245: TV Party

One of the perils of Brett’s depression is an excess of TV, a consequence that spills over into this episode. Get ready to hear thoughts on all the latest and greatest in serial storytelling.

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Overtired 245

Christina: [00:00:00] [00:00:00]You’re listening to overtired. I’m Christina Warren. He’s Brett Terpstra. Brett, how are you?

[00:00:09] Brett: [00:00:09] I am. I am good at for those, uh, for those tuning in for the first time we have a wild ride in store for you, uh, for our regular listeners. This is just going to be, you know, another week, but we’re winging it. We’re winging it.

[00:00:26] Christina: [00:00:26] We’re winging it. No, you have a lot of lists of, of suffers to talk about. We’re not totally winging it. Like we’ve got stuff that we need to talk about. Um, the Emmy’s, uh, nominations just came out and.

[00:00:36] Brett: [00:00:36] still happening?

[00:00:38] Christina: [00:00:38] It is still happening?

[00:00:39] and they’re going to be in person again, I’m guessing. And, but the Emmy nominations came out yesterday, but which actually fits in quite nicely because you have a bunch of TV shows on your list, but first, uh, let’s get a breadth mental health corner update.

[00:00:53] Brett: [00:00:53] This depression has really stuck around like it’s it’s. This is, it’s [00:01:00] been over a week now, which is unusual for me in my more recent history. Like it used to like two weeks was just expected, but lately with like almost zero manic days and then just light depressions going on for more than a week is kind of a, it’s kind of a unusual.

[00:01:18]Christina: [00:01:18] Yeah, that sucks. I’m really sorry to hear that. So, and, and it’s. For a week though, hasn’t it? Cause when we talked last week, it seemed like it had been a week. So

[00:01:27] Brett: [00:01:27] it is. No, I don’t think it had been a whole week last week. I think, let me do some math in my head. I think I started feeling shitty around. Yeah. Yeah, right around the six or seven. So, so I think last time we talked, I was just starting to feel depressed. And now, now I’m like a seasoned professional.

[00:01:51] I’ve been doing this for over a week and it’s weird. Like I’m. I’m not down. Like, I, I don’t hate myself. [00:02:00] The world doesn’t look dark. I’m actually pretty excited about a lot of things. And like, I, I wake up every morning with like ideas and, and like, I’ll make forward motion on work projects in my sleep, because I’ll be like super productive in my dream.

[00:02:17] And then the day will start and all of my motivation just gets sucked out. And I just, I just stare at the screen and I mean, I’m getting shit done. Like I w it’s it’s, it’s typical ADHD thing where if there’s a deadline and there’s a little bit of pressure, I’m gold, like I’ll get there. No problem. Uh, as far as like anything else, especially creative pursuits, I’m just kind of I’m listless.

[00:02:44] Christina: [00:02:44] years listless. Yeah. No, I feel that. That’s so true about the ADHD thing. And it’s hard for me sometimes to describe that the people who aren’t ADHD, because I’m like, no, I need a deadline, even if it’s arbitrary, because that’s the only way I can get this done. Like I had a meeting with someone. A [00:03:00] couple of weeks ago. And they were in the past side, I’d had a project that I worked on with them, with an Inn. Um, and I Totally.

[00:03:06] understand why they were frustrated because, um, we wouldn’t start on time. And the reason we wouldn’t start on time is because I knew I could push and they were okay with pushing and like, they didn’t ever tell me, like, we need to do this.

[00:03:17] And then I went and I started working on a similar project with another team and I was like, Hey, look, I had my stuff together. Like I hit that deadline. They’re like, Well, why was that different? I was like, Because there was a very clear deadline and I know that this is a you problem and not a me problem, but you have to like, hold me accountable because if I know that I can push, I will like, even if I’m ready, it’s just one of those things. it’s like, I don’t have the motivation to ensure that it’s there. If I know that I can wiggle, and I know that that’s like a selfish and a totally shitty and like awful

[00:03:51] Brett: [00:03:51] but it’s just it’s reality. Like people, people ask me, like, I work with someone who’s ADHD, how do I get them to do their job? And [00:04:00] I’m like, just set deadline. You can tell them I’m setting this deadline just to help you. It can be arbitrary.

[00:04:07] Christina: [00:04:07] Totally.

[00:04:08] Brett: [00:04:08] be totally transparent. You don’t have to fake emergencies or anything.

[00:04:11] You just have to say, I need this by this time. Can you get it done? And it will get done.

[00:04:19] Christina: [00:04:19] Right, right. Yeah. That’s what I need. I’m one of, it’s one of those things where I’m just like, yeah, no, I need this too. I need to have this, this thing, you know? Um, because if it’s just up in the air, it’s never going to be the priority.

[00:04:31] Brett: [00:04:31] Yes. I feel like anyone, anyone entering a management position should get like, just a brief how to work with ADHD employees. Cause it’s, it’s not, it’s not terribly difficult. You just have to understand that things are a little bit different.

[00:04:47]Christina: [00:04:47] Yeah. Yeah, it’s totally one of those things, so, okay. So you’re a little depressed, um, but you’re getting, at least you’re able to get your, some of your work stuff done. Like even I’m not the creative pursuits. Cause I know that that was something you were worried about when you [00:05:00] took the new job, uh, in the back of your mind, you were worried about like, Okay.

[00:05:03] well what happens when I get oppressed or what happens if I’m manic?

[00:05:06] Like how am I going to be able to function. So I’m really heartened to hear that at least like you’re getting stuff done. Maybe you’re not as productive as you would want to be, but you’re able to get stuffed.

[00:05:16] Brett: [00:05:16] Yeah. Yeah, I have, uh, our big, um, so our first big event since I started is the red bull. Machine learning lab. It’s like a hackathon almost for, uh, working with 50 years of F1 racing data, uh, red bull racing team. I should, I know I’ve said it before, but, um, and, and so I’m still in charge of writing. Writing the lab.

[00:05:48] And as of this moment, I still have not been able to run it. Um, I just, they just refactored. Do you, have you ever worked with tariffs?

[00:05:57] Christina: [00:05:57] I sure have.

[00:05:59] Brett: [00:05:59] They [00:06:00] just refactored all of the Terraform scripts that I spent hours wrestling with and they’re supposed to work now. So I gave it a test run and it didn’t work. So right after this recording, I will be back on the phone with the Terraform experts, trying to figure out what, what is, what is up.

[00:06:19] Christina: [00:06:19] No, that’s always the challenge. Like I liked Terraform align for our listeners. If they’re not familiar, Terraform is a language, basically. It’s kind of like Ansible, but it’s, it’s more language centric. Whereas Ansible is more like for, I guess, ops people, Terraform is more for like developers, but the idea is that rather than having to. Whatever syntax you would need for your specific API APIs or cloud service or whatever. You just use Terra forms, syntax, and you are able to write, you know, like scripts and other things to automate how to do a bunch of different tasks. And so the advantage of it is that it can work with a bunch of different things.

[00:06:53] So you learn the Terraform language rather than learning like the domain specific language That your, your cloud [00:07:00] solution or product or whatever might use.

[00:07:02] Brett: [00:07:02] That is a way better explanation than I could give at this point to me. Form is a very powerful thing that never works.

[00:07:10] Christina: [00:07:10] Yeah. And the problem with it is that the way that it works, like if it works well, is that you have like these kind of like API APIs written to reflect one another. So if you’re using Azure, um, or, uh, insert Oracle in this case, like you would have like Oracle’s normal API thing and. Does Oracle have a domain specific language?

[00:07:29] Like with Azure, we have PowerShell, but we also have some other stuff we have armed templates is one of the things that we really use. Um, you can use that with PowerShell, but arm templates are like our, our Jason thing. Does Oracle have like a native solution for writing stuff?

[00:07:43] Brett: [00:07:43] I don’t know the answer to that question.

[00:07:45] Christina: [00:07:45] Okay. Well, in the case of Azure, then.

[00:07:48]There are ways that you can work with the Azure API using arm templates. And now there’s a new thing called bicep, which is actually pretty great. I love it right. That good. Um, and, and that [00:08:00] actually uses a slightly different, uh, domain specific languages. It’s like an enhanced version. And it’s kind of like the future of arm templates.

[00:08:06] Like arm templates will still exist, but, but, but bicep is, um, a little bit, uh, uh, has some, um, better features is a little more extensible. Um, uh, ultimately it’s all going to be like, Program down to arm templates, but it makes it easier than having to know some of the nuances of, of arm templates. But how Terraform works is that like the API is, have kind of like a one-to-one kind of ratio.

[00:08:29] So it was like, okay, this is how you would do something in arm templates. This is how you do it in Terraform. And ideally the API is need to have like need to reflect one another so that when I’m writing in Terraform is going to actually do the thing that it would need to do in, in an arm template sometimes.

[00:08:45] That does not work. And like we have teams of people who work very closely with Terraform, like who their whole job is to make sure that the, the arm shit, like it works with the Terraform language. But sometimes it doesn’t because there are [00:09:00] just enough different nuances that when that translation happens, which the user to be clear should never have to think about.

[00:09:06] They should just be thinking I’m writing the script and that this is going to execute the way I need it to. But for whatever reason, It, you know, the, the API translation doesn’t work and, and you, you wind up in pain?

[00:09:18] Brett: [00:09:18] Can I tell you how I got distracted just now.

[00:09:21] Christina: [00:09:21] Yes.

[00:09:22] Brett: [00:09:22] So the arm bicep thing. That was funny. And my brain immediately thought, what if you made a super strict version of the mustache, like handlebars templating language and called it Hitler.

[00:09:35]Christina: [00:09:35] Oh my God. Well,

[00:09:37] Brett: [00:09:37] I wrote, I wrote this whole template in Hitler.

[00:09:40]Christina: [00:09:40] I mean, that’s one way to guarantee canceling. It’s hilarious, but that’s one way to guarantee cancellation. I would say I would, I would say that rather than calling it Hitler, the appropriate name would be chaplain.

[00:09:52] Brett: [00:09:52] I suppose, but that would be like a comedic take.

[00:09:55]Christina: [00:09:55] I agree. I agree.

[00:09:57] Brett: [00:09:57] Could we, can we, can we, can we like split the [00:10:00] difference in call it stolen? Like that’s a big mustache right there.

[00:10:05] Christina: [00:10:05] That’s true. And actually that would fit better than the yeah. Cause both the solid and Hitler don’t have handlebars.

[00:10:10] Brett: [00:10:10] Right. That’s the thing is like handlebars was a variation on, on mustache, but you could make a different ver like a slimmer

[00:10:19] Christina: [00:10:19] Okay. I

[00:10:20] Brett: [00:10:20] templating language.

[00:10:21] Christina: [00:10:21] yeah. No. Now I get what you’re saying. Okay. Yeah, no, that’s funny. That works. But.

[00:10:25]Brett: [00:10:25] Okay.

[00:10:26] Christina: [00:10:26] Okay. I mean, I’m laughing. Um, I wouldn’t be opposed to it, but I also think that that would be just like asking for people to be outraged for no reason.

[00:10:35] Brett: [00:10:35] I am not going to ask our listeners to write in about this because I know full well, it’s a bad idea. I don’t need to be told.

[00:10:43] Christina: [00:10:43] Yeah, don’t, don’t write in about it. We know it’s bad. Um, also as much as we encourage iTunes reviews or apple podcast reviews, please don’t mention Hitler in our podcast reviews. If I can like make one request

[00:10:55] Brett: [00:10:55] I was totally into this podcast until they started talking about Hitler.

[00:11:00] [00:10:59] Christina: [00:10:59] I was going to say, cause something tells me that that like, won’t do well for us. I mean, maybe it will, I don’t know. I’m not going to tell you what to do. It’s your life, whatever.

[00:11:07] Brett: [00:11:07] Um, so how are you mentally?

[00:11:10] Christina: [00:11:10] Um, I’m okay. I’ve still, I’ve been kind of depressed honestly for like the last year, but I’m, I’m doing like I’m functional. It’s just kind of like a, always there thing. It’s like not debilitating. It’s just kind of like ha thing.

[00:11:24] Brett: [00:11:24] Yeah. Yeah, I get it. I get that. What’s the languishing that, that was the, that was the fun word that came out of the pandemic.

[00:11:34] Christina: [00:11:34] Yeah. Languishing, which I think is. Very accurate. Definitely feels like that. I am, I am excited. Uh, I guess in like 10 days, I’m going to, um, and we’ll need to figure out like our old figure out recording time is fine, but I’m going to know, and actually I’m leaving on a Friday. I’ll be back on like a Monday.

[00:11:51] So we find, but I’m going to Colorado to see the band Guster at a red rock Samford theater. Look, I know you’re laughing. [00:12:00] I love Gusto.

[00:12:00] Brett: [00:12:00] No, I am not criticizing your, your musical tastes at all. Amused that you’re young enough to actually want to go to concerts at all. Like, I feel like I might show up for like K Flay or like black rebel motorcycle club, but it would take a lot for me to actually want to go to a concert. Anyway,

[00:12:25] Christina: [00:12:25] get, no,

[00:12:26] Brett: [00:12:26] you can continue your story.

[00:12:27] I didn’t mean to.

[00:12:28] Christina: [00:12:28] No, it’s okay. I don’t know if it’s a youth thing, actually, the guy, my friend that I’m going with. Uh, he’s your age. So actually I think he’s older than you. So, um,

[00:12:37] Brett: [00:12:37] 60.

[00:12:38] Christina: [00:12:38] no, he’s like 45.

[00:12:40] Brett: [00:12:40] Oh, that is my age.

[00:12:42] Christina: [00:12:42] Yeah. So, um, he’s, uh, We’re going to, they’re both excited, but I love live music. I know that it’s not for everybody, but for me, that was the last thing that I did before the world ended.

[00:12:53] I was at a dashboard confessional concert, which is hysterical. Um, but yeah, no I’m going, I’ve never been to red rock [00:13:00] before and I bet I’ve seen. Yeah.

[00:13:01] Brett: [00:13:01] Wait red rock, New Mexico.

[00:13:03] Christina: [00:13:03] No red rock amphitheater in, um, in Colorado is like just outside of Denver. So, but it’s like this huge like venue, apparently. It’s amazing. I’ve heard so many recordings from, from red rocks and, um, but I’ve never been there.

[00:13:14] Um, so I’m going to Guster, um, in like 10 days and then. Um, in September, I’m actually going back. I’m going there again, but that’s, I’m, I’m going for death cab for cutie that I’m like, I’m so pumped about, like I’m so hype about seeing death cab at, at red rocks. Like that’s going to be amazing. So.

[00:13:34] Brett: [00:13:34] Okay. Man, I just, I just, I can’t fathom wanting to go to a library.

[00:13:39]Christina: [00:13:39] I don’t know. I mean, and it’s it’s, well, it always varies like what the things are like, this is an outdoor venue, so I’ve, haven’t ever been here, but I’m guessing that it’s similar to the Hollywood bowl, um, which is, I think smaller than, than red rocks, but it’s kind of a similar thing where you have like, this really.

[00:13:54] Outdoor amphitheater. And, and you have like some, uh, you know, uh, science seating areas. And sometimes like it’s [00:14:00] kind of general stuff. I mean, there might be some grassy areas, but it’s not like everybody’s standing. Um, which is nice, right? Like, cause I’ve definitely been to live shows and, and like, um, I mean, it’s been a while, but I’ve been to like, uh, like festivals where, you know, you’re basically standing in the crowd and, and that, um, The older, I get the less, like I’m totally down to stand inside a venue.

[00:14:21] Like I’m totally fine. Without a stand inside of club, I’m less inclined to like, like if I were to do Coachella again, I would definitely need to like clamp. I would definitely need to like, try to do like the rich person Coachella, even though I’m not a rich person, I would need to like dig into my funds.

[00:14:38] Try to do like the pseudo rich person Coachella, because I don’t think that I could do like the, the masses Coachella that I did when I was in college. Cause I used to do Bonnaroo and I used to go Chella and college and that, I don’t think I could do that again.

[00:14:51] Brett: [00:14:51] I just realized why I no longer like going to live shows. I was, I was thinking I used to love live music. Why, what [00:15:00] was different then? It’s because I stopped drinking and doing drugs, like getting through a live show. I’m like crowds. I hate crowds, but I can do it. Yeah. If I have, if I’m a little buzzed, like crowds can be fun.

[00:15:12] I can actually enjoy other people if you get enough booze in me. But without it, man, that’s torture for me.

[00:15:18]Christina: [00:15:18] No, that’s that’s um, that actually makes complete sense because if I were in a situation where I could not drink. Ever at like a live show. Not that I have to have it, but it is one of those nice things, right? Like that would not be, and that would definitely make it much less fun. Also. There are a lot of people who are in many cases, inebriated around you.

[00:15:40] Um,

[00:15:41] Brett: [00:15:41] which makes it even less fun to be sober.

[00:15:43] Christina: [00:15:43] 100%. Well, I it’s funny. Cause I used to have the inverse. I used to have a rule. Well, it’s kind of the same, but I used to have a rule. Um, again, this is when I was in college where I was. There was a certain point when I was like, I’m I refuse to go to all ages shows because [00:16:00] I like the, the teens, like the under age people.

[00:16:03] And I’m a total hypocrite, cause I was only a couple of years removed from that myself. But I was like, I, I cannot be around this many and drunk like excitable people. Like I, I need booze and sometimes they wouldn’t even sell it. Like sometimes they would, but sometimes they witnessed. You can’t take this, you know, like on like the floor and I’m like, whoa, I can’t deal with this many, you know, like screaming and yelling, like excited people.

[00:16:29] If I, don’t have alcohol in my system.

[00:16:32] Brett: [00:16:32] I, uh, I grew up, uh, well, I should say I went to high school in, uh, in a small town in Minnesota where I once, once again live, but, uh, about half hour drive down the river. There’s a city called lacrosse, Wisconsin. And they have this venue called the warehouse and the warehouse has always been an all ages.

[00:16:53] No, no alcohol, no drugs venue. Like they sell water and energy drinks and that’s it. But I got to [00:17:00] say like some of my best concert experiences happen. Like totally sober in a group of all. I mean, not everyone showed up sober, but you couldn’t get drunk there. And like, man, those kids had fun. If they still have fun, that place has been around for like 30 years now.

[00:17:19] And it is like, it’s where kids go when they like, have it keeps kids off the street, let’s put it that way. I love that place.

[00:17:27] Christina: [00:17:27] no. Yeah. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. Yeah. I, um, I didn’t grow up in a small town and we didn’t have this kind of local things. Like we had to go to the city. We had to go to It To go to the clubs and the music venues and stuff like in, in the suburb where I was like, sometimes you would have bigger bands come to like some of like, I guess the music venues or whatever, but you didn’t have smaller places where people could go.

[00:17:49] So like you always for the clubs and stuff, we always had to go into the city always, but that wasn’t far away, you know? Um, but it’s nice that there are places like that, you know, for the [00:18:00] youth, people that fun, I think.

[00:18:01] Brett: [00:18:01] and like first avenue in Minneapolis has a seventh street entry. That was always all ages shows. It’s like, I don’t know how much attraction it would have for me. Now, but I know that having places like that to go when it was not legal for me to drink yet was pretty. That was awesome.

[00:18:23] Christina: [00:18:23] Yeah.

[00:18:23] Brett: [00:18:23] sorry.

[00:18:23] I didn’t, I, I’m not your statement about not wanting to be at all. Ages. Clubs just reminded me how much I personally loved all ages clubs. I’m not like I’m not upset with your statement.

[00:18:36] Christina: [00:18:36] no. Well here, but there’s a difference. Like I think that, and again, like when you’re that age, when you’re under age, I think having an all ages thing is really important. I think when you’re like 21 or 22, it’s less important

[00:18:48] Brett: [00:18:48] Agreed.

[00:18:49] Christina: [00:18:49] that that’s, that’s my only

[00:18:50] Brett: [00:18:50] and, and like I was saying, I, I really apparently hate going to concerts, sober, sober these days. So I, I hear what you’re saying.

[00:18:59] Christina: [00:18:59] Yeah. So, yeah, [00:19:00] I think we’re kind of saying, but yeah, but definitely at that age, like if we’d had the all ages experiences, I mean, there were some bands, like when I, when I stopped saved the day when I was like in 11th grade, um, some of the places were definitely all ages clubs, although in most cases, Or I was certainly using fake IDs.

[00:19:18] Um, and it was like 18 and up. So it was, you know, not quite all ages, but certainly not like as strict as like a 21 and up thing. Um, and I did, I didn’t pass for 21. All those. Sometimes you could talk your way through that, but I had a fake ID that said I was, I was 18. Um, so like that, that word.

[00:19:41]Brett: [00:19:41] Yeah, they used to, uh, they used to accept, you could get into first avenue with a license with the corner clipped off. Like they wouldn’t, they didn’t care that you would just tell them that, like you hadn’t renewed it yet and they would overlook it. You know how, [00:20:00] like, when you, when you renew your license, they clip the corner of your old license and it’s not supposed to be valid anymore.

[00:20:05] So we never even had to get paid licenses. We would just borrow or like

[00:20:10] Christina: [00:20:10] You would just get somebody who you would just get somebody who looks enough like you.

[00:20:13] Brett: [00:20:13] Yeah. I mean, it depends on who’s at the door that

[00:20:17] Christina: [00:20:17] Well, that that’s always what it is. It always depends on who’s at the door because there were plenty of times when I didn’t even ha there were, there were times when I would go places where I wouldn’t even use my fake, I would use my real one. Um, and at one point, my fake was me putting white out on my real one.

[00:20:34] And that worked for years.

[00:20:35] Brett: [00:20:35] Okay.

[00:20:36] Christina: [00:20:36] Um, I was actually drunk in Daytona, always a good time. Uh, I was at a

[00:20:43] Brett: [00:20:43] the sounds like the name of a, a bad, a hangover sequel, maybe

[00:20:49] Christina: [00:20:49] It kind of does junk and Daytona. So I’m 20 years old. I’m at a fraternity formal. So it’s already just trash, you know, uh, cause it’s fraternity formal in Daytona. Like that was our [00:21:00] destination, like real classy and, um, After the formal, like we all decided to go out and, and continue drinking. Um, like they weren’t supposed to have alcohol like active in, in the ballroom, but of course we all pregame in our hotels and had other stuff.

[00:21:14] And so, and, and I was 20, but my boyfriend was 21 and, um, One of his frat brothers wanted to get a tattoo and he agreed to pay for mine because he wanted someone to go with them. So we went and I got a tattoo. Um, and then my boyfriend got mad because that meant we couldn’t have sex in the hot tub. And I was like, I wasn’t gonna Have sex with you in the hot tub because that’s gross.

[00:21:33] And I don’t know what has been in this hotel, hot tub.

[00:21:37] Brett: [00:21:37] you ever had sex in a.

[00:21:39]Christina: [00:21:39] no.

[00:21:40] Brett: [00:21:40] is. It’s horrible. Everything about it is horrible.

[00:21:43] Christina: [00:21:43] It feels like, especially as a woman, it feels like it would just be painful So, no, I haven’t, I haven’t.

[00:21:48] Brett: [00:21:48] everybody. Believe me.

[00:21:49] Christina: [00:21:49] I mean, I haven’t water and I don’t like it. So I, this was always like one of those things. I was like, I’m not doing this, but anyway, we went and we got the tattoo and we were already a little [00:22:00] drunk, so they shouldn’t have tattooed us, but mine turned out great.

[00:22:03] Um, uh, the frat guys who paid for mine was crooked, which was typical for that guy. And then we decided to go kind of bar to bar. And so we were walking. We went to one place and this all drunk. I am like, I’m getting jello shots and I’m like missing my mouth. And it’s like, the jello was like hitting like the bar and I’m having to like scoop it up and take them.

[00:22:23] She looks at my ID. She clearly sees that it’s fake. She scratches off the whiteout still serves me, but then pass me the ID. It’s looking like a date or realize that we’re walking. I think at one point we went to, like, we like took a Ferris wheel. We were like at some sort of, I don’t even know. All I know is we got pulled over by the cops for drunk walking.

[00:22:42] They they’re the cops because we’re, we’re white and it’s Daytona. They’re like, just get a cap. So they called us a cab and we took a cab to take us to more bars, to continue to get more drunk. So we were too intoxicated to walk, but completely fine for us to just continue [00:23:00] our way along to two different bars.

[00:23:02] Um, and, uh, then we wound up, uh, I don’t even know that. I mean, I woke up in my bed, I think. Oh, no, that was, that was, that was a different trip where, uh, our friends passed out on a bench outside that that happened at a different location. But in this case, I think everybody made it to bed, uh, correctly, but Yeah.

[00:23:21] Um, that’s, that’s my, that’s how my, my fake ID did worked for years. The white out was removed because the girl in Daytona like saw it and clearly it, and she clearly saw that I was like shit faced, but continued serving me. So props to her on it.

[00:23:37] Brett: [00:23:37] You have such great white girl stories.

[00:23:39] Christina: [00:23:39] I really do. I should like write a book about them basic bitch for life. The basic bitch clinicals.

[00:23:46] Brett: [00:23:46] we have, uh, we have a new iTunes review. You want to.

[00:23:49] Christina: [00:23:49] I do.

[00:23:50] Brett: [00:23:50] It’s short and sweet. It’s from Chris knows Chris, Chris snow, Chris, Chris snow. Uh, it it’s labeled one of my favorites. Five [00:24:00] stars. You’re both wonderful. And one of the highlights of my podcast feed quickly made it onto my must listen list.

[00:24:07] Christina: [00:24:07] Aw.

[00:24:07] Brett: [00:24:07] That’s how we, that’s how we do it.

[00:24:09] And that’s how we do it. And thanks. Thanks Chris.

[00:24:12] Christina: [00:24:12] Thank you, Chris.

[00:24:13] Now I appreciate that. Um, and we’ve got a sponsor this week, too.

[00:24:17] Brett: [00:24:17] We do. And I’m super excited. I have been saying for years that these people, these people should sponsor me. Um, because I have been a huge proponent to the extent that I use my affiliate link when I talk about them and I do not actually have to pay for the service for another two years, I have so many.

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[00:27:01] Uh, and, and the nice thing about that, like, I can do that with, uh, with my spouse. Email on my phone. And, uh, and you can do that with the spark client on Mac, as well as others. But this gives you one way to snooze messages that works across all your devices, all of your email accounts, and, uh, makes it really easy to work into something like mail mate, which is what I prefer using for my email.

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[00:27:59] Just [00:28:00] follow that link and you’re golden.

[00:28:02]Christina: [00:28:02] That’s awesome. Um, I I’ve been reading, like you’ve been telling me about this for years. I think I’m actually gonna sign up because. It’s. Yeah. I, I I’ve always been turned off by the inbox zero thing, mostly just cause I can’t commit to that, but that sounds really, really good.

[00:28:18] Brett: [00:28:18] So I have this whole, I have this whole system where I use, I don’t actually use any real email folders. I use smart folders and basically AICPA message has been read and is older than three. Just disappears from my mailbox and like, meanwhile, it’s all still in my actual inbox or in my same later folder.

[00:28:41] But I don’t see anything. So if I don’t act on a message within three days, I’ll lose it, which makes me either respond to turn it into a, like an Omni focused task or just delete it, you know, like I have to deal with it then, or, or I lose it, which [00:29:00] has basically my inbox never has more than maybe five unread messages.

[00:29:05]Christina: [00:29:05] See, that’s great. Cause I ended up missing stuff because mine just becomes overwhelming and, and then I just end up not going there. So I’m okay. Um, I’m going to do the free trial and try that.

[00:29:17] Brett: [00:29:17] You’re going to love it. Everybody loves it. It’s awesome. So I was, I was telling you a while ago that I was getting back into cyber punk.

[00:29:27] Christina: [00:29:27] Yeah.

[00:29:28] Brett: [00:29:28] And I went through like all of the early William Gibson novels and everything, and then got around to snow crash. And I don’t remember if you’ve ever read snow crash.

[00:29:40]It is like I had forgotten how funny Stephenson is. I had forgotten like the, all of the tongue. And I mean, I remembered that the main characters name is Hiro protagonist, which should have been a clue that this was all tongue in cheek.

[00:29:56] Christina: [00:29:56] Yeah.

[00:29:57] Brett: [00:29:57] But, oh my God, this book is so [00:30:00] good. I’m so in love with, and I’m remembering, like, I remember all the parts of it and I had forgotten, I had forgotten how much I remembered about this book, but it is just a delight to go back through it now.

[00:30:11] Christina: [00:30:11] Yeah. I think that like, that’s, it’s considered like one of like the quintessential. Like snow crash, like cyber

[00:30:17] Brett: [00:30:17] Yeah.

[00:30:17] Christina: [00:30:17] books, right? Like it’s basically like, like the quintessential one. Um, yeah, I think, uh, grant, when we first started dating, um, he would read like parts of it to me and, and then I ended up reading it and no, it’s, it’s a great book.

[00:30:28] I should go back and revisit it.

[00:30:30]Brett: [00:30:30] I’m doing, uh, I’m doing fall or Dodge and hell, like that’s the full title, fall or Dodge in hell. Um, that’s up next. And I have read that one before, but I honestly can’t remember at all what it’s about. Uh, but I’m definitely going to go on a Neal Stephenson kick for awhile here.

[00:30:46]Christina: [00:30:46] Yeah. And there’s, uh, there wasn’t, there really isn’t there a TV show or is there going to be a TV show or movie or something?

[00:30:53] Brett: [00:30:53] I, I do remember seeing something about snow crash, um, [00:31:00] at some point in the last few years, but I don’t remember what it was or if anything ever actually came of it, it would make such a good, uh, it would make a great mini-series.

[00:31:12]Christina: [00:31:12] Yeah, I agree. Um, it, it really would. Yeah. I’m trying to figure out like, if it, if it’s happened or not, because yeah. Apparently HBO, max did option something, but I’m not sure if it’s come out or not.

[00:31:26] Brett: [00:31:26] of optioning things. Have you ever read Lizzy story by Stephen King?

[00:31:31]Christina: [00:31:31] I don’t think that I have.

[00:31:33] Brett: [00:31:33] It is, in my opinion, I like I was turned onto it by someone whose literary prowess, I respect. And like, I wasn’t a big Stephen King fan. Like I read a couple of books, they were scary. Uh, he’s a clever writer, whatever. Um, but then I read Lissy story and honestly, I think it.

[00:31:52] Best like literary achievement, that stories crazy good. And apple TV plus [00:32:00] turned it into a mini series and, and it is, he’s a true Testament to both Stephen King’s writing and the production team for the show that it looks almost exactly like what I saw in my head when I read it.

[00:32:17]Christina: [00:32:17] I love that. Okay. So, so that’s exciting. Okay. So I’m going to read it.

[00:32:21] and then watch it. Um, and, and if you say that you think is like the best Stephen King thing, even if you haven’t historically been a fan, like he’s a great writer. Like I think even if people don’t like his stuff, like he’s a great writer.

[00:32:34] Like his book on writing, I think is the. Best book about writing that I’ve ever read. Um, and, and he’s just a fantastic writer. So if you say that this is, um, his best work, then I’m definitely going to get this.

[00:32:50] Brett: [00:32:50] I could not put it down. It was, it’s such a good book.

[00:32:54]Christina: [00:32:54] Um, I’m going to get it. Is there an audible version?

[00:32:57] Brett: [00:32:57] Yeah.

[00:32:58]Christina: [00:32:58] Perfect.

[00:32:59] Brett: [00:32:59] at least I’m [00:33:00] pretty sure there is. I actually read the paperbacks, so I can’t be certain, but I’m pretty.

[00:33:05] Christina: [00:33:05] I’m sure that there is, I mean, Stephen King, but, uh, I’ll figure it out. Um, even if, even if there’s not like I, cause I do sometimes like to switch between both reading and listening, if I can. Um, like that’s my favorite way of getting through. So, um, we also have kind of, kind of speaking of apple TV, that’s a good segue.

[00:33:24] Uh, Ted lasso is on the line. Um, are you watching that again?

[00:33:28] Brett: [00:33:28] It’s N it’s no, the new season starts like three days after my birthday, which is Monday. So like next Friday, I think the new season of Ted lasso comes and I am terribly excited about it.

[00:33:43] Christina: [00:33:43] I’m I am so excited about it. And actually yesterday, uh, as we were recording this on a, on a Wednesday and on Tuesday, the Emmy nominations came out and it.

[00:33:51] was nominated for, um, a bunch of Emmys.

[00:33:55] Brett: [00:33:55] It better be. It’s

[00:33:56] Christina: [00:33:56] Yeah, As I said, like, it was, it was nominated for a bunch of Emmys. And I think that [00:34:00] it’s in contender, like I think he’s probably definitely gonna win a best actor in a comedy series.

[00:34:04] Um, and, and I think that it is a strong contender to win best comedy series. I think that, that it is, uh, like, cause at one of the golden globe and, and when this came out last year, I was like, this should be the like, uh, The contender and like, it is, it is my pick. I’m still, um, it’s weird though, because some of the stuff that was nominated, like the flight attendant was nominated as best comedy, which.

[00:34:32] Brett: [00:34:32] so that it killed me the description of the flight attendant. When I first started watching, it said, uh, like a thrilling comment. And the whole time through it, I was trying to figure out what exactly was comedic about this show. And it was a great show. I loved it, but it was not a comedy. And I do not understand how it got classified as such.

[00:34:53]Christina: [00:34:53] Yeah. I, I mean, they submitted it themselves and I guess, because they maybe thought That they’d have a better chance in the [00:35:00] comedy versus kind of the drama category, but it really like, it just, it doesn’t, it doesn’t fit for me. Um, Emily and Paris was also nominated as comedy and I’m like, okay. Like,

[00:35:10] Brett: [00:35:10] show sucked.

[00:35:12] Christina: [00:35:12] I mean, I watched It I didn’t like it, but I

[00:35:14] Brett: [00:35:14] It was this, it was designed for people to watch while playing on their phones. Like it was a background TV show.

[00:35:22] Christina: [00:35:22] 100%. And I love Darren star, like Darren star created sex in the city, which I still think holds up like a lot of people don’t I still think it holds up is all a bit perfect. No, no show from 20 years ago is perfect. So fuck off. But I still think it holds up and I’m, I’m excited about the, um, like kind of continuation.

[00:35:38] That’s going to be happening in a few months, um, even without, uh, Kim control, um, which, you know, it’s disappointing, but it is what it is, but Emily and Paris. Yeah.

[00:35:47] It’s total background TV show. But, uh, get Ted lasso. Apparently it one, it broke some sort of record, more shows were nominated for it, for him.

[00:35:55]And how many for more remedies, but I guess it broke some sort of record cause like one division [00:36:00] was not made for 23 as with some other show. And then, um, I think the Mandalorian was nominated for like 24 or something, but it was nominated for a 20 eminent, um, Emmy nominations, um, including nods for best comedy series, best actor in a comedy series versus daycare speced supporting actress in a comedy series for Hannah wanting him and Juno temples.

[00:36:20] So two in that category, best supporting actor in a comedy. Brett Goldstein, Brennan hunt, Nick Mohammad and Jeremy swift shit. So they basically like ran out that whole category, um, which is amazing. Um, and, uh, that’s, that’s pretty great. Um, so I’m excited about that. There’s also a really good profile in GQ this month.

[00:36:46] It came out yesterday. They timed it to, I mean, nomination. About Jason’s Degas and the headline is Jason Sudeikis is having one hell of a year. And, um, it kind of talks about how like the last year has been hard on him. You know, his, [00:37:00] his relationship of, of a number of years, um, ended and, um, You know, but he’s also had all this success with his show and, uh, it’s a, it’s a really good profile.

[00:37:11] And one of the things that he kind of says in it is that he wants to be an Avenger. Let me find the exact quote. Um, he says, if you have the, you have the opportunity to hit a rock button, however you define that you can become 412 bones or you can land like an Avenger. I personally have chosen to land like an adventure.

[00:37:29]Brett: [00:37:29] Did you see the blood? Yeah.

[00:37:31] Christina: [00:37:31] I haven’t seen it yet. Um, but I I’m going to, um, abide by basically know all the spoilers about it. What do you think.

[00:37:39] Brett: [00:37:39] Uh, it was, I believe. Said it best. It was, it was too little too late for black widow. And the movie basically served to introduce a new female character. Um, and I won’t, I won’t do spoilers because it’s, it’s a brand new and I don’t expect everyone to have seen it yet. Yeah. But, [00:38:00] um, it like, it was great.

[00:38:02] Yeah. It was funny. It was, it was fun. Action. Uh, Scarlett Johannson did an excellent job, but her character is already dead, you know, like in the, in the

[00:38:11] Christina: [00:38:11] no exactly. In Canada. No, it’s, it’s terrible.

[00:38:13] Brett: [00:38:13] are you going to go with it? We already know how this one ends,

[00:38:17] Christina: [00:38:17] which is so shitty. I don’t know. I, um, allow me to go on like a very brief rant on this for a second. Okay.

[00:38:24] So I’m not saying that black widow hasn’t had problems now has been problematic and what not. I don’t care. And, and that people like, and don’t like Scarlett Johannson. I don’t care. It’s so shitty to me that you have someone who’s literally been there from the beginning of the whole MCU.

[00:38:40] Like she joined in iron man too. So I think she, other than Robert Downey Jr. Has been in the most films and has been in the most kind of things you want. 10 years, more than 10 years, you wait like 12 years, um, to give her her own fucking film, which is [00:39:00] ridiculous. You only do it after you’ve killed off the character.

[00:39:03] When the character didn’t even need to die in end game, which is what’s so frustrating, right? We’ll fucking let Hawkeye die. Like no one gives a shit about Jeremy barter, Right.

[00:39:11] Like fucking let Hawkeye die. But like you kill off the one in the O G and for many years, the only like female, like badass in this entire genre.

[00:39:21] Yeah. Everybody else gets their movies. Like you fucking bring, like, find a way to bring Spider-Man into the MCU before you give black widow one. And it’s disgusting to me. And then when you finally do it, I get the pandemic like that couldn’t have been helped, but they had all these multiple delays even before the pandemic and like pushing it, you know, for other things and whatnot.

[00:39:41] Um, you then do this thing and it, it seems to have gone well, but like they did what I thought was kind of disrespectful to do this, like dual release on both, you know, theaters and on Disney plus, because although the box office has been good, like to me, that was hedging their bets in a way that I was.

[00:39:56] Okay. You’re really not encouraging people to go to the theaters. Like you’re really [00:40:00] just kind of treating this like any other Disney plus release and like, this is black widow. This is an actress who. Whatever people think of her. She’s a very good actress. She’s Oscar nominated. She’s given up 12, 13 years of her career to this fucking franchise.

[00:40:15] You use her face in your goddamn logo. You’ve treated the character like shit. And then the whole way that they didn’t even bother to do, like as hardcore of a marketing push, in my opinion, for black widow, as they did for the fucking low-key TV show, like it’s just disrespectful. It’s just like,

[00:40:32]Brett: [00:40:32] I agree. I really do. Um, there were

[00:40:36] Christina: [00:40:36] score shows deserves better.

[00:40:37] Brett: [00:40:37] there were some great lines in the movie though. Uh, where her sister who was another widow, um, she, uh, she, she, she makes endless fun of, uh, black widows love of superhero poses. Hold the hair flipping and the superhero landings and everything. It’s that’s, it’s pretty funny, but [00:41:00] yeah, it was definitely too little too late for what should have been a far more prominent character

[00:41:06] Christina: [00:41:06] Yeah. I mean, and again, like to me, it would bother me less if they had. Like literally banked on and used her image and her, her likeness and her star power and everything else for years to dry in her ass. Yes. To drive the marketing and the series, like it’s, it’s gross to me. It’s like, you know, you’re going to give all these other like, like ant man has a movie first, like really. And has two movies. It’s like, what are you even doing? It’s like a black widow. Can’t like, it’s just, it’s ridiculous that, that, you know, I mean, nothing against Bri, um, um, what’s her face, but, um, you know, like captain Marvel should not have happened before black widow and, and black widow shouldn’t have died, fucking kill Hawkeye.

[00:41:45] He doesn’t care like. You know, I mean, I don’t know, it’s just, it’s disrespectful to me. And it’s one of those very clear sexism things, um, that they wouldn’t have treated a male star with that level of star power when [00:42:00] they joined the franchise, the way that they treated her,

[00:42:03] Brett: [00:42:03] Speaking of sexism. Are you watching physics?

[00:42:05]Christina: [00:42:05] I’m not, but I’m, I’m, I’m going to, um, w w uh, tell me.

[00:42:11] Brett: [00:42:11] Well, so if you’ve ever wanted to be inside the head of a Billy Mick, a Jazzercise instructor in the eighties, it is, this is your show.

[00:42:24]Christina: [00:42:24] Oh, yeah, no, yeah. This, this is the rose Buren one,

[00:42:27] Brett: [00:42:27] Yes. And she is amazing in it. Like half, half the dialogue is voiceover. Like you hear her inner dialogue as all of these things are happening. So she’s thinking one saying one thing and saying another, and it’s this constant interplay between a highly self-critical self-loathing. Like she’s gorgeous. I mean, rose Byrne is she’s, she’s beautiful, but the, the character has this constant inner dialogue about what a fat ugly bitch.

[00:42:56] She is her words, not mine. [00:43:00] And, and just like constantly, uh, just the self-loathing and meanwhile, you know, putting on this, this happy, shiny face and becoming a dance instructor and no, it’s, it’s, it’s great. It’s a real.

[00:43:16]Christina: [00:43:16] Um, I’ve yeah. And it just ended, so I can, I can now stream, um, I

[00:43:21] Brett: [00:43:21] Yeah. I think that last episode came. I think the last one comes out this Friday.

[00:43:26] Christina: [00:43:26] Okay. Okay. Well then will, I’ll be able to get close enough to binge the whole thing. So, yeah.

[00:43:30] Um, I love her. We’ve talked about her and how much we love her before she

[00:43:35] Brett: [00:43:35] she

[00:43:36] Christina: [00:43:36] She’s she’s like highly underrated. She’s such a good comic actress. She usually plays the straight man, but she’s so good. Like,

[00:43:42] Brett: [00:43:42] Oh, the neighbor’s movies. I loved her so much.

[00:43:46] Christina: [00:43:46] I know me too.

[00:43:47] She was so good in those and inspire, like, she was so good in spy, um, uh, uh, bridesmaids as well, but yeah.

[00:43:55] the neighbor’s movies, I was always, I was like, so impressed. I was like, yeah, like [00:44:00] you’re, you’re cool. Like she, she has a lot of range as an actor. Um, w in a way that a lot of other actresses who, you know, have a kind of her look and like physicality or whatever, like don’t, um, she’s funny.

[00:44:15] I really, but she’s also, she she’s really good. So I’m, I’m looking forward to, uh, to watching this, um,

[00:44:20] Brett: [00:44:20] it.

[00:44:21] Christina: [00:44:21] um, what’s the one about the, uh, about the video games? Um,

[00:44:27] Brett: [00:44:27] Oh, mythic quest.

[00:44:28] Christina: [00:44:28] Yeah. I like method,

[00:44:29] Brett: [00:44:29] Yeah. Yeah. I just, I just did the S what season two, I guess I had missed that there was a whole new season, so I went through that pretty quick. I’m all caught up now.

[00:44:42] Christina: [00:44:42] yeah,

[00:44:42] Um, I, uh, I love, um, always sunny and, and I love those guys, so, and it’s, it’s neat to see them do something. That’s I mean, obviously it’s always sunny is like the, this point I think has the longest running, um, live action sitcom.

[00:44:58] Brett: [00:44:58] I did not realize until [00:45:00] like season 50 of Sonny, that it was written by Charlie day. And that cracked me up because his character, like, if I couldn’t imagine who would present Charlie script to, and or who would be presented with that script and then, and then gladly sign on. But the fact that he wrote it for himself kills me.

[00:45:24] Christina: [00:45:24] Yeah, no, totally. And the fact that like his real life wife is the waitress.

[00:45:28] Brett: [00:45:28] Oh yeah.

[00:45:29]Christina: [00:45:29] Yeah, no, uh, yeah, no Glenn Howard 10 Charlie day and Rob, um, McEleney, uh, created the show and, um, and then, um, uh, and there obviously, uh, Dennis, uh, Mac and Charlie, and then, um, and then, um, Mac married, um, uh, The sweet tea, Caitlin, like fairly early into the show, like they met when they cast her and then they got married.

[00:45:52] Um, and, and then like the waitresses you part of like, basically, it’s kind of like a family thing, which I think is pretty awesome actually. Like [00:46:00] It’s

[00:46:00] Brett: [00:46:00] It’s a family business.

[00:46:01] Christina: [00:46:01] It is a family business.

[00:46:02] It’s such a drain show. Like, you know, like, um, Danny DeVito was supposed to just be kind of a bit thing. And then he like, had so much fun.

[00:46:10] He was like, yeah, this is what I’ll do with my life.

[00:46:12] Brett: [00:46:12] Yep.

[00:46:13] Christina: [00:46:13] Let’s just do it, which, which I love like apparently the first season, cause he came in the second season and apparently the first season, like they shot all his scene separately. Um, or, you know, at, at one time because you know, he’s Danny DeVito and didn’t know if he was going to really be wanting to do the show thing or whatever.

[00:46:29] So, you know, they would have like certain days where they would just get all of this stuff at once and maybe do them out of order. Um, and then he had such a good time. He was. No, I’m, I’m in.

[00:46:39] like, I want to be fully into this and like, and you see the progression of the front character go from being like more of the businessman and more kind of like straight man stuff at first to just slowly, uh, by the end of the second season, you see a little bit, but really starting the third season and beyond like, just embracing the depravity the same as the rest of them.

[00:46:57] It’s So. good.

[00:46:58] Brett: [00:46:58] So. [00:47:00] I’ll bring up before we try to talk about something other than TV, maybe do we even want to who cares? Um, but, uh, have you seen atypical,

[00:47:11] Christina: [00:47:11] I have not.

[00:47:12] Brett: [00:47:12] uh, I told you a while ago about a show called love on the spectrum.

[00:47:17] Christina: [00:47:17] Yeah.

[00:47:17] Brett: [00:47:17] And it was about like, uh, ASD people, uh, dating. It was a dating show and, uh, atypical is a comedy completely unrelated, except for they’re both about autism.

[00:47:30] Um, but it’s a comedy, a drama. No, it’s not a drama. It’s a comedy, um, about, uh, a young man going off to college. Uh, and he is dealing with, you know, being an ASD person and it is. Delightful like this show. Sh if it’s not up for awards, should be, I highly recommend it.

[00:47:55] Christina: [00:47:55] Okay, I’ll check this out. Cause usually this isn’t The sort of thing that would normally kind of ping my [00:48:00] radar, but you’re saying it’s good, which is, um, And Jennifer, Jason Lee is in it and I really like her,

[00:48:06] Brett: [00:48:06] character is she the mom?

[00:48:08] Christina: [00:48:08] yeah.

[00:48:09] Brett: [00:48:09] Uh, the characters in this show are, uh, deep and well-written and they will all grow on you in one way or another. It is excellent writing.

[00:48:21]Christina: [00:48:21] Nice. Okay. Let’s check that out. So we also have this thing on here as we’re kind of running out of time that, uh, you’ve touched bar news. So Are you or are you trying to use your touch bar again?

[00:48:31] Brett: [00:48:31] here’s the thing is I don’t have one anymore. Um, like I, I, I handed down my Mac book pro two L and I got myself an M one Mac mini, and I suddenly don’t have a touch bar, but there were a couple of things that I had actually hacked into the touch bar on my. MacBook pro that I did find really useful.

[00:48:54] Like when I CD into a project directory, uh, it pops [00:49:00] up. So I have this thing called how’s it where I can ask, like in any project that I can keep notes on how to do different things within the project and that I can type, like, how has it build, how how’s it deploy? And it’ll remind me how all of this stuff works and how’s, it can also be a task runner.

[00:49:18] So if you can almost, you can create like a matrix. For any project and then use how’s it to run the tasks. And I had it set up so that when I see the, into a project rectory that had a how’s it notes file, it would create buttons on my touch bar for all of the tasks that it was able to run. And that was super useful.

[00:49:41] I use that. I like legit used it to the extent where even if my laptop was docked over to the side, I would like reach over to hit the button. Even though they weren’t right in front of me. So anyway, I was missing stuff like that. So I started playing around with a touch bar simulator, and that [00:50:00] turned into this whole, I’m working on a blog post on this, but I ended up writing a bunch of scripts that I eventually consolidated into one big script that you can send sub commands to.

[00:50:12] And my touch bar now has like. Integration with my command line, time trackers, CPU, load readouts with different averages, full weather reports for the week ahead. Uh, all of my bunches get like you can see which bunches are open and which bunches are closed at any given time. Uh, full control of my music.

[00:50:36] This is all with better touch tool, but anyway, yeah. It got intense. And it’s hilarious to me that I did all this after I no longer had a touch bar

[00:50:46] Christina: [00:50:46] Right. I was going to say so,

[00:50:48] Brett: [00:50:48] and, and apple is apple is officially canceling the touch bar. Like the touch bar won’t even exist in a couple years. So this is, this is, um, I guess a last hurrah. [00:51:00]

[00:51:00]Christina: [00:51:00] Yeah, I guess so, um, I’m although, I mean, I would think maybe, obviously it, it It’s different, but it’s possible. You could turn some of this stuff into things for like your strings.

[00:51:12] Brett: [00:51:12] It’s feedback. And a lot of what I’ve done does easily translate to menu bar.

[00:51:17] Christina: [00:51:17] Right. Um, speaking of your stream deck, did, did El Gato ever, ever get back to you and like fix that for

[00:51:22] Brett: [00:51:22] They gave me an RMA. I sent in my stream deck. Many. I have not heard a peep since,

[00:51:30]Christina: [00:51:30] How long ago was that?

[00:51:32] Brett: [00:51:32] a couple of weeks now.

[00:51:34] Christina: [00:51:34] Wow.

[00:51:34] Brett: [00:51:34] Yeah, they’re slow. I did get my new Synology. And that’s like all up and running. Didn’t lose a beat. Everything’s awesome. Synology rocks. I’m super happy. El Gato. On the other hand, like I had to demand eventually it was like, they were like, well, Hey, try installing this version of the software.

[00:51:52] And I was

[00:51:53] Christina: [00:51:53] You’re like, it doesn’t turn on. You’re like, it’s dead. You need to send me a new unit. Like this is ridiculous. Yeah.

[00:51:58] Brett: [00:51:58] That was exactly how [00:52:00] it went. And they immediately said, okay, here’s an RMA. You pay for shipping and, and we’ll take care of it. And then they just, they haven’t we’ll see.

[00:52:10]Christina: [00:52:10] Yeah. Yeah. Um, that sucks. I think we bought mine at best buy. So of mine breaks. I think at least within the year, I’ll be able to take it back to Boston.

[00:52:21] Brett: [00:52:21] Yeah, mine was within a year. You’re so annoying. Oh

[00:52:25] Christina: [00:52:25] Totally. Oh, no, I agree. No, I’m just saying like it, cause I hate when companies do that whole, you have to pay for shipping thing when it’s within a year, but many of them do the way around that, depending on where you bought it. Like Amazon’s a little weird, like if it’s within 30 days. Yeah.

[00:52:38] But if it’s within a year that usually will still make you go to the manufacturer.

[00:52:41] But if you bought it like at a physical store, um, or, or even online, but a place that has physical locations. In most cases, you can bring your receipt and go back that physical location and they’ll deal with it. So that’s the reason why I do recommend if you know, the company has the policy where they make you pay for return [00:53:00] shipping, um, to buy things from like best buy, um, because they’re just easier to deal with.

[00:53:08] Uh, but that’s getting harder and harder because it’s not that many, like places that. Exist for consumer electronics, um, that have physical locations. Um, but it it’s frustrating. Yeah. Cause, um, that, that that’s annoying. Uh, AMD, this was the worst. So I bought a, I bought two processors. And one of them, I accidentally bought the wrong one.

[00:53:29] Like there, their web store, the way that it looked like I bought the wrong thing and that was on me, but I’m, and I instantly realized I bought the wrong thing and they don’t give you a way to cancel the order. Like there’s no way in their system that you can cancel the order. Even 15 seconds after it’s done.

[00:53:43] Like there’s no way. And so they told me, they’re like, oh, well you can deny the shipment. And I’m like, no, I can’t because. People don’t because of COVID people aren’t even signing for delivery anymore. Um, they were like, or once you get it, you can mail it back. So I get it. Then I emailed them. I’m like, Okay.

[00:54:00] [00:53:59] I got the wrong thing.

[00:54:00] I need to RMA thing from you. You know, I would need to return, took photos to show that it was sealed, nothing to change, et cetera. And then they went back and forth and me, they initially wanted me to pay to mail it back and I was. No, you’re going to send me a FedEx label. Um, I’m not, I’m not paying to, to ship this back to you when I didn’t want to make the purchase to begin with, like, this is, this is dumb and they did relent and give me, you know, like the label, but it was just like the most frustrating thing.

[00:54:29] And then I had to wait like a couple of days, every time I’d emailed them to like, get, you know, the thing back. And I was like, why, why is your e-commerce system so terrible that you cannot cancel an order? Within 15 seconds of it being placed. Like what the hell

[00:54:44] Brett: [00:54:44] Yeah, that’s the modern economy. Better than that.

[00:54:49] Christina: [00:54:49] it really should. And it’s, and I’m like, you’re AMD, right? Like you’re not some small like, place like you and you’ve outsourced it to someone, but maybe outsource is somewhat better. I don’t know. [00:55:00] Anyway, that’s my one.

[00:55:01]Brett: [00:55:01] Yeah. My coworker, the other day we’re we’re, we’re working with a. Consulting firm for some design work and or some web development work. And, and she asked, why are we, why are we farming this out? We’re Oracle and I, our consensus was that you were farming it out because we are Oracle. And sometimes in a big corporation, you want to get things done.

[00:55:28] You got to go outside the corporation.

[00:55:31] Christina: [00:55:31] Yes. No. And, and like, I understand like AMD, like, vendoring it out. I totally. get that. It was just like, use a better company. Right? Like you have, you have your options, but yeah. Yeah. You’re exactly right though. Cause it is one of those questions, like why are we outsourcing this? And it’s like, because we know that this will be more efficient and cost less money.

[00:55:51] Brett: [00:55:51] Yeah. We came to the same conclusion, Aaron and I.

[00:55:55]Christina: [00:55:55] Okay, well, um, this has been fun. I hope, uh, [00:56:00] I hope that this was good for you. I think that actually, we got through like a pretty jam packed and, and good episode

[00:56:05] Brett: [00:56:05] was a wild ride as predicted.

[00:56:08] Christina: [00:56:08] as predicted.

[00:56:09] Brett: [00:56:09] I hope, I hope everyone’s happy,

[00:56:12] Christina: [00:56:12] Yeah, I hope so. Again, like leave us those five star reviews on apple

[00:56:16] Brett: [00:56:16] Or to start as long as

[00:56:17] Christina: [00:56:17] or two stars, whatever, as long as it’s funny, again, like that’s the most important thing.

[00:56:20]Brett: [00:56:20] Make it funny. I w they will get red on the air.

[00:56:25] Christina: [00:56:25] Yes, the funnier the

[00:56:26] Brett: [00:56:26] like, you can, it couldn’t make me say, this is your opportunity to get me to say exactly the words you want to hear me say, just put it in an iTunes review and I will read it verbatim on the air.

[00:56:38] Christina: [00:56:38] I love it.

[00:56:40] Brett: [00:56:40] I’m going to get myself in trouble. Anyway. I hope you have a great week, uh, for anyone keeping track next week, we will have another episode with two Christina’s.

[00:56:50] I mean, Christina and Ashley,

[00:56:52] Christina: [00:56:52] We’re so excited.

[00:56:53]Brett: [00:56:53] uh, I have, uh, another co-host lined up for, uh, any future absences I have that I [00:57:00] think you will really enjoy, but I’ll keep it a secret for right now.

[00:57:03] Christina: [00:57:03] Okay. Okay. Uh, I, I’m excited to learn who the future one will be and you you’ve got some surgery coming up.

[00:57:09] Brett: [00:57:09] Yep. I go under the knife on Friday and I expect a three to seven day recovery period. It’s going to suck.

[00:57:20] Christina: [00:57:20] I’m very sorry, but we think good thoughts for you. And actually I’m glad that you got like, and you’re taking time off work, right? Like you’re not going to have to work during. Okay. Which is awesome. So like, you know, treat yourself and, and, and take the time that you need

[00:57:34] Brett: [00:57:34] Hey, thanks. All right. Well, Christina, get some sleep.

[00:57:38] Christina: [00:57:38] get some sleep.