228: Your Favorite D-List Podcast

Music on vinyl, porn on paper, and mixed-race same-sex couples finally get their own emojis. And we talk about keyboards, of course.


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[00:00:00] Brett: [00:00:00] Welcome to overtired. I am Brett Terpstra. I am here with Christina Warren. How are you, Christina?

[00:00:10] Christina: [00:00:10] I’m pretty good, Brad, I’m pretty good. Uh, I am like, it’s one of those classic overtired things. Cause I am a little tired because I’ve been like super busy the last couple of days, but yeah, I’m good. How are you?

[00:00:21] Brett: [00:00:21] I’m over arrested. I’m fucking depressed.

[00:00:24] Christina: [00:00:24] Oh, no.

[00:00:25] Brett: [00:00:25] it’s, it’s been like a week now. Uh, like I think I talked about it last time, but it turned out like, Like I always end this like very mild manic episode for like two weeks. And I didn’t, it was so mild. I didn’t realize what was happening and well, almost three weeks, really.

[00:00:46] So all of a sudden it like ended. And I’ve been sleeping a lot and watching a lot of Netflix and my internet went down yesterday and it was this nightmarish moment of like, I’m depressed. [00:01:00] I just want to keep the cats warm on the couch. And now I don’t have Netflix. What reminded me of a time before streaming television.

[00:01:11] Um,

[00:01:12] Christina: [00:01:12] You’re like, wait, I ha. Yeah. Cause you’re like, wait, I have to watch things on these, these disks now, which you might not even have.

[00:01:19] Brett: [00:01:19] even have anymore. Like I re I, it made me remember the days when yeah. I had like a DVD collection and I could like go back and used to have hard copy porn. Do you remember those days? So long ago,

[00:01:33] Christina: [00:01:33] Oh, that’s hilarious. Hard. Copy

[00:01:35] Brett: [00:01:35] they used to print that stuff on paper and it didn’t even move. It was so weird. It was so weird.

[00:01:42] Um, yeah. Speaking of, no, I’m just kidding. I’m not going to turn that into a sponsor read right there.

[00:01:49] Christina: [00:01:49] No. I was going to say I don’t, I don’t know if it would work kind of for one of them.

[00:01:54] Brett: [00:01:54] Hey, would like, because there is actually a Radic picture available on [00:02:00] audible.

[00:02:00] Christina: [00:02:00] Oh, see, I was actually thinking like the shower

[00:02:03] Brett: [00:02:03] Oh yeah. We could. Oh, so many possibilities. Yet, we’re going to have some tastes and class, and we’re going

[00:02:11] Christina: [00:02:11] We are, we’re not going to do that.

[00:02:12] Brett: [00:02:12] we’re talking about like the Holocaust or, or sexually assault or something before we make

[00:02:18] Christina: [00:02:18] Nope. I was going to say. I was going to say, that’s what the sponsors, uh, pay us the, the very small dollars to do. That’s really what it’s about. Like, it’s, it’s, it’s the Holocaust and in sexual assault that you want to be your segues, not, not, not pornography because this is America, right? Exactly.

[00:02:38] Brett: [00:02:38] So today’s episode is brought to you by audible and Nebia by Mowen what we’re going to tell you about that later, because right now I want to talk about pretty eight machine.

[00:02:50] Christina: [00:02:50] Okay. Tell me about this because I just, I’m just looking at you. I saw this in our, in our notes. I was just looking at the vinyl and I’ve never heard this. So tell me all [00:03:00] about this because it looks great.

[00:03:01] Brett: [00:03:01] Yeah. A couple years ago, uh, this guy, uh, who goes by inverse phase on band camp put out, actually, it’s been like it’s been years, but a while back, uh, 2011. no, no, no, no. He, he S I’m sorry. I’m, I’m looking at his bio. He started doing chip tunes in 2011, but the, uh, this album. I can’t remember what year it came out, but it’s been a little while.

[00:03:29] Anyway, it’s a, it’s a note for note chip tune cover of the pretty hate machine album by nine inch nails. And it is, it is it’ll blow your mind. If, if you appreciate eight bit chip tunes and you appreciate nine inch nails in any pit to any level of, of a fandom. It, this is an amazing album and he just, uh, this year launched a campaign [00:04:00] to put it out on vinyl and he is already.

[00:04:04] He’s art. It like it’s definitely happening. He hit his first goal, like right away. Uh, and then he set a second goal of like 500 records and he has met that. And at this point he’s actually, uh, reaching out and trying to get it into record stores and game stores. And, uh, so if the current pledge amount is to actually, uh, fund.

[00:04:32] Getting this into stores. So he’s still looking for pledges despite having he’s he’s, he’s reached, uh, $19,000 in pledges, but I would jump on this if you, uh, if you own a turntable, that’s the third, the third prerequisite as you have to have it. Well, I mean, I suppose you could own it and never listened to it.

[00:04:53] You could own

[00:04:54] Christina: [00:04:54] No, no, you totally could.

[00:04:55] Brett: [00:04:55] to it on band camp.

[00:04:57] Christina: [00:04:57] Exactly. I was going to say, cause I’m buying it right now. [00:05:00] And um, if you pledge and it’s already going to go through, so you’re going to get it. Uh, but you will go ahead and get the digital version and you could be like me where you got really into vinyl this year, even though almost never listened to any of your vital.

[00:05:13] Um, you’ve just spent like hundreds of dollars on Taylor, Swift albums on vinyl, the same album. Uh, but also I actually was buying vinyl releases before she released. Nine different versions of folklore on vinyl.

[00:05:30] Brett: [00:05:30] I have a friend who has a band called the sweat boys, or just sweat boys. And it is, um, it’s a synth pop band that kind of like, they have this whole shtick where they have like, uh, guys in. In leotards lifting weights on stage while they perform. And it’s just like high energy synth pop stuff.

[00:05:53] And I love him enough and I actually enjoy their shows enough that I bought their last album on [00:06:00] vinyl. And I’ve never actually played the vinyl because I own it all. It’s all an on my iPhone.

[00:06:09] Christina: [00:06:09] No,

[00:06:09] Brett: [00:06:09] even have one of their CDs. And for me, that’s as retro as vinyl is.

[00:06:16] Christina: [00:06:16] Honestly, it’s, it’s harder. Uh, I think sometimes like to define a good CD system like I have, cause I do have like a Blu-ray player that I got, uh, for my, uh, PC and my Mac, um, like an external that I had somebody mod, so that it’ll, it uses a certain version of making B making KB so that you can rip stuff in, uh, ultra, um, Hi-def without, um, dealing with weird DRM stuff.

[00:06:43] Um, cause there are certain, it’s a weird thing. Like basically LG makes the only Blu-ray drives that exist right now, at least for, uh, like. Mac and PC, but they have different firmware versions that will let you do certain [00:07:00] things on it. And they like charge extra. If you want to actually be able to rip the UHD copies and then they want you to use certain software.

[00:07:08] So if you want to use programs like, uh, make them KV. Or handbrake or things like that to actually be able to extract the whole thing without having deal with weird prietary garbage, then you have to use usually a modified version of the firmware. So I had somebody who flashed it for me and it wasn’t and put it in an external chasses and it was very inexpensive.

[00:07:30] So I have that, but like, that’s what I would have to use to listen to a CD at this point.

[00:07:37] Brett: [00:07:37] Last my, my, my car before this one had like a six disk changer that I never used. Um, and I think. I think the car that my girlfriend has now does have a CD player. Uh, and we bought that car from my mother and just yesterday for the first time I ever, she [00:08:00] opened up the little tray in the console and there’s all these like gospel CDs in there, singing, gospel songs.

[00:08:11] Christina: [00:08:11] Oh, yeah. Oh my God. My dad that’s my dad. My dad has like. Like white lady music taste. And I’ve always made fun of him about this because it’s hilarious to me. Like he loves Elvis Bob’s Elvis and Johnny Mathis and all this shit, but also like he was really into, um, this is just so funny. Cause like, okay, this is why it’s funny.

[00:08:35] My dad is like, even now in his seventies, he’s. A big tall guy who, you know, it’s very much appears like a man’s man type of guy. Right? Like he he’s very much, like you can tell that he played football in college and that he like is a, a sportsman. And like, it’s just, you know, like that’s, that’s the thing you don’t expect him to be really, really [00:09:00] into, um, uh, Vonda Shepard who did the music and ally McBeal to the point that he had both.

[00:09:08] Both of her albums and used to have them in the car. And I used to have to listen to that shit on my way to eight. Like when he would drive me to school in high school,

[00:09:16] Brett: [00:09:16] Yeah, parents are funny.

[00:09:18] Christina: [00:09:18] Yeah. And I was like, what? It also turned out. Cause I always thought it was my mom. It was not. Um, when I was growing up, I was always fascinated with my parents' eight track collection because I was like, what is this shit?

[00:09:30] And, and, and some of them, um, you know, I’d already degraded and didn’t work, but some of them were in good shape, but they also had their record collection. And it was very weird to me because they had this Olivia Newton, John album on eight track and on vinyl. Same album. And I’m like, why is now? Now? You know, it makes sense because we have become accustomed to the industry making us double-dip right.

[00:09:56] Like our generation, especially mine. Like I, [00:10:00] there are certain things that I’ve bought. Multiple times because I’ve had to, and with streaming, obviously that makes it different. But so at this point you will buy the vinyl copy to support the artist, right? Like as, as this pretty eight machine thing, right.

[00:10:15] Like I am, uh, I could have just bought the band camp thing, but I just also backed it. Cause I want the vinyl because you want to support the creator because it it’s like a cool kind of Chatzky. But like in my, like in the seventies, He had both copies and I’m like why? And I always assumed as my mom and no, it was my dad.

[00:10:34] My dad was just really into Olivia Newton, John.

[00:10:37] Brett: [00:10:37] so weird.

[00:10:39] Christina: [00:10:39] I know,

[00:10:40] Brett: [00:10:40] Did you see the song or the song titles? I’m pretty at machine.

[00:10:45] Christina: [00:10:45] uh, I’m looking at it now. I just, I just bought it. So,

[00:10:49] Brett: [00:10:49] Headlight IO a terrible lie. Downloading it.

[00:10:56] Christina: [00:10:56] Oh my God, this is so good. And, [00:11:00] uh, and that’s awesome. So, so he’s now, yeah. He’s way, way past his funding goal for the original thing. And I don’t know how much he needs to get a ticket into other stores or stuff, but, um,

[00:11:12] Brett: [00:11:12] Yeah. He sent out an email yesterday. I can’t remember what all it said. No, but he was talking about like the, the, how hard it is to get things into record stores these days.

[00:11:23] Christina: [00:11:23] yeah. Yeah, no, I mean, which. Pandemic aside, like they’re actually doing really well. Um, at least like the indie places, I mean, comparatively, right? Like it’s interesting how much like vinyl, there’s a boom, but there’s also like an issue of, I would think the bigger issue less would be about distribution and would more be like, do you have enough physical copies that you can get to to the stores because what’s happened at least based on what I’ve read.

[00:11:52] And I don’t have a link for this. Uh, I think. There’s been some stuff in the New York times and some other places, but what’s happened. And I, I bet, I [00:12:00] bet that we have some listeners out there who know, who know more is that there are only a few places that do a good quality job of being able to make the vinyl.

[00:12:09] And the demand has gone up so much that it’s difficult to do, you know, uh, to get like press time, frankly. Um, like that’s one of the reasons, at least, I mean, this is all I can assume is that, so the Taylor Swift stuff, she has delay, like it took me, I don’t know. I think I got like, so folklore came out in the end of July and it was the, it was December before I got all the vinyl.

[00:12:42] Um, Copies. So like she had like eight, I think on her website or something or seven or whatever, then target had a special edition and the target one got there pretty quick, because for it to be in target, it had to be. You know, already mass produced, but, um, all the different colors because of the different [00:13:00] color variants she chose to use, they clearly had not produced any of them.

[00:13:05] And, and I don’t even know if they’d produce samples to be totally honest. I think this was one of those things where like, they put it up on the Shopify when she like. Surprise drop the album. And then she was like, Republic slash universal. You figure this out now. And they were like, uh, okay. Because it took months and, and, um, some of the, actually most of the, the color variants were only available for like a very limited time, um, for folklore or not folklore forevermore, she.

[00:13:34] Only had I think one color of the vinyl. And that was my first instinct. I was like, Oh, you, you would clearly bitten off more. You could more than you could chew and fucked up with folklore because you realized in like the ensuing months, we can’t make this much vinyl, especially with these different colors.

[00:13:51] Uh, and then for the release of fearless, that’s coming up. That is an interesting one. I, the, my big. Theory. And the reason why it won’t be [00:14:00] released until April is because of the vinyl lead time, because she’s wanting to charge for this like gold vital copy, and they don’t have that in mass. And the way that the billboard rules work now, uh, you have, you can’t like do pre-orders the way that they used to.

[00:14:16] So it’s one of those things where like, they have to actually have like a, um, it has to physically get to you within a certain date. So now it’s a pre-order rather than a. You buy it in December and you still don’t have your vinyl copy of evermore because it literally hasn’t been pressed yet. And it could be the summer before you cut it.

[00:14:37] So, um, that she obviously is going to deal with, with things on a larger level, because one of the biggest artists in the world, but if. They can’t find the, the vinyl, like the machine time for her. Then I have to imagine if you, you need to have a certain word borders to be able to get a pressing to that you could even distribute one or two copies [00:15:00] to a lot of different local music stores.

[00:15:02] At least that’s my guess.

[00:15:04] Brett: [00:15:04] Admit when I put pretty eight machine on the list, I did not think it was going to turn into a Taylor Swift conversation, but we managed it.

[00:15:13] Christina: [00:15:13] We did well. I mean, I can, I can turn anything into Taylor Swift yet. Um, but no, this is exciting.

[00:15:20] Brett: [00:15:20] to tell you, so I had never listened to your mood mix before. Cause I didn’t, it, it just, I don’t, I don’t have time

[00:15:29] Christina: [00:15:29] don’t care?

[00:15:30] Brett: [00:15:30] well, it’s not, I care about you.

[00:15:33] Christina: [00:15:33] No, I understand.

[00:15:34] Brett: [00:15:34] I don’t care that much about Taylor Swift,

[00:15:36] Christina: [00:15:36] No, I understand.

[00:15:37] Brett: [00:15:37] uh, uh, yesterday morning, uh, I mentioned that I had never listened to it and I was like, well, we could listen to it now before you record.

[00:15:46] And, uh,

[00:15:48] Christina: [00:15:48] It’s so sad.

[00:15:48] Brett: [00:15:48] so we put it on and it was funny because at first the first song was exile and Al said, damn it. Maybe I do like Taylor Swift.

[00:16:00] [00:16:00] Christina: [00:16:00] Yes. Yes.

[00:16:02] Brett: [00:16:02] then the next one came on and her response was no, this reminds me a lot of, uh, uh, tampon commercial.

[00:16:10] Christina: [00:16:10] Yes.

[00:16:11] Brett: [00:16:11] And, uh, ultimately we both got really depressed by it and,

[00:16:17] Christina: [00:16:17] Sorry about that.

[00:16:18] Brett: [00:16:18] yeah, no, I w I’m not going to hold you personally responsible.

[00:16:22] Uh, it turned out not to be great morning music.

[00:16:27] Christina: [00:16:27] No, no, I would have told you that. Cause I it’s it’s it’s a, it’s a folklore mood mix. Right? So, so the whole thing was to fit the whole. So how that came up with somebody on Twitter was like, I like this. What are some other. You know, songs like this, and originally he wanted Taylor step. And so it was very tailor heavy, but I went ahead and I was like adding in some other artists in there too, which is why there’s some Smith and there’s, uh, you know, some, uh, death cabin and there’s, um, you know, uh, like other, I think I even did put, I actually did put a Ryan Adams [00:17:00] cover on there even though it’s terrible as well.

[00:17:02] I’m sorry. His cover of this love is really, really good, uh, and, and fit like the motif perfectly. So, um, Yeah. So yeah, not, not good morning mix also not great if you’re going through a depressive phase. Sorry about that. But very much on brand.

[00:17:18] Brett: [00:17:18] it’s okay. We survived. We survived. It’s all good.

[00:17:23] Christina: [00:17:23] I just, I just love that she like goes from like maybe I do. And then she’s like, no, this is like a tampon commercial. Here’s what I would say to elbow L um, listen to folklore and evermore because a lot of that is way more like, um, uh, exile than it is. Any of her others, like that’s more the vibe than any of her other like pop stuff.

[00:17:45] So if you’d like that there, I think especially evermore really linked into that. And so you you’d probably really like that album, so

[00:17:56] Brett: [00:17:56] Speaking of listening to stuff.

[00:17:59] Christina: [00:17:59] great segue.

[00:18:00] [00:17:59] Brett: [00:17:59] I know audible is the leading provider of spoken word entertainment and audio books ranging from bestsellers in new releases to celebrity, memoirs, languages, motivation, and more like original entertainment. And now podcasts. I, I have a podcast.

[00:18:15] Christina: [00:18:15] I do too. I have a couple podcasts. Weren’t we on audible? I wanted that Ottawa.

[00:18:20] Brett: [00:18:20] we not? I don’t

[00:18:21] Christina: [00:18:21] We’re not,

[00:18:21] Brett: [00:18:21] I don’t know how to get on audible.

[00:18:23] Christina: [00:18:23] no, we gotta get, we gotta be like, More famous and, and get some of that audible Wondery money.

[00:18:31] Brett: [00:18:31] But we, we do, we do both listen to audible

[00:18:35] Christina: [00:18:35] We love audible. This is why I’m like, Hey, call us. But yeah.

[00:18:40] Brett: [00:18:40] But, uh, they have a new plan called the audible plus and with an audible plus membership, you get full access to the plus catalog, which is filled with thousands of titles across different formats from audio books to popular and exclusive podcasts to unique audible originals, like the words plus music series a you can listen [00:19:00] offline anytime, anywhere.

[00:19:02] And you can even squeeze in a workout or a guided meditation without having to go to a gym or a class. Uh, I just started, uh, like I was talking last time we did this read, actually I was talking about how I use my audible subscription to listen to a whole bunch of black female scifi and African futurism authors.

[00:19:24] And I just started another book by Nettie Accora for, um, and it’s really good. Uh, uh Kado which. Um, it’s young adult fiction, but I’m young at heart and I

[00:19:38] Christina: [00:19:38] Well, yeah, well, and like, if we’re being totally honest in the fiction genre, like why a has kind of eaten the world and a lot of it is really good.

[00:19:47] Brett: [00:19:47] Yeah. It, yeah. I, uh, I’m often surprised to realize that the book I just finished was classified as Y um, I, I, I don’t know if that says more about why a [00:20:00] or if it says more about me, but

[00:20:02] Christina: [00:20:02] So it’s more about why, but yeah.

[00:20:03] Brett: [00:20:03] You start anything good lately?

[00:20:06] Christina: [00:20:06] Yeah. So I just, uh, was listening to actually, this is fairly recent, uh, TV’s new golden age, which is, um, basically like. All about a TV, like from like what’s considered like the second golden age period of like 1999 through the last, like two decades. And so, um, this is from, uh, uh, film and television professor Eric or Williams, um, who basically is, is talking about what’s, what’s kind of been referred to as like the third golden age of television.

[00:20:37] And, uh, so that’s extremely my, my, my fish. So yeah.

[00:20:42] Brett: [00:20:42] I just finished, um, uh, Keegan, Michael Keegan. What’s his name? Ki Keegan. Michael Key. Cause it’s key and Peele.

[00:20:53] Christina: [00:20:53] Right, right, right, right.

[00:20:54] Brett: [00:20:54] Um, Keegan, Michael Key of key and Peele did a 10 part [00:21:00] audible series on the history of sketch comedy. That it was just him. Kind of discussing the long history of sketch comedy. Jading back to like the Greeks and Romans

[00:21:12] Christina: [00:21:12] Ooh.

[00:21:13] Brett: [00:21:13] it was, it was fascinating and also hilarious.

[00:21:16] And I would recommend it anyone it’s included with your audible plus subscription.

[00:21:22] Christina: [00:21:22] Oh, I’m going to listen to that. That’s great. Um, that’s awesome. I was listening to one. What would I listen to? So remember tiger King. When we were all obsessed with that.

[00:21:30] Brett: [00:21:30] I, I recognize that other people were obsessed with it. Yes.

[00:21:34] Christina: [00:21:34] Okay. So there was like, uh, an interesting kind of like accompany and like, it wasn’t, it’s not officially related, but it’s part of the story, but there’s like a, um, again, I think it’s like a 10 episode kind of deep dive. Um, Audible original series. Like, again, it’s one of those things that’s part of your audible plus subscription, where you can get way more detail and your interviews and like deep reporting, like actual reporting than what was in the [00:22:00] Netflix series, um, about that whole case.

[00:22:02] And it was characters. So people are interested in that if you want to relive the beginning stages of this pandemic, uh, and, and like, look back fondly when we were all like obsessed with that stuff. That’s that’s another one. I’ll I’ll I’ll give a shout out to.

[00:22:16] Brett: [00:22:16] So with very little effort, you could easily get through any of these, a special audio plus original series in 30 days. And. If you go to audible.com/overtired or text over-tired to five zero zero five zero zero. You can get a 30 day free trial with everything you want to listen to. All in one app audible plus can truly become your playlist for life.

[00:22:42] So visit audible.com/overtired or text tired to five zero zero five zero zero. Uh, we’re we’re both obviously big fans of audible and really happy to have them as a sponsor. if they would just pick up our podcasts, we w we, [00:23:00] uh, yeah.

[00:23:02] Christina: [00:23:02] We could do an original podcast for them, then that’s really what I’m kind of

[00:23:05] Brett: [00:23:05] Uh, what would it be? A Taylor Swift podcast? I’m not sure I could get down with that.

[00:23:10] Christina: [00:23:10] I don’t know. We could come up with something.

[00:23:12] Brett: [00:23:12] We should do a history of, Oh man. We could do a history of computing podcasts. Where we

[00:23:20] Christina: [00:23:20] that’s a good idea.

[00:23:21] Brett: [00:23:21] talk about our teen years

[00:23:24] Christina: [00:23:24] Right?

[00:23:26] Brett: [00:23:26] Yeah, I dunno. We could pull it off. You’re interesting enough.

[00:23:30] Anyway,

[00:23:32] Christina: [00:23:32] So are you dude actually?

[00:23:35] Brett: [00:23:35] so Apple has a leaked, not leaked, but announced their next round of emoji updates. Have you seen these.

[00:23:47] Christina: [00:23:47] I have, um, I’m not on like, whatever the beta is that you need to, to run it because I don’t have time to run betas right now on my phone, but I had seen it. It looked pretty good,

[00:23:59] Brett: [00:23:59] their [00:24:00] bearded ladies.

[00:24:01] Christina: [00:24:01] which is cool.

[00:24:02] Brett: [00:24:02] It is, uh, and it’s actually like, it’s interesting. The facial features, they didn’t just put long hair on the bearded man emoji. It actually has like narrower jaw line. It is very much like feminine features with masculine hair and it comes in the full range of skin tones.

[00:24:28] What surprised me? Not that they did it, but that it didn’t exist before is interracial gay couples. I didn’t realize that wasn’t already a thing.

[00:24:41] Christina: [00:24:41] Yeah, I’m guessing. And I don’t know, this would be something that Jeremy, uh, Verge of Emojipedia fame. What would know more about since he’s on like the Unicode board and is like Mr. Emoji himself, but what I’m guessing is that they were, for those emoji, they were [00:25:00] defaulting to like the, the yellow color, which is kind of like the neutral, like.

[00:25:05] No race and that that’s what they were doing. And now what they’ve done is they’ve gone ahead and they’ve added the fact that you can select skin tones, but they’ve made it so that if you wanted to, you could have multiple, you know, skin tone options. Uh, what I guess, cause I don’t know how the implementation of this would be I’m I don’t know if they’re going to have like the however many combinations you could have.

[00:25:29] Um,

[00:25:30] Brett: [00:25:30] The infinite number of shades and hues, you could combine.

[00:25:34] Christina: [00:25:34] it’s not, it’s not that it’s that they have like five different tones. So I don’t know if it’s one of those things where they have, you know, uh, I guess to be, I guess 10, I can’t do the, I’m not, I can’t do the math in my head right now. It’s too early. Um,

[00:25:49] Brett: [00:25:49] We don’t get paid to do math.

[00:25:52] Christina: [00:25:52] I mean, not for this, but, you know, so I don’t know if they could do like all those combinations, if they’re going to do that on the picker, or if it’s going to be like a more limited kind of [00:26:00] subset for same-sex couples that does obviously make it a little bit easier in so far as you, you, well, you know, cause it’s male, female, then you do have to have like one of each and then one of each.

[00:26:12] So you’re doubling the number. And, and from that, it’s not even that like, okay, it’s hard for them to make the emoji, but I would think it’s like, okay, how do you in a selector make that an easy thing for people to access. Right. So it’s not even a matter of like, yeah. Cause you can like, have somebody commissioned the art, no problem.

[00:26:29] But it’s like, how do you make that selection? 100%, which is why I assume that they just had it as, as the yellow color. You know, just, just everybody’s a Simpson and, and that’s what they, they went for. But no, I think it’s cool that they have, you know, taken on the UI, uh, concern to have interracial, um, a gay couple.

[00:26:50] Brett: [00:26:50] Yeah. They also remove the blood from the syringe emoji so that it can now represent a vaccine.

[00:26:58] Christina: [00:26:58] Okay.

[00:27:00] [00:27:00] Brett: [00:27:00] Yeah. Then they changed the headphones to be the white beats headphones.

[00:27:05] Christina: [00:27:05] Of course.

[00:27:06] Brett: [00:27:06] you know, just branding,

[00:27:07] Christina: [00:27:07] Yeah, I was going to say, just like, you know, the watch is the Apple watch and the, you know, the phone is the yeah. Um,

[00:27:15] Brett: [00:27:15] Speaking of vaccines though, the Johnson and Johnson one as we speak is nearing FDA approval as a one-shot vaccine. And well, not as effective as the other two. It, it does increase the number of doses that could be available in June by a hundred million. And that’s not a hundred million divided by two.

[00:27:38] It like you would have with the other vaccines, that’s a hundred million extra doses. So that’s good news.

[00:27:45] Christina: [00:27:45] No. That’s great news. So my parents got their second dose last week,

[00:27:50] Brett: [00:27:50] Girlfriend. Just got, I should say L we’ll just call her by name. I’ll just get hers this week too. Her

[00:27:56] Christina: [00:27:56] Hell yeah. That’s that’s awesome.

[00:27:59] Brett: [00:27:59] The second one is [00:28:00] supposed to cause more, uh, illness. Yeah. Side effects.

[00:28:05] Christina: [00:28:05] Yeah, my parents, my parents had like an itchy arm and they were kind of lethargic the second day where they were fine.

[00:28:10] Brett: [00:28:10] Yeah. And L did not have, like, I always she’s like super sensitive to that stuff. So I, I was prepared for the second dose or kind of wrecker, but it didn’t, she, she came through it fine. She’s like, you shouldn’t be scared. And I’m like, I wasn’t scared.

[00:28:27] Christina: [00:28:27] Yeah, no, it was funny. Cause my parents were kind of the same thing. Like they were like, I was glad they were telling me, you know, how well it went or whatever. Um, but I was not even like, it didn’t even enter my mindset to be like concerned. I was just like, get the shot. Um, you know, like. Get it, but, um, but yeah, that’s what I was hearing.

[00:28:48] Like they basically said they both had itchy arms and then the next day they were both a little bit more lethargic than they had been. Like the first dose. They didn’t have anything, this one a little more, but, and they had Madonna, uh, the [00:29:00] Madonna, um, one, but. Mo merger, not yeah, whatever Madrona who’d, who knows.

[00:29:06] So, um, I’ve apparently also, as, uh, as I’m saying, this I’ve been told the way that I say Penn is, uh, was how, um,

[00:29:15] Brett: [00:29:15] Very Atlanta.

[00:29:16] Christina: [00:29:16] a apparently yeah.

[00:29:18] Brett: [00:29:18] How do you say M I R R O R. Mirror. Okay. I’ve I’ve realized, uh, thanks to some Facebook posts that in the, uh, in the Northeast, at least, uh, it’s often a single syllable just mirror, mirror.

[00:29:33] Christina: [00:29:33] Mirror here. Yeah. I could see that like, like the space shuttle. Um, yeah, I don’t know. It’s weird. So, you know, like, remember how like the, the New York times had that dialect quiz, you probably don’t. Okay. Okay. So this was like, this was a long time ago, but it was a very famous thing where the New York times made this interactive dialect quiz that apparently for many people could precisely like, indicate exactly where [00:30:00] they grew up, like to a T.

[00:30:02] And it was one of those things where it’s like 20 questions and you answer how you say certain words and other different colloquialisms or whatever anyway, because how I speak. Is so disconnected from where I grew up. Like, I, I think I’m like the one person who totally like messed up the New York times dialect quiz.

[00:30:23] Brett: [00:30:23] Okay. Yeah, no, I don’t. I don’t detect a Southern accent on you. I’m no, uh, I’m no accent expert, which you can find some great YouTube videos on accent experts dissecting various, especially when they do like, uh, uh, actors portrayals and they dissect their,

[00:30:43] Christina: [00:30:43] Oh, yeah. I love that.

[00:30:45] Brett: [00:30:45] dialogue coaching. But, uh, yeah, that’s fun stuff.

[00:30:50] Christina: [00:30:50] No, that stuff is really fun. Um, I’m going to put a link to the dialect quiz in here.

[00:30:54] Brett: [00:30:54] Cool. Um,

[00:30:57] Christina: [00:30:57] Very cool.

[00:30:58] Brett: [00:30:58] so [00:31:00] you mentioned you may have gone down another keyboard, rabbit hole, and I feel like keyboards are almost deserve like a, a segment status on this show.

[00:31:09] Christina: [00:31:09] Honestly, honestly, they do, because between like you and like your, your ultimate hacking keyboard, and I told myself, I wasn’t going to get into this hobby, like told myself I wasn’t going to, and now I find myself, I’m still not deciding, like, I, I still. I haven’t pulled the trigger too hard yet. I think, I think I pre-ordered one that’s been on back order, but I don’t actually know.

[00:31:32] I know that I hit the buy button, but it hasn’t shown up on my credit card and I didn’t get an email. So it’s one of those things where I’m like, did I buy this or did it not go through? And then I’m like afraid to buy it again because. Then I’m going to be stuck with like, you know, $130 keyboard. The second one that I don’t need to have, and I don’t want to have to deal with the return.

[00:31:50] So I’m waiting a couple of days to see if that actually like order went through or not. But in the interim, I like have been going down this rabbit hole where I was [00:32:00] like, okay, I have the key Cron, which is fine, but the, the key caps aren’t the best and maybe one, uh, Alderson switches. And then I’m looking at some options and I’m like, Oh, but I could design these things in these other ways.

[00:32:18] So I was like, well, maybe I’ll just get like a drop alts, but then they have like a custom. Um, aluminum like a new aluminum color that you could color way you can get, which I really like, which would look like really good with like, it’s like a light lilac that would look really good with certain key caps.

[00:32:36] And so I’m like, okay, well, if I got that, because it’s like $130, I don’t want to have to buy that on top of like the $200 keyboard. That seems dumb. So I’ll just. Kind of build my own from, from drop because they now sell the PCB separately to that still gets very expensive. But then in the interim I’m like, okay, well, do I want to get something else?

[00:32:57] Do I want to get like another type? So I spent a lot of [00:33:00] yesterday, very deep in the weeds, reading and watching actually a ton of keyboard review videos on YouTube. And I I’ve like. Resisted going too deeply down that rabbit hole, because I knew that this would be the sort of thing that it’s like shoes or PC parts, which I have now, like conquered that I’m like, this will just be another thing that like the obsessive compulsive side of my personality needs to collect them all.

[00:33:30] And then the board needs to spend money to feel things, product personality, like it’s a bad combination. So I’m trying to kind of talk myself out of it, but it is one of those things where I’m like, I could see myself really.

[00:33:42] Brett: [00:33:42] Have you

[00:33:43] Christina: [00:33:43] I could see myself. I’m trying to talk myself out of building the keyboard, basically.

[00:33:46] Brett: [00:33:46] have you seen the keyboard IO keyboards go to go to shop.keyboard.io. And they have a few different models that my friend, Jesse Atkinson swears by. [00:34:00] Um, I think he had the, no, I don’t remember which model he had now, but they have like a tiny one called the Atrius. That is like a S it’s it’s ergonomic, not split.

[00:34:12] It’s not two

[00:34:13] Christina: [00:34:13] Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m looking at this. That’s cool.

[00:34:15] Brett: [00:34:15] but they have the model 100 that I think I actually tried backing years ago. Um, But it never happened. Uh, but now it says it’s coming in 2021, just in case you need more options. But I have always been curious about the, the, the drop, the alt, and they have another one. yeah, Alton control.

[00:34:40] They don’t have a delete.

[00:34:42] Christina: [00:34:42] No, not yet. They did just have an inter that’s like an entry-level one. And then there’s like a new one, which is like a 60%, which I don’t want. Um, I’d really like a 75%, but that other than the key Cron, they’re very limited. They’re very [00:35:00] limited. Like really there’s one from, uh, Keyboard bands that is like a KB 75.

[00:35:05] That is impossible to get right now. Like it is literally out of stock and that’s one that you have to build yourself and sold or yourself and whatnot, but they’re very few 75% keywords out there, even though I personally think that’s kind of the perfect size combination, but I like 65, 68 more than I like, um, 60% because I need my, um, navigation keys.

[00:35:31] My arrow keys.

[00:35:32] Brett: [00:35:32] You say solider? Is that a Southern thing or is that just a mispronunciation?

[00:35:39] Christina: [00:35:39] How am I supposed to say soldier solder? Oh yeah. That’s just a mispronunciation.

[00:35:45] Brett: [00:35:45] Okay,

[00:35:46] Christina: [00:35:46] That’s just how I’ve said it. Like my whole life. So that’s just, yeah,

[00:35:50] Brett: [00:35:50] Uh,

[00:35:51] Christina: [00:35:51] that’s just a mispronunciation.

[00:35:52] Brett: [00:35:52] into one of those with a friend that like I could totally see. It’s like when you’re, when you’re reading, especially when you’re younger and you see [00:36:00] words like rendezvous, like, and they’re not words you, you hear, or if you do hear them, they sound so different than they’re spelled that you don’t necessarily associate them.

[00:36:11] I thought it was pronounced Rendez service until I was like 16 years old. And I said it in a sentence and someone looked at me like I was an idiot and I was like, it’s Ron run. Does this, you know, like a place you meet up at a Rendez vis

[00:36:32] Christina: [00:36:32] and people like you mean a rendezvous? Yeah,

[00:36:35] Brett: [00:36:35] any sense.

[00:36:36] Christina: [00:36:36] totally. No. So yeah, no, no solder, which is, cause obviously I know that it’s called soldering gun. Um, but I’ve had sold her because that’s just a mispronunciation because I that’s one of those things that I very clearly. Set in my own head so many times before I ever heard it.

[00:36:53] And then actually it’s until you said this, that I like made that connection. I’m like, yep. I’ve been mispronouncing this my entire life. [00:37:00] Cool.

[00:37:01] Brett: [00:37:01] funny word. No, I’m not going to do another read yet. We did our last, our last episode, our sponsor reads through like five to 10 minutes long. We really, we really put our heart and soul into our sponsors.

[00:37:17] Christina: [00:37:17] If you’d like to sponsor overtired. Email

[00:37:21] Brett: [00:37:21] Well, we’ll do, we’ll dedicate 30 out of 60 minutes to talking about your product for the, for the benefit of our listeners, which I’m sorry to our listeners, what no sponsor read should be more than five minutes long. That’s crazy.

[00:37:36] Christina: [00:37:36] it’s totally nuts. And we don’t blame you for using the 32nd, like fast forward button on your pod catcher. That’s totally what you did. So it’s fair.

[00:37:46] Brett: [00:37:46] What, uh, turns out are I, like I put, uh, in our show notes, there’s a transcript of our, of our conversation. And in one of the newer [00:38:00] podcatchers the, the timestamps that I have in there. And I didn’t do this on purpose, but they’re actually clickable

[00:38:06] Christina: [00:38:06] Oh, cool.

[00:38:07] Brett: [00:38:07] can jump around the podcast. Because I don’t do chapter markers.

[00:38:11] Like someday I aspire to do chapter markers,

[00:38:16] Christina: [00:38:16] No. I honestly think timestamps are better because chapter markers it’s such a kludge.

[00:38:22] Brett: [00:38:22] we’re so scattered. Like

[00:38:24] Christina: [00:38:24] We are

[00:38:25] Brett: [00:38:25] anything that fits neatly into chapters. Like just now we went from talking about, uh, soldering to, to. Two podcast chapters with no real segue. It just happens.

[00:38:40] Christina: [00:38:40] 100%. And I also think like, frankly, like a chapters are difficult to create and B it doesn’t really fit our show, but see, and this is, I think the most important thing, uh, the way that people consume content. Now, at least the way that I do, like timestamps on YouTube are the currency that I kind of go by.

[00:38:59] So [00:39:00] that’s what I would be familiar with and would want from a UI standpoint war than like, or UX standpoint, I guess that’s what I would prefer then to chapter markers, to be totally honest.

[00:39:10] Brett: [00:39:10] Yeah, I don’t listen to podcasts. I have nothing to add to that particular conversation. I am really bad about listening to podcasts.

[00:39:24] Christina: [00:39:24] Yeah. I mean, I listen to a ton of podcasts and I usually, I never used the chat markers on them if they have them. But, uh, I do appreciate timestamps when that’s there, especially for shows like a accidental tech podcast and stuff like that, like that, that. Similar to us can be long. It can go into lots of topics.

[00:39:41] And because I do watch a ton of YouTube videos, I’m very, very happy whenever they have timestamps. And that’s actually why, when I do like my new show that I do, like every two weeks, like my developer new show, like I have my timestamps and I’ve done that for the last couple of years, even before YouTube had like a visual, like indicator kind of thing.

[00:40:00] [00:40:00] Um, I always had the timestamps in the, in the comments because I was like, This is useful for people. I appreciate it when I see this on other videos. So

[00:40:10] Brett: [00:40:10] You ready for a crazy like paradigm, like shift. Um, why didn’t daft punk just surreptitiously hand their, their helmets to like another duo and just let them carry on the tradition. This could have gone for hundreds of years.

[00:40:31] Christina: [00:40:31] I’m really sad about daft punk. Like. I mean, they hadn’t made a new album in a really long time. And I think the last collapse they probably did was with the weekend a few years ago, a Starboy, but I really liked that funk and discovery is one of my favorite albums ever. And I think their use of samples and the way other people sampled them is great.

[00:40:53] And I mean, you know, I don’t know. That was a really shitty thing to wake up to on a Monday morning to like add news. Like I [00:41:00] saw it on a group shot. It was in one of my group chats and that’s how I found out. And I was like, Oh fuck

[00:41:05] Brett: [00:41:05] Here we thought 2021 was going to be different.

[00:41:08] Christina: [00:41:08] totally. And I’m like, dammit, like, Well, it was, it was interesting because yesterday as we were recording this tiger woods was in a car accident and fortunately he survived, but it was one of those things where I don’t even particularly care about tiger woods that much, but I’m like, okay, we can’t have lost Coby.

[00:41:25] And then like tiger woods die. And like a car accident. Like that was just one of those things. I was like, no, that can’t happen. So. Um, he survived, but you know, apparently like really fucked up one of his ankles and had some other fractures just went with other legs. So who knows?

[00:41:44] Brett: [00:41:44] of life to get them out?

[00:41:45] Christina: [00:41:45] Yeah. Which is scary, you know?

[00:41:48] Uh, I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s. I don’t know, it’s not as bad as it sounds from what I understand how the jaws of life work, but it’s still not something you want. Like, you don’t want to [00:42:00] be like, so caught on a car that like have to use one of those contraptions to, to have access.

[00:42:06] Brett: [00:42:06] If I knew more about golf, I could probably make a very distasteful golf joke right now, but I, I don’t. So I won’t.

[00:42:13] Christina: [00:42:13] Yeah. I was going to say, I don’t really, I

[00:42:15] Brett: [00:42:15] insert, insert distasteful comment from Brett that Christina then has to recover from

[00:42:21] Christina: [00:42:21] Huh? Yeah. And insert a tasteful golf joke here. I like that.

[00:42:26] Brett: [00:42:26] I’m working on my filter.

[00:42:28] Christina: [00:42:28] Okay. Yeah. I appreciate that. So is, is that, uh, okay. So speaking of filters, is that a good segue to talk about the, the, the filter that you get from your shower experience?

[00:42:38] Brett: [00:42:38] Yeah. So that’s a, it’s a bit of a walk, but, uh, but yeah, I can, I can roll with that. I can roll with that. So this episode is sponsored by Nebia and they make a shower head that both Christina and I are using and are loving. And I want to tell you right off the top, that if you go to nebia.com/overtired, [00:43:00] uh, the first 100 people to visit that will get 15% off of all Nebia products.

[00:43:05] So let’s tell you about that shower though. It’s backed by some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley, including Tim cook. It’s designed by former Tesla, NASA, and Apple engineers who spent years researching and developing a superior shower experience that saves water and is anything but ordinary despite using 45% less water than your standard shower, head.

[00:43:29] It’s spree is 81% more powerful than the competition. It’s atomized, droplets, rinse, shampoo, and conditioner out of even the thickest hair. Can you attest to that? Chris?

[00:43:40] Christina: [00:43:40] If they care, but I have a lot of hair and I can definitely attest

[00:43:43] Brett: [00:43:43] have a lot of hair.

[00:43:45] Christina: [00:43:45] a lot of hair. So I can definitely attest to the fact that it definitely does rinse out shampoo and conditioner.

[00:43:52] Brett: [00:43:52] It slides up and down. It has 25 inches of up and down motion. So, uh, I don’t know about you, but [00:44:00] my girlfriend who has thick lustrous hair does not like to wash her hair every time she showers. Uh, so, uh, having a shower head that you can pull down below neck level and tilt forward. Kind of perfect, especially for girls.

[00:44:15] I don’t have to deal with this problem.

[00:44:19] Christina: [00:44:19] It’s really nice because usually like, you don’t have a choice. You’re like, all right, my hair’s going to get wet. I’m going to have to dry it anyway. I might as well shampoo it. It’s not always best for your hair, so yeah, you can lower it. Um, make it, you know, uh, like shoulder level, like you said, and still get clean, but not have to completely dunk your hair.

[00:44:37] Brett: [00:44:37] Despite being this high-tech amazing piece of shower artistry. It’s also super easy to install. If you can change a light bulb. You can install the Nebia by Mowen. Ha ha. How did your installation experience go?

[00:44:51] Christina: [00:44:51] It went very well. I did need a little bit of help just because I’m short and I needed, you know, to, to get it high enough. But this [00:45:00] was, and I’m genuinely saying this, like I’m not the most handy person. So I was a little bit concerned, but no, this was totally, uh, I think their app, like if you can change a light bulb.

[00:45:10] You can do this. I was like, am I going to have to get a bunch of wrenches and torques and other stuff knows it was a really simple installation.

[00:45:19] Brett: [00:45:19] the tools you need come right in the box. Yeah. So despite the massive savings on water and for me electrical bills, cause I have a, well, my girlfriend and I are both loving it. I enjoy taking a shower more than I ever have before. It’s a, it’s a great deal. It starts at one 99 and. Overtired listeners can get 15% off the first a hundred people to use the code over-tired at nebia.com will get 15% off of all Nebia products.

[00:45:48] You can just go to nebia.com/overtired that’s N E B I a.com/overtired. Check out what they have to offer and be one of the first a hundred people to use the [00:46:00] code overtired. So a huge thanks to Nebia for sponsoring this episode of overtired.

[00:46:06] Christina: [00:46:06] Thank you Nebia.

[00:46:07] Brett: [00:46:07] Um, so that brings us around to we’re. Wow. We got 50 minutes in already and I thought we weren’t going to have enough to talk about, so the BBC put out an article about email trackers and I already, so they say two thirds of all emails.

[00:46:28] Marketing emails sent now contained pixel trackers. And like, I guess this isn’t a surprise to me because I use MailMate on my Mac MailMate by default blocks, all of those and puts a huge red bar at the top of your, uh, your, your, uh, viewer window that says what it blocked. And, and so I have been fully aware.

[00:46:56] For a while now of how many emails I get that [00:47:00] contain tracking pixels. And I think like I’ve gotten into, uh, some email marketing myself lately. And like I tell my system to track opens and I’m pretty sure you can only track opens with a tracking pixel. So even I’m guilty of sending these things out to people.

[00:47:20] Christina: [00:47:20] Totally. And the thing is, is that I’m actually surprised that it’s only 75%, because I would think that if you’re sending out marketing stuff, that you have some sort of tracking of some sort, cause yeah, open rates are a thing. Uh, I always assume, and, and again, like, I think maybe this is just working in the industries that we’ve worked in and in our cynical nature, but I’m thinking like any link that I click in an email is being tracked like period.

[00:47:43] Brett: [00:47:43] for sure.

[00:47:44] Christina: [00:47:44] Right. You know what I mean? But I’m also thinking there’s like a track thing, then there’s a tracking pixel. The thing that’s always freaked me out. The service that I have. I’ve disliked, there are services out there which like for personal users will insert. A tracking pixel so that you [00:48:00] can find out if someone, how many times some of those read your email and then not responded and like left, left you on red.

[00:48:06] And this is a tactic that I’ve seen journalists use. Where they’re like, we reached out to this person. And even though they access the email this many times, they didn’t respond. I’m like, okay, fuck off. That’s not cool. Like, I’m not a fan of that. Like at all. And people who I like and respect have done that.

[00:48:22] And I’m like, ah, that’s not cool. Like I’m not into that game at all. And like, you I’ve used apps long before. Hey, which is a good email service I should say. I should know. Like, I do think that it’s good, but like, There are applications like MailMate and others that have alerted you in a blocked those tracking pixels for long before, you know, uh, like people who are much better at marketing, um, have, have made that kind of intimate cause celeb, um, I didn’t know that MailMate had the big, like red bar thing.

[00:48:58] Like it’s one of those things where I [00:49:00] by default usually had images turned off. On mail. And so it was one of those things where if you see an email that doesn’t have any HTML in it, and it is asking you to show, you know, images, you’re like you either have a tracking pixel or your signature is real weird in an either event.

[00:49:20] I’m not

[00:49:21] Brett: [00:49:21] how email signatures work on plain text emails?

[00:49:24] Christina: [00:49:24] right. You know, but it’s one of those things that I was like in neither event, I’m not pressing to show images. I was not so good luck to you, which is honestly, probably why those tracking pixel attempts like the different services that try to like play. Gosh, it like you’ve opened this this many times don’t work on me for an email newsletter or whatever.

[00:49:43] It’s different. Um,

[00:49:45] Brett: [00:49:45] so I am

[00:49:47] Christina: [00:49:47] I’m curious on your take on this.

[00:49:48] Brett: [00:49:48] I’m not going to, from the next time I send out an email newsletter, uh, for any of my mailing lists, I will not be using a tracking because I [00:50:00] like, so a while back I realized like I run or was running like Google analytics on all of my websites. And I was kind of addicted to all of the stats, but they didn’t really affect.

[00:50:16] Any of the decisions I made, all I really needed to know was how many people were viewing a post so that I could know what to charge advertisers. And I didn’t need to know all of that audience information. Yeah. So I switched to using fathom, which is a completely private, uh, it goes back to like the idea of just a web calendar and really

[00:50:43] Christina: [00:50:43] it’s it’s server side, it’s a server side one. Um,

[00:50:46] Brett: [00:50:46] doesn’t track any personal. And I made that change to all of my websites and I made it to like everything I had on my website that was gathering any kind of personal data I got rid of. So like visiting [00:51:00] my websites is a completely secure, uh, completely private situation. And, uh, it kind of, it offends me that I’ve been kind of breaking that rule with, like, I just started doing email marketing and I like, I didn’t even realize what all I was sending to people.

[00:51:18] So that’s going to stop because like, while I find those, uh, I found those stats. Interesting. I like to see, like, this is my percentage open rate and everything. It’s not going to change. Like what I write next time. I’m not running AB testing and like figuring out the perfect headline for my emails.

[00:51:36] That’s not my game. So I’m just

[00:51:39] Christina: [00:51:39] so you’re not going to do

[00:51:39] Brett: [00:51:39] collect it anymore. Okay.

[00:51:41] Christina: [00:51:41] No, which I think is fair. I will say I’m, I’m a weird person in that. It’s not that I love being tracked. And I certainly think that some of the stuff is a lot more serious than others. For an email newsletter. If I’ve chosen to subscribe to it, I don’t care as much.

[00:51:55] Like I’m not as offended by it. If that makes any sense. If somebody, if [00:52:00] somebody has a tracking pixel and they want to know their open rate, like I see the value in that. Um, and ideally how I would actually really like it to be used. And most places won’t do this, but I would really like people to see if you get an email X number of times for X period of time, and you’re not opening it.

[00:52:17] I would honestly like that to be a signal to the, you know, whoever is sending the emails out, it’d be like, send a thing and say, do you want to subscribe to this? And if you don’t interact, like remove you from the mailing list, like.

[00:52:29] Brett: [00:52:29] the software that I’m using, um, what’s it called? Cindy, uh, Cindy, which by the way is so good. Uh, it’s like it’s a PHP system that you run on your own server and it costs like 70 bucks to install it. And then from that point on, you can send 10,000 emails at a time for a buck.

[00:52:53] Christina: [00:52:53] Right. Cause it’s it’s it’s uh, because it uses, um, Amazons, um, uh, yeah, SES. Yep.

[00:53:00] [00:52:59] Brett: [00:52:59] you were to do the same amount of emails through like MailChimp, you would be paying hundreds of dollars for the same.

[00:53:08] Same setup. And so they do offer a house cleaning option where you can go through and people, if you have people on your list that haven’t opened the last seven emails, you can segment those and send just an email to those people to do exactly what you’re talking about and say, Hey, uh, here’s your chance to unsubscribe.

[00:53:26] If you want to get off the list, um, at a, at a buck per 10,000, I mean, I can. I can afford to have people not open the email, but, uh, it, it is nice to do a little house cleaning once in a while. And maybe people who have, uh, banished, maybe people who use a great service, like, um, SaneBox should sponsor us.

[00:53:49] I would talk about SaneBox all day, but, um, we’re such whores. I’m a whore. Um,

[00:53:56] Christina: [00:53:56] Well, you’re a whore. I was going to say, well, I mean, I’m, I’m horror. Jason’s [00:54:00] actually actually true story. I came up with this one new year’s day after real real horror moment. Uh, I, uh, I came up with the saying you can’t spell horror without Christina Easton, Warren, when I was like 21 and, uh, accurate. Um, so yeah.

[00:54:19] Yeah. You know, uh, we don’t, we don’t slut shame here. You mentioned fathom analytics. I I’ve looked at them. It doesn’t do what I needed to do, but I found plausible analytics, which is another one of, kind of the privacy focused analytic things. I like it for a couple of reasons. One, they have a hosted service, but they also have a cell post option.

[00:54:38] So if you want to have like a Docker container or whatever, and you want to run it the same place that you’re running, Cindy, you can do that. The reason I like it is that like fathom it doesn’t gather a lot of the, you know, the stuff that you want from, from Google analytics. But there are a couple of things that I do need.

[00:54:55] I’m an analytics program for some of the stuff that I do. I don’t need to know anything about who’s clicking on stuff [00:55:00] at all. And I don’t want to know that, but I do need to know like how many people clicked on a link, um, like, like a link that’s going someplace else. Like that is actually usable, useful information to me.

[00:55:09] Like how many, like, you know, links are being clicked and I don’t. I don’t have any qualm about that at all. And like mint used to do that. Like they used to have like a, you know, outbox thing and, and you can do that with Google analytics and you can do that with, um, uh, what is it, uh, um, uh, MIMO, what is it called?

[00:55:28] Um, Ms. Homo Miitomo it used to be, um, uh, started with a P, but I, but I can’t think of the name of it, Matilda, which is like the open source, Google analytics, but plausible. They actually reason I like them. They added it as a feature. Like they, they made it a feature because I did a PR request. Um, on GitHub, uh, for that, so that you can add like UTM links or whatever, you can create like campaign type of things.

[00:55:53] So like, like links, you know, tra like link, link clicks. Again, it’s not tying back to any user information, but just so you [00:56:00] can say this many people clicked this outbound link. Um, and, uh, so that is like one of those features that for me, um, for some of the few sites that I had set up for stuff like is an actual requirement.

[00:56:12] So, um, fathom is great, but, uh, but I wouldn’t give a shout out to plausible.

[00:56:20] Brett: [00:56:20] That was a whole bunch of shout outs. We just did at the end of our Taylor Swift episode. We, we, we, we kept this show too. If we finish in the next two minutes, we’ll, we’ll be under our, uh, our, uh, sensibly hour long show limit. We haven’t hit that for a while. We’ve been, we’ve been like an hour, 15 minutes show for awhile now.

[00:56:46] And apparently I put out one episode that came up as saying it was 16 minutes long when it was actually an hour and 16 minutes long. And I don’t know how I did that, but thanks to everyone who, uh, who gave it a shot anyway. [00:57:00] And didn’t assume it was like just a sponsored.

[00:57:03] Christina: [00:57:03] Right. It wasn’t just us talking about our illustrious sponsors. If, if those are things we will like clearly, um, denote that, um, a cause I believe the FCC requires us to and be because we’re not assholes.

[00:57:16] Brett: [00:57:16] It will be in the show title. If the show is nothing but sponsor reads, it will be titled sponsor read show.

[00:57:26] Christina: [00:57:26] Yeah,

[00:57:27] Brett: [00:57:27] Yeah. What was our last title? I think I called it a, I swear, we’re still a tech show. We do our best tech is not as thrilling as one might think. There’s a reason I don’t listen to tech podcasts. There’s just not enough. Taylor Swift in your average tech pod. Yes,

[00:57:47] Christina: [00:57:47] This is exactly it. There’s not enough. Taylor Swift. There’s not enough. Um, like chiptune nine inch nails, although see again, tech adjacent gypsy, you know, so we’ve always been a culture [00:58:00] show for nerds.

[00:58:01] Brett: [00:58:01] Yeah, that’s fair. That’s fair. Have you ever read saga? Do you get into graphic novels and comics?

[00:58:07] Christina: [00:58:07] Uh, I do sometimes, but no, I’ve never read saga.

[00:58:10] Brett: [00:58:10] I, uh, I just, I was just turned on to saga by a local bookseller. Uh, the guy who owns, uh, one of the local used bookstores. Posted a tee, a shirt that had this whole list of names. I didn’t recognize. So I Googled the whole list of names and discovered this comic called saga that now I have to check out. So I will update you after a trip to the local comic shop.

[00:58:34] And I’ll tell you how that goes.

[00:58:36] Christina: [00:58:36] Yeah, thank you very much. I appreciate that. Uh, what’s it about? Cause I’m always, those

[00:58:41] Brett: [00:58:41] I knew.

[00:58:42] Christina: [00:58:42] Okay. Well, so once you find out, let me know, and then I’ll know if I need to like look into this.

[00:58:48] Brett: [00:58:48] it’s it’s to the, I trust this guy’s taste so much, that justify fact that he would buy a t-shirt for this series makes me want to [00:59:00] read it with, with like sight unseen. I have no idea what I’m getting into, but I trust him.

[00:59:06] Christina: [00:59:06] I like it.

[00:59:07] Brett: [00:59:07] Darryl. Darryl is a good guy.

[00:59:10] Christina: [00:59:10] Shout out to Daryl.

[00:59:11] Brett: [00:59:11] Right on. I know he doesn’t listen to this show.

[00:59:14] Christina: [00:59:14] Of course he doesn’t. But shout out to Daryl anyway.

[00:59:16] Brett: [00:59:16] I’ll make him, I’ll be like, Hey, you want to hear your, you want to hear yourself? Get mentioned on a D list podcast. I’ve got just the show for you

[00:59:27] Christina: [00:59:27] We’re not delist where we’re ILA at best, but we’re, we’re getting there. Yeah,

[00:59:30] Brett: [00:59:30] have some, have some self-esteem

[00:59:34] Christina: [00:59:34] I do have,

[00:59:35] Brett: [00:59:35] you gotta promote yourself as the podcast. You wish you were. Like dressing for the job you want. If we, if we, if we present ourselves as D-list, that’s how you get to be, do you,

[00:59:50] Christina: [00:59:50] Okay. All right. All right. Fair enough. Honestly, we should probably like that should be the episode title, your favorite, your favorite dealers podcast.

[01:00:00] [01:00:00] Brett: [01:00:00] there you go. All right. Well, Christina, great chat.

[01:00:04] Christina: [01:00:04] Great chatting with you bread. And, um, I hope you feel better and that your depressive episode Inns more quickly than, you know,

[01:00:12] Brett: [01:00:12] episode took.

[01:00:13] Christina: [01:00:13] That you didn’t know you were having. Yeah, exactly.

[01:00:15] Brett: [01:00:15] Yeah. Oh, I decided if we ever make t-shirts, uh, they should say get some sleep, Christina.

[01:00:23] Christina: [01:00:23] Yes, that’s perfect. I would wear that.

[01:00:28] Brett: [01:00:28] like the t-shirt says get some sleep, Christina.

[01:00:31] Christina: [01:00:31] Get some sleep read.