243: The One With Ashley Esqueda

Brett is out with a bad case of no internet, so Ashley Esqueda heroically steps in. If you’ve ever listened to this show and thought there should be less Brett and twice as much enthusiasm for 2000s pop culture, this is your episode.

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Overtired 243

[00:00:00] Ashley: [00:00:00] I hope Brett never gets the internet back again.


[00:00:07]Christina: [00:00:07] Welcome to overtired. I’m Christina Warren, Brett Terpstra is having internet problems. And, uh, so he’s been a little bitch and isn’t on the show. So our good friend, Ashley Esqueda is here. Ashley. You’re amazing. You got up at six 30 in the morning to record this. How are you?

[00:00:28] Ashley: [00:00:28] I overtired. That’s how I’m

[00:00:30] Christina: [00:00:30] I fucking love it. I love it.

[00:00:32] Okay. So, but this is why I’m really glad you’re here because Brett would have no concept of why it was amazing that Nick Carter was in a tech talk with the members of Insync.

[00:00:43] Ashley: [00:00:43] oh, we’re going to get into some geriatric millennial stuff

[00:00:46] Christina: [00:00:46] Thank you exactly. See, he’s all a gum Jew. I’m generics. I’m too cool for this.

[00:00:51] Ashley: [00:00:51] too. Cool.

[00:00:52] Christina: [00:00:52] And it’s like, no, fuck you. First of all, even if we were gen X, we still would have known this. Cause like my sister is gen X and she would not have been as [00:01:00] delighted as me because she was a full ass grown lady when the, you know, um, great wars of in-sync versus Backstreet

[00:01:08] Ashley: [00:01:08] band wars.

[00:01:09] Christina: [00:01:09] Yes. Yeah. W what team were you by the way?

[00:01:12] Ashley: [00:01:12] Okay. So I was so really I’m, I’m an old ass old ass millennials, so I was a new kids on the block girl way back in the day. And then, um, and then I, like, I think I liked in-sync songs better, but I liked, I liked the guys in Backstreet

[00:01:30] Christina: [00:01:30] Okay. So see, okay. I was kind of the reverse, but I’m with you in that, in the fact that like, everybody always says you could pick one, I’m like, yeah. But see, I, I loved like the Insync pop songs were really good. Uh, I thought the backstreets ballads were, were amazing.

[00:01:45] Ashley: [00:01:45] Okay. Yes, I

[00:01:46] Christina: [00:01:46] Okay. And then the one that I wanted to fuck was JC.

[00:01:50] So

[00:01:51] Ashley: [00:01:51] I mean everybody did. Everybody did like anybody who says it was anyone else. Like you’re a liar and get out.

[00:01:57] Christina: [00:01:57] thank you. But like everybody else, people like, oh, I love Nick or I [00:02:00] love, you know, Brian or whatever. I’m like, I’m like, no, no. I’m like, I’m like JC, JC Shay was the only one, in my opinion of all 10 of them who was absolutely hittable. Exactly. Like he was the one I was like, yeah.

[00:02:10] Okay. I will do him. But like the rest of them didn’t care anything about, and he, he, he kind of, he’s not really that hot anymore though. He still has his hair. So if you lost a little bit of weight, like I’d, I’d be down, but I know that’s being like, you know, body,

[00:02:27] Ashley: [00:02:27] your personal taste? That’s a personal taste

[00:02:29] Christina: [00:02:29] Awesome. It

[00:02:30] Ashley: [00:02:30] he seems like he’s thriving. I’m

[00:02:32] Christina: [00:02:32] thriving. It’s actually upsetting to me because he was the best. Justin Timberlake has even gone on record and said, this, Justin Timberlake has even been like, I

[00:02:42] Ashley: [00:02:42] is the worst, by the way, like the absolute worst human being.

[00:02:46] Christina: [00:02:46] absolute worst human being. He’s terrible human being made some really good albums. Not going to lie about that.

[00:02:52] Ashley: [00:02:52] No, I got, look, I, I loved I, there are some ex not, not recently,

[00:02:58] Christina: [00:02:58] no, no, no, no. The [00:03:00] woods album was, was real weird, but

[00:03:01] Ashley: [00:03:01] is weird. Um, but let’s go way back to sexy,

[00:03:05] Christina: [00:03:05] sexy back next back

[00:03:07] Ashley: [00:03:07] Very good.

[00:03:08] Christina: [00:03:08] That’s what I’m saying. Crimea river.

[00:03:10] Ashley: [00:03:10] Yeah. That album slaps. That album still

[00:03:13] Christina: [00:03:13] it’s still

[00:03:14] Ashley: [00:03:14] hate, I hate liking it. Like you may actually actively makes me mad that I still enjoy that album. I’m like, I it’s like a, in Ratatouille when Anton ego takes a bite and he like begrudgingly admits it’s an incredible, like that’s me

[00:03:26] Christina: [00:03:26] no, this is how I feel too. Yeah, same, same. And it still holds up, but, but Justin Timberlake has gone on record. He’s like, look, JC was the best of all of us. And he was, if you like, this is the thing I love button sync. The only two, whoever did solos see Backstreet was better singers. All five of them could sing only two of Insync could sing.

[00:03:45] It was JC and Justin they’re the only two who could sing. And they’re the only two who do solos, like the other three, like they were background. And that was fine. And the last two albums, Justin was able to sing more and more, but they were like coast [00:04:00] soloists at the end. But like JC was like the man, he was cute.

[00:04:04] He could dance and Timberlake to his credit. He’s been like, yeah, JC, like was the one who brought me in and I like learned from him. And if JC his solo album hadn’t flopped and it did flop. Um, if it hadn’t, if it hadn’t flopped, I think the timing of it was weird. The lead single wasn’t great. Like he just didn’t have the right producers.

[00:04:23] Ashley: [00:04:23] we could have, we could have experienced a whole

[00:04:25] Christina: [00:04:25] I know we could have where we’re like Justin was a thing. Cause I still think that Crimea river would have been like, and it’s an iconic song and it’s an iconic video and I’m not mad at him for the

[00:04:37] Ashley: [00:04:37] But imagine if like Jaycee had had Justin’s producers on that

[00:04:42] Christina: [00:04:42] that’s what I’m saying. I agree if the Neptunes, if the Neptunes had done JC, holy shit are honestly

[00:04:50] Ashley: [00:04:50] have yeah. Alternate timeline.

[00:04:52] Christina: [00:04:52] totally. And I think pop music would have been better for it because actually, oh, I’m going to go this far. This is, this is an interesting thought. Do [00:05:00] you think that if JC shows a had, had like a really like killer solo career, do you think that Adam Levine and maroon five would have been as big

[00:05:08] Ashley: [00:05:08] Ooh, that’s a good question. I mean, songs about Jane was mega mega mega hit. So I mean, you know, okay. I’ll say

[00:05:19] Christina: [00:05:19] competing.

[00:05:20] Ashley: [00:05:20] it, Yes, but it also feels like. It feels like they hit, it’s hard to say. Cause they hit at, at a time where there was kind of this whole, there’s a perfect hole for them to just shoot into the stratosphere with like a really good song.

[00:05:38] And so, I mean, I think bands like that sometimes just break through regardless.

[00:05:43] Christina: [00:05:43] Yeah, no, I agree. I just, I wonder if they would have continued like songs about Jane I’m with you, like that album. That was like the same time it was like, this is all at 2002, 2003. Like that album still would have been, cause it was a great freaking

[00:05:56] Ashley: [00:05:56] I feel like, yes, because like, because there’s a, there’s a contingent of, [00:06:00] uh, because I think a lot of people would have constrained would have still considered JC pop and, and I think a lot of people kind of consider, I think they, they sort of consider Adam Levine as like a rocker, right?

[00:06:14] It’s

[00:06:14] Christina: [00:06:14] I guess so.

[00:06:15] Ashley: [00:06:15] rock guy. Like it’s a rock it’s like soft rock or whatever.

[00:06:19] Christina: [00:06:19] Yeah. That’s a good point. Okay. So they might’ve still hit, I still think something about Jane would have been massive. I just wonder if like

[00:06:26] Ashley: [00:06:26] They feel like co headliners at a

[00:06:28] Christina: [00:06:28] That’s something like, I feel like, like they, cause they were very kind of similar look and I think they could have had similar, like. You know, like fill the void.

[00:06:36] I wonder if like the subsequent maroon five albums would have been maybe, maybe, maybe they would have been, but that would have been an interesting thing to observe.

[00:06:43] Ashley: [00:06:43] man, I love sliding doors of time. Like when you think about like people who are almost cast in a certain role or like people who like, I love that stuff.

[00:06:50] Christina: [00:06:50] do choose inside indoors always makes me think, you know, why? Uh, do you know why? When on a writer and a Gwyneth Paltrow are not friends.

[00:06:57] Ashley: [00:06:57] Oh my God. Please tell

[00:06:59] Christina: [00:06:59] Okay. This is [00:07:00] actually an amazing story. So Gwenyth Paltrow fucking got to give it to her like

[00:07:05] Ashley: [00:07:05] I’m so interested in this start. You have piqued my, you,

[00:07:08] Christina: [00:07:08] good.

[00:07:09] Ashley: [00:07:09] you have my full and

[00:07:11] Christina: [00:07:11] Goop goop is brutal. Okay. So we’re not a writer, you know, especially for airlines, one of the best before the whole like shoplifting thing and what I like really great actress, she had the scripts for Shakespeare in love on her coffee table. She and Gwen were friends who, when it sees the script and then goes behind her back and goes to the casting directors and gets cast in Shakespeare

[00:07:34] Ashley: [00:07:34] Oh, what a shady bitch.

[00:07:36] Christina: [00:07:36] Now I’m not saying that that one Ono would have been better in that role. I actually don’t know if she would have been, but that she exactly, but like, you know, but because of that, she got the Oscar and we got the amazing pink dress, Oscar, the most iconic Oscar dress of all time. I

[00:07:53] Ashley: [00:07:53] one of the greats,

[00:07:55] Christina: [00:07:55] of the greats, like, like one of the greats like that, the Penelope Cruz dress, like there’s, there are a few, but like that that’s [00:08:00] the pink dress is like so iconic.

[00:08:01] Like I just

[00:08:02] Ashley: [00:08:02] it is very

[00:08:03] Christina: [00:08:03] like, like,

[00:08:03] Ashley: [00:08:03] I’d say Julia Roberts black and right dress like, that. That’s another one. Um, Oh, Michelle Williams heard that beautiful orangy yellow dress. Like I will never forget that

[00:08:12] Christina: [00:08:12] no, that was amazing. Yeah. It, yeah, that’d be great. Yeah. There, there were a number of them. That’s one of the ones like that’s one of the first ones that I remember being like, oh yeah, 100%. So, and, and she looked like a princess and like all the other group things aside, like I always think of that.

[00:08:27] I’m like, all right. That was, that was like peak with, um, also sliding doors is a good movie, but, uh, uh, yeah, so that, but that makes me think that yet, but that’s why they are not friends, um, because which is which I know, which I, I love. Um, okay, so

[00:08:44] Ashley: [00:08:44] Since we’re talking about early two thousands, can we just really briefly touch on. How wholesome and delightful. So Avril Levine launched her tech talk this week

[00:08:53] Christina: [00:08:53] Oh my God.

[00:08:54] Ashley: [00:08:54] and she did a Tik TOK for skater boy, which like is perfect, like good. job [00:09:00] Admiral.

[00:09:00] Christina: [00:09:00] the perfect tic talker song because the gen Z, they might’ve heard it on the radio and like, like the hits radio, like their moms sing it, but they don’t know it.

[00:09:09] Ashley: [00:09:09] In the car on the way to school, like their mom’s listening to it.

[00:09:12] Christina: [00:09:12] And it’s always been in their background, but like, they don’t know it the way that we know it.

[00:09:16] They don’t like understand why it’s like this, like emo like geriatric, millennial Anthem.

[00:09:21] Ashley: [00:09:21] Yeah. Yeah, exactly. And so she does this like lovely, like she’s doing the song and everything. And then all of a sudden, as soon as the chorus hits, he was a skater boy. It’s Tony Hawk with his skateboard and. Why is it so wholesome? Why is this fulfill me in a way that I was not expecting today? Like, it was just so delightful.

[00:09:41] What a, what a nice surprise to like open in my, on my phone. It’s just such a random thing. And I was so excited to see it.

[00:09:49] Christina: [00:09:49] I was too. I was so excited by that. And I’ve, I’ve never really been that big of an apple fan. I’m going to be honest,

[00:09:55] Ashley: [00:09:55] Same, same,

[00:09:55] Christina: [00:09:55] like I

[00:09:56] Ashley: [00:09:56] that’s, I mean, we all know that

[00:09:58] Christina: [00:09:58] We all know that song. And, [00:10:00] and, and it’s like, it’s like, it’s like that one and, and girlfriend, and like, there are a couple of them and it’s like, I always tolerated her.

[00:10:04] I was never really into her. I was kind of like, you seem fake to me to be totally honest. I was like, you, you are trying way too hard, the sum 41 marriage yet. So try hard. But that song fucks, she looked great. Um, and she’s had some health problems, so I was really happy to see that. And she looked like amazing.

[00:10:25] Like, it really did make me feel like I was like

[00:10:27] Ashley: [00:10:27] ageless.

[00:10:28] Christina: [00:10:28] Totally. I was like, Ooh girl, like whoever is like your, you know, dermatologist or your Sur, like, whatever. Like, I please call me because I want, I look young for my age, but I want to continue looking

[00:10:40] Ashley: [00:10:40] reverse

[00:10:41] Christina: [00:10:41] one. That, that is my goal in life,

[00:10:43] Ashley: [00:10:43] Let’s just Benjamin button it up. We’ll just go backwards.

[00:10:45] Christina: [00:10:45] thank you.

[00:10:46] This is my goal in life, honestly. So I, I. Call me. I don’t, I don’t have Admiral money, but I’m not broke. So I will go into debt. Like I can’t afford a house, so I will, you know, like if I need [00:11:00] to, I’ll spend all my money on, on, um, plastic surgery. I have no problem with that. Uh, but no, she looks great. Tony Hawk.

[00:11:08] I love him so much.

[00:11:10] Ashley: [00:11:10] He, just seems like a delight.

[00:11:12] Christina: [00:11:12] he he is I’ve, um, I’ve interviewed him twice and he was amazing both times. And the second time was actually a, an online chat. We got him to do at kiss Boto and he was so funny because I was like, um, uh, what is the cause I asked him, I was like, what is the best Tony Hawk game? And why is it Tony Hawk to, for dream cast?

[00:11:35] And, uh, and he like, which is the obvious correct answer. And, um, he, uh, he was really funny about talking about how much, like he liked helping with games. And this was like, Five years ago. So this was before they had the, uh,

[00:11:50] Ashley: [00:11:50] the revival.

[00:11:51] Christina: [00:11:51] which were great. Really, really

[00:11:53] Ashley: [00:11:53] song.

[00:11:54] Christina: [00:11:54] Yeah. The haka sauce.

[00:11:55] And it was, I don’t remember what it was for huge. I think he just wanted to, [00:12:00] uh, I think we just put it out there. I think somebody just put it out there. We wanted to talk to him. He was like, okay. Like, it was just a really random thing. I don’t even know what he was promoting. Like I think he was just, we like put it out on the internet and he was like, yeah, sure.

[00:12:10] I’ll talk, I’ll do a chat with the, with the fans, with, with your audience, which is like, he’s Tony Hawk, you know, he’s just like, sure. I’ll sit on the internet for an hour and do an AMA in the kitchen comments section

[00:12:24] Ashley: [00:12:24] Oh, bless him. Bless him.

[00:12:27] Christina: [00:12:27] that. That’s that’s good trick. As you know, you’ve interviewed probably more people than I have, and that is not how most people do.

[00:12:35] Ashley: [00:12:35] No,

[00:12:36] Christina: [00:12:36] Especially celebrities of his stature. Most people who are like, like tier won’t do that shit. Um, uh, you know, influencers, sometimes their PR people want them to do stuff, but like, they, they won’t engage that way, but someone who’s who’s Tony Hawk, who’s like literally an icon,

[00:12:52] Ashley: [00:12:52] a legend.

[00:12:53] Christina: [00:12:53] like, like, and, and, and weird thing.

[00:12:55] And that, like he, so Brett’s generation was really the [00:13:00] first Tony Hawk generation. You and I, I wasn’t aware of him honestly, until the video games.

[00:13:06] Ashley: [00:13:06] yeah.

[00:13:07] Christina: [00:13:07] Um, uh, you, you were up in California, right?

[00:13:11] Ashley: [00:13:11] Yeah. I mean, it’s So, Cal, so Cal, till I

[00:13:13] Christina: [00:13:13] okay. Okay. So yeah, so, so you might’ve had more periphery thing, but me, like in like the Atlanta suburbs, like I honestly think it was the video games, um, uh,

[00:13:23] Ashley: [00:13:23] I feel like we were like, I, like I found out about Tony Hawk from like warp tour.

[00:13:27] Christina: [00:13:27] Yeah, same. Okay.

[00:13:28] Ashley: [00:13:28] I was like a big, that, was like a big thing.

[00:13:30] Christina: [00:13:30] I was going to say, okay, it was warped tour, but that in my mind, I guess like the games are the same. So, um, you know, but it was that same era, but, but he, he came up in the eighties, like he was one of the first big vert skaters, and he was a superstar in that era. And then he was the only one who was able to adapt to streetscape skating, which is then what, like led the next wave.

[00:13:52] Like all the other ones fell out. Like they, they like, they couldn’t do it. Like if you watch any of the skating documentaries as I have, because I’m a [00:14:00] weirdo. Um, and I can’t skate wear for shit. Like I, I like face plant, like I’m bad. Um, I’ve, I’ve tried my whole life. I’m just, I can’t do it. Um,

[00:14:09] Ashley: [00:14:09] I’m built like a draft. I can’t can’t do anything. I’ve weekend goals. I don’t know.

[00:14:13] Christina: [00:14:13] um, but my, my, I blame my mom who was always. Overly cautious. Like I have like ultimate helicopter mom. And so she was one of those things who like, if I would go rollerblading or anything that she would be like, you have to have pads on and helmets and all this stuff. And like, you know, then you’re like bogged down with things like you can’t really move that way.

[00:14:33] Ashley: [00:14:33] Well, and then it’s like, you don’t want you by the time you get everything on your leg. No, I’m kind of over this. I don’t want to do it

[00:14:38] Christina: [00:14:38] That’s exactly it that’s exactly it. Uh, and then, I mean, I radically, this is why I became a computer nerd. Um, I mean, it’s not the only reason I think it would have happened anyway, but this was sort of, the catalyst was, um, I used to ride my bike all the time and I was. Pretty severe bike accident when I was 12.

[00:14:55] And, uh, on the way back from, um, the ER, getting [00:15:00] x-rayed before I got my jaw wired shut, um, cause it was that bad. I was coming down like I was coming down a massive hill and then I turned a little bit too late and I smacked cause we had, we had this massive, massive hill in this neighborhood and what we would do is we would drive, we would, we would ride our bikes up the hill and then we would coast down and then there was a little turn and we would just turn and kind of coast more.

[00:15:20] And I did this probably a hundred times and I turned slightly too late and I went right into a tree and my friends saw me and, and I didn’t even know how bad it was. Like they, they could see it was bad, like, because it was like the, the blunt trauma, like I felt no pain. And I, I, you know, was able to kind of get back on my bike and go back to my house.

[00:15:42] So my mom saw me and she just sees the entire right side of my face is just completely just. Shredded. And, um, and then her first concern of course, is, is this going to be permanent scarring? Uh, which thank you, mom, for being like, uh, like concerned about the [00:16:00] important things. And I mean, that genuinely, because like I, with all these plastic surgeons and stuff, I didn’t need surgery for that, but I had, um, because of so much skin and stuff like happen, like it was summer, it was like may.

[00:16:12] And, and so I had to have, you know, like sunscreen, like we had to treat it like incredibly carefully and you would never be able to tell, but we were really worried that it was going to leave. Like, cause it was like my cheek, it was like my whole face. Um, but it was hard of the impact was hard enough that like I, um, broke my jaw and so, um, and, uh, and had to have, I mean, it was bad.

[00:16:34] And, um, we were coming back from the emergency room, we stopped and, and I was able to get magazines and I had already read all the teen magazines that month. And so I got computer magazines and that was what. Led me into

[00:16:49] Ashley: [00:16:49] the kicker.

[00:16:49] Christina: [00:16:49] that was, that was the thing. I, I knew I’d wanted to learn more about them anyway, but that was like the catalyst, but what I was going to say this, but because of that, like I never really, I got [00:17:00] back on my bike and, and I, you know, I even went down that hill again, just because I needed to get over it, but it sort of changed my relationship with that sort of stuff, you know, because I w I was

[00:17:12] Ashley: [00:17:12] And it would, yeah, I would,

[00:17:13] Christina: [00:17:13] well, and I think as I was just old enough that, like, you knew the consequences, like if it had happened when I was like seven,

[00:17:19] Ashley: [00:17:19] seven, or eight. You’d be like, ah, it’s fine.

[00:17:21] Like no big deal. Just keep riding my bike.

[00:17:24] Christina: [00:17:24] Right. But you’re 12. You’re like, you know,

[00:17:27] Ashley: [00:17:27] could have disfigured me for forever.

[00:17:29] Christina: [00:17:29] Exactly.

[00:17:30] Ashley: [00:17:30] maybe it just won’t do that.

[00:17:31] Christina: [00:17:31] 100%. Like I remember having to go to a, um, when, like, after this had happened, like my face was so bad, my mom didn’t make me go to school for a couple of days. And I had to go to school at the end of the year for awards day. And I had to, and I, I got all these awards, which was great, but it was terrible because then I had to walk up in front of like the entire grade, you know, his big auditorium and like have my face, which like looks like, you know, hamburger and is gross and has all kinds of, you know, [00:18:00] stuff on it.

[00:18:00] Like, and kids are assholes anyway. So, um, that was great. Um, right after it happened, I remember having to go and get fitted for my cheerleading uniform. And that was just like, and those girls were terrible. Like awful. Most of them are up meth heads. So that does make me feel slightly better. Uh, but. I’ll never forget that.

[00:18:22] I’ll never forget, like having like, to being in so much pain in my face, being what it was and having to like, you know, be fitted for this very, very, very tiny, literally child’s size. Cause I was very small for my age, like cheerleading uniform and like my face being just whatnot. But anyway, that was a whole, that was a whole divergence.

[00:18:41] See, but until the Tony Hawk apple thing,

[00:18:44] Ashley: [00:18:44] back to Tony Hawk and Avril.

[00:18:45] Christina: [00:18:45] I was going to say no, but, but, so I think that’s why it was never that into the skating thing, but I loved him and, and he just seems even this generation it’s weird. Cause like he’s our guy, he was also technically breasts generation and then all the subsequent [00:19:00] generations, like they still know him and love him.

[00:19:02] Like

[00:19:03] Ashley: [00:19:03] find him.

[00:19:03] like, it’s really interesting how, like, it seems Like

[00:19:06] every, about 10 years, like Tony Hawk pops up, does something incredible and then like does, and then just does his own thing. Like it’s not that he disappears just, he does his own thing and everybody just knows.

[00:19:16] Christina: [00:19:16] Everybody knows him. Um, like, did you hear the story that there’s this kid on Instagram? I think as a human shattered or whatever, and he was at a skate park and he was skating and this kid, and he asked, you know, the kid’s name and they were skating together. And the guy’s like, what’s your name?

[00:19:30] He’s like, Tony was like, oh yeah, like Tony Hawk. And, and, and the kid didn’t realize that it was Tony Hawk.

[00:19:35] Ashley: [00:19:35] was literally

[00:19:36] Christina: [00:19:36] And, and, and he gave him a shout out on Twitter or Instagram or something. And then the kid figured it out and cause all of his friends realized

[00:19:45] Ashley: [00:19:45] We’re like, Hey, dumb, dumb.

[00:19:46] Christina: [00:19:46] Hey. Hey. Yeah, exactly. Hey, Hey, Hey, dumb ass.

[00:19:48] That was actually Tony Hawk. And cause, cause Tony told the story online or whatever and, and, and then he joined it and Tony was supposed to be to him and he like gave him a shout out and like, you know, posted his like Insta and stuff for people to follow, which was really [00:20:00] nice. And I was like, okay, we need like

[00:20:03] Ashley: [00:20:03] just protect Tony Hawk at all

[00:20:05] Christina: [00:20:05] at all costs.

[00:20:06] So yeah, but that tech talk that, that was that, between that and, and, uh, Going back, Nick Carter, doing the buy, buy, buy dance with Insync

[00:20:15] Ashley: [00:20:15] Pretty delayed.

[00:20:16] Christina: [00:20:16] really, really like peak, like early two thousands stuff.

[00:20:22] Ashley: [00:20:22] I mean, why don’t they just combine and make like a, make like a BTS, but for like old boy banders where they just have more people in the band, like they could just do that.

[00:20:32] Christina: [00:20:32] they? Honestly, they should, because Backstreet is still making albums and touring. Uh, Justin is never going

[00:20:39] Ashley: [00:20:39] No, he’s never

[00:20:40] Christina: [00:20:40] again. Never. And he’s been clear about that. Um, I don’t even know. I mean, JC I, maybe what I, but part of me feels like he he’s too good for the other three.

[00:20:50] So, so like just, just take, you know,

[00:20:53] Ashley: [00:20:53] It’s a lot of baggage. There’s a lot of, there’s a lot of emotional baggage there

[00:20:56] Christina: [00:20:56] I imagine I’m sure. Yeah. But, but imagine like a take, just take [00:21:00] Joey, you know, Chris and, and, uh, uh, uh, um, Lance and, and, and like, let them just integrate them in, into Backstreet boys. Yeah. Do you remember cause you were a new kids fan? I never saw the shows because I would have one boy band show when I was like 15 and that was traumatic because of, and I’ve been to hundreds of concerts and that was a traumatic concert just because of the number of people and the, the degree of the fandom.

[00:21:26] And.

[00:21:26] Ashley: [00:21:26] It’s intense man. Like I never went in person to anything like that. Um, I like, but I did. I remember, I think I was maybe like five to eight, like between five and eight. And, um, I had my, my mom rented like a pay-per-view

[00:21:46] Christina: [00:21:46] Yes. Oh, of the new kids concert. Yes. Yeah. I remember this, but no, I was going to say those. They had a tour. I think they did it twice where it was like in K O T BSB.

[00:21:58] Ashley: [00:21:58] Yeah. I remember [00:22:00] that. That was, um, was that like, feels like 10 or 15

[00:22:03] Christina: [00:22:03] Yeah. Yeah. I think it was like 10 years ago or something. Yeah. But I was, um, this, uh, this girl that, that I knew a little bit, um, she was like a massive, massive boy band fan when we were in high school and she went back to two new kids as well, but she was like massive, like obsessive.

[00:22:21] Ashley: [00:22:21] I could, like, I, I like, even if I went now, like I was a massive fan as I’m like a kid kid, but like I never, I never, but that was like pre, it was like pre pubescent. It was very pure,

[00:22:31] Christina: [00:22:31] Oh, no, totally

[00:22:32] Ashley: [00:22:32] wholesome. And like, I just, I never got into, I was a big, like when I was in my teens, um, I missed like a lot of music cause I was really into, I was really into sky and I was really into west coast rap.

[00:22:47] That was like, that was my thing. Like Dre

[00:22:49] Christina: [00:22:49] Yep.

[00:22:49] Ashley: [00:22:49] and, and Luda and Tupac. Like

[00:22:52] Christina: [00:22:52] Yeah, no, I like it that I like that too. And I, my thing is, I thought I was okay, so I used to stock. I’m like, uh, there’s an emo band saves [00:23:00] the day and I, we stock them junior year. Like we went to all of their Southern shows and got into fights with their girlfriends on there, internet

[00:23:07] Ashley: [00:23:07] fish. I was like that with real big

[00:23:09] Christina: [00:23:09] okay.

[00:23:09] I love real big fish.

[00:23:10] Ashley: [00:23:10] big fish.

[00:23:10] fan. I sang with them when I was 15. And then I think I did it.

[00:23:13] Christina: [00:23:13] Oh my God.

[00:23:14] Ashley: [00:23:14] I think I sang with them again at one point. And I’m actually friends with her with their original trombone player.

[00:23:18] He has a, he has a brewery here in long beach.

[00:23:21] Christina: [00:23:21] amazing. They were included. They were the house band and clueless.

[00:23:25] Ashley: [00:23:25] Uh, they were in basketball for

[00:23:27] Christina: [00:23:27] I know that for the aha cover, but I was pretty sure that they were the house band cause they had the song is on the soundtrack, but I thought, I thought they

[00:23:35] Ashley: [00:23:35] been Goldfinger maybe,

[00:23:37] Christina: [00:23:37] know they’re there. The Tony Hawk band, I thought, but I pretty sure that that, uh, because Amy Heckerling also, so Cal for life, she integrated, like there was a lot of Scott music on the clueless soundtrack.

[00:23:51] Um, I I’m pretty sure real big fish was the band at the party where they play second blow. Um, real big fish clueless

[00:24:00] [00:23:59] Ashley: [00:23:59] Well, it’s I know mighty, mighty Bosstones is in there

[00:24:03] Christina: [00:24:03] oh, that might’ve been who it was.

[00:24:04] Ashley: [00:24:04] at the, yeah. At the, at

[00:24:06] Christina: [00:24:06] That’s what it

[00:24:06] Ashley: [00:24:06] that big deck, like

[00:24:08] Christina: [00:24:08] Yes, no, that’s what you’re right. It’s mighty, mighty Bosstones I’m I’m I am wrong on that. Uh, sorry about that. So, yes. Um, so that, that, that I completely got them confused, but same genre. Um, but yeah. Uh, okay. So. I was just wondering the reason I was asking.

[00:24:26] Cause they had that, that, uh, like combined tour, that is something I would have never gone to. I would never go to, I would consider

[00:24:32] Ashley: [00:24:32] Too much thirst.

[00:24:33] Christina: [00:24:33] oh my God.

[00:24:34] Ashley: [00:24:34] can’t deal with that.

[00:24:35] Christina: [00:24:35] They have like the cruises. They still, I don’t think they have, I don’t know if they still have them, but like Backstreet has done the cruises

[00:24:40] Ashley: [00:24:40] Before the germs came,

[00:24:41] Christina: [00:24:41] before the germs.

[00:24:42] But, but can you imagine anything honestly, worse than like a bunch of like women in their thirties and forties who are still obsessed with Backstreet boys or new kids or whatever? No, exactly embarrassing, but also like 4,000 of them on a

[00:24:57] Ashley: [00:24:57] Screaming, chasing

[00:24:58] Christina: [00:24:58] Yes. And, and, and [00:25:00] now they’re now there’s alcohol and like horniness involved.

[00:25:04] Ashley: [00:25:04] get weird. Weird, really fast. Like, like an office party. Like you go to the, the, the company Christmas party and that some point usually it’s at about 10 o’clock at night, it gets weird. Right? Like anyone who’s left, like it gets weird and always gets weird. Inevitably it gets weird. And like, you got to just get out of there, like, and the thing is you have, and you can’t on a cruise ship. So that’s the thing you’re forced into the

[00:25:24] Christina: [00:25:24] Oh, it, it seems like the weirdest thing ever. I think somebody wrote something like a first person account for something for Buzzfeed, about how like they went on, this was like, you know, eight, nine years ago where they went on one of those Backstreet boys cruises and I read it and I was like, this, this seems kind of like my idea of hell.

[00:25:39] Um, and, and I, I, would’ve never done that, but, but it’s interesting, but I think that, yeah, it’s just to close the loop. Um, and I think that Nick, um, should, uh, invite the other three in sinkers to just join with Backstreet, because if they did a Vegas, they should.

[00:25:58] Ashley: [00:25:58] 1990s boy

[00:26:00] [00:26:00] Christina: [00:26:00] I agree, because if they did a Vegas residency, I would go to that.

[00:26:03] Like, I wouldn’t go to an actual concert.

[00:26:05] Ashley: [00:26:05] percent. I’d go to a

[00:26:06] Christina: [00:26:06] Like, yeah, like an actual concert in a no circumstances. I’m not going to be dealing with those women in a standing show. Like I’m not doing it. Um, I, I’m not doing it, but I will like, I’m small. I will be, I will be killed and I’m not doing it, but the Vegas residency,

[00:26:26] Ashley: [00:26:26] You gotta be careful about that.

[00:26:27] Christina: [00:26:27] that’s what I’m saying.

[00:26:28] But, but a Vegas residency, hell yeah. Like would be down for that. Um, we have to talk about sexy beasts. Is that what the show is?

[00:26:35] Ashley: [00:26:35] This is? I mean,

[00:26:37] Christina: [00:26:37] We have to talk about that. But before we do, let me just real quickly read a sponsor read, um, who I’m sure is going to really appreciate this before we get into furry porn.

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[00:29:19] So that’s code overtired@Molekulewithak.com. Thank you, Molekule. All right. Back to sexy BESE. Ashley described this for us.

[00:29:32] Ashley: [00:29:32] Where do we, where do we even begin? So Netflix has announced and put out a trailer for. Dating show new blind dating show that, um, posits the question. What if we dressed up attractive people like animals and devils and other things, and we put a bunch of special effects makeup on them and then put, let them go on blind dates together.

[00:30:00] [00:29:59] Uh, this trailer looks insane. Like I don’t, I don’t know any other way to describe it. Uh, I, I have been laughing about this trailer right before we started recording. I saw it and I was like, oh no.

[00:30:16] Christina: [00:30:16] know I woke up and I saw it and I was like,

[00:30:19] Ashley: [00:30:19] no.

[00:30:20] Christina: [00:30:20] it’s like suddenly like, like my whole timeline went from, um, people being. Commiserating on the New York city mayor mayoral election, which we have a chance to talk about. We will cause that I lost $500, but I was also right. So I feel conflicted, but anyway, um, uh, but people talking about that too, just everybody going crazy over the furry dating show.

[00:30:41] Cause that’s what the CA cause

[00:30:43] Ashley: [00:30:43] it’s kind of a, well, they’re not, in full suits.

[00:30:46] Christina: [00:30:46] well, here’s the thing. I don’t think that the people participating are furries. I think whoever hit, I think whoever pitched this certainly

[00:30:53] Ashley: [00:30:53] A hundred percent goes to con like, yes. Do you know who I feel could have pitched this, like [00:31:00] Sonic Fox? right?

[00:31:01] Like he just went to Netflix and was like, listen, I have a great idea. And I love sauna. Like, he’s amazing. He’s so nice. Like, but it feels like they went to him were like, if you could make any show, what would it be?

[00:31:12] And he was like, this one, like, I I love it.

[00:31:16] Christina: [00:31:16] I love it too. And, and I, it looks so dumb and it’s so good. But I watched the circle both seasons or however many seasons there. So I’m like, you know, I love the bachelor and the bachelorette. I am basic as hell. And then this is weird. Like, I, I kind of love this earth. We’re talking about the early two thousands.

[00:31:36] I kind of loved this early two thousands Fox, um, like reality aspect. That’s happening on

[00:31:42] Ashley: [00:31:42] It’s a vibe. It’s a vibe for sure. It’s definitely a vibe that’s happening. I, so here’s my, here’s my one suggestion to Netflix.

[00:31:50] If they really wanted to take this to the next level, um, make it celebrities who are on RIAA,

[00:31:56] Christina: [00:31:56] Oh my

[00:31:57] Ashley: [00:31:57] like get celebrity, do a celebrity [00:32:00] season where you have, like, I’m not, this is like this, I, this would be the biggest show on Netflix.

[00:32:06] If they got a bunch of like celebrities who were single, like Channing Tatum and

[00:32:10] Christina: [00:32:10] my God.

[00:32:11] Ashley: [00:32:11] and just dress them up in elaborate makeups So that you didn’t know who they were.

[00:32:16] Christina: [00:32:16] who they are.

[00:32:18] Ashley: [00:32:18] And, and then

[00:32:19] Christina: [00:32:19] Oh my God.

[00:32:19] Ashley: [00:32:19] basically like, you let them all like have their little, you know, weird creature love island, and then, And

[00:32:26] Christina: [00:32:26] then it’s the re

[00:32:27] Ashley: [00:32:27] them when they get eliminated.

[00:32:29] Christina: [00:32:29] Okay. No, this is genuinely brilliant. And I honestly think that you should like pitch this to whoever the EPA on the show is. I’m not even joking.

[00:32:36] Ashley: [00:32:36] get me Mr. Netflix’s phone number.

[00:32:39] Christina: [00:32:39] It Ted Sarandos, please talk to Ashley. No, because this adds the, the mass singer

[00:32:45] Ashley: [00:32:45] element. of celebrity, Right? It’s the thing people really like,

[00:32:48] Christina: [00:32:48] Exactly. Exactly. So could people like that?

[00:32:50] So I think the riot thing and would be great too, as the celebrities would know who the other person is. So you have the spear thing where maybe you really like someone and you have like this connection and then you find [00:33:00] out, oh, it’s this person

[00:33:01] Ashley: [00:33:01] Oh my God. I’m I’m Wynonna writer and I just fell in love with Gweneth Paltrow. That’s all I’m saying is it? We could really have some moments.

[00:33:10] Christina: [00:33:10] Yes. I mean, and that would just be weird enough. And the thing is, is obviously you couldn’t get Gwenyth Paltrow or Channing Tatum, unfortunately, but you could get like, you know, your B list, your list, like people, we remember like people who are still famous enough to be on RIAA.

[00:33:26] Ashley: [00:33:26] you could, I feel like you could get a couple of A-listers. That’s all I’m saying. I feel

[00:33:31] Christina: [00:33:31] Oh, okay. You know

[00:33:31] Ashley: [00:33:31] couple that would be like

[00:33:33] Christina: [00:33:33] You know what you’re probably right. Actually you could probably, she could probably get Nick cannon.

[00:33:39] Ashley: [00:33:39] Oh, well, you know, he’s very busy right

[00:33:41] Christina: [00:33:41] I know this is why I’m saying this.

[00:33:44] Ashley: [00:33:44] but yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Like there are, there are some celebrities, I feel like you could totally, you could totally convinced to do it if they’re, if, if you brought them this pitch and we’re like, it’s other celebrities.

[00:33:58] Christina: [00:33:58] Yep.

[00:33:59] Ashley: [00:33:59] Around [00:34:00] your level. Like if Taika YTT, wasn’t dating Rita Ora right now, which I don’t even want to know what that’s all about.

[00:34:07] Christina: [00:34:07] me either.

[00:34:08] Ashley: [00:34:08] She’s just,

[00:34:09] Christina: [00:34:09] Well, well that the whole, the whole, all the throttle photos were kind of

[00:34:12] Ashley: [00:34:12] yeah, those were amazing.

[00:34:14] Christina: [00:34:14] Like I lived through,

[00:34:15] Ashley: [00:34:15] for Rita Ora, making Rita Ora happen by sheer force of will. Like, I mean, I’m impressed by it, but I’m also, I’m also slightly baffled.

[00:34:24] Christina: [00:34:24] Yeah. Um, have you ever listened to a, to who weekly?

[00:34:27] Ashley: [00:34:27] No.

[00:34:28] Christina: [00:34:28] Um, so it is a, I don’t know if it’s still on, but, uh, but it was a show that the Bobby finger, uh, and, uh, um, Lindsey, uh, Wagner, I think did, and, and, and it’s, um, rather than being about like us weekly about people, you know, it’s about the who’s like, who is this person?

[00:34:45] Like, why, why are we talking about them? And Rita Ora is the patron Saint of the who’s

[00:34:51] Ashley: [00:34:51] Yeah, no, that’s very true. I have, like, I feel like I’ve heard, I hear her name all the time and I’m like, what does she do again? Like I can’t ever be like, she, [00:35:00] she music that she make music, is that the thing, like every time, every

[00:35:04] Christina: [00:35:04] Every time you’re you’re like who you were, like, what? I mean, but as you said, it is one of those amazing, like sheer force of will

[00:35:10] Ashley: [00:35:10] It is impressive.

[00:35:11] Christina: [00:35:11] she’s, she’s just kind of, she’s been like, you know what, I’m going to make this happen. Like, regardless,

[00:35:16] Ashley: [00:35:16] She’s kicking open the seven doors, the seven rooms like, Hey, are you familiar with the seven rooms? Like Graydon Carter. Okay. So great. And Carter, uh, who used to be the editor in chief of vanity fair. yet? He, uh, he talked about how basically there were like seven rooms and in, in celebrity and it’s like every room as you go forward gets smaller.

[00:35:39] And so once you get to like room seven, it’s literally like the George Clooney’s of the world. There’s like, there’s like, there’s like 10 of them. Right,

[00:35:46] It’s like just, there are not a lot of people

[00:35:48] Christina: [00:35:48] Oh, I have heard of this. Yes, yes, yes. Okay.

[00:35:51] Ashley: [00:35:51] Rita Ora read Ora did not start in any of the rooms and somehow has kicked her way into like room, like [00:36:00] five,

[00:36:00] Christina: [00:36:00] Yeah. Yeah. I think.

[00:36:01] Ashley: [00:36:01] maybe, even Sometimes

[00:36:03] Christina: [00:36:03] even six. Yeah. I was going to say like,

[00:36:05] Ashley: [00:36:05] how I, say she’s hanging out with the Avengers.

[00:36:08] Christina: [00:36:08] I know

[00:36:08] Ashley: [00:36:08] pretty amazing.

[00:36:09] Christina: [00:36:09] it really is. It’s one of those things where I kind of want, it’s kind of like,

[00:36:12] Ashley: [00:36:12] I, respect the hustle.

[00:36:14] Christina: [00:36:14] I really respect the hustle and part of me I’m like, okay, is this one of those things where, um, you know, she, uh, like is taking lessons from Chris Jenner, right.

[00:36:24] Who admittedly had like the, okay. You know, she had like the, the, the famous or infamous, like we knew his name. We knew the Kardashian name from the OJ trial. We didn’t know her. And then, but at that point, I think she’d already married, um, uh, Caitlin who was then by another name. But like, so we, we knew, um, like she associated herself with famous people, but other

[00:36:48] Ashley: [00:36:48] she was around

[00:36:49] Christina: [00:36:49] was re yeah.

[00:36:50] But, but she wasn’t in like sheer force of will. She like, took like.

[00:36:53] Ashley: [00:36:53] her daughters happen.

[00:36:54] Christina: [00:36:54] Yeah. She was like, all right, Kim, you’re really upset by the sex tape. I seen [00:37:00] Ryan see crust. Would you like to be even more rich because I promise you this is going to happen. And he’s like, what if there’s a way I can be more rich from, from my III money and my American idol money.

[00:37:08] She’s like, just

[00:37:09] Ashley: [00:37:09] Yeah. She’s like, let me just like, just trust me do it. Let’s do one season. I mean, she bet big on it, man. And like, yeah. I just it’s like, I don’t, like, I don’t have any love for the Kardashians or anything, but I, I respect the hustle. Right. It’s like, I always feel like I can say, like, I do respect the hustle, regardless of whether you think they have talent.

[00:37:31] Christina: [00:37:31] Yeah. I don’t care. Uh, also,

[00:37:33] Ashley: [00:37:33] doesn’t. Yeah.

[00:37:35] Christina: [00:37:35] also Courtney and Travis, I’m really into that. I’m like really happy for both of them,

[00:37:40] Ashley: [00:37:40] Oh, yeah, no, that’s a good,

[00:37:43] Christina: [00:37:43] Travis Barker and, and, and Courtney crashing like that if fits honestly. Um,

[00:37:47] Ashley: [00:37:47] it.

[00:37:48] Christina: [00:37:48] yeah, and I respect

[00:37:50] Ashley: [00:37:50] She seems like the re she seems like the really kind of reasonable one

[00:37:54] Christina: [00:37:54] She is, she is, she’s like, she’s the, she’s also the one who famously was like Kim, Kim, there are [00:38:00] people dying. Um,

[00:38:01] Ashley: [00:38:01] dying after she lost her diamond

[00:38:03] Christina: [00:38:03] yeah. Uh, she she’s the reasonable one. Like it used to be like Chloe was used to be part of that. The Chloe’s had her own things. I used to really

[00:38:12] Ashley: [00:38:12] has been through some shit,

[00:38:14] Christina: [00:38:14] Chloe has been through some shit for real.

[00:38:15] And so I give her a little bit of a pass on that, but no, I always enjoyed Kim and, and Kim, uh, Courtney and Chloe. Um, but I really used to enjoy Chloe and Scott’s kind of like bro friendship, but, but Courtney, Kylie’s my favorite. Um, because she’s the best, uh,

[00:38:33] Ashley: [00:38:33] I have No, favorite. I have no favorite. I can’t, I can’t say I have a favorite in that show.

[00:38:37] Christina: [00:38:37] No, and I, and, and that’s completely fair. And most of our listeners are like, Christina, shut up. Um, but no, I, uh, CA my whole thing with Kylie. I think that her, um, you know, like entrepreneurial stuff and what she’s done as someone who’s as young as she is truly incredible. But my real thing with her is you can say the same thing for Kendall, but especially Kylie, they had no choice in any of the things that [00:39:00] happened to them.

[00:39:00] Like they were like, she was eight years old when that show

[00:39:02] Ashley: [00:39:02] they, they had no choice in whether to kind of participate or.

[00:39:06] Christina: [00:39:06] So, so for me, I like look at her and I’m like, okay, you and Kendall, both. And, and Kendall’s boring. This the only reason she’s not my favorite. She’s very pretty, but she’s completely devoid of anything else. Um, it, Kylie at least is like feisty and has a good personality, but I’m like, okay, you didn’t choose this.

[00:39:21] So you’ve had to grow up in this insane thing and you’ve managed to navigate like your own kind of brand personality.

[00:39:30] Ashley: [00:39:30] Yeah, you made, you made something out of something. You didn’t have a choice. You did not have a choice in

[00:39:35] Christina: [00:39:35] right. Which, which I think is really which, which I, I, that, that I respect that hustle, but, uh, um, that’s enough Kardashian Huck. Brett’s gonna like die when he hears this. We can talk about whatever. Um,

[00:39:47] Ashley: [00:39:47] in this podcast is saying they’re good people. Nobody’s saying we should definitely eat them if the revolution comes. Uh, but also like I can’t deny

[00:39:59] Christina: [00:39:59] no, the hustle, no, [00:40:00] honestly, no, the hustle, no, the hustle is incredible. Like I, if I had money, like I wish I could hire Chris Jenner to be like my, my momma ger, honestly, like I think my career would be in a much better place. Um, but, uh,

[00:40:16] Ashley: [00:40:16] just want to be the best friend of like, I just want to be in that. Like, I, I always see shows like that and I’m like, it would be nice to like, have a friend who’s that famous. Nobody ever followed me anywhere or did anything.

[00:40:28] Christina: [00:40:28] That would actually be great. You’ll be like, yeah, I would like that to be, be like the friend who maybe gets a Shire on or Urso, you know, is featured. And like, you get to go on the trips and like the parties, but like, no one is like, you have a lot of Instagram followers, Jonathan.

[00:40:43] Ashley: [00:40:43] and then you get to choose, like, if you, if you want to make more out of it, you want to just start your thing or you can just not, you can

[00:40:50] Christina: [00:40:50] Right. You can totally just not, I like that. I like

[00:40:53] Ashley: [00:40:53] friends with that.

[00:40:54] rich person and just be the voice of reason. Be like a good, like that’s that’s me. I want to be [00:41:00] the voice of reason friend where it’s like, come to me when you want to hear the word.

[00:41:03] No,

[00:41:04] Christina: [00:41:04] Yes. I actually think

[00:41:06] Ashley: [00:41:06] or that’s a bad idea. That’s the friend I want to be to a rich person.

[00:41:10] Christina: [00:41:10] yeah, so you’re, you’re in, So-Cal you’re adjacent to this. You should, you should make it happen. And then I will, um,

[00:41:16] Ashley: [00:41:16] I’ll do my

[00:41:17] Christina: [00:41:17] I’ll glom on to you to then glom on to them? Um, I was in orange county two weeks ago and I was like very, it was very orange county. Um, I was, um, staying with my friends.

[00:41:30] And never changes. And, and, and this is like, this was very like orange county and, and I mean that Julia is never gonna listen to this. She doesn’t even know this podcast exists, so it’s fine. Um, and I’m not saying anything that I wouldn’t say to her and her friends were lovely, but it was just the most like Newport beach sort of like, you know, like mom’s like, uh, it was, it was, it was me as a non-parent.

[00:41:52] It was a very interesting world for me to absorb, to observe, but I was like, Yeah, I don’t. You just, it was interesting to think about like, okay, [00:42:00] what would it be like to live in this and for this to be my life, because you know, like you’re not in this, like, you’re, you’re in so-called, but you’re not an orange county.

[00:42:08] Like you’re, um, like in the actual

[00:42:11] Ashley: [00:42:11] in LA.

[00:42:11] Christina: [00:42:11] you’re in LA, like you’re in the actual city, like, you know, like you, you guys, um, understandably kind of like roll your eyes at orange county, uh, which correct. Um, but, but it is interesting because in these people weren’t like, um, super rich or anything, but just, you know, but, but it’s enough of just kind of being like in a weird, like suburban thing, like, like we took a boat to, um, to, uh, uh, to dinner one night and, and, you know, park the boat, like in the marina.

[00:42:38] And, and that was nice. Like, that was a fun thing, but it was just one of those like really. It was like, what would it be like if, cause if they were just a few tiers, like they’re not super rich, but if they’re, but I know they have friends and people who are, and I’m like, huh, what, what would it be like to just be like the hanger on to, you know, some of the people who, uh, are not classy and rich, they’re not [00:43:00] really rich because then they would live in Los Angeles or, or Marin, but like, you know, orange county really wealthy, like to be like real Housewives of orange county shit.

[00:43:09] Cause that’s really what it kind of was. It was like a lighter version of like, of like real Housewives. I was like in 10 years,

[00:43:16] Ashley: [00:43:16] it’s a, it’s a real Housewives cosplay. It’s, it’s very, it’s very

[00:43:19] Christina: [00:43:19] 100%, it was very bizarre. I was like really interesting, honestly, from like a sociological, like, like level

[00:43:26] Ashley: [00:43:26] not my jam. It’s not my jam, but like, yeah, I’ve, I’ve been in that situation before and it is, it is surreal actually

[00:43:32] Christina: [00:43:32] Yes. Okay. Thank you. Because yeah, my sister is in a similar thing where she’s also, she’s not part of it, but she works for people who are, who are like the real Housewives of Atlanta set. And it’s the same thing where like, I’ll never forget. Um, I was fixing like, uh, her then, um, boss’s computer or something.

[00:43:55] And, and this was a woman who had a full-time nanny, um, did not [00:44:00] work. And all three children at that point were in school and she’d never worked. So, um, and didn’t really raise the kids to be honest. Um, the kids, I heard them on more than one occasion slip up and call my sister and mom, which route? Right?

[00:44:16] Well, she had power of attorney. Um, oh yeah. Yeah. Like

[00:44:21] Ashley: [00:44:21] I just look at that point. Why even have them, like, I like, that’s my, like, I like hanging out with my

[00:44:27] Christina: [00:44:27] Yes. I

[00:44:27] Ashley: [00:44:27] I enjoy it.

[00:44:28] Christina: [00:44:28] was going to say, he sounds delightful. He talks to his Winnie, the Pooh stuffed animals. Like I haven’t, I love him already. Um, right. But she, when she was dropping the kids who she had power of attorney of over at this re Atlanta house, and this mom answers the door and she looked younger than me.

[00:44:47] And this was like a few years ago. Um, she might’ve been my age, but she looked younger. She, at first I thought she was the step-mom because she looked so young, but she was not, she looks amazing. I was at the [00:45:00] doors and I see these two, eight year olds who are head to toe in, um, under Armour and Lulu lemon, uh, kid stuff.

[00:45:07] And they’re on their iPhones. Like the latest iPhone is on TechTalk and, um, and Instagram they’re eight years old and I’m just like, what. Where am I? And, and the mom, and like I said, like the mom just looks fantastic and I’m just like, and I asked my sister, I was like, okay, so she’s the step mom? Oh no, no, she she’s.

[00:45:28] She’s the birth mom. I was like, I’m like how, because, okay. This is, and, and I was texting with my friend, Sarah, who, um, loves the real Housewives, like I do and loves trash TV. Like I do. You and Sarah would actually really like each other. Um, and, and I was texting with her about it and I was describing what I was seeing.

[00:45:48] And she was like, what even is this? And I was like, I don’t know, but it’s interesting.

[00:45:53]Sponsor: HelloFresh [00:45:53]

[00:45:53]Brett: [00:45:53] Uh, Hey, uh, Christina,

[00:45:57] Christina: [00:45:57] Uh, w what? Oh, wait, Brett, [00:46:00] is that you? Did you fix your internet?

[00:46:02] Brett: [00:46:02] uh, well, not yet. I’m actually calling from the future.

[00:46:06] Christina: [00:46:06] Oh, fuck. Is this going to like, mess up the timeline or like, create like one of those alternate events or branch or some shit like.

[00:46:15] Brett: [00:46:15] Oh, it’s totally going to get weird. Let’s hope for the best. Uh, how’s the podcast.

[00:46:21] Christina: [00:46:21] Okay, so it’s going great. We’re actually having an amazing time. I would mind if like, you know, you left forever. Well, not forever, but no, we’re actually having a great time without you.

[00:46:31] Brett: [00:46:31] Yeah, I figured, um, I can’t, maybe it was a mistake to set up this play date. I might lose my podcast, but anyway,

[00:46:40] Christina: [00:46:40] You’re not going to lose your pockets. I’m kidding. I don’t actually want you to go on forever because that would suck, but we’re having an actually an excellent time. And it is, it is fun to talk with someone else who gets things.

[00:46:50] Brett: [00:46:50] But you’re not, you’re not like ruining it though. It’s not like laser focused on two thousands pop culture or anything. Is it?

[00:46:56] Christina: [00:46:56] Um, well, Yeah [00:47:00] about that. I’m not going to say that it’s not like the time that we had the people from the museum and the Tonya Harding people over. It’s not like that. It’s actually good. It we’re having so much fun, but yeah.

[00:47:15]Brett: [00:47:15] I guess we’ll find out if that’s what people tune in for.

[00:47:18] Christina: [00:47:18] Okay. People fucking love this, and I hope that you’re having a good reason for interrupting.

[00:47:22] Brett: [00:47:22] Oh yeah. Well, we actually have a sponsor that wasn’t added until after you guys were done. So to save me some editing, I figured I’d just warp time and get it into the recording from the get-go.

[00:47:35] Christina: [00:47:35] Okay. So who’s the sponsor who is so important that you’re interrupting us in a different time.

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[00:50:17] Christina: [00:50:17] I think it was worth it. I liked that. I like that you’re able to get healthy food and good meal kits. All right. If we had to create a nexus event, I guess. So it was worth it.

[00:50:27] Brett: [00:50:27] All right, we’ll get back to it.

[00:50:29]Christina: [00:50:29] So what are, what are you doing right now? Like, are you playing any games? Are you watching any shows? Are you listening to anything like, other than the trash to be, we’ve talked about? Is there anything that you’ve been obsessing over or really enjoying, like.

[00:50:42] Ashley: [00:50:42] I well, okay. So I like for anybody listening, who doesn’t know me, I have a, I have a, almost two year old. His birthday is next week. His

[00:50:49] Christina: [00:50:49] Oh, my gosh. Happy birthday.

[00:50:51] Ashley: [00:50:51] I cannot believe somebody told me when I was pregnant. They’re like the best of at my baby shower. Like the best advice I can give you is, or the best thing I can tell you is the days [00:51:00] are long, but the years are short and holy shit, I’ve never heard a truer thing with kids.

[00:51:04] Like some days are very long, but then, but then I feel like the last two years just went by in a blink. Like, I mean, it just it’s, it has been very wild. How fast? Uh, so now I have a small boy who seems to have kidnapped my baby. Um, he’s so cute. His name’s Wolfie. we named him Wolfgang and, um, and he, so he’s like, you know, a lot of my day, uh, when I’m not working.

[00:51:30] And so he is, um, he’s just really cool. He’s like into catamari he loves the, we have the vinyl soundtrack and he calls it. Not because it’s good. Non

[00:51:38] Christina: [00:51:38] Um,

[00:51:39] Ashley: [00:51:39] no. So he loves catamari um, so much so that my brother’s 3d printing him a little catamari prince,

[00:51:46] Christina: [00:51:46] I love this. That’s so good. So I’m going to be asking your advice. At some point, my sister just had a baby, a little boy, and so I am now an aunt and, um, I’m going to be the best aunt ever. Um, he already, like, he was [00:52:00] six days old and I got him a Mario one Z and he, and he was a guest on twit at eight days old.

[00:52:07] Uh, and, um, um, he’s, I’ve been playing all good music for him. I’ve spent about three weeks with him. Um, and, uh, I, I miss him already. He’s getting so big. So I knew.

[00:52:18] Ashley: [00:52:18] I it’s, it goes so fast. It’s crazy. You’re going to see him like in a, in like a week and he’s just going to like double in size.

[00:52:23] Christina: [00:52:23] no, w w that’s the thing, the photos, my sister sends me it cause she’s, uh, 2200 miles away. I like it. You know, I’m like, oh my God, he’s so big, but I want to like see him more, but I’m going to be asking you for advice on like what the cool things are for little boys, because I don’t know.

[00:52:39] Ashley: [00:52:39] I got the Rex. I got the rep. We, um, we, we have, he’s just like, he’s just fun. Like he, he likes, um, right now he’s like really a no 101 Dalmatians. Like he loves the original animated, like movies, like Dalmatians, Dalmatians. And then, um, whenever Corolla comes on the screen and he’s like, no pups, Cruella, no pups.

[00:52:58] He like tells her she can’t have the [00:53:00] puppy. It’s like very cute.

[00:53:01] Christina: [00:53:01] I love that is Disney plus, is it like a godsend for you that you don’t have to deal with the vault anymore? Like you have all

[00:53:08] Ashley: [00:53:08] more vault. Uh, we have all the movies.

[00:53:10] and, um, I just like when I was a kid, my mom, big Disney kid, like she still is to this day. She wanted to go for her 50, whatever birthday to Disneyland this year. So we, we went a couple of weeks ago and, um, and so, yeah, she, so we grew up like just hard mainline and Disney, like all the time.

[00:53:29] So I too am a Disney kid. Um, and, uh, and then now my son will be a Disney kid, which is fine. Like I, you know, I know they’re big faceless corporation, but also, but also, um, again, respect The hustle and, and I like and I like what they make. So I like the stuff. Yeah, I, like the stuff

[00:53:46] Christina: [00:53:46] yeah, I like this stuff too. Um, I got, um, him, um, uh, w I love Winnie the Pooh and, and so does my husband. And so I got him a little, a little poo that is in his nursery and a little, um, Winnie the Pooh, a onesy, um, with like the little [00:54:00] hat. Um, and, uh, I got like a, there was like a five-pack of toy story once I bought so many clothes, uh, for, she got

[00:54:08] Ashley: [00:54:08] will burn through them

[00:54:09] Christina: [00:54:09] Oh, I know. I know. Totally. Uh, he already has Jordan’s, um, that he, that he will grow into, like, he’s obviously way too small for them now. It’ll be like a year before he can wear them, but, uh,

[00:54:21] Ashley: [00:54:21] Well, he doesn’t need them until he can walk. He won’t need, he doesn’t need like shoe shoes.

[00:54:24] Christina: [00:54:24] Right. No, exactly. But it’s the athletics? Uh, my, my other friend, Ashley, her daughter is, I guess, nine months old, 10, 10, maybe now, um, Marlo, uh, ashes, a huge sneaker head. And so for her baby shower, rather than getting her, any of the things that were on the shower, like I got like, uh, uh, like baby Jordans, um, that she’s just now been able to wear the first pair.

[00:54:50] Um, and some other ones she will have and it’s, uh, I was like, yep. We’re, we’re starting the next generation off

[00:54:56] Ashley: [00:54:56] Yes. Yeah. You gotta start literally off. on the Right. foot. [00:55:00] I mean, legitimately on the right foot. Um, But yeah, we’re, we’re just hanging out and, uh, and we’re, we’re my husband and I were watching. I mean, obviously we’re watching Loki, um, and then I’m watching, uh, I start watching physical with rose Byrne.

[00:55:12] Christina: [00:55:12] Yes. I really liked that on an apple

[00:55:14] Ashley: [00:55:14] it’s amazing. Is a hard watch, um, is a hard wise, not for lack of a better term. it is.

[00:55:21] not bingeable. Uh, and especially if you know somebody or have dealt with yourself with disordered eating, do not watch that show is extremely tricolor triggering. Um, I was thinking about a friend of mine. I was like, this show is not for you had a text or am I don’t watch?

[00:55:37] Because she was like, oh, she loves rose Byrne.

[00:55:39] Christina: [00:55:39] I

[00:55:39] Ashley: [00:55:39] And I was like, don’t, don’t watch the show.

[00:55:42] Christina: [00:55:42] yeah. I would agree with that. It is, but it’s a lot, but it’s also like, there’s, there’s, there’s a comedy element to it too. I think like it’s it’s I

[00:55:50] Ashley: [00:55:50] It’s a woman on the brink, like coming apart at this it’s I keep calling it the anti Fleabag. Like that’s like the best way I can describe it. It’s sort of like,

[00:55:58] Christina: [00:55:58] actually, I think that’s really [00:56:00] good way of describing it.

[00:56:01] Ashley: [00:56:01] it’s very reminiscent of Fleabag, but It’s like, the negative version, like as if, if Fleabag were a portrait, physical would be the negative of

[00:56:11] Christina: [00:56:11] Yeah. I like that. The negative that I agree with that.

[00:56:14] Ashley: [00:56:14] Um, but it’s, it’s very good. And I mean, we love mythic quest. Like we, we love it. It is, I have to say mythic quest for me has been one of the most surprising, um, shows that.

[00:56:28] I have seen. And I, my brother works at blizzard and my husband works at Activision blizzard as well. Um, and I spend a lot of time hanging out with people in the game industry and that show.

[00:56:41] It’s it’s made with, um, Ubisoft. So they, they are, they consult on it and, um, and they, uh, but it’s, it’s a game dev studio and it’s Rob McElhinney, um,

[00:56:53] Christina: [00:56:53] From always

[00:56:54] Ashley: [00:56:54] director From always sunny.

[00:56:56] and, uh, David Hornsby who plays cricket on that, on [00:57:00] it’s always sunny is on that show. He’s he’s uh, he’s one of the producers or, um, God, I forget his, I think he’s like the executive producer on it in the game or whatever.

[00:57:09] And, um, and so it’s really good and it’s it’s, but it also has been it’s so funny and so good, but then also they have had episodes where they have been so poignant and just lovely. Like there have just been some really lovely moments and excellent representation. Like it’s just very good.

[00:57:27] Christina: [00:57:27] I haven’t seen it, but I wanted to, and, uh, there was one of the, because there’s just so much content, uh,

[00:57:33] Ashley: [00:57:33] a pleasant surprise, Christina, like highly recommend.

[00:57:36] Christina: [00:57:36] Okay. I was looking forward to that because, um, I loved always sunny and I liked the concept, but if you’re saying that they actually consulted with Ubisoft and the fact that, that

[00:57:46] Ashley: [00:57:46] It is, it

[00:57:47] Christina: [00:57:47] husband, your brother, like.

[00:57:49] Ashley: [00:57:49] uh, accurate depiction

[00:57:50] Christina: [00:57:50] Okay, good.

[00:57:51] Ashley: [00:57:51] functions.

[00:57:53] Christina: [00:57:53] which I think is great. And I mean, you know, because Silicon valley obviously was, that was also pretty accurate, but it had [00:58:00] certain things that were, you know, um, heightened and whatnot.

[00:58:03] Ashley: [00:58:03] Yeah. It’s the same. It’s

[00:58:04] Christina: [00:58:04] Yeah. Which, which I like, and I think we’ve needed this. I mean, you’re somebody who’s covered games and obviously, you know, uh, is very close to people who work for studios and whatnot.

[00:58:13] Um, but there’ve been so many, it’s interesting that, to my knowledge, I think this is like one of the first shows we’ve seen, uh, there’ve been shows where it gets, people have worked as game creators with, but even then

[00:58:26] Ashley: [00:58:26] game. Like Jesse Cox and Michelle Morrow show. Good game that was on YouTube pre YouTube bread. Like that was a thing they did, but it was like really kind of centered around like e-sports.

[00:58:35] Christina: [00:58:35] right.

[00:58:36] Ashley: [00:58:36] Casting.

[00:58:37] Christina: [00:58:37] Yeah. And like, usually it would be used as almost like, um, a character trait, like, oh, he’s the quirky person. And he’s a, he works on video games and, and it, you know, which, which doesn’t really cover, like what it, what it really is like. Um, and it’s, it’s interesting.

[00:58:53] Ashley: [00:58:53] you know, the episode of it’s always sunny where the belt were Mac dances in the ballot. Like it’s like very, um, [00:59:00] powerful. I forget the name of that episode and I, I hate myself for forgetting it, but, um, that episode is very similar to like the Heights that mythic quest hits. Like they’ve really.

[00:59:13] Hit some emotional beats that are like incredibly powerful and it is so surprising. And, and, um, like I said, it’s just, it’s such a pleasant surprise. That show is such a pleasant surprise to me. Um, we love it. It’s it’s so good and funny. And like there’s so many, like just the characters in the show are so well-defined, um, and the writing is really good.

[00:59:34] Like their, their writing staff is excellent. Um, and, uh, and they’re, I mean, they did, they did a pandemic episode. I would argue the only, uh, creative episode of television that really nailed, uh, how everybody was collectively feeling in the height of the pandemic. They released it, I think last July. And, um, man, it was, it was very good.

[00:59:57] Very, very good. Made me cry. Like openly [01:00:00] weep. I was at the end. I was like, oh my gosh, like, this is way more powerful than I thought it would be. It really kind of struck me right in the heart. And uh, they have those moments like that and it’s just, it’s really, um, it’s really good. It’s really, really, I can’t recommend it enough.

[01:00:13] It’s great.

[01:00:14] Christina: [01:00:14] Okay. I’m going at the, as soon as I have some downtime

[01:00:18] Ashley: [01:00:18] I can’t wait to hear about, I can’t wait to hear what you think. I’m, I’m very excited for you to watch. it.

[01:00:22] Christina: [01:00:22] Yeah. I’m, I’m actually not really excited to watch it too. Um, this was months ago now, and I think that you did get a computer, but you were able to get a gaming PC at this point, right? Hopefully

[01:00:32] Ashley: [01:00:32] I built

[01:00:33] Christina: [01:00:33] you built one. Yeah. I was gonna say you were able to build it.

[01:00:35] Um, and you were able to get a graphics card.

[01:00:37] Ashley: [01:00:37] Yes.

[01:00:39] Christina: [01:00:39] Hell yeah.

[01:00:40] Ashley: [01:00:40] It was, that was a journey for sure. I almost bought it because it was right when the new IMAX got announced and I was like, well, maybe I’ll do that. And then just by a stroke of insane luck, a friend got very lucky and was like, do you want to buy this extra one that I have? I was like,

[01:00:59] Christina: [01:00:59] you’re like? Yes, [01:01:00] absolutely. What car did you get?

[01:01:01] Ashley: [01:01:01] I have the EGA.

[01:01:03] G-Force RTX 30, 80. It’s the one that is the, um, for the win edition. So it’s got the RGB on it and stuff.

[01:01:10] Christina: [01:01:10] Nice. Yeah, I have the gigabyte, um, uh, uh, vision 30, 80. So it’s the white one, uh, which fits the whole white, well, I was super lucky. It was this thing, like the end of January, like I had to get a stupid power supply with it, but, um, I basically got it, you know, for, for MSRP essentially. Uh, it was, I got so lucky.

[01:01:31] It was weird. I was also able to get. Um, uh, gaming, OSI one at the same time, because I just happened to hit it. Right. This was before Newegg did the, uh, the raffles and, and for whatever happened, like they were tweeting links like in the afternoon or something, and I just happened to get it. And first I bought one card and then I was able to buy the card I really wanted.

[01:01:53] And so I had this extra card and, um, I could have sold it for, you know, [01:02:00] an insane amount of money, but I sold it, uh, for cost. Cause I don’t really want to, I don’t believe it’s got, yeah. So 2,

[01:02:07] Ashley: [01:02:07] want that karma. You don’t want that scalper karma to come back and get ya.

[01:02:09] Christina: [01:02:09] Yeah. So a friend of mine who works on windows terminal, her boyfriend had been looking for a card and it’s funny because she was texting me recently.

[01:02:16] She was like, we’re so thankful that we got that, you know, like in February, because we had no idea. I had no idea, like, oh, I’m so glad you were able to get one. Cause that was my concern for you. And we were like talking about recommending that I was like, love to build it up. Like, I don’t know if you can, I don’t know if you can get the parts, like, you know, it’s, it’s, uh, it’s stupid.

[01:02:36] How that still is, uh,

[01:02:40] Ashley: [01:02:40] I mean, the chip shortage is real bad to real bad.

[01:02:43] Christina: [01:02:43] It is real bad.

[01:02:44] Ashley: [01:02:44] It’s rough. It’s really rough. I’m trying, I’ve been trying to get a score, a PS five for my, um, for my best friend. And he, I really want him to get one, so he could play return, like, like alongside me, I’m dying to talk to him about it. And he does, he does want to hear any spoilers and I’m just like, oh, please.

[01:02:59] Like I got to [01:03:00] get you a PlayStation. So I’m actually like trying, I have like PS five stock alerts. I’m like, I have one, I don’t need it.

[01:03:05] Christina: [01:03:05] I know. Okay. Okay. I have one too, but I will.

[01:03:08] Ashley: [01:03:08] for my friends.

[01:03:09] Christina: [01:03:09] Okay. I will, I will do my best if he’s depending on, on, if he’s open to like a non-insane bundle. Probably have some luck in doing this. We’ll talk offline, but, but I will, I will. Now, now that I know I’ve been remarkably lucky, no promises of course, but it helps when multiple people are in on it for you.

[01:03:27] So like, all right. So that’s the goal. Get, get Ashley, another PS five. So her friend can play eternal with

[01:03:32] Ashley: [01:03:32] His birthday is coming. His birthday is coming in July and I’m just like, man, I would just love for you to have a peaceful life.

[01:03:38] Christina: [01:03:38] I know that’d be so good.

[01:03:39] Ashley: [01:03:39] I might see I’m a good friend billionaires of the world.

[01:03:43] Christina: [01:03:43] yeah, I was gonna say like,

[01:03:45] Ashley: [01:03:45] you get a PlayStation five.

[01:03:49] Christina: [01:03:49] oh,

[01:03:51] Ashley: [01:03:51] These are the things I can do for you as your friends.

[01:03:53] Christina: [01:03:53] yeah, yeah. I mean, I can also put this. I can help you get a graphics card and he’ll be good. [01:04:00] uh, I can’t help you get shoes because I won’t pay for bots, although I’ve considered it, but I can tell you what they look nice, but billionaires bridge people will totally be your hangers on like we’ll,

[01:04:10] Ashley: [01:04:10] be your ears on. So I fine.

[01:04:12] Christina: [01:04:12] Well, totally like tell you every to talk. We’ll be the ones that just be the venting boards. Also the ones that tell you, like, when maybe you want to like, not post that on

[01:04:21] Ashley: [01:04:21] Dial it back. Yeah. Maybe just take it, take it back a

[01:04:24] Christina: [01:04:24] Delete the tweet. Yeah. Yeah.

[01:04:26] Ashley: [01:04:26] That’s a good, that’s a good plan.

[01:04:28] Christina: [01:04:28] Um, okay. Well, we are, we’re coming up on time and I don’t want to keep you because you have a life and a child and a job, which is why it’s so amazing that you join me.

[01:04:39] And this was so fun. Um, I w I wish that like, okay, this is going to be weird. And I’m putting this podcast Brett, and you can edit this out or not, but I would love to like, talk to you more, like, even like, not on podcast things,

[01:04:53] Ashley: [01:04:53] No, let’s yeah, but I’ve been thought why we’ve been following each other on Twitter for literally we’re like twin sons. We’ve been [01:05:00] like twin. We are literally like twin sons. We orbiting each other for a million years and we’ve never really chit chat.

[01:05:05] Christina: [01:05:05] I know, I know, we’ve been on like podcasts a few times together, but it’s, and every time I’m always like, okay, so,

[01:05:11] Ashley: [01:05:11] Yeah. I’m always like good. Christina is so, cool. Like I should hang out with Christina.

[01:05:16] Christina: [01:05:16] this is how I feel, so, okay. Friend, friendship. You, my friends like now we’re we’re

[01:05:21] This was kismet. It was meant to be, and now we’ve forged a bond cemented in two thousands pop culture that can never be broken.