242: Foot Stuff

Brett learns what a Thirst Trap is, Christina reminisces about the time she pissed off Kanye, and the duo share some great app recommendations.

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[00:00:00]Christina: [00:00:00] You’re listening to overtired. I’m Christina Warren. He’s Brett Terpstra Brett, how are you doing

[00:00:07] Brett: [00:00:07] I am good. How are you?

[00:00:10] Christina: [00:00:10] good. I am a little tired. So I’m recording this at 6:42 AM my time, which is early. But that’s okay. I’m actually glad we’re doing it at this time because I have like meeting pocalypse today. So I have a brief break from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. But other than that, I’m basically booked from the time we do this podcast until 5:00 PM.

[00:00:37] Brett: [00:00:37] Yeah, I have meetings basically from I’ll have a half an hour after we end this podcast, unless we go over and then I’m, I have a block of about, it’s only about two and a half hours of meetings, but.

[00:00:50]Christina: [00:00:50] Yeah, no. So I’m just going to, I can’t read what they’re for although it’s cool stuff. So I have my therapist at 8:00 AM. Then I have a meeting from 905 to nine [00:01:00] 30. Then I have an hour and a half break. Then I have 11 to 1140, then 1145 to 1220, then 1230 to one 10, then two to two 30, then 3 0 5 to 3 45, then four o’clock to four 40.

[00:01:15] Brett: [00:01:15] schedules, a meeting from 3 0 5 to 3 45.

[00:01:20]Christina: [00:01:20] They’re doing this thing now and it’s actually a pretty good idea. I’m sure that you will see people probably attempt this. Now that you’re in corporate life too, but there’s apparently with some research done that if you start meetings five minutes later, then that’s better for people or something. I don’t know, dude, I don’t, I’m not the management consultant person. I don’t get paid the money to tell the people how to do this stuff. I don’t care. But apparently because you always wait five minutes for people to get on the meetings anyway, starting them at 3 0 5, starting with the five minute mark that gives people a break between meetings.

[00:01:52] I don’t know. I’m not even, I don’t know, but anyway that’s my meetings. I also just got back [00:02:00] from orange county because I was with my friend Juliette for five days, which was awesome. I got home at 10 30 last night, anyway.

[00:02:07] Brett: [00:02:07] So I want to come back to the scheduling conversation in a minute, cause I have a cool app to tell you about. But first I want to tell you that I had a physical this week and I’m not dying. Like I was super nervous going into it because my blood pressure has long been an issue. And. It has been it has been mentioned that if I don’t fix my blood pressure, they’ll take away my stimulant medication.

[00:02:35]And we know what happens when that happens. So I was very fearful. I went in my blood pressure was like one 20 over 84 which is fine. I don’t know anything about blood pressure,

[00:02:47] Christina: [00:02:47] I don’t either. Except my low.

[00:02:49] Brett: [00:02:49] but they had no problem with it. It didn’t even come up and everything I’m not, I’m a little overweight, but other than that, I’m seeing a nutritionist next week [00:03:00] voluntarily.

[00:03:01]Not because I’m diabetic or anything yet. But yeah, I’m feeling a great sense of relief after passing a physical.

[00:03:09]Christina: [00:03:09] Nice. Very happy for you. That’s awesome. I’m glad that you’re not dying. I’m a little overweight you can deal with. If they’re happy with the blood pressure. That’s good. Cause you don’t want to like, like you said, you don’t want to get rid of those

[00:03:22]Brett: [00:03:22] Stem Sims. Yeah, no, I really don’t.

[00:03:25] Christina: [00:03:25] She says as she’s like yawning waiting for her stimulants to kick in me, they always, okay.

[00:03:33] So they’ve never liked threatened to take them away. But they’re vocationally been like Rondo ass doctors who I feel like just graduated from college who were like, your heart, rate’s a little fast. I’m like, Yeah.

[00:03:46] They’re like it, you should look at that. I’m like, yeah I’ve been on stimulants for 17 years.

[00:03:53] Yeah. Duh, I’m like, is it too fast? We’ll know. And the one time it was too fast. [00:04:00] And by that, it was resting. It was like 150 or 160

[00:04:04] Brett: [00:04:04] Christ. Are you serious?

[00:04:06]Christina: [00:04:06] I’m dead serious?

[00:04:07]I went in for a heart thing and I wore a heart monitor for a few weeks and they monitored it. Yeah, that was, but that had nothing to do with this stimulus.

[00:04:15] I wasn’t even taking the stimulants when that happened specifically, because I was like, I hadn’t even taken them that morning. And it was like that much. And I was afraid I was going to have a heart attack. At that point because my resting heart rate was that. So it’s that has nothing to do with the stimulants.

[00:04:32]I did also have one time where it was resting. It was like one 40 or 1 45. And I was taking some of those that was bad too. That was more consistent. And I like with Kartra walk upstairs and it turned out I was in an issue. I was having like an instance of thyroid storm. It was a bizarre, like one-off type of thing anyway.


[00:04:49] Brett: [00:04:49] That like my I don’t think my heart rate is ever been that high. That sounds crazy high to me.

[00:04:56] Christina: [00:04:56] oh no, it’s, it is crazy high. I mean That one, the [00:05:00] time when I couldn’t like, when I was winded walking upstairs and I was like, why is this happening? This was about 15 years ago. And it was at my gynecologist who figured it out, which pissed me off because no. Hear me out. So she was great that she figured that out because she was like, okay, Something’s not right.

[00:05:18] She was like, your heart rate is really high and I’m concerned. And she was in the exact same office as my endocrinologist, who I had just seen and who they hadn’t really been taking me seriously, that something was wrong with like my endocrine system. And I went in and they were being shitty when we cause it, it was like four o’clock in the afternoon.

[00:05:41] And we just walked into their office. We’re like, Hey, I just had, like a gyno thing. And she said that I need to come see you because my heart rate is like ridiculous. And they were like dismissive of it. And then they did the test and then it was weird. You could see them freaking out.

[00:05:59]I was very [00:06:00] exposed. I was like, in the middle of the office. And they were just like ripping my shirt off and like attaching all these nodes to my skin to test my heart rate and to give me like an EKG or whatever.

[00:06:08] Brett: [00:06:08] That would be terrifying. I’m

[00:06:10] Christina: [00:06:10] it was good.

[00:06:11] Brett: [00:06:11] you.

[00:06:12] Christina: [00:06:12] Yeah. I was, and I was like 23 years old, 22 years old.

[00:06:15] It was not fun. But Yeah. The, when it happened two years ago, when it was that it was a limited thing and I wasn’t even stressing, but it got out of the shower and my apple watch was the thing that notified me that my heart rate was excessively high.

[00:06:30] Brett: [00:06:30] Yeah. That’s

[00:06:31] Christina: [00:06:31] So it is handy.

[00:06:33] So you’re not dying. You just need a little lose, a little weight.

[00:06:37]You have good health insurance now. Like you had good health insurance before, but now you have like corporate health insurance.

[00:06:43] Brett: [00:06:43] I’ve got rich people, good health insurance instead of poor people, good health insurance. It’s not as good, like this HSA, thing’s going to kill me the first couple of months of filling my meds. It’s going to cost me over a thousand bucks a month for the meds.

[00:06:57] Christina: [00:06:57] Yeah. But then you’re going to bid the get, but then you fit your [00:07:00] deductible and you’re good for the rest of the

[00:07:01] Brett: [00:07:01] yeah. And I’ll pay all of that out of the HSA account. So it’s all fine. Except I think we talked about this last week because I have $6,000 in like a flex spending account, but I don’t, I didn’t ever get a card for that account, so I don’t have access to that money and I’m still waiting still out.

[00:07:24] It’s all going to be fine. Anyway.

[00:07:26] Christina: [00:07:26] Fine. I will tell you this, unless you’re going to spend that $6,000, do not get a flex spending account when you redo your stuff in November. Because I think that they made an exception for this year for some of the stuff, but usually it is a use it or lose it thing.

[00:07:45] Brett: [00:07:45] Oh, no. This specifically carries over in full

[00:07:48] Christina: [00:07:48] Okay. Okay. But there are for FSAs, there are limitations on what you can use stuff for. So be careful with that, like medications and things like that are fine. Like contact lenses,

[00:08:00] [00:07:59] Brett: [00:07:59] dentistry. The reason that I put six grand into it is because, so I’m getting four teeth pulled out and we’re act we’re taking next week off. And then again in July, we’ll be taking a week off because I’m having. A large number of teeth removed from my mouth and the plan when I was on poor people, insurance was to get fitted for partials, which are false teeth which like I was not emotionally prepared for.

[00:08:26] But now that I have dental coverage with major dental and a $6,000 spending account, I am hoping to get implants instead, which will be for me so much more emotionally, easy to have

[00:08:44] Christina: [00:08:44] yeah, I know implants are going to be so much better than whatever the partials which I’m guessing. Is that like a thing that you would wear, like you would put it underneath, like you’re like a retainer thing.

[00:08:56]Brett: [00:08:56] It like clips in or around your gum

[00:08:58] Christina: [00:08:58] that’s what I, that’s what I meant. Okay. [00:09:00] That’s what I was.

[00:09:00] That’s what I was trying to describe it. I obviously didn’t understand it correctly. So yeah. So that would be way better. So yeah. So with the implant, which is the, yeah, it was just the rich people version of the same thing, but it looks better and we’ll make you feel significantly better as you should.

[00:09:14] Brett: [00:09:14] Yeah. I just I have all these memories of my grandparents taking their teeth out at night and like putting them in like the fizzy water.

[00:09:22] Christina: [00:09:22] Yeah, me too. Me too.

[00:09:24] Brett: [00:09:24] not ready for that.

[00:09:25] Christina: [00:09:25] No, I agree. I agree. No, especially since now, you don’t have to, which is there are like a lot of pluses to being on your own and Indy and paying for your own like premiums and all that.

[00:09:37] And then there’s a lot of pluses of selling out

[00:09:39]Brett: [00:09:39] Yeah. I have

[00:09:41]Christina: [00:09:41] And you shouldn’t because yeah.

[00:09:44] Brett: [00:09:44] Okay. Oh, and man, my job is going to crate. Like I’m busy now. Like for the first couple of weeks I felt oh, this is maybe too easy. But now I’m busy. I got lots of stuff on my plate, but it’s all stuff. That’s exciting. Everything from, Jupiter notebooks to [00:10:00] setting up Jekyll and get hub repos and building style guides.

[00:10:04] And this is fun stuff. I’m having a blessed, good times.

[00:10:08] Christina: [00:10:08] I’m very happy. I wanted to ask for an update. Have you gotten to Jupiter notebooks?

[00:10:12] Brett: [00:10:12] I spent yesterday trying to, they have this platform called Terraform for like scripting installs.

[00:10:22] Christina: [00:10:22] Yes, No, I was going to say you would like Ansible and Terraform a lot. It Terraform for the listeners is its own language kind of Syntex, for being able to script various like dev ops sorts of things for installing applications, setting things up the idea being instead of having to learn.

[00:10:40] Like every single command maybe that you would use for whatever platform you’re on, you can use Terraform scripts that has its kind of own language. Hashi Corp is the one who makes it and they actually just hit version one dot O which the naming is more for going forward then [00:11:00] like it’s hit some big milestones.

[00:11:01] If you’re on like a.one, five or.one, five, two, like it’s fine. It’s basically the same thing, but they just hit one point. Oh, so congrats to them. Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt you. Go

[00:11:10] Brett: [00:11:10] No, that’s okay. I spent almost two hours getting all of the environment variables and everything figured out so I could find it. Run the Terraform script. And when it finally ran, it told me that it has no it can’t compile on an arm chip. So now I’m redoing the whole process in a cloud instance and it’s going to be fine.

[00:11:37] I have my own container. I’ll run the whole thing there, but anyway, I have not gotten to the actual Jupiter notebook part yet.

[00:11:44] Christina: [00:11:44] Okay. You’ll get there. One thing I’m also going to give you as a tip and arm thing would still be an issue because they would need to update those scripts. And I’m sure that some people have done it, but for whatever you’re using, it’s not there yet.

[00:11:55]Visual studio code has a feature where you can [00:12:00] you could use them on any service.

[00:12:01] Like it’s obviously optimized for Azure, but you don’t have to use Azure. You can even use local containers or your own local server or whatever, but it has the ability for you to basically do local instances, like on your M one Mac where you could be accessing a dev container someplace else. So it would be like, Really good.

[00:12:23]JetBrains I believe is working on a similar feature. They’re not quite there yet. But they are working on a similar feature. So if that’s what you’re you are using or people out there are using, you can for things like sublime text, this is where sublime text, unfortunately and congrats to them on their latest, 4.0 or whatever.

[00:12:39] This is where they’re going to fall behind people like no butts. You, unfortunately, if they don’t have these sorts of tooling things where you can connect remotely, have a remote extension where you can connect to a container living someplace else, and then natively access all of your tooling and extensions locally, but you’re doing it on a box that’s in the cloud or on a remote server [00:13:00] or on another computer in your house.

[00:13:03]I think that those things are gonna fall behind, but anyway it’s pretty cool.

[00:13:06] Brett: [00:13:06] We’re also going to get back to complaining about sublime text in a little bit.

[00:13:10] Christina: [00:13:10] Yes. Good classic overtired content.

[00:13:12] Brett: [00:13:12] So here’s the scheduling thing I wanted to tell you about work related. So with the new exchange server that I have to use for calendaring, I can no longer use fantastic owl, which has long been my calendar choice on my Mac and my iPhone. Fantastical is a great app. I’m sorry to lose it, but I just, I can’t add my work calendar to it.

[00:13:35] They don’t approve it as a platform.

[00:13:37]Christina: [00:13:37] Okay. Real quick question for you. We’ll take this offline, but do you use office 365 as your, do you use exchange as your calendar system?

[00:13:46] Brett: [00:13:46] It’s office 365 is the URL.

[00:13:49] Christina: [00:13:49] Yes. And but then you get a notice from fantastic hell saying that the admin has to approve

[00:13:54] Brett: [00:13:54] yes, exactly.

[00:13:56] Christina: [00:13:56] All right,

[00:13:57] We’re going to take this offline. It’s possible that [00:14:00] this won’t work, but I’m going to give you an endpoint to try, rather than the one that’s built into fantastical. If you use the version one end point, it’s possible that you might be able to get it to work because I was able to, I worked with Michael and Keith and some of the other people at fantastic Cal for months and was able to find a work around for my calendar.

[00:14:19] So I will send you that in point no promises, because I don’t know how Oracle system works. And it’s possible that the permissions that you have set wouldn’t even work on the V1 API, but it’ll give you something to try just to see if you can. But,

[00:14:31] Brett: [00:14:31] And then you can fix my VPN, but in the meantime,

[00:14:34] Christina: [00:14:34] but in the meantime, tell me about this other calendar nap, because I would love to know about this.

[00:14:38] Brett: [00:14:38] So the thing that aside from all the natural language event creation and fantastical, which is like its best feature I really liked having a calendar in my menu bar that I could just drop down and see my agenda, see a quick view of the month. And and I couldn’t find a good way to do that. That just [00:15:00] used calendar, which is easy to set up with the exchange account or the office 365.

[00:15:05] So then I found this app called data or data. It’s D a T O I’m going to go with, I’m going to go a data.

[00:15:14] Christina: [00:15:14] Yeah. I was going to say data was how I would say it, but I could see either way. Yeah.

[00:15:18] Brett: [00:15:18] and it puts, it gives you the little calendar icon with the current day in your menu bar, you drop it down. It has all of your meetings for the next two days for today and tomorrow. It has like color coding for which calendar it’s on. It’s got the mini view of the month with all, with up to three dots per day, which is useless when you have 20 meetings a day.

[00:15:40] But and you can hover over any meeting in the list. And with one click join a zoom call and it can put maybe 300 pixel wide text description of the next upcoming meeting in your menu bar. And you can just click that to join like a zoom call. So it’ll [00:16:00] say sync up with your boss and in 25 minutes.

[00:16:03] And then when it gets down to one night, you just click it and it starts the zoom call. It’s perfect. For filling the gap that fantastic. How left forum?

[00:16:12] Christina: [00:16:12] that’s awesome. Yeah. Cause fantastical has that same feature where it can it’ll recognize like Google meet or zoom or teams meetings and your menu board. That’s awesome. And so this one, and it works with your O 365 account.

[00:16:23] Brett: [00:16:23] What, anything that I can set up through calendar

[00:16:26] Christina: [00:16:26] Got it. Okay.

[00:16:28] Brett: [00:16:28] it doesn’t have, it’s like basically you set up all your accounts through calendar and it just mirrors them.

[00:16:33] Christina: [00:16:33] okay. And and I’m looking at this now, so this is the Mac app 6 99. All right. I’m going to try this out and see, cause I might pass this off to my coworkers cause I have some coworkers who would have a hard time getting the fantastical work around to work. Because well, and honestly it’s partially, some of it is partially on their stuff.

[00:16:51] So this is from Cindra soar, hos who? Oh yeah. He, I was going to say his name sounded familiar. So he did the refined get hub [00:17:00] like browser extension. And he made an app called Lugo, which is similar to amphetamine to keep your Mac awake. So I knew I knew I recognized his name.

[00:17:08] Brett: [00:17:08] long ago. Wasn’t it?

[00:17:09] Christina: [00:17:09] Lingo. Yeah. Lingo. Yeah.

[00:17:11] Yeah. So that’s that’s him. But he also, it was a leader of like refine get hub, which the hub team actually adopted some of his features officially into, get up so nice.

[00:17:22] Brett: [00:17:22] Free tip. The other thing that I loved about fantastic, how was having a hot key to pop up my calendar? Day-to doesn’t have that, but if you use what bartender version four has a new feature where you can assign hot keys that will either left or right click any menu item in your menu bar, even if they’re not shown in the current menu bar which means you can basically have a hot key that left clicks your calendar and pops open the screen for you.

[00:17:52] Christina: [00:17:52] brilliant.

[00:17:54] Brett: [00:17:54] Yeah. I’m adding bartender to our show notes cause everyone should use bartender.

[00:17:58] Christina: [00:17:58] should use it. And it’s also its own [00:18:00] set up. So

[00:18:01]Brett: [00:18:01] Yes. Dado is not on setup. We should talk to him about that.

[00:18:05] Christina: [00:18:05] we should. Yeah. Cause I believe that.

[00:18:06] Longo is

[00:18:08] Brett: [00:18:08] Yeah is at least one of those caffeination apps on set up. I can’t remember which one I’m using.

[00:18:15]Christina: [00:18:15] I’m opening it now, which is great radio for all of us and it just installed the newest version. It’s taking a second, but yeah. I’m pretty sure that one is on setup. But if not $7 for for this, I’m going to buy it and try it out and see how it works, because I might be able to give it to some of my colleagues yeah, Longo is on set up.

[00:18:36] So hopefully he will consider putting data on it too. You should talk. You should talk to him about it. I don’t know him. I just

[00:18:43] Brett: [00:18:43] I don’t either, but we’ll, we’re about to meet there’s this interesting like line and I think it’s true for both of us when. We’re a little bit tired. Our response times are pretty shitty. And then we forget a lot of words, but then we get [00:19:00] towards that over tired point. And like suddenly we, we have like less space between our sentences than, a listener would appreciate.

[00:19:10] So you’re on that leg, just tired edge. And we either, we want to get you either to hopped up on speed or get

[00:19:19] Christina: [00:19:19] it’s about to click in. No, I was going to say it’s about to kick in. Cause I’m definitely at that point right now where I’m like, oh yeah. Okay. I feel this. So we’re about to be about to not drop my words

[00:19:31]Brett: [00:19:31] What’s awesome though, is we’ve talked about descript before, but with the script I can just pop in, like I’ll run these audio files through Auphonic multi-track and then pop them right into descript, hit, remove word gaps, and it’ll find every pause greater than X number of seconds and just pull it out.

[00:19:51] It’s like it’s one, one click. I love it so much. And when I do interviews on systematic, if someone needs an edit, if they’re like, Hey, wait, [00:20:00] can I do that again? I just say the words edit here. And then when descript loads up the transcript, I just search the text for the words, edit here and then select the text that shouldn’t be in the final recording hit, delete, and my files edit.

[00:20:15] It is the greatest podcasting tool I could possibly name.

[00:20:20] Christina: [00:20:20] that’s awesome.

[00:20:22] Brett: [00:20:22] I’m going to add that to our show notes too.

[00:20:24] Christina: [00:20:24] You should, because that’s like a, that’s one hell of a endorsement, to be honest. And there I go again. No, but that is actually one hell of an endorsement for you to say is the greatest podcasting tool you could ever think of. So well done.

[00:20:36] Brett: [00:20:36] Yeah. So I’m going to, I’m going to skip down because I don’t know what thirst traps are and I want you to tell me what a thirst trap is.

[00:20:44]Christina: [00:20:44] Okay. So a thirst trap is when you’re a woman and you take like a hot photo of yourself and you put it in Instagram. And part of it is.

[00:20:52] because you feel like you look hot and you want to show it off. But another part of it is because you definitely are asking for people [00:21:00] to comment.

[00:21:01] Brett: [00:21:01] Cool. I noticed you, I believe posted a swimsuit picture recently.

[00:21:06]Christina: [00:21:06] I did. I posted a and I was a little, I was unsure. I posted some on Instagram story. Sometimes I’ve done that before, but I’ve never really posted one on main. And because I don’t know why, actually this is an interesting thing to have a conversation about. So I spent, okay, We didn’t have Instagram and Facebook and things like that in my early twenties, but then we started to, but I started working and became more of a public figure.

[00:21:33] So not public, but like in the public eye and whatnot. And I felt like it was one of those things where I was like, all right, it’s inappropriate for me to act like everyone else, my age and post photos of myself on bathing students, because I have all these strangers who follow me on the internet and it’s related to my job and whatnot.

[00:21:49] And I still struggle with that a little bit. Cause I’m like I’d like to share my life and to be able to do updates like anybody else, my age or even younger, even older or whatever. [00:22:00] But I feel like I can’t and I just finally, I was like, fuck it. And I was on the beach on a Sunday and I was like, fuck it.

[00:22:09] I look good. And I posted a third time

[00:22:13]Brett: [00:22:13] how’d it go.

[00:22:14] Christina: [00:22:14] pretty well, less creepy DMS than I was expecting. There were some. And that I ha I had to block a few people, which is fine, but that’s always going to happen, but yeah, it was interesting. I did find out something horrifying.

[00:22:29] Brett: [00:22:29] What’s that

[00:22:30]Christina: [00:22:30] I don’t even want to mention this because now people are going to look it’s disgusting. I had nothing to do with it. So I want to be very clear on this. So apparently there is a Wiki that

[00:22:40] people have compiled celebrities feet.

[00:22:45]Brett: [00:22:45] yeah.

[00:22:46]Christina: [00:22:46] Okay. Apparently some podcast was mentioning this and a friend of mine was making fun of me and he was like, oh, just wait until. Cause, cause I posted some photo of something and you see my feet or whatever. And he was like, oh Yeah. we just wait until that’ll be on some [00:23:00] sort of foot, fetish website.

[00:23:01] And I deemed him. I was like, yeah, that’s never going to happen. I’m never putting my feet on a foot fetish website. And then he DMD me and he was like, I was joking with you, but I checked. And yeah, your photos are on there.

[00:23:13] Brett: [00:23:13] Yeah. I don’t think people put their own feet on those websites.

[00:23:17] Christina: [00:23:17] No, they I didn’t understand what he was saying. And I, so yeah, cause someone has taken the time to go through my Instagram posts over the years. There was even one where I was like on an airplane and I wasn’t even taking a photo of anything that you could see my toe in the shot.

[00:23:36] Brett: [00:23:36] yeah.

[00:23:37] Christina: [00:23:37] Anyway, I was pretty creeped out,

[00:23:38] Brett: [00:23:38] Is put fetish, like early a guy thing. I’ve never heard of anyone having a fetish for men’s feet.

[00:23:44]Christina: [00:23:44] I’m sure that there are some people who do I don’t think it’s as common.

[00:23:49] Brett: [00:23:49] Have great feet. And if anyone wants photos of my feet, for whatever purpose, I’m happy to share. I don’t feel like that’s too weird for like my [00:24:00] own personality. I’m

[00:24:02] Christina: [00:24:02] Actually, I take that. Actually, I take that back. I know some dude who has sold photos of his feet online. Now I will say it was probably to other men. So I’m not sure like how that breakdown goes and look, I don’t want to kink shame. I’m sure there are women who there’s some women who get off on it too.

[00:24:19] I’m not trying to kink shame. What I’m saying is I’m not super into the idea that someone has added me to this. Also, this is fine. I have two and a half out of five stars. I have. okay Feet. That’s actually probably if we’re being honest, more like kind than maybe it should be because I don’t have great feet.

[00:24:42] I know I don’t, my toes overlap in a weird way. Like my middle toe overlaps over by my first and my, my, my second and my fourth toe. So it’s I’m, I can give the finger with my feet and. They’re not that attractive. I can be honest about that. I don’t care. I don’t get pedicures. They’re not like all Callister gross or [00:25:00] whatever, but they’re not great.

[00:25:02]I don’t know. it.

[00:25:02] was weird to find this, like some, there was one where I took a photo of some sort of weird burn I had, I didn’t even post this one. I don’t even think I had an Instagram. I think that I don’t even know where it came from to be completely honest with you. But I know the photo because I was like I’m positive.

[00:25:17] I didn’t post this on Instagram. I might’ve posted it on Twitter or something and asked for some feedback on something. Cause I had some major rash or some major like thing and that was on there. So I’m like, I’m horrified if I’m being completely honest with you. So anyway,

[00:25:34]Brett: [00:25:34] So with the the net positive result from your last thirst trap, are you going to continue doing this?

[00:25:42]Christina: [00:25:42] I don’t know, maybe because I’m in this?

[00:25:44] weird thing a common refrain on this show has been my utter refusal to age. And like me dealing with not wanting to age and whatnot. And there’s a part of me that’s pissed off that. It’s I’ve taken my body’s pretty banging right now.

[00:25:55] And I’ve taken like my hottest years and I don’t have anything to show for it. So [00:26:00] maybe.

[00:26:00]Brett: [00:26:00] Yeah. Yeah. Side note. So my girlfriend L she works at Yarra Knology, which we’ve discussed previously. And it’s like a fiber arts knitting store. And I guess that’s obvious from the name, but she is running their Instagram and in she’s a very detail oriented person who likes to fully understand things she gets into.

[00:26:26] So I have learned a lot about Instagram, how Instagram works, how the algorithms work, how to like time your posts for maximum interaction. And like more than I ever wanted to actually know about Instagram, but it has been fascinating to watch her. Like she’s not a social media person per se, but you gave her the job of.

[00:26:55] Of running social media and she’s going to

[00:26:58] Christina: [00:26:58] got to figure it out. she’s going to tackle it. [00:27:00] Shit. I love that. She’s going to figure it out. She’s going to be like, yeah. I might not be somebody who, this is my natural kind of thing that I’m doing, but you’ve given me a task. You’ve given me a challenge, nettle, Megan, to do it. I’m going to kill it.

[00:27:10] which is awesome.

[00:27:11] Brett: [00:27:11] yeah. So I, we have two sponsors today and neither of them are actually, oh, I can do a segue here. I can do this.

[00:27:21] Christina: [00:27:21] Nice.

[00:27:21] Brett: [00:27:21] Speaking of looking good.

[00:27:24]Christina: [00:27:24] Awesome.

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[00:29:07]Did you get a chance to try it Christiana?

[00:29:10] Christina: [00:29:10] I did. I did. And right before I left and kinda, I was home for 24 hours and then I left and I was able to try it and I’m not into those things, but it was shockingly, like I was able to drink it.

[00:29:23]Brett: [00:29:23] I find it delicious and Christina finds it palatable. So

[00:29:27]Christina: [00:29:27] No I actually found it. I found it like drinkable, but that’s actually a good thing. You have to understand. Like I never, like I tried a, what was the, yes.

[00:29:36]Brett: [00:29:36] yeah.

[00:29:37] Christina: [00:29:37] Usually when I try these sorts of things I don’t keep up with them cause I’m like, I can’t even choke this down, but no, it was quite tasty.

[00:29:43]I wouldn’t say like my favorite taste in the world, but

[00:29:46] Brett: [00:29:46] it’s not, a milkshake.

[00:29:48] Christina: [00:29:48] No, it’s not but is palatable. And for me, picky eater, you have to understand palatable. Five-year-old that’s actually a very high endorsement.

[00:29:55] Brett: [00:29:55] So you want to know how they did it.

[00:29:57] Christina: [00:29:57] How did They do it?

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[00:31:15]Christina: [00:31:15] Fantastic.

[00:31:16] Brett: [00:31:16] fan fucking tastic. Our other sponsor today is text expander and it’s a short read, but we’ll save it because text expanders are, we should have that. See, I could have segwayed into that while we were talking about apps.

[00:31:33] Christina: [00:31:33] I was going to say, you could have segwayed into that. Also. You could talk about that with, yeah. there might’ve been another opportunity. We’ll find one though, because we’re actually, I want to talk to you about cable management, because I see on here that I see something that you broke something, and I want to know about this because we were talking, we were, we wanted to get into table two cable management last week.

[00:31:50] We weren’t able to. So tell me about this cable management crisis or issues you have.

[00:31:56] Brett: [00:31:56] So I posted a picture a couple of weeks ago [00:32:00] of my kitten having made a nest out of the pile of cables behind my desk. And she would just curl up in there, like actually like burrow into the bile. And I realized after that, that I really needed to get my cables under control. So I bought a bunch of like cable clips and a better and on an uninterruptible power supply for my office and and decided to take everything apart and put it back together.

[00:32:28] And I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on like cable free desks and how to make everything pretty. And I feel like most of the people making those videos do not have as many things plugged in as I do.

[00:32:43] Christina: [00:32:43] Did you not, they did not. Cause I’ve had the same problem. And my office is a total disaster right now and that’s going to be an ongoing summer project. But I, when I’m like at my desk at work, like at the office, when I could actually go into one, I often had that thing. Cause I would try to make my cables [00:33:00] look really nice.

[00:33:00] And then I’m like, I have so many things plugged in. So go on. So talk to me about

[00:33:05]Brett: [00:33:05] So at this point I have everything has the right length of cable. I bought some longer cables. I bought some shorter cables and where possible I, I ran cables under the table with clips and just had them come up where they needed to connect to things. There’s still like a lot of visible cables, but you can see each one individually and they’re easy to plug in and unplug.

[00:33:30] And I’m satisfied. It’s not glorious. I’m not posting pictures. I’m not posting cable thirst, straps. But I’m satisfied. However, in the process, once I get everything plugged back in both of my stream decks, just stop working. Like immediately after plugging everything back in, they both stop working.

[00:33:51] I have a mini and a regular and the mini won’t even boot. It just loads up the wallpaper and then flashes. And the regular [00:34:00] one loads up gets the right buttons and they work for about 45 seconds before they just, and I miss them,

[00:34:09] Christina: [00:34:09] That’s frustrating. And what does support say?

[00:34:11] Brett: [00:34:11] oh my God. So support they asked me to, unplug it, plug it into different ports, try all these things. And then they have this this package that takes all the debug info and sends it straight to El Gato for you. And I did all of this and I went through a ridiculous number of steps and.

[00:34:31] They came back this week and they’re like we analyzed the reports and here’s what we need you to do. And they gave me the exact same list of things to do, and ask me questions that I had clearly in the, you can see my responses in the chain of this like support ticket. You can see that I’ve already answered, like what brand USB port is it plugged into and what type of computer and what version [00:35:00] of the stream, deck software, all of this.

[00:35:02] And basically I snooze that email cause I I attempted to just give up on support at this point and find another alternative. But I feel like at least with the many, it clearly doesn’t boot, I’ve plugged it into three different machines. Like it never gets to buttons and it doesn’t show up in the stream deck software.

[00:35:23] And that, to me, sounds like a replacement.

[00:35:26] Christina: [00:35:26] I would agree with that. And I think that I’m bothered that. They’re just like telling you turn it off, turn it on again, plug it into other things. So yeah, I would yeah, if you can’t even get it to come on, then that does seem like that’s going to be something that they would need to replace.

[00:35:40]Brett: [00:35:40] Yes. I agree. We’ll see what happens. I’m not going to just buy more of them. I would like some satisfaction from El Gato customer service.

[00:35:52] Christina: [00:35:52] Yeah, no, I agree. And not for nothing, I’ve go I’ve spent like hundreds and hundreds of dollars on their stuff over the last year because they make all the [00:36:00] good streaming stuff. So I bought a stream deck XL. I have the Campbell’s 4k. I have the HD, like the S 60 plus or whatever it is. One of their, streaming capture devices or whatever.

[00:36:13] I have a green screen, I have three key lights. I have a monopod, like I have all kinds of stuff from them. And I really hope they come through because if they don’t, then that is going to be really disappointing. Because I would like to spend more money with them because they’re not the cheapest at all.

[00:36:32] They charge a premium the HD 60 S plus that’s the one I have and they’re yeah, it’s interesting. Cause they were a Mac company and they long ago, forgone that they sold Alvarado results of course air rather. But like we remember them back in the ITV days, right?

[00:36:50]Like I used to know those guys because they were based in Europe and they’re really good people. And I know that they still have good people, but it’s obviously it’s a different, it’s a different sort of thing. And I get it, but [00:37:00] it’s a, it’s one of those things where I really hope they come through because it’s disappointing if they didn’t, if they don’t.

[00:37:06] Brett: [00:37:06] Do you remember the H 2 64 encoder?


[00:37:09] Like it was like a dongle. You plugged

[00:37:12] Christina: [00:37:12] I was a dongle. Yup.

[00:37:14] Brett: [00:37:14] H 2 64 and coding back when computers were slow enough to need offloading of H 2 64 encoding.

[00:37:22] Christina: [00:37:22] that was where they made their whole like thing was that they, so they had, they would buy these hell pouch and other like OEM kind of rebate. They would rebadge these other sort of encoder things or over the air TV things or whatever, but then they had Mac software and it would make it, they had a really nice interface and they were early into the Twitch game.

[00:37:42] So when Twitch, so when Justin TV pivoted from being live streaming, like normal people stuff to video games, because that’s what everyone was doing. And they renamed themselves Twitch El Gato because of their software became like one of the bigger players in that. And then Twitch obviously blew [00:38:00] up and Amazon bought them for a billion dollars or whatever.

[00:38:02] And it was just this weird thing. As an outsider, I would watch like more and more people use this like obscure, tiny company that like I used to have conversations with. But yes, I do remember the Aisha 2, 6, 4 coder. Cause I believe I had one.

[00:38:14] Brett: [00:38:14] Yeah, me too. Yeah. Back in the two odd days when we were publishing video interviews and everything, I was encoding them with. I don’t remember what the name of the product was. Maybe it was something as ridiculous as H 2 64 encoder, but.

[00:38:27] Christina: [00:38:27] Yeah. I can’t remember the name of it now, but yeah, but.

[00:38:29] I remember using that too because had the two off and downloads squad days. Yeah. Because we needed that. Cause it was like, okay, my computer is not powerful enough to do this. I need to

[00:38:39] Brett: [00:38:39] and we’re on the floor of Macworld and we

[00:38:41] Christina: [00:38:41] We’re on the floor of Macworld exactly. It’s we literally have to get this up.

[00:38:45] We’re on the floor. Our computers are not powerful enough. That, there weren’t software or hardware side encoders built into them yet. Yeah. So funny. It’s so funny how much that stuff has changed, but it’s also funny that even back then, like those devices weren’t that expensive. And [00:39:00] that was a really clever way of figuring out okay.

[00:39:02] We can just offload, this sort of thing with it.

[00:39:05] Brett: [00:39:05] so Macworld story. I w we were staying, I think, at the Mosser and it was like Mike Rose and Mike SRAM and Victor, and me, and maybe you were there. But I, so I had my own hotel room and. I had spent the evening holed up in my hotel room as I am wanting to do. And in the morning we were sitting in the lobby and I, Mike asked for something, I needed to show him something.

[00:39:32] And I flipped open my computer for the first time since being alone in my hotel room. And it was like full screen porn. And I like real quick, I’m like command Q command Q and I tried to play it off. Like nothing happened. Mike was kind enough. He didn’t say a word, but there was, it was this it was definitely a weird moment for me.

[00:39:50] I’ve never been so busted on that

[00:39:53] Christina: [00:39:53] Oh my God. It happens to everyone at some point we’ve all had, I’ve never had porn play, but I’ve [00:40:00] definitely had like photos that I took or other things like that people have accidentally seen. And that’s definitely one of those. Yeah.

[00:40:08] We’ve all had those moments and I’ve definitely seen people accidentally pull up their porn.

[00:40:12] So the good thing is

[00:40:14] Brett: [00:40:14] Post this screenshot where you can see the tabs in the background of the browser. Yeah.

[00:40:19] Christina: [00:40:19] Oh my God. So because of what I used to do which, would be to look for those things to find those sorts of stuff, because those things would go viral or whatever. It’s I’m always incredibly careful whatever tabs I have open, even if it’s something innocuous, I’m just like, I don’t want people to see that I have this website open.

[00:40:37] Even if it’s nothing bad, I’m just like, Nope. Not doing it like is actually that reminds me that’s a good segue. That’s how I got into My that’s how I pissed off Kanye west.

[00:40:47]Brett: [00:40:47] Okay. Explain.

[00:40:49] Christina: [00:40:49] Okay. So he was, this was before we realized he was like unmedicated bipolar. And when he was doing these tweeting rampages and they were fun at the time, like this is, like finger into booty bitch, which is what [00:41:00] Amber Rose said to him when he went off on Amber Rose. And then she was like finger into booty bitch talking about him, which look, we all have our things.

[00:41:09] That’s actually a very common one. So not a big deal, but he was tweeting all kinds of crazy stuff. And so I had alerts on Twitter, set up for him and he tweeted this thing about how some new version of something was about to come out. And I looked, he tweeted a safari link and like a screenshot.

[00:41:26] And I looked in his tabs and it was very clear this, and he had just gone on this big rant about how like piracy was stealing from him and all this stuff. And mofo was like pirating, Ableton. Like he had opened a bunch of like torrent sites and like pirating things. And it was just really funny. And so I caught this and I tweeted about it and it blew up.

[00:41:47] And so I sorry, let me find the link. It’s not wanting to load. Okay, here we go. Kanye west tweets, photo of him showing him using the pirate bay. [00:42:00] And so I, we did a closer look into like he had the pirate bay open and he was looking for various plugins for different things, because he was showing something to often you could see the pirate bay in the background.

[00:42:08] You could also see searches for other stuff. And so I tweeted something like Lowell Kanye west has pirate bay links open in safari and his latest tweet and a Mac keeper pop-up and it, the whole thing was just, I just thought it was funny. So his people reached out, they were like pissy. They were like And for some reason, I wonder if his people made him take it down because I’m now getting a 4 0 4 on this anyway.

[00:42:32]I heard from some of his people and they were like, they wanted to tell me they were like, no, actually Kanye uses a Mac and that was on a Samsung monitor. And I’m like, yeah, it was connected to an external monitor, but it’s clearly a Mac screenshot. Like they were trying to tell me that it wasn’t what I knew it was.

[00:42:49] And they were like, trying to tell me like, like his publicist or whoever. She was like being very like clear. She was like no. This isn’t actually what you think it is. He would never do this then. So was a first, first I was trying to clean. It was a different computer. [00:43:00] Then the claim was, oh no, this was completely on purpose.

[00:43:04]And it was a joke.


[00:43:05] So let me find the thing that I wrote because the headline was pretty funny. It was like Connie westerns, this pirating photo was just a joke. And let me see. Okay. Kanye west doesn’t pirate you guys. It was all just a joke on Tuesday night, westward photo of his computer running safari with a tab open to a Sudan Steven’s video on YouTube.

[00:43:24] Eli viewers noticed that among the open tabs was the pirate website, the pirate bay, but now a source close to Kanye west tells Mashable that the photo that set up the entire controversy was actually a joke. Kanye was just trolling us. Obviously. Then I put, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeff there, he says the source says that Kanye, the west thought it’d be funny to have pirate bay links appear in the photo since he is very aware that the life of Pablo has been illegally downloaded more than half a million times, because he just bitched about how much Pablo had been strained.

[00:43:53] And it was like the source of goes on to note that the computer in the photo does not belong to west who uses a Mac book. Then I put the computer question [00:44:00] is a Mac. You can tell by the UI and window Chrome, plus the fact that it’s running safari, but it’s connected to a Samsung monitor. I’m told that all the west did take the photo and he did purposefully pull up the tabs in the image.

[00:44:10] He meant the whole thing as a giant troll. And I put now maybe I don’t get the joke, but it isn’t clear to me why the pirate bay links in question were associated with a record CRM, $189 a piece of software co-founded by the EDM artists dead mouse. Wouldn’t it be funny, or if Kanye had been downloading his own album, which it would have been Steve Duda, who co-founded transfer records, wasn’t laughing either.

[00:44:32] Is obviously not a joke cause I don’t deserve to be targeted of a joke. It makes no sense. You told me that shovel, the browser tabs were properly were probably an oversight. And while I expect it, wasn’t Connie’s personal action. More his producer slash engineer, you can see ProTools in the left side of the browser window, calling it a joke, feels like a poor lie.

[00:44:49] And if somehow true in poor taste anyway, his people were very angry with me after this. But I thought it was hilarious.

[00:44:57] Brett: [00:44:57] I feel like w if you’re Conway, Kanye [00:45:00] west people, you’re probably always it’s probably in the job description that you have to be pissed off at a lot of people. A lot of the time.

[00:45:07]Christina: [00:45:07] At one point they’d offered me to maybe have some sort of interview or whatever. So we followed up and they’re like clearly you didn’t take your articles seriously. I was like, op. I’m sorry, you just lied to me. Like you literally just lied to me and told me the most convoluted story, because I got on the phone with this woman and I was like, okay.

[00:45:21] So you’re telling me that he intentionally pulled up these things and then took the photo and shared it and that it was supposed to be the subversive joke. Yes. So I said, okay cool. I’m going to well, and the thing is that the story would have died if they had just been like, it was an errant tweet, whatever.

[00:45:35] I wouldn’t have even written a follow-up when they lied to me, I then I was giddy. I like burst into Jim Robert’s office. And I was like, Jim Kanye is, people just came up with the most convoluted lie. And now our story that, because I was the one who noticed it first and I was the one that made it become like a trending topic.

[00:45:54] I was like, now we get like another six hours out of this.

[00:45:58] Brett: [00:45:58] Yeah, I feel like your meds have [00:46:00] kicked in.

[00:46:01]Christina: [00:46:01] They have

[00:46:01] Brett: [00:46:01] you want to do the next read?

[00:46:03] Christina: [00:46:03] let’s totally do the next raid. All right, let me pull this up. All right. Episode is brought to you by text expander would be great for someone like Kanye west to instead just have, they could expand texts for apologies. This would actually be really Good.

[00:46:17] for his publicist, instead of always having to be like, I’m so sorry, whatever. Just have a few key commands and issue out the standard apology. But Tex expander from our friends at smile takes the repetition out of your work so that you can focus on what matters most. So say goodbye to repetitive text entries, spelling, and message errors, and try to remember the right thing to say, like an apology, if you’re Kanye west people.

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[00:46:57] Now I use text expander. I don’t [00:47:00] even know how many times a day, but I use it a ton. What about you Brett?

[00:47:02]Brett: [00:47:02] Constantly and like the other day it crashed. And I sure that’s probably not the best thing to say in a read, but my computer has been wonky lately anyway. And I missed it almost immediately. I found it gone within five minutes of it, not functioning.

[00:47:19] Christina: [00:47:19] no, that’s the thing, like if I don’t have access to my text, expander, snuff, it’s hard. And to the point that like, I’m really glad they had a windows version because not everything that I do, but a lot of the things that I do, I can use cross-platform if I’m doing it that way, there’s a web version too, but it’s really great.

[00:47:36] Like I use it. I use the scripting feature all the time, as I’m sure you do, just tying. A couple of characters to executing an apple script. But sometimes I also do it for, other things like I’ve done this before. I’ve talked about this before, but when I’m doing demos and this is a very common thing where I’m doing demos in a video, or if I’m doing a live stream or live at a conference back when those were a thing, I would have a lot of the [00:48:00] commands that I would need instead of having to use, something like Terraform or memorize, the different things.

[00:48:04] Like I would just have that committed to if you text expander, keystrokes so that I could do that more quickly without having to like, Worry about mistyping, which is just fantastic. Tex expander can be used on any platform in any app anywhere you type take back your time and increase your productivity.

[00:48:22] Now, overtired listeners get a 20% off discount off their first year, which is awesome by visiting textexpander.com/podcast. That’s text expander.com/podcast, and you’ll get 20% off your first year into the repetition in checkout text expander today.

[00:48:40] Brett: [00:48:40] Great read Christina.

[00:48:41] Christina: [00:48:41] Thank you, Brett.

[00:48:42]Brett: [00:48:42] I did want to mention one more app since we’re back to apps now.

[00:48:47] Christina: [00:48:47] I love it.

[00:48:48]Brett: [00:48:48] So I, it was pointed out to me that like I’ve gone through all of these XLR cough buttons, right? I’m on my leg. Third setup.

[00:48:57] Christina: [00:48:57] them. Yes.

[00:48:58] Brett: [00:48:58] And it was pointed out to [00:49:00] me that if you use a loop back by rogue Mia Rogan, Miba, you can just create a virtual device that just takes the input from your XLR interface and then goes into, like the two inputs and don’t put a monitor on it.

[00:49:19] And then that device becomes a USB device that an app like shush can mute. And it works perfectly except for, shush, the, which was previously my top choice for a USB microphone meeting, also mutes any other virtual devices and loop backs. So it would actually mute the other end of the call

[00:49:43] Christina: [00:49:43] other person do. Okay. So shush, isn’t going to work, but you could use, but you can create like your own other sort of thing with that.

[00:49:51] Brett: [00:49:51] And I found this app called microphone with a K. And it lets you specifically pick a USB device to [00:50:00] mute. So I can just, I have a device called mutable complete cause my audio interface is complete audio, so it’s mutable complete and I have it, there’s an extra button on my ultimate hacking keyboard that I don’t use.

[00:50:12] And it’s it’s like in the case, so it’s not a clicky button it’s silent and I can press that and mute my microphone. The thing that microphone, the app lacks is a push or a push to mute or a push to talk is only toggle. So I have to click it on and then click it off. And I wish it could work the way shifted, which would be like if you press and hold it, it mutes.

[00:50:38] And if you double click it, it stays mute. That feature was what made sure. Awesome. But I do have a software mute now.

[00:50:46]Christina: [00:50:46] That’s fantastic. I’m very glad to hear that. And I’m also just while we’re talking about. Things like, so I’m going to try it. I’m going to click on that microphone link that you said, because I, when I finally get my set up the way I want, I’ll probably replicate something like that. [00:51:00] But good shout out to broke amoeba because loopback is great.

[00:51:03]Audio hijack, all their apps are really good, but sound source. I live and die by,

[00:51:09]Brett: [00:51:09] I’m using three Brogan Miba apps as we speak.

[00:51:11] Christina: [00:51:11] Okay. Amazing. And also a shout out for people who it’s not as easy as call recorder was, and it doesn’t, call recorder did one thing really well, which was recording conversations on both sides from Skype or whatnot.

[00:51:25] So it’s not quite as easy as that. Although I think you could, you can set up templates that make it very similar, but if you’re looking for something that. Can replace call recorder because you’re on an, in one Mac and e-comm is not going to be bringing it like they’ve discontinued it basically.

[00:51:40]You should look into the rogue amoeba apps for sure.

[00:51:43] Brett: [00:51:43] All right. I’m gonna I’ll link rogue amoeba’s homepage in the show notes because that’ll take you to sound source and audio hijack and loop back and all of the great stuff they make. Last thing I’ll mentioned before, since this is really becoming a recommendation [00:52:00] episode OWC just finally shipped their thunder bolt for hubs.


[00:52:06] With one port on my M one Mac mini. I can now turn that into three additional Thunderbolt, four ports and one USB 3.2 for whatever that’s worth. But it’s cause you can buy hubs for USB-C or you can buy a Thunderbolt hub, but then it only has USB-C connections on it. And usually not more than two, this gives you three full Thunderbolt for connections.

[00:52:37] Christina: [00:52:37] Which is amazing. Yeah. Cause I love who’s the one that I have the Cal digit Thunderbolt three dock, which is amazing. And is I was still highly recommend that for anybody. Like I think that’s the ultimate doc, to be honest, but yeah, the Thunderbolt for doc, I’ve been excited about that.

[00:52:52]When I get my pink iMac I’m going to be using that for sure.

[00:52:57]Brett: [00:52:57] All right. That was I [00:53:00] appreciate that you woke up during this episode,

[00:53:02]Christina: [00:53:02] I hate it too, honestly. I’m sorry that it I’m glad everybody could hear that. While I was awake, I apologize that I wasn’t more awake. I woke up at 6:00 AM to get ready for our show, but it still sometimes takes a little longer,

[00:53:13] Brett: [00:53:13] nobody listening to this show is recording a podcast before seven in the morning. So if they have a problem with you being tired, I would like to see them try to do it. I’m not recording. It’s like it’s nine 40 for me.

[00:53:26] Christina: [00:53:26] right. It’s like a good time. Yeah. Also in my defense, like again, I got, I had a flight yesterday, so I got home

[00:53:35] Brett: [00:53:35] Nope, Nope, no. One’s upset with you, Christina.

[00:53:39] Christina: [00:53:39] Fantastic.

[00:53:39] Brett: [00:53:39] Sympathize. It’s just, it was fun to watch the progression as well.

[00:53:43] Christina: [00:53:43] I appreciate that. I’m glad that people got to hear and listen to the progression. Do we have any new updates? Anybody give us any new reviews?

[00:53:50] Brett: [00:53:50] you know what? Let’s have some of that good radio while I load up podcasts

[00:53:54]Christina: [00:53:54] Do while we’re, while you’re looking that up we do want to give a shout out. So apple launched their. [00:54:00] Apple lossless apple music, the lossless stuff. And in spatial audio this week and fearless is in spatial audio as our folklore and evermore. So that’s pretty awesome.

[00:54:11] Brett: [00:54:11] and our friend Frank Petri, it was the one

[00:54:14] Christina: [00:54:14] Thank you, Frank.

[00:54:16] Brett: [00:54:16] who notified me of this with a DM that said nothing other than fearless in spatial audio. And I had to decipher that. I actually had to ask Christina w what the hell he was talking about, but,

[00:54:27] Christina: [00:54:27] It’s pretty great though. Cause now we get like fully oral like 3d sound, Taylor swift.

[00:54:31] Brett: [00:54:31] Oh, we do have a new one from flatbread three 11. The title is over. Myered in great content, not bad. You know what I’m talking about, but really great conversational chemistry. I appreciate the breadth of things here that over-tired is centralized around tech, but can tangent off into the distance without losing the conceit of the show.

[00:54:53] Great stuff, five stars

[00:54:56] Christina: [00:54:56] All right.

[00:54:57] Brett: [00:54:57] five star review.

[00:54:58] Christina: [00:54:58] Thank you. We appreciate [00:55:00] that. This is

[00:55:01] Brett: [00:55:01] We have an average of 4.8 out of five. I feel like that’s the ideal. If you’re five out of five and then people look in, they’re like, oh, you only have 32 reviews. Nobody cares. But 4.8 out of five people don’t even bother checking. Cause that seems like you could have thousands of reviews and have a good score.

[00:55:20]Christina: [00:55:20] That’s the thing you’re like, oh yeah. Cause that must mean you must have tons of reviews if you’re averages. Is that? Yeah,

[00:55:25]Brett: [00:55:25] Mac update. I used to advertise with Mac update and they would tell me that the ideal star review score to have was between 4.6 and 4.8. It was considered the most trustworthy,

[00:55:38] Christina: [00:55:38] Interesting.

[00:55:40] Brett: [00:55:40] of app reviews. Yes.

[00:55:42]Christina: [00:55:42] Interesting.

[00:55:45]Brett: [00:55:45] Christina, and now that you’re fully awake, get some sleep.

[00:55:48]Christina: [00:55:48] Q bread. You’d get some sleep.

[00:55:49] too. Have a great rest of your day. Hope your meetings are not too bad. I know you have some of them. I’m going to be gearing up for meeting

[00:55:58] Brett: [00:55:58] Yeah, I hope the [00:56:00] same for you. I hope you survive the the meeting pocalypse.

[00:56:03] Christina: [00:56:03] it like you, I I’m busy on stuff, which is good. A last project was dumped onto me and which unfortunately I can’t talk about, but when I am able to talk about it in a few weeks, it’s going to be good.

[00:56:16]Brett: [00:56:16] Awesome.

[00:56:18] Christina: [00:56:18] All right. Get some sleep, Brett.

[00:56:20] Brett: [00:56:20] Get some slate, Christina.