219: Titanic II: The Reckoning

Much like Christina and Brett are very consistent in their portrayal of two ADHD, media-obsessed podcasters, Kaley Cuoco is really good at playing that one character.

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[00:00:00] Brett: [00:00:00] Welcome to overtired. We w w this is Brett Terpstra. I’m here with Christina Warren and we’re both super tired. for different reasons.

[00:00:10] Christina: [00:00:10] Yeah. Yeah. Your, your reason is that you woke up. So it’s, it’s what it is. Is it 9:00 AM or is at 10:00 AM your time? I never can remember if you’re, if you’re, um, central or Eastern time zone. Okay.

[00:00:22] Brett: [00:00:22] right now.

[00:00:24] Christina: [00:00:24] Okay. Excellent. All right. So it is, it is 7:00 AM for me. And, um, I remembered that I was doing this at like 11:00 PM after I ordered a bunch of food and taken, um, an edible.

[00:00:40] And I was like, fuck, I have to be up at 7:00 AM to do this. Because usually that, that combo is like, Oh, I’m going to be, you know, Up until probably 4:00 AM and then I’m going to sleep all day.

[00:00:54] Brett: [00:00:54] for tomorrow.

[00:00:55] Christina: [00:00:55] That’s exactly it because I’m on vacation. And even though [00:01:00] technically it started Friday, I still had meetings Friday, even though I was off and I had a meeting yesterday.

[00:01:07] I’m done for the rest of the year. Like I’m done. I’m not like I’m not doing anything for work until January 4th. So, um, other than podcasting, but like for my day job, I’m like, I’m not, I’m done. So, um, yeah,

[00:01:23] Brett: [00:01:23] nice. I remember vacation time. I haven’t done that in years.

[00:01:30] Christina: [00:01:30] I haven’t either. Which is the problem. I mean, last time I did, it was like in, in any like prolonged since was. A year ago when I was in, um, Atlanta for like a month with my parents. And then I went to Tampa for this. I have to be careful because, well, it was a wedding, but it let’s just say that it portended a lot of things.

[00:01:54] Like, let’s just say the way that I wrong in 2020 was like a pogrom or whatever the [00:02:00] term is like, it was like a premonition of something terrible about to happen. For a lot of reasons, and I would love to talk about it more freely, but, um, I can’t, uh, just, just, uh, for, uh, I guess, uh, politeness, uh, to, to people that are easily identifiable online, if I’m able to like, you know, mention them sort of things.

[00:02:22] Um, so the last time that I had off for an extended period, Was a year ago and how Microsoft vacation works as it does it at most companies is that if you don’t use a certain amount within a certain period of time, you lose it. Um, if you’re, um, a resident of California, they can’t do that. It doesn’t expire, but in other States it does.

[00:02:44] So I got like an email where they’re like, Hey, you have like 90 hours that if you don’t use, you will lose. And I’m like, Oh shit. Like that’s, that’s not good. Right. So, um, I had to start taking [00:03:00] random days off because we get a certain amount of like prepaid, you know, kind of holidays, like things that are considered company holidays.

[00:03:06] And I was like, Oh yeah. Okay. I’m going to be like, I’m going to lose it. So I took some stuff where I was like, okay. I, you know, dipped into thin normal vacation period, but I’m really like using vacation from like two years ago.

[00:03:22] Brett: [00:03:22] So when you’re on vacation with your, your hoity-toity corporate job, any chance that someone contacts you and says, Hey, I know you’re on vacation, but we need this done. Okay. That makes me feel better. Cause I, I can take kind of a vacation, but I still like, I can’t let customer support

[00:03:44] Christina: [00:03:44] no, I mean, I mean, look. There would be instances. And there happened things like where there have been people that I work with who were just like, I’m gone, I’m off the grid. You cannot reach me. Okay, fine. Um, and, and that’s understandable. And if I wanted to set that boundary, I could, [00:04:00] but that’s not a boundary I set and it’s not, um, One that, that I think that most people like, you know, that I work with have set.

[00:04:09] Like, you certainly could do that, but that’s, that’s not the boundary that most people set. It’s not like there, there might be some circumstances, like if I was on a cruise ship, uh, let’s say that we weren’t like in pandemic times and that wasn’t the most terrifying thought in the world. Like. You know, or, or, you know, if I was, you know, in the POL or something and had limited access to internet because I’m climbing mountain Everest or some shit like fine, but I mean, yeah, that’s, that’s not.

[00:04:36]Like, if something really was needed, then people could call me, like I said, I, I had calls on both Friday and yesterday. They weren’t long, but we needed to get them done. Like one needed to be done by the end of the year. And I had people on shot from China, like on the line and like, you know, I, I need to, I need to be on the phone call.

[00:04:54] Brett: [00:04:54] So meanwhile, while you’re high eating taco bell, I think I’m having a [00:05:00] manic episode. Turns out. I don’t think I actually am, but I woke up like a shot at 2:00 AM and. And like I have this test. I can tell when I’m manic, because if I’m laying in bed with my eyes closed and I opened them and have no immediate desire to shut them again,

[00:05:21] Christina: [00:05:21] uh huh.

[00:05:21] Brett: [00:05:21] means I’m manic.

[00:05:23] So if I open my eyes and they’re just wide open and I can see clearly, it, it, if I’m, if I’m not like I’ll open my eyes, but then just kind of they’ll drift back closed. And so I was wide awake. And laid there for three hours. Cause I was like, if I get up and go to my computer, I it’ll definitely be a manic episode.

[00:05:47] And I don’t, it’s been like three months. I don’t want a manic episode. So I tried to, I tried to fool it and apparently it worked cause it like five, I fell back asleep.

[00:05:58]Christina: [00:05:58] Though that last week [00:06:00] you were saying that you hadn’t had a manic episode in too long and you were freaked out about it.

[00:06:04] Brett: [00:06:04] Well, yeah, I mean, I. I’m bored is what I am

[00:06:08] Christina: [00:06:08] Okay.

[00:06:09]Brett: [00:06:09] like. Like I D like I miss what I get done during a manic episode, but I don’t miss going five plus days with like zero sleep that wears me down so much. And it would really put a crimp in like my holiday plans. What little I have. I would have to, like, if I were to not sleep between now and Christmas, uh, like my family, my brother and his family showed up at my parents' house much to my dismay, but they’ve been there for like 10 days quarantined.

[00:06:48] So I’m like, okay. I could swing by as long as we can maintain social distance, I can swing by for an hour on Christmas and, and see my [00:07:00] nieces and hand over some gifts. And, uh, just kind of have a pseudo family Christmas. And if I were to go from now until then without sleeping, I wouldn’t even feel right.

[00:07:14] Showing up for an hour because I would be. Uh, I, I have, you know, my family super religious and like, when I’m that tired, I say really offensive things. And I just, I just, I hide myself away after that long without sleep. I’m not, I’m not fit for public consumption at that point.

[00:07:37] Christina: [00:07:37] This, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, no, I can, um, I understand like, You, you, you don’t want to say things that you don’t mean you want to be in the right frame of mind. You, you don’t. Yeah, I totally can understand that.

[00:07:53] Brett: [00:07:53] so as, uh, as part of this kind of mental health corner, we’re going through right now, I would like to [00:08:00] introduce our first sponsor this week.

[00:08:02] Christina: [00:08:02] Okay.

[00:08:03] Brett: [00:08:03] We’ve talked about, uh, better help before, but, uh, this is exactly the kind of situation it would be perfect for. Um, Everyone has something that gets kind of in the way of achieving their goals, whether it’s manic episodes or ADHD, or being on vacation, a better help is professional therapy available remotely.

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[00:08:46] And this isn’t self-help, it’s true professional counseling. I see a psychiatrist who takes care of my prescription needs, but it’s really nice to have access to good talk therapy, uh, which is not something I tend to [00:09:00] have where I live in my little town. Um, I filled out the questionnaire and got matched with a therapist who has been great, uh, uh, for the last month been getting my, uh, first time in my life, getting some, uh, some counseling and it’s, it’s been very helpful.

[00:09:16] Uh, better help is more affordable than traditional counseling too. And financial aid is available in many areas. In addition to the specific issues that I deal with, like ADHD and bipolar, there are counselors who specialize in depression, stress, anger, LGBT matters, grief, sleep trauma. Just about any specific needs you have.

[00:09:37] Um, And of course, anything you share is completely confidential. So we want you to start living a happier life today as an overtired listener, you’ll get 10% off your first month by visiting our sponsor@betterhelp.com slash overtired. Uh, join over 1 million people who have taken charge of their mental health.

[00:09:59] Again, that’s [00:10:00] better help. H E L p.com/overtired. I know we worked that in a little early in the episode,

[00:10:08]Christina: [00:10:08] No, I think, I think it fits.

[00:10:10] Brett: [00:10:10] it fits and maybe people aren’t like bored enough yet that they would actually listen and support the sponsors who support our show.

[00:10:19] Christina: [00:10:19] No. I mean, that would be a good thing, right? Like I know that that would be helpful, but also I think that better help. And, and, and Brett’s like mental health corner, our natural partners, if we’re being honest,

[00:10:29] Brett: [00:10:29] totally guess. Who’s sponsoring us coming up.

[00:10:33] Christina: [00:10:33] who’s that.

[00:10:34] Brett: [00:10:34] Uh, a kitty litter, a kitty litter company.

[00:10:38] Christina: [00:10:38] Oh shit. That’s awesome. Oh, can we get a kitten update?

[00:10:42] Brett: [00:10:42] Oh, totally. I’ll talk about cats all day if you want. Um, so let’s see. Bod has become it’s like, so she has her own room right now. And when I walk into the room, she runs up to me. And it’s just like immediately. So I laid down to the bed and [00:11:00] she jumps on top of me and just starts purring. And it takes about three minutes before her like, uh, play drive kicks in.

[00:11:08] So I’ll just be petting her and she’ll be purring. And then all of a sudden she’ll like bite my finger. And that’s a no, no, we, we don’t let cats bite our fingers because. That’s just bad habit to get into. So then outcomes, the toy. She actually pulled apart, uh, one of the wan toys with like the fishing line on it.

[00:11:28] She managed to, to break one already, but she runs around the room. Up curtains, chasing feathers. And she’s seriously, like I go in three to four times a day for 30 to 40 minutes at a time. Uh, it’s a big chunk of my time, but I’m really loving this kitten.

[00:11:50]Christina: [00:11:50] I love it. I love it. Um, how’s the other cat, uh, reacting, like, like what’s the update on that?

[00:11:54] Brett: [00:11:54] he’s, he’s been pretty cool with the whole thing. Like he’s taken to sitting [00:12:00] outside of my, the Kitty’s room when I’m in there and he’ll sit out there and he’ll me out once in a while. But when I come out, he like, he’s like, okay, it’s my turn. And he follows me around like a little boppy and sits in my lap.

[00:12:13] And, uh, he’s very good to work with. He will, if I’m at. If I’m in a chair at a keyboard, he will curl up in my lap under the keyboard. And I can kind of like occasionally reach down and give him little scratches on his, on his head. And he will stay off my keyboard for the most part. Um, bod on the other hand, does she, she has learned that dancing on the keyboard is the beginning of a fun game.

[00:12:43] Like she knows if she jumps on the keyboard, she’s going to get attention. So not ideal for working we’ll work on that though.

[00:12:51]Christina: [00:12:51] And she’s still a kitten she’ll she’ll sh she, she can retained, right.

[00:12:56] Brett: [00:12:56] yes, I, I it’s been [00:13:00] so long since I had a kitten. Like the last time I raised a kitten was 17 years ago. So I have vague memories of cat development and how cats mature, but honestly it feels like, it feels like I’m a newbie.

[00:13:18]Christina: [00:13:18] Yeah, well, that’s good. I mean, I’m glad that that things seem to be working out and, um, uh, the bod sounds

[00:13:25] Brett: [00:13:25] I, did I tell you we’re officially keeping her?

[00:13:28] Christina: [00:13:28] you didn’t, you didn’t, this is why I was like, kind of, I’ve been kind of on.

[00:13:31] Brett: [00:13:31] with that.

[00:13:32] Christina: [00:13:32] Yeah, I was going to say, cause I, cause I, cause one of those things I’ve been kind of like, you know, on pins and needles, like is bod going to get to stay like, you know, cause I know that the most important thing is, is, you know, making sure that your, um, existing cat is comfortable and all that, but yeah,

[00:13:48] Brett: [00:13:48] El is still like the, the Finnegan or deal, uh, She is, she’s still, uh, very much in mourning for Finnegan [00:14:00] and I am too, but I have found it like immediately easy to, to reopen my heart and, and love a new kitten. And she’s having a tougher time with that. So she sees how happy bog makes me and, and she’s on board, but I think if it were just up to her, She would have a foster bod temporarily and then let him find, or let her find another home.

[00:14:26] Um, so we’re, I feel a little guilty, like pushing to keep a kitten that maybe she’s not ready for, but, but we’ve, we’ve had long discussions about it and I think it’s the right thing.

[00:14:41]Christina: [00:14:41] Yeah, that’s good. And, and I hope that, that, you know, not that it’s ever going to be easy, but that she’s able to work through her grief, you know, as time moves forward. Yeah.

[00:14:51] Brett: [00:14:51] time heals all wounds, but it, yeah, that was a rough one for sure.

[00:14:56] Christina: [00:14:56] Oh, well, definitely it is. And, and, you know, and, and I, I do feel like [00:15:00] sometimes, like I know that we got our dog, Jamie not long after our dog shadow died, and that was really rough on us as a family. And, but, but it really, it did ultimately I think really help. Um, to the point that I, you know, it took my parents, God, like basically a decade after Jamie died for them to get, um, uh, the dog that they have now that my sister rescued in like March, um, that they have now.

[00:15:25] Um, I think it was just, it was really hard for them up until then, but there I’m really glad my parents have a, have a little, uh, little dog, uh, especially since I can’t be there and the world is dumpster fire. They at least have a little, it’s not a puppy dogs like five or six, but, uh, it’s a very small dog.

[00:15:44] So it’s yeah.

[00:15:46] Brett: [00:15:46] for a small dog. Cause small dogs live, uh, a longer life and, and the five, five to seven year range is really nice.

[00:15:54]Christina: [00:15:54] Yeah, a little buddy bear. He was like basically leopard, dead. My sister found him, [00:16:00] um, After, like a big storm. She’d seen him a couple of times and she’d fed him and he was clearly kind of, uh, you know, um, you know, uh, uh, he was wearing a t-shirt, but doesn’t know, like at some point somebody had cared about him, but he never got his shots.

[00:16:15] He never, or at least, uh, if he’d had his shots, he wasn’t, um, tagged, um, you know, they weren’t able to locate them. Um, you know, any of that stuff, she fed them a couple of times and then she kept looking for him. And then she, um, saw him after like a really heavy storm. And he was like, kind of caught like near a fence and had kind of debris around him and thought he was dead.

[00:16:37] Somebody like left a thing about it on, on, um, next door. And then she, she found him and he was still alive and she’s able to kind of nurse him back to health. And then, um, she had to go to town and my parents were taking care of them and they took him to the vet and he had to have a bunch of teeth.

[00:16:50] Pulled and, you know, get, you know, some other stuff done, but, but he’s, he’s very bright spirits and as a sweet little dog and, and they, they love him and, um, he’s been really good for them.

[00:17:00] [00:17:00] Brett: [00:17:00] that’s awesome.

[00:17:01] Christina: [00:17:01] Yeah.

[00:17:02] Brett: [00:17:02] Yeah, we’re still trying to figure out where bod actually came from. Like she was found in a cemetery and I got reports on Facebook from people. I don’t really know, but who follow my cat pictures apparently, um, who had actually seen her, like by the highway, near the cemetery over the, the days before.

[00:17:27] So I don’t know how long she was. Out in the wild she’s. I mean, she’s like two months old. She’s she’s big enough. She’s weaned, but she can’t get very far on her own. So I don’t, I don’t know how this happened and she’s a long hair and she wasn’t super mad at w when, when we got her

[00:17:47] Christina: [00:17:47] So she hadn’t been out for that long.

[00:17:49] Brett: [00:17:49] have been out for too long.

[00:17:51]Anyway. So did you, did you ever get around to watching the flight attendant?

[00:17:57] Christina: [00:17:57] Yes, I haven’t finished it, but I, [00:18:00] but, but, but, but I’m, I’m, I’m very far into it and, and I’m at the point where I can talk about it and we wouldn’t want to spoil it for people anyway.

[00:18:07] Brett: [00:18:07] I will, I will say this about the finale. It wraps things up enough that it makes me worry that there won’t be another season.

[00:18:17] Christina: [00:18:17] Yeah, I was going to ask about that because is this like, well, did you ever watch big little lies? Okay. Well it’s really good.

[00:18:25] Brett: [00:18:25] an episode, but I didn’t get very far with it.

[00:18:27] Christina: [00:18:27] Okay. I was going to say, I don’t know if that would be a show for you or not. I think it’s fantastic. The first season is truly exceptional television. Uh, but I don’t know if it’s like a Bret show, like, um, L my, like it, um, it’s I don’t mean to be gendered with it because men can certainly enjoy it, but it definitely is.

[00:18:44]A show made for women. Um, uh, and, and not, not to say that again, men can’t enjoy it, but, uh, although the, the, the chief director and like show runner is a man, is, you know, based, it was adapted from a book written by a woman adapted by that woman, um, you [00:19:00] know, produced and starring women. Um, But the first season, you know, cause it was just a limited series thing.

[00:19:08] And so they adapted a book into kind of mini series, very successful, so successful that. They hired the writer to up the book, basically imagine more episodes got Meryl Streep on board and did like a second season, which, you know, kind of worked, but didn’t work as well as, you know, it’s just not one of those like kind of perfect things.

[00:19:34] Um, it kind of ended, I thought, I think at the right point, I haven’t read the book that the flight attendant is based on, but since it’s based on a book, I would imagine that. They probably did a similar thing where they’re like, okay, we’ve tied everything up because the book has, but in the back of their minds, they’re thinking this is Kayla Coco.

[00:19:52] This is one of our big HBO max shows. We would like to have this live on. So you’re saying you [00:20:00] want it to live on.

[00:20:01] Brett: [00:20:01] yeah, like I said, all w I won’t spoil anything for you. Um, but you know that the, the kind of subplot about the corporate espionage, they don’t wrap that up. It’s the only part of this story that doesn’t have this neat little bow on it. And I. I feel like a second season about that and that character wouldn’t be as compelling.

[00:20:30] So, and can I, can I, can I spoil one thing for you?

[00:20:34] Christina: [00:20:34] yeah, go ahead.

[00:20:35] Brett: [00:20:35] Uh, uh, Kayleigh’s character ends up in, in, in AA,

[00:20:41] Christina: [00:20:41] Okay,

[00:20:42] Brett: [00:20:42] so that, I mean, that’s a huge resolution to what is a major plot point is her drinking.

[00:20:49] Christina: [00:20:49] Yeah. No, without a doubt, without a doubt. Um, let’s talk about her from an, as an actress. She’s so good.

[00:20:57] Brett: [00:20:57] Yeah. Um, I guess I [00:21:00] was, I don’t, she plays this kind of, um, brash, not sorority type, but like her character between the big bang and this aren’t exceptionally different.

[00:21:16] Christina: [00:21:16] No, they’re not, not even remotely. It is not a stretch.

[00:21:20] Brett: [00:21:20] her range.

[00:21:21] Christina: [00:21:21] Well,

[00:21:22] Brett: [00:21:22] in other stuff?

[00:21:23] Christina: [00:21:23] Uh, not really, she, she was on, no, she’s always kind of played the same role. Uh, she was on that, that, uh, John Rutter’s last TV show, um, you know, like, uh, um, you know, my teenage daughter or whatever it was called.

[00:21:38] Brett: [00:21:38] know.

[00:21:39] Christina: [00:21:39] Um, let me, let me find this, um,

[00:21:41]Brett: [00:21:41] The compelling part of our show where we’re both just typing on keyboards.

[00:21:46] Christina: [00:21:46] Yep. Exactly. I think th I think that, I think his final shows like how to date my, um, uh, eight simple rules

[00:21:53] Brett: [00:21:53] dieting. My daughter.

[00:21:55] Christina: [00:21:55] eight simple rules for dating my teenage daughter and, and, and they then renamed it eight simple rules after [00:22:00] he died unexpectedly. And like, he died like onset, like he had, like, he had like a myocardial infarction and, and then they didn’t diagnose it with the right thing at the hospital and he died.

[00:22:09] It was terrible. Um, but she was the, she was the star of that. She was the teenage daughter kind of the star of that. And, uh, and Katie’s a Siegel from, um, um, Married with children, you know, what was in that? And, uh, so that was her first thing. And then she was, went from that to big bang and she’s done some TV movies, I think.

[00:22:31] And she’s done a couple of, of comedies, but I mean, we talked about, we kind of mentioned this last time, like they were making 2 million or two and a half million an episode for a really long time. Like none of them ever have to work again, like genuinely like, like between, I mean, okay. Let’s pretend they weren’t getting mad, mad, mad money off the syndication, uh, which they are cause like the, the friends cast.

[00:22:56] If they’d never made a million, an episode would not have ever had to work again just from the [00:23:00] syndication royalties. But, but they, in addition to the syndication royalties also, we’re getting like massive checks like for years. So she genuinely never has to work again. Uh, which. I do actually find them like that.

[00:23:14] Impressive. When you take on a more challenging role that said you’re right. I don’t think the range, it’s a very similar character like this. You could see that penny, uh, darker, like more on edge penny. Right? Well, that’s what I mean, darker, right? Like, you know, penny who was like very much like. Had had been maybe a little more ambitious had actually gone through and, you know, instead of working at the cheesecake factory for all the time, but been like, ah, just be a flight attendant.

[00:23:42] And then it like really like leaned in on the partying a little bit more, right. Like if penny had gone to college and it just like, you know, and you know what I mean, had a little more ambition and, and just been a little bit harder, like would be the character. In in, in this that said, I still think she’s great in it.

[00:24:00] [00:23:59] Like, I don’t, I don’t think I I’m with you. I don’t think she knows. I don’t think she has a lot of brains, but I also feel like.

[00:24:06] Brett: [00:24:06] that one character very

[00:24:07] Christina: [00:24:07] Perfectly well, and, and, and, and I, and I, and it was one of those things where, when I was watching the show, I was thinking about this because she bought it, she’s the producer.

[00:24:15] And so she, you know, it was the one who really spearheaded the project, uh, which I always find impressive. And it’s not uncommon actually, that women, especially women in their thirties and older have to do that. A lot of times, even high profile actresses like herself, if they don’t see roles, you know, that they want to play, they have to.

[00:24:35] Spend their own money and, and do it, you know, Reese Witherspoon is, has made that, um, clear for, for years now. Um, and she has an Oscar. Um, but, uh, I think that she recognized, obviously the book would be something that would make a good show and the way that she’s played it, it would be hard for, I mean, other actresses could do it, but it’s hard for me to imagine them like [00:25:00] being that like.

[00:25:01]For me being able to be that like drawn into the character. Like, I, it just feels to me like that is the character the way that she’s, she’s playing.

[00:25:09]Brett: [00:25:09] All right. Well, I’m glad you’re appreciating the show.

[00:25:12] Christina: [00:25:12] Yeah. Yeah. It’s really good. It’s really good. I have to say it was a little weird because the guy who played George on Grey’s anatomy, who I haven’t seen on TV in like a decade, um, is on it. He’s the brother, um, uh, Rosie price is really good. Um, um, Shasha Mamet who still can’t believe that, uh, David Mamet daughter is a good actress cause his wife is. Fucking terrible. Um, but his daughter is quite good. I’d say, uh, well done Lena Dunham again, can’t believe it, that that girls gave us Adam driver, but you know, this is the world we live in where we have to realize that fucking Lena Dunham for all the ways we want to drag her for being mediocre, average, whatever.

[00:25:58]Really fucking [00:26:00] cast, good people on her damn show and is also probably a really good writer in ways that are frustrating because she’s so inseparable.

[00:26:07] Brett: [00:26:07] So, so you like Adam driver? Okay. Me too.

[00:26:11] Christina: [00:26:11] That’s what I’m saying. That’s what I’m saying. Adam drivers fucking fantastic. And it’s annoying that Lena Dunham found everybody on girls actually.

[00:26:19] Like if you really think about it, like Alison Williams, no reason to be. In any way. Good. Right? Like Bri wise daughter, like that’s a complete in 100%, you’re you’re casting for this in part, because you know, then the, the, you know, a guy who was like lead anchor for NBC news is the dad, like, that’s absolutely an emphasis in higher now.

[00:26:42] I’m really fucking good. Like as gone on to do other stuff, you know, Joshua moment, Mammut like really fucking good. Like yeah. It’s frustrating. I was rewatching girls recently and I was like frustrated because the show’s insufferable in a lot of ways, but it’s also funny and good. And I’m like, God dammit, Lena Dunham.

[00:26:59] I really, [00:27:00] really hate that. I like your work. And I can’t even like being, I would like to not, but I don’t because she’s insufferable, but her work is really good. And she clearly had a really good eye for talent as evidenced by the fact that drivers going to win a fucking Oscar. And she just got her temp.

[00:27:17] Brett: [00:27:17] Are you familiar with John Oliver? Was Adam driver

[00:27:20] Christina: [00:27:20] Yes, I am. I love it so much.

[00:27:22] Brett: [00:27:22] He completely objectifies Adam driver it’s.

[00:27:25] Christina: [00:27:25] good. I,

[00:27:26] Brett: [00:27:26] the episode of, uh, last week tonight where he actually had Adam driver on to like. Scold him for objectifying him.

[00:27:35] Christina: [00:27:35] no, no. I missed that. I’ll have to find that. No, that’s. That’s that’s awesome. Uh, my friend Joanna is a writer on that show and, um, and so yeah, yeah, she, she worked at decibel and was a fantastic writer there and would write really funny bits and would do really funny things. And, uh, now she’s an Emmy winner, which is like the coolest thing.

[00:27:57] Yeah. Um, and she’s young. Right, [00:28:00] right, right. Like, like she, she was in her twenties when, when she got, um, that gig, I think she’s still in her twenties, but she’s, she’s really good. And so I always like, I, who knows like where that bit comes from, but that’s one of those things that I’m like, Oh, I could see Joanna, like continuing to push that narrative into things.

[00:28:17] Brett: [00:28:17] did we already talk about, uh, John Stewart coming back?

[00:28:22]Christina: [00:28:22] Uh, we did, um, cause he’s, he’s uh, doing his monthly w uh, I don’t know how we talked about how we’d missed him.

[00:28:30] Brett: [00:28:30] Yeah, well, I heard, and I can’t remember what network it was for, but he’s getting a show again.

[00:28:37] Christina: [00:28:37] Isn’t it? Apple TV.

[00:28:38] Brett: [00:28:38] Yeah, I think it is. Yeah, you’re right. Definitely is. I can’t wait for that. I can’t, I I’ve been, I’ve been watching old, like the, the last two years of the daily show, uh, excluding the very last year. Like those are to me, like just peak daily show.

[00:28:58] And

[00:28:58] Christina: [00:28:58] Yeah, he was, he was like, [00:29:00] just on it.

[00:29:00] Brett: [00:29:00] YouTube and it’s amazing.

[00:29:03] Christina: [00:29:03] Yeah, no, he was just like on it. And we talked about this, I think last time that it’s just, um, nothing against Trevor Noah, but he just doesn’t have it.

[00:29:11] Brett: [00:29:11] I gave Trevor Noah a solid chance. Like I really wanted to like him, but I, I can’t, I can’t watch the daily show anymore.

[00:29:19]Christina: [00:29:19] Yeah. Yeah,

[00:29:21] Brett: [00:29:21] I’m just going to say it. I really wanted to like him. I really wanted to like the daily show still, but they still have

[00:29:29] Christina: [00:29:29] no, I mean, well, there’s just something to be said, you know, every, every host has their own take on it. And, and I, I respect that. They didn’t try to, you know, find somebody just like. John Stewart. I think the unfortunate thing for them is that by that point, John Oliver already was a thing. And at that point I really do feel like, and we talked about this before, but I think, I feel like all the alums of the daily show kind of created like, fill that vacuum because Trevor couldn’t,

[00:29:56] Brett: [00:29:56] yeah. Oh, yeah, totally. I

[00:29:59] Christina: [00:29:59] all right, [00:30:00] sorry, go on.

[00:30:01] Brett: [00:30:01] Amber Ruffin, not, she’s not from the daily show, but, um, she’s she’s from, what’s his name? Uh, the late show guy

[00:30:09] Christina: [00:30:09] Right. Uh, yeah. Um, Stephen Colbert. Yeah.

[00:30:14]Brett: [00:30:14] no.

[00:30:15] Christina: [00:30:15] Craig Ferguson

[00:30:16] Brett: [00:30:16] former, um, former SNL, uh, news news update guy.

[00:30:23]Christina: [00:30:23] Jr. McDonald’s

[00:30:25] Brett: [00:30:25] No, Jesus, this isn’t that hard. Who were the major late night hosts.

[00:30:30] Christina: [00:30:30] Oh, Seth Myers.

[00:30:32] Brett: [00:30:32] Myers. Thank you. I knew you’d come through for me.

[00:30:35] Christina: [00:30:35] Yeah, sorry.

[00:30:36] Brett: [00:30:36] Uh, she was a Seth, Seth Meyers writer,

[00:30:39] Christina: [00:30:39] Oh, okay.

[00:30:40] Brett: [00:30:40] she has a peacock show and she’s delightful. I enjoy

[00:30:43] Christina: [00:30:43] That’s good. Okay. Seth Meyers, I have to say as much as like I’m with you. I’ve given up on Trevor Noah I’ve really come to appreciate and be impressed by Seth Meyers.

[00:30:55] Brett: [00:30:55] Yeah, I, there are parts of like, I enjoy the closer [00:31:00] look. I feel like they realized early on that people were tuning in just for the closer look. And the interviews were decent. I mean, as good as any interviews ever are. Um, but like the monologue and the closer look, he’s, he’s quite good at,

[00:31:18] Christina: [00:31:18] No. That’s what I mean. Yeah.

[00:31:20] Brett: [00:31:20] where he pauses between cue cards in the middle of a sentence, and I wish they would write his cue card. So they didn’t switch in the middle. It drives me nuts, but that said, yeah, I like

[00:31:32] Christina: [00:31:32] Yeah, no. And I agree with that. I really do feel like, like his, a closer look is the thing, like the interviews or whatever. I, I honestly feel like they can’t because of where it is. In the schedule. And part of those shows is the interview thing. Like that’s part of how you get that prime, you know, like that kind of like airtime or whatever is that publicists are saying, we’re going to be sending people to your show to promote stuff.

[00:31:55] And we want to buy advertising and whatnot. You know what I mean? Like you couldn’t [00:32:00] just make it, I don’t think on a major network. A closer look like you could on peacock, you could on HBO, you could have like comedy central, but I don’t think on NBC, you could write, like, I think you have to have the interviews, but yeah, that’s very much the secondary thing.

[00:32:14] Like that’s not, that’s not the primary part of it, whereas, you know, on Fallon and, um, on Kimmel and, and to a lesser degree on Colby, I think Colbert probably is the best mix, which is why, you know, he’s so good at it. Yeah. Uh, you know, those are very much driven by certainly, you know, James Corden, those are driven by the guest interaction.

[00:32:32] Whereas, um, uh, Seth Meyers is very much about that monologue and, and that’s a really, I think he nails it. I’ve actually been very impressed by it.

[00:32:41] Brett: [00:32:41] Have I talked about my, my recent new found appreciation for James cordon.

[00:32:47] Christina: [00:32:47] No.

[00:32:48] Brett: [00:32:48] I, I never really, like I had enough late shows to watch. I never got into the late show with James cordon, but, um, he is [00:33:00] he’s awesome. Like I. Now that I’ve given him a chance and the interaction between him and the band leader, whose name I forget.

[00:33:08] Um, the weird guy used to do, I think robot chicken. what is his name anyway? Like their interactions are amazing because he is a perfect, like weirdo straight guy to play off of. Um, Straight straight,

[00:33:27] Christina: [00:33:27] Reggie Watts.

[00:33:28] Brett: [00:33:28] Watts. Yes. Um,

[00:33:30] Christina: [00:33:30] I’ve met in person.

[00:33:32] Brett: [00:33:32] I’m a straight man in the sense of comedy. Not making any judgments

[00:33:37] Christina: [00:33:37] no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, but, but, but, but I was just going to say like, when I, when I met him, like he was, cause it was. It was such a bizarre thing. It was him, Sarah Silverman, Michael Sarah, and, um, um, Tim from Tim and Eric. And, uh,

[00:33:52] Brett: [00:33:52] bang. That’s the show I was

[00:33:53] Christina: [00:33:53] yes. And, and that was what I was, was interviewing them about. And it was at South by Southwest.

[00:33:59] And I ended up [00:34:00] having to sit on a bar because they’re also tall. And Sarah Silverman like kept braiding my hair and, uh, It was, it was, it was great. It was great. It was very fun, but they were also all so funny in weird ways. And it was just sort of, uh, it was intimidating and maybe rushy. Boston’s great.

[00:34:18] Brett: [00:34:18] man, it’s been a lifetime goal of mine to meet Sarah Silverman.

[00:34:21]Christina: [00:34:21] She was really nice. Um, I did not piss her off. She, uh, uh, the girl that I’m kind of friends with who was also there, like reporting, pissed her off, um, and wanted her to do some stupid YouTube shit. And she was like, and she was like, I’m not doing that. And like, girl thought she was joking. And so room was like, not joking.

[00:34:40] Um, I, I kind of played it cool because. The day that it happened. It was like early in the morning, I was like eight o’clock in the morning. And like at this bar in Austin and it was right after daylight savings is w had switched. So we were all like an hour forward. And so we’d lost an hour and, you know, South by like you drink and like [00:35:00] party and like the whole thing.

[00:35:01] And so, you know, we’re there, it’s like seven o’clock in the morning. And like, I’m like looking in the mirror at the same time she was, and I was just like, calming. I was like, I was like, I’m so fucking hung over. Like, I can’t believe I’m here or whatever, you know, just trying to just kind of like, be like a normal person.

[00:35:12] Yeah. And so we kind of delved a little bit of rapport. So when I went to interview them, it wasn’t super awkward or whatever, but she was nice. Yeah.

[00:35:24] Brett: [00:35:24] Um, so before we switch over to what I hope is going to be a tech part of the show, I want to, I want to talk about vitamins. I have no segue for this, but our second sponsor of the day is ritual vitamins. Um, we’ve talked about this in the past as well, and, and they have continued to support us because apparently we move vitamins. So, if you are looking for a multivitamin that will fill in the gaps in your diet rituals, perfect. It’s a vegan non-GMO gluten and allergen-free and provides nutrients that cover all the bases. [00:36:00] Um, obviously we’re in what for a lot of people is a stressful time of the year. And. Nutrition matters. Um, ritual multivitamins have no sugars, synthetic fillers or artificial colorants and all of its ingredients are transparently sourced all the way through and all of the nutrients come in.

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[00:36:36] Christina: [00:36:36] Sure have.

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[00:37:09]Christina: [00:37:09] great stuff.

[00:37:11] Brett: [00:37:11] Great stuff. All right, so I first big news. You know how I, I got, uh, that email about the ultimate hacking keyboard, V2 testing.

[00:37:24] Christina: [00:37:24] Yes. And, and, and you were like, worried that you, you weren’t going to, you were like really hoping that you were going to get one.

[00:37:30] Brett: [00:37:30] well, apparently they shipped it on Monday.

[00:37:34] Christina: [00:37:34] Yeah, that’s awesome.

[00:37:36] Brett: [00:37:36] I am. I’m super excited. I had a limited choice of, um, switches.

[00:37:44] Christina: [00:37:44] okay. What kind of, what kind of switch did you get?

[00:37:47] Brett: [00:37:47] uh, there MX blues, which like I wanted cliquey, but what I wanted the in, in the new version, they’re offering box switches, which I was [00:38:00] super into trying like the, the box whites, but I had to go with blue, but the thing is they’re hot swappable.

[00:38:08]Christina: [00:38:08] Nice.

[00:38:09] Brett: [00:38:09] I end up being able to keep this prototype unit, I can swap out for box, which is anytime I want to.

[00:38:16]Christina: [00:38:16] Very cool. Yeah. I’m looking at, I’m looking at the thing now because I was also looking, I was like, Ooh, this is kind of interesting. And I was like, I like the RGB and I like this white color. And I was trying to figure out like, what types of switches would be good and like, yeah, the whites, uh, seemed like that’d be interesting.

[00:38:36] Brett: [00:38:36] never really cared about RGB, backlit keyboards, but they have it programs. So that like when you hold down the mod key things like the, the, like on the, on the ultimate hacking keyboard, when you hold down the mud key, which is under one of your thumbs, a J K L, and I turn into arrow keys and with the RGB, backlighting when you hold down the mod key, the arrow [00:39:00] keys light up, which I’ll admit is pretty cool.

[00:39:02] Christina: [00:39:02] Exactly. That’s what I’m saying. Like this is, this is stuff that, yeah, I dunno, like RGB is one of those things that, uh, I think in like the PC enthusiastic and which has obviously influenced even, you know, like. Non like PC users who use, you know, customized keyboards, uh, RGB has been one of those things that’s been dreaded because if you would’ve just gone overboard with it, but weirdly I feel like it’s come back around at this point where it’s become such a meme that like people ironically or unironically kind of like it now, at least that’s, that’s where I’m at.

[00:39:34] I am with it. Sorry, go on.

[00:39:36] Brett: [00:39:36] PC gaming? Build-outs where they’d have like windows in the side of the box with water cooling tubes running through it and everything. Is

[00:39:45] Christina: [00:39:45] Oh, yeah. Oh yeah. Oh, Oh, that is still a thing very much so, except now, like it’s easier to do. Um, but yeah, they’re there. If you, if you follow any of the PC building channels, which are fun to do, they’re not [00:40:00] as many people do like a lot of the custom loop and water block stuff. Uh, just because. That’s something that’s really time-consuming and hard and you can mess up your components if you don’t do it correctly, but people will do all kinds of really cool looking builds.

[00:40:13] And RGB is a big part of that because some of the more popular cases definitely have like, you know, all tempered glass sides and stuff that really show off what they can do, um, which it was just fun, you know,

[00:40:27] Brett: [00:40:27] Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I used to be into it. I used to build my own PCs, but then I started using Macs and it just really wasn’t an option anymore.

[00:40:35] Christina: [00:40:35] Well, exactly. And

[00:40:36] Brett: [00:40:36] a hack and tower?

[00:40:37] Christina: [00:40:37] which is not going to be an option, you know, going forward. Uh, no, I agree with that. Although it’s been one of those things that for, you know, for various. Other purposes for gaming for other things, gaming. Um, I mean, we just got new consoles, but gaming has been one of those things areas where especially this year, there’s been like such a resurgence and kind of a strong hold on PC gaming, [00:41:00] which you can’t do on a Mac.

[00:41:02] Uh it’s it’s not possible. Uh, the, the games aren’t there, you would have to use bootcamp anyway, and you’re talking about, uh, uh, way overpriced solutions, just, you know, the Mac is not and will never be a game platform. It just isn’t. Um, That there’s, there’s been like this, this pickup and people building their own PCs are buying gaming PCs, which is sort of interesting.

[00:41:22] So a lot of those channels have increased and it’s, it’s funny too, because the pandemic just like made it more popular because everyone’s working from home. So you need a more popular machine. So the only thing harder to get than like PlayStations are graphics cards and the latest, um, uh, AMD processors.

[00:41:41]Like, it’s impossible to get a as in three chip right now, or to get, um, a 3000 series in video graphics card, like, and we’re, you’re talking about things that average separate home, several hundred dollars a piece like the, you know, the ships are, are [00:42:00] $300 up and the graphics cards are like $600 up. And they’re like, Completely sold out.

[00:42:07] Like the minute they go up on new ag, like they’re gone.

[00:42:10] Brett: [00:42:10] Speaking of gaming, uh, Sony is not only refunding cyberpunk. They’re

[00:42:17] Christina: [00:42:17] They pulled it. Yup. Yeah, they’re pissed.

[00:42:21] Brett: [00:42:21] Tell me more.

[00:42:22] Christina: [00:42:22] Okay. So. For people who want a little more background on this, we did talk about on, on rocket last week, uh, for about half an hour, but, um, cyberpunk 20, 77, uh, is buggy is not ready is one of those games that I think we’ll be fine and I’ve played it. Um, so far on Xbox series X, it’s not perfect.

[00:42:43] There are definitely bugs, but it’s, it’s more than playable and it, and it looks good. And that is not an it’s like they haven’t released the next gen patch yet. So, but, but it’s. It’s it’s fine. I mean, was saying that like, it’s a perfect experience, but it’s not one of those things where I’m like giving my money back or [00:43:00] whatever, uh,

[00:43:01] Brett: [00:43:01] though. We should mention this. This game has been in

[00:43:04] Christina: [00:43:04] in development for eight years. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. And, and they hit crunch. It was originally supposed to be out like early 20, 20, then it was delayed until June. Then it was delayed till November. Then it was delayed until December and it’s not ready. And the biggest thing though, is that, you know, aside from the bugs and whatnot and things that you’re going to have with like a game, this ambitious of this size, they did not clearly.

[00:43:29] Ever bothers you any substantive tests on the last gen consoles, meaning the non-pro PlayStation four and the non, um, one X Xbox, if you have an X-Box or an Xbox, an X-Box one or an X-Box one S a which most people do. So, so not the one ax which had 4k upgrades and, and, um, and not the new consoles, but if you had like, The ones that most people have, or if you had a PlayStation four or PlayStation four slim, not the, [00:44:00] not the PlayStation four pro then the game.

[00:44:04] I’m not, it just looks like, you know, complete trash, but runs like sometimes at like 20 frames a second, like. Runs really poorly, like frankly is an unacceptable way to release a game, especially when you have between PC and console is they had 8 million pre-orders and when this one notch reviews, reviewers were not allowed to review the console version, they had to.

[00:44:29] Review the PC version, which is a massive red flag, but, you know, I don’t think anybody knew how bad it was going to be, so that it’s reviewed under one set of circumstances. It comes out a few days later. You’ve pre-ordered this game and it’s frankly, in an unacceptable way of, of plane, like they’re promising that it’ll get better, but it’s frankly, in an unacceptable state, well, CD Projekt red.

[00:44:53] Just made bad situations worse by clearly in their panic. They’re like, okay, okay, well, we’ll, we’ll refund the [00:45:00] game. We hope you won’t ask for this, but we’ll offer refunds and you know, we’re going to continue to work on patches. Well, when they did this, they very clearly had not spoken with Sony or, or Microsoft about this.

[00:45:13] They clearly had not like given their partners a heads up and Sony in particular like Microsoft, honestly. Seems fine. Like, like they are offering proactively offering refunds and, um, but it’s still for sale. Like they’re, they’re, they’re kind of, you know, going forward with it. I’m sure they’re not happy with CD Projekt red, but it’s not like they’re not doing what Sony is doing.

[00:45:35] Sony as a rule does not need. Does not do game refunds, like for their digital sales, they don’t do it. And when they were then basically voluntold by CD, Projekt red to do it, they at first were pushing back, finally a cup. After a couple of days, they just released a statement on their, on their website.

[00:45:55] Like it, you know, in, in a, like a text block, like on Twitter where they’re like, [00:46:00] okay, um, we will be offering refunds and we are also pulling the game from the PlayStation network. You know, um, until further notice, you know, temporarily meaning that they basically came to a, an agreement with CD Projekt red, they were like, okay, fine assholes.

[00:46:17] We will refund your game, but guess what? You’ve made us look bad, and this is embarrassing for us and we don’t do this. So we’re going to pull your game from a store. Which is a problem, because if you do have a PlayStation five, this runs pretty well from, you know, by all accounts, I have a PSP, but I haven’t played it on PlayStation.

[00:46:35] I played on an Xbox, but people tell me it runs quite well. Uh, so you, you, you know, not that that’s a huge number of users yet, but you’ve cut them off. Um, but you’ve also like, How are, how are people, it gets going to be really hard once the patches do get better to convince, you know, non PlayStation, five owners in the future to be like, yeah, this is worth my 60 or $70.

[00:46:59] I’m going to go [00:47:00] ahead and buy this once it’s available again, like it’s a cluster, like people need to be so fired at the top of CD, Projekt red for this.

[00:47:08] Brett: [00:47:08] well, and we haven’t even talked about the, the exposed penis bug.

[00:47:13] Christina: [00:47:13] Okay. Which no, which, which I kind of love to be honest, I’m not going to lie that, that bug where like, you’re standing like your exposed penis or with your like ass, like, uh, out as you stand up on the car.

[00:47:27] Brett: [00:47:27] were the only problem, you could almost look at that as like promotional

[00:47:33] Christina: [00:47:33] I was going to say, yeah, honestly that seems free cyber punk. Right? Um, although there is something that is kind of cyberpunk about this deeply capitalistic game, which has these, like anti-capitalism themes being so pushed for crunch and so pushed for time that it’s released in an unfinished state.

[00:47:50] And then having these capitalism, like Wars breaking out about who’s going to have to take responsibility for its failure on console. There is something kind [00:48:00] of cyberpunk about that. I’m not going to lie

[00:48:02] Brett: [00:48:02] Yeah. We also talked about this on systematic when I had a, actually a scatter on, um, So this, this game has been well covered by Brett and Christina podcasts.

[00:48:14] Christina: [00:48:14] fascinating though, because I can’t ever remember a time. I, I think that there was a game that was like voluntarily removed from sales temporarily, but I can’t ever remember a time when you’ve had a major game like this and like, let’s be clear, like this is probably the biggest game of the year and yeah.

[00:48:36] And, and, uh, You know, it’s been, it’s been pulled from one of the major digital distributors, right? Like obviously it’s still available on steam and CD Projekt red site and, um, you know, for X-Box, but you’ve just cut off, like, you know, Um, I don’t know how many PlayStation four is. They sold like 50 million.

[00:48:56] I don’t know. Maybe that’s no concept, but like [00:49:00] you, you, you cut off that, that user base at least temporarily. And it’s just been such a clusterfuck of a, of a launch in every level. It’s just, although I don’t, I don’t know if there’s any way that you could have had eight years of buildup and it not be a clusterfuck.

[00:49:15]I don’t know. I always try to think about that. Can you think about like really like. Long and development like movies or books or TV shows, TV shows you can’t really do eight years, but like movies or books or video games or normal pieces of software that have been in development for that long, that don’t end up being disappointing in some way.

[00:49:37] Brett: [00:49:37] I feel like it’s happened before in the gaming industry, but I’m not, I’m not enough of a gamer to re remember. Exactly. I know, like, uh, What not Wolfen Stein. Something post Wolfen Stein was, was predicted, was scheduled and spent like a decade and like [00:50:00] never came to fruition. I guess if I’m recalling

[00:50:03] Christina: [00:50:03] yeah, there, there was one of those. And then there was, there was Dyke Ataana, which, which finally did come out what was appointing, which was a John Ramiro’s game. I think, um, Movies. It’s weird. I think Titanic and avatar are both, both James Cameron films, massive budgets, massively delayed, massive successes, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens when the next avatar finally comes out after like a decade.

[00:50:32] I don’t think it’s going to work

[00:50:34] Brett: [00:50:34] Yeah,

[00:50:35] Christina: [00:50:35] and they’ve spent like 11 years on it. Oh, this is my point. Right. But like, but I say this and yet I’m also kind of like, well, Knock, like don’t bet against a casino because you know, Titanic was famously like over budget and, and delayed, and everybody was like, this isn’t going to work.

[00:50:52] And then it wound up being, you know, most successful film of all time. Up to that point, it was finally beat by avatar, which was finally beat by [00:51:00] Avengers. Uh, but, uh, like, but, but avatar was also one of those things that I didn’t really expect to work. And yet has. Yeah. I don’t feel like anyone needs a SQL at all.

[00:51:14] Let alone three sequels, but yeah.

[00:51:17] Brett: [00:51:17] hear about the sequel to Titanic Titanic to the reckoning?

[00:51:22]Christina: [00:51:22] Was that, uh, that, that was like the made for TV movie or some shit, right?

[00:51:26] Brett: [00:51:26] I’m just making this up

[00:51:28] Christina: [00:51:28] No, there was like somebody like had like, no, it would be hilarious, but, but there, there was, uh, a Titanic too. Um, not based on any of like the actual. Um, you know, the story of, uh, you know, like James camera’s Titanic, but like somebody did make like a Titanic too.

[00:51:48] Um, but yeah.

[00:51:50] Brett: [00:51:50] can’t make us anyway.

[00:51:52] Christina: [00:51:52] I agree. I look, all I’m saying is, is it could be called the reckoning and it’d be like, Jack’s revenge or something. Like he comes back from like, underneath, like the [00:52:00] depths of the, the ocean. It turns out, you know, like it just turns into like a jaws slash like psycho film or something. You know what I mean?

[00:52:07] Like it goes into one of those things where it’s like, you know, it’s like Halloween, Michael Myers comes back. If you think he’s dead. And then every 10 years he like comes out and pour Laurie Strode is just like being like terrorized by her, her, her brother.

[00:52:24]Brett: [00:52:24] So, so I found one other thing to like about big Sur

[00:52:28] Christina: [00:52:28] What’s that

[00:52:29] Brett: [00:52:29] they, so they moved a lot of the, uh, controls for like Bluetooth and air dropping everything into a control

[00:52:39] Christina: [00:52:39] the control scenario. Yeah. Which I like.

[00:52:40] Brett: [00:52:40] yeah, I don’t like the, uh, the lack of back buttons, but. Um, that is where you would turn on, do not disturb. However, if you click on the clock slash calendar, like the date in the, in the menu bar that opens up [00:53:00] notification center, and then if you option click it, if you option, click on the clock, it turns do not disturb on and off, which is super handy.

[00:53:13] I still can’t script it because if you get.

[00:53:16] Christina: [00:53:16] I was going to say,

[00:53:18] Brett: [00:53:18] to get the menu bar, like I thought, Oh cool. I can just, you know, do a synthetic option.

[00:53:25] Christina: [00:53:25] right? No, that’s what I was thinking too. I was like, Oh, this would be scriptable. I could like connect this to your, um, your stream deck.

[00:53:30] Brett: [00:53:30] Right. And menu bar returns. Uh, the first menu bar item is the Siri icon, which is next to the clock. Uh, the menu bar does not return. The date and time item anymore. So you can’t click it. It’s annoying.

[00:53:50] Christina: [00:53:50] that’s really annoying though. Okay. That sucks though. Like that’s me. I liked that I like that that feature exists, but now I’m kind of pissed off about it because it’s not [00:54:00] scriptable. And like, that seems like that’s an Anthem. Like that seems like that goes against all known, like Macko S like things ever known about it, right?

[00:54:09] Like,

[00:54:09] Brett: [00:54:09] technically been. Scriptable like you have to modify the system default and then reload notification center and everything before big Sur. but yeah, that even that doesn’t work anymore. And there, there is, there’s some app that, that came out with a way to, um, control do not disturb through their own gooey.

[00:54:34] So someone has figured out. A hack for this, it can be done. I just haven’t found it yet.

[00:54:41]Christina: [00:54:41] I wonder if you could like. By that app and either disassemble it, or if it’s open source, if you could like figure out like what they did,

[00:54:49] Brett: [00:54:49] source. That was the first thing I checked. Um, but I have considered contacting them and just saying, Hey, I make a free app that would

[00:54:58] Christina: [00:54:58] that was,

[00:54:58] Brett: [00:54:58] to do this.

[00:55:00] [00:55:00] Christina: [00:55:00] was going to be my second suggestion. I was going to be like, okay, if you can’t actually, um, like, uh, Take that like, if you can’t actually disassemble it and like her syringe near her, it like reach out to the dev and be like, Hey, how did you do that?

[00:55:13] Brett: [00:55:13] So I do want to, before the end of the year, talk about, uh, some overtired, top Mac and iOS app picks, but we’re at time for the week. So we’ll start that next week just in time for what

[00:55:27] Christina: [00:55:27] Yes. Yeah. Yeah, let’s make that literally our, our top topic, because I want, I have, I want to, I want to go through kind of your list and I might have some suggestions to also the listeners. If you have suggestions or things that you think that you don’t want us to like, forget or skip, please either tweet us, mention it in our discord or bug us, um, either Twitter email.

[00:55:49] Brett: [00:55:49] Yeah. Um, that the last, the last thing I’ll say is it was recommended in our discord. Uh, someone requested that we [00:56:00] make a shared playlist.

[00:56:02] Christina: [00:56:02] Okay. Yes, I I’m I’m into that actually.

[00:56:05] Brett: [00:56:05] It’ll get weird.

[00:56:07] Christina: [00:56:07] No, it’s going to get super

[00:56:08] Brett: [00:56:08] eclectic mix.

[00:56:10] Christina: [00:56:10] Yeah. But I like that. Cause we both have really eclectic tastes in music and very, very tasted music. So I’m, I’m looking forward to that.

[00:56:17] Brett: [00:56:17] is Spotify okay for that?

[00:56:19] Christina: [00:56:19] Yeah, Spotify is perfect for that. And I’ll I’ll, I’ll get you. My, my, you can find me on Spotify. I guess you might use names so you can, or you can create the playlist and share it.

[00:56:27] We’ll figure it out anyway. Bye.

[00:56:28] Brett: [00:56:28] I think I follow you on Spotify.

[00:56:31] Christina: [00:56:31] Likely if you, if you’ve got it connected with Facebook or whatever you probably do, but I don’t know. We’ll figure it out.

[00:56:37] Brett: [00:56:37] I love Spotify social stuff.

[00:56:39]Christina: [00:56:39] Yeah, I like it. I just, it they’ve, I don’t know. I feel like they’ve, they’ve dropped the ball on it a lot in so many ways, but I do feel like if you can get into it, it is actually really powerful.

[00:56:51] Brett: [00:56:51] like that sidebar that shows me what everyone’s listening to at the moment.

[00:56:55] Christina: [00:56:55] Yeah. Yeah. I also like that you can turn that off.

[00:56:59] Brett: [00:56:59] All right, [00:57:00] well, thanks to better help and ritual for sponsoring this fantastic episode of two, very tired people over tired

[00:57:08] Christina: [00:57:08] Exactly. Exactly.

[00:57:10] Brett: [00:57:10] more than usual, Christina, get some sleep.

[00:57:14] Christina: [00:57:14] Thank you, Brett. You as well, get some sleep.