241: Liquid Assets

A short one because we’re all busy people. Maybe us more than you. But we fit in a lot of topics, from how to launder crypto to appreciating 90s mall punk, and everything (well, very little, actually) in between.

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Brett: [00:00:00] [00:00:00]Hey, you’re listening to overtired. I am Brett Terpstra. I am here with Christina Warren, Christina, how are you?

[00:00:11] Christina: [00:00:11] I’m good. I don’t know what time zone I’m in, but I’m good. And, uh, how are you?

[00:00:16] doing we’re recording finally, there were some hiccups that I think you want to talk about.

[00:00:22] Brett: [00:00:22] so many hiccups. I mean, scheduling a loan.

[00:00:25] Christina: [00:00:25] I know.

[00:00:26] Brett: [00:00:26] I’ll be lucky if this act, if you’re listening to this on Friday, something went really well. There’s a good chance. That’s episode comes out on Saturday. There’s also a good chance. That’s only 30 minutes long because we’re busy people and things got, uh, just what’s the word for when everything goes sideways.

[00:00:43] Christina: [00:00:43] fucked.

[00:00:44] Brett: [00:00:44] Yeah, everything got fucked. Yeah. So anyway, w last time when we first tried to record this episode, I, I got on and there was this loud hissing that I just assumed was Christina, and then it wasn’t Christina.

[00:00:59] Christina: [00:00:59] It’s a [00:01:00] good assumption, but it was not this case. It was actually not my fault.

[00:01:03] Brett: [00:01:03] And I, I th so I want to talk about cable management. Uh, I want to come back to this topic, but I ended up taking everything apart. Like I have so many boxes and cables that everything plugs into trying to figure out where this was coming from. And the thing was it’s only in Skype and the audio recorded from the microphone while on the Skype call has no hits at all.

[00:01:29] And it’s all very confusing, but I had a zoom call right after and the audio is fine. So if you could talk to Microsoft about this, um, it’s Skype, it’s all Skype

[00:01:42] Christina: [00:01:42] Okay. Um, if I knew the Skype

[00:01:45] people, I would, and I think they would probably politely listen, but I’ll try.

[00:01:49] Brett: [00:01:49] when it does that thing. When you end a call and it says, how was the quality of your

[00:01:53] Christina: [00:01:53] Oh yeah. I can do like one.

[00:01:56] Brett: [00:01:56] I’ll I’ll do it. It’s it’s it’s my problem. I’ll take care of

[00:02:00] [00:02:00] Christina: [00:02:00] I’ll do it too. And then I’ll write it.

[00:02:01] I’ll be like, you’re doing something to our audio and we don’t know What it is because it’s recording cleanly, but you’re adding noise and we don’t like it.

[00:02:10] Brett: [00:02:10] What do you want us to do? Use Google Hangouts. Come on,

[00:02:13] Christina: [00:02:13] Fuck sake. Come on, zoom.

[00:02:16] Brett: [00:02:16] everyone. Everyone else is recording through. Like newer, more modern technologies and only people like you may. And, uh, I guess some old school podcasts are still recording on Skype.

[00:02:31] Christina: [00:02:31] Yeah, I mean, the thing is, is that it has its issues and I’m not defending that, but it’s also like one of those things where, because I have to use zoom for some things, but zoom is such a shitty company. Like they’re, they’re really just such a terrible company and their policies are just so God awful.

[00:02:47] Like the product is good and I’m not, I’m not discounting that. And, and people who choose to use the product, what they’re, because they’re forced to, or because they genuinely just choose to, I have no animosity towards you. Do you like genuinely like [00:03:00] pick whatever the best tool is for you? But for me, if I have a choice, I would rather not like give them.

[00:03:07] Access to my stuff because they’ve installed malware on my Mac and I’m, I don’t know, I’m salty about that. Like they, they straight up installed malware on people’s computers.

[00:03:17] Brett: [00:03:17] yeah. Yeah. I used to, if I ever back in the day before for like anyone was noticing what zoom was doing, uh, anytime I had to be on zoom for like a customer call, I would run app to lead afterward and clean up after zoom. Cause it installs some shit. It doesn’t need to. And now, now I use zoom like all day, every day and I don’t have a choice, so I just live with

[00:03:43] Christina: [00:03:43] Right. Exactly. I mean, that’s the thing, like if you have a choice and this is always the thing that. I say to people I’m like, look, cause some people get really, really like, Anal about what tools they use and privacy and this and that. And like, I’m all for that. If you can do that fine, but they don’t take into account.

[00:03:58] The fact that most [00:04:00] people do not have a choice in the tools that they use, especially when it.

[00:04:04] comes to work. You do not have a choice. So you can feel like angry and entitled and inflated and like, you know, mad and all the things you want. But the bottom line is like, you don’t have a choice you’re using what you use.

[00:04:16] So I’m not going to criticize people for doing that. But when I do have a choice, and again, this isn’t one of those things I’ll, I’ll like push on to other people, right? Like if you wanted to use zoom, I’m going to use zoom. But when I don’t have to use zoom, I’d rather not use the thing that, you know, installs malware on my Mac.

[00:04:33] And that does really shady things with giving over information about people’s calls to the Chinese government to get people like kicked off their platform and to like share their identity, to get them potentially, you know, like they just do some fucked up stuff. So I’m not into zoom. I don’t think they’re good.

[00:04:51] The product is really good. I think the company is really shitty, but. That there are plenty of companies out there that I think are really shitty and have good products. So that’s, [00:05:00] it is what it is.

[00:05:00] Brett: [00:05:00] Hey, we got our first Christina rant out of the way, like right off the

[00:05:04] Christina: [00:05:04] We did, we did. Oh my God. Perfect.

[00:05:07] Brett: [00:05:07] Um, I now have a working knowledge of over 80 Oracle services.

[00:05:12] Christina: [00:05:12] Oh my

[00:05:13] Brett: [00:05:13] sure. I shouldn’t say working knowledge. If someone asked

[00:05:17] Christina: [00:05:17] awareness. You have an awareness of over 80

[00:05:19] Brett: [00:05:19] right. If someone said, Hey, what does this service do? I could tell them in a hundred words or less. And that is my biggest accomplishment in the last month is just finally

[00:05:31] Christina: [00:05:31] that’s actually a

[00:05:32] Brett: [00:05:32] finishing the research.

[00:05:34] Christina: [00:05:34] No, I mean, the thing is, and I know that you’re like, you’re giving yourself like a hard time on this and, and you think that like, oh, I can’t believe that’s all I’ve done in a month. That’s major, that’s way more onboarding than most people do in a month.

[00:05:47] Especially at these types of jobs. Like, trust me. Like I keep saying it over and over again. I’m going to become a broken record for our listeners and I apologize, but the corporate shit moves so slowly that [00:06:00] I’m actually really impressed that you got a a hundred word description of over 80 services in the short time that you’ve been there.

[00:06:09] Brett: [00:06:09] Hey, thanks. Um, yeah, next up is, uh, I have to take a course on machine learning in Python and then right. The hands-on learning, uh, uh, like lab for it.

[00:06:25] Christina: [00:06:25] Interesting.

[00:06:26] Brett: [00:06:26] I’m going to learn a lot about machine learning and probably more than I know about Python too.

[00:06:34] Christina: [00:06:34] Yeah, because the Python I’m guessing, and I don’t know, but I’m guessing most of your Python stuff is more script-based.

[00:06:42] Brett: [00:06:42] Yes.

[00:06:43] Christina: [00:06:43] Okay. So, yeah, so this is a different, I mean, this is, this is data science kind of stuff. So it’s different part of Python, but you’ll learn a lot and you’ll like it and

[00:06:52] Brett: [00:06:52] And you’ll like it,

[00:06:53] Christina: [00:06:53] no, you will actually.

[00:06:54] Um,

[00:06:54] Brett: [00:06:54] like learning, you’ll like, it

[00:06:56] Christina: [00:06:56] no, you will. I think you’re going to get into it. I don’t know. Have you used [00:07:00] Jupiter notebooks before?

[00:07:01] Brett: [00:07:01] what we’re going to be using. Uh, that was my assumption that, that, that was what we’re going to be using. And I was right. And, uh, I have not used it. I am aware of it though.

[00:07:11] Christina: [00:07:11] You are going to be really into Jupiter notebooks. Like, it’s going to do, like, you’re going to get really into it. They’re going to be things you’re going to go down this hole. I can already predict this where you’re going to want to like add a bunch of features and change a bunch of things and make it work the way you want it to, for things that it’s not really designed to do.

[00:07:28] But you’re going to love the whole idea of Jupiter notebooks and notebooks in general, which, um, it’s interesting because. At my job, there are some of the teams that I work with who are now trying to extend the notebook paradigm into non kind of data science tasks, which is pretty fun. But as like a text editor marked down like person, I’m really excited for you to, to play with Jupiter notebooks because it’s, you’re really gonna like it.

[00:07:52] Brett: [00:07:52] I will see by proxy. I also have to learn to like Python, which I currently don’t.

[00:07:59] Christina: [00:07:59] Okay. I mean, [00:08:00] Even putting that aside, I’m, I’m excited for you with the notebook stuff, honestly, like, because just with all of your work on, um, Merck and on NB Ault and, um, all that stuff like, and your are shared and, and really like, kind of, I mean, the Genesis of our friendship is a lot of things, but I always think like, were you, you even more than me were like text editor, like nerds, you’re going to really, I’m really excited for you to play with notebooks is this is what I’m saying.

[00:08:28] Brett: [00:08:28] I got to tell you about the sublime package I wrote this morning, but first I will say, you know what? I’m not going to say, forget it. Forget how I even start a sentence. I have a question.

[00:08:40] Christina: [00:08:40] Yes,

[00:08:41] Brett: [00:08:41] Have you heard of diarrhea coin?

[00:08:46] Christina: [00:08:46] I have not, but I’m assuming that this is a take on the shitcoin meme and they’ve just made a coin called diarrhea coin?

[00:08:53] Brett: [00:08:53] Yeah, I don’t know. I asked Aaron what, uh, what I should talk about on over-tired today. Cause I was grasping for [00:09:00] topics and she just off the top of her, said her head said diarrhea coin. And I don’t know if she was serious. Like it’s a thing and I didn’t have time to Google it before we started talking.

[00:09:12] So if there is such a thing as diarrhea coin, we might have to talk about it next week or

[00:09:18] Christina: [00:09:18] Oh, no apparent. Apparently it is. It’s called a diet or diarrhea. Coins are de-centralized coins. That are, you know, so they’re built on Ethereum and yeah.

[00:09:27] it is basically the latest, like it’s kind of like the latest dose thing. So there was like Shibu coin, like, cause doge coin is the big one that actually has been, become worth money.

[00:09:39] Um, it raised up like, so I was way down. I wasn’t, I still haven’t lost money, but I was way down in my high I’m still way down in my high. I’m only up $660, uh, right now, which is about a 50% drop of where I was. Three weeks ago. It is, but it is. Um, but it went on Coinbase and it hit like 44 cents, which [00:10:00] was a lot better.

[00:10:01] And I, I probably should have sold them, but I didn’t want to I’m I’m just, I’m in this for the long haul, but I’m guessing. So then there was like the Sheba coin in, because as a Sheba, you knew that is that the dose mascot. And I’m guessing that now this diarrhea coin from what I’m gathering is yet another one of these, like, people are just making, um, Funny coins like that, which, I mean, I enjoy the name of it because has been a meme for such a long time, but I do appreciate the fact that it has the, um, I guess like the, the trading symbol or whatever, you know, for the coin is DIH, which is pretty funny.

[00:10:43] Brett: [00:10:43] Did

[00:10:44] Christina: [00:10:44] And, Oh this is funny and they’re calling it the most liquid asset ever created.

[00:10:47] Brett: [00:10:47] God, that’s horrible. That’s horrible. Did I tell you I’m banned from Coinbase,

[00:10:53] Christina: [00:10:53] Did you did because you, you know, try to buy your drugs using Coinbase because which I [00:11:00] could’ve told you eight years ago, or whenever you did this, I could have told you then like fucking amateur move, dude. You don’t, you don’t buy your silk road stuff with Coinbase,

[00:11:07] Brett: [00:11:07] Yeah, I, I had no idea. I, it was naive, but, uh, I was kind of desperate at the time.

[00:11:13] Christina: [00:11:13] No, I get you. The thing is though, is what you would do just for anyone listening. I know I’m just giving advice on how to. Wash or laundry or money, I guess. I don’t know. And also to be clear, this is the funny thing I’ve never done this. I just read a lot and, um, in better in theory about these things than I ever would be in practice.

[00:11:31] Um, if you wanted to do something like this, the thing would be is you would have your wallet on Coinbase. You would then transfer the money to a different wallet that you control. That was someplace else. Then if you really wanted to do a transfer it to yet another one, and then you would use that wallet to make your purchases.

[00:11:47] Brett: [00:11:47] but don’t like with Coinbase, you have to authenticate your ID with like uploading driver’s license and everything. Can you open up, can you open up wallets without all that hassle?

[00:11:58] Christina: [00:11:58] Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Like wallets can [00:12:00] be de-centralized they can be hard while it’s like, the idea of a wallet is just, this is something that exists someplace. Like some people have what are known as like, um, like, uh, Like, I guess technically a hard wall. It’d be like, you are printing out like the string of whatever your codes are and you are storing it in cold storage.

[00:12:15] That’s what people refer to. Some people have things like tracers and other things, which are like Android devices that are just have one app running and that have different authentication principles and protect your stuff. What you would do is yeah, you could just create another. Bitcoin wallet I’m using any number of services.

[00:12:31] They’re usually Java or QT based, which is frustrating. Um, but you could just create one of those. Get the address. And then transfer from your Coinbase wallet to one of those addresses. Um, it could still technically be linked back to you. This is why sometimes like you would, maybe you transfer for multiple things and, and try to kind of like, not have it just be like, Hey, I just, I just gave some, this person, this money, I don’t know what they did with it.

[00:12:56] If they went and bought stuff off. The dark web. That’s fine. [00:13:00] Um, I don’t think Coinbase usually goes that far into looking at it, but if you’re using your Coinbase wallet, which as you say is backed with, you know, your driver’s license and your bank account and all that stuff. Yeah. They’re going to look at like where you’re spending money and whatnot.

[00:13:14] And if it looks like it’s for drugs or for illegal stuff, then they’re going to be like, yeah, we’re shutting this down. The irony of Coinbase. And then I’ll stop. Is this my last Christina rant is that it is centralizing. Everything has been de-centralized right. Like the whole point of Bitcoin was supposed to be this, this de-centralized thing, but you can’t trace, it’s like cash.

[00:13:32] The problem is, is that that’s very hard to use practically. Um, and so. People immediately started creating these exchanges in these more centralized places. So you had Mt. Gox, which, you know, was hacked. You’ve had some other ones. And then Coinbase is really, they took the approach of being like, okay, we’re actually going to work with the banks and the feds and the other stuff, and try to make a go at this they’ve gone public.

[00:13:53] They are doing well. And it’s ironic that everybody like points to Coinbase. It’s like, yeah, [00:14:00] totally. It’s completely centralized. And is in many cases the complete antithesis of why you would use crypto. But it is easy to use and, um, gives you a little more, not security, but you know, more, more things than otherwise.

[00:14:14] But yeah, like if you’re wanting to use it for like, like things that might be questionable, just transfer that money to a different wallet, which you can do.

[00:14:23] Brett: [00:14:23] speaking of wallets. This is going to be a great transition. Are you

[00:14:27] Christina: [00:14:27] I love it. I love it.

[00:14:29] Brett: [00:14:29] You know, what’s a big hit on your wallet, high interest credit card debt.

[00:14:34] Christina: [00:14:34] Yes.

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[00:16:29] Christina: [00:16:29] Awesome. And that’s a really good service. I mean, there are a lot of people who like credit cards or interest rates. They’re so predatory it’s it’s it’s. Yeah. So thank you, upstart.

[00:16:41] Brett: [00:16:41] I didn’t notice when my debt got high enough, I stopped getting offers in the mail for like cards and loans and things. And now all of a sudden.

[00:16:54] Christina: [00:16:54] You’ve been in them

[00:16:55] Brett: [00:16:55] That I have new, I have good credit again, and every day I’m getting [00:17:00] offers and it’s, it’s ridiculous.

[00:17:03] Christina: [00:17:03] Yeah.

[00:17:03] I had a similar thing. I didn’t have the debt issue, but I didn’t have credit. Like I didn’t have, um, stuff that was. You know, I didn’t have any open credit cards or anything like that. And, and that can be the same equivalent as having no credit or not going to bad credit, having no credit. And as soon as I started to build good credit and I don’t have that many credit cards and I pay them off in full each month.

[00:17:24] Um, and, and I’m fortunate that I’m able to do that. Like the number of offers I get it’s crazy. And even as Sundays, like American express sends me like an offer. Like they want me to take out loans and do all this stuff like every single week. I’m like, um, I’m cool. Thank you. You know? Bank of America really wants me to buy a house and I’m like, I hate to break it to you.

[00:17:43] I cannot buy a house. I Do not have money for the down payment, but thank you very much for offering to finance it for me. Can’t afford it. But thank you.

[00:17:53] Brett: [00:17:53] Do you want to know what sad thing I’m holding in my hands right now?

[00:17:55] Christina: [00:17:55] What’s that?

[00:17:57] Brett: [00:17:57] So I got a text from my [00:18:00] ex-wife who now lives in Ohio and she said, Hey, can I stop by? I have something to drop off and. Uh, so I put together that she was visiting in town and, uh, and I said, sure, but I didn’t ask any questions. And then she showed up while I was in a meeting and said she just left something on the porch for me.

[00:18:22] And so I never saw her, but when I went to get the package, it was, you know, my cat Yeti, right.

[00:18:30] Christina: [00:18:30] Yes.

[00:18:31] Brett: [00:18:31] His sister, I think I mentioned died last year.

[00:18:35] Christina: [00:18:35] Yeah.

[00:18:36] Brett: [00:18:36] so what she dropped off was one of those pop prints

[00:18:40] Christina: [00:18:40] Oh,

[00:18:40] Brett: [00:18:40] Jess bell had six toes on every foot. So these are huge paw prints. I’m looking at my, my dead, my ex wife’s dead cats, pop prints,

[00:18:53] Christina: [00:18:53] that’s a good band name.

[00:18:57] Brett: [00:18:57] like a drone metal band.

[00:18:59] Christina: [00:18:59] Yeah, exactly. [00:19:00] Exactly. It’s like total drone metal. Aw, that is sad, but that’s nice that she dropped them off.

[00:19:04] Brett: [00:19:04] It was it’s very sweet. Very sweet. Yes. Yeah. It could have been a lot worse. Could have been some weird vindictive. I don’t know my, uh, the possibilities seemed endless, but also I couldn’t figure out what it was. It was a trip, but it’s over now and I have pop prints, so we’re good.

[00:19:25] Christina: [00:19:25] That’s awesome. That’s great. I mean, when that great. I mean, it’s sad, but I’m glad that it’s not like I was afraid where you were, that you’re going to pop prints were good. I thought this was going, like, it was going to be like, remains, like,

[00:19:38] Brett: [00:19:38] oh God,

[00:19:39] Christina: [00:19:39] like, you know what I mean? Like in an urn or something, I was like, that would be really depressing.

[00:19:42] Brett: [00:19:42] I still have Emma’s ashes around here somewhere. I always meant to spread them somewhere. She loved, but oh, I did. I split them up. I split them up and I saved some because I think it was going to give them to a, or I don’t remember. But they’re still here. I still have them,

[00:19:57] Christina: [00:19:57] Yeah. No. And that would make sense. It would just be one of those things where like, if [00:20:00] somebody left an urn with ashes, like on your doorstep, like that would be, I don’t know, that’d be really sad.

[00:20:07] Brett: [00:20:07] you know, the song, self esteem by the offspring. I’m just like, we’re on a tight schedule. So I’m just going to keep like flipping through topics

[00:20:15] Christina: [00:20:15] do it. Do it.

[00:20:16] Brett: [00:20:16] So I always.

[00:20:17] Christina: [00:20:17] no. Yeah, exactly.

[00:20:19] Brett: [00:20:19] I hated it in high school and I hated it now. But then Kay, Flay put out an EAP, uh, this year she does, she does a very, uh, downtempo cover.

[00:20:32] She does self-esteem by the offspring brain stew by green day and break stuff by fucking limp biscuit.

[00:20:39] Christina: [00:20:39] Oh man. Okay. I love all of those except for the fucking limp biscuit song, but I’m now adding this, of course, obviously I’m like adding this to my apple music, Spotify, whatever. Um, and I love what this is called. Don’t judge a song by its cover. That’s funny.

[00:20:53] Brett: [00:20:53] So I was, I was upset because she did actually make me, life’s like self-esteem.

[00:21:00] [00:21:00] Christina: [00:21:00] I’m sorry for you. Um, I, I really liked that song, so I’ve always liked that song, but we grew up in different times. Like Offspring is a different band for me that I’m sure it was for you and, uh, yeah,

[00:21:14] Brett: [00:21:14] was a conglom rip off of like a lot of great classic punk from like minor threat to the clash.

[00:21:24] Christina: [00:21:24] You are correct. But my, but because I am younger and didn’t have the exposure to the real shit, I thought that they were good and were more hardcore. And I say, hardcore tongue in cheek. Cause I know they weren’t hardcore, but like I was like, okay. They were like more legit than blink one 82.

[00:21:40] Right. Um, which now I kind of don’t even think that’s true, but at the time that was definitely kind of how it felt. So,

[00:21:49] Brett: [00:21:49] What age were you? When, when ugly kid Joe was a band.

[00:21:54] Christina: [00:21:54] Ah,

[00:21:55] Brett: [00:21:55] Do you remember ugly

[00:21:56] Christina: [00:21:56] I do remember ugly kid Joe.

[00:21:58] let me look. I think [00:22:00] I was like, um, okay, so, so it was, so when they formed, I was six

[00:22:08] Brett: [00:22:08] Oh, wow.

[00:22:09] Christina: [00:22:09] and, but I guess when they were, when, when their best-selling records that came out in 91, I would have been seven or eight.

[00:22:15] Brett: [00:22:15] Wow. I am so much older than you.

[00:22:20] Christina: [00:22:20] Yeah. So that’s the thing, like, we’re really not, it’s just the age thing. Like, this is just the weird generational divide, like grant and Kelly, my sister habit too. It’s just, you know, like it’s just that weird kind of like precipice thing. And I have it with people who are still millennials, but then I’m like six or seven years older than you.

[00:22:38] know, where, like, I know the references that they’re doing, but I’m like, I was in college and they’re like, I was 12 I’m like, Okay. let’s not talk about this anymore.

[00:22:49] You know? So,

[00:22:51] Brett: [00:22:51] Yeah.

[00:22:53] Christina: [00:22:53] so Yeah, so I totally missed, you know, I’m like, I remember the name, but I didn’t, um, [00:23:00] like listen to them or whatever. Like they probably were on the alternative radio station that, that I did listen to, but I, I wasn’t aware of them. Um, I was really into green day, um, which came out when I was, like, Well, they didn’t come out, but like, uh, um, uh, Dukey came out when I was like, uh, I want to say like, like 11 and that was a really big like, record.

[00:23:23] So.

[00:23:25] Brett: [00:23:25] I was, I was on the cusp of like, it was still cool. They, they were new enough that like the alternative kids. Like them and they were old enough that it was cool to hate them. Like if you were going to be super punk about it, uh, I kind of, I kind of straddled the line there. I enjoyed that first album of theirs.

[00:23:51] They lost my attention very quickly after that, but there was a song, there was a line, something about [00:24:00] boredom and masturbation or, and I don’t remember what song it was.

[00:24:04] Christina: [00:24:04] June, June, June, June, June. I can’t think of the name of it either, but, but I, but I know the song. Exactly. Yeah.

[00:24:09] Brett: [00:24:09] Yeah, I enjoyed that song.

[00:24:11] Christina: [00:24:11] Yeah, no, and I, I, I’m actually going to see green day and follow a boy and Weezer. Um, Adam Dodger stadium in, um, September over like late right before labor day, I guess. And, um, that’s going to be a fun show.

[00:24:27] Uh, I was supposed to go last year, but pandemic killed everything. Um, And actually last year it was gonna be pretty awesome. Cause I was going to go see green day, fall up boy Weezer on a Saturday. And then on Sunday I was going to see Taylor swift. And that was so, so I was taking my friend, Katherine. She was going to take me to green day.

[00:24:47] I was going to take her to Taylor swift and it was going to be a really, really fun weekend, but that’s no longer the case. But, um, greedy is one of those bands that, like I said, like I was, I was. You know, like 11, I think I had just turned [00:25:00] 11 when, when Dooky came out, like that was like, and it was like a huge album.

[00:25:03] Like I remember getting in trouble in chorus class because I missed a, not getting in trouble, but I missed a recital or something because my sister was being crowned homecoming queen. And so. That was obviously my parents that was like, that’s more important. This is what you’re going to do. So I had to write a paper on some musical thing.

[00:25:21] And so I went to, um, the library and I got rolling stone and green day was on the cover. And I wrote a thing about green day and then presented it in the class. You have to understand this was like a very prissy teacher. So this was my own very minor act. And you also have to keep in mind that I was like a very like.

[00:25:38] Wanting to please, you know, like it does the right thing, like a good student portal sort of person. So this was a subversive act for me to do a report on green day. Um, but, uh,

[00:25:53] Brett: [00:25:53] Okay.

[00:25:53] Christina: [00:25:53] that was like my active subversion, which is not subversive at all, but for me at that time, definitely felt that way. But [00:26:00] no, I, I, um, Yeah. I think my 11th birthday, I think somebody gave me the Dooky, um, uh, tape and, um, Their stuff has gone back and forth, but they’re a weird band in that, like when American idiot came out like that and introduced this whole younger generation to them too.

[00:26:18] And it’s just interesting seeing how they’ve been one of those weird bands blink one 82 is the same way, but like there are these bands that have like transcended generations and have just had these periods where they just kind of come back and like people get into them Weezer similarly too. Um, it’s weird.

[00:26:35] Brett: [00:26:35] Yeah. Let’s skip to the end of the show now.

[00:26:39] Christina: [00:26:39] Yeah, that’s fine.

[00:26:40] Brett: [00:26:40] Um, w I, I apologize to everyone for the short episode today. Um, I do want to put out a request. We have not gotten any new reviews for like two weeks now, and we love hearing from you. I don’t care how many stars it is. I’ll read it, live on the air, just go leave an iTunes [00:27:00] review.

[00:27:00] Um, and I really, I want to make. T-shirts and I’m trying to figure out, like my first thought is that the front of it should say, get some sleep, Christina, and the back should say, get some sleep, Brett, and then just overtired, maybe on both sides. I don’t know. But then I was sick and maybe we could make two versions.

[00:27:22] We could make a, get some sleep, Christina and some, get some, get some sleep Bret shirts and just let people choose. I mean, it’s not a contest. You would win. Like you’re far more popular than I

[00:27:34] Christina: [00:27:34] No, I think you would win actually. I think you would win, but, Um,

[00:27:37] Brett: [00:27:37] I really, it doesn’t matter. It

[00:27:39] Christina: [00:27:39] It doesn’t matter.

[00:27:39] I’m I mean, I’m happy. Like if people want to buy shirts with it, I love that long view is the song by the way. Yeah.

[00:27:45] Brett: [00:27:45] Oh, I wouldn’t even recognize the name. Um, I don’t know where to make t-shirts these days is cotton bureau is Teespring. I don’t even know. I’ll figure it out.

[00:27:56] Christina: [00:27:56] we’ll figure it out.

[00:27:56] We’ll look into it. Um, I think Threadless even still does some stuff Alfa [00:28:00] I’ll we’ll we’ll look into it. Um, also, if any of you have suggestions of places you like to buy shirts, let us know.

[00:28:05] Brett: [00:28:05] please do. Um, also I’m going to put out a call. If anyone is, uh, uh, experience with making extensions for vs code, I have built a bunch extension or a bunch package for sublime text, and I would love to port it. JVs code, but I got started with it and then I found out I just didn’t care enough to learn how so if anyone wants to help me port that, please let me know.

[00:28:35] Christina: [00:28:35] We don’t hear from readers. Um, text me about this, like remind me like early next week and I will connect you with people that I know.

[00:28:42] who will absolutely help with that.

[00:28:44] Brett: [00:28:44] All right. All right. Well, thanks for, uh, thanks for the odd timing and, and making, uh, what’s it been half an hour, making half an hour available.

[00:28:53] Christina: [00:28:53] Yeah. Truncated overtired. It’s good. It’s good. So, um, get some sleep, Brett.

[00:28:58] Brett: [00:28:58] Get some sleep, Christina. [00:29:00]