232: Elon Musk and the Very Fancy Vibrator

Get nerdy with us about dotfiles and text editors and we’ll throw in some Elon Musk bashing just for the ratings.

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Christina: [00:00:00] [00:00:00]

[00:00:02] You you’re listening to over tired. I’m Christina Warren. He’s Brett Terpstra. Our show is up late this week because it’s my fault. But, uh, how are you doing

[00:00:13] Brett: [00:00:13] Well, let’s be let’s. I’m good. It, so the first day we push, we’re supposed to record on Tuesday and I was just not in the mood. like,

[00:00:22] Christina: [00:00:22] I wasn’t either.

[00:00:23] Brett: [00:00:23] we plan for Tuesdays because it gives us a day that we can push and still get up on time. So I was just like, Hey, let’s do our favorite thing and flake on something.

[00:00:33] And we agreed. And then the next day came around and you were having a rough day. And then the next day came around and I hadn’t slept all night. And here we are today.

[00:00:47] Christina: [00:00:47] And here we are today. Exactly. And I took today off. So because we got like, They gave us, they gave us these five, like mental health days, in addition to our like sick time and vacation, which is [00:01:00] really, really kind of them. The only, only thing is, is that you have to take them by a certain time. And they don’t, um, like count as official vacation or sick days or whatever, because that means that they don’t have to pay for them.

[00:01:16] Um, which incidentally is like the whole scam of unlimited vacation. Like companies that go like oh we give unlimited vacation. It’s like, no, you, you know that people aren’t going to take more than what the normal allotted amount is. And this just prevents you from having to pay out vacation time when they leave Like that’s all it is It’s such a scam Netflix started it but it’s such a scam

[00:01:36] So

[00:01:36] Brett: [00:01:36] has unlimited vacation And I was curious how that would work how how it will play out

[00:01:41] Christina: [00:01:41] Yeah So it’s it’s not terrible Right The only thing that’s terrible about it is that when you leave Oracle you won’t get your payout So like if I were to leave Microsoft tomorrow I have three weeks plus of of like okay so they let you carry over up to three weeks a year or something um like [00:02:00] 120 hours And after that if you have too much that you’re bringing over they’re like screw you Although I think in California they can’t do that but in other States they can uh and then you earn three weeks a year like over the course of things So I’ve got like a month plus a vacation So if I were to leave tomorrow they would have to pay me for that But if I worked at a place that had unlimited vacation then when I left it’d be like see ya So

[00:02:26] Brett: [00:02:26] I see I see I see how it works now I still like the idea of like if I get my stuff done I can just take you time. Although I can’t see myself never in my life have I actually used all my available available vacation days.

[00:02:41] Christina: [00:02:41] Me either. W w which is like, it’s such an American thing. Like, honestly, like we’re 100%, it comes from a puritanical roots, I think, because, you know, like there’s the whole, like, work equals like closer to Godness or whatever. Like genuinely, I, [00:03:00] this is like, comes, it comes all, comes from matching. Because if you look at Europe, I mean, there are parts of Asia that are obviously hardworking, um, overworked, similar to where we are Japan, for instance, although not Asian, not all Asian countries, but like, you look at Europe, Europe, they’re like, yeah, we get drunk in the afternoon and we take holiday and it’s a known thing.

[00:03:19] And like, if you don’t give people, like everybody in Europe gets like six weeks of vacation a year, you know, it’s

[00:03:24] Brett: [00:03:24] And their maternity leave is crazy in most countries. Like you can, you can basically get a year of like paid leave if you have a kid, like yeah. That stuff is so foreign to us. We’re so obsessed with work here.

[00:03:37] Christina: [00:03:37] We are so obsessed with work. Yeah. It’s like, huh? I wonder why we all die. So, so young, why were also overweight? Like, I mean, not you and I, but like

[00:03:48] Brett: [00:03:48] Oh, I’m overweight. It’s okay. I gained it. I gained it back. Not all of it, but I, yeah, no, I’m cool with it. I understand how bodies work anyway. [00:04:00] Yes. Vacation. Uh, we don’t use it. Uh, America is overworked. Uh,

[00:04:07] Christina: [00:04:07] anyway, but yeah, I took today off, so I was just like, yep, we’re going to do this. And then I might go at my, go to sleep after we do this. I might not. It just depends. I was just like, yeah. I mean, I just got a new keyboard that I want to put together. I’m just going to have a good long weekend. So,

[00:04:21] Brett: [00:04:21] So tell me about your new keyboard.

[00:04:24] Christina: [00:04:24] well, first we want to do a breast mental health corner update.

[00:04:26] Brett: [00:04:26] Oh, geez. Yeah. Oh, okay. So. Uh, I take this stuff called Saphris uh, it’s an anti-psychotic, um, which is like, I don’t know what that exactly means. Uh, like half the drugs I take are anti-psychotics and I don’t exactly have any psychosis in my diagnosis. Ooh, psychosis, diagnosis, band name, write that down. Um, but anyway, it, I take it.

[00:04:56] It’s one of those, it melts under your tongue. We’ve talked about it once before. Um, and [00:05:00] they upped it by two and a half milligrams. So now I take 17 and a half milligrams of Saphris and that two and a half milligrams seems to have made a big difference. Like my, my mood swings have been way milder and way shorter, and I haven’t had any real depression to speak of for over a month.

[00:05:18] So mentally health-wise, other than one night of bad sleep, I’m doing pretty damn good. How are you?

[00:05:26] Christina: [00:05:26] Um, I’m doing okay. I’m doing okay. I mean, I took a mental health day, uh, and I had, um, kind of a panic attack the other day, but like, that’s just, I think situational, but otherwise I’m okay.

[00:05:38] Brett: [00:05:38] So panic attacks are usually stress-related. Are you stressed? Yeah. Is your job stressful?

[00:05:46]Christina: [00:05:46] I don’t want to get into it, but yeah, there were some changes that happened recently, which are fine. Like I’m okay. Everything’s okay. It’s just, there was some unexpected stuff that has happened and, and it just, yeah, it leads stress.

[00:05:57] Brett: [00:05:57] wasn’t asking for details. I was just curious if it was work [00:06:00] related or personal,

[00:06:02] Christina: [00:06:02] Yeah, no. In this case I think it was well in,ande, this is the fucked thing.

[00:06:05] This is the fucked thing about America. It’s like where’s the line. Right.

[00:06:07] Okay

[00:06:08] Brett: [00:06:08] right? Sure. Um, how ha’how has the, how are the Elon Musk fan boys doing?

[00:06:15] Christina: [00:06:15] Oh yeah. Great, great. Uh, great question. So, yeah, so right as we recorded this, um, I made an innocuous. To me quit because Elon Musk decided to get in a fight with the The Onion today. he, cause he’s a fucking idiot. He was very offended that they like made an article about like, um, billionaires and how they became rich.

[00:06:38] And for him, they listed Texas apartheid he, which is, it was just hilarious. Right. And then he got really mad cause he’s like, yeah, just because I’m from South Africa. And just because my dad’s rich doesn’t mean that like I was, you know, a beneficiary of apartheid. I came here with only $2,500 and dah, dah, dah, dah, like you went on this whole like explanatory thing.

[00:06:58] It’s like, dude, no one [00:07:00] cares also. It was a joke. and so, so I, I quote tweeted something like, um, Maybe Elon Musk should, um, hire away the staff of the onion to start his own satirical publication and then lose interest and stop funding the project, uh, before it even launches. Um, Oh wait, he already did that because that is actually a thing that he did.

[00:07:24] Um, and, um, and then somebody responded to that, uh, uh, usual follower of mine and he was like, Oh, Elon Musk was also telling people to read the Babylon bee instead. And, and the guy was like, the Babylon bee is, is like, you know, um, trans and, and homophobic and whatnot. And, and you know, it is, and it’s like, it, it, like, it goes beyond, in my opinion, like the line where you’re like, Oh, this is satire.

[00:07:46] It’s like, if you’re being satirical, but you’re also making very clearly like homophobic and transphobic sorts of things. Like, I don’t think that the, you know, guys, Oh, this is a joke gets to cover you. Like, you can [00:08:00] be satirical and also be racist or, or whatever, like, you know, so, um, I retweeted that and that apparently I guess, cause cause he has fanboys who literally search his name.

[00:08:12] Cause I didn’t @ him or anything. I didn’t, I didn’t do that. Um, who literally search his name and I guess look for people with blue check marks because then, um, first, uh, Jeremiah started getting a shit ton of just like angry responses. And then I started getting some and so some guy was like, a reporter and podcast hosts thinks that, you know, um, criticizes Elon Musk and he’s done all these things and I responded to them and I’m like, and software developer, but thanks.

[00:08:37] And then he’s like, and I’m like, he’s not going to fuck you, Elon is not fuck you Um and then I tweeted something that directly said that you know a friend of mine was getting you know tons of anger replies and that um newsflash like Elon Musk is not going to fuck you Uh which admittedly completely kicking the hornet’s nest I I’m aware

[00:08:58] Brett: [00:08:58] I mean these are trolls to begin [00:09:00] with and you’re

[00:09:00] Christina: [00:09:00] 100% but also he’s not going to fuck you Like I I’m not And I tweeted this too cause I’m I genuinely feel this Like I don’t want to kink shame anybody but simping for a billionaire is fucking weird

[00:09:14] Brett: [00:09:14] So here’s here’s the here’s where this leads me And and I feel like this could be the the overriding theme for our show How good do you think Elon Musk is in bed No not how Okay That was a leading question How do you think Elon Musk is in bed Think So? I think it would be weird and weird can be like weird can be good but I feel like it would be half ass weird

[00:09:40] Christina: [00:09:40] Yeah here’s the thing like I’m not saying he’s like the worst lay ever Um but I don’t think that he’s good I think here’s actually here’s what I think I think he’s a very selfish lover right Like I don’t think he gives a shit about whether his partner comes or not I think he’s all about he gets off and then she can either maybe she gets off or maybe like [00:10:00] she has to use a vibrator Like I don’t think he actually cares though

[00:10:02] Brett: [00:10:02] But bet it would be a super fancy vibrator

[00:10:05] Christina: [00:10:05] Totally Which you know what That might make it great But I I like, honestly, I mean, maybe that maybe that’s what makes it work, but like, I mean, look, the dude had to get hair plugs after he was a billionaire to be able to, to be able to fuck women.

[00:10:21] So, um,

[00:10:24] Brett: [00:10:24] plugs. I didn’t realize

[00:10:25] Christina: [00:10:25] Yeah. Yeah. Like, like he, like, he has the same plugs that, uh, what’s his face. Um, Jeremy Piven has, um, it’s, they’re quite good. Um, whatever his transplant or plugs situation was like, it’s, it’s quite good. yeah he was he was like bald And then he was with this woman who was like with him when he was nobody And then he left her for the nanny I think And then he left the nanny for somebody else Then he went back to the nanny they had a very messy divorce And um after the messy divorce they got back together and had another messy breakup Then he was with Amber heard [00:11:00] and then and now he’s with Grimes And so all I’m saying is is that other than like the first Wife who was clearly like loved him and like he you know fucked over um because he was rich when they got divorced but he wasn’t like rich like he is now And like you know she had some of his his first kids or whatever Um all of the subsequent like much hotter women have only come after He’s been both rich and had to get hair plugs And like to me if you have to alter like it’s so it’s not a thing where he can just like okay you’re rich And you can like get somebody to you know marry you or or sleep with you or whatever Like if you have to also alter your appearance that suggests to me that like you’re either not as much of like you’re not as you don’t spend as much or whatever And and you’re not able to find people who would just suck it up or you’re like a fairly selfish like self-involved like person who

[00:11:57] Brett: [00:11:57] Well absolutely he’s a total [00:12:00] narcissist that’s clear from every interview he does.

[00:12:03] Christina: [00:12:03] Oh, yeah, no. So he used to follow the Gizmodo Twitter account. And so we used to DM him and he would do like interviews with us sometimes.

[00:12:10] And, um, it was interesting because we’d be pretty combative with him and I have to give him credit. He was, he would answer questions back. Um, it got to the point, I think we were too combative and we wrote too many stories about our DM conversations with him, where he was like, I’m not doing this anymore.

[00:12:24] But, um, I did, I have to genuinely say, like, I appreciated that about him. Cause most people, uh, have better things to do than like get into arguments with reporters. You know, like, especially if they’re as rich as him and if they’re allegedly so smart and important and doing all these amazing, amazing things and saving humanity as, as his fanboys want us to believe, like maybe you should, maybe you should not be like engaging with like people at Gawker.

[00:12:57] All I’m saying like, I don’t

[00:12:58] Brett: [00:12:58] it sounds like a hobby,

[00:13:00] [00:13:00] Christina: [00:13:00] I mean, totally. And.

[00:13:01] Brett: [00:13:01] When don’t really need the exposure at all

[00:13:06] Christina: [00:13:06] It’s a hobby And it’s also I mean I I’m not I can’t even pretend like I don’t appreciate it cause I’m what am I doing right now I’m I’m spending time on our podcast talking about how I’m purposefully trolling his fans I didn’t set out to to get like people like all of them I mentioned and all up in my friends mentioned about shit like that Wasn’t my intention Um I didn’t if I if I’d added him that would have been that I didn’t but um you know but once they started I was like okay well now I just want to fuck with you because you’re symping for a billionaire and that’s weird and hilarious to me

[00:13:40] Brett: [00:13:40] So if I title this episode Elon Musk and the very fancy vibrator do you think we’ll get a whole bunch of new very angry fans

[00:13:47] Christina: [00:13:47] Oh God I hope so Subscribe or follow our podcast We’re not supposed to subscribe follow our podcasts Um yeah

[00:13:55] Brett: [00:13:55] Yeah So back to your keyboard tell me about this this new keyboard [00:14:00] kit

[00:14:00] Christina: [00:14:00] Yeah Okay So my friend Charles tan who is a big fan of of um rocket on the other podcast that I do is amazing He was actually planning this last year and before he even saw me saying that I was like wanting to get into mechanical keyboards So he’s the best but he ordered this kit for me from KBD fans uh when it was like a group buy And there’s actually a second group by open right now for a slight revision of this kit But this is the the KBD67 Lite And it’s um a hot swappable mechanical keyboard with RGB And um it it comes pre-assembled but you can completely take it apart and it has hotspot switches But if you uh you know if you you can take the whole it came like with the case and with the um uh the base plate the PCB the uh dampeners you know Um all that stuff then you just need to add whatever switches or cues you want um to it But um I’m super excited about it [00:15:00] Uh I’m he also sent me a bunch of switches He sent me some purple switches and some um um uh great pandas And um he sent me um a very nice um key cap uh set So it’s going to go amazingly with my my white PC that I just built because it’s it’s a white case and the key caps are white and I’m just super super excited

[00:15:23] to

[00:15:24] Brett: [00:15:24] on my version, one of the ultimate hacking keyboard, I, I did a white key cap set and I really liked it. I do like white key caps.

[00:15:32]Christina: [00:15:32] Yeah. Yeah, but I’m super stoked about this because, you know, we were talking before and I, like, I also like mentioned this on Twitter that I’ve, um, wanted to, uh, like I started to kind of go down this rabbit hole of like the building, your own things and was nice about this kid is that it’s a relatively low price.

[00:15:49] So like the one that’s available for group buy now it’s available for another couple of weeks and then it’ll ship at the end of may. Like it’s relatively inexpensive for kind of an entry level, you know, kit. Cause it comes with the [00:16:00] PCB and the spacers and the dampeners and the, um, the case and stuff. Um, but you have your own switches and keys and, and whatnot, um, and, uh, But, but it’s relatively inexpensive rebuilt who kind of want to enter into the hobby, but also want to have like the, they want to build it themselves, but they don’t want to have to, they don’t want us to solve her.

[00:16:23] Right. So, uh, it’s kind of a nice kind of middle ground area for that, which is definitely me because I don’t have the patience to do the soldering of like a fully custom built. I just don’t, I don’t have the patience. I also don’t think that the soldering skill to be, um, completely honest,

[00:16:42] Brett: [00:16:42] By the time you finished a keyboard, you’d have the skill, who knows what would happen on the way

[00:16:47] Christina: [00:16:47] will Exactly I mean it’s one of those things like these components are so hard to get and they’re so expensive that you know we talked about this before that I um wanted um I can’t think um you know [00:17:00] I I wanted to look at how to um do this stuff and wanted to like look at like buying different you know parts and whatnot And it’s like Almost as difficult Okay Getting a graphics card right now is more difficult objectively but I think that on the whole like getting keyboard stuff is more difficult than getting PC parts Like it’s incredibly competitive and it’s incredibly difficult to find the stuff and cause it’s a niche hobby but it’s also growing and you know it’s it’s just uh like there are only a few manufacturers who do stop And so you have people who like the resellers who have who are popping up who will buy a bunch of the group buy things or do other stuff and be basically act as importers and then you know raise the prices And then you have like uh various subreddits that it’ll be like like you know max swap or whatever that’ll that’ll do certain things But um like if you want to get in on stuff it can be incredibly [00:18:00] difficult And it takes a while because You know most of the time that the only way these things happen is is in group buys I’ve learned so much just in the last couple of months just like going down the rabbit hole of this But Charles apparently knew me before I even knew myself because he placed the order on black Friday And then it took him a while to to wait for some of the other things to get in and and he mailed it to me and I got it um the other day And I’m so excited to build it into to play with it

[00:18:27] Brett: [00:18:27] Um I’m looking at the key diagram is it It’s not programmable right It is Okay Because in the in the key cap layout they have there’s a page up page down and an end key but no home key Why why would you not have a home

[00:18:42] Christina: [00:18:42] No no Cause um any you could use alts right Like like use all things Yeah It um no uses QM K and um via so is it’s fully programmable

[00:18:51] Brett: [00:18:51] Also who uses page up and page down Have you ever used those keys Yeah me either I don’t They always when I accidentally hit them they [00:19:00] surprise me like where did my screen go anyway

[00:19:04] Christina: [00:19:04] Yeah no So so it’s programmable um using um whatever the firmware and what are the other things are And um yeah I’m excited. Thank you. Thank you. How’s uh, how’s the, um, ultimate hacking keyboard to treating you.

[00:19:20] Brett: [00:19:20] Overall, it’s a dream. I love it. It’s great. But I lost my right bracket, right. Curly bracket key. Like I have to hit it three or four times before it registers and then sometimes it’ll register twice. So, uh, this is most apparent. Like, I mean, obviously it’s apparent when I’m coding and I need to close a bracket, but I use uh command shift bracket, keys for tabs and just about every app.

[00:19:45] And if an app doesn’t support that I reprogram it to because that’s my, that’s how I switch tabs. And now I can only move to the left. I can’t move to the right. And it’s, it’s, it’s driving me nuts. I have a, I have an email into Laszlo to find out how I [00:20:00] fix this, but that is a bad key to lose. Eh, there’s no good key to lose, but anyway, it’s overall.

[00:20:07] It’s great. It does have, like, I probably shouldn’t publicly talk about the beta, but it has this funny bug where the RGB backlighting sometimes goes a little bit crazy and like keys, just alternate different colors. And then if you, if you engage the mouse layer and nudge the mouse, just one pixel, it goes back to the correct lighting.

[00:20:29] So we’re working on that and the a, and the GitHub forums right now, but it’s fun. I like beta testing.

[00:20:37] Christina: [00:20:37] Yeah, no, I do too. I do too. It’s it’s a, it’s a fun process and you’re the ultimate perfect beta test or like no one could be any better than you because you, um, get really, really into stuff. Like this is like the part of your ADHD, which lets you like hyper focus on things. You are pay attention to detail and then you’re technical enough to like try all the shit.

[00:21:00] [00:21:00] So like you find the edge cases.

[00:21:01] Brett: [00:21:01] Yeah. Um, speaking of, Nope, can’t do it yet. Um, you know what I got hyper-focused on, uh, over the last couple of days, uh, scripting a clean install.

[00:21:15] Christina: [00:21:15] Oh, nice.

[00:21:16] Brett: [00:21:16] And I don’t even plan to do a clean install, but a friend of mine, uh, uh, Jeff Severns Guntzel, I don’t know if you know him, but he’s awesome. Um, he has been, uh, he took a course in dot files.

[00:21:28] He’s like, he’s, he’s kind of like relearning command line stuff and like really diving into, uh, scripting and, and we’ll say, uh, dot files specifically right now. And, uh, he, he keeps sharing these cool dot file repos with me that made me realize I I’ve never organized my dot files. Like I have most of them sync through mackup back up, but, uh, but having repo and an install script using dotbot, [00:22:00] I, I like completely reorganized everything.

[00:22:03] And now I can do a get pull on any machine and have my dot files all in place. It’s uh, it’s cool. And then I went like nuts with it. And do you know what a brew file is? I had just learned. So for anyone who doesn’t know, I like I didn’t two days ago, uh, if you’re a familiar with a gem and bundler brew file is basically bundler for home brew and you can create a, a file that has like abbreviated commands for installing any, uh, any cask or any formula, and then just run brew, bundle.

[00:22:40] And it’ll, re-install everything in your file. So whenever you install something new from brew, you can just add it to your brew file. And in the future, you’ll be able to replicate your setup

[00:22:50] Christina: [00:22:50] Yeah, I’ve, I’ve done that. Um, I need to update it, but I’ve used both, um, the, um, um, the dotbot and I’ve used before. I think I [00:23:00] found them because can’t remember the guy’s last name is Matthias, who has like the default, like macOS um, uh, that guy who kind of maintains that thing that’s kind of considered like the you know

[00:23:12] Brett: [00:23:12] for

[00:23:13] Christina: [00:23:13] the gold standard.

[00:23:13] Exactly. Precisely. So like, if you’re going to do like, like an Ansible or brew file or whatever, sort of, kind of, kind of like automated, like install thing, like his is the one to go through and, um, I, I wasted a ton of time last year, going down the similar rabbit hole that you went through and now I’m going to need to, I need to do it again because, um, some stuff in my, my setup or whatever has changed also, it’s just fun.

[00:23:38] But, uh, I love that and yeah, I, I use, um, I went through a similar thing, I guess it was about 18 months ago where I finally like sat down and like, got my dot files organized. They’re not public. I should probably make them public, but I feel self-conscious about them. Um, but I, I use like the dotbot to basically, [00:24:00] you know, make it so that I can go on any machine and, and have access to it.

[00:24:06] Brett: [00:24:06] Be being made public. Um, there’s a subsection of them that I’d be happy to make public, but they’re also not anything special and everything that’s special is very personalized and I just don’t feel like it’s uh for public consumption, but have you ever used Mackup?


[00:24:23] Christina: [00:24:23] I,

[00:24:23] Brett: [00:24:23] okay. It’s a, a brew You can install it through home brew and you run up backup and it it has like a hundred some different applications that it works with and it’ll move all of the preference files

[00:24:39] and

[00:24:39] Christina: [00:24:39] yeah

[00:24:40] Brett: [00:24:40] uh configuration directories into your Dropbox and then SIM link them back so that in the future on a new machine you can type Mac up restore and it’ll just symlink them all from the Dropbox

[00:24:53] Christina: [00:24:53] Yes I I’m aware of that I might’ve used it years ago I haven’t used it in recent years I think that what [00:25:00] happened in in it might be have been resolved Now the problem I’ve found is that macOS has changed where a lot of file like a lot of applications have changed where they stored like their their um preferences and like plist files like they’re all now within these containers within these other things And that makes it difficult to do Or at least it might be different now but I remember running into issues where stuff that had worked suddenly didn’t work And then when I tried to do a restore like the directory name will be different or be some other weird thing and it would break

[00:25:35] Brett: [00:25:35] here’s

[00:25:36] Christina: [00:25:36] why I stopped

[00:25:36] Brett: [00:25:36] The problem with mackup is exactly that like the first time you run the backup and you run and restore and under the machine it works great but things do drift over time and mackup keeps coming out with new versions that that keep up with this stuff But once you’ve run a backup you can’t easily back up You can’t update the backup like it it doesn’t selectively [00:26:00] uh go through and just update the things that change you have to like basically uninstall mackup, restore everything back to its original directories and then do the backup again And that sucks

[00:26:11] Christina: [00:26:11] Okay Yeah Yeah Um that that’s now making sense I’m now remembering why And I don’t even think that when I was I don’t even think even got to that point where I was like okay I can uninstall restore re-install and do it I think I got to the place where like a broke a couple of things one time And it was one of those things where the process of having to kind of like get myself out of that hole was annoying enough that I was like all right I’m just not going to use this anymore But the idea is awesome

[00:26:39] Brett: [00:26:39] Anytime you’re dealing with like SIM links all over your drive you you you’re you’re you’re asking for a certain amount of trouble

[00:26:47] Christina: [00:26:47] You are Yeah That’s the thing too Like there were certain applications and certain things I do but at this point This is actually why I kind of prefer when an app will work with iCloud because you know to to sync [00:27:00] a preference file something like that, to me is the ideal thing, even though it’s maybe not the most, you know, preferable thing, like I, I actually would prefer them to have the way that it used to work before, but yes, symlinks are too, there’s like too much of a chance of breakage.

[00:27:18] Um, so I don’t know if it’s got to the point that they’re in the, or I either want the application itself to be able to do like a backup thing. Like, um, VSCode has a setting sync built into it now, but there was also for, for many years and I think it still exists. I’m not sure what the state of it being updated is, you know, but there was like an extension that would basically take your, um, uh, preferences file and uploaded as a, um, uh, Private just in GitHub and then you could go and, um, use the, uh, extension to download, um, the content of that just, and inhabit replaced, or append your vs code preferences file.

[00:27:58] Uh, which [00:28:00] is awesome. And, and I had a couple of different variants, like one for work, one for home, like one for

[00:28:04] Brett: [00:28:04] Oh profiles.

[00:28:06] Christina: [00:28:06] Yeah. Pro basically. Right. And you could set, you can create profiles and, in VScode, but like, I, I made it with setting sync because for me, I didn’t want like workspaces, which are different.

[00:28:15] Um, but, um, now it’s something that like, they’ve got built into VS code and, and they’re working at and kind of options like to, you know, uh, and it’s gotten pretty good about being able to figure out, like, if you’re using an extension that doesn’t work on one operating system or whatever, like how to handle complex like that.

[00:28:33] Uh, and that’s built in, and, and I think that way that it works is fairly similar, but it doesn’t in the background. Like you don’t actually need to connect it to a GitHub account. You just log in with, like, you can log in with your GitHub account or, or, or a Microsoft account, but like, you don’t have to connect it to your own personal GitHub where it like, has the gist there it’s, it’s doing it.

[00:28:52] Um, uh, server side, um, you know, uh, vs code side with some people might not like, but for me, I don’t care. Like I [00:29:00] work at Microsoft, so I’m like, whatever. Um, but I, but I understand some people might not like that, which is why it’s nice that like the other extension is an option, but that’s kind of where I’ve gone, where fortunately, most of the applications that I customized heavily have a way for me to like, have some sort of cloud based thing, but, um, yeah, but mackup is cool.

[00:29:24] Brett: [00:29:24] Have you ever, okay. No. Okay. Let me restart my question with completely different words, because it was the wrong question. Um, so you have insisted to me previously that services work in vs code. They do not,

[00:29:41] Christina: [00:29:41] Okay.

[00:29:42] Brett: [00:29:42] and it’s not a deal breaker for me, but I, so I just, yesterday, uh, I was working with Jeff actually, and he was, he he’s very good at meticulously commenting.

[00:29:55] Uh, what he’s doing so he can remember and learn from it. And one of the [00:30:00] formats of comments he really liked was, uh, if you have a, uh, command, uh, like from the command line that has a bunch of flags and switches in it, uh, if you put it into a script file and then it uses like Andy line drawing to like draw a diagram, basically, and like a line down from each letter in the switch and then a right turn to add a comment and it looks pretty cool and I looked at it and thought that would be such a pain to type out.

[00:30:33] And, uh, so I wrote a service that you can select any command line command, and it will generate the structure of all the line drawings. And then you can just fill in the comment each flag. It’s cool, but it only looks really good in vs code. Uh, partly so in sublime, I have a gremlin detector that puts an exclamation point behind any [00:31:00] like non, regular ASCII character.

[00:31:04] And that throws off the formatting in my other apps, all my comments turn italics which throws off line drawings, but vs code with whatever font settings I have in there, it looks great. So I use that for all my screenshots, but I couldn’t run the service in vs code. This how came up.

[00:31:26] Christina: [00:31:26] Okay. Cause I, it has worked for certain services for me before, like, and I’m even testing it right now. So it

[00:31:33] Brett: [00:31:33] Any, anything that acts on text. If you select text, there’s nothing in the right click menu. And if you go up to the top menu and pull down the vs code menu under services, it’ll only have services that don’t run on selected text. I would like you to bring this up with your, your, your masters,

[00:31:53] Christina: [00:31:53] Yeah. Yeah, I will. You can also file a PR on GitHub

[00:31:56] Brett: [00:31:56] because they do work in sublime. So I know [00:32:00] it’s, it’s possible for non native apps to

[00:32:02] Christina: [00:32:02] no, totally well well, okay. Well, okay. But case in point, cause this is why I was confused. It must be selecting text thing because I just go to services and I used one of your services that the MD links.

[00:32:12] Brett: [00:32:12] Yeah. And like anything pulls externally and insert text does work, but nothing that operates on text, speaking of operating on text, have you ever, have you seen text buddy?

[00:32:25] Christina: [00:32:25] No, I haven’t.

[00:32:26] Brett: [00:32:26] Uh, full disclosure text buddy is sponsoring my blog this week and it’s made by a friend of mine, Tyler Hall, but it’s this app, uh, there’s another one called boop that you may have seen, but, uh, it’s an app that basically gives you a pallet of hundreds of text transformations, uh, anything from, you know, changing case to title casing, to, uh, it has a comment wrap feature that I requested and he kindly added.

[00:32:53] So if you have a really long comment, uh, like code, you know, starting with slash slash or with, uh, a hash, [00:33:00] uh, you can wrap it and it will uh, extend the comment. Uh, you know what I mean? Like in the middle it’ll start line with the comment marker

[00:33:11] Christina: [00:33:11] Exactly No no no I get what you’re saying Oh that’s awesome So it’s kind of it’s kind of like techTextSbut just for like text

[00:33:17] Brett: [00:33:17] Yes And then you can you just hit command T you get a pallet of like every possible command And and and run it and then you can automatically copy your clipboard and you can paste it back into whatever you’re working on And can pick up system services if you there’s a secret setting for it But all of them like search link and everything I could run from in text buddy it’s and it has its own like scripting lang Uh it uses JavaScript but you can add your own scripts to it to do any transformations it doesn’t already do It’s super cool I highly recommend it

[00:33:48] Christina: [00:33:48] That’s awesome Uh TextBuddy Okay So it seems like that could you could use that as your workaround for for getting your thing to work within VS code to be pretty the way you would want

[00:33:56] it to be

[00:33:57] Brett: [00:33:57] except for the way that I like to use text [00:34:00] buddy is with its system service that takes your selected text and loads it in text putty automatically

[00:34:06] Christina: [00:34:06] okay Okay So I’m going to say you should file a PR about or look to see if anybody is working on it and GitHub Um I’ll I’ll make a note to myself to try to look it up too but see if you can make a note to see like to at least make people aware that like cause it seems like that should be something that they should be able to support work And I would also feel like the it would be a useful thing Um people would want to

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[00:36:08]Christina: [00:36:08] Very very much appreciate it.

[00:36:11] Brett: [00:36:11] I feel like that was a pretty good read.

[00:36:14] Christina: [00:36:14] I think so. I think that was great.

[00:36:16] Brett: [00:36:16] kept it tight. I kept it tight, so

[00:36:18] Christina: [00:36:18] mean, this is what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to, we’re trying to, uh, you know, keep it tight for the advertisers, but also for our listeners.

[00:36:24] Brett: [00:36:24] right. I feel like it’s a double-edged sword. Of course. Last time we got like really verbose with an ad read, uh, like really got into talking about it. And we had like some side stories and I feel like w I thought we were doing a real service for the advertiser at the expense of our listeners, but it turned out our advertiser also wasn’t happy with it.

[00:36:45] So it was like a wasted 10 tirade

[00:36:48] Christina: [00:36:48] It really was it was just everybody lost including us because we could have been talking about something else We we were like our our hearts were in the right place

[00:36:57] Brett: [00:36:57] our heads weren’t but our hearts were

[00:37:00] [00:37:00] Christina: [00:37:00] No our heads weren’t that’s actually a really good segue for our next sponsor if you want me to go ahead and just do that one now to get it over

[00:37:05] Brett: [00:37:05] Yeah Oh let’s let’s not phrase it like that though I want want you do it because we’re so excited about it

[00:37:13] Christina: [00:37:13] No no no I didn’t mean get over with like that I just meant like the segue was really good and I just figured like knock knock them both out Um and uh

[00:37:21] and piss

[00:37:21] anybody off Speaking of heads speaking of foot and mouth right That’d need a vitamin for that No but but speaking of getting in the right head space if you’re not Wanting to have to troll um Elon Musk fans on Twitter Cause you shouldn’t do that You really probably just need to like be able to focus better Um and and you know after just be better and and this is the whole point of Headspace because wouldn’t it be great if there was like a pocket-sized guide that helped you you know sleep which is a topic that we both struggle with or not topic act

[00:37:55] Brett: [00:37:55] It’s a it’s a topic for us It’s cool

[00:37:58] Christina: [00:37:58] It’s cool Uh you know [00:38:00] but something that helps you sleep and focus and act or just be better Well there is and if you have 10 minutes Headspace can change your life Headspace is your daily dose of mindfulness in the form of guided meditations and an easy to use app And Headspace is one of the only apps advancing the field of mindfulness and meditation through a clinically valid through clinically validated research And Headspace is meditation start at just one minute each and they even have a set of walking meditation so that they’re easy to fit in even to the busiest schedules And Headspace is proven to help you feel better Their approach to mindfulness can reduce stress improve sleep boost focus and increase your overall sense of wellbeing So whatever the situation Headspace really can help you feel better And um I’m curious um how are the sleepcasts going for you

[00:38:54] Brett: [00:38:54] Yeah So like I I love Headspace I’ve been using it for years but the [00:39:00] thing that I’ve loved the most recently is this library of sleep CAS And I have never listened to the same one twice because there’s dozens available and they keep adding new ones and they are there They’re like perfect for winding down And then just Falling asleep to. Like make a lot of their stuff is mindfulness and requires a certain amount of attention But these sleep casts are basically just designed to peacefully log you to sleep And they have been a nightly occurrences for me I love them

[00:39:34] Christina: [00:39:34] Uh I definitely need to use this because I’ve used Headspace for years too but I haven’t used the sleepcast And that sounds much more preferable to what I’ve been doing which is to like listen to I’m not even joking about this and I’m whatever but I’ll listen to police interrogations of of like really terrible things And um Mostly cause like the people that they’re interrogating are dumb and like that’s the stuff that [00:40:00] can lull me to sleep So this sounds a lot better to be totally honest Uh and then on the other side of your sleep you’ll find the wake up which is a daily original um which is daily original content that’s intended to inspire your day from the moment you wake up So see again this would be way better than like going to sleep where you’re listening to something terrible And then like waking up kind of thinking about it Like you can use the sleepcasts to go to sleep have good sleep And then when you wake up the wake up will um help inspire your day for the minute that you get up So if you’re feeling overwhelmed Headspace even has a three minutes SOS meditation that you can take Um anytime that you need to do it did you ever think you’d be into meditation

[00:40:39] Brett: [00:40:39] So yeah I like I’ve I’ve when we’ve done this read before I’ve mentioned how like with ADHD and bipolar I just didn’t think my brain could Could do meditation Uh but yeah Headspace is awesome because it eases you in with like those one minute and then uh most meditations are 10 minutes long and you can just fit them in without feeling like it’s [00:41:00] a whole uh a whole thing

[00:41:04] It

[00:41:05] and it’s super beneficial So I did not think I would ever be a meditator but turns out it’s actually been really helpful to me

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[00:41:58] Brett: [00:41:58] Meditation [00:42:00] situation new band name write that down

[00:42:02] Christina: [00:42:02] I like that meditation situation

[00:42:04] Brett: [00:42:04] Um

[00:42:05] Christina: [00:42:05] You should make a

[00:42:06] Brett: [00:42:06] Straight jacket baby That that was one that came up uh baby in a straight jacket was what Anne on parks and rec thought would be a good band name but thought you really should just make it straight jacket baby And that would be way better

[00:42:23] Christina: [00:42:23] You know I was in a straight jacket once as a baby

[00:42:26] Brett: [00:42:26] Really What you do?

[00:42:29] Christina: [00:42:29] Okay. Okay. So I, I was like one and a half, I think. Um, and I was, um, in a high chair. We were at, um, the club. My mom was cutting up my hot dog and I was leaning over and the sharp part of a chair, um, cut from like, basically like my inner eye across the bridge of my nose, to my other inner eye.

[00:42:54] And, um, My face is filled with blood. I apparently was fine until [00:43:00] my sister and my mom started freaking out and then I started freaking out. And so, uh, you know, it took me, you know, to the hospital or whatever, and then had to put me in like a little straight jacket. Cause I was like 18 months old and you know, they needed to do stitches.

[00:43:12] So I had a whole bunch of stitches across the bridge of my nose. I still have a scar. Um, a plastic surgeon, uh, stood up and was always like, yeah, you could probably get this removed or whatever, but I kind of like it. Um, Obviously, if any of it at all, except, you know, I remember obviously when I was really, really little for the first couple of years of my life, but you can look back at early photos of me and you can see kind of what the red area, like on the bridge of my nose, where you see my scar and it doesn’t show up all the time.

[00:43:47] It, it, I don’t get tan, so, uh, most people don’t ever see it, but like there would be times when my face would be more tan or whatever, the people would see it more. And there’s some people who were like, yeah, you have like this scar in the bridge of your nose. I’m like, yeah, I almost poked [00:44:00] my eye out. I didn’t, but they put me in a straight jacket, uh, you know, so that the surgeon could, um, could sew me up.

[00:44:07] Apparently though I was very good. I just stuck to my pacifier and like watched the whole time. And they were very impressed.

[00:44:13] Brett: [00:44:13] Nice. You just always a well-behaved girl.

[00:44:18] Christina: [00:44:18] Uh,

[00:44:19] Brett: [00:44:19] What happened to you?

[00:44:20] Christina: [00:44:20] I know what was weird. So it’s actually, here’s, what’s messed up. I was like very rambunctious until I entered like kindergarten and then the whole idea of like rules and like judgment and like being like rewarded or punished for like your virtue started to become like a thing. And that like some weird switch went off.

[00:44:42] Like in my mind when I was like five years old and I was like, Oh no, I need to be perfect and everything. And then I became like, very, very, very type a and then when I was like 16, the switch, like went back again and I was like, this is all bullshit. Fuck. All of this.

[00:44:57] Brett: [00:44:57] Yeah, well, so I was very similar. [00:45:00] Like I, as a kid really hated pissing off teachers and parents. And like, it was very important to me to be a quote unquote good. Uh, except as it has an ADHD kid with, um, we’ll call them behavioral, like Tourettes. And I just, I found myself always on the wrong side of the law and constantly really down on myself about it.

[00:45:28] So by the time I was about 16, I went through a similar thing. Like I can’t be perfect. So I’m just going to be as bad as I can.

[00:45:37] Christina: [00:45:37] Yeah, for me, it was a weird thing. Cause I never was on the wrong side of the law. I was always considered like the straight a student, like, you know, from improper, like was well behaved was always whatever. And then I had like this weird kind of like, I don’t know, existential crisis where I was like, what, what is all this for?

[00:45:56] What does this mean? What’s the point of all of this, you know, like [00:46:00] got very into Nietzsche and, uh, I was just probably would read, you know, the catcher in the ride too many times. I don’t know, like something just switched my brain. Honestly. I think that it was. A combination of a bunch of things, but I was just kind of like who the hell cares.

[00:46:14] This is stupid. And, uh, I stopped caring about being perfect. Um, and I probably went too far in that direction. And, and I I’d like to think that now as an adult, that I’ve like, got like a balance, you know, like, okay, I will actively troll people who symp for billionaires because it’s funny to me, but I also don’t like want to make people feel bad or be upset.

[00:46:38] And I don’t want to like be out of order. And I want to be respectful of, especially the people that I work with and the time that I take up of people, you know what I mean? Like,

[00:46:45] Brett: [00:46:45] not a psychopath. That’s what you’re saying.

[00:46:47] Christina: [00:46:47] no, I’m not a psychopath. Um, some people might want to quit. No, I’m not a psychopath at all. So, yeah. Um, but no, I feel you.

[00:46:55] Um, I also, I, I can’t personally relate to like the being on the wrong side thing, but [00:47:00] I accept that. I remember when I was like, before I kind of had that switch, I was on medications that. Made me completely unable to focus and do anything. And like I finally had, I think I’d always been ADHD, but I’d been so high functioning that I’d been able to control it.

[00:47:18] And then it got to the point that I couldn’t control it anymore. And it was just one of those things where I did kind of experience. It was like, I have no control over some of these things and I’m getting yelled at and whatnot. Um, so I can, I can empathize, I guess, with what that would be like to be a kid who you desperately want to be good and you want to do all the right things, but there are these things that are not within your control that are preventing that and that you’re getting yelled at for.

[00:47:42] And so then you just go through this, you know, shame spiral of like, I’m not good enough. I suck. I’m terrible.

[00:47:47] Brett: [00:47:47] Let me clarify, when I said on the wrong side of the law, I was being metaphorical about like ups, upset teachers

[00:47:53] Christina: [00:47:53] No, no. I understand

[00:47:54] Brett: [00:47:54] I’ve never actually been arrested for anything other than protests. And [00:48:00] that was never like, you know, no charges or anything that was basically at, at most, a few hours in jail and then bailed.

[00:48:07] Um, but like, as far as like my teenage years, I never got arrested, I was always like, I always, always the lookout. I was always super careful when we were doing shenanigans. Um, and as a drug user in my, my later teens and my twenties, I, I, I was just always super careful. And so it wasn’t that I was legal, but never in trouble trouble

[00:48:33] Christina: [00:48:33] no I get it I mean yeah Um I think the closest I ever came to getting in trouble trouble was when the cops broke up a Toga party that we had freshman year of college Um

[00:48:44] Brett: [00:48:44] Oh I thought you said yoga party

[00:48:45] Christina: [00:48:45] no Toga party Yoga party would have been cool No we threw a Toga party and we were 80 minutes because we were in a dry building the dorms and then were on the first floor

[00:48:57] Brett: [00:48:57] couldn’t find another building to do it?

[00:49:00] [00:49:00] Christina: [00:49:00] shit. Well we’re we we’re done well, it’s somebody’s birthday. And these girls wanted to have it in their dorm and you have to understand, like, our dorms were like the former Olympic village. So they were like really like little mini apartments. So you had very small individual single rooms. And then you had like two bathrooms.

[00:49:13] Two bathrooms per two people. And then you had like a, a kitchen and living room or whatever. So we had this toga party. We’re dumb asses. And we have it on the first floor. We should’ve had an, our dorm, which was on the seventh floor because the cops never would have come up those stairs or the elevator.

[00:49:27] They wouldn’t have dealt with that. Here was the issue when the cops came to break things up and it was still fairly early, it wasn’t like campus police because of where we lived. It was Atlanta police. Okay. So, so APD is there. So. There are 30 or 40, you know, kids who are in various States of, of, you know, um, uh, drunkenness we’re all in togas.

[00:49:53] So, you know, we’re half naked. Um, I of course was caught [00:50:00] with not one but two beer bottles in my hand because I was double fisting. And so I couldn’t even pretend that I wasn’t drinking because clearly I was my roommate who couldn’t even stand up straight, got in the line of people who claimed they hadn’t been drinking.

[00:50:14] And I was like, you fucking idiot. Like, but the cops, it was very clear. Cause it was like a Friday night. They, they just didn’t want to deal with it. Like, you know, again like 30 or 40, you know, underage kids who are half naked, you know, uh, mixed, um, you know, uh, sex and, and these were like male police officers.

[00:50:31] So they would’ve had to call a female officer and, um, they just had us pour out the alcohol and then, um, left and said, have a good party, have a good night.

[00:50:42] Brett: [00:50:42] Yeah. I’ve had many parties busted. I’ve never seen anyone actually hauled off from a party,

[00:50:47] Christina: [00:50:47] Right. Well will, well, again, like our thing was that we were in a dry building. Like it was one of the rules we were on campus property. We were like, all, you know what I mean? Like it was one

[00:50:55] Brett: [00:50:55] that’s academic discipline Not not

[00:50:58] Christina: [00:50:58] well it would have been academic [00:51:00] discipline except as I said the police who served at were actual

[00:51:04] Brett: [00:51:04] Yeah I get but it’s not they’re not going to arrest a bunch of kids I I don’t think in most

[00:51:09] cases

[00:51:10] Christina: [00:51:10] So I mean I think that maybe yeah they had better things to do Right But and and I and I realized that kind of as it was happening but we didn’t know that And they were like maybe taking down names and like in my mind I’m like my mom is going to be so pissed Well actually I thought it was kind of funny Cause again I was kind of like well if this happens because what am I going to do again I can’t claim that I haven’t been drinking I’ve got two bottles of beer in my hand You know I can’t lie my way out of this So it was like this happens this happens Right And I’m just like my mom’s gonna be really fucking pissed if she has to come Like if she has to drive You know downtown to the Atlanta police station to get me out of jail like she’s going to be really really pissed Um but no they just had us pour out the alcohol you know left the girls whose um dorm it was and like one of the girls whose birthday it was like they were all crying and like very upset And at this point like after we got away with it I just thought it was funny I was just like great And I think [00:52:00] we continued drinking up in our dorm room and then like went to a diner or something might my college like wasn’t one of those things where our stuff got around a lot because it was kind of disparate and there’s you know a big university And I heard people talking about it like multiple people talking about it like on Monday they’re like Oh yeah you know you hear about the Toga party in in um in Athena that got um you know broken up by the cops or whatever And because Athena was the name of our building and uh

[00:52:26] which means

[00:52:28] exactly exactly And uh uh or no Sparta Sparta It was our building Um I know I I agree Um and uh I was you know and I was like hearing like people like inflating what happened I was like no like I was a little people who threw that party It was fine Like the cops just like made us pour out the beers and left It was completely okay Um but that’s the closest I’ve ever come to being arrested And I figured while they were there just because of the [00:53:00] sheer number of people that we weren’t going to get hauled in But there was that that moment in my mind where I was like well my mom’s gonna be really pissed because she would have been like she would have been like and really what would have pissed her off would have been like the it would have been the underage drinking thing who cares It would have been like the a should have been like what is this gonna do for your record Dah dah dah dah dah which whatever mom but like she would have also been like really mad that she had to drive out um to downtown Atlanta on a Friday night to like spring her 19 year old daughter

[00:53:29] Brett: [00:53:29] I hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record

[00:53:33] Christina: [00:53:33] No Totally

[00:53:34] Brett: [00:53:34] Oh yeah Well don’t be so distressed Did I happen to mention that I’m impressed Are you not You’re not a violent femmes fan

[00:53:42] Christina: [00:53:42] I am Uh I am Yeah I get that Yeah Yeah

[00:53:45] Brett: [00:53:45] Nine for a lost God So uh when I when I asked our bot in discord what our topics today were uh I only asked for two topics and one of them was software which we’ve done a bang up job on Um but yeah the [00:54:00] other one was music And so here’s the segue Speaking of teens making questionable questionable decisions I started the Billie Eilish documentary and I stopped because it was lessening my my impression of her Uh she’s a very she’s a teenager I don’t how old she actually is now but she acts like a uh homeschooled teenager And she a lot of her like when it comes to the artistic direction of her videos like a lot of it she did just she thought it would look cool Like let’s let’s make black stuff come out of my eyes Let’s put on my head. Like there’s no real art behind the decisions. And I feel like a lot of the, a lot of the depth that exists in her music comes from Phineas.

[00:54:47] Christina: [00:54:47] Yes. I agree. I agree. I haven’t watched the complete documentary yet, but I’ve had kind of the same impression. Um, and, and it, I don’t know, it kind of makes me sad cause I really like her and I really like

[00:54:59] Brett: [00:54:59] Yeah, me [00:55:00] too.

[00:55:00] Christina: [00:55:00] but I’d kind of hoped that she’d be like a cooler Taylor Swift.

[00:55:05] Brett: [00:55:05] An alt Taylor Swift.

[00:55:07] Christina: [00:55:07] Totally. But well, because you know, like Taylor to her credit, she’s not cool. No one would ever argue that, but she, at that age was actually making

[00:55:19] Brett: [00:55:19] well-spoken

[00:55:20] Christina: [00:55:20] very specific. Which she was actually like had the concept set for her, for her concert tours and her music videos and her work and whatnot. Like they’re like, they might not be cool.

[00:55:29] Like Billie Eilish is stuff is cool, but she was actually like, even from the beginning, like in charge of her image and like that stuff. Right. And I’d kind of hope that like, Billy was like that, but just like the cool version. And, and no, it was the older brother, which was which I hate because that was sort of the criticism about her after she swept the Grammy’s, it wasn’t before as much.

[00:55:50] But after she swept, everybody has to like shit on, you know, young women who win never young men, but always young women. Um, and I [00:56:00] really hope that that wasn’t accurate, but I mean, I think I feel that there’s like a simplification to that and I don’t want to completely take away her own. What, what am I going to say?

[00:56:11] Like her own agency completely, but at the same time, it is from what I’ve observed. It is very clear that that is she, she is much more. Of a Selena Gomez of a Demi Lovato of a pre, um, VMAs, Miley Cyrus, you know of that, but Brittany Spears, right then like a Taylor Swift. Right. And, in so far as she is the vessel that someone else’s artistic expression comes out of, it is not her own agency and choice.

[00:56:40] In most cases, like I’m not taking away her that she doesn’t have some input and stuff, but

[00:56:44] Brett: [00:56:44] she does, she has, she has a lot of input, but she actually hates songwriting. Like for her, it’s a real chore. She’s an excellent performer. And the footage of her live shows, they were always like very intimate, kind of [00:57:00] like, she was very in touch with the crowd, her fans, like it, it was that part was cool and watching the songwriting process, like she had a lot of say in it, but I feel like all the really good decisions that went into the songs were if not directly from Phineas, they were heavily guided by Phineas and, and that’s fine.

[00:57:21] She’s, she’s young. She’s, performing way beyond her her age

[00:57:26] Christina: [00:57:26] I will well and again like most performers that is how it works

[00:57:30] Brett: [00:57:30] for

[00:57:31] Christina: [00:57:31] honestly like like most performers That is how it works Most people don’t write their own music They don’t like they don’t like you know um I got into something with people um on Twitter while ago Cause people were like Shitting on the fact that I don’t remember who it was that they were going after but uh you know some sort of idea people didn’t write their own songs well back in our day you know you know rock and roll or this or that you know they they they were real artists I’m like what the fuck are you talking about Literally written by committee like that like [00:58:00] the like Brill like the Brill building is a thing like literally the history of pop music but also rock and roll was songs performed by other people you know great artists great performers not taking anything away from that who did not write them Like you know like that’s literally the history of of most successful music I mean if you want to go back even further I mean the whole kind of history of stuff like classical music and whatnot but yeah you have your composers but then you have many many many many many people who perform those things and who like work to perfect that but they’re not writing the symphonies

[00:58:33] Brett: [00:58:33] I think I yeah I don’t really give a shit if you if a song’s good Um I I I’m not super concerned with who wrote it but I do wish in a lot of cases that’s Songwriters were that it wasn’t concealed that everything was more transparent This is this is a hit song performed by written by um like that wouldn’t be that would make a big difference for me

[00:58:58] Christina: [00:58:58] no And and I mean I [00:59:00] think that that’s like Grammys are bullshit but that is why like they have you know the of the year award and they have those other things and you do have, you know, other stuff, I do also feel like that is why someone like a Taylor Swift, but not exclusively.

[00:59:12] Her, there are plenty of other people who do both as well get like additional praise, just because it is a rarity to have people.

[00:59:22] Brett: [00:59:22] It’s a, it’s a good thing. Like I think it is, it adds something. If the artists both conceived of and performed a hit song, I, it does actually, uh, I do have more respect for it. If the artist was part of the entire process.

[00:59:38] Christina: [00:59:38] Yeah, no, I mean, I don’t know if I have more respect for it. I just think it makes it different because there are some people who are just fantastic performers, but are not songwriters and that’s okay. Um, because the shows and the performances that they put on are fantastic. Like, like, um, um, Madonna did contribute and has done songwriting, but that’s not what you would ever like, think of her first as like a singer [01:00:00] songwriter.

[01:00:00] Right. But she’s one of the most amazing performers that we’ve ever had. Um, Obviously when you have like, people like Paul Simon or John Lennon or Paul McCartney or whatever, like Joni Mitchell, um, that’s incredible because you, you see like that full breadth of kind of like, like talent or, or, you know, um, and, and that’s really amazing to see, but I like, I don’t think Beyonce is a lesser artist because she doesn’t write her own songs. I know,

[01:00:33] Brett: [01:00:33] Then that’s great because now we already have the next show, like a bunch starter points already queued up Yeah

[01:00:41] Christina: [01:00:41] also feel like this was a good mixture I feel like this is one of our better ones in a while to be

[01:00:44] Brett: [01:00:44] It was pretty tech heavy but I think that’s our audience anyway So you’re welcome everybody

[01:00:51] Christina: [01:00:51] you’re welcome for hearing us talk about Brewfiles and dotfiles and uh

[01:00:56] Brett: [01:00:56] really hope that’s our audience Otherwise we just lost [01:01:00] Oh But I I’m going to put Elon in the

[01:01:04] show title

[01:01:04] Christina: [01:01:04] in the show title because we need to get those haters So haters please look if you’re if you’re if you’re um following our podcast uh if uh you give us give us a zero star already That’s fine I mean I’d prefer a five star but like leave us those those hate comments Cause honestly any sort of engagement is better than none So

[01:01:26] Brett: [01:01:26] Right If you’re going to leave a one-star review be sure to leave it with a comment that specifically says I hate this because they they they bashed Musk or they talk too much about Taylor uh because those are the things that other people be like well if that person hates it I’m going to love it And you’ll do our job for us.

[01:01:47] Christina: [01:01:47] You will also like, frankly, like if you please symp for Elon in the comments, please, please, please, please, please. Some for Elon in the comments like that would be an amazing thing to, to like give us a one-star [01:02:00] review and praise on Musk. Like I would, I’m not even I’m, I’m actually kind of being serious here.

[01:02:05] I would kind of love that. I’m not even joking.

[01:02:08] Brett: [01:02:08] All right. Well, that was, that was man. We, I think we really came through for recording three days late.

[01:02:15] Christina: [01:02:15] Yeah. I do. I feel like, honestly, and this was like the earliest we’ve recorded. This is ironic. So it’s like the earliest we’ve recorded, but also like the latest,

[01:02:25] It’s either either half an hour earlier or three and a half days later, depending on how you look at it.

[01:02:33] exactly. But in any event I feel like it worked,

[01:02:37] Brett: [01:02:37] Get some sleep, Christina.

[01:02:38] Christina: [01:02:38] get some sleep, Brett.