250: Bad People Doing Good Things

Loving art in spite of artists, and loving companies in spite of bad customer support. This is the way. This episode contains a bizarre amount of teleprompter discussion, in case that’s what you were looking for today.

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Overtired 250

[00:00:00] Brett: Hey, Christina. I actually don’t know who’s wicked as through the intro.

[00:00:08] Christina: I think it’s your week, Brett.

[00:00:10] Brett: Is it okay? Hey, everybody, you’re listening to over tired and I’m Brett Terpstra and I am here as always with Christina Warren, Christina, how are you?

[00:00:20] Christina: I’m good. I’m tired. Um, uh, per the name of the show, but yeah, exactly, exactly. But I’m good.

[00:00:28] Brett: That is that. Yeah, I’m, I’m in kind of the same boat. I’ve got up at four 30 this morning, which is an hour before I intended to get. So, um, I got that like tinge of tire, but also I went to bed at like nine 30. So it’s not like a horrible, horrible night’s sleep. I got a good seven hours. I’m okay. I’m not at my, like a hundred percent fully awake, but, but I can make this work.

[00:00:54] I have a, I have a hard out for workshop today. So this episode might not be the [00:01:00] full 60 minutes, but I would, I would say we’ll get a full 50 minutes out.

[00:01:05] Christina: Yeah. this’ll be w w we’ll we’ll give you your, your overtired money worth, right?

[00:01:10] Brett: Yeah. Well, we’ll cram 60 minutes of content into just 50 minutes. That’s our guarantee.

[00:01:18] Christina: That is our guarantee.

[00:01:19] Brett: So do I sound good?

[00:01:20] Christina: I was going to say, you sound really good.

[00:01:23] Brett: Aye. Aye. Aye. Finally, after years of buying like one, maybe $200 microphone. And like then, you know, a year later buying a new microphone. I figured I’m just going to do the thing I always should have done and get the shirt

[00:01:41] So now I have a, I have the legendary vocal podcasting radio microphone that is kind of the industry standard and it it’s like 400 bucks, but I shouldn’t have to buy another microphone.

[00:01:58] Christina: no, no. I have one too. [00:02:00] I’m not using it because I’ve needed to set mine up. It’s a whole thing, but I’ve used it previously when we’ve recorded and, uh, it is an amazing mic. It’s the Michael Jackson one.

[00:02:10] Brett: Is it really? What does that mean? Exactly?

[00:02:13] Christina: uh, that means I I’m almost positive that that is the mic that he used when he recorded.

[00:02:19] Brett: Oh, now, like it’s a microphone that inappropriately touches children.

[00:02:24] Christina: No, no, it is not a molesting, uh, microphone. Uh, it, it, it is a, the majority, it’s not a pejorative is actually like in a good way. Uh, uh, I mean, I’m sure that the shore people at this point probably are like conflicted. They’re like, okay, on the one hand, one of the greatest albums of all. And, and Quincy Jones, you know, certainly one of the greatest producers of all time and, and, and, you know, fantastic recording.

[00:02:51] On the other hand, the legacy of Michael Jackson, uh, is, shall we say complicated?

[00:02:57] Brett: Yeah. So like the me too movement [00:03:00] really brought the idea of a second. Art from the artist, uh, to the forefront. But Michael Jackson was kind of the first time that in my life, we had to deal with like this amazing body of work and this irredeemable person, and being able to appreciate that work without justifying the actions of a monster.

[00:03:26] Christina: no, I agree with that. And I think what’s for me anyway, what’s harder with Michael and it’s, and it’s an interesting thing because I almost feel like. I have to separate, like I can see Michael Jackson before 1993, which was when the first allegations against him became public. And after 1993, and I kind of feel like post 1993, Michael Jackson, like even the music and like, I, I want nothing to do with it.

[00:03:54] Um, the, the pre stuff, you know, I can still really respect, [00:04:00] but yeah.

[00:04:00] Brett: Did he do anything good after 93?

[00:04:02] Christina: I don’t think he did his is actually I think what helps there. But The the, the broader, I think challenge for me is that I’m like, I’m not even really, I don’t even really want to engage with any of that content. Right. Like it it’s like, I don’t know.

[00:04:16] I don’t even want to know, like to find out, like, I think that there was like, cause he had the Lisa Marie Presley era and there, there was his, his history, you know, double anthology thing. And I don’t know, there might’ve been like one or two hits there, but, but I think that it was. Uh, you know, it was kind of like, like black or away.

[00:04:36] White is probably like the last

[00:04:38] Brett: the ironically titled black or white.

[00:04:41] Christina: Featuring Macaulay, Culkin, who to be fair has never claimed any impropriety. Uh, and I believe him, I think that there’d be no reason that, that he would like be, I mean, look, it’s not anyone’s business, but, but I feel like, you know, other people come forward, like there wouldn’t be any reason for him to, to not come forward.

[00:04:58] Um, I [00:05:00] also feel like Macaulay Culkin was probably not an ideal victim for him because he was so incredibly like famous. Uh,

[00:05:11] Brett: R Kelly wouldn’t fuck with another pop star.

[00:05:14] Christina: exactly like, like, right, like even R Kelly, it’s like, okay. He, he groomed and, and really fuck with Aaliyah and, and like illegally married her and then her parents found out. We’re we’re putting an end to this because she is 15 years old.

[00:05:31] R Kelly and, and, and you’ve released an album that you’ve produced called age. You know, it was just a number. Um, but, but they like, you know, you know, squashed all of that, but like after her star.

[00:05:44] was on the rise, it wasn’t like he was going back to the Aaliyah. Like, you know, like, I guess faucet or whatever.

[00:05:54] I don’t know.

[00:05:54] Brett: So can you do, do you still listen, like Ryan Adams did that [00:06:00] Taylor swift cover album? That was, it was pretty fantastic. Like, can you still listen to that?

[00:06:06] Christina: So it’s, it’s weird. Cause I was such a huge Ryan Adams fan, like for, you know, for 20 years, like I’ve, I’ve been a fan of his since high school and, um,

[00:06:16] Brett: at what he does.

[00:06:17] Christina: He’s very good at what he does.

[00:06:18] And it’s hard because when the allegations came out like that gutted me, I was just like, God, this, this is hard.

[00:06:25] I don’t like go out of my way necessarily to listen to his work, but it stuff does come up like on my weekly apple, like my favorites playlist. I don’t skip it.

[00:06:37] Brett: Okay.

[00:06:37] Christina: Like, you know, I don’t go out of my way to listen to it, but I don’t skip it, but it’s weird because like, you know, um, I actually wasn’t that familiar.

[00:06:47] I’d heard of her before and I knew of her, but I wasn’t like super familiar with her work, but PA Bridgers, who I really, really like was someone who came forward, like in that New York times expos and was like, he groomed me and he [00:07:00] was gross and he was, you know, inappropriate and whatever. And, um, And I really like her work now.

[00:07:05] And so it was like this weird conflicted feeling. Right.

[00:07:08] And then like you hear from Mandy Moore and you hear from other people and you’re like, fuck, like this guy sucks. Um, the thing that slightly makes it easier with him, I think at least for me is I can, somehow I can be like, Okay.

[00:07:20] Well, what do you did is terrible and I’m not defending it, but it’s not child molestation.

[00:07:25] Brett: Yeah.

[00:07:26] Christina: Like. But, but yeah, but it’s hard. Like art versus artists is just such a hard thing. Like when I found out Roald Dahl was an anti-Semite and like a terrible person like that crushed me, but I still have like exceeded love for his books from childhood.

[00:07:43] Brett: Walt Disney was a Nazi. So I think there’s this weird line that I, I unconsciously draw. Like I used to, I used to appreciate not love, but appreciate Marilyn Manson. Uh, like he had a lot of songs, [00:08:00] everything from like Como white, up through a seven day Benj. Like there were a lot of songs that I was like, these are cool.

[00:08:07] This is, this is, I like this. But as soon as like he got taken down, I can no longer listen to it. It comes up and I just skip it. Cause I just, I never liked it enough, but like, I’m not going to give up on Disney. I’m not going to stop watching Marvel movies because of like Disney, Walt Disney’s character.

[00:08:25] Christina: No. Absolutely see is easier to innocence in that. Like, it wasn’t one person, it was a collective, you know what I mean? Like he was the CEO and he might’ve created the Mickey mouse character, although that’s debatable too, you know, but, but he was the primary, you know, author or whatever, but like,

[00:08:42] Brett: Yeah. Well, and you could say the same about like Harvey Weinstein

[00:08:46] Christina: Oh, yeah, Harvey Weinstein. I, I don’t like, look, he was a producer, um, uh, eight, there was like a film that we knew of definitively that like, The way it was made. There’s something really [00:09:00] terrible. That happened. That’s one thing, but I’m not going to not watch Miramax stuff because a, in most cases, like whatever, he, he did all the horrible things that he did, like are usually like book.

[00:09:17] A lot of art comes from paint and a lot of terrible things happen behind the scenes with kind of anything. and.

[00:09:21] if we try to, at least for me, we try to apply those sorts of moral standards. We could never enjoy or consume anything or talk to anyone. Right. Because we’ve all in some way descended from people who’ve done bad things.

[00:09:36] Um,

[00:09:37] Brett: Yes.

[00:09:38] Christina: you know what I mean? But, but like, Um, yeah, but yeah, for, for, well, Disney is one of those things. There’s like, I’m not going to Revere the guy. And like, maybe when I see like the statue of him at Disney world, I’m like in my head, I’m kind of like Lall, but yeah, I, I don’t, I don’t have that, that same issue.

[00:09:57] Same thing with like, um, like you said, with, [00:10:00] with Miramax stuff, like it’s like, Okay.

[00:10:03] Yeah. The guy who ran the studio was a really, really shitty person.

[00:10:07] Brett: Are there any movies that like. Really good, but have a sorted enough backstory that, that people won’t watch them anymore.

[00:10:16] Christina: Hm.

[00:10:17] Brett: I can’t think of any offhand.

[00:10:19] Christina: I can’t either. I’m sure there are some,

[00:10:21] Brett: Oh, I’m sure. I’m sure,

[00:10:23] Christina: We’ll get in front of thing. Like if you knew like how it happened, like I’m sure. Yeah. I’m sure,

[00:10:27] that there are some, like, if you knew that there were like rumors enough, I don’t know. I know a lot of people have problems with Woody Allen stuff. Um, and I, and I can understand that cause he’s close to

[00:10:38] Brett: sure. Yeah. That’s true. Well in any stars and a lot. Yeah.

[00:10:41] Christina: well that’s what I mean, like, like, like he’s, he’s not just like the Artwar in the sense of like the director and the writer, but is often, you know, the star and whatnot.

[00:10:50] And so I could see people having a problem with that for me. Like again, it’s one of those things I can’t see myself choosing to engage with his new [00:11:00] film. But I am not going to discount the artistic merit of his, of his past. Thanks.

[00:11:09] Brett: We just killed 10 minutes of our show talking about something that was in no way on our list.

[00:11:14] Christina: I know,

[00:11:15] Brett: What’s the point of lists even.

[00:11:17] Christina: What is the point of loss? He said, no, it would have been well, but we got there. It could, because you’ve got your brand new mic, which is.

[00:11:23] Brett: Yes in a very, uh, ADHD, conversational path. We, we did, we got from a new microphone to Walt Disney as a Nazi and under 10 minutes,

[00:11:37] Christina: Okay.

[00:11:38] Brett: nicely done. So did I tell you, uh, about the new, new tricks I figured out with having multiple streams?

[00:11:46] Christina: No, you didn’t. Cause we talked about how you did like your, um, touch bar, you know, thing, but, but, but no, we didn’t, I didn’t hear about the multiple stream deck tricks.

[00:11:56] Brett: I actually have my stream deck set up to toggle my touch [00:12:00] bar simulator on and off. But that is not part of this trick. So on my, I have a, uh, what, 15 key. Yeah, 15 key stream deck that sits flat next to my keyboard where my left hand can control it. And then I have a six button stream deck. That’s. Um, yeah, on my desk, in front of me where it’s like super visible and I can hit it with the index finger of my right hand, but I love that, uh, you can assign applications to change profiles.

[00:12:34] So when I switched to like VLC, the, the video controls come up and if I switched to Spotify, the Spotify controls come up. But when you switch away from the end, Uh, it, it switches the profile back. Ah, okay. So it’s 50 50. Sometimes it switches the profile back. And what good is a Spotify controller, if you can’t control it when you’re not actually in Spotify, [00:13:00] like if I have the Spotify app loaded up, I don’t need a fucking stream deck.

[00:13:05] And then sometimes it fails to switch. When you leave the app, leaving a profile that has like no relevance outside of the app. So I’ve kind of given up on the app based profile switching and I just made on my 15 button stream deck. I have a button called mini. And when I hit it, it brings up, uh, a page of, uh, mini profiles.

[00:13:32] So I can just hit like zoom or VLC or ScreenFlow. And it loads up on the six button, um, mini it loads up a profile specific to whatever I request. So it’s a little more manual, but it gives me like the nice thing about it is if you are working with justice stream deck, many, you always have to put exit buttons.

[00:13:55] So one of your buttons always goes to like exiting [00:14:00] and

[00:14:00] Christina: So, so you’re always like losing. So you’re losing like, you know, like a, like a sixth of your buttons.

[00:14:07] Brett: And, six buttons is way more handy than five buttons. Like if it were, if it were on my 15 and I was losing one 14, isn’t that much different than 50.

[00:14:15] Christina: Exactly. But, but, but six and five. Yeah. It’s like, it’s just like a significant amount.

[00:14:19] Brett: Yeah. So, so being able to switch the profiles manually from my, with my left hand has given me like a whole range of new options on the mini. I love it. It’s it’s a cool trick. I think everyone should have to, to stream decks.

[00:14:36] Christina: Yeah. Yeah. I have the XL, so I kind of have. The equivalent of that. Um, but

[00:14:43] Brett: The XL would take me too long to find the button I’m looking for.

[00:14:47] Christina: Yeah. that is kind of an issue with it, but I, for me, it was one of those things where I knew that the, the small one, like the, the was going to be too small. And I felt like that the normal size, when I was like, maybe this won’t [00:15:00] be enough. I was like, I could see where I was going to be like, oh, I’ll want to, or whatever.

[00:15:04] So it was like, I’ll just get the giant one.

[00:15:05] Brett: Yeah, Yeah, no, I could see that. I can, I can see how I might be super happy with, you know, how many buttons are on the giant one,

[00:15:14] Christina: I don’t even know. I think it’s like 20 I think it’s 20

[00:15:18] Brett: Um, yeah, I could see myself really like getting into that, but also it would take so long to build the profile.

[00:15:26] Christina: that that’s that’s that’s the thing is that, yeah. It’s it’s um, like it takes a lot to do that. So sometimes you don’t. Oh, it’s, it’s a it’s 32. So. So, yeah, so it’s like, yeah. So I don’t use them all, like it’s one of those things.

[00:15:41] Brett: You can buy ready-made like kits for like, uh, DaVinci resolve and final cut. And, uh, I couldn’t find any for apps that I actually thought the stream deck would be useful for. Um, although I could use the DaVinci resolve one, I think it, it didn’t seem worth the money [00:16:00] to me, but like that could save you some time that you use the stream deck software later.

[00:16:06] Christina: Yeah.

[00:16:07] Brett: Have you seen that? They added a whole icon library and sound effect library.

[00:16:13] Christina: Yes. Yes. And I haven’t, it is very cool.

[00:16:17] And I, haven’t gotten to the thing of like using it as a soundboard yet, but I was like, I was, I’m very excited to configure that.

[00:16:24] Brett: I, I did set up, uh, some, some profiles for, uh, soundboard stuff, but right now the way it’s I have my audio set up, I fucked something up and like, so I can do, I can hit my FX button and then hit. Okay.

[00:16:45] Christina: Yeah.

[00:16:48] Brett: Except. Okay. So I thought that was broken, but I could actually hear that.

[00:16:53] Christina: Okay. Awesome. Cause I heard that.

[00:16:56] too.

[00:16:58] Brett: See it works. [00:17:00] Yeah. So anyway, icons though, I love, because I used to always have to go to the stream deck website and use their little icon generator to make just a stupid like microphone icon. Now there’s a huge library of some pretty good icons. So yeah. Anyway, what the, let’s see, I have a bleep button except there’s like, go one second.

[00:17:23] Pause. So you can’t actually live bleep anything with it.

[00:17:27] Christina: This, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, they just redesigned the original stream deck. And I, and as far as I can tell, like, they didn’t actually change anything. Functionality wise. They just like added like a different, like a faceplate option. If you

[00:17:41] Brett: Yeah, right. Customizable. Like you have like three options, but.

[00:17:45] Christina: Yeah, which is cool.

[00:17:47] And I’m sure we’ll make them. And it does look a little bit better, but, but I was, I was kinda glad they didn’t change anything functionality wise. Cause I was like, I have the XL. I don’t want to get like a lesser thing, but at the same time, I’m [00:18:00] like a sucker for anything shiny and new. So. Um, I I’m glad I don’t have to do that.

[00:18:06] but Yeah, but they did just redesign it.

[00:18:08] And ironically, they came out with the stream deck mark to the same day that the steam deck was announced.

[00:18:15] Brett: that.

[00:18:16] Christina: I was like, God dammit, valve. Like, you know, it’s hard enough. Like, and so I always I’m, I’m going to forever. And I think I’m not alone in this is like, everyone is going to be calling the steam deck, the stream deck.

[00:18:28] Like it’s just, it’s inevitable.

[00:18:31] Brett: it was an easy enough slip of the tongue to begin with.

[00:18:33] Christina: It was, it was, it was already like close up and then you’re just like, you’re like bow, really? Like I get why it’s a good name. What it’s so close to this other thing, like, could you just have not an anvil? It was

[00:18:47] Brett: especially considering their, their markets definitely overlap.

[00:18:52] Christina: yes. I was going to say that’s the thing is that like people who will be getting the steam deck. Like maybe [00:19:00] that in and of itself. Won’t, I mean, I guess it will be powerful enough to do some streaming from, although that’s not going to be like its main thing, but there are definitely people who will be streaming their steam deck.

[00:19:11] Right? Like that’s not even a question. Like people will be configuring it with OBS. Like I use mine. Iceland. Um, people’s things that I found with like pre-configured ops stuff, which is really useful. And then, you know, customize some of the macros and whatnot. Like, you know, it, it would be very useful for like, you’ll, you know, it’s very useful for that, but like, yeah, people will definitely have that overlap.

[00:19:30] I’m like really come on valve. Um, cause it’s not as if again, like at this point it’s so interesting. Oh God, we’ve talked about this before. This European, like Mac hardware and software maker. Right. They made like the ITB software, like they were like a Mac company and then they. Went hard into the streaming space and sold to Corsair.

[00:19:54] And now they are like their brand and they are incredibly good at it. And I’ve given them so much money, which is why I was [00:20:00] mad that they were, um, that their support. Wasn’t great with you. Although you ended up, it ended up working out, um, I’ve given them So much money, but they, like, they literally make like all the best higher end streaming gear.

[00:20:13] Like that is their thing. And it’s, it’s just, it’s really funny that they’ve just become like those people.

[00:20:19] Brett: I want to come back to OBS in a second. But I also remember, I was excited that I got the face cam from El Gato. It, it crashes my computer. Like it didn’t happen until the first time I used it in a zoom call and it was about 10 minutes into the zoom call. I went to click my track pad and you know how the magic track pad is.

[00:20:45] Uh, what’s it like tactile, uh, like if it doesn’t have power, it doesn’t click. Like there’s, there’s no physical movement to it. And all of a sudden, I.

[00:20:56] Christina: Cause it’s yeah.

[00:20:57] Brett: Yeah, couldn’t click and there was still audio. Like I could [00:21:00] still hear things, but I couldn’t click. And then about 10 seconds later, my computer just shut down.

[00:21:06] So I, I reboot, I get back on the zoom call. I make it through to the end of the meeting. And then as I go to hit the leave meeting button, no click again, and the computer reboots, it took me a while to pinpoint that it was the face cam, but I am 99%. Sure. But since unplugging the face cam and going back to my lodger tech, it hasn’t, my computer hasn’t crashed once, so I should open a support ticket or, or ask for a refund.

[00:21:35] But as of right now, I am not using the face

[00:21:38] Christina: Yeah, you definitely need to open a support ticket and or ask for a refund. Right? You, you know, do that. Um, it’s interesting because, uh, if that one, for whatever reason doesn’t work, Logitech did just come out with a 4k camera.

[00:21:52] Um, that is similar. I believe that also doesn’t have like a microphone on it.

[00:21:57] Brett: The real, the selling point. The reason [00:22:00] I wanted this camera is that you can store zoom settings in the hardware.

[00:22:06] Christina: nice.

[00:22:07] Brett: So like with my, like, I think I talked about this, but with the green screen that goes on the back of my chair. My 10 80 P logic tech camera gets too wide and you can see beyond the edge of the green screen.

[00:22:20] So all I wanted to do with zoom it in about 10% cut out the edges. And I had been doing it with a webcam settings, the app, and that has to be running. And sometimes zoom like overrides it. And like in the middle of a meeting, all of a sudden, like my green screen will break. So I w I just want her to, I want it to be able to save the setting into the hardware.

[00:22:42] That was the only reason the face cam was better than this pretty cool lodger tech camera. I have. So

[00:22:48] Christina: Right. So this is the whole reason. Yeah. So, so that doesn’t work.

[00:22:52] then you don’t. Yeah. I mean, honestly, yeah. So that’s, that’s the whole reason you wanted it, so, yeah. That’s um,

[00:22:58] Brett: And that part does work well. [00:23:00] Um, it loses its zoom is extra fuzzy. Like you zoom it even in like 5% and everything gets blurry, which kind of sucks. But anyway, Anyway. Oh, so OBS and then we’ll take a sponsor break cause Jesus, we’re already halfway in. Actually let’s do a sponsor break first.

[00:23:23] Christina: Yeah.

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[00:25:07] Go to upstart.com. Over tired. Thanks, upstart.

[00:25:13] Christina: Excellent.

[00:25:14] Brett: Yeah. So, uh, we did that, uh, that hands-on lab, uh, Oracle last week. And, uh, w w we ran into this issue where the zoom recording was basically shit quality, and I suggested maybe we should use OBS. Okay. And record like screens directly instead of going through, like it wasn’t zoom like the cloud record, which is whole, that is awful.

[00:25:43] Christina: Right. That’s a whole other thing.

[00:25:45] Brett: But it was like a local record, but the, the, the quality was terrible. Um, and, uh, my, one of my managers said that OBS always crashed her PC. She had tried [00:26:00] it once. Uh, she liked the promise of it, but that she found it impractical. And I can understand, like, you don’t want your machine to crash in the middle of a live presentation.

[00:26:11] Uh, you know, like a web. But like, I think you could, you could work out those bugs ahead of time. It would be so nice to like, be able to use OBS for that kind of thing. Plus you could have like lower thirds and, uh, title sequences. It could be, I, I want to get that working.

[00:26:31] Christina: Yeah.

[00:26:32] no, I think you should, you should definitely look into that. And, and cause I think you could totally make it work. It is a challenge in terms of making sure people can have their machines configured and whatnot, if they need to record it on their end. But if you can have somebody who ideally is even like tasked with, we are the person who is going to be the, you know, like.

[00:26:51] Recorder slash streamer. Um, you could definitely make that work. I put a link in our show notes. This is an option. It’s not as [00:27:00] robust as OBS, obviously, but it works in the web browser and it’s very good. And it allows for a role of someone to be the producer who can load in things like pre-roll. You can add in lower thirds, you can do other stuff.

[00:27:14] And then what’s nice about it is that for the attendees and stuff, like they just join it. You can still even broadcast this, you know, to something like a, like a zoom output or, or something else. And it’s called stream yard. Um, and, um, we use it, um, um, at Microsoft a lot, um, their, uh, their prices. Is really good.

[00:27:37] Like actually it was difficult. Uh, I think the whole reason they even have an enterprise thing at this point or business thing is because we kind of forced them to, um, like have a way that we could. Bill for it and, and have some like the, the, I guess, requirements that were needed because the individual subscription stuff is actually [00:28:00] really inexpensive.

[00:28:00] But I would say if ops is not a solution, then, um, uh, I would.

[00:28:07] Brett: might be awesome.

[00:28:08] Christina: Look at it because it’s, it’s not it’s. I think it’s like, it’s like, um, $20 a month for basic, uh, plan, um, uh, $40 a month for the, for the professional. Um, what we typically do, uh, is like, we, we only pay for, I think, like a handful of seats and then, you know, people kind of share it, but the thing is is that like you can invite like guests.

[00:28:33] Who don’t need to have an account at all. And, and they can just, you know, use stream yard, and then you can use it to broadcast and record and stuff. And it’s actually really good. So OBS is awesome. And, uh, I actually give $20 a month to the lead developer on Patrion. Um, because I think that it’s such a good program and, and such an important thing, but, uh, but stream yard is a really good browser-based thing for those situations where.[00:29:00]

[00:29:00] You know, you can’t rely on, on people to be able to configure OBS on their end and whatnot. Cause it is a lot.

[00:29:06] Brett: So I I’m like paying for software is, uh, not a problem. I was told by one of my managers that the manager who controls budget requests that we needed to make more budget requests. Uh, that they have a budget to spend and we need to look like we’re spending, I probably shouldn’t be saying this out loud.

[00:29:32] This is like

[00:29:32] Christina: No, no, no, no, no,

[00:29:33] Brett: made, but

[00:29:34] Christina: but that’s how most businesses work, right. Like you, if you don’t spend your money, you will not get it the next

[00:29:40] Brett: right. And so, uh, I think I mentioned a while back that I was going to order a bunch of video equipment cause I was going to become, uh, an on-air personality for Oracle. Um, I had been dragging my feet on it. Just, I don’t know why. Um, but there wasn’t an ER, we weren’t ready to [00:30:00] start that program yet, so I wasn’t rushing, but so I’m speaking at virtual max doc this year.

[00:30:06] Um, again, and I wasn’t sure I was going to do it. And then Mike said, oh,

[00:30:12] Christina: but you can. talk, you’re going to talk about.

[00:30:13] Brett: Yeah, you can present on one of your projects. So I’m totally in, I wrote the whole presentation already recorded all the screencast and then. Um, I, I need to, I need to talking head on this. Like no one wants to watch a screencast for 20 minutes and least I wouldn’t.

[00:30:28] Um, so I went ahead and I ordered all my fancy new equipment and it’s showing up piecemeal, but the first thing I got in the mail was a teleprompter and it attaches to the lens of the camera. And then you stick your iPhone in it, and there’s an app that it scrolls on the iPhone, then there’s a mirror. So you basically, you’re looking directly at the camera lens while you’re reading

[00:30:59] Christina: [00:31:00] right.

[00:31:00] Brett: like 99 bucks.

[00:31:02] It’s really cool. I should.

[00:31:03] Christina: Yeah, share which one you got because I need a teleprompter. I have an iPad app that I use and there’s a Mac app for it to actually, um, teleprompter plus,

[00:31:12] Brett: Yeah, I have that. And I’ll probably actually use teleprompter plus plus with it’s it’s called the pad caster podcasts or teleprompt parrot teleprompter. Um, their app kinda sucks. Like there’s no way to import scripts. You have to write them or paste them in the app. Um, so I would, uh, probably gonna use like a more robust teleprompter app because the only part that really matters is the mirror.

[00:31:40] Christina: Right. Exactly. That’s what I was going to say. Cause yeah, cause I’ve been looking I need well, and when I kind of formalize my set, like I need to cause I’ve I’ve um, I need to set up like my actual teleprompter kind of set up thing, but I, um, Yeah, I, uh, so, so thanks for, uh, linking it to the [00:32:00] pad, uh, pad caster.

[00:32:01] Um, Yeah,

[00:32:01] telecomm pumper teleprompter premium. I have to say that app is great. I’ve used it for years. Um, in our studio at Microsoft with our. You know, professional teleprompter, but rather than using, you know, or I guess professional mirror set up. Cause like, rather than using like a, you know, traditional teleprompter, like we just, like, I put the iPad there and um, and then the mirror is.

[00:32:26] set up and it does what it needs to do.

[00:32:28] And so I’ve used it for years with that, because you could import stuff from Dropbox or from other sources and you can control it with your apple watch or whatever. Well, what I love about it, and I will give them a shout out for this, because I use this, I guess in may, when I was recording a video for a webinar that I wasn’t really a part of, but I was just doing the intro for, and they wanted something where like I was onsite of where we have traditionally held the build conference.

[00:32:55] You know, we, we having to do it virtual again. And so I was at the Washington state [00:33:00] convention center kind of in the background and then just kind of giving an intro and saying, Hey, you know, we can’t wait to be back in person again. This is where I am at so many good memories. We’ve got so much good stuff for you today, you know, whatever.

[00:33:11] And so I, I wrote in, you know, there were some talking points and scripts and so. I was having to shoot this myself, like on my camera, like on my phone. Um, and, and I was kind of concerned cause I was like, okay, I can memorize this, but I want it to be kind of extemporaneous. I want it to be crisp. I don’t want to go on too long.

[00:33:29] Also I’m having to shoot this myself and I need to get this, you know, to this, to this team to do so. What can I do? Uh, what turns out that the teleprompter. Now has an option. Like if you’re using it with an iPhone where you can record in the app and it will basically use the front facing camera and you can read off of the teleprompter on your phone while you’re recording and you can still record high quality.

[00:33:56] So that.

[00:33:57] was amazing [00:34:00] because. It really did make it in terms of like a, kind of a, okay. If you need to do like a vlogger style thing, like this is actually a solution because the front facing camera at this point is good enough, especially for our women. It’s very good. Like honestly, like the rear facing camera is obviously better, but the front facing camera is very good, especially for the purposes of what we were doing that just being able to read off of that. Yeah.

[00:34:25] Okay. Yeah, this, this is awesome. So we have a link for that app, but it’s, um, I’ve used a bunch of different teleprompter apps over the years. I do. You have to say like teleprompter premium, I think is like my favorite. There are probably other good ones too, but I, I do appreciate that. Um, like the, initially I think the thing that kind of brought me into it was the apple watch control because when I’m in our main studio.

[00:34:50] Yeah. Cause when I’m in our main studio, Rather like if it’s going too fast or too slow up or I fucked something up before we had that set up, like how it work? Is it somebody else [00:35:00] would have to come in and be like, wait, wait, wait, you know, stop, like go back. And then I have to start again because you’re not able to like with a real teleprompter in a studio, how it works is that there’s a remote control kind of thing.

[00:35:11] So like in a broadcast studio, like on CNN or, or, or whatever, how that works is that you have someone who is actually running. It is how that works. So you have someone who’s actually, they fed it into their prompter. Sorry. And then they are actually running it and then they are controlling the flow. So like when I’m doing stuff at, uh, for, for our big events, for instance, um, like when I did the windows 11 launch or when I do ignite or build or whatever, there is an actual teleprompter operator and I’m looking into, you know, these, you know, probably yeah.

[00:35:41] $15,000 plus like, uh, you know, uh, professional, like, uh, you know, uh, studio cameras and, and whatnot. Cause it is like a full-on production studio. It is like a television quality production studio and they’re controlling the flow. They’re controlling the spacing. They can make the updates in real time, whatever.

[00:35:57] It’s great. Um, when I’m [00:36:00] in the channel nine studio. Again, we have some really nice cameras and we have some really nice equipment and set up in green trees and stuff. And it’s way. more high end than a lot of, you know, set ups. It’s, it’s probably, it’s very similar to the kind of the quality that we had at like Mashable or, and it’s better than what we had at Gizmodo or whatever, but we don’t have that.

[00:36:19] So we have somebody who’s out in the control room. Who’s controlling the audio, but I’m using an iPad. So I can’t control what I’m reading when you have the, uh, the apple watch. Yeah. That’s brilliant because you can use the crown to go back forward and stop. Yes.

[00:36:36] Brett: Can you, can you control speed with the watch? Oh my God. Yes. I need that.

[00:36:41] Christina: So it’s brilliant. So if you fuck up, you can pause, you can control speed.

[00:36:45] Like it’s, just, it’s so good. So

[00:36:47] Brett: especially for this because the phone is mounted in the teleprompter. So getting to the controls is a pain in the ass

[00:36:56] Christina: That’s what I’m saying.

[00:36:57] Brett: and they sell a hardware remote for it. [00:37:00] But I have an apple watch.

[00:37:01] Christina: Right. That’s the thing. So yeah. So teleprompter premium. I’m a huge fan of that. Um, so yeah. That’s, that’s

[00:37:10] Brett: You want to hear about the crazy, uh, like screencasting teleprompter setup I made.

[00:37:15] Christina: Yes.

[00:37:16] Brett: Um, so. Aye. Aye, aye. Brainstorm my F my blog posts, my screencast, my presentation. I do it all in mind maps and, uh, I do it with I thoughts. And what I do is brainstorm all of the topics I need to cover, organize them, create subtopics.

[00:37:36] And then in the final topics I go in and on the notes for each node. I write out the script for that topic and, uh, Built I thought support into Mart so I can drag the map into Mart. Uh, and I have a teleprompter, uh, theme for Mart that [00:38:00] uses Mark’s auto scroll to actually make a teleprompter on screen. So then I can edit my teleprompter script live in a mind map.

[00:38:10] Hit save on it and my teleprompter updates and scrolls to the part I’m editing and that I can, uh, I can go back and forth and record my screen cast piece by piece, uh, with, uh, with full teleprompter support. I D you don’t have to have two displays to do that, but it’s, it’s pretty cool going from, from mindmap to screen cast.

[00:38:31] Uh it’s uh, it’s, it’s fun. I’m a

[00:38:33] Christina: That’s awesome. No, I know, I love this. I knew that. I mean, that’s why this show exists. No, this is what’s fun. And I’m really glad you’re having, I’m glad that you’re being forced to be like a on-camera personality and stuff, because I love to geek out about this and. This is the sort of thing where I have to stop myself sometimes from wanting to over-engineer the production process, because that is what engineers do is we over-complicate things.

[00:38:57] And I’m like, actually, there’s a reason that things [00:39:00] exist. Like production workflow works the way that it does. And I see this happen all the time with people that I work with, who don’t have any production experience and they go too far and like wanting to automate and make everything run great. And like be the producers and not thinking about the content or some of the other stuff, which is honestly more important.

[00:39:19] Um, but I’m so excited you’re getting into this because you are the way that I am about. Like wanting to nerd. out and over-engineer with it, but then you go to the next level. So I’m excited for like the stupid stuff that.

[00:39:35] you’re going to come up with, which is just going to make my life easier. So I’m excited about that.

[00:39:40] Brett: Um, I have no segway for this, but do you want to do a hello? Fresh

[00:39:44] Christina: I was going to say I was about to, I was trying to think about it, but, uh, speaking of, I guess, uh, we’re both kind of hungry, I guess,

[00:39:51] Brett: There you go.

[00:39:52] Christina: This episode is sponsored by hello, fresh with hello, fresh. You get fresh pre-measured ingredients and mouthwatering seasonal [00:40:00] recipes delivered right to your door. So you can skip trips to the grocery store and you can count on HelloFresh to make home cooking easy. And affordable. Hello, fresh offers, 50 menu and market items to choose from every week from vegetarian meals and calorie smart choices to extra special gourmet options.

[00:40:19] There’s something for everyone to enjoy with recipes designed and tested by professional chefs and nutritional experts to ensure deliciousness and simplicity. Now, Brett, I know that you love HelloFresh.

[00:40:31] Brett: I really do totally. Um, I get my home cooked vegetarian meals. To feed me all week and they only take about 30 minutes to cook and I never have to go grocery shopping or plan meals ahead, which is like my least favorite thing. I just log into HelloFresh a week before they have an app on the iPhone. I pick the meals out of the menu that looked the most delicious to me and boom meal planning and grocery shopping done in five minutes or less.

[00:40:59] [00:41:00] And, and I, I, I eat better now than I have in a long time.

[00:41:05] Christina: So the fall harvest is officially on with hello, fresh count on seasonal recipes like pumpkin cinnamon rolls and friends giving readies size as well as fresh high quality ingredients that travel from the farm to your front door in less than a week.

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[00:41:49] Brett: Did I tell you about the super embarrassing thing that happened with a sponsor read two weeks ago?

[00:41:54] Christina: You did.

[00:41:55] Brett: So I had, I had like fumbled my way through one of the sponsor reads [00:42:00] and had put in a bunch of like when I edit with a D script. So any.

[00:42:06] Christina: you’d like can read your, your edit

[00:42:09] Brett: the word edit, and then I can just search the text for, and I know where the edits need to be.

[00:42:15] Uh, w which is a good tip. Anytime that you have a, a replacement co-host and you need to edit something, just say the word edit, and I’ll totally find it. But anyway, I had done that and I had done all the edits and it sounded great. And then something weird happened in D script where. My audio track got like maybe 10 seconds ahead of yours.

[00:42:40] And so I went back in and I realigned the two tracks in the composition and everything sounded fine, but I didn’t go back and see what happened with those edits.

[00:42:51] Christina: Oh, no.

[00:42:52] Brett: In the version I published when it got to that sponsor read it, like would like cut at this weird point and then [00:43:00] you’d hear me go edit and then I’d start again in summer.

[00:43:02] Brett (2): And then it would cut. And then, so like the whole, and that was the only place in the, in the episode that I had done edit. So for a whole day, the overtired episode that was out there had a completely butchered ad read. Uh, I deleted, I deleted it from our RSS feed and put up a fixed version the next day.

[00:43:21] Um, I only heard from a couple people about it. Uh, so people were either very forgiving or no one listens to our podcasts on the day it comes out. Um, but yeah, it was, it was embarrassing. Uh, I, 100% blame D script that was a bug on their part. Got to put the blame somewhere.

[00:43:41] Christina: Yeah. I mean, you definitely got to put the blame somewhere. Definitely, definitely. Descripts fault. No. Uh, thank you D script for making a really good service That uh, if it has an API and everything.

[00:43:51] Brett: that one time, one time it fucked me, but overall I would never go back to editing podcasts without D script.[00:44:00]

[00:44:00] Christina: Yeah, no, I mean, I think, uh, yeah, exactly. I mean, I think that it’s a, um, I’m glad that like a service like that exists and that, uh, in the pricing is actually for, for their transcripts is like actually really good. So again, this is, They, don’t sponsor us. they should, but yeah.

[00:44:14] Brett: they really should there a couple of their competitors. Have sent me like, uh, free trials, uh, given me like pro accounts, try out our, our version of this, uh, concept. And none of them have come close to, uh, to D script as far as features and capabilities go it’s it’s the best. I should probably put it in the show notes.

[00:44:38] Christina: Yeah, you should. Yeah.

[00:44:40] Brett: feel like we’ve talked about are enough to deserve a link.

[00:44:42] Christina: Yeah, I have to say they do have a really good, uh, URL. Like they have, like, I don’t know what they had to pay for that, but the, a bit like I’m, I’m, I’m happy for them.

[00:44:51] Brett: D script.com.

[00:44:53] Christina: Yeah.

[00:44:53] Brett: Yeah. Um, all right, well, let’s see. Nope. I’m out of time. This, this, [00:45:00] this is, did we fit an hour’s worth then?

[00:45:02] Christina: I think we did. I think we did. We didn’t really get a lot of pop culture in, but I think next week we’re going to have like some really good pop culture talk. So, So I think that we’re good.

[00:45:11] Brett: So Christina and I talked before the show and we have decided to start on occasion bringing on guests again, a long time. Listeners may recall a certain episode, uh, with some, some certain music. No, no, one’s blaming you. It’s fine. Um, like w we’re all good. Uh, it didn’t go well, and we kind of stopped having guests after.

[00:45:33] Christina: Yeah. Uh, I, I had an idea if for, for people who don’t know of inviting, like there was something that I was extremely online that I found under entertaining and interesting. And I invited these two people from New York on our podcast and, uh, uh, yeah, it’s not go well. So, um, uh,

[00:45:53] Brett: It was, cringy

[00:45:54] Christina: it was really cringey. I don’t think they had any idea that it didn’t go well.

[00:45:58] Uh, but, but we

[00:45:59] Brett: that’s [00:46:00] because they’re terrible people.

[00:46:01] Christina: They are terrible people, 100%. Um, so, and, and, and I, I, I bet I doubt either of them even remembers doing the podcast, so I don’t feel bad saying this. So, Yeah. So we stopped having guests, uh, other than like, we, you know, obviously guests hosted with, uh, Ashley Escada, um, twice, because she’s awesome, but we are going to be bringing guests in, um, vetted at this point.

[00:46:24] But, uh, and I’m just going to. Wing this on you here, Brett. I know you have some People that you want to bring on it. And I have some people I’d like to, I would be interested in hearing from the community. If there are people like that, they would be interested in us talking to

[00:46:39] Brett: Yeah. People who can nerd out about kind of overtired ESC topics and who also have a. Recording set up prerequisite. You have to own at least a decent microphone and have recorded one podcast before in your life, yours or somebody else’s

[00:46:58] Christina: Yes.

[00:46:59] Brett: you gotta, [00:47:00] you gotta be a pro to be on over tired. We have standards standards

[00:47:04] Christina: do have standards.

[00:47:04] right? Yeah. I mean, yeah.

[00:47:06] Brett: Um, all right, so anyway, thanks everyone for listening. Uh, Christina, we’re both tired. Get some sleep.

[00:47:14] Christina: Get some sleep, Brett.