270: You Put What in a Jar?

Farts. It’s farts in a jar. Spontaneous pregnancy, crypto backlash, and, why not, let’s debate the value of The Matrix.

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Overtired 270

[00:00:00] Christina: You are listening to overtired. I’m Christina Warren, and I’m here as always with Mr. Brett. Terpstra happy. 20, 22 Brett

[00:00:12] Brett: Hey, happy, happy new year. How are you doing?

[00:00:15] Christina: new year. I’m not bad. My bad. I’m a little tired. Um, I like, I slept a lot yesterday and then today, which is Sunday as we’re recording this, like, I’ve got like, maybe like a 45 minute nap because we were supposed to record at a certain time. And then I like took a nap then instead. But I, I, I basically didn’t go to bed at all.

[00:00:35] So it’s like early afternoon. I mean, it’s like 11:00 AM here. So it was like early afternoon, basically. And, and I’ve slept like 45 minutes in the last, I don’t know, 18 hours, but I slept a ton yesterday. So my sleep schedule is swamped. Is what I’m

[00:00:51] Brett: What, why are you up on.

[00:00:52] Christina: I know. I don’t know. I was, I was getting pulled into reading about stupid drama on.

[00:00:59] the [00:01:00] internet and, and other stuff.

[00:01:02] Brett: Yeah, that’s breeding stupid drama on the internet is not usually the reason you stay up. It’s just a symptom of not sleeping.

[00:01:10] Christina: No, this is very true. This is very true. And I’m not sure I think. Okay. So I’m pretty sure I had Omicron, um, uh, because of testing, uh, like it’s, it’s impossible to know, but I am better now, but I’m pretty sure I, had on the crime. And so like, I think as I was getting that out of my system, like my, my sleep schedule, just not great.

[00:01:33] So.

[00:01:34] Brett: I, so they talk about Alma, crown being milder, but the long COVID shit is really like I’ve gone into full lockdown. I’ve canceled my weekly visits with my parents. And, uh, like Al is masking full-time at work, even when no one’s no customers are in the yarn shop. And like, we are doing our best not to eat a mild infection.

[00:01:58] Doesn’t scare us, but the long-term [00:02:00] effects are frightening.

[00:02:03] Christina: Yeah. Yeah.

[00:02:04] no. Um, and, and it’s impossible to know me cause long COVID we know so little about it. I think at this point, Alma Cron for a lot of us is probably kind of a foregone conclusion just because of how rapidly it’s spreading. And it does seem like if I had it, if I didn’t fact habit, I had the symptoms of a cold, um, and you know, I had like, um, my throat was sore.

[00:02:25] I never had a cough. I never had a fever, my ears hurt, but it was one of those things that would have been like I would have in any other year pre pandemic would have written off as like a winter cold, you

[00:02:37] Brett: Well, and bonus, the antibodies will keep you from catching Delta.

[00:02:42] Christina: right, right. Which is very important. No, I was going to say, I mean, like the thing is, is that I I’ve been Vaxxed. I’ve been boosted and now I’m, I’m 99% sure that I’ve had Omicron. So I should hopefully protect it against, you know, the, the serious. [00:03:00] Um, variants at least as far as we

[00:03:02] Brett: are you self-diagnosing? I thought we’ve talked about that.

[00:03:06] Christina: I usually don’t self

[00:03:07] Brett: I’m joking.

[00:03:08] Christina: I know, I will know with the, the testing situation is so fucked up. Like I haven’t been able to, you know, in the window when I, when I would have tested positive, I wasn’t able to test. So like, that’s the problem. So,

[00:03:23] Brett: I’m just I’m I’m not leaving the house. I guess. I, I went to the co-op, but like, it’s not like I’m like scared and hiding inside. I just, I never leave the house anyway. Um, I’m just being a little extra cautious now.

[00:03:40] Christina: no, I mean, I think that makes total sense. I mean, like I had to, I had to fly home and, um, you know, like, uh, I think that I might’ve actually had it when I was still in Atlanta. I don’t even know, you know, and I was certainly masking and doing everything I could there, but like, Georgia. It was weird. I think I might, I don’t know if I talked about this with you, I’m on the last pod that we did before the end of the year or not, [00:04:00] but I was heartened and also it was like, it was kind of a weird like WTF moment because we were in Costco wearing masks and most of the other people were wearing masks, which was nice to see considering it is not a requirement in Georgia.

[00:04:18] Um, and I saw a guy on like a motorized scooter in a mask wearing a Maga hat and I was like, huh,

[00:04:28] Brett: That’s interesting.

[00:04:30] Christina: I was like, this is an interesting.

[00:04:31] sight to see this. And I’m like, I feel pretty confident. He probably isn’t Bakst but it, at least it was nice to see someone in a mega hat wearing a mask. You know what I mean?

[00:04:44] Like, I’m not like I doesn’t make me necessarily feel better about the state of humanity, but it also, I, that that was not a site that I expected.

[00:04:52] Brett: Yeah, especially the recent polling that shows that I think 40, some [00:05:00] percent of Republicans believe that January six was done to protect was to protect democracy. And 30% still believed that Joe Biden didn’t win the election. That’s he? Those are huge numbers. This is crazy. It’s crazy.

[00:05:18] Christina: that’s it. This is beyond crazy.

[00:05:19] Like, it’s just, I just don’t even know. And it’s gotten worse, you know what I mean? Like, like this is just

[00:05:26] Brett: yeah, I mean, and Trump has never conceded, he continues to he’s continues to rail that it was a fraudulent election and he’s going to keep doing that all the way through 20, 24. But if you never lost, are you still eligible to run or are we counting this towards his, his max eight years?

[00:05:48] Christina: No. I mean, he, he could, so, Ron, I think at this point it’s an age thing. It’s like, you know what I mean? And it’s also, I think, I think that he’s kind of the boogeyman and I think that my [00:06:00] hope is, and, and, and this is, you know, me being hopeful, which is always a bad thing. My hope is, is that his, the way that he’s acting where he’s kind of like doing the, will he won’t he run thing is that that will potentially impede, um, the Republican party from having a better candidate ready to go in 20, 24.

[00:06:21] Um,

[00:06:21] Brett: a primary against them there?

[00:06:23] Christina: well, that’s what I’m saying. And so they’re going to be at a point where they’re going to have to wait until it’s very clear that he’s not running before they can even start that process, which is going to make a difficult, right. For both fun for fundraising for, for so many

[00:06:36] Brett: Yeah, but there’s a whole host of sycophantic imitators waiting to, to step

[00:06:42] Christina: there are.

[00:06:43] Brett: all of, all of Trump’s fundraising machinery could go to whoever, you know, does end up in the.

[00:06:50] Christina: Oh 100%, 100%. I just feel like, you know, ideally if you were going to be like coming up with another campaign [00:07:00] thing, like you would be starting to put out the feelers right now, to be honest. And you know what I mean? So late and you would be starting to kind of, you know, shore up stuff. If it, if we’re into, you know, like 20, 23 and you know, it’s still kind of a, uh, an up there thing, that’s going to put them at a disadvantage, even if they turn on his campaign spicket, right?

[00:07:22] Like that’s, that’s still going to from like just a pure, like ground game perspective, not be great. Uh, I think that if it’s not him, uh, and I don’t think it will be him. I think that for, for many reasons, I’m hoping that like the cooler heads will prevail and mold like him. And Sam’s like, dude, You know, die in, in west Palm beach in peace, you know what I mean?

[00:07:44] Like continue to be the boogeyman on TV, which is what he always wanted. Anyway. He, he never really wanted to be president. Uh, but, but I sadly think, I think it’s going to be, um, the, the, uh, the governor of Florida, um, who’s going to be the candidate, [00:08:00] um,

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[00:09:19] Christina: Yeah,

[00:09:20] Florida Man and Fallout

[00:09:20] Brett: If I were, if I were in, if I were in Florida, I would definitely want a simply safe system

[00:09:25] Christina: Yeah. For lots of reasons. Yeah. To protect against lots of different

[00:09:29] Brett: and entertainment. Right. I mean, the shit that has

[00:09:32] Christina: all the Florida man, are you kidding me? Like the Florida man videos alone, that you would be able to like view like, honestly, like that would be pretty great

[00:09:41] Brett: Mm. Catch catch Matt gates with underage women. And you’re in your back in your pool, in your backyard.

[00:09:49] Christina: not to mention just all the other like random Florida shit that happens, you

[00:09:53] Brett: Yeah. I don’t know if this is good advertising for our sponsor, but

[00:09:57] Christina: I mean, it’s probably I’m, I’m just saying

[00:09:59] Brett: get when you [00:10:00] advertise with us, you know, you, you, you could see it as good. You could see it as bad, but that’s what you get.

[00:10:06] Christina: This is what you get.

[00:10:07] And, and I think that this is, look, if you want to actually have the audience pay attention to an ad read, this is probably, I would say is probably something that’s going to be more successful for you.

[00:10:17] Brett: Oh man. You know, who does really good ad reads? Um, some more news, uh, Corey Johnson, uh, does these just over the top sarcastic average and I love them and like, they’re entertaining enough to listen to that. I, I think they’re actually way more effective than a straight read. I think they’ve must, they must clear the scripts with the sponsors beforehand because some of the, some of the things I say, I would think they would have to do make goods all the time anyway, so.

[00:10:53] Okay. Have you ever had, have you, did you watch season one of the Witcher?

[00:10:59] Christina: [00:11:00] I did.

[00:11:00] Brett: So you’re familiar with the, with the character.

[00:11:05] Christina: I am. I am we talked about this before? My problem is I like didn’t remember all of it, so I need to watch the second season, but I need to go back and watch the first one first. And I just

[00:11:12] Brett: And we did that. I J I joined L started watching the first season again, and I wasn’t motivated, but then about episode, I think I watched four through, I think there’s six. Um, I joined her and we watched them and I got really into it again. And I remembered why I loved it. And then we watched season two and we kind of binged it, I think a couple of weeks.

[00:11:34] And, um, if any show has ever been capable of getting a woman spontaneously pregnant, I think it season two of the Witcher,

[00:11:46] Christina: Nice. So he’s had

[00:11:48] Brett: looks, his Boyce, like everything about him gets like magnified in season two. He is unbelievably hot. And the weird thing is we looked up interviews with the [00:12:00] actor. Do not, you, you, you cannot see the Witcher in the act or when he’s doing an interview, his voice is different.

[00:12:08] His, without the wig he’s he looks nothing like him. Like even his walk. Is he not in any Superman I’ve ever seen, but I haven’t seen the Superman movie since the eighties.

[00:12:20] Christina: okay. Well, yeah, I know he was a Superman and the, and the Amy Adams and then, um, you know, the, um, yeah,

[00:12:26] Brett: Amy Adams was in a Superman movie.

[00:12:28] Christina: Yeah,

[00:12:30] Brett: I’ll take your word for it. I’ll I might go look that up, but I can tell you that

[00:12:33] Christina: no. He’s also in Batman V Superman, which is not good, but, but in, in, in the, the man of steel, uh, which, which was good, it, yeah. Um, but yeah. Yeah.

[00:12:42] Brett: Is he sexy in that?

[00:12:43] Christina: Um,

[00:12:45] Brett: Cause he’s just like hinder his interview. He’s a good looking guy, but not like panty dropper.

[00:12:50] Christina: No totally. Although he there’s this video that he did last year where he built his own gaming PC, and it was the great, like he put it on his [00:13:00] Instagram and he did like a thing, like kind of like a, um, um, like a time-lapse thing of him building his PC and like putting all the parts in and stuff. It was, it was freaking awesome.

[00:13:11] Like, because he’s apparently like a huge nerd. Like he played the games before he was cast. And like, he apparently for one of his auditions, like, he was almost like, you almost missed it because he was playing, you know, some multiplayer game or something. And, and I’m seeing him build his, uh, his, his gaming PC was like, actually pretty fucking great.

[00:13:32] Cause he’s got the muscles out and he’s doing the whole thing. And like, and he’s not doing it in like a, I’m trying to be sexy kind of way. He’s like really doing it in like for, for nerds, for somebody reasons. As a female nerd, I was like, oh my God, this is the hottest thing ever. Um, and, uh, Yeah, he’s, he’s fantastic.

[00:13:51] Um,

[00:13:51] Brett: well, as, as Witcher, I can attest that he is definitely pretty goddamn [00:14:00] sexy.

[00:14:01] Christina: he is. And, and he’s, he’s just, he’s, he’s lovely. I really

[00:14:04] Brett: Also I’ve realized, I think I like fantasy. I I’ve always considered myself a scifi person, but could take her li fantasy, but like shadow and bone. And, uh, I guess ever since, uh, the habit trilogy or the Lord of the rings trilogy, I mean, um, I’ve kinda, I’ve had a soft place for dragons and magic and I don’t, I didn’t recognize this part of myself until now.

[00:14:35] Christina: That’s really interesting. Um, and I have to say, cause I’m not, I mean, I’m usually the same as you, like, I’m like, I like Saifai, wouldn’t call myself like a huge fantasy person. Like never like Lord of the rings. I don’t really care for, um, you know, I never read any of the books, but I do like, I do like Witcher and, uh, I, I, I could maybe get into some games.

[00:14:54] Um, uh, this is kind of a tangent, so, which I think is like one of the [00:15:00] few, if only like good adaptations of like a video game that I’ve ever. You know, like in another medium, like it, it, it, it usually it does not work well at all. Um, I don’t know you saw the news this week. Um, the showrunner of, um, uh, creator of, um, Westworld is, um, going to be creating greenlit, a fallout TV series.

[00:15:26] Brett: That I’m not a gamer. I know that fallout is a game and that’s where the knowledge ends.

[00:15:33] Christina: Okay. So you would love fallout because fallout is like dystopic as fuck. And it is completely like, it’s a, post-apocalyptic kind of a role playing game, but there’s like a leader, like version there’s like kind of action elements into it. It’s really, really, really fucking good. Um, and, um, like is kind of has like a, like a retro futurist kind of like element it’s really good.

[00:15:54] Um, I would say that like the, um, Like the, the fallout, [00:16:00] um, 76, which was, came out like that, which is like a spinoff, not good, but like fallout, fallout to follow three follow for like fucking fantastic games. And the storyline is really good. And like, it’s always been really head of its time in terms of like letting characters, like be like whatever gender they want to be and having different roles and stuff.

[00:16:19] And it’s just, it’s a really good game. But, um, this is one of the things where like my first concert, I was like, okay, well you could fuck this up really easily. And, um, but then I looked at like the, um, the team that is behind it and S and it looks great. So it is basically Jonathan Nolan is directing and he’s the, he’s the co-creator and the showrunner of Westworld, which is great in west role is already similar in a lot of ways to follow.

[00:16:46] So that’s

[00:16:46] Brett: Oh, I, I was, I heard Christopher Nolan. This is a different Nolan.

[00:16:51] Christina: No different Nolan. yet. So, so this is the guy that created an and is directed a lot of episodes, especially the first season of Westworld. [00:17:00] Okay.

[00:17:00] And Westworld has a very similar fallout vibe. So honestly, I feel like that’s a match, but then the two show runners, um, are, um, uh, Geneva, Robertson, um, duet and Graham Wagner, and their credits respectively are like the perfect map mix for this show.

[00:17:16] So, um, uh, gene of Robertson, uh, Doret co-wrote captain Marvel and also the 2018 tumor film, which is again, one of the rare examples of like a good adaptation of a video game and Anthony thing. I think that the 2018 tomb Raider film was like better than. I mean, the, the, the reboot of the tomb Raider games are good, but like the original ones, weren’t great.

[00:17:41] And like the original films, you know, Angelina Jolie is iconic, but, you know, they’re not really anything that’s special. Whereas I think that like the 20 18 2 murder film was both really is really good and is a good way of bringing kind of the reboot of that franchise to that medium. And then the other, uh, show runner, um, was an executive producer on [00:18:00] Portlandia and on Silicon valley and baskets.

[00:18:02] And so that’s like the perfect match to me where you’ve got, okay, somebody who has real kind of like action chops, as well as somebody who, you know, Portlandia and Silicon valley, like really getting the humor and, and that sort of like wryness sound. So just from the creative team, not knowing anything else about it, like, I am feeling incredibly, incredibly, like hopeful about this, which as someone who loves the fallout games, this makes me happy because this would be.

[00:18:36] What would be a usual and this is going to be on Amazon, by the way, this would usually be like something that would fill me with red being like, okay, you’re trying to adapt one of the greatest games series of all time. You’re going to fuck it up. You’re not going to get the tone. Right. You’re not going to do it, you know, any of it, justice.

[00:18:52] And I feel like they might, they might nail it. And similarly to the way I feel like, like Witcher has been incredibly well done.

[00:18:58] Brett: All right. That was, [00:19:00] that was, that was a classic Christina, uh, tangent. Beautiful. Do you have anything linkable for this? Uh,

[00:19:07] Christina: I sure do. I sure do. Yep. There, it was a exclusive, I’m going to add that to the show notes

[00:19:13] Brett: Um, speaking of movies, is this a movie or a TV series?

[00:19:20] Christina: was a TV series, but they’re all the same

[00:19:22] Brett: Eh, they kind of are these like short run six, eight episode where it’s one long story arc. I feel like they are just really long movies that you can watch in chunks. But anyway, I, I had decided not to watch matrix resurrections just because the overall reviews were dismal.

[00:19:42] Um, and it just, I wasn’t interested in, like, I, I think we talked, we neither of us really remember the second or third movies. We remember the first one, uh, we kind of erase the second and third from our memories and I feel like. If it wasn’t going to be good, I didn’t need to see a fourth [00:20:00] if I already found the first two SQLs forgettable, but then I, I watched a YouTube from second thought on, uh, analyzing its its place as a trans political statement.

[00:20:16] Uh, the matrix as a whole, as it as trans politics. But, uh, especially the fourth one, which kind of peels back the, the fourth wall and they represent, they represent the, the movies as games that Neo or Tom Anderson has created. And therefore they can make social media critiques of the movies by way of treating them as a game trilogy and, and kind of break that wall down.

[00:20:50] So the movie could critique itself without being too heavy handed and just putting in a bunch of inside jokes. I ended up liking the movie. Like it helped that I was looking at it [00:21:00] through a lens of it being something other than it was on the cover. But I gotta say like, even as just a fun movie, I, I had a good time.

[00:21:10] It was a fun movie.

[00:21:13] Christina: Okay. Okay. Um, I didn’t hate it. I didn’t, I didn’t love it. It, it felt, um, I think that if I, I viewed it through like the different lens, I think that I might have like a different interpretation. Um, and then I read a lot of the discourse about that stuff, but, but for me, like, I, I’m very happy to like, see like that sort of reading into the trilogy and into the films, but it has always, in some ways, to me felt a little bit like, like, I don’t know, like rewriting history, um, not to say that

[00:21:49] Brett: except for, since the first movie came out, both what cow gays have come out as trans women.

[00:21:56] Christina: you’re, you’re completely correct. And I, and I’m not, I’m not debating that. I [00:22:00] just feel like some of the reading into that has been a little bit like. Over, like, that’s not to say that there might not have been some of those themes that were, you know, like maybe hidden deep inside, but I personally do not buy the theory that that was always like the hidden message of the film.

[00:22:18] I just don’t believe or the trilogy. I

[00:22:20] Brett: so I, and I don’t need it to be true of the original, but the fact that they, they, and they explicitly mention it in the fourth movie, uh, they, they talk about all the ways that the game has been interpreted and among them as, as trans political. And, uh, and I feel like they kind of embraced the eye, that idea, even if it wasn’t intentional in the beginning, they embraced it for this fourth movie.

[00:22:50] And I don’t remember which, which of the two sisters was the director of this one, but it was a solo effort. Yeah.[00:23:00]

[00:23:00] Christina: No. And I look, and I agree with that. And I think for the fourth one, I’m happy to view It through that lens for the previous three, even with like the acknowledgement that obviously both directors transitioned and that maybe you could say that that was part of, kind of like the, their, their underlying thoughts when they are going through that.

[00:23:17] I personally just don’t buy like the retroactive kind of like art tourism of being like, oh, well this was always the hidden meaning. And the reason I say that is just to be completely blunt. I feel like that gives way too much credit and like is, is, is frankly like too much fan service to all of the like ridiculous amount of essays that have been written, especially in the last five to seven years.

[00:23:43] About that subject, where, to me, it just doesn’t like, it just doesn’t compute. Like, I just don’t think that I just personally feel like maybe that was some of the subtext and maybe that was something that the, that the directors were going through, but I haven’t seen anything that makes me conclusively believe that that [00:24:00] actually was the real subtext.

[00:24:01] I think this is stuff that the people have gone in and seen Intuit. It’s kind of like when you see all the people who write these like really long essays or make these really long video essays about all the hidden meaning and Pixar films. And it’s like, okay, this is your interpretation, but this isn’t actually fact, um, the differences is that now they have turned some of that into, you know, Canon for lack of a better term for the fourth film.

[00:24:20] And I’m fine with that. And I’m fine with even taking on like that. Um, you know, like, like way of kind of like, you know, changing like the, the, the, the films going forward. I just personally w will not go back and view the other threes specifically through that, one. Um, for me personally, but I’m, I’m obviously people are walk Walkman to workship interpret things.

[00:24:43] However they want, um, some of the meta-analysis of the, of resurrections did it didn’t bother me. It just felt like, again, like it’s like, okay, well, who are you making? Like, what’s the point of this? Is, is this just to be kind of meta [00:25:00] and kind of responsive and kind of, you know, like, whatnot. Um, I think my biggest issue with the film though, and again, like, I didn’t hate it.

[00:25:07] I just, the second third phones are bad. They’re not good films. And I felt like there was an opportunity here to in many ways, just kind of discount or diminish what those were and to, you know, do kind of a true kind of response to the first film.

[00:25:26] Brett: I remember, I remember nothing about the plot and the second and third movies, and it didn’t matter for watching resurrections. Like I felt like there was, there were no references in it that I didn’t immediately understand.

[00:25:40] Christina: Yeah.

[00:25:40] I mean, that, that that’s fair to a certain extent. I just feel like they could have erased and like changed how some of those things were set out. I just felt like it, you know, like to me that just felt like a failure. It was just like, okay, you had the second and third films, which were not good films.

[00:25:53] And, and that many of the Koski fans for years and years defended, because I remember this, I [00:26:00] remember being like, I wasn’t an active part of the discourse cause I didn’t care enough, but it was one of those things that like we would get like get into kind of like arguments about it with people, you know, If you will go, you know, defending this and that, oh no, this is, this is this great story.

[00:26:12] This is algorithm, this and that. And it’s all these other things. That’s why these two, these two films have to exist. I’m like, okay, but they’re shitty films. And to be even furtherly blunt, if I’m just being honest and going on and Christina rant, the first film is a technical Marvel and was in the right place at the right time and was released at the perfect time.

[00:26:31] What is overrated? It’s not that great of a movie, like as a movie. It’s not that great. I think that if it had come out even six months later, I do not think that we would continually be talking about the matrix. Now it came out when it came out and it was a juggernaut and it was hugely impactful and I’m not taking anything away from that, but it came out in a, in an incredible year for cinema, like an incredible year for cinema.

[00:26:53] And it came out in April of 2000 of 1999. If it had come out six months later and it was having to be in the same conversation [00:27:00] as American beauty and Magnolia and fight club, we would not be talking about the matrix. Like, no, not at all. I don’t think that it would have taken on the way that it did. I think that it took on for, for a couple of reasons.

[00:27:14] First, as I said, April, 1999, perfect time for it to be released the, the, the graphics and the stuff like, you know, like, like bullet time was really incredible. And then what happened was when the DVD release happened, it was the perfect timing because that was right when people started buying DVD players.

[00:27:33] And so it came out on DVD and September of 99 and became even like months after that, like bundled with a lot of people’s DVD players. So for many people, it was the first film they got on DVD and that, and DVD, because there were more of the films, they were higher definition, like, uh, people collected movies and rewash them in a different way.

[00:27:53] And there were extra features and all that stuff. And so I think that that impacted the film far [00:28:00] more than. Like, I think that that timing was just like perfect. And I, and I do wonder, I think that if it had gone up against like some of the other films in, especially in late 99, I don’t, I don’t know if it would have done as well at the box office and consequently, I don’t think it would have had the home video legs, which is what made it, you know, the juggernaut.

[00:28:21] I feel like the timing

[00:28:22] Brett: I think it still would have had the same fan base though.

[00:28:26] Christina: Um, I think it would’ve had a fan base. I don’t think that it would have been what it is. Like people wouldn’t have like, like 10 million people or however many people had the DVD wouldn’t have had the DVD. Like I think that that timing was like really perfect. Um, and

[00:28:41] Brett: We may never

[00:28:42] Christina: yeah, but we will, we will never know.

[00:28:44] I just, I, I stand by the fact that I think that the consequent reason, why was the timing and looked at Jaime, it was perfect. I’m not taking anything away from that, but I do feel like that was as important of an element as anything else, you know, um, for, for that, for that [00:29:00] series, And I feel like that shows because if you look at like the second and third films, they had like, record-breaking, you know.

[00:29:07] like box office stuff, but they were not well received.

[00:29:09] They were not good films and they haven’t had the legacy at all. You know, that the, the, the, the first one had, so,

[00:29:17] Brett: Um, I would like to correct my earlier statement. The video that I watched that got me to watch the movie was from Renegade cut. It was titled the matrix. Resurrections is absolutely beautiful. That’s the title, which I believe, I believe he put out there as clickbait because. Uh, that’s a contrarian point of view, but I linked that in the show notes.

[00:29:41] I did appreciate that they, because of this, uh, referencing the matrix as a video game, they were able to say the phrase bullet time. However, I feel like they failed to live up to. I mean, that like [00:30:00] bullet time in the original movie was so, uh, groundbreaking and it was such a stunning visual effect. And.

[00:30:09] Christina: it was, And.

[00:30:10] it was, it was that, and it was that corn video that, that corn video did have at the

[00:30:13] Brett: I don’t remember that corn video. I D I never, I never saw it, I don’t think, but, um, but they, then they mention it, they named drop the effect, and then they do a pretty poor representation of, of bullet time in, in matrix resurrections. That was a little disappointed. You have the opportunity to, to like really recreate a pivotal moment in film history and you failed, but.

[00:30:43] Christina: Right. No, totally. So, so it was frequent on leash, which was like, corn’s big breakout song in 99. You were not watching MTV in 1999. I was in high school. So I obviously was, I was watching TRL every day, but this video was actually directed by Todd McFarlane who, you know, taught [00:31:00] McFarland of, of, of comic book fame.

[00:31:01] Um, and, um, and it was an animation and there, there was live action stuff and they had a bullet time sequence and, and that actually predated the, um, the matrix by a couple of months, but obviously the matrix was already done, but, but those sorts of things were, were kind of, you know, happening. Like, obviously what happened, the matrix was, was, was bigger, but the matrix like explode at

[00:31:22] Brett: Like the tech, the technology that like the full circle of, of high rise cameras that it takes to pull off the, the 3d frozen, uh, action moment, uh, was definitely like that the matrix didn’t invent that

[00:31:40] Christina: No, but it popularized it and it was the one who did it the best. And again, I think like, to my point, like, did you watch it like downloaded, like, like, like defects, like where’s copies before it came out on

[00:31:50] Brett: the matrix, I don’t remember.

[00:31:54] Christina: Okay. Cause when I was, again, I was in high school. Um, what happened? What happened is like [00:32:00] people either they were cam copies or they were decent, like digital, you know, uh, copies or whatever.

[00:32:06] They’re probably cam copies, meaning people sitting in the back of a movie theater recording with a camera, but, um, uh, those got on the internet, like. Immediately and because some people had high-speed internet, uh, I did not, I still had, I was still stuck with dial up cause we didn’t have a cable in my neighborhood yet, but some of my friends did, they were on the, this was before BitTorrent, but they were on like Napster and the other types of services.

[00:32:32] And so were those things where people were, you know, like downloading it and then burning it to, um, CD at that point, because most people didn’t have the DVD, um, uh, players. And if they did, they didn’t have DVD burners at home. Um, like I had a DVD drive, but I didn’t have like a, um, a DVD R drive. Um, but people were like burning them to CDs and watching them that way.

[00:32:53] We’re watching them as like, you know, like, you know, um, MPEG, you know, iMovie files. And so I [00:33:00] think the matrix was probably the first like full length film that I ever had, like a downloaded copy of on my computer that was watching before, you know, once before it came out on DVD. And like that was maybe a week after it was in theaters.

[00:33:13] So it was one of those things that a lot of us, we were watching over and over and over and over again, before the film even came out on home video, which just made it immediately be like, Yeah.

[00:33:22] well, I want to watch you the higher quality version, you know, once it’s out on DVD. So for, for a lot of people have like a certain age who I think are, uh, not completely the, the, the core fan base, but, but a lot of people on the fan base were people who were like, okay, this was like the beginning of us downloading, not just music with movies off the

[00:33:41] Brett: So again, timing.

[00:33:44] Christina: Yes.

[00:33:45] Brett: So speaking of timing, no, I can’t, I can’t pull that one off. Um, speaking of saving money, is it okay to lead in from the idea of pirating films into cheaper [00:34:00] wireless?

[00:34:01] Christina: 100%. You’re looking to save money and, and, and, you know, going to the movies with $6 back in the day, so, Right. Yeah. Totally.

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[00:35:16] Crypto Backlash

[00:35:16] Brett: Um, so the other thing that that’s been on my mind this week is the crypto backlash.

[00:35:24] Christina: Yeah.

[00:35:25] Brett: I, it, I spent a lot of time converting myself to being a Firefox user and I’m a pretty happy Firefox user.

[00:35:34] And then Mozilla announced they were taking crypto donations and, uh, the, one of the original founders of Mozilla, Jamie’s a wind ski, J J w Z on Twitter,

[00:35:50] Christina: I was going to say JW Z N and his and his blog, man.

[00:35:54] Brett: which block.

[00:35:55] Christina: I think, I think it’s jwc.org. I think that’s his

[00:35:58] Brett: Oh, I I’m, I’m [00:36:00] not, I, I don’t know a lot about the guy. Um, but he, he tweeted higher. I’m not sure whoever I’m sure whoever runs his account has no idea who I am, but I founded Mozilla and I’m here to say, fuck you and fuck this. Everyone involved in the project should be witheringly ashamed of this decision to part partner with planet incinerating, Ponzi, Grifters, and you just sent me an article.

[00:36:24] That’s. If I’m reading the headline correctly, they stopped after this. They stopped accepting crypto.

[00:36:31] Christina: They did, they did at least temporarily they, they, they stopped taking, um, um, they they’re pausing crypto donations because of the backlash. So, um, um, basically, um, yeah, cause, cause yeah, cause in, in Jimmy he was one of the original, like he was like one of the original founders. He was one of the original careers of Mozilla.

[00:36:49] He worked at Netscape. He’s like a hugely influential person in like the history of Mozilla. Um, and then Mozilla responded. So starting [00:37:00] today, we’re reviewing if and how our current policy on crypto.

[00:37:03] donations fits with our climate goals. And as we conduct our review, we will pause the ability to donate cryptocurrency in the spirit of open, uh, open source.

[00:37:12] This will be transparent process and we’ll share regular updates. We look forward to having this conversation and appreciate our community for bringing it to our.

[00:37:19] Brett: Yeah, I don’t really care if Mozilla accepts crypto, that doesn’t, that doesn’t make me want to stop using Firefox, but it also makes me wonder, do I understand the backlash at all? Like I, I know crypto is bad for the environment and I hate that. Like, I, I, it makes me question everything I do with crypto, and I know that people view it as, and you could speak a lot more to like the whole Ponzi scheme aspect of it, but does it, if, if a company decides to accept [00:38:00] donations using a form that people have available, is that really constitute grounds for a major backlash?

[00:38:09] Christina: Um, so I think it’s like a cultural thing at this point, in addition to just like the obvious, um, like potential, um, and, and actually not even potential, they are, there are very real environmental impacts of,

[00:38:22] Brett: no argument

[00:38:23] Christina: like that. That’s right. Like that, that is a real thing. Having said that, I mean, I also feel like this is one of those things that whether we like it or not, it is, it is here to say, uh, I think they are, you know, we’ve seen this before where companies have stopped taking cryptocurrency is donations.

[00:38:39] Usually when they’ve stopped, it hasn’t been because of any sort of environmental reason or backlash it’s been because the price fluctuates so much that it’s like, just not worth it for them. Like either they. Uh, cash out immediately, which can cost them some money and fees that, you know, they may or may not want to pay that overhead depending on how much they get, or if they’re holding [00:39:00] it in crypto, like, and they have to try to account for that on their balance.

[00:39:03] Somehow, you know, if you’re going up, you know, potentially many, many multiples or you’re losing a lot, like maybe, maybe you don’t want to do that. Uh, for Mozilla, I have to think that the amount of donations they are getting in cryptocurrency is probably a minuscule amount. I mean, they get almost all their money from Google.

[00:39:22] Um, you know, like Google gives them several hundred million dollars a year and that’s where the bulk of their money comes from. Um, but, uh, obviously, um, when you have like the original creator of the project, and then you have this other like vocal backlash and you try to sell yourself as like where the not evil like web company, it does have, you know, there.

[00:39:46] there’s like, there’s, there’s like a, uh, There’s a social element that then I think comes into play, which I think is a bear thing.

[00:39:52] So my friend Kylie Robeson wrote this article for insight or the end of last year. If there’s a pay wall, if you use [00:40:00] a, like an ad blocker thing or like the read, you know, tool, you can, you can do it. Um, you know, you can read the article, um, it’s called, uh, the web three, boom is bringing, um, America’s culture wars to the tech industry.

[00:40:12] And insider say it’s already causing an ideological rift among developers. And this was written, um, you know, two weeks ago. Um, and it’s completely dead on. We’ve just seen It happen even more. Uh, and, um, you know, at this point, uh, web three is becoming kind of the, the term to refer to anything crypto decentralized.

[00:40:32] But for a lot of people, there are a lot of people who have like, just like an instant, like negative reaction to anything, web three, whether they think that the technology and the potential of de-centralization has any positives or not an and part of that is because a lot of the people who were really, really huge on the web three train are obnoxious, fucking assholes, and they’re obnoxious fucking crypto bros who like are gross and people are just turned off by the whole thing.

[00:40:57] Like this was pretty funny. [00:41:00] Somebody was trying to argue with me. Um, last week that, um, web 2.0 was all about centralization, which it wasn’t like obviously became centralized, you know, across a number of large companies, Facebook, Google, whatnot. But the whole point actually of like the whole open API movement stuff with RSS and whatnot was actually de-centralization the fact that everything, you know, became centralized.

[00:41:26] Wasn’t like, um, a fault of whoops. No, it wasn’t. And in this guy, um, and Dave Weiner had tweeted something about the saying, look, say whatever you want about web two, but you can’t claim that we want it to be centralized. You know, it’s like the mission of RSS and other stuff was this and that. And, and, and I quote, we did that and an agreed, and then this guy tried to argue with me that RSS was actually centralized and whatnot.

[00:41:48] No, w this is what it was. He turned. No, no, no, no. He tried to argue with me that that RSS and blogs were part of web 1.0, and I like laughed at him. And I was like, What the fuck are you talking about you, you [00:42:00] can’t make any sort of argument in any sort of good faith that blogs and RSS were part of web one point.

[00:42:05] Oh, like literally if you read, I was like, I’m not going to get into a whole thing with you, but if you want to go back and like, and I’m not going to argue with you about semantics, like it’s, you know, 2004 and we’re out of Tim O’Reilly conference, but go back and read him O’Reilly shit from 2005. And the irony of this is he was arguing about this with the guy who literally co-created RSS and one of the pioneers of blogging, Dave Weiner.

[00:42:26] So to me, it was pretty hysterical that he’s like, kind of tell Dave Weiner, oh Yeah. your shit. Wasn’t actually web two point. Oh. Even though like, you know, um, if anybody would know it would be you, which is a stairwell to me and I’m like, okay, A lot of these people, just, they, they want to make step up. They want to come up with, with rationales that don’t exist.

[00:42:45] And, and the hype that they get behind because the money’s real and at least right now it’s super frothy. And so a lot of people are making a ton of money. A lot of people don’t want to see any of the downsides. Now, [00:43:00] conversely, I do think that you have people who are overly cynical and are overly negative, just because they see the Ponzi schemes.

[00:43:07] They see the get rich quicks that they see the outright scams, which to be clear are fucking real, but they ignore the fact that yes, even if this shit is gross and is happening, doesn’t change the fact that this is still a trend and that this stuff is, is still like a reality, whether we want to admit it or not like, um, Neil dash made a comment.

[00:43:28] And, um, and, and Kylie’s article, um, where, um, he said, you know, um, The weathery community has not had that moment of realizing they had empowered, not just scammers and Grifters, but people that were going to twist this psychology for really evil use dash said for all the good it’s done, there’s been so much harm.

[00:43:44] And I think there’s anxiety and grief and residual culpability about that. But he’d also commented, um, uh, about that, like that, like there’s a certain inevitability in, in whether three, like the weather, like we want to like admit it or not like, [00:44:00] like it is it’s here, right? Like this, this is a real thing.

[00:44:04] So I feel like there’s this, um, like ideological divide where you have people who were way too bullish and, and are, are, are way too excited about what it is. And to the point that they’re changing history retroactively to make it seem like what three is the only true way. And then you also have people who are.

[00:44:25] Way to anti, to the point where, you know, people are taking jobs at, uh, crypto related companies, they’re getting attacked for taking a job someplace like that. That happened to a former colleague of mine. And it’s like, okay, you don’t have the right to tell anybody where they can take a job. Now you can be an ass about it.

[00:44:43] Obviously you have the right to be, to be an asshole on Twitter. Fine. But like no one is beholden to anyone else to be like, oh, I have some sort of like now like moral, like purity test that I have to say, oh, you know, if I associate with this company or that company, you know, if I’d take a job here and if I want [00:45:00] to be involved in this space, I’m suddenly now a bad person.

[00:45:02] Like, I feel like that’s going too far as well, personally.

[00:45:06] Brett: Any, anything that involves a parody test in my eyes is going too far. I can’t, I can’t think of a purity test. I agree with.

[00:45:14] Christina: No, I, I, 1000% agree. And so at this point, I’m kind of like, I’m kind of in the stage of like, everybody’s shut the fuck up. Like, we don’t know what this is yet. And even though I don’t like a lot of aspects of the web three, like community, I’m not willing to write off defy or de-centralization or crypto as a concept, like have I seen the killer app for it yet? No, I absolutely haven’t. Um, But that doesn’t change the fact that, that, that this is real. I would be, I would like to see people have way more, um, like be building way more, uh, things on top of it. I will say what I thought was one of the best, um, blogs about this. Uh, this came out the other day. I’m going to link this in the show notes.

[00:45:53] Um, uh, Moxie, who is, uh, the, um, the creator of, um, uh, one of the, uh, Moxie markets by [00:46:00] CU Marlin spike. Who’s one of the guys behind a signal wrote this incredibly technical and really good article about my first impressions of web three. And, um, you know, and, and he looks at it from both like a, a cryptography standpoint.

[00:46:15] Um, you know, which as, as he points out, you know, like despite being a cryptographer, he had been drawn to crypto, which is true. Um, but he kind of talks about some of the problems that, that he’s seen. Within within crypto, as it exists right now, in what three, as it exists right now, specifically talking about how NFTs work and things like that.

[00:46:34] And what do you think some of the challenges are, but also he’s not willing to write the whole thing off and that’s opened up some really interesting discussion points, I think, because you’ve seen some people who have, um, like this was like, I think one of the first times I’ve seen an article that didn’t.

[00:46:51] seem like either this is the greatest thing ever, and everybody would better jump on board or the sky is falling and this is just a grift.

[00:46:57] Like there’s a shitload of grift out there. [00:47:00] I don’t know if you saw any of the crypto land stuff this week, but there’s a shitload there. Uh, okay. I’ll uh, that’s we don’t have time to get into that, but th but there’s a shitload of grift, but there’s also, this is like, it seems like this is a real thing too.

[00:47:15] You know what I mean? Like, I don’t know for me. And this was interesting in Kylie’s article, as well as she interviewed some people who talk about the fact that like, they don’t want to immediately, um, like. But they feel bad. Like they’re like, okay, if I discount what, um, this all is like, I’m going to be potentially like blocked from getting jobs.

[00:47:37] If I, if I, as simply say, I don’t hate this on its face. So people are like afraid to even express any a bit of, um, like, I guess like sanity about this stuff, which to me is just stupid. Like, you know, Mozilla, Missoula doesn’t want to, if they don’t want to deal with the backlash. Like, I [00:48:00] think that like the, I think Jamie, isn’t completely within his rights at being like, I think this is a scam and gross and the way that you’re doing this, you know, to, to get a nation’s is gross thing.

[00:48:09] That’s completely fine. I also think It’s completely fine. That Mozilla wants to take the donations. They’ve been taking the donations for a long time. like where was the outrage when they started taking donations? It just, I think it was the timing of ever.

[00:48:21] Brett: It’s like when I said that I liked the matrix for resurrections and lost like 5,000 followers. No, I’m just kidding. That didn’t happen. And it’s nothing like that. Um, that’s, uh, that’s a lot of information I have more reading to do now. Thank you for, for the background though. That’s helpful. Um,

[00:48:41] Christina: Yeah, no, it is interesting though, because it is becoming this like ideological, like question and it is, I think it’s putting a lot of technologists in a weird place where typically we are the early adopters and the people who embrace the new and you do see this like hesitancy towards this new thing in a way that you typically don’t see it with, with things that are [00:49:00] very clearly like trends in are happening.

[00:49:02] So it’s interesting.

[00:49:03] Brett: I have one more sponsor before I have a weird last topic for us.

[00:49:08] Christina: Sure.

[00:49:09] Brett: it’s my favorite sponsor.

[00:49:12] Christina: Yeah.

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[00:50:37] Christina: Houston porters. And we are huge users.

[00:50:40] Queer Eye for the Sentimental Guy

[00:50:40] Brett: so do you watch queer eye?

[00:50:43] Christina: Uh, yes.

[00:50:43] Brett: I, I hadn’t watched queer eye since season one, back when it was queer eye for the straight guy

[00:50:51] Christina: Right, right. The

[00:50:51] Brett: and, and I enjoyed it, it was fun, but I fell off. I, I got out, like I had a period of time where like [00:51:00] reality TV in general was still interesting. Like this is like season one of survivor when I gave a shit, um,

[00:51:09] Christina: right. What was the new medium?

[00:51:11] Brett: Yeah. And it was, it was interesting. I actually never got into the real world, but, um, but I did, I did get into survivor cause it was on in the rehab facility I was in and that’s all anyone wanted to watch. So I had like 30, 30 days in lockdown with nothing to watch, but survivor. So I got into it. Um, it did not, it did not last for me after rehab, but I did enjoy season one of queer eye for the straight guy.

[00:51:37] So just out of curiosity, I watched the first episode of the new Netflix season of queer eye, more than a make-over. Um, and it blew me away. I was like, I was crying. I was, I don’t, I don’t cry, but, uh, especially the second [00:52:00] episode where it was the trans powerlifter. And like just the smile on her face when they like revealed her, her hair and makeup to her, it was, it, it just made me, it made me tear up.

[00:52:16] But, uh, so I’m actually into it. Now I’ve watched three, three episodes of queer eye and I’m looking forward to more

[00:52:25] Christina: I love it. I love it. And you wouldn’t know this because you didn’t watch the real world. And most people who are listening to this probably don’t know this because they weren’t continuing to watch the world world at this point. But, um, chromo, um, Cramo was, he was on rural Philadelphia in like 2004. Yeah,

[00:52:42] Brett: I had no idea. That’s interesting.

[00:52:44] Christina: yeah, yeah.

[00:52:45] Uh, it was one of the, like, this was back like peak real-world. So like peak real world was like railroad Las Vegas. And then, because that was so successful because everybody fucked. Um, and like, there’s this girl, Michelle who’s like, just like [00:53:00] hardcore, just like. She fucked up. I think she fucked every dude on her season, which you go girl, whatever.

[00:53:06] Like I’m not going to slut shame, but I’m just so fucked. One of my friends actually, um, uh, like she’s several years older than me, but, um, had a weird connection. Uh, my, one of my college roommates, boyfriends went to college boyfriend, went to college with her and like, yeah. Um, but, um, they were airing, like they had a couple of summer seasons where they would hear like to real-world seasons, like in a year, which historically had only been like one a year anyway.

[00:53:33] He was on the Philadelphia season. Um, and, and he was like the first, like openly gay, like black guy on, um, on MTV and, um, uh, or I think maybe probably any reality show, um, and, uh, uh, It’s been great to see him, like, cause I hadn’t thought anything about him in forever. And when I first watched it, I was like, oh girl, hell yeah.

[00:53:55] Um, but all of them are so great and you’re right. It is like a really [00:54:00] wholesome, like good show. Like it makes you feel good,

[00:54:03] Brett: I really like that, that I have no idea what happened between the beginning and now, but I love that they go in with like relationship counseling, built into the show and, and just like general, uh, it’s therapy basically. But, and they combine it with, with like a home decor home. Make-overs home rental.

[00:54:30] Christina: Yeah.

[00:54:30] It’s like whole it’s like whole, whole lifestyle stuff. Yeah. Which they did, they did some of The home stuff in the original series, but they certainly didn’t do like the therapy and the stuff they did now. It was also the original series, you know, was because it was on Bravo in 2003 or whatever, you know, TV was different than it was much more about kind of the stereotypical, you know, like gay best friend kind of thing.

[00:54:52] Right. So like, like even the personality of, of the, um, cast members who were all great, it was, it was a different type of [00:55:00] show. Right? Like, and, and now you have like, um, you know, um, uh, like it really does celebrate queerness, you know, like, like, um, um, uh, JVs is, is non-binary and like, you know, like there’s just a greater appreciation, like you said, you know, they have, um, have, have trans characters and they deal with relationship stuff and, and it’s, uh, it is a really wholesome, like good show.

[00:55:21] I’m really glad you watched it because. Yeah. It’s it’s like one of the few like shows on TV that like does actually make you at least me anyway. I’m like, oh, like so much reality TV has become like the worst that you can see,

[00:55:35] Brett: denominator.

[00:55:37] Christina: which I watched. I love 90 day fiance. I love the

[00:55:39] Brett: Oh my God. The, the, she, she had a heart attack for selling farts. What the fuck for anyone who missed this story? One of the contestants or whatever on 90 day, fiance had started a business where she was jarring and selling her farts. And she was living [00:56:00] on a steady diet of beans and eggs in order to create farts.

[00:56:05] And that led to chest pains. And she went to the hospital thinking she was having a heart attack and they said, no, you’ve been eating too many beans.

[00:56:16] Christina: You’re afraid

[00:56:16] Brett: So she’s off the market. Now. She stopped selling farms.

[00:56:20] Christina: off the market now. No. Now she’s selling

[00:56:22] Brett: Oh God.

[00:56:23] Christina: that I know. Right. Well, which is, I have to say, I love the Gripple a thing is the reason she was selling cars is people were like to talking about how well, you know, she was a good for nothing and whatnot. She was like, I’m not going to sell my news.

[00:56:33] I could make more money. Selling farts then knew she was making like $200,000 a

[00:56:37] Brett: 50 grand a week at its peak,

[00:56:40] Christina: Yeah.

[00:56:41] Brett: grand a

[00:56:41] Christina: you know what, 50 grand a fucking week.

[00:56:43] I can’t, I can’t even conceive of that much money, but you, you go girl, like, I’m glad, like don’t kill yourself. Like also I’m

[00:56:52] Brett: I feel like you could, you could sell half as many parts and be fine.

[00:56:55] Christina: you could also just being real.

[00:56:58] I doubt the most [00:57:00] people buying the farts are opening them up. You know what I mean?

[00:57:03] Brett: think they’re like putting them on the shelf with like a plaque

[00:57:06] Christina: think that as a kid, I think it’s a kitsch thing. I think that it’s one of those things where people are just buying it because it’s funny. I don’t know how much they cost. I can’t imagine that cost that much. So for me, I would imagine like if somebody was selling something that ridiculous, I can almost be like, okay, I’m going to buy this because this is funny to

[00:57:19] Brett: you, you are a very particular type of consumer who would, who would.

[00:57:24] Christina: Okay. This is

[00:57:24] Brett: Who would buy doge coin, who would buy farts just for a laugh

[00:57:31] Christina: just for the LOLs. yeah, totally. Um, get totally, um, I mean, that’s fair. I don’t, but I, but again, I don’t know how many people are, are actually smelling the fart that they’re buying. I mean, who knows, maybe this really is a huge fetish market that I just don’t know enough about and that’s actually possible.

[00:57:45] Although I would, I was still thinking I’d be like, girl outsource it. You know what I mean? Like if you’re making that much money out, it’s not like anybody’s going to know

[00:57:52] Brett: I mean, I feel like you could probably come up with a chemical reaction that smelled similar to your farts and just

[00:57:58] Christina: origin or you could [00:58:00] just hire, or you could just hire a bunch of. them

[00:58:04] a hundred dollars to fart in a jar for you. If you’re making that many, you know what I mean? I’m just saying like,

[00:58:10] Brett: a fart Pyre.

[00:58:12] Christina: That’s what I’m saying. Like, like just, just, just like create, create a fart shop, like not a switch up a fart shop, you know, like I just, I feel like there’ll be other ways she could do it, but I, do feel like, um, uh, then shifting into NFTs is like the perfect way for that story to end.

[00:58:26] That’s a fantastic story though. I’m very glad you brought that

[00:58:28] Brett: I, uh, do you remember the, uh, the listener survey that we linked a while back? Uh, we did get some results from that. And I, there we have, most of our listeners are between 34 and 42 years old brain aging. Uh, we have one person was under 25 years old and one person was over 67 years old. Everyone else fell in the middle there.

[00:58:54] Um, so I would like to say a special hello to our, our one [00:59:00] teenage listener and our one senior citizen.

[00:59:05] Christina: Hell. Yeah, we appreciate both of you.

[00:59:07] Brett: And, and, and Hey, thanks to all of you. 34 to 42 year olds out there. You, you, you make our, you make our day. Um,

[00:59:15] Christina: I was going to say you, you are, you are us. You are totally us. Um, although I was told that I, Um,

[00:59:21] the, I, think I told you this, the terminologist thought that I look twenty-five so like the nurse that I was

[00:59:26] Brett: I, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t argue with that. And not because I’m scared of you, you ha you have very young features. I am a little disappointed that we skew pretty heavily male. So shame on you to all the men who listened to this show for not sharing it with more women.

[00:59:45] Christina: I was going to say, please, please share it with, with all the women in your life

[00:59:49] Brett: I feel like this is, this is great feminine content that we make

[00:59:54] Christina: Honestly, like we just spent five minutes talking about queer eye

[00:59:59] Brett: and fucking [01:00:00] the Witcher.

[01:00:00] Christina: fiance and the wisher absolutely fucking the Witcher.

[01:00:03] hell yeah. Yes. Oh, he’s so hot. He’s so hot.

[01:00:09] Brett: No argument here.

[01:00:11] Christina: No, I mean,

[01:00:12] Brett: If, if I could get pregnant that show would’ve made me

[01:00:15] Christina: I was going to say, I was going to say like, I have no desire to be pregnant.

[01:00:18] but I would, I would, I would have his baby, like.

[01:00:22] Brett: I’m surprised there aren’t more babies named Gerald at this point. Like, I feel like if you look at the popularity of names, there should at least be a small peak in the name. Gerald. I w I, so if I hadn’t already named my next cat, which is going to be, um, uh, Roy, uh, why can’t I remember his name? It’s my cat’s name.

[01:00:48] Roy from, uh, Ted lasso.

[01:00:52] Christina: Yes. Yes, Roy.

[01:00:54] Brett: Kent. Yes, our next cat, if it’s a boy and maybe if it’s a girl it’s going to [01:01:00] be named where I can’t, because he’s here, he’s there. He’s every fucking where, but if I hadn’t, if I hadn’t already picked it out, our next cat would be named Gerald

[01:01:10] Christina: And that

[01:01:10] Brett: or Jennifer for a girl. I

[01:01:12] Christina: or

[01:01:13] Brett: Jennifer book, Gerald.

[01:01:15] Yeah,

[01:01:16] Christina: Garrett. Gee, I liked Gerald.

[01:01:17] Yeah,

[01:01:17] So, I mean, I think Roy Kant makes the most sense cause you know, he’s, he’s, he’s here. He’s there he’s ever fucking where plus he’s a treasure, but um, Henry Cavill, a girl is also a treasure, so

[01:01:31] Brett: my, my cats bod Ray Canton, Carol

[01:01:36] Christina: that’s awesome. That’s

[01:01:37] Brett: it’d be even better to me if they were all female cats and we just gave them

[01:01:42] Christina: Yeah. I agree with that. Totally. Um, um, although Keely would be a good name for a cat too. Like if you couldn’t be a like you Roy and Kelly.

[01:01:53] Brett: Um, I would also say that of our, of the people who responded to [01:02:00] this survey, they listened to zero other shows on the network. Like we’re the only show on backbeat media that they were responding for. That’s that’s loyalty, that’s just blind, blind loyalty,

[01:02:16] Christina: I was going to say, thank you for following us, joining us if you’ve been with us for a long time, or if you’re new. Thank you for continuing to listen to us. We really appreciate it.

[01:02:25] Brett: and the vast majority of respondents. Uh, when asked how often they would like us to release new episodes said once per week, uh, 62% said once per week, um, let’s see, nobody said once a month, uh, uh, w w we had about 20% said every two weeks was fine, which is that’s cool. That’s I like that. I like that pace.

[01:02:48] And 88% said the episode blank should be exactly what it is. We’re getting it right. We’re nailing it.

[01:02:58] Christina: Hell yeah.

[01:02:59] Brett: person said [01:03:00] it should be shorter. One person said that overtired is too long. Speaking of we’re at an hour three right now, so

[01:03:09] Christina: was going to say, I was speaking of, we’ve gone really long this episode, but like we have, well, we will, we’ve been gone for two weeks. so

[01:03:15] I think this was important for us to get this, but this is really interesting information. Okay.

[01:03:19] Brett: I’ll send you a copy.

[01:03:21] Christina: Yes, please. Do I appreciate that.

[01:03:23] Brett: right. Well, Christina, I hope you catch up on your sleep. So.

[01:03:28] Christina: you. Thank you. And I hope that you have a great week continuing to catch up on TV and other stuff. Um, I will watch the Witcher, um, so that we can, uh, talk about how we want, um, a girl to get us pregnant, um, more in the future, because I think that’s important and, um, yeah,

[01:03:44] Brett: All right.

[01:03:44] Christina: have it, have a great

[01:03:45] Brett: some sleep, Christina.

[01:03:46] Christina: Get some sleep, Brett.