253: The Pop Punk Report

How much do you want to know about Pop Punk? Is the answer “too much?” I have just the episode for you. Step right up and immerse yourself in the mainstream punk of the early 2000s.

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Overtired 253

[00:00:00] Brett: Hey everybody. This is take two of your favorite podcasts over tired. Um, I, I want to, again, this is the second time in as many weeks that I’ve, uh, hit the record button and then done the countdown and then stop the recording instead of starting the recording. I’m Brett Turkstra, uh, the, the, the perpetual fuck up. I’m here with Christina Warren and our special guests. Once again, Aaron Dawson. Uh, how are you ladies doing once again?

[00:00:37] Erin: I’m awesome.

[00:00:39] Christina: Nice call back. Nice call back. Yeah, I’m pretty good. I’m pretty good. I’ve been up. I’ve been up for like an hour and a half, so I’m like rubbed up also. We already recorded 15 minutes of this, so I’m like warmed up and ready.

[00:00:52] Brett: Yeah, It’s I find it so depressing. To like have to repeat good conversation. Like it was good. [00:01:00] We, we were doing great. And you guys were like on the ball actually recording your parts of it. I’m S I’m sorry. I apologize. I apologize to our listeners for the great conversation you had to miss.

[00:01:13] Christina: I mean, look, that’s what happens. This is. This is honestly, this is why maybe what we should do at some point, Brett and Erin would be great if you wanted to join us for one of these, we should like record, but we could also do like a Twitter spaces thing, which is like, you know, a femoral. And although I think they are going to be adding a record feature and then that way, you know, you just get to hear the behind the scenes thing.

[00:01:36] Brett: don’t know what that is.

[00:01:39] Christina: like clubhouse, which okay. You don’t, you also don’t know about. Okay. So it’s.

[00:01:44] Brett: Cause I’m old.

[00:01:46] Christina: No, because you don’t care about this stuff because you’re not, um, like interminably online. Like I am, um, you like have other interests other than anyway. Um, it’s basically, you know, like the modern version of like the [00:02:00] party line where, you know, you have like a group of people who can all talk, but you can, um, at least with Twitter spaces, you can like.

[00:02:06] You can do this with clubhouse too, but Twitter spaces is, um, a little bit more refined, even though they kind of copied the clubhouse product, or you could like set people who are the moderators or the speakers, um, you know, the only people who can talk and then you can have people who like, just listen in, but it’s like an ephemeral thing.

[00:02:22] So like, I could just start a chat and just start talking to random people and then just like end it whenever

[00:02:27] Brett: We could do.

[00:02:29] Christina: it kept kinda be cool. It was like a behind the scenes thing. Like people wanted to listen to us like while we were cool. The live beds. I mean, we would still record on our own to do our podcasts, but we could be like,

[00:02:39] Brett: Yeah.

[00:02:40] Christina: is, this is the live thing.

[00:02:41] That’d be kind of cool.

[00:02:42] Erin: Sorry. I don’t, I don’t know if he said this, Christina, but is this sort of similar to Twitch where you’re, you’re looking at, you know, someone presumably using like a webcam or something and would that be weird for both of you? Because from what I understand, you, you never like [00:03:00] recorded and overtired like through video.

[00:03:03] Christina: right, exactly. However, this is audio only. So,

[00:03:08] Erin: man. I wanted to see that.

[00:03:09] Brett: I’m into video. We can do video.

[00:03:11] Christina: we could do video. We could actually,

[00:03:13] Brett: fucking gorgeous. Just kidding.

[00:03:18] Christina: And so modest too. Yeah, no, fuck it. We could do videos some point. Absolutely. But yeah, you’re right. We we’ve never done that sort of thing before, but yeah. We’ve spent all this money on our home, our respective AB setups. We could totally do that.

[00:03:29] Brett: Oh, man. Yeah. Thanks to work. I have a, I have a hell of a good home AAV set up that I’ve yet to use.

[00:03:38] Anyway, quick mental health corner since we already did this once, but I, I had just had a quadruple espresso, took my stimulants, trying to combat what is now a week long depression and it’s, it’s not working.

[00:03:38] Mental Health Corner

[00:03:53] Brett: And it, it baffles me. Once I’m depressed. How little like stimulant, [00:04:00] if I’m manic, stimulants only make it worse or better depending how, you know, how you like manic episodes. Um, but so they have like a stronger effect on me, but once I hit the depression, it’s like, they don’t do anything at all. It’s so weird.

[00:04:15] Christina: Yeah. Yeah. I can see that. Well, yeah. Cause I mean like, yeah. And, uh, and, and Aaron, we don’t have to get into all of these things again, but, um, But your, your, uh, your, how your mental health is your own.

[00:04:32] Erin: Mental health is that I’m okay. Got a book, uh, suggested by my therapist. And this book is using a lot of language that is like pretty crunchy and, and, and like, woo, woo. And I’m feeling not so great about that, but I think that the message of the book is like strong enough that like, I can, I can work through all the, of all the peanut butter and, and the, like the M and M’s and the [00:05:00] cashews, and like get to the heart of, you know,

[00:05:03] Brett: Was that a reference to trail man?

[00:05:06] Erin: Well, it was, yeah.

[00:05:09] What’s that trying to riff on granola? What else is synchronizing

[00:05:13] Christina: like, yeah, I’m just

[00:05:13] Erin: chocolate chips? I

[00:05:14] Brett: Real real hippies would never have m&ms in their granola. They would have, uh, they would have, um, dark chocolate pieces, probably bittersweet.

[00:05:27] Christina: Well, like Kara.

[00:05:28] Brett: Oh, right. Kara, the, the rich man’s chocolate.

[00:05:34] Christina: Right.

[00:05:36] Erin: Is it a Corpus thing?

[00:05:37] Brett: Good old raisins and peanuts.

[00:05:41] Erin: Yeah.

[00:05:42] Brett: Yeah. Yeah.

[00:05:44] Erin: cool.

[00:05:45] Brett: You should we talk, but should we talk derisively about hippies again? Or should we skip that part?

[00:05:50] Christina: No, I think we should skip that because you guys have a hard out. So, so, uh, we, we, we, we can see, we can skip our, our derisive hippie talk and get into, um,

[00:05:59] Brett: big [00:06:00] news,

[00:06:00] Christina: the big news music.

[00:06:02] Teen Concert from 2005

[00:06:02] Brett: The old people’s concerts. Tell us all

[00:06:05] Christina: The teens concert from 2005. Yeah, no. So, um, as I mentioned last week, I went to Los Angeles and I got to see like 14 on the Slater. Um, the hella mega tour, which was a Weezer fallout boy and, um, green day at Dodger stadium and it was sold out and it was like, you know, I don’t know, 45,000 people or something. It was great to be like at that, I went to the Guster concert at red rocks, but that’s Guster and I love Guster, but you know, that’s like college rock and those guys were just that really so excited to be like playing red rocks, like for their first time as like, this is like the main act like that. That was really like reaffirming.

[00:06:47] Cause I, I love them, but this was like, you know, like a rock show, right? Like, um, And it was really good. It was, it was, it was a great show. Um, shockingly [00:07:00] you know, the fact that like they, cause they ended just a little after 11. Um, and, and I think that that Weezer went on around six 30, the, the tear down time, like between the sets was incredibly efficient.

[00:07:14] Like they have that shit down. Which was really good. And they started on time, which also, I was kind of like surprised about, like, we didn’t see the opening act because who fucking cares. I don’t even know who it was, but, um, we got there right as well. We got into our seats, um, right. As Weezer was starting actually our original seats.

[00:07:31] Cause we had four seats because Catherine bought them so fucking long ago. Um, when we were supposed to see this in, in July of 2020, um, Our section no longer existed. Like that’s where like the sound setup was. And so, uh, they had to move us to a better section. So we were like actually even closer and had even better seats.

[00:07:55] Um, you know, like, so it was, it was good. [00:08:00]

[00:08:00] Brett: I’ve only ever been to one concert that had more than maybe. 200 people at it. I, when, when a pit bull killed my cat, uh, the person who owned the pit bull felt so bad. They gave me free tickets to a Metallica kid, rock concert,

[00:08:18] Christina: Oh, yeah. I remember that to

[00:08:20] Brett: rock.

[00:08:21] Erin: Yeah.

[00:08:21] Christina: course.

[00:08:22] Brett: But I went to see Metallica was impressed with how much pre-Black album stuff they played.

[00:08:28] But it was it. I did not like the stadium. I I’m just not used to stadium shows.

[00:08:34] Christina: That’s whore. Cause I think that that was in 2000.

[00:08:39] Brett: Yeah, exactly. Exactly.

[00:08:41] Christina: Okay. So that tour, I had tickets to that because I was 16 and then fucking, um, uh, James got fucking pulled over for a DUI cause he’s an asshole. And so Metallica had to cancel their show in Atlanta, like a really big [00:09:00] show because fucking James, you know, got like a DUI.

[00:09:02] And then by the time like they rescheduled, I was so mad at them over the Napster shit that I was like, fuck Metallica, fuck you with it. So I never went to that

[00:09:11] Brett: Well, wait, was it James or Lars that got pulled over?

[00:09:15] Christina: It was James.

[00:09:16] Brett: Huh?

[00:09:17] Erin: This is pretty rehab. James

[00:09:18] Christina: It’s just pre rehab. James. This is like one of the reasons like, well, no, he didn’t even go to rehab for a couple more years because now I’m thinking of some kind of monster, the, the, um, the documentary, um, which was good. Um,

[00:09:29] Brett: it was pretty.

[00:09:30] Christina: That was actually a really good documentary. I have to say like that and like not ready to make nice or whatever the hell the Dixie chicks documentary was.

[00:09:37] Like, there are a number of them that are good, but like some kind of monster that’s a good ass documentary. They just fucking hate each other so much. I love that shit. Um,

[00:09:46] Brett: of waylaid the conversation where we’re really headed towards a pop punk conversation.

[00:09:49] Christina: Yes. Yes. So, so when we were saying this before, um, uh, just, just so we can kinda set the thing. So you’re more into, and I’ve, I kind of agree with you, um, uh, Aaron, like you like, like this, like [00:10:00] these are the bands who we would call, like, and I don’t even think you can call Weezer pop punk. I mean, I think that they’re just like

[00:10:06] an alternative rock band.

[00:10:07] Right. But, but they, you know, they’ve had some hits and they’ve been remarkable. Like able to reinvent themselves over the years, which is interesting for such a nerdy band. Um, but like ballboy and green day, certainly like those are like top tier, like, you know, like bands. Whereas I think like you prefer it.

[00:10:25] And I, I, I I’m like this too. We probably like, like the smaller, like the, like the beer, the seat here a little bit more, um,

[00:10:33] Brett: What does seat here? Name a seat here, band.

[00:10:38] Erin: sure. Um, mineral, uh, what else? Like, uh, jets over Brazil, um, more recently, like hit the lights.

[00:10:51] Christina: Yeah.

[00:10:52] Erin: Um, stuff like that, like had had a strong fan base though. It was like really, really [00:11:00] small. Um, yeah. Yeah. I agree with the Weezer thing as being like an Alltrack band, their most recent record, actually. Oh, okay. So not van Weezer.

[00:11:11] The one before that bill is super sentimental, hardly any guitars on it, like chamber pop record, really, really strong. Like their strongest in years.

[00:11:22] Christina: Yeah, I would agree with that.

[00:11:24] Erin: yeah. And I think where we were leaving off, like I was bringing up this idea that like Weezer does, there’s this kind of conspiratorial idea that Weezer maybe around like maladroit or something like that.

[00:11:39] The, the record after green album started. The conspiracies that, that rivers kind of ceased, caring and trying and, and to invigorate. Uh, his interest in being, and being a sort of front man for this international rock band, um, like [00:12:00] sort of made this bow Val to himself that Weezer is, will now be a sort of like performance art band, but like a secret performance art band, right?

[00:12:08] Like making weird choices that seem, that seem quirky, but are in fact him pushing to see how. How out of the sort of mill you of alt rock pop punk, uh, he can get with without BA you know, sort of like betrayed, uh industry-wise, which is why you see, you know, an album called Hurley, because he liked Hurley from loss and seeing a dog on the cover of what is that record called a Ratatouille.

[00:12:43] Christina: Yeah.

[00:12:43] Erin: And just writing these like rock rock by numbers, songs that, that are set sometimes catchy and hooky and sweet and sugary, but, but most often are just like so, [00:13:00] so boring. And that seems to have waned in the past couple years, especially with that album that I, that I mentioned, but I really, really liked this year.

[00:13:09] Christina: I like that theory too. And I actually agree with that. And um, for whatever reason, this is like one of the weirdest things, because I think I might’ve interviewed him once, but I don’t even know how this happened. And I’m sure that he doesn’t like interact. It’s not like he ever sees my tweets or anything, but he’s followed me on Twitter for like 10 years, which is. Bizarre, right? Like, that’s like, well, no, but it’s just a weird, like I think he and Ashton Kutcher, like my weirdest Twitter follows, like,

[00:13:38] Erin: No, I could see Ashton kosher because he’s, he’s, he’s sort of transformed Animorphs style into like a kind tech bro, like a tech bro, but

[00:13:48] Christina: Except I’ve been like critical of

[00:13:49] Erin: cares?

[00:13:50] Christina: I’ve been like I, but yeah, but I’ve been like critical. Yeah.

[00:13:54] Erin: Hm.

[00:13:54] Christina: Uh, so I don’t even know, but he is, he’s like a contact bro. And I like him and Mila and that’s fine, but it is [00:14:00] one of those weird things. Like, cause neither like he doesn’t follow that many people. I don’t know why clearly when he joined or whatever the case was, he just made the decision.

[00:14:08] I was like, okay, cool. And then, you know, just didn’t unfollow, which is fine. Like I don’t, I don’t think like they actually like care or anything, but, but rivers is one of those weird ones, but I like that theory a lot. Cause I do think as he’s a really. You know, he’s a really smart guy and like, you could even see, like, he’s a great performer.

[00:14:25] That’s one thing I’ll give him, like, whether this is like all a performance art thing or not like the band puts their all into it. And they were clearly having a great time to be back in front of people again. But I really do like that idea of, of them like. Of him, like, you know, amusing himself almost by, by creating different types of work, which, which I think totally that fits with with a lot of their stuff.

[00:14:50] Um, yeah.

[00:14:53] Erin: Well, I saw your Instagram stories and they looked really solid and I really appreciated that. Like the [00:15:00] sun was still up always or most play.

[00:15:01] Christina: Yeah. They were the first one. That was the funny thing. Right? So, so they, this was what.

[00:15:06] Erin: No.

[00:15:06] Christina: so, so it was, so it was three, so it was three acts. And so they started on time cause they, they ended a little after 11. Um, I don’t know if there were like, you know, it was, they were, which if it had been one act, right, like it would have been one of those things.

[00:15:19] Like they wouldn’t come on until after the sun went down. Um, but you know, these are not like six 30. And, um, so, so the sun was up for their whole set and they were just like having a great time. So it was sort of like, cause I’ve seen them live a bunch. I haven’t seen them probably in 15 years, but I’ve seen them live like a bunch of times, usually at festivals, I think once at like an amphitheater, um, or like a standalone concert or two, but, but usually it’s been at like festivals, so I’ve seen them play certainly like, you know, in, in the summer before, but you’re right.

[00:15:47] It was like, they were just like having a blast followup way. Their set started. Um, a little bit, it was still light out and then like got dark, you know, as they were, as they were doing it. And then green day being the biggest band [00:16:00] was that was the closer obviously. So sun was down when they went up, but, um,

[00:16:05] Brett: day, bigger than Weezer.

[00:16:07] Christina: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. Green day, like internationally and 70, most people I would say were probably there for. Like there were so many, I mean, the place was packed. It was packed the whole time. But I would say that, you know, green day was probably like people who were wearing, you know, the rock band shirts to the rock band, to the rock concert, which is w it was just what you see when you see a show at Dodger stadium.

[00:16:33] Um, there was a lot of, there was a lot of green day stuff,

[00:16:37] Brett: I bought a shirt at Turner. and. I have to change my clothes every time I go to target, because I’m like deathly afraid of showing up at target, wearing a target shirt.

[00:16:46] Christina: Yeah. Understood. Understood. Yeah, you totally have to. Um, but yeah, so, so yeah, green day is, is massive and, and, uh, what, all, what I appreciate about all three bands. Yeah. Is that they didn’t [00:17:00] play much new stuff. Like, it was mostly like the hits, like there were in, cause some of them would put out like, like, uh, like Weezer even said, it’s like, okay, we’re gonna play one more new song.

[00:17:07] But like they didn’t play a ton of new stuff, which, and the new stuff was, was fine, but it wasn’t one of those things. Cause sometimes you go to these shows and like, they really just want to shut the new shit down your throat and. Would this tour, they clearly knew who their audience was and what they were doing.

[00:17:23] And it didn’t feel like a, like a, um, I guess what’s like a heritage walk show. Like it didn’t have that vibe. And the audience, I would say was most of the people in their thirties. Um, but, and although you did see some young kids there, which, you know, made me realize as like green day is playing certain songs and like, they were not alive when, you know, like for a lot of that stuff.

[00:17:44] And, and, and which is always like an awkward thing to realize, but, um, Yeah. Uh, they, they, they, they weren’t, they weren’t doing that shit where like, you know, they refuse to play the hits. Like they played for all three bands, like played all the hits, which was really, really [00:18:00] good. And, and I appreciate it because if you’re spending that much money and you’re going to a show like at that sort of location, like, you want to see the hits, like, if you’re at like a smaller club than you, or whatever, where the fans are, like, maybe you want to see some deep cuts or some new stuff or whatever, but if you’re a Dodger fucking stadium, like I need you to play buddy.

[00:18:17] Huh? And the sweater song, and my name is Jonas. You know what I mean?

[00:18:21] Erin: Yeah, especially that, that, that last one that’s, that’s not unreasonable. I think green day is as close as I get to like my flavor of punk being political. And, and even as like a political agents, I don’t know what kind of like material change green day has brought to. Two people. I, I’m not sure, but like punk music that has anything to do with what a lot of folks would say, punk is about like pugs and attitude.

[00:18:55] Punk is about the dissolution of hierarchy. Punk is about the [00:19:00] dismantling of power structures, whatever. Like doesn’t interest me at all. Politically I’m interested, but musically, I’m not interested at all. Like I like punk that. Awful. If it’s signifiers stripped until it’s a barely recognizable husk. And the only,

[00:19:17] Brett: Okay.

[00:19:17] Erin: the only thing that’s left is like a reliance on a, on a BPM that’s I don’t know, greater than a heartbeat and like four chords, like, is it and like pizza and, and like being, being, uh, you know, bummed that the girl like doesn’t like you back also doesn’t hurt.

[00:19:37] But like the political stuff I’m like, uh,

[00:19:40] Christina: yeah. Yeah. I mean it varies. I mean, I think green day probably of them probably gets like the most intuitive and like, um, you know, American idiot was at least for a mainstream rock album. Right. Uh, a fairly political record, especially one that, that sold as many copies as it sold.

[00:19:53] Like they’re not, you know, and, and, and he’s had, you know, but like, I mean, then I would hardly call that political and [00:20:00] like an actual punk record sense, but, but that was. That was definitely a mainstream political rock record to put out in 2004 or whatever. Um, I don’t know. I love, I just, I love like a good, I fucking love pop music.

[00:20:14] So a good like pop punk, just like a melody, like you say, like four chords and just like, uh, like a memorable, like Diddy. Like I love that shit. And, and that’s one of the reasons why I like follow boy is so great because they’ve just amazing lyrics, but really good hook.

[00:20:30] Erin: It’s so weird that Pete Wentz writes the lyrics. Like it’s, sometimes those layers are like quite profound. Um, especially on like, like, I don’t know, what was the record? Like infinity on high was kind of like this and like the first record where they’re like, kind of trying to sound like, say what you are.

[00:20:47] And like this saves the day stuff like this lyrics are like quite good. Sometimes I’m like very literary. Um,

[00:20:54] Christina: very, very literally like, like, and, and, and that’s the thing. That’s what I always like, uh, appreciate about them. Um, [00:21:00] so my friend who I went with, she’s like a massive followup boy fan, and I didn’t know this about her. And like, if you know her personality, this is actually kind of surprising.

[00:21:09] And I’m like, I didn’t realize how into pop punk. She wasn’t actually on the way back actually. So after we went to the class, We went to, um, her parents' house, um, and, uh, Santa Ynez, which is, um, in, um, Santa Barbara county and, um, like very beautiful, but kind of, you know, um, remote, like there’s a lot of wineries and stuff or satellite.

[00:21:32] Yeah. Uh, not a lot of cell service. Um, a lot of rich people’s houses, um, and, um, like farms and cows and stuff grazing and it’s, um, it’s, it’s beautiful, but it’s like a two and a half hour drive or whatever from downtown LA. And we were listening to, um, an emo night, um, DJ mix the whole time. And I don’t know if either of you have ever gone to any of the emo night, um, show.[00:22:00]

[00:22:00] Brett: Hm.

[00:22:02] Erin: familiar with them. They even have a restaurant in LA and it’s that’s ridiculous.

[00:22:07] Christina: So, so it, at least, at least in Brooklyn, like there was always once a month, it was always like an emo night party, usually at Brooklyn bowl. And, and like, you have, like, you would just have like really good DJs who were like doing really, really good mashups and mixes of pop pumps, pop punk songs. And so she had some of those mixes and, and we were just like having a blast, like listening to that stuff.

[00:22:25] Cause it, it, it, you know, um, um, Interpolated like a bunch of, of the different bands and would also kind of mix in some other types of stuff too. Like the, the, the mix was really good. I’m going to need to find it off of Spotify, but it was really fun, but it was funny for me because Catherine is just, um, I, for whatever reason, I just never like took her as being like a huge pop punk fan, but she is, and I am, and I have been like my whole life, but she’s a massive followup within, but she got into them like, When they were on hiatus, which is so weird.

[00:22:57] Um, but she’s a really big fan of Patrick and would go to a lot [00:23:00] of his, um, solo shows and at smaller venues. But yeah, but Pete rice, the lyrics, but mostly lyrics and he’s very good. Like. He also looked really good. I have to say like his, his hair, he had like a bun thing going on. Um, it looked good, like his, his clothes, which are always interesting.

[00:23:23] Like I enjoyed whatever street style sort of thing he was doing. Um, it was good.

[00:23:28] Brett: I have to interrupt. I have a segue. I do have a segue. So one hallmark of actual punk rock is this anti-capitalist sentiment. And speaking of capitalism, um, and, and sell out bands like green day, fuck up pinnacle of Amar, a core tenant of American capitalism is debt. And speaking of debt consolidation, did I do that?

[00:23:55] That was a bit of a walk. That was a bit of

[00:23:57] Erin: You landed

[00:23:57] Christina: it’s a bit of luck. No, but I think, I think it almost works like [00:24:00] when we’re talking about like the things that they rail against, one of them is, you know, the debt society that we’re in. Right. Go, go for it. Read, read, read, read your review.

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[00:25:42] Christina: Excellent.

[00:25:42] The Continuing Pop Punk Report

[00:25:42] Brett: back to you, Christina, with the pop punk, right.

[00:25:46] Christina: Yeah, no. Um, now I don’t remember what I was saying.

[00:25:49] Brett: Something about a man bun that looked good.

[00:25:52] Christina: Oh, yeah, no, he looked good. I was just, no, all I was basically getting out was, was that Pete looked taught. Um, and, and actually what I [00:26:00] was texting people was that I will still fuck Pete Wentz. So, um, that, that, that is, that is our update on that. I

[00:26:06] Erin: My whole thing. My whole thing with you, Christina, and, and listening to you speak about men is that I love it. And, you know, last time I was on, we were talking about, you know, bachelor in paradise. We were talking about the sort of bachelor nation at large. And you, you know, you mentioned Connor, the cat man.

[00:26:28] And now, you know, it’s Pete Wentz and I, you know, I, I, I am a queer woman, you know, CIS dudes, not necessarily my thing presumably says whatever, um, between Pete and Connor, like, I, I, I, I just feel like I love being on the outside of this. Like, what is it about. Because these are very different men, you know?

[00:26:53] And I think you, you have used the fuck word to describe, you know, a sort of desire about both of them. [00:27:00] And I, I think, you know, if, if we’re ever going to start a podcast, you know, it’s, it’s, you may be describing, you know, the sort of thing. Dynamism and breadth of, of this kind of attraction, because these are two different, very different people.

[00:27:18] Right. So, but they ha they must have something in common for you to be like, oh, what’s up? Um, so like, what is that about Pete Wentz?

[00:27:26] Christina: Well, I think he’s like conventionally attractive. Like his face is conventionally attractive. Um, which helps, um, I mean, that’s why he was like the one, even though he’s not the lead singer, right? Like he like was the face of kind of the band. So I think commissional, he was he’s conventionally attractive, but I don’t know.

[00:27:43] I mean, again, like he can write and he just seems like a fun kind of. Like he has a good personality. That’s the thing I’ll say with like Connor, the cat total Himba don’t care. It’s just like, he has a good body and it would be like, I wouldn’t like want a relationship with Connor, but like, [00:28:00] yeah.

[00:28:01] Erin: Um, yeah.

[00:28:04] Christina: Like Connor’s like, yeah. Would fuck. But like, Uh, Pete Wentz and like, oh no, he’s still got it. He there’s a charisma angle to him. For sure. Like, he’s, he’s definitely got a charisma play. And, and it’s interesting because Billy Joe Armstrong who a has not aged, like he’s 50 and he looks amazing, like whatever his skin care regimen is, whatever.

[00:28:22] Like, I mean, it helps these Diana’s hair black as always, but also helps that he still has his hair because, you know, um, that’s the thing that that age has been the most, unless they just, you know, decide to just go all in and like shave it. And then they. You know, uh, offset that a little bit. Um, he like his face, like doesn’t have like the weird, like wrinkle, like he doesn’t have like the look of like some guy who’s been literally in a band since like 1985, like.

[00:28:49] Erin: takes care of himself.

[00:28:50] Christina: clearly he does, but, but like, because you know, they had like, um, you know, cameras and stuff and like, we were, we were too far back to like see up close on the stage, but, you know, they had like the [00:29:00] jumbo-tron sort of things. And so they’re doing closeups of his face and stuff. And like, I’m looking at them, I’m trying to figure out I’m like, okay, has he had injectables?

[00:29:07] Does he have Botox? Cause he doesn’t have like the Botox, like sheen, you know, like it doesn’t look plastic-y, it looks good, but I’m not seeing any wrinkles. Like I was genuinely like sometimes like take it. Of the thing a little bit, like trying to figure out, okay, what work has he had done? Because it’s really good.

[00:29:23] And I want, I want his surgeon because I I’m like against aging at all costs, so, so, um,

[00:29:30] Brett: so this is, this is fascinating and I do want to get back to it, but the segue is too perfect. Right now.

[00:29:36] Christina: yep. Read it, do it.

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[00:31:26] And now back to Christina with the, uh, description of what makes a guy, uh, what was the word?

[00:31:35] Is Billy Joe Armstrong Fuckable?

[00:31:35] Christina: Yeah. So this is what I was going to say this, so here’s the interesting thing. So like Billy Joe Armstrong looks great and he’s a great front man. Um, and he’s, he’s an attractive guy, but like, I’ve never been like, oh, I, I want to like. Get with him, you know what I mean? Like if for whatever reason he doesn’t have that appeal.

[00:31:53] So I don’t know. We’ll have to explore that more and another sort of thing. Uh, Aaron,

[00:31:58] Brett: What’s the, what’s the [00:32:00] French word for that special something. Jeanette say quasi. Is that, is that what I’m

[00:32:04] Erin: I think, I think the recipe in terms of Pete once goes for the Genesee. Quiet is, is this is someone who looks like. You know, they’re pretty serious about their bench, press numbers, someone who, you know, they, they have their AirPods in, and they’re either listening to an audio book or mysterious guy hardcore, and someone who looks like they smell good.

[00:32:31] He looks like he smells good.

[00:32:33] Christina: Yes he does. Yes. I think, I think you nailed it. Whereas I think Billy Joe probably doesn’t always smell good.

[00:32:39] Erin: Well, yeah, no, no. And that’s the sort of like legitimacy, um, that he carries with him as an actual crust punk who is, which is who he is at his core.

[00:32:54] Brett: So I got to say my tastes definitely lean more towards like Matt [00:33:00] Bonner from, uh, from white collar.

[00:33:03] Christina: Oh yeah.

[00:33:04] Brett: He, he is like that to me, that’s like it. If I were going to pick a guy, which I’m not opposed to in any way, um, Matt, Bonner’s kind of, that’s my guy,

[00:33:17] Christina: No. I mean, Matt Bonner is, is super, super hot. Um, I, unfortunately I’m not his type, which is okay. I’m like,

[00:33:23] Brett: I, am his type.

[00:33:24] Christina: you are his type. Well now.

[00:33:26] Brett: as genitalia goes,

[00:33:27] Christina: Yeah, but, but like his husband like looks a lot like him, um, which is super hot too. Yeah. But no, I, I, yeah, I know. I like that. I like that. Look for sure. But yeah. Um, Nova Pete, Pete’s just like pizza, cute guy.

[00:33:42] Uh, but he, and he still has it. Right. Um, and Patrick who’s shy C uh, Catherine is a massive Patrick fan and she was like, he was really feeling himself. I was like, okay.

[00:33:55] Erin: cute.

[00:33:56] Christina: Yeah. Um, but yeah, no, it was, it was really [00:34:00] fun to like be at one of those shows again, but it was, it was weird. Cause we, we talked about this, like, you know, a lot of times like, like the last concert, well, I went to Guster, but like the last show I went to before COVID was dashboard confessional at, um, at Webster hall, which, and I love, uh, Chris Krav, speaking of people who, okay.

[00:34:16] His current hair really bothers me, but he’s still so cute to me. And again, it looks like he smells good. Um, And, and I love his lyrics and I love the whole emo ness of the whole thing. But like, even though it was Webster hall, you know, and it was packed or whatnot, like it was a standing show, you know, w it, it was one of those sorts of venues and whatnot where this, this, this, it felt like I was like back in high school, like at the warp tour,

[00:34:40] Erin: Absolutely. I was really into his first band. Further seems

[00:34:45] Christina: forever. Yes.

[00:34:47] Erin: Yeah, super into them. And then I think I remember going to Kmart, uh, what I was, what, when I was a kid and, uh, uh, the places you’ve come to fear the most [00:35:00] and, uh, full collapsed by Thursday, like came out around the same time and I like picked both of those up spending.

[00:35:06] Yeah. I dunno, probably 30 bucks CDs are so expensive and I listened to those records so much. There were CDs. Uh, so yeah, love, love, dashboard. Love that. Record everything. After that, I don’t know. I guess I’m going to pull that card. Love the early stuff. Right?

[00:35:22] Christina: Well, and the early stuff is, is the best, but, but, um, and then he kind of took a break for a while. So like the weird thing with them is like, you know, They were S like further, seems to have, are kind of how to add an audience, but it was smaller. Like, I was really, really into saves the day. And like, we used to tour, we used to like, follow them around and like, We were, we were kind of groupies.

[00:35:42] And then like, there was a whole thing in high school where like Kat and Melissa got in a fight with her girlfriends on the message boards. And then we couldn’t go to the shows anymore. And I was like, cause, cause we would sometimes make out with them or whatever. And it was like, you don’t interact like with the girlfriends on the message boards, like were not the girlfriend.[00:36:00]

[00:36:00] That that’s not what this is. Kat and Melissa fucking ruined it and then made it like very awkward, like to go see them again. But like, we used to like go throughout the Southeast and like go to shows. Um, but then, you know, like dashboard, like, you know, blew up, like there was like an MTV two special. And then there was like an actual, like MTV unplugged thing and like,

[00:36:18] Erin: Yes.

[00:36:19] Christina: which, which was amazing.

[00:36:20] And, and that was just like being at the shows, which everybody sings along. Like that’s the key to a dashboard show was like, literally everybody sings on, you can’t even hear him. Sometimes it’s one of those things. But then when, um, um, uh, uh, mark emission and the scar came out, which was like the major label, uh, uh, debut in, and like, he did like the rock version of hands down, like put them into like a different thing.

[00:36:43] And I liked the Indies. Better. I like the other stuff too. Don’t get me wrong. And I still went to, to see, you know, his shows and I say them, but it’s really him. It’s, it’s always,

[00:36:53] Erin: Yeah.

[00:36:54] Christina: almost entirely been him. Um, but, um, And then there was [00:37:00] like, there were like two out two records after like the big one. And like, like, like it was on the, they were on the Spiderman, two soundtrack, like, you know, like blew up and then like kind of disappeared for a while.

[00:37:09] But the interesting thing is when I, I saw, so I’ve, I’ve seen my friend, Liz who is, is younger than me, but awesome. A massive fan, but it’s interesting. So even though she’s, um, uh, quite a bit younger than me, like. Both love the band so much. And we also have similar tastes in music in general. Um, we saw them like in, I guess, 2017 and, um, add, uh, it was downtown.

[00:37:35] I don’t, I don’t remember the, the, the club in New York now. Um, but then there was like a, an acoustic show. Right after, like in Brooklyn, like we had to go to, um, to a rough trade in Brooklyn, um, at midnight and see an acoustic show, which was amazing. Cause it was probably like a hundred people, you know, all kind of crammed into the stage area at rough trade, which is a record shop.

[00:37:57] And, and, and it was just him on [00:38:00] an acoustic guitar and it was amazing. One of the best shows I’ve seen and we were really close, but, uh, the tour we went on, I th that I saw before, COVID like literally the day before. Um, he did the entire record of, um, um, uh, our commission and a scar and the places you’ve come to fear the most, like, so one night it was, it was, it was places you’ve come to for the most.

[00:38:21] Then the next night it was a mark mission, um, and a scar. And, uh, that was just like amazing.

[00:38:30] Erin: Yeah. Yeah. I saw that. That’s that sounds incredible. I saw them. Yeah. I think 2017 too. And it was his, he was going through this phase where it was, he was wearing like big like sets and hats. And he used this, like this grassbeds sort of Southern fried thing. Um, and they had gone electric and it, yeah, it wasn’t the same as that sort of intimacy that you’re describing.

[00:38:55] Christina: Yeah, that was what was cool about like, kind of doing the anniversary kind of things. Cause I think, I don’t remember [00:39:00] what anniversary. I think it was the 20 year anniversary of the Swiss army romance came out in 2000. Um, and, and I love that record. Um, and, um, uh, but, but, uh, mark emission of a bit, uh, but, um, places you’ve come to fear the most was obviously like bigger.

[00:39:15] Um, but yeah, it was, it was cause yeah, cause you wouldn’t do it like weird sets and things. And like I said, I don’t like what he’s doing with his hair, but, um, playing those old records, like just like front to back. Really cool. Also the get up kids who I fucking love opened both nights. So, and, and, and, and they were like, clearly, like so happy to be there.

[00:39:36] And, and also like mostly played stuff off of like, um, um, the, the, the red letter days, album and stuff. So that was good.

[00:39:44] Brett: I’m going to need so many links from you guys. Cause I don’t know who any of these people are. No, who any of these bands are. If you want any of this in the show notes, you’re going to have to provide me links. just saying

[00:39:56] Erin: like Thursday.

[00:39:57] Brett: if we, if we want to talk about like Fu [00:40:00] Gazi and minor threat, I

[00:40:02] Christina: Well, yeah, because there’s like, which are, which are great bands. Like, don’t get me wrong, but like I’m, I’m, I’m like an emo like basic bitch.

[00:40:09] Brett: right. I’m not making any judgements at

[00:40:11] Christina: Oh, I know. I know. I know.

[00:40:12] Brett: I don’t know what’s happening anymore. This has really gotten away from me.

[00:40:19] Emo Pop Punk is definitely a thing

[00:40:19] Christina: uh, what’s your all-time favorite. Yeah.

[00:40:22] Erin: Yeah. In terms of bands in terms

[00:40:24] Christina: Yeah. Like, like, like, like, uh, like the emo pop punk Friday, like what’s your all-time favorite?

[00:40:29] Erin: Yeah. Yeah. Uh, I don’t know if this counts, but you know, Thursday it’s it was so huge, so huge for me. Um, and that’s, and that’s for that sort of like screamo

[00:40:40] Christina: Okay.

[00:40:41] Erin: punk stuff. Like I’m, I’m like that sound like a metal head at heart and went to school. For music and composition and stuff. But when it comes to this, this kind of thing, Thursday and a huge say anything when it came to like the saves the day, say anything fork in the road.

[00:40:57] I always went max Bemis route, but

[00:40:59] Christina: [00:41:00] I mean, say anything is real boy is, is, uh, is, I mean, I have that on vinyl actually. Um, Yeah. Say anything is a great band, but yeah, I, I, I, I, I respect that choice. I was on the save the day side of that, but I, I think you were probably pick the right thing.

[00:41:15] Erin: Right on,

[00:41:18] Brett: Wow.

[00:41:20] Christina: I loved

[00:41:21] Erin: sorry.

[00:41:21] Brett: I thought for a

[00:41:22] Christina: I was going to say

[00:41:23] Brett: we were done, but no,

[00:41:24] Christina: we’re almost done. I was just going to say real quickly. I was just gonna say real quickly. Unfortunately, Jesse Lacey has done so much problematic shit that I even hate saying this, but brand new. Oh my God. Holy shit. Brand new.

[00:41:37] Erin: have to put out a bad record. Even the last one was

[00:41:40] Christina: Even the last one was great.

[00:41:42] And that was what was so disappointing than all the, like the creepy shit came. I was like, God dammit, Jesse, can you just fucking keep it in your pants? But when a brand new is like one of those where again, like great lyrics,

[00:41:54] Erin: Oh yeah.

[00:41:55] Christina: like just stunning and like cleverly, right?

[00:41:59] Erin: Yeah. [00:42:00] The sort of like literary aspect. Of what makes you know, pop punk and email is, is, uh, is a real, uh, attractor for you. I totally get it. I feel the same way.

[00:42:11] Christina: Yeah, yeah. 100%. And, um, uh, yeah, I, I, uh, and then, uh, obviously like, um, MCR, you know, like iconic, um, like. Uh, that that’s my chemical romance spread. Um, but it, and then they like brought a whole new thing to it. Right. They brought all the orchestra, like shit, like just, yeah.

[00:42:35] Erin: It feels like gen Z even like

[00:42:39] Christina: Oh, they love MCR. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:42:41] Erin: Why do you think that is? Do you think it’s like, because it’s theatrical, it like translates well

[00:42:48] Christina: think it’s that? I think, I think it’s good music. It’s also interesting. I have a feeling, some of the stuff, like at least some of the songs might still be played like on certain radio things. Maybe they were exposed to it earlier and they have like memories of it. I don’t know. Cause [00:43:00] like, uh, uh, blink 180 2 other than green day is probably one of like the biggest like American rock bands of the last, like

[00:43:13] Erin: love blank. I love angels and airwaves.

[00:43:16] Christina: Uh, me too. I, I love, I love to plus 44. Um,

[00:43:20] Erin: yes. I guess. Fuck.

[00:43:22] Christina: 44. That was a fucking great record. That was an amazing record.

[00:43:25] Erin: 44 is the greatest blink 180 2, like off shoot record. Like Travis has done a bunch of stuff. Obviously Tom has, has done a ton of stuff. Love angels, loving angels in their waves, but plus 44. So solid. Just the one record.

[00:43:43] Christina: one record and it was just, it was just mark and Travis and, um, another person. And that was just that’s. That’s just, I still sometimes find that on my playlist. And I’m like, yes.

[00:43:54] Erin: Yeah,

[00:43:54] Christina: Also like best thoughts to, to mark. Right.

[00:43:58] Erin: I know. I [00:44:00] know I’ve been watching his YouTube channel and he seems to be doing good, but yeah.

[00:44:04] Christina: he’s got a great attitude, but I mean, it’s so shitty. So, um, uh, mark Hoppus has stage four cancer and, um, is, uh, he’s I think he’s done with chemo now, but like, you know, I just had a, a friend recently, um, uh, pass away. I was wearing his shirt at a, at the concert, um, you know, kind of an honor of him because his nickname was rockstar and he’s a huge, like, Um, fan.

[00:44:26] And so it just felt appropriate, but, um, you know, anybody can fight it, obviously mark is doing it, but it’s, it’s, it’s rough. I have another friend who has lymphoma and, and like, it’s it’s, um, um, actually it’s kind of really remarkable that he’s being so public about everything he’s doing, you know, like his journey, like a lot of people wouldn’t put all that out there and, um, I’m, I’m glad that he is.

[00:44:50] Cause I think that’ll probably. Like help inform people in the very least, you know, remind people that not that this would have, I think helped him at all or anything, but, you know, like [00:45:00] go to the doctor, you know, like get checked for stuff. Like some of this, sometimes they can catch things. So, but yeah, I, I want also, if it’s like, um, he had, um, he had mark, um, um, or not mark, mark had Tom on his podcast.

[00:45:17] Erin: Oh,

[00:45:19] Christina: Yeah, this was like, uh, this was like, like two months ago, it was really good. And they hadn’t talked since, you know, uh, Tom left, blink, you know, like six, six years ago or whatever. And, um, but no, they, they had a great conversation about stuff. And you can tell me that this is, it was like, you know, two guys who’ve been friends, their whole lives have clearly had differences, but you know, like, you know, are two of the people who very few people I think could probably understand what, what they’ve gone through other than those two, you know what I mean?

[00:45:49] Cause they were together from like the very beginning.

[00:45:53] Erin: God would not be sorry. This is the last thing. Wouldn’t that be so good. If the, if blink had like one last record with the [00:46:00] original lineup and I don’t, I’m not even talking about Travis, I’m talking about the, the like first and superior drummer.

[00:46:06] Christina: you mean you got the guy that had to kick out for alcoholism.

[00:46:09] Erin: yes. Um, yeah, right. Whatever my girl can

[00:46:14] Christina: I mean, I don’t think that’ll ever happen because I think at this point, Travis is like such a key part of the band. Also like the guy survived a plane crash and that was the only reason the band got back together.

[00:46:26] Erin: Yeah.

[00:46:27] Christina: this, right?

[00:46:29] Erin: Oh God. Yeah. And that has a lot of narrative weight to it. Um, but Scott, yeah, the first drummer was so good, but. Yeah,

[00:46:37] Christina: was good.

[00:46:40] Brett: Next time.

[00:46:41] Erin: good. In a way that wasn’t as technical. Sorry, go ahead,

[00:46:43] Brett: next time we’re talking about like AOS, rotten and code 13 and the subhumans, and then I can actually participate. It’ll be, it’ll be fun for me and no one else.

[00:46:56] Erin: I’m not going to say I’ve been trying not to say, sorry as much. [00:47:00] So I’m going to

[00:47:00] Brett: Yeah, don’t

[00:47:01] Erin: um, so I will say

[00:47:02] Brett: this is you’re making great.

[00:47:03] radio here. I I, I

[00:47:05] Christina: Brett.

[00:47:06] Brett: I can’t participate.

[00:47:07] Christina: I’m going to say, you’re the one who wanted us to talk

[00:47:09] Brett: I did. I did. Absolutely. I am. I am 100% behind this conversation. I’m glad it’s happening. Don’t let me, don’t let me rain on your parade. This is, this is of more interest to more listeners than any band I’ve ever listened to.

[00:47:27] Christina: in more mainstream stuff. And I don’t know, like, this is probably because you like metal and you like, like the screen. Most of, I don’t think this is, is, is for you. Um, Aaron and this probably isn’t for you, Brett, but, um, sad home music season is about to start because, uh, Kacey, Musgraves divorce album is out on, on Friday and I’m very, very happy.

[00:47:46] Erin: Kacey Musgraves. Yeah, I’ll check it

[00:47:48] Christina: her, her now ex-husband Rustin Kelly. Amazing. And he has an album called dirt emo where he does, he does covers of, um, uh, some like he does a dashboard [00:48:00] confessional cover. Does a saves the day cover. Um, uh, uh, there is a, there’s an MCR cover like he is, um, uh, oh, he does a blink cover. Um, there’s a, um, um, uh, we discovered.

[00:48:13] Fucking great album.

[00:48:14] Erin: the dirt referred

[00:48:15] Christina: 'cause he he’s like a, he’s a country artist, but he’s not like typical country. He’s like all country. Right? Like that’s what he would have been called two decades ago. And so he like, but he’s bought like kind of a dirt, like acoustic kind of grit aesthetic to those songs. It’s an amazing record.

[00:48:30] It’s called dirt. Emo volume. Yeah. It’s seriously, really good. All of his work though is stellar. Also. He covers the best Taylor swift song of all time, all too well on it because he considers that an emo song and he’s correct. And, um, so, uh, I highly recommend that album to anybody who is. Is into that kind of thing.

[00:48:50] And it also segues nicely because, uh, you know, um, his last album that came out like right, as they announced their divorce, it’s sort of sad because some parts of it [00:49:00] like are very clearly were written, like when he was still married and kind of in love. And then parts of it are kind of tinge with sadness.

[00:49:05] But, um, but, but, uh, I’m here for Casey’s um, you know, Sanho fall, like divorce record.

[00:49:12] Something other than Pop Punk, maybe?

[00:49:12] Brett: I bet you guys could talk about like Connor Oakhurst. And bright eyes and Elliot Smith that I could get into.

[00:49:19] Christina: Okay, well, have you listened to Phoebe Bridgers? Um, Brett.

[00:49:23] Brett: never heard it

[00:49:24] Christina: Her. Okay. She’s great. Phoebe Bridgers. You have to listen to her.

[00:49:28] Brett: think you may have mentioned her before.

[00:49:30] Christina: I did. And I’m going to say it again because I was for whatever reason, like going, I I’ve, I’ve been listening to her for years, but I was listening to her intently on my plane ride, like to LA and

[00:49:42] Brett: spell that last name?

[00:49:43] Christina: B R I D G E R S.

[00:49:47] Erin: What’s what’s the most recent one. Kyoto. I thought it was okay.

[00:49:51] Christina: Um,

[00:49:51] Erin: in the Alps though. Oh my

[00:49:52] Christina: oh my story’s Gallup’s fucking amazing. And, and then she’s, she did, she’s did like a side project with Connor and then she has like, um, um, [00:50:00] like a, uh, like a all girl group, like boy genius and yeah, she’s incredibly talented.

[00:50:07] Erin: What’s everyone. Okay. Last thing. What’s everyone’s favorite Elliot Smith record.

[00:50:11] Brett: Uh, the one with the eight on it.

[00:50:14] Christina: Oh, figure eight. That was the, um, yeah. So mine is, is, uh, probably, uh, probably needle in the hay or between the bars, I guess,

[00:50:23] Brett: that be sure that was the best. Oh my God. You’re right.

[00:50:27] Christina: Yeah. Between the

[00:50:28] Brett: Between the bars. is the song that got me into Elliot Smith. It was actually a cover of that song by, um, S Madeline Perot that, that turned me on to Elliot Smith. And like from then on, I was an Elliot Smith fan.

[00:50:45] Christina: Yeah. So for me it was Goodwill hunting because they use his music

[00:50:50] Brett: and, I didn’t, I didn’t pay attention to it at that point. Like I didn’t, I liked it. I just, it wasn’t enough for me to like, look it up.

[00:50:58] Christina: and I was wrong. It’s not between the bars. That’s [00:51:00] what the song was on, but it’s a, it’s either.

[00:51:02] Brett: Yeah, yeah,

[00:51:03] Erin: I know what you meant.

[00:51:04] Christina: Yeah, I just for, for, for, for, for, for the listeners for completion thing. Um, yeah, I, um, I, um, there a 25th anniversary edition of, um, his, uh, his first like, uh, kind of, um, like, uh, uh, Elliot Smith album, the one with needle in the hay came out last year and I got it on vinyl and

[00:51:24] Erin: kill rockstars. Reissue.

[00:51:26] Christina: Yeah. I, so I was like, so I got the vinyl, um, uh, um, a copy and it also came with like, Um, like a recording of like one of his very first like concerts, like doing that stuff. Um, that, uh, that I got from band camp, I think, because of that or got from their website, I don’t remember now got from the Cole rockstars thing, but there was some live stuff there that was really good.

[00:51:49] Um, but yeah, Elliot Smith, man.

[00:51:53] Brett: I’m so sorry to cut this short, but I have to go.

[00:51:55] Christina: I know you guys have to go. Yeah.

[00:51:57] Brett: I don’t know, Erin, are you off now? [00:52:00]

[00:52:01] Erin: no, I was off yesterday. Um, we have a stand in two

[00:52:04] Christina: Yep. All right. So, so that, that, that, that ends our weird music stuff, but we’ll talk more about this stuff. Another point we can have, we can have like, just like sad, like all indie rock thing. I’m seeing, I’m seeing death cab for cutie on Monday. So

[00:52:16] Erin: Hey, jelly.

[00:52:19] Brett: great episode ladies.

[00:52:21] Christina: thank you, Brett.

[00:52:23] Brett: Get some sleep.

[00:52:24] Christina: sleep.

[00:52:25] Erin: Slate.