00:52:00] [00:51:59] Christina: [00:51:59] exactly. Basically. Yeah. I was supposed to be in Zurich at like the first week of March and I was about to go to the airport and then they canceled and.

[00:52:07] Ashley: [00:52:07] no.

[00:52:08] Christina: [00:52:08] Well, and I was annoyed because I was going to go to London for the weekend.

[00:52:10] First I was going to see Sarah Pirellis on the west end and waitress like her like final performance run and my friend and this his fault, he was the one who like, commits me. He was like, oh, just, just come early for the weekend. And it was actually going to be cheaper for me to fly to London and fly to Zurich and then fly back.

[00:52:26] And He was the one who told me that the, the Zurich trip had been canceled. I was about to leave for the airport. I’m like, you’re an idiot. If you hadn’t told me this, I wouldn’t have realized until I was already at the airport, at which point I would have just flown to, I still would have flown to London.

[00:52:40] Like at that point I’ve already checked in I’m in the lounge. Like, what do you want me to do?

[00:52:44] Ashley: [00:52:44] Oh my

[00:52:45] Christina: [00:52:45] You know what I mean? So I would have just gone to London and I would have been I would have been great, but because he told me I had to do the responsible thing and canceled my trip. He was a goat. Just, just, he was like, just go anyway.

[00:52:54] I’m like, it’s like $5,000. Shoot. I’m not, I’m not doing that. Like if the company wants to pay it [00:53:00] cool. but like, I’m not, I’m not,

[00:53:01] Ashley: [00:53:01] yeah, you don’t want to take that.

[00:53:02] Christina: [00:53:02] I’m not paying that. Like I know.

[00:53:05] Ashley: [00:53:05] You want to take that risk.

[00:53:06] Christina: [00:53:06] No. Absolutely. So, um, I wasn’t even worried about getting sick. I was just like, you know, I was at a concert, uh, the day before they shut down New York city.

[00:53:16] So, uh, that, that shows how, how seriously I was taking everything. Um, but, uh, but, but grant was Like I had a cold, I had like a runny nose, but I didn’t have a cough really.

[00:53:28] Ashley: [00:53:28] symptoms with a capital S

[00:53:30] Christina: [00:53:30] yeah. Except, I mean, I had a runny nose. I had a Colt, like, it didn’t feel like anything else. So if I did, it was minor, I think he might have, he didn’t get tested against the same thing as like, we didn’t have tests.

[00:53:41] We didn’t know a whole lot of the stuff. So

[00:53:43] Ashley: [00:53:43] even have known where to go to get a test. Like, I, it was just, well, yeah, we just were kind of like, oh yeah, there’s just this thing. That’s happening somewhere else. And then all of a sudden, like two days later, they’re just like, Hey everybody, we’re locking it down. And everybody go work from home indefinitely.

[00:53:59] Christina: [00:53:59] so before we close [00:54:00] out, like they they’ve shut down LA again.

[00:54:02] Ashley: [00:54:02] So we have, it’s not shut down. Um, everything’s still open. It’s just regardless of vaccination status in Los Angeles county, you should be masked when you’re indoors. So, um, outdoors is fine. Like there, I think, I think most of the data is pretty clear that it is very difficult to have outbreaks or transmission outdoors.

[00:54:22] If you’re not literally just like yelling at each other’s faces for 15 minutes, like there are very rare instances of like true large outbreaks in, uh, non crowded outdoor settings. So it’s like, you know, if you go to the playground and there’s like one other kid there, as long as they’re not screaming at each other’s faces or licking each other, uh, it’s probably fine, but, you know, Hey, sometimes that happens.

[00:54:44] So, um, but yeah, I think so. I it’s indoors is like the big one and they’re trying to stop the Delta variant, uh, which has sky we were doing so well in June. And then all of a sudden

[00:54:55] Christina: [00:54:55] so well in June and then the Delta head and then it is bad. And [00:55:00] hopefully, I don’t know. My.

[00:55:00] Ashley: [00:55:00] Please get vaccinated.

[00:55:02] Christina: [00:55:02] That’s my whole thing. You get docs needed. Like anybody, like you keep hearing about like these young people who are about to be intubated and then lately like ask they’re like, can I get, can I get vaccinated?

[00:55:10] And they’re like, it’s too late.

[00:55:12] Ashley: [00:55:12] saw that article this morning too.

[00:55:13] Christina: [00:55:13] yeah, yeah, yeah. I was saying like, I saw that this morning and I was like, oh man, but also get

[00:55:18] Ashley: [00:55:18] if you’re not sure, look, if you’re listening and you’re not sure. Okay. Which is like, I know I have family members who are still like, I don’t know. I’m going to wait and see, just talk to your doctor. Like don’t, don’t talk to, don’t talk to YouTube or Facebook friends. Like that’s not, or doctors on Facebook or YouTube.

[00:55:38] Cause here’s the thing. Like those people are in it for clout. Like they’re, they’re doing it for engagement. Like I don’t, you know, Dr. Phil doesn’t do this because he’s a medical doctor doing things out of the goodness of his heart. Like

[00:55:51] Christina: [00:55:51] no. he’s getting paid.

[00:55:53] Ashley: [00:55:53] Yeah, he’s, he’s making a ton of money off of the fact that people out share outrageous things, whether they’re [00:56:00] outrageously good or bad, it doesn’t matter.

[00:56:01] So, um, and very similar, like the internet is built on outrage culture. So maybe just like turn the internet off, make an appointment at your doctor’s office. And if you’re, if you’re not sure, just like ask your doctor all the questions that you have. Like that, that to me is like, you know, no one should, she didn’t do it, but you should definitely like talk to somebody you trust us.

[00:56:24] You know, if your doctor says, you know what, it’s not a good idea for you. You have you’re immuno-compromised blah, blah, then, then don’t get it that then that’s fine. But like, you know, talk to your doctor, ask all the real questions that you have, have like, you know, ask all the real questions.

[00:56:38] Christina: [00:56:38] Yeah, no, I agree with that Um, ask the real questions, but also at this point, like, uh, there was a great piece, I think, from Matthew Iglesias on his newsletter, his sub stack or whatever, where he was talking about things that we could do to get people to have more vaccines. And one of them is the FDA could just.

[00:56:53] Prove it, and,

[00:56:54] Ashley: [00:56:54] would be nice.

[00:56:55] Christina: [00:56:55] I don’t think that that would prevent people who like, cause look, I think people who haven’t been [00:57:00] vaccinated already, I don’t think that FDA approval will go any further for that. Here’s what it will do. It can then enforce businesses and places to like, make people be vaccinated. If it’s FDA approved, it can also open up the door for more testing for people under 12.

[00:57:15] So there are like a lot of things that could happen where I don’t think that like the people who were like in the stall where like I’m not putting this in my body camp. I don’t think that that would change it. I don’t think they’re going to be like, oh, the government says it’s safe. I believe it. right.

[00:57:27] Cause I think they’re already, like, I don’t believe it, but if the, if the FDA has approved it. then there are other things that can happen. And I’m at this point, I’m, I’m all about like, And I’m, I’m a pretty strong, like first minute person. But, uh, and I get that this could be like freedom of religion or whatever, but this is a public health crisis and I’m pretty strongly being like, okay, for certain activities and whatnot, you need to, unless there is absolutely like a, a health reason why you can’t be vaccinated

[00:57:56] Ashley: [00:57:56] mandate it.

[00:57:56] Christina: [00:57:56] you ha it, you have to have it, like, if you want to do certain [00:58:00] activities.

[00:58:00] Ashley: [00:58:00] we, we all have small pie. We, if you went to a public school and you’re our age, you you’ve had vaccines, you’ve had them. So I, again, like, I think you’re right in that, like the FDA could approve it and at least like legitimize the safety of it a little bit more for anybody who might be on the fence of being like, well, I’m waiting for that FDA approval.

[00:58:20] Um, that’s fine. Like whatever, but you know, schools mandating it for kids over the age of 12. It’s like, You send your kid to public school is a public health crisis.

[00:58:33] Christina: [00:58:33] exactly.

[00:58:34] Ashley: [00:58:34] gotta, you have to just then decide like, this is not a situation where you get to sort of pick and choose and be like, well, you know, I don’t want my kid to be exposed.

[00:58:43] You know, I’m not going to get them the smallpox vaccine because I don’t smallpox. Isn’t prevalent anymore. It’s like, no, no. There’s a reason for that. Like, this is the reason, the reason is the vaccine.

[00:58:51] Christina: [00:58:51] It’s like, why do, why do you think measles and other things have like made these comebacks because people won’t vaccinate their fucking children.

[00:58:57] Ashley: [00:58:57] won’t vaccinate their kids, man. And it’s like with public schools though, [00:59:00] it’s like, you have to, so you got to show proof of MMR and all this other stuff.

[00:59:03] And I think California really kind of clamped down. There was a while where we kind of were sort of really Willy nilly about

[00:59:11] Christina: [00:59:11] Yeah. I was going to say, yeah, I was going to say, I knew it’d be enforcement in

[00:59:14] Ashley: [00:59:14] It was like very easy to get an exemption. And now it’s actually quite difficult.

[00:59:18] Christina: [00:59:18] Well, that’s good. So, Yeah,

[00:59:19] so I agree. And, but also, I mean, I think it would help employers too, right? Because I, you know, we had this thing like at, at Microsoft where, um, it’s completely voluntary and you don’t have to upload proof or anything, but you can sell the test if you’ve had the vaccine or not.

[00:59:34] And if you’ve done that, then you don’t have to wear a mask indoors. Um, you do still have to take a health check every day before you enter the office. Like every single day before you enter the office. And It’s funny, like if you don’t you and you swipe your card in, like you get like a nasty email that like, is like, if you do not take this self test thing within 30 minutes, then you know, we will.

[00:59:55] Like, if you, if you do it more than once, like they will revoke your card access. Like it can go all the way up to like, [01:00:00] like, it can be a real problem. So you still have to do that regardless, but you, you can do this thing where if you voluntarily like self attest, I’ve had the vaccine, then you don’t have to wear a mask and doors, which is great.

[01:00:12] But I would be, I bet a lot more people were comfortable. Like I’m comfortable going in now. And, and it’s, it’s open and whatnot. And I don’t, I, I’m not worried. Um, I also don’t live with anybody who’s immunocompromised and I don’t have like children. So it’s, I’m in a different situation, but I would, I bet a lot of people will be way more comfortable if they’re like yeah.

[01:00:30] The only people who were able to enter the office are people who’ve been vaccinated. Like, yeah. I’m, I’m, I’m good with that.

[01:00:38] Ashley: [01:00:38] I like, I think I’d read this morning and this is the last thing I’ll say on it is like I had read this morning, somebody who had tweeted, if I’m wrong, all I have done is harmed myself. Right? Like I’ve just heard myself, right? It’s like, if I’m wrong in the vaccines are harmful or whatever, then I’ve just heard myself.

[01:00:58] But if you’re wrong [01:01:00] person who, you know, refuses to get the vaccine, like you’re potentially responsible for hurting a lot more people. Like the potential there for harm is very high. And I think the one big thing that I wish we would do in LA, like this sort of yo-yoing back and forth between like masks, no masks, whatever.

[01:01:18] Look, just do an outreach program where we put signs in towns, as you drive around, like near, near major parts of city centers that say when LA county reaches 85% vaccinate. Mask mandates or mask indoor mask mandates are lifted. Right? So it’s like, that’s it. And then you just, and then you can list, you can even on the sign, just say, go to city dot, you know, Los angeles.com or whatever the website is, or a QR code, or what have you that takes you directly to book a vaccine as a site.

[01:01:49] That’s like, here’s your local vaccination places. Um, make it easy for people and also give them a visual to see like, oh man, like our city is so close to that [01:02:00] 85% threshold. Like let’s encourage people. We know locally, like this last bit of like percentages of people. There’s always going to be a percentage who doesn’t or can’t be vaccinated.

[01:02:10] That’s fine. But there’s an encouragement on a local level that we just don’t really have. Um, I think at its most micro it’s on the county level, but it would be really nice on a city level to see like, oh man, like I didn’t realize that six, only 60% of people in our city are vaccinated. Like, gosh, that’s a lot lower than I thought.

[01:02:35] Um, maybe I’ll maybe I’ll ask some fail, you know, some from neighbors or maybe I’ll get involved. Like I do think that there is something to be said for visually showing people like what their local community is doing. Um, and, and giving people the ability to see that and say, oh gosh, like, wow, that’s really low.

[01:02:54] Maybe I’m going to rethink it. Um, maybe I’m going to go get it now. Like, or, or maybe okay. It’s time. I [01:03:00] I’ve decided I’m going to go get it. And I want to be part of that, you know, 85%. Cause I don’t want to wear a mask anymore and you know, Or I don’t want any more restrictions. So I just want to be part of that 85% just book the stupid appointment and get it over with, like, there are people like that out there.

[01:03:15] And so I do think a visual would be incredibly helpful and also a baseline like LA county keeps saying like, well, it’s a percentage of people in the hospitals and how many new cases we have. And also it’s just like, no, like just, just set one number. Like it, just that one number, just like look, 85% of Los Angeles needs to be back.

[01:03:34] Say it, period. That’s it.

[01:03:36] Christina: [01:03:36] Yeah, no, I agree with you, Seattle, um, is, uh, at a 75.3% people fully vaccinated in king county. And, um, and they’ve done a good job and, and we had like the largest community, uh, run like max vaccination site, um, in the country and my volunteer there a couple of times. And I was, I was glad to do that. Uh they’ve since shut down the really [01:04:00] huge side of me, but they still have other, you know, sites open, but I agree with you, like, I think make it.

[01:04:03] easy to do. Yeah, Yeah. So.

[01:04:07] Ashley: [01:04:07] it’s all of the rest of it. I had read is like really on a local level with trusted members of the community participating. So it’s like churches, um, helping their, uh, you know, helping their flock, get vaccinated. It’s, uh, groups of people who meet, um, who might, you know, have a trusted leader in them or among them that can help them get their questions answered.

[01:04:33] Uh, and do vaccine drives things like that are supposedly, you know, really helpful. I mean, in LA county, we haven’t even hit 70%. It’s 60, 69 0.9%. We’re very close to 70. Um, but, uh, yeah, exactly. Um, but yeah.

[01:04:48] Christina: [01:04:48] I had to make the joke.

[01:04:49] Ashley: [01:04:49] We only have 62% fully vaccinated right now in LA county. And that’s a bummer.

[01:04:53] Christina: [01:04:53] That is a bummer.

[01:04:54] Ashley: [01:04:54] a lot better than that.

[01:04:55] And, um, but it’s about outreach. I mean, to me, it’s about outreach and it’s about, it’s [01:05:00] about allaying. People’s genuine concerns, right? Like that’s irrational stuff aside. Like that’s a whole other thing, but like there are people out there with genuine concerns. Like I know a lot of members of the black community have said I’ve seen, and I know the history of, you know, this, our own government has done things that are unethical to our community.

[01:05:26] And so, no, I don’t, I, I’m not, I’m waiting, like I need more information. And like, I think that that is appropriate and that’s completely understandable. Like I’m not in that position, but I understand it. And so to me, it’s like, We should be out there or the medical community really should be out there, like going out of their way to answer people’s questions and, and cause they’ve, there are people who have genuine concerns and it’s just like, okay, well let’s, you know, you can’t just trust the CDC to like give the information or Dr.

[01:05:55] Fowchee or whatever. It’s like, no, like this needs to be people they trust like trusted [01:06:00] people. They know that they see regularly their doctors, you know, they’re pastors, they’re, uh, you know, all these people that they see on a regular basis, like there are people who could give them better answers, um, to allay their concerns, their, their genuine and honest concerns.

[01:06:18] Christina: [01:06:18] Agreed.

[01:06:19] Ashley: [01:06:19] Should we shut up now? This is a long podcast.

[01:06:21] Christina: [01:06:21] been long, but no, it’s been really good. I love talking to you as always Ashley, where can people find you online?

[01:06:26] Ashley: [01:06:26] Oh, you know, I’m just a woman about the internet. You can come find me on Twitter. I’m at my I’m at my name on Twitter med Ashley’s.

[01:06:33] Christina: [01:06:33] Ashley has got it on Twitter. Um, and, uh, you can, um, talk to her about games and, uh, uh, various tomfoolery entertainment, culture, or tech, all kinds of great stuff. Your Twitter is amazing. Thank you

[01:06:45] Ashley: [01:06:45] you for that. So the highest compliment

[01:06:47] Christina: [01:06:47] No, I love your Twitter so much. Thank you. Thank you so much for taking time out of your morning. And, um, despite being just like horrendously over tired for talking with me and filling in for Brett, we uh, we miss you Brett, but it’s all, it’s great to

[01:07:00] [01:07:00] Ashley: [01:07:00] better. Brett,

[01:07:01] Christina: [01:07:01] feel better. Brett, but

[01:07:02] Ashley: [01:07:02] you to feel better.

[01:07:03] Christina: [01:07:03] we do, but I’m also always secretly really glad to talk to you. So

[01:07:08] Ashley: [01:07:08] I’m not even secret openly

[01:07:10] Christina: [01:07:10] I’m like openly, just like excited to talk to you

[01:07:12] Ashley: [01:07:12] and wantonly. Excited to talk to you.

[01:07:15] Christina: [01:07:15] Yes. All right. All right. Well get some sleep, Ashley.

[01:07:17] Ashley: [01:07:17] Thanks, bye.

[01:07:19] Christina: [01:07:19] Bye.