318: I Brake for Descenders

The gang is back together and there is catching up to do! Also, where have all the good rom-coms gone? Jeff pretty much sits that last bit out, but offers that he cried at The Notebook, FWIW.

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I Brake for Descenders

[00:00:00] Intro: Tired. So tired, Overtired.

[00:00:04] Christina: you are listening to Overtired where, uh, we’re a little bit less tired than usual, or at least I am. I’m Christina Warren, joined as always by my good friends. All three of us are back together again. Jeff Severns Guntzel and Brett Terpstra. Woo-hoo. Gangs back together.

[00:00:22] Jeffrey: I just honked.

[00:00:24] Christina: I love it.

[00:00:28] Brett: Yeah. Did Jeff, did you get a chance to listen to the marching episode?

[00:00:32] Jeffrey: Not yet. No.

[00:00:34] Brett: It was good. It was.

[00:00:35] Christina: good. Um, and, uh, his book has now, since we recorded it, is become the second most popular. A nonfiction book, uh, ever on Kickstarter, but he has set another stretch goal. Uh, so I think you have until like March 9th to back the book if you’re interested. And the, the third stretch goal is he’ll make the, the custom font option even better.

[00:00:56] And the the third kind of book thing that he’s, uh, putting together will be in color rather than black and white. So if people are, are, uh, if they liked what Wood Martian had to say on our last episode, and if you’re interested in the history of keyboards, you’ve still got like another two weeks or so, I think to back that book.

[00:01:13] Brett: We didn’t get into it on the show, but he, this is a designer who, um, the underlines that you see on medium, um, I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, they’re like perfectly, uh, aligned underneath and they break for descenders on, on lowercase fonts. Um, like he developed an entire system to use background images to create underlines because like the c s s underlying property sucks for it.

[00:01:42] And, uh, using border bottom is inaccurate. So he like created, he, he’s so detailed. He’s, he’s, uh, a perfectionist and he wasn’t gonna be happy until the underlines were exactly the way you would find them in like, print.

[00:01:58] Jeffrey: We need a, we need

[00:01:59] Christina: I I did not know he did that. That’s amazing.

[00:02:01] Jeffrey: we need a bumper sticker that says I break for Descenders. Also, while I have not listened to that episode yet, I actually, funnily enough, that’s the word now as of today. Um, I spent so much time on the website, uh, not just the, it’s not just this website about the book, but like blog posts and what I was just like, I just kept getting drawn in.

[00:02:26] Like I was, I was so, I was already pissed. I wasn’t on that episode then. I was just, I was like, man, this is so good.

[00:02:33] Brett: I’m very much looking forward to getting my hands on that book. It’s gonna be quite a ride.

[00:02:38] Christina: Me too. I’m, I’m, I, I’ve never been happier that, like a random Twitter conversation, like led me to talking to him for like, we, like we talked for like two and a half hours, one Sunday, like a year ago. Because I happen to tweet about, um, sneakers being like the best hacker movie ever, which is not even the first one I’ve ever tweeted about that.

[00:02:57] Like, that’s a common, um, like,

[00:02:59] Jeffrey: you, you, you’ve, you’ve fished with that bait before?

[00:03:02] Christina: oh, I have, well cuz it’s just, it’ll occur to me and I’m just like, man, this is a good ass movie. And uh, and then somebody was talking about the soundtrack and then he and I started DMing and, and he had a copy of it because it’s not available on streaming or anything.

[00:03:15] And then it turns out he has this ridiculous collection of like every version of sneakers that’s ever been released.

[00:03:20] Brett: every media you can

[00:03:22] Christina: medium. And, and, and we, we just, we, we, we just like talked about all kinds of stuff for several hours and then when I saw the, the shift happens thing, I was like, oh, this looks awesome.

[00:03:30] And then I looked to what’s behind it. I was like, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. This is, this is, this is Martian. Like this is, this is so cool.

[00:03:39] Jeffrey: What a talent. Yeah, what an interesting brain

Mental Health Corner

[00:03:44] Brett: Well, uh, I have a movie that’s not so great to talk about, but, uh, let’s, uh, yeah, let’s do a little mental health corner. Um, I, I usually wait until last, I’ll just go first this week because I have so little to report. Um, I’m still, uh, I had a little bout of, uh, kind of hypo depression. Um, just like not motivated, but not like seeing everything as like dark and imposing.

[00:04:15] Um, but overall I’ve, I’ve just been stable and. Um, you know, like as, as usual when I’m stable, still kind of craving the hypomania, but getting along. I did yoga in, in, in studio today for the first time in a couple years. Um, and it was, it was a weird experience. Um, I forgot I was gonna go into the studio and got up late and like, basically I got up, drank coffee and went straight to the studio, which always puts me in a bad mood.

[00:04:49] Um, cuz I take like an hour to wake up in the morning. Um, I like sit and play like wordle until I can like, have a co a real conversation with somebody. Um, so I showed up kind of in a bad mood and, um, recovered from it quickly. Everyone was very, uh, happy to see me after a couple years. Like it was the same people that I used to practice with, but I’ve just been doing Zoom for so long.

[00:05:14] It was, it was a weird experience. But I had to focus, partly I had to focus on not farting. like

[00:05:22] Jeffrey: a major part of

[00:05:23] Brett: when you practice at home over Zoom, you can burp and fart without any concern. Um, but today, like I felt a fart coming on in the first 10 minutes of class and I held it all the way

[00:05:36] Jeffrey: Oh, that’s not yoga. Ooh.

[00:05:40] Brett: our class doesn’t fart a lot. Um, it’s,

[00:05:43] Jeffrey: Another, another bumper sticker.

[00:05:45] Brett: I had a, I had a speech prepared for if I farted, I’m just gonna be like, um, sorry I’ve been on Zoom too long. Um, but uh, but I pulled it off. I didn’t, I didn’t fart until I was getting in my car. Uh, so it was a success. It was a success. I had a good time.

[00:06:02] Jeffrey: I never, I always think of farting when I think of yoga. I also think of a yoga instructor I had for one class because his shorts were so tight that a testicle kept popping out and it’s not, I wasn’t like offended to see his testicle, but it was just distracting.

[00:06:16] Christina: like not what you’re expecting.

[00:06:17] Jeffrey: focus.

[00:06:18] Brett: I, I wore, I wore sweatpants to class and I forgot until I got there that I had on Spider-Man underwear.

[00:06:26] Christina: Nice.

[00:06:27] Brett: And

[00:06:28] Jeffrey: under.

[00:06:28] Brett: made me like from uh, meundies.com,

[00:06:32] Christina: Oh, okay.

[00:06:33] Jeffrey: Not under.

[00:06:34] Brett: underwear. And like, I suddenly got very self-conscious about it. I’m like, I gotta keep my pants pulled up and my shirt pulled down cuz I don’t need these people.

[00:06:42] Like, what, what do you think of some of an a grown man in Spider-Man underwear? Like, I don’t wanna

[00:06:49] Christina: I mean that,

[00:06:49] Brett: make that impression.

[00:06:51] Christina: See, and this is what’s like, so funny, like, about us, like just our, our, our small like, generational thing is that like, I’m like, yeah, of course people, adults have Spider-Man underwear. Like Marvel’s the biggest, you know, franchise in the world and everybody loves nostalgia. And actually, frankly, starting with Generation X is when they started the whole like reselling your nostalgia back to you thing.

[00:07:14] And so, so, you know, like at, at this point, I think that I, I don’t know if anybody would, would even be phased by that.

[00:07:22] Brett: to be fair, my class is mostly 50 and up people. Uh, this is not a class of Youngs, of, of Gen Z and millennials. This is, uh, boomers.

[00:07:34] Jeffrey: Boomers, what the fuck? I’m 48. I’m Gen X,

[00:07:38] Christina: Yeah, I was gonna say at this

[00:07:39] point, like,

[00:07:40] Brett: me there, there’s a woman in my regular yoga class who is, uh, almost 80

[00:07:46] Christina: okay. But like

[00:07:47] Brett: and surprisingly

[00:07:49] Jeffrey: so, so when you say 50 and above, you’re talking about an

[00:07:51] 80 year old

[00:07:51] Christina: Okay, so you’re talking like, like sep, so you’re talking like SEP areas and shit, which

[00:07:56] Brett: Yeah. She, she is a force to contend with. She’s amazing, and she’s so funny. She’s so mean. But like she’s old enough that it comes across as cute.

[00:08:08] Christina: right, right. Well, so at that point, okay, nobody else is probably gonna say anything to you cuz it’s a yoga class in Minnesota and, and if the old lady does then it’s just funny. So in the future, like, don’t be embarrassed by your cool underwear.

[00:08:22] Jeffrey: Yeah. Yeah, I’d be

[00:08:24] Brett: lot of things that I just, I shouldn’t be self-conscious about, but I am, um, I, I am very, I defeat myself in a lot of ways because I project my own insecurities onto everyone else. And, uh, it’s not, it’s not healthy, it’s not great, but I do it. That’s, that brings it back around to

[00:08:42] Christina: I was gonna say, I was gonna say that’s actually, that’s a good mental health like that, that that’s a good analysis thing. You should talk about that therapy. That’s a, that’s a good, like,

[00:08:49] Brett: I skipped therapy this week. I just, I got two, I had two nights of insomnia. Um, and I just did not feel like having a conversation with my therapist. Rather forceful when it comes to conversational style. Like he’s very, um, alpha male. Uh, I don’t find him relaxing at all, and I was too tired to deal with it.

[00:09:12] So I skip therapy next week. I’ll talk about it next week.

[00:09:16] Jeffrey: I, I think this was probably my update the last time I was on the show, which is, feels like forever ago. But, um, I continue to be in a situation where the, like medical forces that are supposed to be sort of watching out for me are just absent. So I had a, I had a, a blood lab and, um, I take lithium and it, and it, I’m working my way off of it, but I take it right.

[00:09:44] Um, and it showed that I was on the very edge of lithium toxicity when I logged in. Now I did not get any, um, things from my doctor, from my medication manager, nobody, and it’s bad to have lithium toxicity,

[00:09:59] Brett: Sure. That sounds bad.

[00:10:01] Jeffrey: so I had to call first my medication manager. They seemed scared, but seemed that they did not want to speak too much about it and just came up with a prescription solution by lowering the amount.

[00:10:14] When I talked to a dear friend of mine who used to be a nurse in the ER and who also is a medication manager, he was like, this is something that should have triggered one, you being told to go to the er and two, you being told to drink lots of water in order to kind of try to flush this stuff out, right? Didn’t hear from my doctor who has to presumably sign off on these things. So I’m the one raising the alarm to people only to find out a week later. That they had messed up the labs and in fact, I was at a, just about sub-therapeutic amount of And, and so one, the labs are wrong in the first place. Right? Two, when they were right, nobody was reaching out to me, , right? And, and it was like this point, I was talking to my partner about this. I was just like, I feel like I’m the responsible, reliable party in this situation, and given that this is mental health related, that shouldn’t be the case.

[00:11:14] I should not be that person.

[00:11:15] Christina: no, no. That pisses me off for you because. Here’s the thing, like in this country, like in the United States, we do not have free healthcare. We do not have, you know, like, like a system that you can blame on these inefficiencies like the, the NHS or, or, or whatever the system is in Canada or, or, you know, the, the better, uh, run systems and, and every other country, like, we have to pay out the ass even if our employers cover it.

[00:11:40] Like, it, it, it is expensive and mental health coverage is ex like, healthcare is especially expensive. Like my shrink isn’t even covered by, by insurance. I can submit, um, and have it paid through like my, my HSA funds. But like, he doesn’t even take insurance. Um, sometimes, um, you know, you can get it processed, but like he doesn’t even accept it.

[00:12:00] He’s just like, no, um, I’m not dealing with that. Um, and that’s always been the case with him. So you’re paying a lot of money for these things. Now they have these computerized systems, which are frankly, in some cases worse because everybody can log in and see stuff. And, and if you don’t read things correctly, you can maybe misinterpret stuff.

[00:12:18] Or in this case, you get the wrong freaking labs and you’re seeing something that should absolutely be flagged. Um, and, and, and they’re just being nonchalant about it. Like, come on, man.

[00:12:30] Jeffrey: and I was not, not only was the, did I not kind of have anybody raising the red flag when it came on so high, I didn’t have anybody loading it.

[00:12:38] Christina: Right, right. When, when they realized

[00:12:39] Jeffrey: just found it by accident. I’m like, oh, I’m not on the urge, verge of being in a coma. That’s great.

[00:12:45] Christina: Like that, that that’s, and, and, and I’m certainly not, not, um, like recommending this because again, and this is another problem with like mental health coverage and, and whatnot in this country, is, is I would never say to leave like a, a doctor that you have a good relationship with, um, for mental health.

[00:12:58] If, if, if you can, but like in normal circumstances for almost any other service, this would be the sort of fuck up that would be like worthy of going to a new provider over.

[00:13:10] Jeffrey: Yeah. And I do, I actually have an intake meeting with a new provider in May. Like that’s the soonest I could get it, you know, so that’s the other piece of it, right? It’s just like, you know, this is actually somewhat urgent, but,

[00:13:21] Christina: Right. Because we’re, you can’t do anything until May, so you’re stuck with it. But it’s, but, but it, but it is, but like, I, I can’t imagine any other field where if you’re given the wrong information that could have like life or death consequences and then the, uh, you know, the information is corrected that you’re not contacted either time.

[00:13:39] Like if, if like, if somebody like, you know, knew something about your car, like if you got like a, a wrong recall notice for your car and then they didn’t tell you that your car was okay, like people would be livid. Can you even imagine

[00:13:50] Jeffrey: You are making me wonder if I’ve been missing recall notifications for my body, for my body and mind all along. Someone’s been trying to get me

[00:13:59] Christina: anyway, I’m not trying to roll you up. I’m just trying to say like, I, I’m, I’m sorry that happened and uh, yeah.

[00:14:03] Jeffrey: you. Part of what that ends up doing that’s separate from the medication is that it puts you in, uh, a situation where, you know, you really have to be someone who is, is actually engaged enough with your like inner life to advocate for yourself, right? Because it’d be so easy to be like, well, fuck it.

[00:14:22] I know I don’t deserve. You know what I mean? Like, and so I just always think of, I mean, I think of myself cuz this is a issue, but I also think of just so many other people that don’t, don’t have that ability to advocate for themselves. Uh, it’s just kind of nerve-wracking, um, just to think about. But anyway, so there was that, and that’s actually been going on in every, in every way.

[00:14:42] So I got a crown, temporary crown and they, they put it in a little wrong. So my gums got infected like a few months ago. I got a bunch of, I call it corpse dust. They, I got, I’m getting like an implant in my tooth and

[00:14:53] they put this like bone dust for bone grafts in there. They did it wrong and it, my body just like rejected all of it.

[00:14:59] It was just coming out constantly for like a week and they had to redo that. Like, it’s just, everything’s, everything’s been like that for me. It’s just crazy. Um, anyway, that’s my update. . Stay alert everybody. Stay.

[00:15:13] Christina: Yeah, no, which is a, a good reminder. And I know like from my mom’s experiences, like how important it’s to advocate for yourself and I know all these things, and I’m so laissez-faire about certain things with the medical care, and it’s not because I, I can’t advocate for myself. It’s just a lot of times I just don’t wanna go through the effort of even dealing with things.

[00:15:29] Like both of my knees are hurting me right now. Um, one of them, because I was hit by a car five years ago. And, um, uh, and, and that was not great. And, and that issue has been presenting itself more. And the other one, I don’t know, it just like started like yesterday, but I just kind of noticed, I was like, my knees hurt and maybe it’s an aging thing.

[00:15:51] Although, you know, I’m, I’m. Immune from aging, so, so I don’t know. Um, it could be like weather related. Um, I’ve had like arthritis like symptoms since I was a kid, so I, I, if there was stuff, you know, it will, like, I will not at all be surprised if I have to have like any knee trans, like knee transplants or something, even though, um, I’m in, you know, uh, I’m not overweight and, and I don’t have the other sorts of symptoms that you would typically associate with that sort of thing.

[00:16:20] Um, but I, I got like a virus when I was really little and, and basically started having symptoms of arthritis when I was like eight. So it’s just, it’s kind of been one of those inevitable things. But again, these are things I just like put off and, and don’t deal with, um, until maybe forced. So that’s a good reminder for me to be like, don’t let this go too long.

[00:16:42] Um, my mental health’s okay. Um, as, as I’d mentioned, you know, before, like we had layoffs a couple of weeks ago and, and they’re not being done in, um, well, there’s no good way to do them, but they’re kind of being dragged out and so there’s this feeling of uncertainty. Um, I still. I think my team is, is safe, and I don’t have any like, concerns about like, my job security and, and, and I feel confident that even if I were to be laid off that like I could find another job relatively quickly like that.

[00:17:13] I, I don’t have like massive anxiety about which is, which is good. I was talking to my shrink about that this week that I, I’m finally at this point in my, my tech career where I was in my journalism career, which is that I feel like, okay, if I got laid off tomorrow, not to say that it wouldn’t suck and that, that I wouldn’t, you know, have to rely on my savings and whatnot, but I feel confident, um, in my abilities to, to get hired, um, even in, in this kind of uncertain economy, um, without a problem.

[00:17:44] Uh, you know, uh, comp and other things might be different, but like I, I, I feel confident at this point in my, my skillset, um, that I, that I’d be able to find another job, which is good. , but you know, every single day, you know, seeing everything that’s happening, you know, in kind of the, the sector and all this stuff.

[00:18:01] It is, it is deeply unsettling. And, um, and I know I’ve talked about that before and I don’t wanna keep bringing it back to that, but it does like, bring up like those, you know, those fast feelings of, um, uncertainty and anxiety. But other than that, I’m, I’m, I’m doing, I’m doing fine, you know, um, I’m going to see cocaine beer tonight, which I’m really excited

Overtired Goes to the Movies!

[00:18:24] Brett: Oh man. Uh, so I wasn’t, I wasn’t psyched about it until David Wayne did like a, i, i, maybe a tic-tac, but I saw it on Instagram, um, about like how great it was, and now I’m totally into seeing it.

[00:18:40] Christina: Yeah, the trailer I was kind of, I was kind of in, and then when I started reading, like when they did the junket, I was like, okay, now I’m fully in. Because like apparently how Elizabeth Banks got involved, how everybody got involved was that I guess the, uh, the peoples that the, uh, Phil, um, um, and, and the other guy, the Lego movie guys are the producers.

[00:19:02] They read the script and then they gave it to Elizabeth Bank. They’re like, what do you think about this? Do you wanna direct this? And she was like, are you serious? This is insane. Yes, I want to direct it. And then that was sort of the response of everybody else who’s involved and is for the most part, like really good actors.

[00:19:17] Like she was on the phone with Carrie Russell about a completely different project, and then called her the next day and was like, , do you wanna read this, this, this Cocaine bear thing. And then, um, um, Margo Martindale texted Carrie Russell, she was like, wait, are you doing this? And Carrie was like, wait, are you doing this?

[00:19:33] And then they were like, okay, well we’ll both do this. And, and, and Carrie Russell’s, uh, husband even like, makes a cameo in it because he read the script and he was like, who’s playing this guy? I wanna play this guy . And Elizabeth Banks was like, see you in, see you in Ireland. And so again, it could be terrible, but unlike Snakes on a plane,

[00:19:51] Jeffrey: I was just gonna say, snakes on of plane.

[00:19:55] Christina: right, but, but what? And Snakes on a plane was like, let’s be honest. Like, that was a trailer that, that then kind of like everybody got excited about and made memes about it, and they, they went back and re-shot and like made more with it. And, and that’s fine. And I’m not saying that that Samuel L. Jackson, Juliana Margoles aren’t good actors, but like these are good actors who are involved in this.

[00:20:15] and, and so it has to, to me the script has to be just like bat shit enough for them to be like, fuck Yeah,

[00:20:22] Brett: Ridiculous to the point of being awesome.

[00:20:24] Christina: Right. And then just to see someone like David Wayne, who of course would be like, if I’m gonna take like camp, like recommendations from anyone is going to be David

[00:20:32] Brett: From the guy who made a wet hot American summer.

[00:20:35] Christina: That’s exactly, that’s what I’m saying.

[00:20:36] Like, so, because cuz you won a good campy film. The marketing has also been brilliant. Like, they had like a, um, a, a tweet that I loved where they, they used the DARE logo and they used the DARE logo in the freaking marketing, which is great. And they were like, I dare you to see this or whatever. And then the tweet was like, yes, we’re bullying you.

[00:20:54] And, and I was just like, okay, this is great. And their website, uh, cocaine bear.movie or whatever, there’s a, there’s a web game, which I guess is an HTML five cuz you know, can’t be. It’s, it’s what would’ve been a flash game 10 years

[00:21:06] Jeffrey: Right. I saw

[00:21:07] Christina: And it’s amazing. You basically, it’s like the adult, it’s like a really adult


[00:21:12] Christina: graphic, violent version of, um, The, um, buffalo hunting game in, um, Oregon Trail where you have to kill as many humans as you can, but you have to have enough cocaine power and so you have to collect the cocaine, and then you run around and then they make all these noise and it’s fantastic.

[00:21:34] Like we’re gonna have the link of the show notes. So, um, this is a, a weird way to end Mental health corner except Oh, uh, uh, like I’m just, uh, uh, you know, in, in my, my part of it or whatever, except to say like, I’m very, very excited about cocaine bear.

[00:21:50] Jeffrey: Awesome.

[00:21:51] Brett: I, uh, I had this intention of opening the mental health corner with, um, the Frazier Crane. Um, you’re, you’re listening to Frazier Crane on K a C L. I’m listening. Um, and then end it with Goodnights, Seattle and good mental health. But I, I forgot. Um, but we we’re, we’re on a movie kick, so

[00:22:14] Christina: Great. Great

[00:22:14] Brett: sneakers, we got sneakers, we got cocaine.

[00:22:16] Bear. Um, I sat down, oh, what’s up?

[00:22:20] Jeffrey: Can I just insert something that you made me think of? Because one of the things about this podcast that I enjoy most is it sometimes fulfills my dream of being on a morning show. Um, and so we’ve had, so we’ve had this morning show at our classic rock station, K Q R S since I was a kid. It’s this guy, Tom Bernard.

[00:22:38] He’s racist, misogynist, and just generally annoying except that he has the best radio voice ever.

[00:22:45] Christina: Isn’t that always the case?

[00:22:46] Jeffrey: And I can turn on the morning show, which I never do intentionally, and if it’s on for three seconds, he says something that makes me, uh, angry. Yeah. And I get angry enough when they play the Eagles, you know?

[00:22:59] It’s like, I gotta, you gotta, like, anyway, so he got canned by their corporate overlords for not really that clear of a reason. And in his place they hired a man named Steve Gorman, who was the drummer of the Black Crows in the, in, in their first few albums. Right.

[00:23:15] Brett: an underappreciated band.

[00:23:16] Jeffrey: oh, amazing band, especially those first two albums.

[00:23:19] And he actually has a syndicated classic rock show that already ran on this radio station. But he moved here to be the morning show host, and it has been amazing. And he told the following story because it was an anniversary of the release of the first Black Crows album. Now he’s like suing them. Like that went bad, but he said that.

[00:23:38] So first of all,

[00:23:39] Christina: I was gonna say cuz he clearly didn’t get the, the riches of the black throw stuff like no offense to him, but if he’s living in Minnesota

[00:23:45] Jeffrey: Just moved here. No, he just moved here. He was living in la

[00:23:48] Christina: Okay. Okay. Well, but if, regardless if he moved even worse, if he moved to Minnesota to host a morning show for a local station after having

[00:23:57] Brett: going well.

[00:23:58] Christina: And I know how much those, those syndicated Sirius xm, uh, shows, um, pay if you’re not like a

[00:24:04] Jeffrey: yeah,

[00:24:05] Christina: So he’s not Yeah. So, so clearly, so, so it clearly didn’t end well. But anyway, sorry. Go

[00:24:09] Jeffrey: he, I love these types of stories. So he told this story about, so first of all, when he recorded that Black Crows album, that first album, it came out in like 91. Uh, and, and for me, this was like a big album for me, which is why I’m even bringing it. Um, he had o only been drumming for two years and he was all of a sudden in like one of the biggest rock bands in the country.

[00:24:28] But also he told this great story where the day it came out, he had to go to work at a record store where he had a job and his job involved, like shelving, black crow CDs. And he described sitting behind the counter all day just being like, buy one, buy one, buy one. But nobody did. He has no idea. That’s about to be the biggest band, you know, in the country.

[00:24:46] Anyway, uh, I love this morning drive show that we’re on, and, and I wanted to share that since you mentioned Frazier and radio.

[00:24:53] Brett: Yeah. All right. Uh, it, it’s typically false, or Christine, or do this

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[00:26:34] Brett: Zuck doc.com/ Overtired. Get that third time in there, you know, really sink into

[00:26:40] Christina: Really, really sync it in. Yes.

[00:26:42] Jeffrey: Nicely.

Where have all the good rom-coms gone?

[00:26:43] Brett: All right, so I, uh, my, my girlfriend and her sister, I’ll call her Elle, uh, um, and, and Kari, um, they wanted to have a, like a group watch movie night. Uh, Kari in Michigan were in Minnesota, and, um, they were interested in watching what somehow was in the top 10 Netflix movies.

[00:27:09] Um, a romcom called Your Place, or Mine not to be confused with the 2015 Japanese language film of the same name. Um, this is a new film with Reese Witherspoon, Reese Witherspoon, and.

[00:27:25] Christina: Ashton

[00:27:26] Brett: Ashton, Kucher and Kutcher, and, um,

[00:27:30] Christina: My Twitter friend.

[00:27:31] Brett: so I promised, I promised to be good, and I did. I bit my tongue. I didn’t say anything smart ass in the text chat or in the conversations.

[00:27:42] I just, I rolled with it, but it was so bad. It like, how did, how did Reese sign on? She’s, she’s got chops now.

[00:27:52] Christina: She,

[00:27:52] does, and she, and

[00:27:53] she’s

[00:27:53] Brett: deserves better.

[00:27:55] Christina: Well, the whole thing did, did you see all the, the drama about how bad, uh, the, the promo for it was? Like, and, and, okay, so, so this might add to, cause I wanna, I want you to, to complain, but just to set up some context that might make you even, uh, more perplexed. The, the promo when they had to go do the junket stuff or this in every photo he was in with her, like, he looked like he did not want to be there and like didn’t wanna touch her.

[00:28:19] And then his excuse was, he was like, oh, well if I, if I look like I’m, I’m too close to her, then people are gonna have like a rumor that we’re having an affair. And I don’t want that to happen. But it got, but it got so bad that Mila Kunis like stepped in and she was like, You look like you’re having a miserable time.

[00:28:38] What are you doing? Also, like, not for nothing, but I, I don’t think Reese’s is leaving her, her husband, uh, who, uh, she also has like a business relationship with, right? And, and, and it seems to be very much in love with, he’s not leaving Mila Kuni. Right? Like it, the, like, no one’s thinking that people would be like, oh, these two people might have like a good, might have good chemistry together.

[00:29:02] Um, I only saw the trailer and I was like, oh no, this is an Anne Hathaway, uh, um, uh, you know, James Franco situation where you think it makes sense and then the chemistry mash is just not

[00:29:13] Brett: they got some big names behind it, but holy shit. Just there was no. Even as a romcom, even following a romcom formula, it fell flat.

[00:29:24] Christina: It was no sweet Home Alabama.

[00:29:26] Brett: not interesting at all. I never saw Sweet Home Alabama.

[00:29:29] Christina: actually a good one. It’s actually a cute one.

[00:29:31] Josh Lucas and Patrick Dempsey.

[00:29:33] Brett: this just never had any, um, tension. Like you never thought, oh no, everything’s going wrong.

[00:29:40] I hope it ends well and everything and has a happy end. Like you never got to that point. It was just, it was just like slice of life. Boring.

[00:29:49] Jeffrey: But I wanna, I want to point out what to me is the most interesting part of this, which is you’re in a situation with, you’re with two other people, it’s a romcom and you are the one going, I hate this, but I don’t wanna say it,

[00:30:00] Christina: Right. You’re, you’re, you’re in, you’re in this

[00:30:02] Jeffrey: which is the right thing to do.

[00:30:04] Christina: is. No, that’s

[00:30:05] Brett: yeah. You know me though. I do not do a great job of keeping my mouth shut, so I, I was, my tongue was ready to bleed. I was biting it so hard and I just, But I did it. I was a good sport and, and just, I didn’t say anything negative. Um,

[00:30:22] Jeffrey: Even.

[00:30:23] Brett: think even after,

[00:30:25] Jeffrey: that’s the real challenge. You gotta go. It’s over. Now someone’s gonna ask me what I thought. I have to figure out how to say it without sounding a

[00:30:31] Brett: Okay. So l was able to pick up on my disappointment. Um, like, so like we were able to discuss honestly how I didn’t like it. But in the con, in the group chat and in our, like, we, after, after we finish a group watch, we always have a phone call just to like decompress whatever and, and talk about life.

[00:30:52] Um, and I, I kept my mouth shut through all of that. Um, I, I was pretty proud of myself.

[00:30:59] Christina: I’m very

[00:31:00] Brett: this is, this is, I, I’ve been holding onto this for the, for this episode to be able to vent.

[00:31:07] Jeffrey: he’d or so.

[00:31:10] Christina: Well, well, well, well, Carrie’s never gonna listen to this podcast. And, and Elle will appreciate that you, uh, if, if she listens we’ll appreciate that. Like you did the, the correct and the adult thing of like saving it for the pod. Um, what was so egregious about it? Cuz ti tid the reviews I read was like, was a chemistry mismatch and, and some other things.

[00:31:30] But she’s great, right? Like Grease is, grease is fantastic in, in everything she does. Like I, I’m, I’m, I love her. I’m like a genuine, huge, super

[00:31:38] fan of both her as an

[00:31:39] Brett: Little fires

[00:31:41] Christina: Little Fires everywhere,

[00:31:42] Brett: Yeah. So

[00:31:43] Christina: um, which is great. Big Little Lies was one of the best first se like the second season didn’t work as well cuz hadn’t been designed for that.

[00:31:49] But that was one of the best

[00:31:50] like mini-series freeway.

[00:31:53] Brett: Freeway was the first time I ever met Reese Witherspoon. Um, it was with, uh, what’s his name? Uh, lost Boys

[00:32:02] Christina: Yeah. Um,

[00:32:03] Jeffrey: Key for Sullivan.

[00:32:04] Brett: Keifer

[00:32:05] Christina: Yeah. Keep talking. That’s right. Yeah. He’s a big

[00:32:06] bad wolf.

[00:32:06] Brett: her Sutherland as like a serial killer and she’s like a runaway and it’s a little Red Riding Hood, modern Tale. Like that was the first time I ever saw her and I was sold.

[00:32:17] I was like, this girl is a great actress.

[00:32:21] Christina: I, I first saw her in her first film, which was, uh, the Man in the Moom, and I only saw that because my sister, who’s her age for some reason, I guess they wrote about it in 17 Magazine. This is the only thing I can imagine, because I don’t, I don’t know. I was like, I was like seven or eight years old.

[00:32:37] Um, but I, but I’m guessing they wrote about it in one of the teen magazines and she rented it from the video store. And this is like a small movie that still most people have never seen. It was her first film, and she was fantastic in it. And Roger Ebert famously, like in his review, he like called her out.

[00:32:51] He was, She’s going to be massive. And, and from that time forward, my sister is a huge fan and, and even though we don’t have a lot in common, like I did pick up on some of her tastes, but I’ve always really, really liked her and I love her as a business woman as much as I love her as an actress. So this is very sad to me.

[00:33:09] Like when I was seeing all the stuff failing

[00:33:12] Brett: so what was wrong with it? So, a romcom is two words, right? Romantic and comedy. Um, I did not laugh once. Uh, there was, there was, there were no, there was no situational comedy, there were no witty lines. It was very cut and dry. Uh, from the romance perspective, there was no, like, these two people belong together.

[00:33:37] I can’t wait to see it work out. There was none of that. Like, you guys just deserve each other. It was more like, well, they’re probably gonna end up together. It’s, it’s fate. Um, I, I’m not saying that a romcom needs to be unpredictable. They never. But this was like

[00:33:55] Christina: you,

[00:33:55] need to care.

[00:33:56] you need to care about the journey of them getting

[00:33:58] Brett: Yeah. You knew from the opening scene exactly how it was gonna end.

[00:34:01] Um, and you, and, and there was just so little storytelling. It just, it just did not intrigue me in any way.

[00:34:11] Christina: What’s disappointing about this to me is that a, there has been this dearth of romantic comedies, which is the one. Which is this thing that the Reese Witherspoon actually said in her press, like stuff for this. She did try, she did try to promote this movie, but I think everybody knew that this was not gonna land.

[00:34:27] And it’s a Netflix thing. They already got paid, who cares? But like, she commenting on the fact that there are no romcoms anymore. And there had been a time in her career before she won the Oscar where she was kind of been pegged to only doing romcom stuff. And then she was in that weird place where she won the Oscar and they’re like, well, how do we cast her?

[00:34:45] You know what, what? And nobody would cast her in anything. She had to create her own parts. But Romcoms used to be this massive business. And we have some of our, our best movies, our romantic comedies, like when Harry Met Sally is a great fucking movie, right? Like it’s a great script, but like Rob Reiner directed the hell out of that.

[00:35:01] Like there are some really great romantic comedies. But now, and you would think like, there, there are some on, on Netflix, but they’re not great. Um, cuz most Netflix movies are not. But it’s like everything went to the fucking Hallmark channel, which I’m sorry. I know my, like my dad’s real into the Hallmark channel, which weird, but cuz he’s my dad.

[00:35:21] My dad, I swear to God. Like he has, so he has some slight segue. He has some, like, my dad is a very masculine, heterosexual man. And, and I, and I say that because when I describe some of his idiosyncrasies, it will not sound that way. But my dad is like a man’s man, like nobody would ever doubt anything about.

[00:35:39] And, and it’s not even like, he’s like homophobic, but it’s just like he puts out, he’s like, just that energy comes across masculine. But he loves fucking romantic comedies and shit, like the Hallmark Channel. And when I was growing up, he had not won, but both Ali Mcil soundtracks and he’d play them in the car and I’d be like, what the fuck?

[00:36:00] Like, he’s, he’s, he’s into like, Celine Dion and, and, and Elvis and j. Anyways, it’s very, some my dad’s music case is very, very gay, but like stereotypically gay, but like, Other than the Hallmark channel, which has made massive amounts of money. Um, but those aren’t like the same thing as like a good old fashioned romcom.

[00:36:20] You know what I

[00:36:20] Brett: Speaking of, speaking of David Wayne, um, did you guys ever see they came together?

[00:36:26] Christina: yes.

[00:36:27] Because you recommended It

[00:36:28] Brett: it was his lampooning of romantic comedies starring, um, Amy Polar and Paul Rudd,

[00:36:35] Jeffrey: Oh right.

[00:36:37] Brett: it was, for me, to me it was hilarious.

[00:36:40] Christina: I thought it was funny. I remember, I remember watching because of you.

[00:36:42] Brett: like every single trope that you find in a romantic comedy, they found a way to lampoon and, and it was for someone who kind of hates romantic comedies, even though they kinda, like, love actually is a fucking great movie.

[00:36:57] I’m not gonna

[00:36:57] Christina: great movie. Absolutely. All, well, all, all, all of the, uh, studio Canal, like all of those, um, like all of those are

[00:37:04] Brett: I’m in, I’m in. But like, they came together just like lampooned it in a way that I found very appealing. Um, and that was 2014. And I can’t remember seeing a romantic comedy since 2014 that I’ve thought, oh, that despite the genre, that’s actually a really good movie. I don’t, I don’t think there’ve been one.

[00:37:25] Christina: No, I, I, I’m looking right now, it’s, I’m looking on the Wikipedia thing cuz it’s just easier to browse this of like, list of romantic comedies and I’m looking at the list and, uh, okay. Crazy Rich Asians, they classify that as a

[00:37:36] romantic comedy. That was great. That was a great fucking movie. Um, and, um, uh, uh, love Simon.

[00:37:44] Um, that was really sweet. But that’s more of a coming to beige film I

[00:37:47] Brett: saw that, I don’t

[00:37:48] Christina: Um, it’s, it’s like the first gay kind of like, teen coming of age, like, like romantic comedy kind of thing. So it’s, it’s great in that respect, in that it’s like, you know, a gay teenager and it’s not treated as like, you know, this big like, oh, like, like rot thing.

[00:38:04] It’s like, it’s like a romance. It’s, it’s great. Um, to all the boys I love, before this was a Netflix film, but it was, that was good. Uh, the first one was I thought that the other ones weren’t, but that was good. That was okay. Right. But also we might’ve given it a little bit over thing. Mama m here we go again.

[00:38:21] Surprisingly, surprisingly, I mean, I like the first one m uh, way more than it, cuz it was way better than it had any Right to be the, the, the sequel wasn’t awful. I didn’t love it the same way, but, but it

[00:38:31] wasn’t awful. But, but you’re right.

[00:38:33] Brett: love it.

[00:38:34] Christina: Um, but did you like the first one cuz the first one.

[00:38:36] Brett: I can’t remember the first one.

[00:38:38] Christina: Okay. Uh, the first one, you know, just, you don’t expect Meryl Streep to be just like all in on this stuff, which is,

[00:38:43] it’s just, it’s just delightful.

[00:38:45] You just don’t expect it. Um, but no, but I’m looking, you’re right. Like, I’m looking at this stuff and, and it’s,

[00:38:51] it’s, it’s a massive

[00:38:52] Brett: love actually

[00:38:54] Christina: No, no, we haven’t had that sort of

[00:38:56] Brett: even nodding hill. Like it

[00:38:58] Christina: I mean, all those about a boy, like, which is my personal favorite of, of,

[00:39:01] um, of those about a boy is a great film.

[00:39:04] Like, I still watch that. I still want his apartment from that, but No, you’re right. Like, we, like, since, I guess like, I guess probably the, the Kate Hudson heyday of like the mid two thousands. We haven’t really had, the proposal was probably the last really, really big one we had. That was with, uh, that was Sandra Bullock’s comeback with a, with, um, um, uh, what’s his face?

[00:39:25] Uh, uh, Ryan Reynolds. Um,

[00:39:28] Brett: I do love Ryan Ram.

[00:39:30] Christina: the, the proposal is fucking great. It’s, it’s a really funny movie, but, um, Yeah, that was 2009 and I’m looking now. Yeah. I, it’s, it’s been, um, God, yeah, it, it’s, we’ve had this dearth and it’s sad because I think it’s probably because, uh, big movies aren’t made anymore. I mean, not big movies, but small movies aren’t made anymore.

[00:39:51] It’s all just, you know, massive things.

[00:39:53] Brett: here’s the thing is Deadpool was a romantic comedy.

[00:39:57] Christina: true.

[00:39:58] Jeffrey: Mm-hmm.

[00:39:58] Brett: so like, that’s what, that’s what Ellen and I watched on Valentine’s Day. I got her a Valentine’s Day card from Love Pop. That was a pop-up Deadpool, uh, with the thought bubble that says, love hurts, but you’re worth it. Um, like to me like that is like Marvel versus romantic comedy.

[00:40:17] Like that’s kind of where it has gone. Like the superhero version of a rom-com. Um, the kind of writing that you saw in the, in the mid two thousands just doesn’t seem to be, it’s not that people can’t do it anymore, it’s kind of people have moved on.

[00:40:35] Christina: Yeah.

[00:40:35] Brett: not that no good movies are coming up. There are a lot of good movies.

[00:40:39] Uh, people have just moved on from that witty, witty,

[00:40:43] Christina: is which. And, and the reason I think is because it’s really hard to get like a 20 million movie made. And, um, and, and, and that’s kind of the sweet spot for those budgets, right? Like, it’s really hard to get a 20 million movie made. It’s easy to get a 200 million movie made. It’s easy to get a 2 million movie made, but it’s hard to get like a 20 or 40 million movie made.

[00:41:02] And, and that’s kind of what you need for those things. Um, but, but it’s a shame because on paper you could see that Ashton and Reese would be cute together. Like he’s charming, you know, like he’s, he, he’s, he’s charismatic and she’s got chemistry with anybody. But, but it, it sucks that, um, that like, that’s not what this was.

[00:41:27] Um, Barbie, which the Greta Gwi film, which I cannot wait for, which will be out in July, that is classified as a romantic comedy. Um, and that’s gonna be of course, with, uh, um, uh, Ryan Gosling and, um, um, uh, what’s her face? Um, uh, Margot, um, Robbie, um, and the, the trailer for that looks bananas. And I, when they first started working on the Barbie movie, and they, it’s gone through so many different turnarounds, like it seemed awful.

[00:41:59] But then when Greta Gerwig signed on and then when we started seeing the set photos, I was like, okay, this, this might actually be really irreverent and good. Jeff, are you with us

[00:42:10] Jeffrey: I’m gonna paint a picture for you. Um, you know how astronauts when they’re gonna load into their rockets or space shuttle and they’re, they’re, they’re in these pressurized suits. They got their own piss and shit in there with 'em. They’re locked into their seats and they’re facing the skies. So there’s all this weight acting against them, and they sit there for hours and they don’t know how much longer they have to live.

[00:42:34] And if they’ve made the right decision, like, that’s how I feel whenever I’m watching a rom-com And like, I’m not an asshole about it. Like I cried at the notebook, which I realize is just a rom. Um, but for some reason I cannot though everyone around me has a general love for the cannon. Like, I can’t do it, and I’m not being a snob.

[00:42:57] I just, I feel like I’m suffocating. It’s probably probably from my

[00:43:00] Brett: failure to launch.

[00:43:02] Jeffrey: failure to

[00:43:03] Christina: to launch. Amazing. Amazing. Um, but, okay, but did you like when Harry met Sally, or does that one also like, do even like the Meg Ryan ones

[00:43:13] Jeffrey: So I have that in my, I have that that lives somewhere in my body because it was like cultural osmosis and I know I saw it and I’m pretty sure I liked it. I don’t think poorly of it. Of course, everyone thinks of like the orgasm at the cafe scene, right. But like,

[00:43:28] Brett: the most meed, the most meed scene

[00:43:31] Jeffrey: And that is all I can call up. Um, but I, I do remember liking that and I agree.

[00:43:36] I mean, I can definitely notice the cultural shift and like quality and, and even cadence and like whatever. Right. I caught the last like 20 minutes of the George Clooney, Julia Roberts, uh, number,

[00:43:48] Christina: Oh yeah.

[00:43:49] Jeffrey: oh. And I could watch Clone, I could watch Clooney in anything

[00:43:55] Christina: Same. I watched solos in the theater.

[00:44:01] Jeffrey: although nothing beats What movie was it? Where the, it’s a bank robbery in the beginning and it’s, I think it’s him and Jennifer. No,

[00:44:07] Christina: no, no, no, no. Out of, no Out of Sight. Out

[00:44:09] Jeffrey: sight and they, they, they run out of the bank after robbing it and they’re doing the thing where he’s trying to auto pop the locks.

[00:44:16] She opens the door too fast or he opens the door too fast. Like, I was like, this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

[00:44:22] Christina: Yeah. Yeah. And then they’re in the car together and they had that sexual chemistry, that movie, which is not a romcom, that is, that is like a straight up, like noir, like thriller type thing. Like that

[00:44:30] Jeffrey: to watch that again. That was a

[00:44:31] Christina: is, that is honestly like one of my, like, that is in my top 10 list. And, and that,

[00:44:37] Jeffrey: that opening scene in the show notes.

[00:44:39] Christina: yeah. I, that, that, that, that is, that is my top 10 list.

[00:44:42] And, and that is a film that was introduced to me by the first guy that ever broke my heart. And so it is hard. It was like, it was like, it’s hard for me. Like this is how much, how good that movie is, is that even he couldn’t ruin out of sight.

[00:44:54] Brett: Oh,

[00:44:54] Christina: I was like, you know

[00:44:55] Jeffrey: Right,

[00:44:56] Christina: was like, I was like, I was like, you’re a piece of shit.

[00:44:58] And, and, and, and you told me you loved me so you could fuck me. And, and you still could not ruin this movie for me.

[00:45:08] Jeffrey: Yeah. Brutal. I’m just remembering as George Clooney is like smiling face to the bank teller as he’s robbing the, and he just says very, very gently, like,

[00:45:17] Christina: Oh, we’re robbing

[00:45:18] Jeffrey: this is your first robbery, isn’t it? Yeah. Yeah.

[00:45:20] Christina: And then, and then he leaves and and she’s like, have a great day. You too. She like realizes kind of like at what she said, cuz he was just so polite. He just walked in and just, just walked in and just, you know, walked out with the money. And, uh, yeah.

[00:45:32] Jeffrey: I ever told the story of being arrested for shoplifting in North Dakota?

[00:45:37] Brett: I have heard this story. I can’t

[00:45:39] Jeffrey: Maybe I’ve

[00:45:39] told it.

[00:45:40] Brett: on the podcast.

[00:45:41] Christina: I don’t, I don’t know,

[00:45:42] Jeffrey: It ends like that with it end . Oh, uh, . I do remember, I’ve told on the podcast before, actually, I think I told it one time when you were gone, Christina, but ultimately what happens is that I’m, I’m with this, um, secret shopper who caught me shoplifting, and he’s called the police.

[00:45:58] And I’m in a backroom waiting for the police officer room. I had, I had shoplifted some cheese in a roll of 35 millimeter film. And, um, I was on tour with my band. There’s just no, there’s no rules when you’re on tour . And, uh, and, and he and I were talking, I was asking him like, what, this is a crazy job you have.

[00:46:14] Like, what’s the craziest thing you caught someone stealing? You know, and he’s like, well, you know, I’ve sometimes girls are stealing tampons or condoms. And I was like, oh, that’s brutal. Why would, how do you feel about catching people doing that? Like, , that seems like it’d be hard for me. He’s like, no, I don’t like it.

[00:46:29] I don’t like it. Anyway, just before the police officer, uh, rolled in, he’s like, you know, I’m sorry. I have to do this. I really like you, . I was like, I was like, oh, thanks man. I, I don’t know. I haven’t made an opinion about you. Cause I think what you do is evil, but like . Anyway,

[00:46:46] Christina: That’s hysterical.

[00:46:48] Jeffrey: it’s a long story, but that’s the part that the Clooney thing reminded me of.

[00:46:51] Christina: he, he, he’s like, he like, did not wanna do it. He

[00:46:54] Jeffrey: Yeah, he’s off. I can take it back.

[00:46:56] Brett: in what movie? In what movie was George Clooney? Playing an actor playing a Roman centurion.

[00:47:04] Christina: oh. Um, yes.

[00:47:08] Jeffrey: I just started watching that for the first time a week ago. That’s

[00:47:11] Brett: Like I love that George Cloy takes some really shitty parts in, in mediocre movies,

[00:47:16] Jeffrey: I mean, it is a Cohen Brothers movie. Yeah.

[00:47:19] Christina: so well. He, he, he’s, he’s like the consummate. He’s just great at anything he does. And also, how else are you gonna pay for that villa? In, uh, in, in, in, in Paris or in Italy or wherever the hell he lives

[00:47:30] Brett: kind of like Brad Pitt doing 12 Monkeys.

[00:47:33] Jeffrey: any

[00:47:34] Brett: mean, like, not like today’s Brad Pitt, like bullet train sucked. Um, and Brad Pitt took that part and, and he pulled it off. But like 12 Monkeys, this is coming out of like Legends of the Fall, right? Like this is Brad Pitt is just

[00:47:47] Christina: He’s like,

[00:47:48] hot

[00:47:49] Brett: yeah. And

[00:47:50] Christina: interview with the vampire, like, he’s like the biggest like man in the, yeah.

[00:47:54] Brett: And then he does 12 Monkeys where he is just this fucking insane person. Before the Fight Club days,

[00:48:00] Christina: Right before he got cut. It led up to Fight Club for sure. But it was like, but it was this weird thing. Cause you’re like, wait a minute. You were always kind of this, you know, more heroic kind of guy. Dreamboat. Totally. Right. Like we all like fell in love with him, like

[00:48:12] girls my

[00:48:13] Brett: like I hated him like

[00:48:15] Christina: yeah, I know you did because you were a guy.

[00:48:17] Brett: was not cool to like the Dreamboat actor. It was cool. It was cooler to hate them.

[00:48:21] Christina: I, I, I was,

[00:48:22] Brett: came out and I was like, oh shit.

[00:48:25] Christina: I was 12 years old, so my perspective, I didn’t care about any of that. I was just like, this is the most beautiful man, and this makes me feel things in my other regions, you know? Um, like he, he’s very attractive. Like, that, that was my whole, you know, thing. I, I didn’t care about the coolness of it all, but it was, it was funny to see the, um, the evolution of like, men who hated Brad Pitt to then fight Club was the turning point where all of a sudden they were like, goddammit, all right, fine, fine.

[00:48:54] We’ll, we’ll accept.

[00:48:55] Jeffrey: Mm-hmm.

[00:48:56] Brett: He is one of us after all. All right,

[00:48:58] Christina: Right.

[00:48:59] Jeffrey: He can come through.


[00:49:00] Brett: should we, uh, should we try some gratitude?

[00:49:03] Christina: Let’s definitely do some gratitude.

[00:49:05] Brett: I can cert, I, I know what to do. Um, there is a, i, i, newish, I guess, uh, terminal app called Kitty. Um, I discovered this

[00:49:18] Christina: oh, this, this, this is the Linux one, right? Or it was originally written for Linux.

[00:49:21] Brett: yeah, it’s cross-platform now. Um, it, it uses a, uh, a, a, the default color is a theme called cappuccino, um, which is a goddamn sexy color scheme.

[00:49:39] Like I’ve been using the Nord color scheme in, in terminal for quite a while. Uh, but then this, this, uh, syntax coloring kind of blew my mind. It was, it’s, I mean, there’s generally like 16 colors to work with, right? And, and your, your palette is pretty limited. And so it’s been a long time since a theme has actually looked, looked to me like it was better than what I was used to.

[00:50:11] Um, so this, this was a theme like that. And then I found out that it came from this terminal called Kitty, which I admit I have not tried yet. Uh, but I

[00:50:22] Christina: it’s okay. It’s okay.

[00:50:24] Brett: okay, I watched like an 18 minute video on all of its capabilities today. And it has some things like, uh, you can, with a keyboard shortcut, load the output from the last command into your pager.

[00:50:40] Uh, you hit command shift or control shift G and you, you know, pages long output from your last, like build command loads up in a pager and you can navigate it with. Keyboard shortcuts that you’re used to, and little things like that are like, I wish I term would incorporate something like that. Um, like I term, you can hit command, shift a to select all of the content from the last output, uh, which you can then pipe into a pager, but just a single keyboard shortcut for that kind of thing.

[00:51:12] And the script ability of kitty looks great.

[00:51:15] Christina: It is, it’s, uh, the, uh, the guy who makes it, uh, uh, COVID Goyle. He’s the guy who does Collibra, which is, which is not a great

[00:51:24] looking app.

[00:51:24] Brett: no,

[00:51:25] Christina: it’s.

[00:51:25] basically the only one. It’s not, it’s a pretty ugly app. Uh, but, but it’s very, very functional. Um, which was kind of my, I haven’t, I haven’t seen the theme you’re talking about, and so the theme, um, might change my mind, but as I recall, last time I used Kitty, that was sort of my same takeaway, was that it was very performant because that is one of the big things that was built on was to be very, very performant.

[00:51:46] Um, but that it’s not like I term is still has like a level of polish, but

[00:51:52] Brett: I’m dropping a link to Pacino Ka Capuchin, I guess it’s c a t p P u c c I N.

[00:52:00] Jeffrey: the.

[00:52:00] Christina: Okay.

[00:52:01] Brett: that link is

[00:52:03] Christina: Oh yeah, Kain. Okay. There we go. Yeah.

[00:52:05] Brett: Kain. Um, yeah, it is, it, it just looks so good. I love

[00:52:11] Christina: Yeah. So I love that. And, and it looks like that it works with that theme that you, you dropped. Thank you for that. Um, works with Alacrity, which is another, um, good terminal app. Um, if you’re talking about things that are, are like, that one’s built on rust, I think alacrity,

[00:52:25] Brett: Oh, haven’t tried that one either.

[00:52:26] Christina: which is, uh, a, um, uh, like, I think it’s a, it’s a rush driven, uh, rewrite of the terminal again for speed.

[00:52:34] But, but, but

[00:52:35] Brett: there are so

[00:52:36] Christina: a lot.

[00:52:37] Brett: that I just haven’t tried. Like I’m so, I’m so used to I term, every time I try, like Warp is a cool terminal, does a lot of cool stuff. Um, but I just haven’t, I’ve never been able to break the I term habit.

[00:52:51] Christina: Yeah, I’m, I’m in a similar situation, um, but because I’ve used more cross-platform tools than you have, um, uh, I, um, I’ve, I’ve played around with more of these things. Um, I will say like, if you don’t have I term like I do, I, and I think Kitty, like, I think that the, uh, I’m not taking anything away from like the technical achievements.

[00:53:09] It is a very, very performant, um, terminal. And that is something that I term can suffer with, especially if you have like a really big like Z shell profile, which, you know, whatever, like there, there are problems with, uh, with all the extensions and whatnot. Anyway, but, but,

[00:53:25] if,

[00:53:25] Brett: it, lags a bit. If you’re not using an async prompt in Phish, uh, I term can lag a bit. Just doing a regular cd.

[00:53:34] Christina: It totally can. And, and so depending on what you’re doing, some of these things, alacrity and, and, and kitty, um, are both really, really good with that. Hyper is one that people really like, but, but hyper is electron and I don’t have anything against electron apps, but for a terminal that is not go, I think that when they’re well made, I don’t have a problem with it,

[00:53:52] Brett: Yeah. Like I, I, one password electron. One password, no problem. I have not had a single problem with it,

[00:53:58] Christina: vs. Code. Great. Right.

[00:54:00] Brett: honestly, the reason I can’t switch to VS code is that it is electron and, and not because it’s electron, but because the fact that it’s electron causes certain quirks for me

[00:54:11] Christina: For you, right? Because you’re very right. But, but you’ve got very specific edge cases, which, which makes sense, right? But I’m just saying from a performance standpoint, like I don’t have a problem with Electron if it’s done well. Um, and, and nothing against the hyper folks, but like that was designed like, because they think it looks pretty and I’m just like, hmm,

[00:54:29] no.

[00:54:29] Whereas Alacrity and Kitty don’t have, like, they take the opposite approach. They’re like, how can we get as performant as possible versus

[00:54:37] Brett: Kitty, like it’s big. In the tagline, it talks about being offloading all of its processing to the gpu, uh, which is uncommon for a terminal app.

[00:54:48] Christina: I mean it’s, it’s more common now, um, like a i term added support for Windows Terminal does it? But, but historically that has not been what you’ve done. Cuz why would you? Right? Like the whole point of a terminal is it’s supposed to be able to run headless anywhere. And, and, and you wouldn’t, you know, if you’re on a server box, you, you wouldn’t want necessarily if you’re, you know, running the terminal locally and not remotely, um, you, you wouldn’t necessarily wanna be, um, dependent on that.

[00:55:12] But in modern workflows it makes a lot more sense. Yeah,

[00:55:17] Jeffrey: Right,

[00:55:18] Brett: All right. So that’s my, that’s my, uh, that’s my, my gratitude for the week.

[00:55:23] Christina: I’m, I’m gonna try out this, um, this theme. Um, cuz the theme actually, yeah, this looks good and it’s got like different colors cuz what is the one that I used? Um, let me open up my, I term

[00:55:36] Brett: By the way, this theme is available for literally every

[00:55:40] Christina: Yes, I

[00:55:40] w.

[00:55:41] Brett: a theme.

[00:55:42] Christina: Yeah, no, I looked at that and I was like, that’s fantastic.

[00:55:44] Um, so my terminal is, this is the only thing I hate about my term is that, um, it’s hard to find. My preset is snazzy and uh, I will find it and I will link to it, um, snazzy term, um, terminal theme. And because it’s in my GitHub stars, I’m sure. Um, and yeah, I really like that. But I’m gonna look at, um, this, uh, Capuchin cuz I like that.

[00:56:11] Um, do you have any picks, uh, Jeff to go for?

[00:56:16] Jeffrey: Um, last time I had a pick, it was the read wise reader, which is, which I’m, I have not been able to, it does not, it has not replaced instant paper for me yet, though I think it will one day. It’s just, there are just small little bits that are obstacles to my feeling like I can really live in it, but it has been amazing.

[00:56:35] But anyway, I’ve been a read wise user for much longer. And, um, one thing I’ve been using a lot, this. Just to go over old, um, highlights in my various, like in Insta Paper and Apple Books and Kindle, whatever is, is read wise is just like their service of importing highlights basically. So like I highlight a lot, but sometimes I’m like, to what end

[00:56:57] Like, why, why am I highlighting exactly. I don’t know. Um, but because I can import so many highlights and read wise and then export it as a markdown file, which is really what I’m, what I’m kind of repping here is that service. Um, it’s, it’s just, it makes me a more engaged reader and it, and it makes me think differently about, about how I highlight whatever else.

[00:57:18] And the cool thing is you can actually create a custom format for your exports. Um, and so you can make your marked on files look like whatever you want them to look like. Uh, and you can also, it, it differentiates. So like if you’re downloading it again, it’ll, it’ll give you the option of just downloading new highlights to that file or whatever.

[00:57:37] And so anyway, I’ve been in kind of like a creative mode and wanting to kinda look back at things I’ve, I’ve, uh, I’ve marked and highlighted and, and quotes that I liked or whatever to see if they can kind of fit into what I’m writing and, and read Wise has just been amazing for that. And you can import just from a ton of different sources.

[00:57:55] I just happen to use like Kindle, Insta Paper, apple Books, and the Read Wise reader. Um, but you can also like, you know, import Jason files, uh, that kind of stuff. So anyway, read wise again, uh, they just continue to be a really like, regular part of my life.

[00:58:12] Brett: Nice.

[00:58:13] Christina: I love it. I love it. Yeah. No, I, I started using it, um, after, uh, their, um, uh, their other service. Um, I heard about that cause I was like, I think this could be like, you like my Insta paper replacement because I’ve been an Insta paper. I still subscribe to Insta Paper and I don’t really know why at this point because I don’t have any personal connection to anybody involved in it.

[00:58:31] And I don’t even know who’s involved and if it’s even being really maintained and, you know, um, and I’ve never been a pocket person. I know that there were

[00:58:37] Jeffrey: Me neither. I can’t do it.

[00:58:39] Christina: but I was like at, I remember at, at, at, at a gizmoto when, um, when Insta Paper was, was sold or something like that happened and people were like, oh, just use Pocket.

[00:58:46] And, and I didn’t even have to say anything. One of my, uh, bosses, Alex, he was like, he was like, well, we’re an Insta Paper family. I was like, yes, yes we are. So I always

[00:58:56] Brett: you guys, did you ever

[00:58:57] Christina: when, when, when I think of that.

[00:58:59] Brett: did you ever see the Safari plugin I made for Insa paper? Way back in the early two thousands?

[00:59:04] Jeffrey: What did it do?

[00:59:05] Brett: It, it, like, first it reformatted it, so it looked a little more modern than it did at the time, and then it added keyboard shortcuts for just about everything that it could do.

[00:59:17] Christina: I

[00:59:17] remember that.

[00:59:18] Brett: I got really into hacking that for a little while, and then it, and then Safari came out with like the actual plugin architecture.

[00:59:25] Um, and I never updated it for that, so it kind of died. It was fun.

[00:59:31] Christina: Okay. So mine, and I think we’ve already talked about this one, and I apologize. I’m, and I’ve, I’ve taken this as an action item, uh, for myself. I’ve talked about it before, but I’ve actually literally now taken this as an action item, which means it will get done. Because I’m putting in on like my, my work stuff to do to actually create a, um, repository for us so that we can have a list of all these things and a website for all of you to go to.

[00:59:54] Um, I think we’ve talked about this before, but I’m gonna mention it again because, uh, I take so many f I take so many goddamn screenshots. Like no matter what I do in my life, I can’t ever get away from the fact that I take so many fucking

[01:00:08] Jeffrey: Yeah.

[01:00:09] Christina: and clean Shot X Really

[01:00:11] Brett: deserves to be repeated as

[01:00:12] Christina: It

[01:00:13] Jeffrey: I was hoping that’s what you were gonna say.

[01:00:15] Christina: it does.

[01:00:15] I mean, the thing is, I’ve used every screenshot tool and I still like, um, drop share. Uh, and, and I, I, I still appreciate like what, what they do. Um, I used to be, what was it called? It was all, uh, uh, cloud, uh, No, it was before dropper. It was, uh, it was like cloud. It is cld LY was was the short U url, but you could have a customized one too.

[01:00:40] And I paid for them. Um, and I paid for them for a long time. Um, and then they kept raising their prices and then were really like a agro about trying to get me different, like to, you know, like, um,

[01:00:57] Brett: I still pay for

[01:00:58] Christina: accounts and stuff. Um, and, uh, I stopped paying for, for those things. I did pay, like I bought a drop share license before it was part of setup.

[01:01:06] But, uh, both drop share and um, um, a cloud shot XR and setup, and the setup version. Um, this is also a free plug for setup. Uh, gives you access to the, um, hosted version, which includes custom domain support, which this was one of my favorite feelings of, of CloudShare, maybe that’s what it was called.

[01:01:25] CloudShare, uh, was that, You could, like I had a short U URL that I used and I could automatically upload my, you know, screenshots to that, have my short U url, but automatically go, I had like a keyboard shortcut automatically, you know, go to my clipboard, I could upload zip files and other things. It was great.

[01:01:44] Drop share is a, is a really good kind of drop in replacement for that. But cloud shot in terms of both creating videos and screenshots. Clean shot, sorry, clean shot X, sorry. Wanna be cleared? Clean shot X, um, for creating screenshots, uh, of all types. Matted with stuff behind them, doing annotations, sketch style videos.

[01:02:03] Scrolling.

[01:02:04] Brett: off the

[01:02:05] Jeffrey: just the text.

[01:02:06] Christina: Yes. Capturing just like is, it’s just such a good app that I, it’s one of those things. Um, I, I still have some of the actual screenshot tools mapped to some of my shortcuts, but for some of the other ones I’ve just full on mapped it to, um, cloud Shot X

[01:02:26] Brett: why do anything else? It’s so

[01:02:28] Christina: Yeah, the only reason I don’t have a command shift for uh, uh, tied to it is because I don’t always want to have a background on it.

[01:02:38] And there’s not a granular way for me with just like a hot key to say, add, uh, a desktop background or have

[01:02:44] this to

[01:02:44] Brett: should make that feature request cuz every time they release an update it adds something.

[01:02:50] Christina: I will make that feature

[01:02:51] Brett: it adds like a vital feature that I hadn’t even realized I wanted. Every

[01:02:55] Christina: Yeah. Cause if I could have that, I

[01:02:56] Brett: I’m like, oh shit. Yeah. That’s awesome.

[01:02:59] Christina: Yeah. If I had that ability to be able to, like, with a, with a, you know, hot key, um, toggle on or off the padding because some, the padding is oftentimes really, really great, but I don’t always want that. Um, if I could get out of that, that would be perfect.

[01:03:13] So, yeah. Uh, um, uh, clean Shot X is just such a good app, whether you get a setup or, or get it, you know, it’s a one-time purchase. I think it’s just, if you take screenshots or screen capturing it all, You have, you have to

[01:03:28] Brett: just as far as an elegant Mac app goes, it is the best app that I have seen in the last few years. Um, just one that does, it’s one thing so well that like you’re just constantly pleased. it can do that. Oh, it can do that. Oh, it does that in a way that’s so much smoother than I would’ve done it if I had written this.

[01:03:54] Um, just constantly makes me smile. I love clean shot.

[01:03:58] Jeffrey: And the preferences, which I’m going through now for the first time in a while are insane, like how you can customize this. I wanna say the very simple thing, the first thing I loved about Clean Shot, which probably isn’t totally unique. But I hate when I would take a screenshot with the system screenshotter, and then I would be like, the clock is ticking, it’s gonna disappear, and this one will just let 'em stack up.

[01:04:20] So if you’re just doing a bunch of 'em, you wanna deal with it later, they’re just stacking up and floating there for you. Beautiful.

[01:04:25] Brett: And you can go through and like choose the, so you took an errand screenshot, you just hit the X and it’s gone. You don’t have to delete the file, you don’t have to do

[01:04:34] Jeffrey: I take one err screenshot for every actual screenshot.

[01:04:37] Brett: Yeah. We all do

[01:04:39] Christina: Mm-hmm.

[01:04:40] Brett: Nice. All right. Well,

[01:04:44] Jeffrey: folks.

[01:04:45] Brett: I’m sorry about the extra editing that Jeff had to do before you all got to this perfectly polished point in the podcast.

[01:04:54] Jeffrey: Awesome. Good to see y’all. Good to

[01:04:56] Christina: good to see you. Good to, good to talk with both of you.

[01:04:59] Brett: Yeah. some.

[01:05:01] Jeffrey: think. I think you should get some sleep.

[01:05:03] Christina: Get some sleep, cooking beer. Get some sleep.