327: Single Drunk Episode

Christina and Brett talk Tucker Carlson, Don Lemon, Single Drunk Female, the resurgence of RSS, and their favorite apps.

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Overtired 327

[00:00:00] Brett: Hey, you’re listening to Overtired. I am Brett Terpstra. I am here with Christina Warren. Jeff is off this week. Christina, how you doing?

[00:00:13] Christina: I’m doing pretty good. I’m doing pretty good. Um, we’re probably gonna talk about it some, but, uh, I, the, the day started off, we’re recording this one on Monday, so we’re recording this a little bit differently than we normally do with some, uh, very big media news happening in the world. Like some, some seismic like earth shattering media news, which doesn’t directly affect me in any way at all.

[00:00:33] Christina: Um, but it is very exciting for me as, as a media watcher. So, um,

[00:00:39] Brett: so your choice, you want to, do you wanna kick into that before a mental health corner, or should we get mental hor Health corner squared away?

[00:00:46] Christina: let’s square away mental health corner and then we can talk about all the, all the media upheavals.

[00:00:50] Mental Health Corner

[00:00:50] Brett: So how’s your mental health, Christina?

[00:00:52] Christina: It’s doing okay. It’s doing okay. Um, I was able to convince my mother that Taylor Swift, uh, is, is not, [00:01:00] um, a, a devil worshiper.

[00:01:03] Brett: That’s a win.

[00:01:03] Christina: That is a win. And so I’m taking her to the concert, um, this Friday. So I’m flying into Atlanta, and then we’re gonna go to the concert, and then I’m gonna stay in Atlanta for like another week, um, or 10 days I guess, so that I can be there for my nephew’s, um, second birthday, and then I’m, I’m coming back.

[00:01:22] Christina: So,

[00:01:23] Brett: So what tipped the scale? What, uh, how did you convince your mother that this, the witchcraft accusations were nonsensical?

[00:01:31] Christina: well I’d already kind of had a conversation with her and then I kind of let it go. Like I didn’t talk to her for a while and then I, when we were on the phone again, I was like, okay, I wanna bring this up because, you know, like, I, I haven’t done anything yet, but, but it’s, I, I can still get tickets and, and, and I, I wanna do this.

[00:01:51] Christina: And she was able to, um, I think that that had dissipated, I think that, that, like, the fear on that, she was like, and you don’t think, and I was like, no, not even [00:02:00] remotely. Her fears were about like, being around all these people and potentially getting covid. And I was like, that’s fair, but you know, you can, you can wear, wear a mask or whatever.

[00:02:08] Christina: And I was like, I was, I was like, she was like, well, you know, we could go another time. And like in my mind I’m like, not wanting to say like obvious, which is like, you know, next time she tours, like, you might be in a different place in your life where you might not wanna do this. So I instead, I just kind of appealed.

[00:02:22] Christina: I was like, look, this is literally getting heralded. It’s like one of like the best tours of like all time, like this is like, this is like a once in a lifetime sort of event. And I was just like, I, I wanna share this with you, so.

[00:02:38] Brett: So, cuz like, despite being 29, your mom’s kind of up there in years, right?

[00:02:43] Christina: Right, right.

[00:02:44] Brett: So you never know. You never know if she’s gonna be mobile and, and so, okay, side side note, did you know that the current season of Sex in the City, the Stars are older than the first [00:03:00] season stars of, uh, golden Girls?

[00:03:03] Christina: Yes. And it fucks me up.

[00:03:05] Brett: That’s so weird.

[00:03:06] Brett: That’s so weird.

[00:03:08] Christina: Well wait, well what it does though, is it kind of like reaffirms like, I mean, you know, they called all the golden girls and you’ve had Pi Arthur and um, um, what’s her face? Um, uh, the woman who played, um, Sophia who had gray hair, but like, they were still like fucking and stuff on the show and, and, and, and we all thought they were old, but I think it was cuz of the title, right?

[00:03:32] Christina: Like, if they hadn’t called it that, like, I don’t know.

[00:03:36] Brett: that is how they sold it,

[00:03:37] Christina: That is how they sold it. Exactly. But, but it’s so funny because now I think, you know, if you’re like, oh, you know, selling a show about women in their fifties, no one would think that they were like golden. Anything. You know what I mean? Like, like that, like that that implies like you’re in your seventies, you know, like whatever.

[00:03:53] Christina: But like

[00:03:54] Brett: like in my, in my mind, that’s gotten worse, not better, but apparently [00:04:00] like women in their fifties are now viewed as, you know, viable human beings in a way they weren’t

[00:04:05] Christina: Oh, 100%. 100%. 100%. And, and you know who I have to weirdly credit this with, and this, this feels weird to say Andy fucking Cohen, because Real Housewives, like that whole franchise has made women like, who are 50 plus, like they are, that is the women who star and like run that world. Like, they like, they like they started in on their forties, but like really it’s when they’re in their fifties and they are getting into drama and they’re getting into relationships, they’re getting into all kinds of other shit and like, They are, you know, that is, that is who runs that franchise,

[00:04:39] Brett: my girlfriend is edging up on 50 and as a, like, I, it doesn’t, it, it’s just a number, right. But at the same time it’s 50. Like, I’m gonna be dating a 50 year old and like that’s taken some, I’ve had to come to terms, she’s five years older than me, [00:05:00] and, uh, it’s like, it’s five years. I’m, I’m 45, so like, I’m 44, almost 45, but like five years is very insignificant.

[00:05:11] Brett: We’re the same age in, in the grand scheme of things. And I don’t know why it ever bothered me, but I think it’s a societal thing. This like idea of like 50 years old. You’re you’re pasture prime. Yeah. You’re, but she’s not at all. She’s a, she, she does yoga four times a week. And

[00:05:31] Christina: she’s probably better, honestly, she probably is better in shape than like women who are

[00:05:35] Brett: Mo most thirties. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:05:38] Christina: Um, uh, certainly better shape than me. Um, and like, yeah, no, it, it is weird how it is such a societal thing and like, it’s, it’s,

[00:05:48] Brett: don’t tell her that. It freaked me out though, because it freaks her out. Like turning 50, freaks her out. Um, and she doesn’t need to know that. It also freaks me out a little.

[00:05:58] Christina: No, I mean, yeah. No, [00:06:00] she

[00:06:00] Brett: This is just between you and me.

[00:06:01] Christina: yeah, and, and, and the internet and, and ho and, and, and, uh, and, and hopefully l doesn’t listen, but if she does, I hope she knows like a, it is just a number. There are plenty of people who are younger who are in worse shape and plenty of people are older. Like you see it all the time.

[00:06:15] Christina: Like, again, I, I also have to say, I have to give a little bit of credit to the Kardashians here because their whole like refusal to like, stop being like hot online is doing great things for women in their forties. And like, they’re not gonna stop, like when they turn 50, you know what I mean? Like, like, they’re never like, like, like, like people make fun of Madonna and granted, she’s like done too much shit to her face lately.

[00:06:40] Christina: She’s also 65 years old. So like if you think about Madonna in her fifties, Madonna in her fifties was still really fucking hot and like, hadn’t fucked up her face that way, right? So, so there’s, you know, like my whole thing with her now, I’m like, look like you can do whatever the hell you want. You’re [00:07:00] Madonna, you’re the best.

[00:07:01] Christina: Um, maybe lay off some of the fillers or like get better surgeons. However, like do whatever you wanna do. You still are amazing and can still kill it. So I, I’m grateful that we didn’t have this in the eighties, but now we have like these examples of like, Viable, like hot people who are, it hasn’t changed the whole thing cuz people still, like, if you’re over 30, people still consider you out to pastor if you’re a woman.

[00:07:28] Christina: But, um, and this has never been that, that way for men ever. Um, like, uh, Catherine Zeta Jones and, and, and, um, Sean Connery we’re in a movie together where they played love interests and he was literally twice her age. Um, so like, and then that, that was in 1999. But like now, I think it’s, it is getting to the point where at least we have like better pop culture examples of like, women who are still super fucking hot,

[00:07:58] Brett: Because there is [00:08:00] every chance that l will listen to this episode. I would like to say that I have officially dealt with my reservations. Like I’m totally fine with it. Like I, I came to realize I’m gonna be 50 in a few years myself, and I, I don’t, I, I’m not interested in girls half my age. Um, 25 year old girls still have a lot to figure out and I really enjoy, um, age appropriate women.

[00:08:28] Brett: And, and, and Elle is, Elle is fucking fine and looking great and I, I, I love her. So,

[00:08:37] Christina: you love her and,

[00:08:38] Brett: I get through it.

[00:08:39] Christina: well, and like, it’s not like you’re trying to have kids, right? Like this is like the one example that men will, will give, where they’ll be like, well, I still wanna have children. And like that, that’s the only biological limiter that like women do, genuinely have. Like, is that you go through menopause or whatever and um, but like if you’re not trying to have kids, [00:09:00] then who cares?

[00:09:00] Brett: Yeah. And I, I took care of that problem a few years back,

[00:09:05] Christina: Right. So, which is good. I’m glad you took care of that problem because usually it’s us who has to take care of that problem, uh, and on, on every

[00:09:11] Brett: so easy for guys to get a mastectomy. It’s

[00:09:15] Christina: I know, I know. You, you get a snip, you

[00:09:17] Brett: don’t even have to go under for it.

[00:09:19] Christina: no, you get a snip, you, you, you get some ice, you get some pain, you get some painkillers if you’re allowed to take those.

[00:09:25] Christina: And that’s it.

[00:09:26] Brett: yeah. And then it’s, and then it’s done and it’s safe. And a hysterectomy is, holy shit. That is the most invasive procedure I can think of.

[00:09:36] Christina: But the number, the number of, of, of women that I know who, and the, these are like women who are like younger than me, who are like, yeah, my boyfriend, my husband, whatever, won’t get a mastectomy and I’m worried about this and that, so I’m gonna have to get my tubes tied. And I’m like, I’m like, holy shit.

[00:09:49] Christina: It’s usually, it. It’s, it’s getting your tubes tied rather than a hysterectomy. Um, which, which is less invasive than that, but it’s still not great.

[00:09:56] Brett: Yeah. Yeah, dude, seriously, [00:10:00] guys, it’s not that hard. Like it, it takes, you recover for like a week, but like everything was really fine for me after about three days. And, uh, uh, and it can, it can technically be reversed if you ever change your mind. So, and your insurance will cover it and you can, you can opt to be put under, but you can also do it totally awake with a doctor’s visit.

[00:10:26] Brett: Just fucking do it. I think guys in their twenties should do it.

[00:10:32] Christina: spay and new to your pets spay and new to your men.

[00:10:34] Brett: Yeah, totally. We have enough kids in the world. We really do. You don’t, you don’t need many mes running around. Um, so anyway, is that, is that your mental health

[00:10:48] Christina: that’s my mental health update. Yeah.

[00:10:50] Brett: All right. I, um, I am, I’m doing pretty well. I’m having a super A D H D day today. Um, like I have [00:11:00] a few like high pressure tasks that are due on Wednesday and I am sitting here feeling bored, which is like, To, for me, that’s a sign that my A D H D has taken over.

[00:11:15] Brett: When like, I know there’s shit that needs to be done. There are fires burning behind me and I’m like, oh, I’m so bored. What, what could I, what can I do? Um, so I’m working on that. Uh, the microdosing is going well. I have found, um, tolerance to be an issue, uh, where 200 milligrams was. Was really like doing it for me.

[00:11:43] Brett: Um, I was feeling like attentive and creative and, and things were going well. Now it takes like 400 and it’s only been a week. Um, it’s not, it, the tolerance builds up fast. So you have to take breaks, you have to, [00:12:00] like, one recommendation I saw said three days on, two days off. And my brain is like, but it’s working.

[00:12:07] Brett: Why would I stop? And, um, so I’m trying to like, I’m trying to convince myself that it’s worth taking a couple days off, maybe even a week off, uh, to try to prevent this tolerance from building up. But in general, man, it is, it has totally been the answer for me. I’m very, I’m very excited about microdosing.

[00:12:28] Brett: Um,

[00:12:29] Christina: That’s awesome. I was talking, I was talking to a friend last night, um, about how she’s been doing, and I didn’t know this, but she’s been doing, um, ketamine therapy for the last two years and it’s really, really helped her. And that’s reinforced my, like, resolve to actually start doing that.

[00:12:45] Christina: Sorry, go on.

[00:12:46] Brett: Yeah. No, I highly recommend it. Um, I’ve heard from, because I’ve been pretty open and public about it, I’ve heard from, uh, a bunch of people, about half of them sharing their own stories, um, [00:13:00] about, um, like weekend retreats followed by a microdosing schedule and how beneficial that’s been. Um, and then about half of them just saying, I’ve heard so many good things.

[00:13:14] Brett: I just wanted to like, get more about your story and, and what’s working for you before I go out and try this. And most of the people who are curious about it have never tripped before in their lives. Like they have no. No foundation for understanding of, uh, psychoactives and, and hallucinogens, um, which I did going into it.

[00:13:38] Brett: Um, but, but those people, uh, understandably are, uh, they don’t have a clue. They don’t, they don’t know what it’s like to, to trip, to have your, your mind like open like that. Uh, so honestly, I would recommend [00:14:00] to anyone curious about microdosing that you, that you full dose once and understand like what the drug you’re, you’re looking at can-do.

[00:14:11] Brett: And it’s like full potential before you start, like just teasing it with the microdose. Um, but anyway,

[00:14:19] Christina: Yeah. Yeah. No, that makes sense. I was gonna say, I’ve never done any sort of hallucinogen, so I would, yeah, my whole thing is like, I’ve like, wanted to go, I’ve wanted to try it, but I’m like, I would need to be in a guided experience. Um, and, and

[00:14:33] Brett: Oh, oh,

[00:14:34] Christina: by that.

[00:14:34] Brett: I recommend the guided experience, like, it is, it is like a hair trigger to have a bad trip. Like you can have a real bad, you can still come out of it with the benefits of like, if you’re working on quitting drinking or changing habits or, or, you know, um, improve, uh, helping depression. Like even a bad trip can help you get there.

[00:14:57] Brett: But the nice thing about a retreat is they [00:15:00] really focus on an intention going in and they provide you with a really safe space that, that is more likely to give you a good experience with it. Um, so I do, I do recommend at the very least, having a guide, if not a full retreat.

[00:15:19] Christina: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that, that, that, that’s, that’s what I would do because, um, I just. A, I wouldn’t necessarily know like, am I taking the right amount or like, what, what are you picking up on? What are you not Like, it was just, it, it would be like when I went skydiving, like just go with someone else.

[00:15:36] Brett: for sure.

[00:15:36] Christina: like be tethered.

[00:15:37] Christina: Have someone else tethered to you, like Yeah,

[00:15:41] Brett: Yeah. I can’t imagine going skydiving without a guide, at least the first time.

[00:15:46] Christina: totally.

[00:15:47] Brett: Um, there’re even, there are even studies showing M D M A as a treatment for depression. Um, and honestly, like my experience with [00:16:00] recreational ecstasy, um, like it’s, it’s a blast. Like the drug itself is amazing. The come down is scary.

[00:16:09] Christina: right. And my experience with with recreational is that it had no effect on me whatsoever.

[00:16:15] Brett: what? Oh, that sucks. I’m so sorry cuz it is so much

[00:16:19] Christina: Right. Well, that’s what everybody told me and I tried multiple times.

[00:16:24] Brett: Really? So it wasn’t just one bunk batch, you’re just like immune to

[00:16:28] Christina: Immune. I’m just immune to it.

[00:16:30] Brett: Wow. That sucks.

[00:16:31] Christina: like the same thing with cocaine. I’m just immune.

[00:16:33] Brett: Oh, that

[00:16:34] Christina: It really

[00:16:35] Brett: so sorry for you. I, I know drugs are bad. I know, but oh my God, I love drugs.

[00:16:44] Christina: Okay. Should we go into, uh, should we go into our next topic before we talk about, uh, and we, we don’t wanna talk about any of our sponsors right now, right after that,

[00:16:52] All Tuckered Out

[00:16:52] Brett: no, we should give it, we, we need a buffer. So, so let’s talk about this big media news. [00:17:00] Tell us what’s happening in the world of media.

[00:17:02] Christina: Well, okay. So again, we’re recording this on a Monday morning and, um, the, the, the top host of both Fox News and CNN n are out. Uh, Tucker Carlson is gone from Fox News.

[00:17:15] Brett: Uh, according to the press release, they agreed to part ways, but I really don’t feel like it was voluntary on Tucker’s

[00:17:21] Christina: No, no, no. They had to pay out his contract, I’m sure. Uh, this was not a Bill O’Reilly’s situation where they, they’d paid out, you know, over the years, many, many, many millions of dollars on Bill’s behalf because of, of his weird sex pervert stuff. Um, and, uh, and then they fired him finally. This, I’m sure they had to pay out the remainder of Tucker’s contract, which was probably a lot of money.

[00:17:45] Christina: But they have agreed to part ways. Um, they’re losing their number one host far and away. I mean, he’s one of the top rated programs on all of cable, let alone cable news. Uh

[00:17:57] Brett: the most dangerous program on [00:18:00] Fox. So losing them is, is kind of a net benefit for, for society. But

[00:18:05] Christina: this is a, this is a positive, to be clear. Um, I’m already seeing people try to like, Downgrade this be like, oh, well he’ll just go to newsmax. And I’m like, okay, first of all, newsmax doesn’t have Tucker money. Second of all, newsmax doesn’t have Fox reach and the people who watch Fox News don’t know how to use the internet well enough to watch newsmax.

[00:18:24] Christina: So it doesn’t matter. Like cuz cuz they don’t have the distribution. It’s like o a n, like who cares? Um, I’m not saying that it’s not a potential problem, but it’s, it’s not the same thing. Um, you know, in a different world where cable television were still relevant, it could be a concern that they might have a decade to catch up and then take over.

[00:18:43] Christina: But like in a decade, cable news is not going to exist. So I don’t, you know, again, it’s just like whatever. Um, no, but that’s massive. Um, uh, the, the underlying implication there is that this is because of the Dominion lawsuit. Um, and, uh, dominion and, and Fox, um, settled, [00:19:00] um, over, uh, libel claims and Fox agreed to pay Dominion 737 million, um, which is, uh, Um, less than what they were trying to go for, would’ve gone for in a lawsuit.

[00:19:11] Christina: And a lot of people were angry on the internet about that settlement. I, from the get go, I’ve, I’ve said this is going to have a substantial impact on the network and is going to like, cause actual change to happen. And people are like, oh no, it won’t. They’ve just been, they got off easy. No, you don’t lose 25% of your cash and equivalence position in one lawsuit and still have others.

[00:19:34] Christina: You have to settle and not have to make substantial changes. Um, especially with the discovery that had come out. Um, and, and Tucker’s discovery, even though he, you know, um, Ebola host, he probably did the, the best job of not directly libeling any company while he was on air. Uh, he certainly, um, was allowing.

[00:19:59] Christina: You know, [00:20:00] uh, wasn’t speaking out. I mean, he was speaking out, but he, he also wasn’t speaking out like the, the, the behind the scenes emails were fascinating because it, he made it clear that he can’t stand Trump, that he thinks a lot of the people he works with are idiots. Uh,

[00:20:11] Brett: Lindela is insane.

[00:20:12] Christina: that, that he, that he thinks their viewership are idiots.

[00:20:16] Christina: Um, and, and so there was nothing but disdain for all of those things. Um, but, uh, you know, um, he’s also, uh, would bring on people who would potentially say really crazy things, not push back. So, so he’s gone. I don’t know how Maria, um, uh, Baro still has a job. She needs

[00:20:36] Brett: Right. Oh my God.

[00:20:38] Christina: She’s the worst, and I’ve always disliked her.

[00:20:41] Christina: So, um, like even before she moved to Fox. So

[00:20:45] Brett: Yeah,

[00:20:45] Christina: personally, I’m like, she’s, she’s awful.

[00:20:47] Brett: She’s

[00:20:48] Christina: She’s awful. Janine Perro needs to be gone. Like, I don’t know how that those people are still employed. I have a feeling the other shoe will drop with them, but then over on cnn, which is having a hell of a [00:21:00] time under, its his new president, um, ever since Jeff Zucker was, was, was fired under, I’m gonna be honest, I think pretty shitty circumstances.

[00:21:09] Christina: I, I, I don’t think it was fireable. Everyone knew, literally everyone knew that he and, and his subordinate, um, who didn’t even really necessarily like whatever. Everyone knew they’d been in a relationship for many, many years. Like I knew, like everyone knew. It seemed to me like a complete and utter like, just, uh, facade to get rid of him in, in that way.

[00:21:31] Christina: Um, but, but Chris, like the new guy, he’s been having a hard time. He created this CNN morning show, which has been getting terrible ratings. And it’s hosted by, um, uh, Don Lemon and, um, two other, um, um, p uh, uh, poppy Harlow and, uh, Caitlin, I can’t think of her last name. Uh, and, uh, Don Lemon’s out. Don Lemon has been fired.

[00:21:55] Christina: Um, after this morning, um, a couple of months ago, [00:22:00] speaking of, uh, our earlier discussion about like ageism, uh, he made some really shitty comments on the air about Nikki Haley and saying that she didn’t have it anymore cuz she’s 51 and kind of implied that she was too old to run for president and, and shouldn’t be like acting like

[00:22:16] Brett: in an era when the two prime primary, uh, contenders are both in their fucking eighties. Yeah.

[00:22:24] Christina: Yeah, 100%. When you literally have like men in their seventies, like running for, you know, second terms, like, uh, our, you have a, you know, our president, like, let’s just be completely honest, doesn’t seem to have all of his mental faculties.

[00:22:38] Brett: Fair. Fair.

[00:22:39] Christina: it, like it’s probably better than Reagan was.

[00:22:41] Christina: But we also know that Reagan like had Alzheimer’s, like, while he was in office. So I don’t know if the bar’s super high there to be really honest with you. Um, and, uh, you know, like, you know, it was, it was a shitty thing to say because there’s nothing wrong. Like you can have problems with Nikki Hilly’s, um, politics, but a, i, I think she looks great.

[00:22:59] Christina: I [00:23:00] don’t

[00:23:00] Brett: Yeah. She does.

[00:23:01] Christina: honestly, and, and B, like 51. Is really fucking young for a presidential like candidate. Like, let’s not, like, let’s not even talk about like how old Hillary was when she was running. You know what I mean? Like, like, and I get it. Hillary’s never been hot in her life, so she’s never gonna be part of that conversation, which is sexism for a whole other reason, but whatever.

[00:23:21] Christina: It is what it is. She’s never been the hot girl. That’s fine. Um, Nikki Haley, like has, it’s an, is an attractive woman, but it was a shitty statement. And then Variety, I think it was, came out with a really damning expose a few weeks ago detailing his history with women at CNN over the last 17 years as well as with other people.

[00:23:42] Christina: And just, he seems like he’s a diva nightmare to work with. I will say I have been on, um, air with Don Lemon at least a dozen times. He was always very nice to me, but I never worked with him. Um, but, but, but I will say like of the hosts that I interacted with a lot on cnn, when I used to go on CNN n a lot, he [00:24:00] was always very kind to me.

[00:24:01] Christina: So, You know, um, uh, I can’t speak to the, any of the rest of it, but I also don’t doubt the reporting. Um, and so I, I have a, but my, my, my gut on that is that, um, they are using the Dominion lawsuit again as cover to be able to fire him because they might have had a difficult time firing him otherwise, but now they can say, okay, we could potentially have liability issues because of his tendency to kind of go off on the air.

[00:24:32] Christina: And now

[00:24:33] Brett: despite belonging to two protected categories.

[00:24:37] Christina: precisely, despite Right, be because, well, that, because that’s a difficult thing with, with Don Lemon and, and, and, and it, and it should be to be clear, if, if you are part of two protected categories, it should be harder for people to fire you, in my opinion. Um, but uh, that doesn’t mean that it’s, that it’s impossible, and it doesn’t mean, especially in a business like television, which is.

[00:24:56] Christina: All about trust and is all about like brands, you know, integrity [00:25:00] and other things. Like, and also it’s, it’s also about looks, it’s about a lot of really surface things that people don’t like to admit, but like, that’s what, that’s what the business is about. Um, it’s one of the reasons why, like me doing on air stuff, like I, I don’t go on TV anymore, but, you know, I, I hear things like, it’s in my great advantage to look as young as possible.

[00:25:21] Christina: Like,

[00:25:21] Brett: Sure.

[00:25:22] Christina: no, but like genuinely, like I, you know what I mean? Like, I can’t afford to look old or tired or aging. Like you can’t. So, um, in this case, I think that the dominion, this is just trickle down from that because CNN is like, okay, we can now use this as potential. You know, this and all the other things can be like, okay, he’s now, he’s a liability for the network.

[00:25:47] Christina: And, and as you mentioned, the Fox shareholder lawsuits, like that’s not even a, a, you know, a question mark thing. And, and, um, the, like, that, that becomes like a, cuz that, that’s a genuine concern. I [00:26:00] think liability now for, for, for these, um, networks, which is honestly, I think the best case scenario from all of this.

[00:26:06] Christina: Again, a lot of people in my opinion, and I’ll stop talking about this in a second, we can talk about tv, but a lot of people were really pissy about dominion settling. And I think that that was really misguided on two levels. One, a lot of the discovery already got out and was very damning and that was good.

[00:26:23] Christina: Two, even though in this case I totally thought the dominion had a really, really strong case. I personally was really worried about the precedent that would be set. If slash when Dominion was found, um, uh, the Fox was found, you know, um, libelous in that case, because I think that First Amendment protections in this country, especially against the news, are incredibly important.

[00:26:50] Christina: And I would hate for something like this. And, and to be clear in this case, I absolutely do believe that Dominion had a point. I think I’m somebody who is very against most libel cases against news [00:27:00] organizations. I think the bar has to be exceedingly high because otherwise you cannot do what we do. And, and if you look at how the libel situation works in, in other countries, they cannot, they do not have the freedoms that we have and, and they’re reporting this not as good as a result.

[00:27:14] Christina: It’s just not. Um, but in my opinion, just looking at, at like what the facts were as we saw them, I was like, okay, if there’s ever been a case of libel actually happening, this is an instance. And I was very worried about the precedent that would be set. I. If, you know, the court found in, um, in dominion’s favor because I, it was one of those things where you, you worry could a New York Times versus Sullivan thing could, could something like that be unset and that that would be a disaster for, for, for, for the press and for freedom of the press.

[00:27:49] Christina: So I think, sorry, go on.

[00:27:50] Brett: No, somatic has said that they won’t settle for less than Dominion, got 737 million. Um, [00:28:00] which means because their, uh, their value, their valuation is lower than Dominions, uh, that the settlement would be like the ratio would be off and it would almost be a benefit to Fox to go to trial. Um, do you think that that is a danger, uh, in the way that Dominion was?

[00:28:26] Christina: I don’t think it is in the same way, but I do think it is a danger. I’ll also say, and I’m not a lawyer, but just watching these things, that feels like a bluff to me to be like, we won’t settle for any less. I feel like if somebody comes with a really good offer, especially with the amount of billable hours and things they’ve had, at a certain point, if you don’t take it, it looks really bad.

[00:28:45] Christina: Especially because I don’t think, and again, not to say that the case isn’t really strong. But Smart Matic wasn’t the name that you heard all the time. Like I think the reason that it was a slam dunk for Dominion was because most of us had never heard of that company before, and then all of a sudden [00:29:00] we heard it and we heard it in a really negative way.

[00:29:02] Christina: Where I think you can draw a direct parallel to there being like immeasurable and demonstrable like impact damages. Like I think you can do it. I don’t know if you can make the same argument Formatic. I don’t. I, I honestly don’t. And so I think that would be a gamble and I think they’d be stupid to not settle for 500 million or 350 million like I think they would be.

[00:29:22] Christina: So I think we’ll see. But I do, I do have that concern. Um, but um, I think that so far anyway, this has been the best possible scenario because we don’t have the precedent set to potentially like, Dis, you know, to, to, uh, potentially like, you know, unth thwart no New York Times versus Sullivan. Um, but we also are seeing very real impact on the business, on the news business, uh, which is what you want, right?

[00:29:51] Christina: This was a big enough judge, this was a big enough settlement. It’s not like they can just come back from this. It’s 25% of their cash and equivalence is the amount of money they’ve [00:30:00] had to pay. Like they had to finance this in very specific ways to even, you know, be able to pay this off. Like, this is not a small thing.

[00:30:07] Christina: I could see Dominion potentially doing like, and not Dominion Smart Medic. Maybe they would get away with their, um, you know, their, their, their stance. Maybe they could wiggle room if it was like maybe a stock in cash thing. Like I could see that as, as being maybe, you know, part of it being like, oh, well, we’ll, we’ll get a certain amount of equity or, or stock grants or something else.

[00:30:27] Christina: I, I, I don’t know how that would work, but, um, It really did impact them significantly in the pocket. And now as we’re seeing, it’s having, uh, a very significant impact on, um, on their talent and on their programming. So I think that’s a win for democracy and for like fresh freedoms for all of it.

[00:30:48] Brett: Do you wanna hear my amazing segue into our

[00:30:51] Christina: Yes, I do.

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[00:30:56] Christina: Woo. Yes.

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[00:34:21] Christina: I was gonna, I was gonna say, this is what appeals to me. Um, I’m, I’m, um, I’m sad now that I didn’t like, fill out the form, that I didn’t like pay attention

[00:34:28] Brett: You didn’t do it.

[00:34:29] Christina: I didn’t do it. No, but, but because the, this is the thing that appeals to me, like the frozen meals. Like it’s not, it’s not,

[00:34:36] Brett: they’re never as good.

[00:34:38] Christina: yeah, I’m not, and again, I’m like, I’m not opposed to that, but like, in theory.

[00:34:41] Christina: But it’s just, yeah, they’re never as good. And then, I’ll be honest with you, the meal kits, that’s, that’s too much effort.

[00:34:47] Brett: That’s paying, that’s paying somebody else to put you to work.

[00:34:50] Christina: Exactly. Right. You know, that, that, I mean, you know, that’s, that’s like the blue apron. Like you have like the single egg, like in like the little cute container with all the plastic and stuff.

[00:34:58] Christina: And again, that’s fine. But again, like if I’m [00:35:00] ordering these meal plans, it’s because I don’t have like the, the talent to put these things together. Like shopping is not the problem. I could just order food directly from a delivery like grocery store or go to the grocery store myself. It’s, it, it is the putting it all together part that for me is a challenge, um, as with a, a cooking challenge person and an A D H D time management challenge person.

[00:35:23] Christina: So I, I like this, that they’re like not frozen, that they’re refrigerated, ready for you to like, you know, heat and, and do, which, which I think is really nice. And it is really great to know that, um, they were able to get you combo meals for all those different dietary concerns. Like that’s actually very impressive because you’re like, I think about you, like, you’re like the nightmare person, like on the airplane, you know what I mean?

[00:35:45] Christina: They’re like, okay, let, let, let’s just get him the bland meal. You know what I mean?

[00:35:50] Brett: Let’s make that boy a smoothie. Yeah, yeah, totally. Um, yeah, I, uh, I, I like to cook and I’m, I’m a good [00:36:00] cook, but if I have to do half an hour of meal prep anyway. I don’t, I might as well just go to the grocery store as well and get, and get the ingredients that I trust. Um, and, and I, that’s fine and I, I’m happy to do that.

[00:36:15] Brett: But having a meal in the fridge that on a night, I’ve had a long day of work and I just want to eat so I can get on with my evening, having something that takes two minutes in the microwave and doesn’t taste like a frozen meal is

[00:36:31] Christina: not Because it’s not because it, because it is actually frustrated with player. I really like that. That’s awesome.

[00:36:35] Brett: that was a huge value add for that sponsor, Reid, we

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[00:37:49] Christina: Cuz I’m like, oh, okay, I’m, cuz I’m no longer as plugged into the, the, um, iOS release cycle as I used to be, um, a as I was for many, many years. And so I, I like [00:38:00] iOS today a lot, but it’s, it’s a, it’s a really great podcast for anybody who’s doing things, uh, within iOS, wants to keep up with the latest, uh, news or find out about great apps and tips and tricks.

[00:38:09] Christina: Good stuff.

[00:38:10] Single Drunk Female

[00:38:10] Brett: Awesome. All right. So, um, have you been watching the Hulu show? Single, drunk Female?

[00:38:20] Christina: Yes. Um, so frequent listeners will know that this was both Brett and I like one of our favorite shows last year, at least. It was one of my favorite shows last year. Um, I think I was the one who discovered it first and I turned you onto it. Cuz I, I wanted your take cuz I thought you would really like it.

[00:38:35] Christina: I thought that it, it, it, I still think that the cast is incredible. The, the, uh, star, uh, Sophia, uh, Sophia Delia Black, um, who was on, um, a sitcom I, I loved called the Mick. She’s fantastic. She’s a star and I stand by that. She’s. An absolute star. Um, and, um, the second season is out now. It’s, it airs on Freeform.

[00:38:58] Christina: Um, but they put the [00:39:00] whole thing on Hulu. So the entire season is, uh, available on Hulu now. And then they’re airing like two episodes a week on freeform, whereas last year it was like a week by week basis on both. Um, and so I’ve watched, I binged it like in one sitting. Um, I would love your take on, on this season, what you’ve seen of it so far.

[00:39:20] Brett: So I, I’m on, I think, I think we just finished episode four.

[00:39:26] Christina: Okay.

[00:39:27] Brett: And like the, so in the first season she gets sober. Um, in the second season she’s living sober and she’s, she’s navigating the world as a relatively newly sober person. Um, which I, I’ve, I’ve been there, I’ve done that, and I, I relate to all of the struggles she has.

[00:39:51] Brett: Like, uh, she’s on a date with a guy and the waiter brings wine, which for most people is just a normal [00:40:00] part of life. But for her is like this, oh shit, what do I do

[00:40:03] Christina: Right. It’s like this existential, how do I explain, like what do I

[00:40:06] Brett: And, and her reaction is to lie and say she’s on antibiotics but not sick. Like, ah, she’s on like day four of antibiotics and she’s gonna see it through.

[00:40:18] Brett: And she has this whole like, just spews out of her, this whole story about how, uh, this time it’s really important to her that she sees her course of antibiotics through and she can’t drink as a result. Um, and she has to go back to him a, a day or two later and be like, okay, so I lied. Here’s the real story.

[00:40:37] Brett: And, and he’s totally cool with it, as I knew he would be like, but for her, like this need to, it was, it was, I I deeply related to that, that moment of panic. The thing that, okay, the thing the, the alcoholism and the recovery thing is, is fascinating. One of the things that. [00:41:00] That fascinates me is she’s gorgeous as, as a human being.

[00:41:06] Brett: She is gorgeous and they dress her down for her role, uh, to the point where she’s, she’s almost like it would be if it were, uh, one of those movies where they like, take the glasses off the nerd and like she would, she’s ripe for that, the way they dress her down. And, and I, I kind of appreciate that.

[00:41:29] Christina: Yeah, they’ve carried Russell on Felicity her, like they had to do the same thing to carry Russell on Felicity. They actually, JJ Abrams even said that when she came in. They were like, oh, we can’t cast you. You’re too pretty. And, and, uh, because for this character, you’re, you’re way too pretty.

[00:41:42] Christina: And, and they, they had to like, dress her and, and like hide the prettiness. They even cut her hair after, after the first season. Uh, Ru ruined the show. Um, uh, but, but yes, this is that. I, I find that interesting too. They definitely. But even doing that, like you said, [00:42:00] it’s right for the Yeah, take the glasses off, like, like clean up the hair, you know, do a little makeup and, and she’s great.

[00:42:06] Christina: Um, there’s this, and I don’t know if it’s in one of the episodes you saw, but there’s this, this flashback thing with her mom, and she’s like, oh, you know, and you look so beautiful without any makeup on. And she’s like, I’m wearing so much makeup.

[00:42:16] Brett: Yeah, I remember that.

[00:42:18] Christina: Um, which is great.

[00:42:19] Brett: the story of her mother is like, her mother’s not a good person. Um, she’s never presented as a good person, but the episode we just watched her mother. So the fourth step in a 12 step program is when you list out all of your resentments. And hers had apparently taken 50 pages of a notebook and her mother reads it.

[00:42:43] Brett: Invades her privacy, reads her fourth step and takes it personally. Like the whole point of the fourth step is to like, get it out, put it down on paper, and then let it go. Like all of all of all of these things that are mostly a product of your [00:43:00] own neurosis, you just put 'em down and you let 'em go and they should never be read.

[00:43:05] Brett: Uh, and her mother reads them, holds it against her to the, to the extent that she fucking moves out, uh, which is I think, the only healthy response to that.

[00:43:17] Christina: 100%. And, and then between all of this, um, for, um, for real life reasons, uh, I think because, uh, the actress got another show, the woman who had played her sponsor, this is another kind of ongoing thing, is that she has this year sober. Um, what happened at the end of the last season was that her, her estranged best friend, who she’s friends with again, got married to this guy and then immediately decided that she realized she did not wanna get married and, and shows up at, um, um, Sam’s house and, um, they’re kind of reconnecting.

[00:43:51] Christina: Um, and, uh, but she had a sponsor who she met, like when she started getting sober and they developed a really strong bond. And her sponsor in the second season [00:44:00] is gone to Maine because she’s pregnant. She, uh, her, uh, she and her wife, um, have decided to have a baby and she’s pregnant and is now no longer able to be Sam’s sponsor.

[00:44:09] Christina: And so this is all happening in a place where Sam is not really having like her strong support system. And then the guy that she’d been dating or been building towards dating in the first season, um, and they finally started to date and then he fell off the wagon, um, he’s not really as, as active in her life in the second season.

[00:44:30] Christina: So, um, I thought that fourth episode was actually, so I, cause I watched the whole thing. I thought that that was one of the best ones. Um, and, and, and again, yeah, you’re right. The way that they play her mother, who’s played by Ally Sheti is not represented as like a, a great person. She’s, she’s complicated.

[00:44:46] Christina: Like she definitely loves her daughter, but also is very judgmental of her daughter and of herself. You know, she’s, she’s, you, you, you can under, you can kind of see in the relationship, and again, it’s not a blame thing because it’s not like the mother caused her to be an [00:45:00] alcoholic. The alcoholism is, is, you know, based on, I, I think something biochemically that, that is within some people’s brains, right?

[00:45:06] Christina: Because there’s some people who drink all the time and are, don’t have that propensity and then other

[00:45:09] Brett: fact that her, the fact that her mother’s reaction to reading her forcep was to grab a bottle of wine is telling

[00:45:16] Christina: It, it, it is, but it’s also, I think, you know, to the point is that you can kind of understand like, Some of the things like, not that would lead her to drink, but that would put her in a position where, like growing up in that environment where like she would maybe start to see alcohol as an escape from the pressures that, that her mom would have on her.

[00:45:36] Christina: Um, I will say this, I watched the whole season. I don’t think it’s as good as the first season. Um, I don’t think it’s bad at all, but I don’t, I didn’t like it as much as I liked the first season. And I think it was, and a lot of shows do this, and this is n normally completely fine, but it’s, it’s try to become more of an ensemble show and focus more on some of the lives of some of the other [00:46:00] characters, which I get you need to do that.

[00:46:02] Christina: But in my opinion, the strongest part of the show is Sophia Delia Black, like she is, and, and Sam, like I think that that story and that actress is such like she’s the center and the strongest part of that show. And I wonder if they didn’t maybe like, Expand outside of, you know, her a little bit too much.

[00:46:25] Christina: Like that was, that’s, that was kinda my only kind of feedback.

[00:46:28] Brett: Can I say I love the additional focus on her fat

[00:46:32] Christina: Yes. That Lily may Hern. I agree with that. I think she’s the other best part of the show. Like I think she’s great and I would love to see more of her.

[00:46:39] Brett: To have a secondary character who is fat, like not, not Hollywood, chubby, like actually fat, who has an active sex life, who has a real personality, who has a depth of character, um, serves both as like a friend, but as her [00:47:00] own individual human being. I think that is great representation for real people.

[00:47:06] Christina: who’s hot and who, to my knowledge, the weight thing has never even come up. Like, it’s never even been like she,

[00:47:12] Brett: it’s never mentioned.

[00:47:13] Christina: never mentioned and it’s never treated as like, oh, how great is it’s, it’s, no, it’s not. And it’s not, it like, like she, uh, the end of the first season, like, she meets this, this doctor or this hot guy, um, at, at a wedding, and he’s really into her and he’s the one who’s like pursuing her.

[00:47:28] Christina: And then in the second season, they’re in a relationship. And, and we’re seeing how they’re trying to like, navigate those things together. And she’s the one who’s more ambivalent in some ways, which honestly, like, she’s a beautiful girl. And, and that is how that would really happen. But I really do appreciate that they don’t, um, like make it again this whole like, oh, you know, the, the fat girl is, is is finding a guy, you know, it’s not about

[00:47:53] Brett: Lucky her.

[00:47:55] Christina: her. You know, we’re gonna give her this shout out. No, it’s not like that at all. It’s not even mentioned. Right. And,[00:48:00]

[00:48:00] Brett: Well, and they don’t pre, they don’t present her boyfriend as like a chubby chaser. He doesn’t fetishize her size in any way. He respects her like he’s in love with

[00:48:10] Christina: And, and Right. Totally. And the thing is, is that, and the actress who’s very good, um, and, and I, and I think that she’s the second best actress on the show. Um, I, I, you know, she’s, she is very pretty, like, it’s funny, like they do the opposites, what they do with, um, Sophia De Black, like they really accentuate how attractive that actress is.

[00:48:27] Christina: And again, I think she is a very pretty girl, but like, they go outta their way to really like do the makeup and the clothing, everything just right. Um, the same way that they have to kind of, um, underplay, um, the, the lead actresses beauty. And, and I think and look, that makes sense because for a show like this, like cuz cuz life is just easier on pretty people.

[00:48:48] Christina: And, and it’s, it is and, and it’s just, it’s hard.

[00:48:51] Brett: On Skinny White Girls. Sure.

[00:48:52] Christina: mean, it’s, it, it look, it, it is. Um, and so it’s, uh, it’s hard to, uh, I [00:49:00] think, um, sell the whole, like, I’m starting over and I’m like hitting all these things, but I look like this. It’s like, well, yes, well, if you look like that, obviously things are going to come easier for you.

[00:49:10] Christina: And so I think that they do the right thing in terms of, you know, the way they do her, her clothing and, and, and other styling. Although again, you can just tell she’s still a gorgeous girl. Um, no. So I like that aspect. There are just some other things I think that like, I don’t know. I also do miss the relationship with James, the, um, the guy that she had the friendship slash relationship with in the first season.

[00:49:31] Brett: Oh yeah, I forgot.

[00:49:33] Christina: yeah, like, like they, they, they, they bring that in a little bit more and they show his journey to recovery in the second season. And I do like watching his, his, um, um, journey. Um, his, his journey and what he does is a little bit different than some other things I. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s not that I, I don’t, I, it’s not that I mind like the focus on the other people.

[00:49:52] Christina: I think it’s just like, these are 30 minute episodes, so that equivalently means 20 minutes. You’ve only got 10 episodes of content. Like, if this was a [00:50:00] longer show, like if this could be like Ted Lasso style where your episodes can be longer than like 20 minutes. Like if you could have like a 45 minute episode Right.

[00:50:08] Christina: And still be considered a half hour and we could get to know these characters more, I think that would, like, that would, that I think would fit this show more. But because they have a, a broadcast deal, they can’t do that. So I, I, I, I feel like they’re really constrained honestly, by like, just the number of, of of minutes they have to tell all the stories.

[00:50:28] Brett: I really appreciate shows that, take that challenge though. Like, so my attention span, a half hour show is a 20 minute show is great for my attention span. Um, I, uh, any hour long show drags for me and I start checking, I start checking the, the time remaining, uh, probably at about the 40 minute mark. Um, that said like, as a constraint to tell a story in half hour serial segments, [00:51:00] um, I think is, uh, a writing challenge that some shows really step up to.

[00:51:06] Brett: And I feel like, I feel like single, single grown female does a pretty good job of

[00:51:09] Christina: I think it does too. It’s just, it’s one of those rare cases. I’m similar to you where I rarely want a show to go longer, but in this case I do. Um, and, and I, and I, I feel like, I think that they, it is a good, no, it.

[00:51:22] Brett: means they’re doing it right.

[00:51:23] Christina: No, it is a good thing. I think, I don’t know, the, the first season to me was absolutely the best new show on TV last year, in my opinion.

[00:51:30] Christina: Um, and I still really liked this season. I didn’t like it as much. I really, really hope that it is able to come back for a third. Um, uh, it’s very clear, the only reason it got a second was because it was very popular on Hulu. I hope that that continues and that they continue to promote it because it can’t be that expensive.

[00:51:50] Christina: I think it’s a really important show. We don’t see shows showing up, talking about recovery and, and all the, of its iterations. Um, [00:52:00] uh, the, the, the mother characters play by Allie Sheie. She goes through some, some changes as the, as the season goes on, and I’m not, I’m not trying to spoil anything, but just like set you up for this.

[00:52:10] Christina: Like, they also have her starting to, uh, uh, you know, look into attending Al-Anon. Um,

[00:52:17] Brett: Yeah. That just happened. And the last one I watched, or it was suggested to

[00:52:21] Christina: It was suggested. And, and that I think is honestly a, i I, that is one thing I did appreciate about the broadening of this season is focusing on, okay, it’s not just the person in recovery, it’s all the people in their life as well and what does it do to, to the family members.

[00:52:35] Christina: And, um, even though like the, the mother is not a great person, like that I think is a story that is never told. Like I’ve never seen, like it’s always about the person who has the addiction. I’ve never seen any story focusing on like, what is it like for the people left behind? And that’s what I really appreciated about both seasons of this show is that it’s shown like the impact that her addiction has [00:53:00] had, not just on her, but on the other people in her life, her friends, her family, and, and that I think is, um, is incredibly powerful.

[00:53:07] Christina: And this is the sort of TV that we need more of. And, and so I hope we get another season of it because I, I do think that I, I mean, I. And I’m not an addict, but I, but I, I live with one and, and I, you know, have friends who are, and like, I, I appreciate very much the way that this is being portrayed in a way that is not judgmental to anyone, but just seems like it to me anyway.

[00:53:29] Christina: It rings very true.

[00:53:30] Brett: It’s very hopeful. It’s, uh, it, it shows that recovery can happen

[00:53:35] Christina: It does.

[00:53:35] Brett: and that healing can happen and yeah, no, it’s a great

[00:53:39] Christina: It’s a great show. It’s very funny. They have very funny people in it. Um, John Glasser, um, who, uh, uh, is, um, uh, from um, like he was on Delocated and um, uh, a couple of other, um, adult swim shows, um, makes a couple of other appearances as like her former boss, cuz

[00:53:58] Brett: Oh dude. [00:54:00] From Parks and Rec. Yeah.

[00:54:02] Christina: he, but he, but he was also on that, at that, that, that show on Adult Swim Delocated.

[00:54:06] Brett: I never saw

[00:54:07] Christina: Okay. Yeah, we played this guy, this family, like the Witness protection program. It was, it was, it was, it was a really bizarre show. It was, it was like the same type of thing as like the children’s hospital sort of shit.

[00:54:15] Brett: I, I hate, I, I love him as an actor. I hate his character so much in this show, which is like, obviously the point of his character. But

[00:54:26] Christina: Yeah.

[00:54:27] Brett: he is so flawed, but like sympathetic like I, I feel for him, but at the same time I’m like, dude,

[00:54:35] Christina: Yeah. Yeah. Um, no. So yeah, so I definitely, I, I, um, I did, like I said, it was, and I might go back and watch the second time. My opinion might change in the second rewatch. Um, uh, but I, I definitely think people should watch the first season, watch the second season too. We needed to have a third. Um, and I’d like to hear your thoughts as, as you watch the rest of it.

[00:54:55] Ted Lasso and Wrexham

[00:54:55] Christina: Um, okay. Ted Lasso. I know that we’re like running out of time, but, yep.[00:55:00]

[00:55:00] Brett: um, uh, all I have to say about Ted Lasso is, thus far, it’s the best season yet, and Ted Lasso is one of my favorite shows of all times. So, to tr to Trump the first two seasons, uh, it is a feat and, and they’re nailing

[00:55:18] Christina: they are nailing it.

[00:55:19] Brett: the fucking team hasn’t won a single game yet.

[00:55:23] Christina: Yeah,

[00:55:24] Brett: watching, you’re watching a show ostensibly about a soccer team that never wins a game.

[00:55:29] Christina: totally. And, and, and, and no, and it, and it’s, um, you know, when it, it setting up, like the way they set up the first two seasons was just so good. Uh, and then you wonder like, okay, how are they going to end this out? And I think this is their last season. Like they haven’t officially confirmed that, but that, that feels like this is it for them.

[00:55:46] Brett: It does feel like

[00:55:47] Christina: And, um, this is I think another like great example Succession, which is my favorite show on tv. Uh, you know, it’s also ending this year after a fourth season. And I really do appreciate. [00:56:00] Like having an arc in mind and then keeping to the arc. Like, it, it sucks for people who love the show cause you’re like, man, you could have done more.

[00:56:08] Christina: But I do really appreciate having an arc and then sticking with it.

[00:56:11] Brett: the depth of these Ted Lasso characters, like every. Every, even every member of the team at this point, we have some backstory for, we have some connection to, and, and like Jamie Tart and who’s the guy who growls, I always forget his

[00:56:30] Christina: Um, um, uh, yeah. Um, um, uh, well, it’s Brett Goldstein, but, um, uh, um, Roy?

[00:56:36] Brett: right? Roy Kent. And, and Ted Lasso And Coach Beard. And, uh, what’s the, uh, Higgins, uh, like, and, and Rebecca, like all of these characters like you have this strong connection to, and they can make an episode focus on any one of these characters and I will care.

[00:56:57] Christina: No, and that’s the thing. I mean, I have to say, like, this is [00:57:00] really one of those shows. Like I have to, I mean, um, Jasons Jacobs gets a lot of credit for the show as he should because, you know, he’s, he’s obviously the star and he’s done a lot of writing work. But this was a, you know, um, this is a Bill Lawrence, um, show and, um, if you ever watched any of his other shows, um, and I’ve been a big, big, big Bill Lawrence fan, um, basically forever.

[00:57:20] Christina: This has the hallmarks of his shows, and I think this is one of his best. So he did Scrubs and he did Clone High, and he did, um, uh, um, actually worked on a, what was it, a, um, spin City and um, you know, has a history of like, uh, he did a, um, a cougar town. Um, and, uh, he’s a, this is I think, um, indicative of a lot of like some of his best writing things.

[00:57:45] Christina: He, he’s really great at creating these shows with these like casts that feel like real people and that feel like real people, you know, and that you care about. And, and I think that this is one that like, Is is probably one of the most of any show I’ve seen. Like they’ve, other than like, you know, peaked the [00:58:00] Simpsons and maybe Parks and Recreation, like you really do feel like you know these people and you care about them.

[00:58:06] Christina: Um, and, and then it’s just, it, it’s one of those rare shows, like it came out in this time and it wasn’t like written for the pandemic or anything, but it came out in this time when we were all like, didn’t have hope. And, and it was like this one, like, nice thing. And it’s been nice to kind of have this like very, very good show.

[00:58:25] Christina: Like where, like the, the, the, the fundamental message of this is hopeful again, like, like single drunk fema. Like the, like the message is hopeful, you know, hope is the whole thing.

[00:58:34] Brett: Speaking of hope and soccer,

[00:58:37] Christina: Yes.

[00:58:38] Brett: reim, uh, what was the, I can’t even remember the name of the show with Rob Mcleany. Was it just called Reim?

[00:58:46] Christina: I think it might have just been that. Yeah.

[00:58:48] Brett: Uh, the, the, the team that Rob Mcleany and Ryan Reynolds bought, um, Rex Am United, just got promoted from [00:59:00] their fifth tier, uh, league. Uh, they just got promoted. Paul Rudd showed up with Rob and Ryan to see the game, uh, or to see the, the, I I assume it was a game, um, that got them promoted to the next, uh, level.

[00:59:21] Brett: And it wasn’t, this wasn’t part of the show. This was just side news. Uh, but amazing story after, after the, the trials and tribulations of the, the TV series. And I just imagined being at a soccer match, uh, a football match with Ryan Reynolds, Rob McEleney and Paul Rudd, and having it go well. Like that would be, that’s like

[00:59:53] Christina: amazing. Right?

[00:59:55] Brett: moment for me.

[00:59:56] Christina: Totally, totally. Well, and I have to say, like, I thought the show was great and, and the [01:00:00] concept is good. And it is funny cuz like, um, you know, Ryan Reynolds, like he sold MIT mobile. Like he’s where everybody was like, he was like, yeah, he needs, needs money for the club. You know,

[01:00:07] Brett: Right, right. It’s working out. That’s

[01:00:10] Christina: now.

[01:00:11] Christina: No, it’s great. Um, no, I, I, I, I love, I love that and I love that they got promoted, like that’s, And again, like it’s, it’s, the, the great thing about like TB is when it can like, make you interested in, in other parts of this, right? Because like, because I don’t give a shit about like soccer, football, whatever.

[01:00:26] Christina: Like, I, I, I could care less. It is, it is not my country’s sport. Like in this country we care about women’s soccer a little bit and we care, like during the World Cup, like that’s the only time people in this country ever pay attention to the other football. Like, uh, because like our religion is actual football and I’m sorry, but, but it is the n l is actual

[01:00:45] Brett: Absolutely.

[01:00:46] Christina: Um, and it, it’s just that, that’s how it goes. So, um, yeah, I think Ted Lasso is great. Um, I, I’ll also say, um, I know that we need to get into our gratitude, but I will just do a shout out. I know that you didn’t like it or when you [01:01:00] tried, it’s just the l like commented, like all the people are terrible and I totally agree, but the final season of succession is some of the best TV I’ve ever seen.

[01:01:09] Christina: Um, the third episode. Um, I don’t wanna spoil anything, um, even though at this point most people know what happened, but the third episode is genuinely one of the best episodes of television I’ve seen ever. And if succession sticks the landing, it will look, it’s gonna be a top 10 show regardless. But if it sticks this series finale landing and it’s looking like they will, like, I don’t wanna get too far ahead, but if it does, it’s gonna be like in that like upper tier, like greatest shows of all time list for me.

[01:01:42] Brett: In completely other news, part party down. Got a whole

[01:01:46] Christina: Yes it did. I love it.

[01:01:48] Brett: It was so

[01:01:49] Christina: It was so good. I missed Lizzie Kaplan, but I loved

[01:01:51] Brett: I know, I, I, I want it, I want more. I hope it’s not done yet.

[01:01:57] Christina: It’s so hard for them, right? It’s, it’s, it’s the [01:02:00] arrest development problem. Like, it’s like when you don’t have people under contract. Like, how do you get 'em all back together again? I mean, single drunk female had a similar problem and like, they lost, um, the actress who played, um, the, um, the sponsor because she got another show.

[01:02:16] Christina: Like, it, it’s so hard with these streaming, it’s even harder with streaming shows because you don’t necessarily know how they’re gonna be. And so like, you can’t, you can’t sign people to like long contracts the same way. But I hope they’re able to get everybody back together from like some, uh, like just give us a reunion.

[01:02:32] Christina: You know, give us like a two hour movie, right? Like, like that. Like that would be great. Like that. That way we can bring Lizzie Kaplan back. We can have the whole gang there. Like,

[01:02:41] Brett: I do not know the actor’s name, but he was on, um, Silicon Valley and he plays the sci-fi, the hard sci-fi

[01:02:50] Christina: Martin Star. Martin Star,

[01:02:52] Brett: Martin Martin Star.

[01:02:53] Christina: he was from Freaks and Geeks. He’s great.

[01:02:55] Brett: yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. He deserves, he deserves Wibo credit

[01:02:59] Christina: [01:03:00] Oh, I totally agree. No, he’s fantastic. And then, um, the, the, the Jimbo, um, I can’t remember his character’s name, but the actor’s name is Kyle something, but he, uh, um, he was on, um, he was on another show created by the creator party down called Veronica Mars, where

[01:03:14] Brett: Oh my God. Yeah, that’s right.

[01:03:16] Christina: And um, yeah, there are a lot of former Veronica Mars people, uh, in that universe.

[01:03:21] Christina: And, um, anyway, I’ve always, I always loved him. He and Jane Lynch’s, um, dynamic together. It was always so great.

[01:03:28] Brett: His, his, his band did a song called My Struggle, which is how mind comp is translated, and he talks about, uh, he, he was trying to talk about like being a Hollywood star, but he said like in the lyrics, he’s like, they give you a star and they put you on a train, and it was. Just straight up Nazi lyrics.

[01:03:56] Brett: And then he’s wondering why he has a Nazi. It’s so, it’s [01:04:00] just fucking comedy gold.

[01:04:01] Christina: So good.

[01:04:02] Grapptitude

[01:04:02] Brett: Um, should we do some gratitude?

[01:04:05] Christina: let’s do some gratitude.

[01:04:07] Brett: All right. I have two options that I’m still trying to narrow down. Do you have one you wanna start with?

[01:04:15] Christina: Okay. So I’m trying to think, um, I’ve had one that I found the other day and I’m trying to find it now. Oh yeah. It’s called, um, uh, short Cat

[01:04:27] Brett: Oh my God, yes.

[01:04:29] Christina: I love Short Cat. Uh, short Cat is, uh, find it, it’s a, like a, they describe itself as a, as a universal, um, command palette for your Mac. And it basically lets you, uh, as, look, we’re big fans of the keyboard here at Overtired.

[01:04:46] Christina: We’re big fans of, uh, you know, not having to use your mouse. And I like the mouse. And I like my, um,

[01:04:51] Brett: I love my track

[01:04:52] Christina: I, yeah, I, I was gonna say I love my magic track pad and I have a really nice mouse as well. Not opposed to that, but it is really nice to like, A lot of times, like you’re in the [01:05:00] zone, like being on your, um, uh, keyboard and so short cat indexes the, I’m reading from the website here cuz this is actually a good description.

[01:05:08] Christina: Uh, also a plus for them, they have a very good website describing exactly what it does, is that it indexes your, your max user interface and then you can, um, it makes those options available to you in a powerful command pallet. So you can, you know, um, click on buttons, focus on text fields, and do other commands without having to use the mouse.

[01:05:26] Christina: Um, and I really, really like it. I think it’s a, it works in your browser, it works with electron apps. Let’s use insertion menus. Um, it, it’s really, really good. Uh, you can, um, it’s, it’s available, uh, through Home Brew. So you just brew, install Short Cat and, um, you could also like download it off their website, uh, short cat.com, uh, dot app.

[01:05:48] Christina: And I’m, I’m just a really, really big fan of this. Uh, I think it’s just a, a really, really good app. Um, and, uh, That, that that’s my tip. That, that’s my pick. I, I’ve been using this since [01:06:00] last year. I don’t remember when I discovered it. I guess I discovered it not long after it came out. Um, no, that’s not true.

[01:06:04] Christina: It’s

[01:06:05] Brett: Oh, it’s been out for a while.

[01:06:06] Christina: Okay. It’s been out for a really long time. I didn’t discover it, I guess, until it had kind of been rewritten. So, yes. So last year, this is what it was last year, they, uh, released a first release of a from scratch rewrite. Um, and that came out in, in June of, of 2022. And that was, I think when I started using it.

[01:06:23] Christina: And so, uh, but, but it goes all the way back to 2012. Um, so, um, great app

[01:06:31] Brett: Yeah, it, it is. I’ve always been fascinated by it. I’ve never gotten into using it. Um, the app that filled my need was called Polero, um, which is available on Set app, and it gives you a command shift. P like you were in, you know, your favorite, i d e command shift P gives you access to anything that shows up in the menu.

[01:06:57] Brett: Short Cat is great because it, it reads [01:07:00] all of the accessibility options for an app and, and like you said, can do, it can focus. Fields and, and click buttons that aren’t part of the menu. Uh, Pletcher just gives you, uh, pop-up access to any menu item, uh, which fits most of my needs. And I love it when I, when I can’t remember the shortcut for a menu item, I just hit command shift p in any app and, and I get access to the menu.

[01:07:33] Brett: But yeah, shortcut has blown me away with its capabilities. It’s never become like, uh, uh, a muscle memory kind of shortcut for me,

[01:07:45] Christina: Yeah. Yeah. I don’t use it for everything, but I have it installed and it’s one of those things that like when I’ve needed something, like it’s one of those things that I like to be able to Oh, right, that’s right. I have this here and, and I can use this and, and I do appreciate that it works, you know, with so many different apps types, because some of [01:08:00] these things do have a hard time with the electron apps.

[01:08:02] Christina: Um, and, and the fact that it works with them is great because that means that I can do it in one password and in BS code and in other electron apps that like, sorry, I know that a lot of people hate on Electron, but there are a lot of really good electron apps out there. So, um, we’ll put both Platero and, uh, short Cat in the show notes.

[01:08:20] Christina: Um, do you, uh, do, do you know which one you wanna pick? Look, Jeff isn’t here, so you could technically pick both.

[01:08:26] Brett: Um, do one for Jeff. Um, no, I’m gonna, I’m gonna go with, I’m gonna save this one for, uh, let me make a quick note that this is my next one, but for this week I’m gonna go with Net Newswire. Um, I, so. My site traffic over the last couple years has gone down and it’s gone down by, it’s gone from about 21,000 hits a week to [01:09:00] 8,000, which is significant.

[01:09:02] Brett: And I was under the impression that the algorithm was doing me dirty, um, that people just weren’t getting their news the way they used to. And for the first time in a few months, um, I thought I’ll check my, well, actually, for the first time in a year, honestly, um, I thought I’ll check my subscriber stats cuz I use feed press for my r s s feeds, uh, which gives me stats on how many people are subscribed to my r s s feed.

[01:09:37] Brett: Turns out my r s s feed had grown by more subscribers than I had lost in traffic. So, so right now I have 35,000 subscribers to my r s s feed. Um, and when I, I got a bunch of new followers on Macedon after my last post, and I was like, [01:10:00] just curious, uh, out of the, you know, multiple dozens of people who just followed me.

[01:10:07] Brett: How did you find me? And they’re all, like, I read your blog through rss, RSS R s s, which is amazing. RSS is making a comeback after Google Reader, like, brought it to its knees for a

[01:10:21] Christina: than a decade, more than a decade ago. Like Google killed, um, Google Reader, um, 11 years ago

[01:10:26] Brett: Yeah. And, and now r s s

[01:10:28] Christina: or 10 years ago. Sorry. It happened. It was, it was like, we’re coming up on like the, the 10th anniversary, I think, but

[01:10:33] Brett: it’s for real. Back though. Um, I went into my reader stats and by far the most popular r s s. Reader that was giving me stats was Net Newswire. Um, and I personally, that’s what I use. Um, I am a fan of apps like Reed Kit and Reader, but Net Newswire once it was under new [01:11:00] management and I don’t remember who, Brent Simmons,

[01:11:03] Christina: Sprint Simmons. Yeah. So, so, so, so he, he created it and then, um, he worked at a company called News Gator who took it over. And, and then, um, also the guy who created the, like the, the Windows version, which was like the Feed Demon, I think it was, was also part of News Gator. And then it kind of went away, and then he was able to buy back, like the name and, and the, the, you know, copyright or whatever.

[01:11:27] Christina: And then he re-released it. Um, and it’s completely open source now, which is what’s brilliant.

[01:11:32] Brett: Yeah. And it’s not the most full featured r s s app, but it does exactly what it needs to do. And it does it, it does it perfectly

[01:11:42] Christina: No, I totally agree. Like I said, I like, I like some of the apps like Reader and Read Kit too. Read Kit has been around for a long time and I think they just recently released a new version and they’ve done some, some good stuff with it and, and, and Reader, um, is, is always had a really nice interface.

[01:11:54] Christina: I

[01:11:54] Brett: And it’s beautiful. Yeah.

[01:11:56] Christina: use Feed Bin as my, um, like syncing service [01:12:00] and um, their web app is actually great. And so in some cases, you know, cuz like, as I’ve said many times, like, as much as I kind of hate this in some cases, like the web one and, and like the, the feed bin website is really good. But I totally agree with you, like Net Newswire is a great app.

[01:12:15] Christina: It also is a great iOS app. Um, I primarily use it on Mac. Um, but, um, I, yeah, I totally agree. I think that it’s just, um, the fact that it’s still being kind of developed and, and that I I love that. I love that it’s on GitHub. I love that it’s open source. Like that to me really is, uh, I think like it represents the best of how kind of these indie apps can exist today.

[01:12:39] Christina: Because unfortunately, like these are niche things. Like I’m glad that the traffic is coming back and that more people are getting into rss, especially for like your audience. But, but it is, you know, like not, uh, unfortunately, it, it, what sucks with Google reader now being dead for 10 years. I think it, July 1st is I think the cutoff date, but like [01:13:00] Google had announced that like March of 2020 of 2013.

[01:13:04] Christina: And, and so we’re coming up in like 10 years without it. Um, is that you have a whole generation of users who don’t even really know, you know what I mean? And so in some cases they’re, they have to rediscover and like relearn, like, oh, You mean there’s this way I can subscribe to all my favorite feeds.

[01:13:20] Brett: right. I think it’s time. I think it’s time for people to rediscover rss and like I said, obviously it is happening. Uh, but for anyone who has long depended on social media to surface articles of interest, dude, r s s gives you the ability when you read an article that you’re like, yes, I agree with this author.

[01:13:45] Brett: They have provided me with very interesting information and news. You can follow them and you can have in one place all of the feeds that you personally trust and find of [01:14:00] interest. And you can have all of that surface using r s s. And it’s, it stands for really simple syndication, and it literally is, it’s just a way to follow news that you trust and that matters to you.

[01:14:14] Brett: And every day you get a new menu of the latest articles, and it is way better than any quote unquote algorithm designed to put content in front of you.

[01:14:26] Christina: I agree. The only one I miss from r s s services, I miss Fever. Fever was my

[01:14:31] Brett: Oh my God. Yeah.

[01:14:32] Christina: fever, was a self-hosted r s s client. And, and I actually moved away from Google Reader to using Fever

[01:14:38] Brett: What happened to Sean Inman? Is he still

[01:14:41] Christina: I, I don’t know, he, he’d started making games. I know his mom had been sick and, and then he, he’d switched his focus from like software to, to games.

[01:14:49] Christina: Um, yeah, I just pulled up his website. Um,

[01:14:52] Brett: Because he also did mint analytics, which was fantastic.

[01:14:56] Christina: fantastic. And he did a, um, uh, what was it, Quip? Not [01:15:00] Quip, uh uh, quicks Quicks, which was great. And then, um, and he had, uh, he had like, um, what was it? Uh, I think it was like a shortwave or something, which was like a l shortener, shortened, something like that.

[01:15:10] Christina: But he, he had a lot of things. Um, and so, uh, yeah, his last blog post was April, 2020. Um, and, and so, um, I, I, I don’t know what he’s up to. I hope he’s doing well because I, because I, he was a genius because his, his shit was like the best, and, and Fever was, was my favorite because what was great about Fever was that it was, it would basically, um, kind of rank, um, articles based on like how many times somebody else had linked to it, like within your feeds.

[01:15:45] Christina: And so you kind of had like a,

[01:15:46] Brett: Within your, within your chosen feeds, the articles that you wanted to read anyway, it could rank what was hot and what was not. And if you have a hundred feeds, you can’t keep up with those on a [01:16:00] day-to-day basis and fever like surface the content that was most important and it was brilliant.

[01:16:05] Christina: It was brilliant. Yeah, I was gonna say it was, it was very similar to like, what, what, uh, what, uh, what was it, uh, um, nimble or whatever, like the, uh, the, um, the, the, the iOS, the kind kind of Twitter thing that a lot of people used to kind of keep track of, like what the top like, um, links shared across their followers were like, it was like that, but it was for rss it was great.

[01:16:26] Christina: And, and I used that for a really long time. I had a, um, I had a single site, um, uh, app, um, for Fever back in the day. And, um, like, uh, I, I loved that, but it, um, yeah, I agree. Like rss, I will say this, the only thing I run into sometimes it’s gotten better, fortunately over the last couple of years, but there was a period of time and it’s still not great, where a lot of times, like by default, websites will hide the r s s feed.

[01:16:52] Christina: Or if they won’t have an RSS option at all. So if you are creating content, I, I cannot stress enough, like if you have a website, like make sure that you [01:17:00] make the RSS discoverable. Don’t hide that because like, I think even,

[01:17:03] Brett: do it. You can do it with meta, you can do it in the meta of your website. You don’t have to have a subscribe button on your main page. You can make it discoverable. It just takes that extra effort to put a link tag in your meta.

[01:17:19] Christina: Yeah, I was gonna say, cause I think that WordPress by default now, doesn’t like do it the same way that they used to. And so, yeah. And so, you know, um, all of that might go away. I mean, I’m hopeful with Activity Pub that that’s gonna get more people into the idea of rss because they are all interconnected.

[01:17:38] Christina: And, and so I hope as more people start, you know, looking at those types of protocols, people will. We can bring RSS back. Um, it was really, you know, the downside of, uh, uh, speaking of feed bin, they’d had a way where you could subscribe to Twitter feeds. Um, and that’s dead now because of the a p i changes.

[01:17:57] Christina: Your existing subscriptions still work, but the new [01:18:00] ones won’t happen. Um, there might be some third, uh, party workarounds, but, um, yeah. Uh, but, but yeah, net Newswire is a great app if you’re looking for, for, you know, keeping track of, of all your stuff. So yeah. Great, great pick.

[01:18:16] Brett: Alright. Dude, just the two of us pulled off over an hour of an episode.

[01:18:22] Christina: love it.

[01:18:23] Brett: Who’s that? Jeff Guy Anyway,

[01:18:25] Christina: we miss him. We miss you, Jeff. Um, he’ll, he’ll be back for our next one. And, uh, next time I talk to you guys, um, I, I will have to figure out when we’re recording because I will be in Atlanta and I’ll be like on a Taylor Swift hangover. So next time we talk I will be like giving you all the dets on, uh, on, on the Arrows Tour.

[01:18:44] Brett: the The what?

[01:18:46] Christina: ERAS tour.

[01:18:47] Brett: Oh, I thought you said the aero store.

[01:18:50] Christina: sorry, sorry. Eras. E r a s tour. Yeah. I’m not, I’m not annunciating that Well, it’s also hard to that, that, that’s a hard thing to say. The Taylor Swift

[01:18:58] Brett: Tour the Aris [01:19:00] tour. All right. Well, Christina, great to see you. Great to catch up. Get some

[01:19:05] Christina: get some sleep, Brett.