325: TV Party (Again)

Jeff’s gone this week, so Overtired returns to Original Recipe with Christina and Brett talking about Satanic Panics, TV, eating gluten free, and finding the shortest lines on your Disney vacation.

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[00:01:23] Taylor Swift and Satanism.

[00:03:46] Spiritual Warfare.

[00:07:25] True crime book adaptations.

[00:11:24] Heart rate scare and medication.

[00:14:47] Microdosing mushrooms for depression.

[00:18:34] Airbnb problems.

[00:22:16] Yeti's welcome home kisses.

[00:25:31] The influence of Keith Olbermann.

[00:28:54] Road rage and relationships.

[00:34:09] Party Down revival successful.

[00:36:22] Promo Swap with Tech Meme Ride Home.

[00:39:33] Gluten-free dining recommendations.

[00:43:22] Disney World wait times app.

[00:48:10] Interacting with the audience.

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TV Party (Again)

[00:00:00] Brett: Hey, this is Overtired. You knew that, but I’m, I’m just telling you, this is Overtired. And I’m Brett Terpstra. I’m here with Christina Warren. Jeff Severs. Gunzel is out this week. He is simultaneously out of town and sick. Um, like either, either one would be sufficient cause to miss an episode, but he did.

[00:00:26] Brett: He had to go for both. He’s an overachiever.

[00:00:30] Christina: That sucks. It does look like he is very cozy like that. The photo he sent us from, uh, his cabin, um, uh, near the, the, the lake looks

[00:00:39] Brett: Lake Michigan. Yeah.

[00:00:40] Christina: Michigan looks great, but um, that

[00:00:43] Brett: or some great lake. I actually don’t know where

[00:00:46] Christina: I was gonna say, I don’t know what great lake it is, but it’s, it, it looks very lake like. It looks great. So, you know, love that for them, but hate that he’s sick.

[00:00:56] Brett: I was, uh, I was just in Chicago, so I’ve, I’ve [00:01:00] seen the Great Lakes this week too. Um, yeah. So let’s, let’s start with the mental health corner. I’ll let you go first. I have some, I have some fun updates, you know, my usual shit. But, uh, where, how are you doing?

[00:01:14] Mental Health Corner: Satanic Panic edition

[00:01:14] Christina: I’m doing okay. I’m doing okay. I’m in a weird situation where, um, I’m trying to decide if I wanna talk about this or not. I don’t think my mom listens to this podcast.

[00:01:26] Brett: I, I explicitly tell my mother not to listen to this podcast.

[00:01:30] Christina: Yeah, I’m pretty sure my mom does not listen to this podcast, so I feel like I can. Okay. I need some advice from you on this. All right. My mom saw an Instagram repost of a viral TikTok, saw some other things where people have posted imagery from Taylor Swift’s concerts, like the current one. And she called me very upset, telling me that, um, she’d hoped I hadn’t already bought tickets [00:02:00] for us in Atlanta because, um, she’s concerned that, that Taylor Swift is, is promoting, um, uh, satanism and, uh, and, and, and, and, and, and like witching, like, like Wiccan shit.

[00:02:13] Christina: Like, like, like, like that stuff. Because apparently there is like a moment of the show that has some like kind of illusions to. Like, I guess 17th century, 18th century, like witchcraft sort of stuff. And some woman on TikTok, uh, is, is convinced that, that it’s, it’s all a sign and, and talking about all these things.

[00:02:38] Christina: And, um, I tried to like convince her otherwise, but I haven’t really talked to her since that happened. And, um, you have more experience with this than I do.

[00:02:51] Brett: Yeah.

[00:02:52] Christina: How does one convince their parents that someone is not a satanist?

[00:02:56] Brett: it depends on how reasonable their parents are

[00:02:59] Christina: Okay.[00:03:00]

[00:03:00] Brett: as far as I know. Your mom’s a pretty reasonable

[00:03:02] Christina: She’s incredibly reasonable. Yeah. But I also like, don’t want her to be uncomfortable, but like, I, I also, this is like, just this is not true.

[00:03:09] Brett: right. Well, so like for me, this would involve a whole discussion of the satanic panics that have happened in the eighties and are happening again now. Like there’s this whole resurgence of this, like, uh, ever since that little Naz video.

[00:03:25] Christina: Right.

[00:03:27] Brett: there’s just this whole, like the media is full of sat satanic images and it’s gonna drive kids to commit suicide and kill each other, and murders and mayhem.

[00:03:38] Brett: Um, so that would be where I would start with my parents. He’s just talking about how destructive that was and how none of it has ever turned out to be true. But for my parents, it’s very much like they’re, they live in a world of spiritual warfare. If, if it’s not God giving them challenges, it’s the devil trying to keep them from God and like [00:04:00] literally everything they do in their life.

[00:04:02] Brett: Is spiritual warfare. Um, and they just, they, they view the world in those terms. And, and that makes it very difficult to say, well, that’s not Satanic, when literally everything to them is either godly or satanic. There’s no like in between, uh, if you, if you have someone more reasonable, like your mother, um, just talking about maybe.

[00:04:24] Brett: How accusations of witchcraft have never worked out well for humanity. Um,

[00:04:31] Christina: Yeah, I, I ca I, I kept trying to be like, I was like, I was like, well, I guess maybe this is like Arthur Miller esque. I was like, I, I, you know, because if, if you squint, and the thing is, is that it’s, it’s during this one song, Willow, which she does have a, a video that she did some behind the scenes things in where there is like some like magical elements, mystical elements, and then there is like a, a, a.

[00:04:57] Christina: Uh, something witch remix and I’m like, oh my[00:05:00]

[00:05:00] Brett: Well, that’s, that’s where, that’s where the Satanic panic in the eighties began was with fantasy role playing games, Dungeons and Dragons, and like, like it’s fantasy. You know, it’s, it’s fantasy, it’s a story. And also be sure to ask like, what harm is being done? Like, who, who is being, like, what is the end result of, say Taylor Swift did openly embrace Wicca, um, and, and proclaimed herself a Wiccan and used all that imagery, like, who’s it hurting, like is wicken or truly destructive force in our like religious world?

[00:05:38] Christina: I mean, my mom would probably say yes. She would probably say that this is someone like actively trying to like impart the devil onto people or something. But, but

[00:05:48] Brett: a little less reasonable

[00:05:50] Christina: I mean, I think that she would like. Intellectually understand, like what’s the harm? But I think that where she would draw the line, she’d be like, but I don’t want to be a

[00:05:58] Brett: support it. [00:06:00] Sure,

[00:06:00] Christina: Like, like that, that would be the difference, right? Like it’s wouldn’t be like, but so anyway,

[00:06:05] Brett: So you, you need to convince her that that’s not actually what’s that? Show her, show her some of the more ludicrous accusations that are

[00:06:14] Christina: This

[00:06:14] Brett: there right

[00:06:15] Christina: okay, this is what I wanted to do. Because like in, in like the, the post that she sent me, I was like, this person has things like tagged MK Ultra. I’m like, mom, I’m like, this is, I’m like, I’m like, I’m like, I’m like, I’m like, I’m like, none of this is in any way accurate. I’m like, this, this whole thing is, is, is is ludicrous.

[00:06:35] Christina: I. She’s on, uh, Taylor Swift is a Christian. Like, she’s not like, uh, she’s not a Christian artist, but like, she’s like, she’s, that’s how she’s like, defined herself, so I’m not gonna, you know, like question that. Anyway, the whole thing, I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. I was like, what’s happening here?

[00:06:56] Christina: Um, but I, but I appreciate your, the, the, the Satanic [00:07:00] panic thing, I think is, is good grounding because that whole thing was bullshit and. We actually listened to a true crime book about that when I was in high school. Um, that was, uh, that, that had made for tea. Movie was made about it. It was, it was a book called Cruels Out and, um, it, it, uh, I think the guy that, um, Janet Maslin wrote that book about, uh, Joe McGinnis, I think he was the author.

[00:07:27] Christina: But, um, Or Janet Malcolm rather. Um, but uh, it’s called, uh, cruels Out and in the ma tv movie. The reason I remember this is because we all listened to this audio book on a, on a trip, and then I found out that like Blithe Dan and Gwyneth Paltrow, before she was Gwyneth Paltrow, like were in this like made for TV movie, like adaptation of it.

[00:07:51] Christina: Which, know, in 1998 was like a really funny thing to.

[00:07:57] Brett: Sure. Do you want to hear [00:08:00] what my mom came at me with this morning?

[00:08:01] Christina: Yes.

[00:08:03] Brett: Um, she, she reads poorly sourced articles and takes 'em as truth, and then when the conversation over breakfast on Saturday morning quiets down, she has been in the habit of like doing these. What about. Um, statements and apparently, um, and I don’t, I don’t know how much veracity there is to this, but, uh, she claims that Joe Biden just signed a law that will turn all currency in the US digital and the government will have full access to all of our money.

[00:08:36] Brett: And then she follows that, like if everything kind of went silent, cuz I don’t. I haven’t, I haven’t read what she’s talking about. I don’t, like, I can’t, I can’t argue against her sources. My, my usual reply is, what are your sources? But I, I didn’t even have the energy for that. And then she follows it up with, and, you know, the I M F has an agenda to control the world or some shit.[00:09:00]

[00:09:00] Brett: Yo man, so everything went silent and we all just sat there in silence for a moment cuz I wasn’t gonna feed her like conspiracy. And, and my dad’s like, well on a lighter note and starts talking about like home improvement or whatever we usually talk about. It was, my mom’s definitely becoming a conspiracy theorist.

[00:09:19] Brett: Like she latches onto stuff and gets really angry about it and like wants to talk about it.

[00:09:24] Christina: Right. Which, which I, this is like, this is the, this is the one thing where like I, I, yeah. I become like worried about this. Cause I saw what like, Talk radio did to my dad. But my mom, I’ve always thought it was like much more sane and much more reasonable. Um, and look, if she doesn’t wanna go to a concert, if she doesn’t feel like it’s gonna be comfortable or whatever, that’s fine.

[00:09:51] Christina: I just like don’t want her to miss out on a good experience because of some insane bitch on TikTok.

[00:09:58] Brett: Yeah, and, and some [00:10:00] unfounded fear for sure.

[00:10:01] Christina: Exactly.

[00:10:03] Brett: All.

[00:10:03] Christina: All right, so that’s sort of my mental health update. I’m trying to figure out like how to like, you know, tell someone I love more than anything else. This is, this isn’t true.

[00:10:14] Brett: That can be difficult when someone comes up with, when someone comes at you with something that’s so far out of left field, uh, it’s, it gets really hard to like argue. Like, I mean, you could just say that’s ridiculous,

[00:10:27] Christina: I mean, I did,

[00:10:28] Brett: but that’s ineffective,

[00:10:30] Christina: but I also wanna be like, You know, like make her feel comfortable, compassionate. Well, I, yeah, cause I’m compassionate cause it’s like, look, I look, if I had like a deep seated belief and like I thought that I saw something that was like, oh well this shows something that is gonna be supportive of something that I am very much against.

[00:10:46] Christina: Cuz again, like her thing would never be like, oh, you can’t go and this is immoral and this shouldn’t exist. It would be like, I don’t wanna be a party to this. Which is a little more reasonable. It’s still not reasonable to, I think, [00:11:00] take cues from anyone who uses the MK Ultra hashtag, but,

[00:11:05] Brett: Yeah. All right.

[00:11:07] Christina: all right. All right. Let, let, let’s move on to you because I, I wanna hear about your updates, especially cause you’ve got a bunch of things you need to hear about, Yeti, need to hear about, uh, what, uh, what Michigan was like, need to hear about, uh, your, your Adderall shortage.

[00:11:19] Brett: yeah. So the mental health update is, is. Relatively short. Um, my, so I think I probably talked about it at the time, but a couple months back I went to the ER because my watch told me that my heart rate had been elevated, like over one 20 bpm for more than 10 minutes, and it wanted me to.

[00:11:40] Brett: Like, seek help if needed. Um, so I did, I don’t fuck around with my heart. We have a history of heart disease in my family. I take these things seriously and I went to the er, they ran tests after tests and EKGs and X-rays and I was fine, like ev in my, my blood pressure and my pulse were all fine the whole time I was [00:12:00] in the er.

[00:12:00] Brett: And they discharged me after a couple hours and. Uh, maybe follow up with your doctor, see if there’s something else going on. But, so I made a, an appointment a couple months out. That was the soonest I could get in to see my doctor. And then my refill for Vivance came around and my psychiatrist noticed this.

[00:12:19] Brett: Heart issue that sent me to the ER on my, on my record with no follow up yet from my doctor and said that she wasn’t comfortable refilling my meds, even though all my test results are on there and she can see them. Um, she’s like, if your doctor approves, he can refill your, your meds, but my doctor will never refill psych meds.

[00:12:42] Brett: Like he, he will always defer that to his psychiatrist. So that means fortunately my appointment is on Monday, so I’m only gonna be without Vivance for a few days. Um, and. It sucks because it leads to like suddenly [00:13:00] going off it, uh, the, the dopamine crash leads to depression and then going back on it can trigger mania for me, uh, being bipolar and whatnot.

[00:13:10] Brett: Um, so that’s a little sketchy. Hopefully it’s just a, a couple day thing. I really hope this isn’t the start of another like drought. Stimulants. Um, but I did, so a friend I’ve been talking for a while about microdosing and, uh, a buddy of mine, uh, finally got his shroom growing operation up and running. Um, so I got my first like eighth of shrooms and have just been taking like maybe a half inch of stem.

[00:13:45] Brett: Or a small cap a day for the past few days. And I don’t trip at all. Like I barely, nothing seems to happen, but it does seem to help my mood. Um, I’m a lot less interested [00:14:00] in things like alcohol, uh, when, when I’m doing this microdosing and I need to, I need to do a little more research and find out what the actual dosage should be and how you tell, like with acid, it’s easier to.

[00:14:13] Brett: Have micro dot blotters, but with shrooms, like you never know the potency of the mushroom, so it’s hard to be like, you need exactly, you know, a half inch of stem or whatever. Um, so I’m still trying to figure that out, but it seems to be working, it seems to be doing what I want it to do, where it, it helps my mood, it helps my creativity without triggering mania.

[00:14:40] Christina: Okay, that’s all really good.

[00:14:42] Brett: And like I’m depressed enough right now that it’s, um, it’s, it’s a little hard to tell that it if it’s working, but I can tell the before and after difference when I take my daily dosage. Um, So I, I think it does elevate my mood a little and maybe a [00:15:00] little stronger dose would help me. But I definitely, especially in a workday, I don’t want to end up tripping.

[00:15:06] Brett: Like, I don’t, I don’t need to be in a Zoom meeting with like hallucinations or anything.

[00:15:13] Christina: No,

[00:15:14] Brett: that would, that would suck. So, so I’m being very careful about it, but I really, I think, I think I’m on the right path. I think this is a good, uh, A good antidepressant, uh, treatment that works with my bipolar. So thus far I give it, I give it one thumbs up and we’ll hope for better results moving forward.

[00:15:36] Christina: Yeah, for sure. Um, and, um, and I, I hope. Yeah, I, I, I hope you can like, find some sort of up, like decent way, like you said, to be able to, to microdose this so that it’s, you know, yeah. Not gonna inhibit your work because it sounds like it could be a great thing, but it also feels like this is what’s hard about this sort of stuff.

[00:15:56] Christina: Like Ketamine therapy is a similar. Thing [00:16:00] I, although I think guess that’s a little bit different because you can kind of do it in, in, you know, like treatment periods of time and, you know what I mean? Like, and they’re like, okay, this will have these long lasting effects. Whereas like, the microdosing in this way, you have to really think about, okay, how do I get the, um, whatever the therapeutic benefits are.

[00:16:19] Christina: Um, but you know, I don’t wanna be baked.

[00:16:23] Brett: Yeah, exactly. Yep. It’s a fine line, I think. Um, I’ve never done this small amount of mushrooms before, so I don’t know, like where the cutoff is. I’ve always been like, yeah, I just, I’ll have to eat three and just like see what happens. Um, so this like, just try a little bit, uh, like I don’t, I don’t know where they’ll line is.

[00:16:44] Brett: I don’t know where you actually start tripping, but. I may find it if I keep experimenting.

[00:16:50] Travels in Michigan

[00:16:50] Brett: So anyway, yeah, last week I was in Michigan. Um, I spent three grand, um, on a trip [00:17:00] to Michigan, which is if I were gonna spend three grand on a trip, uh, Michigan is not where I would choose to do it, but I had a good.

[00:17:09] Christina: Yeah, tell me about.

[00:17:10] Brett: we, uh, we had our first night in Chicago with, uh, Dan, and we saw Erin Dawson in the morning, almost saw,

[00:17:19] Christina: How’s she

[00:17:20] Brett: oh, she’s great. She’s great. She, she was having fun. Her band is going on tour. Genital shame. That’s why she was in Chicago. Um, to, uh, to rehearse with her, her new lineup. Um, And, and Dan and his, his recent wife Hyundai are, are doing great.

[00:17:39] Brett: And Chicago is full of vegan dining and gluten-free dining. And it was, we had some great food, great dinner, great breakfast, got on the road. Um, our Airbnb in Michigan, uh, was. It. It wanted to be nice. [00:18:00] Like you walk in and the first, the first, you just come off the road, right? See your head for the bathroom, and the first thing you discover is like a heated B day with a dryer and everything, and you’re like, okay, this place is gonna be all right.

[00:18:13] Brett: But then you go to the sink and you try to get hot water out of it and it won’t come out. It just stays frigid. So we discovered you only get hot water in the kitchen and the bathroom if the dishwasher is running. Um, and, uh, but there was always hot water in the steam shower that it, it was a nice steam shower, big place, big couches, big screen tv, uh, a dock outside that led to a nice lake and like overall, like on the surface, seemed nice, had some problems.

[00:18:46] Christina: Yeah, I was gonna say this. Okay. I’ve had this experience with a number of Airbnbs, which is one of the reasons why like obviously you get more space and it can be a better option in some cases than a hotel, but sometimes I’m just like, I would rather [00:19:00] get a hotel, if I’m being honest, because it’ll be one of those things where you can tell like, it looks great, the photos look awesome, cuz that’s all they’re doing it for.

[00:19:08] Christina: They’re doing it for the photos, they’re slapping it together, swimming for the photos, and then they’re not fixing things like in this case, oh, by the way, if you want hot water, you have to be running the dishwasher.

[00:19:18] Brett: Yeah. Yeah. And there was a, there was a bunch of stuff.

[00:19:21] Christina: which, which, that to me like that, that signifies a pretty significant plumbing problem.

[00:19:26] Brett: Yeah,

[00:19:27] Christina: There’s something going on with like your, your hookups at that point, and I don’t know what those problems are or how to fix it. I just know that like, that

[00:19:35] Brett: yeah.

[00:19:36] Christina: my, my, my, my, my engineer like, you know, pattern recognition brain is like, oh, okay, that’s something.

[00:19:44] Brett: Yeah. Um, like it was great having a whole house, um, having multiple bedrooms and room to have like L’s family over for movie nights, a whole kitchen. We could cook pizzas in and everything. We, uh, we, we, we made the [00:20:00] crust, we made our gluten-free crust and we baked them and set them on the table on top of parchment paper to cool.

[00:20:07] Brett: And the kitchen table was this. Fake wood with cheap paint on it, and it turned white underneath where we put the pizza crust. Even though they were cool enough to hold in your hand and they weren’t steaming or anything and we just set them down, but they left these white circles on the table. So Ella and I compiled this whole list of everything that was wrong with the Airbnb so that if he came at us, For, for payment on that, I would just be like, well, you know, it was a nice state, but it would be a real shame to put all this stuff into a review for you.

[00:20:41] Brett: Um, so we’re just kind of sitting on that. We haven’t heard anything. I think it’s fine,

[00:20:45] Christina: No, I’m sure it’ll be fine. Usually what they care about are like the, the cleaning fees and like if you were to like, seriously break something like the other stuff, it, it’s unlikely in some of these cases that the, the owner even like, [00:21:00] Sees the place. You know what I

[00:21:01] Brett: kind of, that’s kind of what I figured. Um,

[00:21:04] Christina: yeah.

[00:21:05] Brett: I did, I, I had tail scale set up and, uh, I, I was able to access my home network, my, all my, all my computers, including my sonology, all using tail scale, which is. Like, I’m used to setting up like a whole, uh, like dynamic d n s system and like, and like s SSHing and setting up all the ports and everything.

[00:21:30] Brett: And with tail scale, it was just like to sign into my GitHub account and all of my, all of my network and machines were accessible and it was, it was really nice. Um, I appreciated that. And, and then there’s Yeti. The last part of my update, like Yeti was a trooper. Like we had a whole conversation before I left that, you know, asked him to try to stick around till we got back and like, but take care of yourself and you know, if shit [00:22:00] goes down, you have my permission to do what needs to be done.

[00:22:03] Brett: And uh, he seemed to take that to heart and. My, our house sitter sent us pictures like every day of like Yeti eating and like sleeping under blankets and like curling up with her. And uh, and I got home and he was in great shape, like climbed on top of me and just kept giving me nose bumps for like, for like 20 minutes.

[00:22:26] Brett: He just kept like bumping my nose with his nose, uh, which is his way of like giving kisses cuz he knows how much it annoys me when he starts licking. So he is learned to just bump my nose and it was just constant. Like, he just kept coming back and being like, I’m so glad you’re home. It was very nice.

[00:22:43] Christina: Aw. All right. Well, I’m glad he’s doing okay, but that, that, that has to be so nerve-wracking for you. Like every time you even go for groceries, like, oh, you probably get

[00:22:53] Brett: will he be? No, we go for groceries. We have to go to the co-op. Um, with all of our dietary [00:23:00] restrictions, grocery delivery isn’t available. Um, yeah, so we started watching Sports Night. Do you remember Sports

[00:23:09] TV TV TV

[00:23:09] Christina: I do remember Sports Night, Aaron Sorkin’s first show.

[00:23:11] Brett: Yeah. And, and it has some, some of Aaron Sorkin’s best dialogue. Um, but it’s got a laugh track and it drives me nuts.

[00:23:22] Brett: Like there’s obviously no studio audience. Like this is a canned laugh track. Why did, uh, like I think this was a nineties thing,

[00:23:30] Christina: it was,

[00:23:32] Brett: Just tell people something’s funny by adding the laugh

[00:23:35] Christina: Right. Well, because, I mean, look, this was before they were doing the one, the, the, um, one camera sitcoms, um, and um, like, like a news radio, which is, is similar to sport science some ways, but was actually shot in front of a

[00:23:49] Brett: Yeah. Yeah. And, and it shows.

[00:23:51] Christina: And it does. Right. Um, but, but that was a show where I remember on the commentary tracks for, for that show on, on, when that came out on D B D, [00:24:00] Paul Sims, the, the creator, talking about the fact that that would’ve been, like, had they made it like in the early two thousands, like if they’d made it like eight years later, like after it debuted, like, you know, if they made it five years after it went off the air, it would’ve been a single camera comedy.

[00:24:19] Christina: Um, and, uh, but, but you know, when they made it, it wasn’t, and sports night, I think even more so like the second season, they, they definitely like reduced the laugh track more

[00:24:29] Brett: I, I’m only on the first season, so I was hoping that would be true.

[00:24:32] Christina: It, it, it is. But s sports night was, it’s, it’s such a shame cuz it was on A, B, C and A B. C had, like, they had no idea what they had.

[00:24:40] Christina: And, and I, I don’t even wanna say that. Like they fucked up and that it was like this show that was going to be a hit. Cuz I don’t think it would’ve been, I don’t think there’s any scenario where that show ever would’ve been a hit.

[00:24:50] Brett: could fly now though.

[00:24:52] Christina: Yes, yes. But I mean, in that era, and I mean on that network and I mean in that,

[00:24:57] Brett: Yeah,

[00:24:58] Christina: Like, [00:25:00] because cuz it came out in, in 98, 99.

[00:25:03] Christina: Um, it was, it was like a year before West Wing. And West Wing was 99, I think. Um, 99 or 2000. But, um, it was, uh, a great show. It’s so, it’s funny because I always mentioned sports people and I’m like, yeah, it’s like, it’s, it’s his first show about Keith Alderman. Um, and, and, and, and people are like, huh? And I’m like, I’m like, this is how influential, like, like Keith Orman is.

[00:25:31] Christina: It’s like he’s been the, the, the, you know, the, the, the reason for not one, but two A

[00:25:36] Brett: the, the Muse. The muse

[00:25:38] Christina: Muse. Absolutely. I’m like, like, absolutely. It’s like, you know, the newsroom and, and sports night. Like it’s totally, it, it’s like all, it’s all Keith Warman, but. Uh, no, but, but, but, uh, yeah, the show it, um, September 22nd, 98.

[00:25:53] Christina: So, yeah. So when it debuted, like there was just nothing that you could, um, [00:26:00] there’s no way. I don’t think that. Uh, in that sitcom environment, like when News Radio, which was on a network that was better for sitcoms, which was, uh, N B C. Uh, but the, the schedulers hated news Radio was the real thing. Um, the, the, the network president didn’t like it, it did very well when it had a consistent and good time slot, but they,

[00:26:20] Brett: so good.

[00:26:22] Christina: News radios. News radios, and I think news radio could have worked in the nineties. Sports night. I don’t know, like. I, I feel like it would work now, and I feel like it would’ve worked like five years after it came out. But like, we needed Malcolm in the middle, you know what I mean? Like, like, like, like, like, like we needed that we needed, we needed brick teacher base as the office.

[00:26:45] Christina: Like we needed

[00:26:46] Brett: I’ve, I’ve gone back, I went back and started watching Malcolm in the Middle again, and it, it’s not like news radio totally held up for me. Like I, I breezed through, I binged like all of that [00:27:00] again, just this year. Um, Malcolm in the middle. It’s been a, it’s been like, uh, I got nothing else to watch. I guess I’ll watch him, Malcolm.

[00:27:07] Christina: totally. But it is one of those like, like family sitcoms. My my point being though, like that was the first one like that in Scrubs and Malcolm in the Middle was before Scrubs, but they were

[00:27:15] Brett: I had the same experience with Scrubs. Can’t do it.

[00:27:18] Christina: Scrubs holds up for me, but I also insist on watching it with the original music, um,

[00:27:24] Brett: Oh, I know we’ve talked

[00:27:25] Christina: Yeah, we’ve talked about that. But, but Scrub, but, but, but, but, but Scrubs holds up for me. But both of those were like the first, like, you know, there was the, the UK office of course, but I mean like in terms of US tv where you were like, okay, we can play with what a sitcom is format wise, because Larry Sanders.

[00:27:42] Christina: Didn’t have a laugh track and, and, um, uh, many of the writers in the Larry Sanders show also worked on News radio and, and then went on to like be people like Joe App Patel. Um, and so, but that was an H B O show, right? And I, I feel like Larry Sanders in many ways is sort of a, like, [00:28:00] if that, that approach had been taken, you know, um, like for, for Sports Night, I think sports, And if SportsLine were, say, on HBO o, that would’ve been one thing, but it wasn’t, it was on abc.

[00:28:11] Christina: And so I think you needed like the Malcolm in the middle of the scrubs. Really, the Malcolm in the middle is to be like, okay, we can re, we can have a different thing than the normal, you know, four camera, uh, television sitcom with the laugh track.

[00:28:25] Brett: Yes. Can I tell you about another show that I’m sure you haven’t

[00:28:29] Christina: No, please do.

[00:28:30] Brett: Um, there’s this new Netflix series. Mini-series show. It’s a show, it’s a series. They call it a series, right? It’s like 10 episodes. I don’t think, I don’t think like, based on the ending, I don’t think they planned for a second season.

[00:28:44] Brett: I think it’s a thing, but it’s called Beef, uh, with Stephen Ewen and Ellie Wong.

[00:28:51] Christina: Okay. Yeah, I, I, I’ve heard of this. I think.

[00:28:53] Brett: Yeah, and it’s like these two main characters get into a road rage incident in the first [00:29:00] episode, and it becomes like they, they start getting each other’s like license plates and tracking each other down. And this weird relationship develops as like as the pranks or the revenge intensifies.

[00:29:14] Brett: They also develop this kind of like respect for each other and. I won’t give away the ending, but like through the course of it, there’s absolutely a relationship between these two people who on the surface hate each other, want, want to destroy each other’s lives. And, and Ali Wong plays a, a rich woman who just became even richer and, and Stephen plays a.

[00:29:38] Brett: Contractor whose business is failing and is scraping by and living in his, in an apartment with his brother. And like the two of them come together in these weird ways. And it is, I binged it over like three days and totally, totally. The ending is totally worth it, like it pays off. So if, if you’re looking for a [00:30:00] short run of a show, um, I found.

[00:30:04] Brett: As compelling, if not more compelling than I found Wednesday. And I thought Wednesday was pretty good, but

[00:30:09] Christina: Wednesday was okay. I, I like Ali Wong and I like Steve Wynn.

[00:30:12] Brett: yeah, Ali Wong is so good in this too, like all of her like kind of, uh, neurosis, but confidence, like confident neurosis, that’s what I would call Ali Wong. Um, and it all comes through really well in this character. She’s in. She plays it excellently.

[00:30:29] Christina: Okay. I, I, I, I will, I will give this a watch. I’m looking at this now. This was an A 24 show and apparently there was a bidding war. What’s interesting to me about this is, I guess it is just for movies, but I thought that Apple had some sort of exclusive deal with a 24. And, and clearly that is not the case, but it seeming like this would’ve been, it probably wouldn’t have had a second season either, but like this would’ve been like a good Apple TV thing.

[00:30:54] Brett: Are you watching? Um, is it shrinking? Shrinking on Apple [00:31:00] tv?

[00:31:00] Christina: am not,

[00:31:01] Brett: It is really good.

[00:31:03] Christina: are you watching new Ted Lasso?

[00:31:05] Brett: Yes, of course. Absolutely. Loving it. Loving it. It’s maybe the best season yet, but, um, shrinking. Uh, I had this funny experience. It’s a, it’s a, it’s a fun, it’s a fun show and it’s about, uh, therapists and, uh, one of them is played by dude, from how I Met Your mother, like the big dude.

[00:31:27] Christina: Oh yeah.

[00:31:27] Brett: Meeting, forgetting Sarah Marshall

[00:31:29] Christina: Jason Siegel.

[00:31:30] Brett: Yeah. Thank you. Um, and then the other one, and this is the way l put it, uh, the, the elder therapist on this, in this group is played by the guy who starred next to Chewbacca. That was Elle’s description. Like, not Han Solo, but the guy who played next to Chewbacca and I think Harrison Ford would, would appreciate that, that that was how my girlfriend [00:32:00] knew him

[00:32:00] Christina: I mean, I, I don’t know if he would, I, I, I mean that I, I honestly don’t know if he would appreciate that or not. I think that he’d be like, hi, I’m Harrison fucking Ford,

[00:32:11] Brett: also, Indiana Jones.

[00:32:12] Christina: Jones,

[00:32:13] Brett: may, you may be familiar with my work.

[00:32:15] Christina: I was gonna say, it’s like you, you there, there’s a bunch of other things. No, but I have seen, I have seen the trailers or the, the ads for this, but I haven’t watched it, but I, I have been

[00:32:24] Brett: It’s good. It’s good.

[00:32:25] Christina: good. Okay. All right. I’ll watch it. Um,

[00:32:28] Brett: to it every week.

[00:32:29] Christina: okay. Um, I will see if I have access to, um, all of, uh, um, I’ll see if I have access to all of those on, on the way that I have access to some of the press stuff early. Um, because my, my, my, my problem with this now, and I’ve become one of those people that I hate for certain shows.

[00:32:51] Christina: I will absolutely still watch like week by week, you know, but when I’m getting into a new thing, especially like if I’ve missed it when like it. Started, it’s [00:33:00] hard sometimes I’m like, I just wanna binge it, but like if I get into it when it premieres, um, then I’m okay. Um, like, uh, the final season of succession is, is airing right now.

[00:33:12] Christina: And so it’s like the best thing that happens on Sundays is, you know, like 6:00 PM uh, Pacific Time. I’m like, all right, I can fire up the H B O Max app. I can watch success.

[00:33:24] Brett: What was the, what was the, uh, apple TV show with, uh,

[00:33:30] Christina: Adam Scott Severance.

[00:33:32] Brett: severance. Um, I, I think that has another season coming.

[00:33:36] Christina: it does.

[00:33:36] Brett: Yeah. That’s exciting

[00:33:38] Christina: because they, uh, the

[00:33:39] Brett: Party Party Down is back on right

[00:33:41] Christina: is, I No, I was gonna say I

[00:33:42] Brett: good.

[00:33:43] Christina: No, it is so good. No, I was gonna say though, that’s, that, that’s the unfortunate thing about Party Down is that they couldn’t get Lissie Kaplan because she was doing stuff, but they had to work around Adam’s Scott’s schedule for a severance.

[00:33:53] Christina: So like

[00:33:55] Brett: yes, I totally miss Lizzie Kaplan. I, the show is not the same [00:34:00] without her, but it is still, it’s still very good.

[00:34:03] Christina: Is still very good. and I, and I’m very, and I’m very glad that it, that it’s come back. Also, following up on a thing that I ranted about, Netflix did go ahead and just pay off the money. And now that they, they are the exclusive home of everything, arrested Development. So they took a arrested development off of Hulu, which fine, I don’t care.

[00:34:23] Christina: Um, you know, and, uh, but at least seasons four and five are available. Um, so, so it did not expire and leave. They, they paid the money cuz yes, Netflix paid the money. It’s, I’m sure it was a very small amount of money to renegotiate on. And Disney has also made it clear that like they are okay with licensing things to other streamers.

[00:34:46] Christina: It’s like they don’t need ownership. It’s like, and you already have part ownership of the last two seasons just. It’s the exclusive home, it’s fine. But, um, that made me think of that cuz I was like, oh, you know, party down. [00:35:00] Is I, I think that it, coming back, I think it’s, I think it’s more successful. Like, I think the episodes are better, uh, than rest of development.

[00:35:07] Christina: Um, at least the, the first edit, I think when they reedited season four, rest development, season four was fine. I think the first frame of it is, I, I get what they were trying to do. It didn’t work at all. Um, But, uh, but yeah, no, I, I love Lizzie Kaplan. She’s about to be in. Um, maybe it has started, but, uh, but, but, uh, fatal Attraction.

[00:35:31] Christina: Oh, no, no. It starts, um, uh, in, uh, like three weeks. They’re, uh, they’re doing a Fatal Attraction reboot on Paramount Plus,

[00:35:38] Brett: All right. I have Paramount Plus. I’ll watch that.

[00:35:41] Christina: I mean, s.

[00:35:42] Brett: I’ll watch anything. Lizzy

[00:35:44] Christina: Me too. B b. But this is like this, this is actually a really good cast. So it’s Lucy Kaplan playing the Alex Forest character. That’s, uh, um, Glen Close’s character and Fatal attraction. Joshua Jackson is playing. Dan, who was the, um, uh, Michael Douglas character and [00:36:00] Amanda, Pete is playing. Um, uh, Beth, who was the, uh, the wife who’s the actress’s name I can’t think of, uh, right now.

[00:36:08] Christina: Um, so. I’m, I’m super into this.

[00:36:13] Brett: Nice. Yes. All right. Um, should we do some gratitude?

[00:36:19] Christina: No. First we need to do a, uh, promo swap.

[00:36:22] Brett: Oh my God. Like the whole reason we did the episode this week was cuz we had a pro. Thank you so much. I’m, I’m so glad you’re on the ball. These mushrooms are not helping.

[00:36:32] Promo Swap: Techmeme Ride Home

[00:36:32] Brett: Um. So this week we are doing a promo swap with the Tech Meme Ride Home. When the New Yorker magazine asked Mark Zuckerberg how he gets his news.

[00:36:43] Brett: He said, the one news source he definitely follows is Tech Meme. For four years now, the Tech Meme Ride Home podcast has been Silicon Valley’s favorite tech news source. The podcast has become so successful in fact that it launched a venture fund where the [00:37:00] listeners to the show are the LPs and the fund.

[00:37:03] Brett: The tech meme ride home is like T L D R as a service. It’s not just the latest headlines from the world of tech, it’s also the context around the latest news of the day. It’s all the top stories, the top posts and tweets and conversations about those stories as well as the behind the scenes analysis.

[00:37:22] Brett: Guests who have come on to lend their expertise include Andreessen Horowitz’s, Chris Dixon, and Bloomberg’s Apple Rumor King Mark Germond. The folks at Tech Meme are online all day reading everything so they can catch you. So listen to the One podcast. Anyone who’s anyone in Silicon Valley listens to you every single day.

[00:37:43] Brett: Search your podcast app now for Ride Home and subscribe to the Tech Meme Ride Home podcast just in case Overtired has had not been giving you enough tech lately.

[00:37:54] Christina: Yeah. Um, also it’s, it’s great, uh, TLDR podcast and it’s from, uh, Brian McCullough who, um, [00:38:00] is, uh, is involved with it, who, uh, did the internet history podcast, um, and the book, um, how the, how the internet was built or how the web was built or something. Um, Brian’s great. I’ve been on, um, his podcast a number of times, and, and Te Ride Home is a very good, uh, I hate to agree with Mark Zuckerberg on anything but.

[00:38:17] Christina: Where I go for like my tech news and up and update and, and the, the Ride Home podcast is really good.

[00:38:22] Brett: Yeah, that, that wouldn’t have been the opening line. I’d have gone for like name dropping Mark Zuckerberg as like your opening line for the promo read, but they wrote it. I went with it.

[00:38:34] Christina: yeah. Uh, but, but it genuinely is like a website I go to that and Media Gazer, which is like the, the, the media version of Tech Meme. I go to those sites like nonstop. So,

[00:38:45] Grapptitude

[00:38:45] Brett: All right. So my gratitude, gratitude, um, my gratitude is, uh, an app on my phone that came in so handy on this trip. It’s called Find Me Gluten Free. [00:39:00] Um, or find me GF as it appears on your phone. And it is a comprehensive list of all the, it’s like Yelp, but for gluten-free dining. And it will find you all of the restaurants that either have gluten-free options or a dedicated gluten-free menu, or our dedicated gluten free.

[00:39:22] Brett: And you can see reviews, you can read from actual. Like people with celiac disease that absolutely like have to know what’s gluten free. Like I’m, I’m sensitive to gluten. It causes me intestinal problems. Uh, but I will survive. But, but to have like people who can literally die from it. Writing the reviews, uh, gives me a lot of reassurance and it found us some amazing food that, that, like searching gluten free on Yelp did not find.

[00:39:55] Brett: Um, so I, I highly recommend. Find me [00:40:00] gluten free. You can pay for like the paid tier seems to be really geared towards Celiac, um, and, and of less interest to me, like just the free version alone. Did everything I needed it to do. Um, Which is not to say I am opposed to paying for it, uh, just none of the perks of the paid version really seemed, uh, of importance to me thus far.

[00:40:28] Brett: Um, so, so even if you’re, you’re gluten free and just want a free app to, to explore with, it is, it’s a great choice.

[00:40:37] Christina: Fantastic. Fantastic. So, um, that’s really good, I think for people to, like, that’s, that’s a good thing to know, like, It’s good to have these sorts of alternatives to some of, like the, the big mainstays, especially, um, if they’re updated. Well,

[00:40:52] Brett: Yeah, and that’s the thing, like there’s a big, there’s a big. Audience, big enough user base that it actually is very [00:41:00] complete and full of reviews. Like even more reviews for most of these restaurants than you would find on like Yelp. And, and I think that’s critical for an app like this is to have enough people, uh, submitting restaurants and reviewing restaurants to actually make it worthwhile.

[00:41:16] Brett: And it, it’s pulled that off.

[00:41:20] Christina: For sure. So my, um, pick. Um, but no, but I like that it, it, and it, I, like I said, like I think keeping like those communities, like active is the hardest thing, so, you know what I mean? Like, so it’s, I’m glad, glad that you found an app that has like a, a, a, a wide, uh, user base, and that’s really good. On that. On that note, I’m also going to have a um, uh, iPhone app.

[00:41:46] Christina: Um, this was one that I used. When I was at Disney World actually, and, but it’s spring break. This might be useful to people if they are going [00:42:00] to like the, the, the Disney parks or, or whatever. Um, it does cost money if you wanna get the, the full benefits, but honestly, it’s worth it. So the whole thing is, is that, um, the, the.

[00:42:14] Christina: Like default, like Disney World and like Disneyland app suck, like the Disneyland app from what I understand is better. And my, my past experience with that one has been better. But like the actual like Disney experience app for Disney for, for Walt Disney World and, and all those assorted parks in Orlando is terrible.

[00:42:31] Christina: Like for as much money as Disney has, and for as much as you would think that having a good app experience would be something that would be really good for their bottom line in terms of having people spend more money and whatnot, they really. It’s, it’s bizarre to see a company that has like nailed every other aspect of the experience.

[00:42:49] Christina: Just has like, the tech is terrible and like, like it’s, it’s both the website and the, the app. It’s just not great. Um, but one of the nice features about the app when [00:43:00] it’s working is that it shows you like what your line time is for various rides. Like, like, like what? Like what, what, what the weight is.

[00:43:07] Brett: What is the app called?

[00:43:10] Christina: This app is called, uh, Disney World Lines, um, parentheses, TPS from Touring Plans, but this is better than the actual Disney Experience app.

[00:43:21] Brett: Yeah, I hear you. I just, I just said I was waiting to add it to the show notes.

[00:43:26] Christina: No, I know, but, but I was trying to give some, but I’m trying to give some context to why I’m, I’m recommending this app because, because people would be like, why would I pay for this? When I can get in the Disney Experience app, I can get an update of what the standby line time is.

[00:43:38] Brett: Yep. All right.

[00:43:40] Christina: that time isn’t accurate.

[00:43:41] Christina: Sometimes it is accurate, sometimes it’s way behind. Sometimes it’s, you know, like, uh, an actual line time might be more like 15 minutes and it’ll show 45, or it’ll show two and a half hours and maybe it’ll be like four. So what, um, uh, the, this, uh, this. App from touring plans.com [00:44:00] does, but it’s a, um, it, it’s lines is, is is their app.

[00:44:03] Christina: They have a number of different ones. They have one for Disneyland, they have one for Disney World, and then they have their, um, uh, one for, for, um, Orlando. Um, it’s uh, it’s $18 for a one year subscription. And you’re probably only gonna use the app once. So I’m warning you on that. Right. However, similar to your, like a gluten free dining app, this is a crowdsourced thing where you can see the timelines for both attractions and for, for, for dining.

[00:44:33] Christina: Um, actually where you can. Speed the various parks and you can say, this is how long you’re expected to wait. And you can get ride suggestions like based on like the crowds and based on trends and past days to figure out like, do I wanna wait in this line or do I wanna, do, I wanna wait in this one? And, and, and what’s the overall park busy level?

[00:44:54] Christina: And so it’s really useful to be able to know, hey, [00:45:00] Like, and you can help it out. So like, it has a timer built into the app. So like, you can start the timer, like, I got in line now, and then I stop it when, um, you know, I’m getting off and it’ll let me know like how accurate, you know, like the, the, the posted time was.

[00:45:13] Christina: And, and that feeds, feeds the recommendations.

[00:45:16] Brett: That’s worth $18. If it saved you, like after what you paid for your, your Disney World Pass, if it can save you from spending four hours and align when you didn’t expect to for something that wasn’t like your primary focus for the day, that’s, that’s $18. Like you’ve saved that much money by like getting in shorter lines and taking more advantage of the park.

[00:45:40] Christina: 100%. I completely agree. Um, my point was just that there, I know there are going to be some people who are just like, I’m not paying for this and this

[00:45:48] Brett: I’ve al I’ve already paid to go to Tissie World. I’m not gonna pay for

[00:45:52] Christina: I’ve already paid to go to Disney. I’ve paid a lot of money to go to Disney. I don’t, I don’t wanna, um, uh, do this. I [00:46:00] get that.

[00:46:00] Christina: But this was, this was an app. Just you you’re talking about, um, um, being able to find, you know, uh, recommendations and ti and, you know, things are in food. Maybe think, oh, right. This was actually a really useful app that I, I used while at Disney.

[00:46:15] Brett: Yeah, these are good, good travel apps

[00:46:17] Christina: Yeah. Yeah. And, and actually, uh, we recommended this one by, uh, by Corey Doctoral.

[00:46:22] Christina: So thank you Corey, for the, for the, for the, for the tip. And, um, I appreciate that. And, uh, yeah, so that’s, that’s my pick.

[00:46:33] Brett: Nice. All right. Well, we have a, a shorter, shorter episode this week, um, minus Jeff, uh, basically 15 minutes that, uh, That, that that would’ve been Jeff time if he were here. But no, um, instead we, that was a good episode. It was a little me media heavy, maybe.

[00:46:56] Christina: No, I think it was good. It

[00:46:57] Brett: of

[00:46:58] Christina: No, it was a good return. It was, honestly, it [00:47:00] was a good return to form. Like I think this was good. This was like a classic over, uh, this look, again, this was like the, the original recipe, Overtired, the original configuration. We, we miss Jeff and, and we hope that his stomach is feeling better.

[00:47:12] Christina: I think Jeff is definitely made the show better, but like, this is like a good throwback like, you know, season two episode of the.

[00:47:20] Brett: we got some like Christina dropping knowledge about like nineties tv. Like that’s, that’s nostalgic for me.

[00:47:28] Christina: Uh, yeah.

[00:47:29] Brett: we just don’t do that enough anymore.

[00:47:32] Christina: We don’t, we don’t. No, but I’m, because I’m gonna go back and I’m gonna watch beef now, which, uh, um, which is, which is great. Um, okay. I think I will too. I’m excited about that. Yeah.

[00:47:44] Brett: Well, Christina, get some sleep.

[00:47:46] Christina: Get some sleep, Brett.