248: Surprisingly Normal

Brett and Christina pull off a suprisingly normal conversation. I mean, normal for Overtired. From Apple privacy issues to Rhianna’s billions, with a fair and balanced discussion of cinematic multiverses.

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Overtired 248

Christina: [00:00:00] [00:00:00]You’re listening to overtired. I’m Christina Warren here with Brett Tripp stra

[00:00:08] Brett, Brett, how are

[00:00:09] you?

[00:00:10] Brett: [00:00:10] I am. I am. I’m good. I’m good. How are you?

[00:00:14] Christina: [00:00:14] I’m good. I’m good. I’ve been up like, this is kind of similar to last week when we recorded, except I’ve been up like way, way long. Um, like I fell asleep early again. It was one of those things I’ve been awake since like midnight. I don’t know. So

[00:00:32] Brett: [00:00:32] Wow.

[00:00:32] Christina: [00:00:32] it’s going to be one of

[00:00:33] those days,

[00:00:34] Brett: [00:00:34] I’ve been sleeping so much lately. I’m I’m in that like low energy part of my month with my like recent cycle of like manic episodes. Just, just regular depressive episodes. But I’m not, I’m not depressed. Like

[00:00:49] I’m in a, I’m in a, great mood. Yeah, just super

[00:00:52] tired, just, oh, and it’s bad timing with like the big hands-on lab coming up.

[00:00:58] Christina: [00:00:58] Yeah. Yeah, [00:01:00] because you’re in crunch time. Um, first, uh, I guess we should get into that. Um, for Brett Brett’s mental health corner slash uh, bread set, work update, um, things work out okay. With work with you not having the thing done. Like I, like I

[00:01:14] Brett: [00:01:14] Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Everything’s cool. Uh, the guy building the lab came through and I was able to write up all of my stuff. Um, a little bit. There, I wished the lab was more interactive. Like that’s kind of the point of a hands-on lab is to really be hands-on. But in order to, in order to change, like if you wanted to play around with the, the inputs to the machine learning, it takes 40 minutes to compile the changes

[00:01:46] in a two hour lab that

[00:01:48] is. Untenable. So we’re basically, we’re, we’re explaining to people like how to do this on your own. And they have like 30 days of, uh, like $500 in credits to [00:02:00] use with the cloud platform. So they’ll have plenty of time to play with it. And my goal is to make sure they, they know how to buy. End of the lab. So that’s, you know, that’s my responsibility.

[00:02:11] I’m cool with it. Things are going well. I learned the hard way that Jupiter lab does not autosave. I had gone through, I had spent an entire day like adding notes to the notebooks so that people could understand what was happening, uh, change, how, like I went in and changed the legends on all of the charts that it output so that they made more sense.

[00:02:34] Uh, They were not written by a native English speakers. So tons of, of minor edits. And I just assumed, like, because in this day and age who hits save like everything auto saves, but then my computer crashed, which is another problem I’m having lately. And, uh, and, uh, I lost a whole day of, uh, of edits. So, you know, that was cool.

[00:03:00] [00:02:59] Christina: [00:02:59] Yeah, no. When you told me about that, like, I felt so bad and then I actually looked into It Cause I thought I was like, I thought Jupiter notebooks had autosave and it does, but I guess maybe whatever you were using didn’t work or maybe you didn’t have the interval set the right way or whatever.

[00:03:12] Brett: [00:03:12] It saves checkpoints, but you still have to manually hit save.

[00:03:18] Christina: [00:03:18] okay. Also, I will confess here that at this point, I use visual studio code

[00:03:24] Brett: [00:03:24] Of course you do. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:03:27] Christina: [00:03:27] well, you know, but this is the lesson you and I learned. I mean, this is actually like the ultimate lesson, which is like, never write in the CMS.

[00:03:39] Brett: [00:03:39] Right.

[00:03:40] Christina: [00:03:40] And, and the Jupiter notebook is, is a CMS.

[00:03:43] The problem is it’s like a web app. So you know, like, like, uh, um, I think JetBrains has like support in, in visual studio code does and some other things, but there aren’t like, know, nobody’s made like a native way to do

[00:03:57] it cause it’s a web app. So

[00:03:59] Brett: [00:03:59] I mean, [00:04:00] with WordPress, like I never used to write in the WordPress editor.

[00:04:04] But it’s gotten so good at like auto-save, you can completely crash or your web browser can close out and you can come back and everything’s there because it auto saves frequently.

[00:04:18] Christina: [00:04:18] Right, which is nice when that happens. I don’t know. Uh, I I’ve been, and I w I’m sure that I would have made a similar mistake to you or could have like, cause, cause we all have those lessons. We have to like relearn it or whatever, either relearn having to save frequently.

[00:04:33] or relearn, like use something that has like a, a better mechanism.

[00:04:39] I, for whatever reason, I don’t care what it is. Even when I’ve seen really graceful, restores from saving in the web editor in a browser. That’s just, it’s one of those things where I’m just like, no, I’m not doing

[00:04:51] this. Like I’m not saving in the browser.

[00:04:53] Brett: [00:04:53] Yeah, I understand. I just, because this was running in a cloud compute

[00:04:59] that [00:05:00] I didn’t have easy SSH access to. And like, it was very complicated.

[00:05:06] I.

[00:05:07] Christina: [00:05:07] understand again, like I’m just going to plug it again. Cause you could use it with your same things, like visual studio code. You can use it to do like cloud instance stuff where you could be loading the project from like your server and it would handle all the SSH and all that stuff with it.

[00:05:23] Um, but yeah, I totally, um, that would require you’d probably would install something like on a server, which. He may or may not be able to provision so I could see how that could be a problem. But no, I, I get, I get exactly what you’re saying when you’re like in a situation where you can’t configure your tools the way you want, and you’re having to use the browser everything’s been working great.

[00:05:43] You thought that it was autosaving something went wrong and you realize, oh, this really wasn’t doing what I thought I was going to do. And now I

[00:05:49] have to redo stuff and that’s the worst.

[00:05:52] Brett: [00:05:52] I had to walk away for like two hours just to like, just

[00:05:55] cope with cope, with the loss for a little.

[00:05:57] Christina: [00:05:57] 100%. No, and we’ve all been there. [00:06:00] And again, like the, the rule of like, don’t edit in the CMS, we all learn it we’ve

[00:06:05] lost things that

[00:06:07] Brett: [00:06:07] Sure. Like we, we both come from the, uh, the blog world

[00:06:12] Christina: [00:06:12] Yeah.

[00:06:12] Brett: [00:06:12] writing for, for large, large organizations that expect you to write in the CMS. And we’ve both spent, you know, our entire careers, finding ways around that.

[00:06:22] Christina: [00:06:22] I was going to say exactly like we basically, Yeah.

[00:06:25] That’s exactly what we found our entire careers around doing what they wanted us to do. Like to the point where Um, I, I was using marked even at, um, it gives Moto in Kenya. I don’t know what its status is now, but I doubt it’s

[00:06:38] Brett: [00:06:38] Oh, right. Yeah.

[00:06:40] Christina: [00:06:40] W w will great hill the company that bought Gawker from Univision, um, not a good company almost everybody has left.

[00:06:49] And I’m not sure how many members of the development team are there. But when I was there, um, both in the pre, in the, in the, during Univision era, [00:07:00] I was actually kind of impressed by. How there, you know, they had a pretty robust product team and the CMS I have to say pretty good. but I still was still paranoid that I would write in my, you know, text editor and use marked And then like copy marked into like RTF to paste

[00:07:18] Brett: [00:07:18] Yeah.

[00:07:19] Christina: [00:07:19] into

[00:07:20] Brett: [00:07:20] Yeah. And it, somehow that work that’s how good Kendra was though. Like the, the bane of CMS is back in the day was people would try to paste from word and they would get horrible markup. Um, and then these newer systems came along where you could paste rich text into them and get perfectly clean markup.

[00:07:41] And that was that’s cool. Um, I’m not going to lie. That’s cool.

[00:07:45] Christina: [00:07:45] I know, and I was happy with that. I was like, Okay.

[00:07:47] I can’t do my custom kind of, you know, input the way that I would want to, but I, the it’ll do the RTF and was good enough. And I’m going again. This was, you know, five years ago, um, uh, four or five years ago, but it was good enough that it actually supported [00:08:00] embed stuff fairly well.

[00:08:02] Like it would, it would, you know, um, uh, uh, in a Wiziwig style handle that. Quite well, but also if you did need to go in and edit, the actual code

[00:08:11] Brett: [00:08:11] Okay.

[00:08:11] Christina: [00:08:11] actually let you access that. Whereas like the that Mashable built, which was a dumb thing for them to build, and that whole product team was gone within a year of it being built because was sold and they all.

[00:08:26] Brett: [00:08:26] Yeah.

[00:08:26] Christina: [00:08:26] deemed needle, you know, and, and certainly they weren’t like, you know, zip Davis or, or, or the corpse of Ziff Davis or whatever, who, uh, who bought Nashville. Didn’t, uh, didn’t buy it for the CMS, but in that case, Like they’d, over-engineered it. And they had all these things, but it didn’t work that well.

[00:08:43] And I was like, okay, I need actually a way to like and edit the main markup. And they were like, we’ll, we’ll maybe give you access, but we really don’t want you to do that because it can break some other things. Okay, but that’s not my problem. Like [00:09:00] I need to work in. Right. And I’m not saying that that was why I left it wasn’t but it certainly like helped when I was like, I’m not using this fucking CMS.

[00:09:08] Like, this is just bad

[00:09:10] experience.

[00:09:11] Brett: [00:09:11] AOL AOL tech made, uh, an attempt at building their own CMS and like the idea behind it was good. Uh, you know how WordPress has like a block editor now?

[00:09:24] Uh, that was, that was their, their kind of it, this was before Gutenberg came out, but that was the premise of what they wanted to rebuild. And it wasn’t a horrible idea, but in much the same way they tried to abstract so far away from actual HTML markup that I felt like it was a mistake because in the end we are producing HTML markup and you

[00:09:47] can’t really.

[00:09:49] Christina: [00:09:49] That’s the thing. I mean, honestly, that’s my problem with, with Gutenberg? Um, well, I have a lot of problems with Gutenberg. I have a lot of problems with, get what WordPress is trying to do. WordPress has been stuck in this weird middle phase. I feel like [00:10:00] for number of years where are very actively trying to compete with Squarespace and Wix and, um, uh, what’s the, what’s the builder that everybody uses.

[00:10:09] Um, the, the front end one that people like.

[00:10:12] Brett: [00:10:12] I don’t know.

[00:10:13] Christina: [00:10:13] Um, I can’t think of the name of it, but it’s like a commercial. It’s a, it’s a SAS CMS. I can’t think of the name of it right now. They’re trying to compete with those things. They’re also really trying to compete with Shopify, like kicks ass and they’re like, oh, use woo commerce, user hosted stuff, whatever.

[00:10:26] Cool. Whatever problem is, is that most of your older school, like developers, agencies and people who’ve been with WordPress. Aren’t part of that world. And so it was this weird thing where you can’t do all this stuff with the blocks that you could do with the old world, also the old, like developers and people don’t know.

[00:10:46] JavaScript well enough to do the new stuff.

[00:10:48] So it’s just kind of a shit

[00:10:50] show.

[00:10:51] Brett: [00:10:51] Yeah. Yeah. So I got a corporate Amex card.

[00:10:56] Christina: [00:10:56] Hell

[00:10:56] yeah. What have you bought on it? So.

[00:10:59] Brett: [00:10:59] I will, [00:11:00] I am about to charge a bunch of video equipment because I am now expected to make dynamic looking exciting videos. Uh, I somehow got roped into that, but it’s cool. Um, I’m, I’m gonna, I’m gonna be a video personality. Think about this card is they did this cool thing where like, it’s got this, the whole thing looks like a dollar bill, right?

[00:11:24] This kind of banner that says members sense. Uh, it’s clear so that like, if you hold it up to light, it glows through it, except for they put different words in the same banner on the back. So when you do hold it up too late, you just get a jumble of forwards and backwards letters. That’s completely unreadable.

[00:11:43] And I don’t understand why you would take something that cool and then write reclaim. Cause it’s all reclaimed plastic. So they put reclaimed in the banner on the other side anyway, minor quirk, uh, um, I’m, I’m pretty sick. I haven’t had a corporate credit [00:12:00] card since, uh, what is it like 2005. It’s been awhile.

[00:12:05] This is fun.

[00:12:06] Christina: [00:12:06] Yeah, No, it’s totally fun. Do you have any other American express?

[00:12:09] Brett: [00:12:09] No, should I?

[00:12:12] Christina: [00:12:12] Um, it’s my favorite credit card, but, uh, I?

[00:12:15] have like three of them. Um,

[00:12:17] Brett: [00:12:17] Yeah.

[00:12:18] Christina: [00:12:18] no, but I pay them off in full every month. It’s

[00:12:20] Brett: [00:12:20] Sure. Sure. Sure.

[00:12:21] Christina: [00:12:21] Um, like their membership reward stuff. I liked some of their perks. I will say, if you are going to consider getting like a personal Amex card, pay the $75 to, um, get your points, your, the membership reward points that you earn on your corporate card to go to your personal.

[00:12:37] Brett: [00:12:37] Okay. Good tip.

[00:12:39] Good.

[00:12:40] Christina: [00:12:40] a one-time thing. that way, any of the stuff you earn on your corporate card will get those things. And, and the, they often have like Good.

[00:12:47] good redemption deals and other stuff. If we ever are able to travel again, they have good things for that, but you can also use them for other stuff. And they’re usually valued at about 2 cents of points.

[00:12:57] So.

[00:12:57] Brett: [00:12:57] I’m supposed to be traveling [00:13:00] again as early as this fall, but all those plans were made before

[00:13:04] the Delta variant.

[00:13:05] Christina: [00:13:05] I was going to say everybody’s pushed back the stuff like we’re not going into the offices now. They say earliest will be October 7th. Um, have finally, I’m glad I had mentioned this last episode. I think that I wanted them to require people to be vaccinated and that is actually happening.

[00:13:23] Brett: [00:13:23] Oh,

[00:13:24] Christina: [00:13:24] Which is good. Cause, cause they’d said in January they were like, oh, we won’t force people to do that. And I kind of get why they wanted to get out ahead of that. I kind of don’t, I’m kind of like, know, don’t make promises like that and fucking force people to get vaccinated. Now it’s going to be a requirement.

[00:13:38] Any vendor, any visitor, any like anybody who enters the offices is going to have to upload proof of

[00:13:44] vaccination. So that’s good.

[00:13:46] Brett: [00:13:46] I’m down with it

[00:13:49] like this whole, this whole, huh? R w we, we could be, we could be almost back and normal. Now,

[00:13:57] if, if everyone was.

[00:13:58] Christina: [00:13:58] this stuff. if, everybody had gotten [00:14:00] their fucking shots, this wouldn’t have mutated. I mean, that’s what pisses me off is that we’re all going to have to go back to the fucking mask bullshit. And the other stuff I went on this rant last week, but now I’m just mad about it on Owen she’ll never listen.

[00:14:12] My fucking sister still isn’t vaccinated and is like refusing to get vaccinated. And I know, and my parents are pissed. My mom doesn’t want to be like alone in, in confined spaces with her. And I don’t blame her boss, I’m hoping who is a doctor is going to be like, if you’re going to continue to work with me, you have to be vaccinated.

[00:14:32] I’m hoping that that will have to be done, but she’s, she keeps coming up with random excuses and it’s so stupid. And with her, she’s not a dumb person, but she’s not as smart as she thinks she is, you can’t tell her anything. Well, my mom blames this and my mom’s not wrong. My mom blames the back that she was.

[00:14:51] tested when she was four and was found to have a genius IQ.

[00:14:54] And my mom was dumb enough to tell her that. So she has this complex, her whole fucking life, a not realizing, you know, your [00:15:00] IQ goes down as you, as you get older and be like, doesn’t mean that you have common sense or good judgment, which she has neither. So, but. She is smart enough to be like, you can’t tell her anything.

[00:15:12] So it’s really frustrating arguing with her because even if you’re an expert in something, she’ll be convinced that she knows better and there’s like,

[00:15:18] nothing you can do

[00:15:20] Brett: [00:15:20] Does your IQ go down as you get older?

[00:15:22] Christina: [00:15:22] well from when they test it. Yes. So like, if you get tested when you’re like four or five or under. Your IQ will be lower if they test you when you’re like 20 or 30 or whatever. don’t think that you actually get dumber, I think is just the, I guess maybe the range or how they’re testing it. That

[00:15:40] changes

[00:15:40] Brett: [00:15:40] I feel dumber. Like I test, I have a high IQ and I was put into like all kinds of gifted programs.

[00:15:49] Christina: [00:15:49] same.

[00:15:50] Brett: [00:15:50] And, uh, I definitely, I I’ve, I always blamed the drugs, but I definitely feel dumber. Like it [00:16:00] takes me so much longer. Cognitive function takes me so much longer than it did when I was a kid.

[00:16:07] Christina: [00:16:07] Yeah. I don’t know. It’s hard for me to kind of grasp. I don’t know. I feel sometimes I feel like I am in this room. I feel like I’m not, I don’t know, because part of it, because of them like, okay, if I actually apply myself and I actually do stuff, I’m a pretty smart person. I don’t think I’m dumb or there was a period of time, especially when I was like, You know, post-college and I was kind of in like my quarter-life like fuck-up period where I was like, didn’t know what to do with my life, where I was like cursive to get to child, you know, I

[00:16:32] Brett: [00:16:32] Yeah.

[00:16:32] Christina: [00:16:32] the, things was like, I was like, Yeah.

[00:16:34] I was going to be all these things and look at me now.

[00:16:37] Brett: [00:16:37] Yeah.

[00:16:38] Christina: [00:16:38] I’m a blogger part time. Like what the fuck?

[00:16:43] Brett: [00:16:43] Yeah. Yeah.

[00:16:45] Christina: [00:16:45] know, like it, it was the part-time part. That was the real thing, but this was awesome. When I graduated from college and the financial crisis happened and I was like, well, I’m not going to get into law school. All my grades, like, man, I could get in with the L Sapp, but [00:17:00] like, I’m not going to get, you know, like, no one’s going to give you money to go.

[00:17:03] And, uh, and my parents were like, we paid a whole bunch of money for your undergrad. The financial crisis has hit us pretty hard. Cause your dad’s in real estate. Um, best of luck to you. If you’re doing that, it’s coming out of your own pocket and I’m like, Yeah. that’s not a risk I want to take. But Yeah.

[00:17:20] there was like a whole lot of me where I was like, okay, oh, you know how all these like great, you know, like and expectations and I’m a fuck up, but you know, like a decade after all that I’m like, Yeah. Actually worked out. Okay. So

[00:17:33] I feel better.

[00:17:34] Brett: [00:17:34] Yeah. Really good for brain function.

[00:17:37] Christina: [00:17:37] What’s that?

[00:17:38] Brett: [00:17:38] Protein.

[00:17:39] Christina: [00:17:39] Protein.

[00:17:40] Yeah. is this, is this

[00:17:42] your very good segue?

[00:17:43] Brett: [00:17:43] It is. It’s completely unscientific. I have no, I’m no knowledge. This is not my area of expertise. I just assume that protein is good for the brain.

[00:17:51] Christina: [00:17:51] I mean, it’s not bad for the brain.

[00:17:53] Brett: [00:17:53] Okay. Let’s roll with it. Then we’ll call that my segue to our sponsor this week, which is ritual [00:18:00] protein. Uh, protein powders can feel intimidating with all of that.

[00:18:04] No pain, no gain stuff associated with them, but the truth is deep down as in like cellular level deep, we all need protein and it’s Edit. so rituals team of scientists, re-imagined protein from the ground up and from the inside, out from how it’s made to who it’s for the result is a delicious plant-based protein offered in three premium formulations for distinct life stages and unique nutrient needs all made with the same high standards approach and commitment to traceability that ritual is known for whether you’re doing reps or you’re more into dog walks.

[00:18:39] Introducing essential protein here to shake things up. Now that I’m a corporate worker with a busy meeting schedule taking the time to cook lunch has been tough. I’ve been using ritual as a meal replacement, getting the protein I need. So I don’t feel hungry. And the nutrition that would otherwise take some careful meal planning.

[00:18:58] I’ve been mixing. [00:19:00] Two cups of fresh spinach, uh, to get my, my leafy greens into my diet and it’s been going great. Uh, having used some meal replacement products in the past, I can tell you that essential protein actually tastes great. Uh, like not just in comparison to like a Soylent or whatever, it’s just seriously And I’ve used protein, pea protein in the past and, and making it taste good is really not easy. Uh, ritual managed to do it with no added sugar or sugar alcohols. The trick apparently is handcrafted vanilla flavor made from direct from farmer vanilla bean act extract, sustainably I know is. Uh, With their visible supply chain, you can always see what’s in their formulas, where the ingredients came from and why they’re included. Essential protein comes in clean plant-based formulas, specifically created to support nutrient needs of different life stages, like 18 plus pregnancy and postpartum [00:20:00] and 50 plus.

[00:20:01] 20 grams of pea protein. Plus a complete amino acid profile made with essential Coleen to help fill common dietary gaps. Like all ritual products. Essential protein is soy-free gluten-free and formulated today, edit. So why not shake up your ritual to make trying something new, less scary. Ritual offers a money back guarantee. If you’re not 100% in love. Plus our listeners get 10% off during their first three months. Just visit ritual.com/overtired to add essential protein today. That’s ritual.com/overtired.

[00:20:38] Go check. I, I So there’s this thing happening that that seems to have you pretty riled up. Uh, let’s talk about apple privacy.

[00:20:52] Christina: [00:20:52] I’m so annoyed with this. This is just like, this is, and this is to me, the rollout on the way that they like did the messaging behind the spawn haul of it is [00:21:00] just, is just bad. Um, I’ll preface this by saying, obviously goes without saying. Any sort of, you know, uh, child, uh, you know, sexual abuse, imagery, any of that stuff is, is a poor and, and terrible and shouldn’t exist.

[00:21:14] Uh, that said, um, the way that apple and the way that they’re presenting this is they, they, they had this whole big like press briefing thing, um, on Thursday where they were like, oh, look at all the things we’re going to be doing to a limit, you know, like, uh, you know, um, uh, you know, Like harmful images of children from, from getting out there it was like, oh, this is great.

[00:21:38] And then you look into it and you’re like, actually, this whole thing is pretty fucked on a lot of levels. So basically announced that they are doing two different things. Um, is they’re calling this expanded protections for children. So the first thing that they’re doing. Is, they are doing CSAM, uh, uh, detection where [00:22:00] basically they there’s like a database that is maintained by like one of the government agencies has known, um, you know, abusive, um, imagery and it, uh, really bad stuff.

[00:22:11] And they are using the hashes from that they will be comparing. Device side, like, so client side, um, photos that are on your phone and they will basically be able to like figure out like if the hash matches or not. So they’re not like doing AI to say, oh, this is, this is a child it’s being like, no, the, the, you know, algorithmic hash of this photo matches this book.

[00:22:35] Now they claim if they, you know, find out that it matches or not that they’re not doing anything with it until that file is uploaded to iCloud. but it’s still like a pretty problematic thing to be like, okay, your phone. Now, the stuff that you do on your phone is now being scanned and monitored by apple.

[00:23:00] [00:23:00] Like that, that I know

[00:23:00] Brett: [00:23:00] Kinda, but it is device side.

[00:23:04] Christina: [00:23:04] Yeah, but that honestly, I think makes it worse. Like, in this case it’s device side, but it’s like, they’re, they’re claiming they’re not doing anything with it until it uploads, but that also means that they could change things like device side.

[00:23:20] Like it should be other databases too.

[00:23:22] So I feel like the slippery slope is, is pretty gargantuan. Like, and, and not even, not even gargantuan the actually opposite of that, I feel like is actually a really. Low slope to go from. we’re going to have database of hashes for, you know, uh,

[00:23:41] Brett: [00:23:41] Child porn.

[00:23:42] Christina: [00:23:42] porn.

[00:23:43] too. We’re going to use the database, um, of, of terrorist content, which actually has been created.

[00:23:49] Uh, people have created that sort of thing, but eff, um, had a really good, um, blog on, uh, on their website, um, kind of highlighting some of these problems. So. [00:24:00] And, and, and I think it also becomes a problem where it’s like, okay, so, you know, and, and you’re having to trust them to basically say, oh, we’re not doing anything with this until we upload it.

[00:24:07] And I’m like, okay, but what opportunities do you have to upload or not? Because depending on how you’re using iCloud and, and, and, and, and I photos stuff that. You don’t really have option unless you turn all of that stuff off. So that in and of itself, I have some problems with, um, although like, I think like the idea is good.

[00:24:31] I don’t know. It just seems to me like,

[00:24:34] Brett: [00:24:34] So when, when, when they find a problematic image though, aren’t they just blurring it, uh, like three levels of blood. And

[00:24:42] notifying parents.

[00:24:43] Christina: [00:24:43] No, that’s different. That’s different. Which I actually think that thing is worse. There’s two separate things. They completed them and made a part of one announcement. the first thing is that they’re doing this CSAM detection based on the photo set. Um, you know, this is maintained by the national center for missing and exploited children.

[00:25:00] [00:25:00] And then the other feature. Scans all I message images sent or received by child accounts. And so that’s all accounts that are designated as someone who’s under 18. And then, um, it, it scans them all for sexually explicit material. And then if the child is young enough, notify the parents.

[00:25:18] that those images are sent or received, and that feature can be turned on or off by parents.

[00:25:24] beach I think Is really fucked, because to me that feature. And the FF says this I’m I’m, I’m basically kind of like, uh, quoting from them like, uh, directly here is basically makes, um, a complete mockery of, of the fact that like they’re, they’re end to end encryption doesn’t exist. Like, what are apple calls?

[00:25:45] It is no longer secure messaging because if you are doing that sort of AI scanning, which is not based on the hashes, which is not based on the child stuff, which is just based on their own machine learning to say, is a pornographic image. Um, and you’re, you’re been notifying the user, [00:26:00] Hey, this is pornographic.

[00:26:01] And then they’re giving you a pop-up. If you want to view this, we’re going to send it to your parents. if you’re between 13 and 17, why they’re even showing you a pop up, they’re claiming they’re not going to send it to your parents, but they’re like, oh, you sure you want to view this? Um, but if you’ve been sent it to like a, another kid, if you say yes, and it comes into their chat, like their parents are going to get notified and they’re not even going to get a, pop-up like, it’s the whole thing is fucked.

[00:26:26] Like kids are going to get out it, like kids are going to get

[00:26:29] outed because of this.

[00:26:31] Brett: [00:26:31] Is that really a bad thing?

[00:26:34] Christina: [00:26:34] yeah. I mean if you okay, if you’ve got gay kids

[00:26:37] Brett: [00:26:37] Oh, you mean out it out?

[00:26:38] Christina: [00:26:38] yes, yes.

[00:26:40] Brett: [00:26:40] Huh?

[00:26:42] Christina: [00:26:42] I mean, think about it. Like if you, if you’ve got kids who are dealing with like, you know, like sexuality confusion and whatnot, and they are receiving messages and look, I’m not getting into morality thing, frankly.

[00:26:52] It’s not my shop at it’s on apple shop either. Like leave that to the third party services that want to sell software to [00:27:00] parents. I don’t understand why apple needs to be in this business, but I’ll tell you what bothers me even getting aside my own. Issues with apple being paternalistic, like assholes about this, and I’m sorry, but they, they don’t need to be involved in this.

[00:27:12] This is not their business. Like this doesn’t need to be part of their bottom line. They’re not going to make any money off of this. Like, the fuck out of like, you know, like teenagers, like sex, honestly. Is that they do it with that, they basically just shown to governments like the Chinese communist party and, um, you know, to Hong Kong and to, and to others, you know, Russia, India to say, oh, we’re going to be able to go through and identify if content is offensive in another way.

[00:27:40] And we can alert people of it is. And if they choose to view it, we can send it to the government like

[00:27:47] Brett: [00:27:47] Yeah, that’s problematic.

[00:27:48] Christina: [00:27:48] that’s not an insane thing to think about that. It’s not insane to think that China would be like, yes, if you share a winning the poo image, going to upload that to the government. Like that’s not actually an out-of-bounds thing to think about.

[00:27:58] Like that’s actually [00:28:00] completely, completely like, like that seems completely likely, I’m not saying that that’s going to happen, but if someone told you that that happened, you wouldn’t be surprised. I mean, keep in mind, this is the same country forests. You know, the, the, the minority, um, Muslim population, to install malware on their phones so that they could track and stock them.

[00:28:23] So like, you know, in, in, in, in like it didn’t, you know, to connect, you know, genocide. Like this is not a country that is going to in the least bit, be like, oh, yes, if you’ve said something against your leader, or immediately sending

[00:28:36] this, you know,

[00:28:38] Brett: [00:28:38] Yeah, no, I, I, I see the, I see the pitfalls there for sure.

[00:28:43] I see where you’re coming from.

[00:28:45] Christina: [00:28:45] So I’m pissed about it, cause it just seems like I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t even be so mad if apple didn’t sell themselves as the fucking privacy. And to me, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t say that you’re the privacy company and talk about like everything that’s on your iPhone [00:29:00] stays on your iPhone and then monitor people’s eye messages if it’s a designated as a child account.

[00:29:04] But that shows that if you can do it for the child accounts, that you could do it for accounts and other places, and you could do it for other things. if you’re saying, yeah, we’re going to be doing client side, know, surveillance and marking. If stuff is upgraded or not. I think I’d have less of an issue with the CSAM stuff.

[00:29:23] the reason that they had to do it, client side because all the photos that were stored were encrypted, but they’re not.

[00:29:30] Brett: [00:29:30] Yeah.

[00:29:31] Christina: [00:29:31] So they could, and in fact, they already have, in some cases, run images that are stored those databases. So I don’t like, there’s nothing in their white paper that explains why they need to do that.

[00:29:43] They go into all these details about how secure their stuff is, but it’s like, it ignores the fact that, and I call it backup is not encrypted. Like your messages, your photos, your mails, like all these things are not encrypted. emoji’s are actually. Your fucking

[00:29:57] Brett: [00:29:57] Okay.

[00:29:57] Christina: [00:29:57] are and your apple car transactions [00:30:00] that, you know, any law enforcement agency can reach out to, um, Goldman Sachs and get a list of all of your credit card transactions.

[00:30:08] Brett: [00:30:08] Okay.

[00:30:08] Christina: [00:30:08] Um, that’s such encrypted. Yeah.

[00:30:10] because I mean that, that would be very easy. Those two things are encrypted your emojis and your, and your, your applecart transactions are encrypted. Um, and can’t be unlocked and your passwords, which is a good thing. Like your key chain is encrypted, but everything else, um, is.

[00:30:25] Not encrypted in, in, in, I called backups. If they were, if they were announcing this and they were saying, Hey, by the way I call it, backups are now going to be completely encrypted. And because of that, have to do this fingerprinting. Okay.

[00:30:38] Like, I still have problems with it I still feel like it’s a slippery slope and it could go into a way that I don’t like.

[00:30:44] And I don’t like, I don’t like the rationale of saying, because we want to stop this one bad thing. We’re doing this. We’re, we’re, we’re making this exception because that’s how you get shit like and sista, was

[00:30:56] Brett: [00:30:56] Yeah.

[00:30:56] Christina: [00:30:56] about stopping sex trafficking and has actually just made things [00:31:00] worse

[00:31:00] Brett: [00:31:00] Yeah.

[00:31:01] Christina: [00:31:01] and, you know, and so, so I feel like it’s like, Okay.

[00:31:04] you can.

[00:31:05] But you, but you could at least have an argument. You could at least have that conversation, right now the photos aren’t encrypted anyway. So who the hell cares? Like why does it need to be done to by side? I don’t know. I’m just, I’m bothered by the whole thing. So that’s my.

[00:31:19] Brett: [00:31:19] Right. I’m you make a lot of sense. Like I had not considered a lot of these points. I did not read anything, uh, from the eff since I read that or announcement, but yeah.

[00:31:30] Christina: [00:31:30] we’ll put our, we’ll put the link in the, in the show notes. And I should say that, like, when I found out about this, I was hopping mad with, um, a friend of mine who works the eff. Um, but yeah. I was saying all.

[00:31:42] the same things. Like we actually were freaked out because we were realizing that the quarantine has made us the same brain that, that, that freaks both of us out.

[00:31:51] I wasn’t, it wasn’t like by, you know, I mean, like, I, I was, Apple’s like biggest defender and like supporter when they fought against [00:32:00] during the, the San Bernie Bernardino shit. And I thought that they did the right thing. I’m, I’m going to be very critical here because. I dunno, like I take civil liberties very seriously and I don’t know.

[00:32:13] It honestly, it would bother me. It would bother me less of Google or Amazon or Facebook did this because they don’t pretend. To be the privacy companies. They don’t pretend to

[00:32:22] Brett: [00:32:22] At all.

[00:32:23] Christina: [00:32:23] They don’t fucking pretend. almost makes it worse when like you have ad campaigns and you sell yourself as a worst, so much better.

[00:32:31] then you do shit like this, which is so clearly, and almost like blatantly to get the feds, to like leave them alone.

[00:32:44] Brett: [00:32:44] Yeah. So did you watch physical yet?

[00:32:47] Christina: [00:32:47] Um,

[00:32:50] Brett: [00:32:50] Apple TV?

[00:32:51] Christina: [00:32:51] Yes, yes, yes, yes, Yes. Yes.

[00:32:53] Brett: [00:32:53] yes,

[00:32:54] So I’m very much looking forward to the last episode I got totally hooked on that show. I’m like,

[00:33:00] [00:33:00] I’m super glad Ted lasso is back. I, I, um, I’m going to be watching the hell out of that, but physical was really good.

[00:33:08] Christina: [00:33:08] I agree.

[00:33:09] Brett: [00:33:09] I really liked this surfer, dude. I really, I love this surfer dude.

[00:33:13] Christina: [00:33:13] oh, and apparently it has been, um, um, renewed for a season.

[00:33:17] Brett: [00:33:17] Oh, cool. That’s great news. Um,

[00:33:19] Christina: [00:33:19] news because I, I mean, um, w we don’t know yet how we’re going to go on, like, the Netflix, like, support don’t support thing, You know

[00:33:30] Brett: [00:33:30] yeah.

[00:33:30] Christina: [00:33:30] I’m glad that

[00:33:31] they, they renewed it for season two.

[00:33:33] Brett: [00:33:33] You know what my comfort show is become. Did I tell you already?

[00:33:37] Christina: [00:33:37] Um, is it, it’s not Frazier?

[00:33:39] Brett: [00:33:39] No, it was Frazier?

[00:33:41] And then it, like, we got into some like more modern stuff. We did parks and rec and the office and, um, all of that stuff. But lately got back into Chuck.

[00:33:56] Christina: [00:33:56] I loved Chuck.

[00:33:57] Brett: [00:33:57] It w like season one,

[00:33:59] Chuck is [00:34:00] kind of a throwaway show. Uh, it’s very cookie cutter formula, but season two, it’s still a bunch of bottle episodes, but it’s far more interesting and better character development.

[00:34:12] And I’m actually like, I’m looking forward to watching it. Uh, we’re also doing community right now

[00:34:18] for like my.

[00:34:18] Christina: [00:34:18] was, I was actually going to, I was going to ask if you were

[00:34:20] watching community because community is one of my.

[00:34:21] comfort. Yeah.

[00:34:22] Brett: [00:34:22] Yeah, for sure. At community kind of like the goat, I, something about the like six season. Like it, it loses some charm for me. Yeah. But, uh, but it’s still awesome.

[00:34:36] Christina: [00:34:36] It’s still a great, well, I mean, there is to them at that point they’d been canceled, renewed, canceled, renewed,

[00:34:41] Brett: [00:34:41] Hm.

[00:34:41] Christina: [00:34:41] and then like Yahoo of all people like save them and then they cut the budget, you know? And like it just, Donald Glover was like, actually I’m gonna like be on my way to, to like an EGOT winner because

[00:34:54] Brett: [00:34:54] Sure.

[00:34:55] Christina: [00:34:55] have no doubt that’s probably going to happen for him.

[00:34:58] and, uh, [00:35:00] yeah, it ran

[00:35:01] out of steam.

[00:35:02] Brett: [00:35:02] 6, 6, 6, at six seasons in a movie.

[00:35:05] Christina: [00:35:05] Yup. mean, look, they could make it happen. I mean, it would be a lot, but I think that, um, Dan Harmon problem, I mean, he, they, keeps claiming that he wants to happen. I feel like Donald Glover is probably going to be the hardest one. To get, uh, his timing around,

[00:35:20] Brett: [00:35:20] Okay.

[00:35:21] Christina: [00:35:21] actually, probably Dan Harmon too, because of Rick and Morty and other stuff.

[00:35:24] But I mean, they did, they did pretty well. It lasted way than anybody thought that it would happen. And it maintained, I think for like, yeah, that last season is not the best, but it it’s pretty good. But, um, Chuck is a great show. Um,

[00:35:38] Brett: [00:35:38] I

[00:35:39] Christina: [00:35:39] you know, who, created Chuck,

[00:35:40] Brett: [00:35:40] know who created a chart?

[00:35:42] Christina: [00:35:42] Josh Schwartz and, uh, and, and you know what Josh Schwartz Creek.

[00:35:47] Brett: [00:35:47] No.

[00:35:49] Christina: [00:35:49] Doc and gossip girl.

[00:35:52] Brett: [00:35:52] Oh, suddenly don’t care.

[00:35:56] Christina: [00:35:56] I know. I just, I it funny because you really liked [00:36:00] shuck and like, I think that’s the, I just think it’s like shows the talents of like a good show runner or show creator

[00:36:04] that he could have,

[00:36:06] Brett: [00:36:06] To be fair. I enjoyed season one of the OSI. I fell off the,

[00:36:12] the, uh, the train, the wet, no, I fell off the train, uh, after season one, but it was a good show.

[00:36:20] I’m not, I’m not dissing the OSI.

[00:36:22] Christina: [00:36:22] no, no gossip girl is not,

[00:36:23] Brett: [00:36:23] Oh,

[00:36:24] there are some characters show up on Chuck and I was like, okay. Yeah, you recognize her from the OSI and yeah, that makes sense.

[00:36:31] Now.

[00:36:32] Christina: [00:36:32] Yeah. Yeah. Um,

[00:36:34] but, uh,

[00:36:35] Brett: [00:36:35] Oh, but, but I, it took me a second to put together that Sarah Walker, like the lead female and the show is the, uh, ha ha Handmaid’s tale, a blonde woman that, yeah, it’s weird. It’s, it’s a weird juxtaposition.

[00:36:52] Christina: [00:36:52] It is, isn’t it like when you see people in like those different things? Totally. Yeah.

[00:36:57] Brett: [00:36:57] Yeah.

[00:36:58] Anyway. [00:37:00] Um, yeah. So max stock is virtual again this year at, well, I guess they’re going to do part, they’re going to have like 60 people allowed to attend in person, but I’m probably not going to 60 people. If it were these 60 people that I really

[00:37:19] wanted to see it maxed out.

[00:37:21] Christina: [00:37:21] that you wanted to see, then you would go.

[00:37:23] Brett: [00:37:23] Yeah, because to be fair, like there, there’s probably 30 to 40 people that really make max stock awesome for me, uh, that I would travel to see any time, uh,

[00:37:36] Christina: [00:37:36] Should I go like, like reversible,

[00:37:39] Brett: [00:37:39] Well, I think it’s free. I think don’t hold me to this, but I’m pretty sure you can get a virtual pass and attend talks for free. And they had this Jitsi meet, uh, things set up and the whole 3d lounge with like 3d sound where you can walk around and like conversations get [00:38:00] louder, the closer you get to them.

[00:38:01] And you can like pull people off in the corners and it’s really fun. Yeah, you should. So anyway, I’m I, he, he asked me if I wanted to speak and I wasn’t sure because it, I have a month to prep and I didn’t know what I would talk about. And he’s like, well, if you were open to it, you could talk about marked.

[00:38:20] And my brain immediately said, I could talk about bunch and I could spend it’s they’re just 20 minute talks this time around, I can easily spend 20 minutes, 20 minutes obsessing about bunch.

[00:38:35] Christina: [00:38:35] No, I think that’d be great. I mean, there were so many avenues you could talk about bunch about, like, you could talk about so many things about like just the app and the things you’re doing with it. You could also talk about like developing it on the M one and like the different ways that it works against different architectures and, and like there’s all kinds

[00:38:49] of.

[00:38:50] Brett: [00:38:50] Yeah. Yeah. Um, um, I’m gonna, I’m going to do a prerecorded 20 minute talk and then a Q and a, and it’s gonna be, um, I’m really looking forward to it. I [00:39:00] love talking about blanche. I’ve been on like three different podcasts, basically, just to talk about bunch, which I don’t make any money. But it’s such a labor of love for me.

[00:39:09] I love bunch

[00:39:11] Christina: [00:39:11] It’s bunshaft.com. Right?

[00:39:13] Brett: [00:39:13] punch bunch app.co.

[00:39:15] Christina: [00:39:15] Okay.

[00:39:16] Brett: [00:39:16] I went for the.co to be trendy, uh, at all like super cool for like 2000. What would like 2015 maybe?

[00:39:27] Christina: [00:39:27] Yeah.

[00:39:28] Brett: [00:39:28] Yeah.

[00:39:28] Christina: [00:39:28] See, now, now, now the new thing would be like bunshaft.dev or.io or something.

[00:39:33] Brett: [00:39:33] Um, at work, we’re building out like I’m building out this Jekyll based, uh, uh, content platform for Oracle and, uh, It colloquially colloquially colloquially.

[00:39:48] They,

[00:39:49] Christina: [00:39:49] I don’t know how to say.

[00:39:50] Brett: [00:39:50] they refer to developer.oracle as Devo. So when they registered a domain for this new [00:40:00] platform that they registered devo.build X. If you don’t know if you’re not in the loop, what it actually says is divo.build.

[00:40:11] And so I sent around pictures of like Divo and like the whippet, uh, uh, cover with like the red hats and everything. And I not sure are, are very international team, all understood what I was pointing out. Uh, but apparently we’re, we’re rolling. We’re going to be divo.build.

[00:40:37] Christina: [00:40:37] that’s not bad. I, uh, I own, uh, christina.dev, advocates.dev, I was supposed to give to Microsoft BI and I

[00:40:47] never did.

[00:40:49] Brett: [00:40:49] You should, You should, definitely charge for that.

[00:40:52] Christina: [00:40:52] I mean, I will, if I, if I, if I need to, I also own failed.dev, um, which I haven’t done anything

[00:40:58] with, but is great.

[00:40:59] Brett: [00:40:59] Oh, [00:41:00] you should register developers, developers, developers that dev sell that to Microsoft.

[00:41:07] Christina: [00:41:07] uh, they Don’t they don’t like to buy domains. Um, anymore, unfortunately, um, because somebody owned like of the, uh, of the Andes owned, like build conference.com and like to sell it to them. And they were like, we don’t buy them anymore. own, yeah. What do I, um, oh, I own shit. poster.dev girls can.dev failed.dev comp.dev.

[00:41:34] Uh,

[00:41:34] that’s just an idea

[00:41:36] Brett: [00:41:36] Don’t don’t dev domains costs like 30 bucks a year.

[00:41:40] Christina: [00:41:40] Something like that.

[00:41:41] Brett: [00:41:41] That’s quite an investment

[00:41:42] you’re making.

[00:41:43] Christina: [00:41:43] I P I always forget about it. christina.dev is like a hundred bucks a year,

[00:41:47] Brett: [00:41:47] Wow,

[00:41:48] Christina: [00:41:48] but it’s christina.dev.

[00:41:50] Brett: [00:41:50] sure. Sure.

[00:41:51] Christina: [00:41:51] So,

[00:41:51] I mean, I don’t want some other bitch to have it. So like, that’s always my thing, like, some other bitch has christina.cloud and that like makes me [00:42:00] so angry.

[00:42:01] Um, Actually, no, I might have christina.cloud. Some other bits has christina.io. I have christina.cloud. Yeah. Good, good call. Um, this bitch, Christina. Um,

[00:42:11] yeah, so

[00:42:12] Brett: [00:42:12] Speaking of bitches having money.

[00:42:15] Christina: [00:42:15] yes,

[00:42:17] Brett: [00:42:17] Rihanna is now a billionaire.

[00:42:19] Christina: [00:42:19] know. Fuck. Yeah, I love it

[00:42:21] bitch. But I have my money.

[00:42:22] Brett: [00:42:22] That is, that is very, like, I expect all pop stars. I expect all pop stars to be millionaires. Like that’s a given.

[00:42:32] Christina: [00:42:32] 100% billionaire. This is what happens when like you have a very, very successful partnership with LVMH. Makeup is like in beauty. Beauty in general a fucking like massive industry. I mean, we learned that from the Kardashians,

[00:42:49] like Kylie has

[00:42:52] Brett: [00:42:52] learned nothing from the

[00:42:53] Kardashians.

[00:42:54] Christina: [00:42:54] Okay. Well, I learned much money there is in beauty.

[00:42:58] When, when Kylie’s lip [00:43:00] kits made her a billionaire before she turned 20. And I was like, what? I mean? And then they debated that and they’re like, oh, maybe she’s not, but she doesn’t know. Now I think that, that she is. And, and at this point I remember who it was. Um, I think it was Estee Lauder. Somebody bought a huge proportion of Kylie beauty.

[00:43:16] I don’t know. Anyway. They, they made money on that stuff, but yeah, Rihanna being a billionaire. I mean, I gotta say, I think that, um, I think it was either Jessica Bell or the new Gawker who had like the headline who was like the only person billionaire.

[00:43:31] Brett: [00:43:31] Yeah.

[00:43:31] Christina: [00:43:31] I was like, yeah, you know what? I agree.

[00:43:37] Brett: [00:43:37] Yeah, it does. It, it doesn’t upset.

[00:43:39] Christina: [00:43:39] Doesn’t upset me at All Also the stuff that she’s done, like with, with Fenty beauty and like both with her makeup and also with her laundry and stuff is really cool because it’s been inclusive, like from the beginning. And it targets that get big attention from these big brands and big things.

[00:43:57] Like people who have dark skin color, like, like her, her [00:44:00] foundations is famous for having, like, they have like 36 different shades or some shit. And like actually. They probably don’t have one that’s light enough for me. which is completely fine because there are a million beauty companies out there who do have shades light enough for me.

[00:44:13] So I don’t need that, but people who need darker shades have to like deal with like bad makeup jobs and like not having stuff that this, their skin tone don’t have those options. Fenty beauty does. And the same thing with like, with her lingerie, like, it goes way up in the plus sizes, which lingerie brands like stop at a certain size, both for like breast size and for, you know, like, like Kip size you know, that puts a whole bunch of people again, something that I had an issue with, but like, it’s not, you know, it’s not about me.

[00:44:47] Like, I, I can recognize like, I’m, I’m in a very privileged position in that. Um, though like, It’s hard for me to find things that fit the way I want some times, because if you’re too big or too small, it always sucks. [00:45:00] Usually how it works is that they will make accommodations for the person who’s too small, they won’t for anybody who’s even slightly larger.

[00:45:08] So like, I’m happy for Rihanna, man. Like, You go like seeing her on the Forbes list and the, the, the, um, the way that Forbes does, their, their list is interesting. Like the way that they try to confirm it, like they want a bunch of data. Like, I think this was why Kylie was like kicked off billionaire list or something because they didn’t have the receipts.

[00:45:29] And, and it’s, it’s like, who knows how accurate it is. They actually want like a lot of stuff. Like they, they, they seem to put more into like their evaluation of, are you a billionaire or not then like the IRS does, because like Donald Trump, Donald Trump, like famously got like very upset. If they like didn’t give him the proper net worth amount.

[00:45:48] like

[00:45:49] Brett: [00:45:49] All right.

[00:45:50] Christina: [00:45:50] many, many correspondence with them about like sure he was

[00:45:53] included, but

[00:45:55] Brett: [00:45:55] Yeah. That makes sense. Um,

[00:45:57] is,

[00:45:57] Christina: [00:45:57] billion.

[00:45:59] Brett: [00:45:59] is, [00:46:00] is Taylor a billionaire?

[00:46:01] Christina: [00:46:01] She’s not,

[00:46:03] Brett: [00:46:03] That’s amazing.

[00:46:04] Christina: [00:46:04] Yeah, well, but see, she doesn’t do, um, the, the, the merchant this way,

[00:46:10] Brett: [00:46:10] Yeah,

[00:46:11] Christina: [00:46:11] she doesn’t have the

[00:46:11] beauty brand.

[00:46:12] Brett: [00:46:12] she’s not hustling. She doesn’t have side

[00:46:14] hustles.

[00:46:15] Christina: [00:46:15] right. Not, not in the way that she could make that kind of big money. Right. Like if she, like, if Taylor were to want to do a beauty brand, She could be a billionaire, no problem.

[00:46:24] And she wouldn’t even have to do anything, but license her name and she would be a billionaire, but, um, but she doesn’t, um, she bought actually, it’s an interesting thing to think about if she’d bought big machine records. I don’t know if she had the cash for it or not. don’t know if that asset would have given her like the valued it closer or not.

[00:46:46] That’s an interesting

[00:46:47] question.

[00:46:48] Brett: [00:46:48] Speaking of Taylor and, and work with me on this track with me on this. How did you feel about the end of Loki?

[00:46:56] Christina: [00:46:56] Oh, um,

[00:46:58] Brett: [00:46:58] You see how I

[00:46:58] got there?

[00:46:59] Christina: [00:46:59] yeah. [00:47:00] Yeah, I totally, I liked it. Uh, I thought that it was one of the, Okay.

[00:47:06] Here’s how I thought about it. It was the weakest episode of the series, I think has been the same. It was the same way I felt about, um, uh, One division and, um, about a winter soldier, which I didn’t like, but I loved one division and that, like, they haven’t quite nailed the finales that they haven’t quite figured out how to do that stuff.

[00:47:27] But, um, although I liked the finale better than one divisions, but I really did like how they like open it up for what the next season is going to be. And like that kind of cliffhanger, like I thought that was

[00:47:37] really.

[00:47:38] Brett: [00:47:38] Yeah. I’m, I’m not a big fan of multiple, the multi-verse multiple timelines. Like it’s too. The plackets too. Uh, they tend to do a good job with it. Uh, I, I’m not overly frightened that it’s going to go haywire, but you know, what I’m mourning is the loss of [00:48:00] shows like Jessica Jones and the Punisher and Daredevil like those were.

[00:48:04] So I love those shows and we’re never going to see that stuff again.

[00:48:09] Christina: [00:48:09] No, we’re not, no, we’re not. It’s it’s, it’s so funny you say that. Cause I do, um, do bit Twitter spaces on Saturdays with, um, some other nerds talking about Marvel stuff. At least when the Marvel stuff is like airing and I’ve made that exact same point

[00:48:23] Brett: [00:48:23] Yeah.

[00:48:23] Christina: [00:48:23] made because Disney will never allow it.

[00:48:26] Like, I was actually shocked that they let, um, Juan division get as dark as they did.

[00:48:30] Brett: [00:48:30] Yeah.

[00:48:31] Christina: [00:48:31] Um,

[00:48:32] Brett: [00:48:32] And still nowhere

[00:48:33] near like Jessica Jones.

[00:48:35] Christina: [00:48:35] not even remotely close, like

[00:48:36] Brett: [00:48:36] Luke cage. Yeah.

[00:48:38] Christina: [00:48:38] Like, like Jessica Jones is like sexual assault. Like it

[00:48:41] Brett: [00:48:41] Yeah.

[00:48:42] Christina: [00:48:42] you know, like it is trauma, right?

[00:48:44] Brett: [00:48:44] Well, and Punisher Yeah.

[00:48:46] Christina: [00:48:46] Yeah. But like, like, like, like the, like the 10th doctor or like, like the best doctor, you know, like, and doctor who like is a freaking monster and Jessica Jones, like there’s a lot there.

[00:48:55] Like, it’s, it’s a, it’s a lot. Um, um, [00:49:00] one division like that. Very Well, and probably like, as hardcore as we could expect to see on a Disney thing and low-key as well, there was some stuff where they, like, it was more adult than I expected, I have felt the exact same way. I was like, yeah, it sucks that we will never again get like an R-rated interpretation of any of the Marvel stuff, which sucks because Jessica Jones and Punisher.

[00:49:23] and stuff were like, we’re really good.

[00:49:25] Brett: [00:49:25] Yeah. Everything except for iron fist.

[00:49:27] Christina: [00:49:27] Oh, iron fist.

[00:49:28] was, yeah, that was trash.

[00:49:31] Brett: [00:49:31] Okay. I feel like we’ve come to the end of the episode.

[00:49:35] Christina: [00:49:35] I think so. I think so

[00:49:36] Brett: [00:49:36] It was a, it was a good a checkered. We didn’t get too deep into like drugs or what did we do last week? Last week? Got weird.

[00:49:46] Christina: [00:49:46] no last week was like, was like a therapy session for you freaking out about your

[00:49:49] job?

[00:49:51] Brett: [00:49:51] Which, Which, I, like, as soon as we posted it, I was like, oh no, I’m going to get fired now

[00:49:56] Christina: [00:49:56] Nope.

[00:49:57] Brett: [00:49:57] I didn’t get fired.

[00:49:58] Christina: [00:49:58] You didn’t get fired.

[00:49:59] Brett: [00:49:59] I [00:50:00] didn’t get reported to the higher ups. I know there are people at Oracle that listened to this podcast to low or a goal people. I love you guys. Um, but no one, no one turned me in. So.

[00:50:11] Christina: [00:50:11] No, and you didn’t say anything wrong. And if anything, like I was the one who would have been like. Put on a list of like, do not recruit this person because she’s telling him not to worry about working because, you know, of how slow stuff works. But I was just like, look, I, I, I know how this works. I know you’re freaking out.

[00:50:28] You’re going to be fine. You’re going to get it working. Um, and, and I’m glad that you got the demos working and, um, and the lab working. So this is good stuff and it, it, uh, debuts next

[00:50:39] week.

[00:50:40] Brett: [00:50:40] Um, the lab will run on August 11th and I will be taking August 16th and 17th off from the day job as, uh, as a reward. No, but I also have other shit I have to do so

[00:50:55] Christina: [00:50:55] Nice. Well, that’s actually great. That means like you don’t like [00:51:00] you like get to see it launch and then you’re like, ah, I get to peace out a week

[00:51:03] later.

[00:51:04] Brett: [00:51:04] Yeah. Yeah. Um, and depending on how things go, um, I might stick you with, uh, with a really fun, uh, substitute cohost we’ll we’ll

[00:51:13] see,

[00:51:13] Christina: [00:51:13] me this. You’re just sending this to me. Surprise. This works out. I’m excited about it. I have no idea who it is, but I’m

[00:51:18] excited.

[00:51:18] Brett: [00:51:18] you will get to talk about the bachelor

[00:51:21] Christina: [00:51:21] Oh.

[00:51:23] Brett: [00:51:23] in a way that you could never talk to me about the bachelor.

[00:51:27] Christina: [00:51:27] Which is to say, I can talk about the bath.

[00:51:30] Brett: [00:51:30] Yeah. That’s what I’m saying. All

[00:51:33] right.

[00:51:34] Christina: [00:51:34] There’s there’s, a new one. Uh, I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m, I’m dying to it’s on HBO max called like fuckboy island, which, which looks great.

[00:51:44] Brett: [00:51:44] Okay.

[00:51:45] Christina: [00:51:45] of the, of, of the bachelor. And so I’m

[00:51:46] like very excited about it.

[00:51:49] Brett: [00:51:49] All right. I will, uh, I will, I will hook you up with, uh, with another play date.

[00:51:53] Christina: [00:51:53] Fantastic.

[00:51:55] Brett: [00:51:55] All right. Well, Christina, I you’ve been up since midnight. You really [00:52:00] should get some sleep.

[00:52:01] Christina: [00:52:01] All right. Get some sleep, Brett, have a great day. Have a great weekend.

[00:52:04] Brett: [00:52:04] You too.